1 / Recovery + Reinvention of Live Performance
Mapping this rapidly shifting + overwhelming terrain: Where are the 'rooms'? And what are the 'zooms'?
This is a place to link + list to any articles / events / surveys or tweets about the recovery + future of performance
It doesn't matter if it's in the past, a closed or open group, it's just a collection of all conversations we're aware of to help each other navigate
IMPORTANT: While meetings/zooms are important, I'm keen to amplify the work/reflection of those who aren't able to attend group/live conversations for access reasons. Please add any blogs or resources you find. It's important that this includes as much input (in whatever format) as possible from those likely to be under-represented in conversations based on the existing building/organisation hierarchies: disabled makers + workers, those with chronic illness, parenting + caring responsibilities, migrant artists, rural artists, working class + artists from marginalised groups, and all who experience existing institutional/structural biases around race, age, sexuality + gender.
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ARTICLEGuardianWhen Chester Storyhouse asked how freelancers were faring under Covid lockdown, it was left ‘shocked and enraged’ at how perilous their finances are. Now it is calling for national action.
ARTICLEFuel TheatreA group of theatre and performance organisations are coming together to offer support and a voice to freelancers. Their open letter explains why.
ARTICLEGovernmentCulture Secretary announces Cultural Renewal Taskforce. The Culture Secretary has today announced representatives from the arts, cultural and sporting worlds who will join a new taskforce aimed at helping getting the country’s recreation and leisure sector up and running again.
ARTICLEGovernmentHow to Contact Your MP
ARTICLELaura SweeneyNotes about Self Employed Government Help
ARTICLEIn Good CompanyWe are really excited to say that we have commissioned Midland creative Jennifer Manderson-Smith, to create visual minutes in response to the discussion and conversation that took place in the recent IGC Mega Zoom, as well as the feedback and thoughts collated from the IGC Mega Survey.
ARTICLEEllie HarrisonMy northern pity party is temporarily suspended: I hope normal service does not resume as soon as possible OR Is lockdown lessening the impact of the north south divide between artists?
ARTICLETourette's HeroWhat I am concerned about is that when the rest of the world starts to get going again, it will be without us. That risks the perspectives and requirements of disabled people being overlooked, and the barriers that have taken decades to dismantle suddenly springing back up.
ARTICLEStella DuffyI’ve been in lots of online meetings recently about the future of the arts, and had loads of conversations about where we’re going and what can we do and what is the point of us (all valid questions), and those conversations have also been bubbling on twitter, especially with Alan Lane of SlungLow and Tarek Iskandar of BAC. If you tweet, follow them both. Now.
ARTICLELinda BloomfieldUsually every Tuesday I share 10 PAID opportunities for artists, writers, producers & theatre-makers. During isolation I'm sharing 10 ways to still get paid to make art, & ways to help or be helped. Stay safe!#OpportunityTuesday@LindaBxx
ARTICLEHarry Josie GilesI Woke Up and the Arts was Gone
ARTICLELyn GardnerTheatre’s future is best served by conversations that involve us all
ARTICLEOliver DowdenThe culture secretary calls for innovative ways to revive the performing arts after ‘knockout blow’ from UK lockdown
ARTICLEVarietyThe vast majority of the U.K.’s creative freelancers remain shut out from government support, with the Treasury so far refusing to commit further funds.
ARTICLEYvonne MurphyA Sector Revolution. The World Has Changed. How should we? A message from Yvonne following 17 April follow up #TheWorldHasChanged zoom room conversation
ARTICLEARTNETBefore the Lockdown, the Public Was Agitating for a Revolution in the Way Museums Operate. Will This Crisis Finally Force Through Change?
ARTICLEBunker Power SharePowerShare ‘zine
ARTICLEDavid JubbBut there is a question which lurks, unanswered, behind every working group and every call for a rescue plan. Who gets to be rescued?
ARTICLEDavid JubbI think this could mark a long-term change of direction for the way we distribute funds in the cultural sector. I suggest this as a producer who absolutely loves cultural venues. My heart beats faster when I walk in to a well-used community and cultural venue. But I think our sector has got its priorities wrong. For too long buildings and big production companies have commanded the lion’s share of our sector’s resource and its public narrative.
ARTICLEACEOur CEO, Darren Henley, writes about what comes next for culture and creativity in England, as we emerge from the initial shock of the Covid-19 emergency and look to the future.
ARTICLEACEOur Director of Diversity, Abid Hussain, explains how we're keeping inclusivity at the heart of our response to Covid-19.
ARTICLEVarietyA nationwide survey of audience members of U.K. arts venues and theaters has found that just 19% of respondents would return to live events, even after venues reopen.
ARTICLEMiddle ChildUseful reflections on the experience of furloughing a non-building based NPO
ARTICLEHeart Of GlassHaving created an ecology so closely grounded in values of collaboration, community and collective responsibility, questions of how to preserve these ‘spaces of care’, at this time of ‘unprecedented crisis’, when ‘the lines between care and work and home have collapsed’ were at the forefront of all their minds.
ARTICLEACESince lockdown began, we've been focusing on doing what we can to support you in the immediate future. Now that we're moving into a new phase of response to the Covid-19 crisis, our CEO Darren Henley has outlined what we think comes next and how we're planning to support the longer-term recovery of culture and creativity.
ARTICLECity AMSian Hansen is Chief Operating Officer of C|T Group and sits on the board of the Almeida Theatre in Islington. ...In the UK a fifth of all those consulted in our tracker – rising to a quarter amongst females – say that live entertainment such as music, theatre, or cinema will be one of the first things they will spend money on once the pandemic is over.
ARTICLEYoung VicAn Open Letter to the Culture Secretary from Black, Asian & Ethnically Diverse theatre Artistic Directors on protecting representation in the sector
ARTICLEWhats On StageHouse of Lords Committee writes to culture secretary asking for further steps to support creative industries. The letter was sent to Oliver Dowden today (28 May).
ARTICLEAlan Lane / Slung Low“Do you have any capacity?” The woman from the council had rang...
“Yes we have capacity.” We’d been driving for a food bank and a meals on wheels charity for a week, the club was closed. I wasn’t up to much.
“Can you be the ward lead for social care referrals for Holbeck and Beeston?”
“Sure” I said. Say yes to everything you can. Thats’ a rule.
ARTICLELora V KrastevaLately, I am obsessed about how policy and funding shapes how and who makes what kind of art. So I started a culture and politics podcast. Next episode is on UBI.
ARTICLEExeunt / Alice SavilleWhat could socially distanced theatre look like? We could have celebrity monologues in half-empty auditoriums. Or, we could look to the experimental theatremakers who’ve made space for new forms.
ARTICLEArts ProfessionalThe Culture Department's Taskforce is riding to the rescue: but who are they? Robert Hewison takes a wry look at their credentials. Waving a logo that looks like a wooden-legged ballerina entertaining a grinning Boris Johnson, the Magnificent Eight – sorry, “the taskforce responsible for the recreation and leisure sectors” (never use the word culture if you not carrying a gun) – are riding to the rescue of the arts.
ARTICLEThe Stage (paywall)Andrew Lloyd Webber is using the London Palladium as a "test bed" to develop methods that could make theatres safe for audiences to return to. Lloyd Webber’s LW Theatres, which owns the West End landmark along with six other venues in the capital, is in the early stages of experimenting with technology, including infrared temperature scanners, to find "positive, proactive ways to get going again" after lockdown.
ARTICLERash DashLast week we found out that we didn’t get ACE emergency funding. We thought we probably wouldn’t, but knew we had to go for it anyway. It feels like being told “it doesn’t matter if you don’t exist when we all come out and theatre tries to find its way again.” We know that’s not necessarily what was intended, but that’s the position we’re in as a result of the no. Along with many other companies.
ARTICLELinda BloomfieldI am trying to put something into words and I'm not sure how to. I don’t know if what I’m saying is right, or if I’m the right person to say it. But here goes. I have been thinking about this blog by RashDash all week. At the same time I've been watching the Big Press Push for government support for theatres unfold. And at the same time, reading lots of things in texts and on Twitter along the lines of: Commercial theatre should get in the bin etc. ...I don’t think that it’s okay?
ARTICLEThe Stage (paywall) / Theatr ClywydOur mission at Theatr Clwyd is to keep making the world a happier place Though Theatr Clwyd remains closed like other UK venues, executive director Liam Evans-Ford explains how it is promoting the well-being of local communities while supporting the NHS through the lockdown.
ARTICLEThe Stage (paywall) / Slung LowIn late March, Leeds City Council asked Slung Low to be the lead organisation to coordinate community care in Beeston and Holbeck, the ward of Leeds in which its building – the Holbeck, the oldest working men’s club in Britain – is situated. "...within about three hours a spreadsheet of thousands of volunteers arrived and two minutes after that a load of referrals for people who urgently needed food delivering or prescriptions collecting or laundry doing arrived. We’ve been doing that ever since.”
Sonia Friedman / Telegraph @JackGamble screen grab
Theatre stands on the brink of ruin
ARTICLERufus Norris / The Stage (paywall)May 12. The UK theatre sector must face the future together It will take more than luck to keep us standing when audiences return – the UK theatre sector must face the future together, says the National Theatre’s artistic director Rufus Norris.
ARTICLENicholas Berger / MediumApril 3rd. As theaters across the world close their doors indefinitely and we adjust to a new normal in the wake of the coronavirus, there has been a concerted effort on the part of theatre artists everywhere to keep making. Are we not just grabbing at the closest, easiest, most obvious solutions? “You know what we normally do? Yeah, just do that, but on Facebook Live.” I find there to be a great sadness to these kinds of endeavors. At their best these projects may serve as a momentary distraction from the mounting, unimaginable destruction outside our windows, but at their all too often worst, they serve as a constant reminder of the superiority and the irreplaceability of the very art form they are so desperately trying to recreate.
ARTICLESam FreemanArts Marketing – So What Do We Do Now? If anyone wants a zoom chat then just tweet me, it’s good to chat and share ideas and if you’re worried that either you don’t know me, or the stuff you want to talk about doesn’t feel consequential enough, or whatever, then please remember, the connections we make bind us and make us stronger, and those who look like they’re sorted are often screaming inside and a simple conversation can often silence (or at least lessen) it all.
ARTICLESue MaclaineRecordings of shows litter timelines... What has been invisible in the archive is now visible. Except the archives are not kind to Queer Disabled Womxn Black & Brown writer/performers/directors etc and so a heavy fog of invisibility begins to settle… In my last production I wrote the lines 'who has all the oxygen, who has all the air’.
ARTICLEBrian Logan / GuardianWhat even is theatre now?': the fringe artists left out in the cold. Festivals cancelled, venues shut and funding shelved: Covid-19 has forced those working in theatre to rethink their art form.
ARTICLEThis EggMaking + Unmaking. Yes, it is hard to look ahead into the unknown. But we are used to this. We’ve always had to plan with flexibility, to find ways of staying inspired and keep going. To make what we imagine somehow real. That said, if you just want to lay down and do nothing. Do that. This is the perfect moment to stop.
ARTICLEThe Roaring GirlsHull-based theatre company: Fierce, Feminist + Fun. Blog Posts from the team in lockdown: The Tour That Never Happened / The Dark Passenger / Functioning Workaholic.
ARTICLEPaul MahekeOpen Letter: The year I stopped making art. Why the art world should assist artists beyond representation; in solidarity.
@paulmahekeAvailable in Spanish + English
ARTICLEJon Bausor / Scene ChangeReflections on Theatre Design: 'Most theatre designers come from privileged, white and financially supportive backgrounds which allow them to sustain themselves during the long climb on the badly paid ladder to “making it”. As a result, there aren’t enough designers who embody other narratives of professional success, and we therefore lack alternative role models. The new, post C-19 generation is going to inherit even more debt than the ones who’ve graduated through the early 90s and 2008 recessions.
ARTICLEThe Stage / Lyn Gardner (paywall)Regional theatre is the bedrock of our culture – without it, we bleed. Regional theatre may not grab the headlines like London’s bigger, sexier theatres, but it is the bedrock of our culture – without it, we bleed, says Lyn Gardner
ARTICLESelina ThompsonPost Pandemic #Work. Selina Thompson lists and itemises the performances to come, once lockdown is over.
ARTICLEExeuntTheatre’s Left Behind Freelancers. Alice Saville surveys the freelance theatre workers who aren’t covered by government support, and have been left without income overnight.
ARTICLEZohar SpatzWe struggle and juggle and try to manage the overwhelming exhaustion and chaos of the unknown that lies before us, and to somehow find some space in it all to be imaginative and revolutionary. People who work in the arts are deeply empathetic, it’s one of our most powerful tools in this job. Collectively, we need to mobilise that empathy to honour our very real moral duty and care for the artists and the arts community.
ARTICLETitus KapharCan Art Amend History? Artist Titus Kaphar makes paintings and sculptures that wrestle with the struggles of the past while speaking to the diversity and advances of the present. In an unforgettable live workshop, Kaphar takes a brush full of white paint to a replica of a 17th-century Frans Hals painting, obscuring parts of the composition and bringing its hidden story into view. There's a narrative coded in art like this, Kaphar says. What happens when we shift our focus and confront unspoken truths?
ARTICLENed GlasierPARTIES: I was on the phone to Tarek Iskander in the middle of lockdown, and we were talking about what it would mean if everything taking place in an arts building was free. Like the NHS, Tarek said, free at the point of delivery. The more I think about Tarek’s plan for a National Arts Service, the more I like it. I said I think it would make each play or workshop more like a party.
EVENTImprobableTime for Respair: a conversation about theatre & the future. We invite you to gather online to collaborate on how we move forward. To dream about and design the kind of sector that could emerge from this pandemic.
EVENTMaddy CostaZoom-ference@maddydeliqette
EVENTYard TheatreWhat will theatre look like after lockdown, and how can we imagine a new future for it?
EVENTIn Good CompanyFollowing the Success of this IGC Mega Zoom we’ve planned some more zooms with theatre makers and organisations across the
EVENTEquity WomenRegular Meetings@EquityDandD
EVENTEquity Directors + DesignersRegular Meetings@EquityWomen
EVENTCollective EncountersWe've just announced our Social Distancing Programme including online seminars, training events and micro-commissions for emerging artists. Full details on our website
EVENTVoluntary ArtsEvery morning at 9:30am: #CreativeNetwork Join us for an online get together of people involved in arts, culture & creativity to chat through these challenging times and make connections. Mon-Fri, 9:30-10:30am.
EVENTEmergency Exit ArtsLoosening Lockdown – What's next for community & outdoor arts?
EVENTDavid LanGroup convened by David Lan (ex Young Vic). Every Monday.??TBC
EVENTRobert IckeRight now, we don't know when theatre will be open again and we don't know what it will look like once it is. There are already spaces which have opened up to address & discuss those questions - the structure of the UK industry, its priorities, and so on. This isn't that. But hearing how hard it is for young directors, it feels like there might also be value in a space where we can think about the art/craft/practice of directing.
EVENTYoung Vic Directors Programme"Freelance Friday sessions for the next few weeks. Network is an absolute marvel, even in lockdown. Hard to express how much I love + am indebted to it. If you're a director, designer or producer, JOIN!Down pointing backhand index"
@youngvictheatre @Genesis_Fndn
EVENTWhat Next CultureWhat Next? is a movement that brings people together to debate and shape the future of Arts and Culture in the UK. Our Vision: Arts and Culture play a vital role in creating a more equitable society.
EVENTCulture DeclaresPlease join us each Wednesday in April and May for The Offer and the Evening Offer - a virtual space for the CDE community
EVENTSabrina MahfouzAnyone interested in joining the first zoom for this ‘Artists Fund Artists’ thing (the artist’s council is taken!) to discuss redistribution models/fairest plans it’s at 12pm Sunday 24th email for link & there’ll be more if u can’t make this one
EVENTHeart of Glass / Vaccum CleanerA slow conference for a fast evolving crisis
20 May to 17 June 2020 What creative solutions have marginalised people developed to survive before Covid-19?
What creative ways of being and organising are being made now in response to Covid-19?
How do we embed and share these solutions, ways of being and organising now and into the future?
EVENTSheffield Making RoomSheffield Making Room Zoom: The Future of Theatre in Sheffield
Thursday 4 June 3pm – 4.30pm
This session is for creatives in Sheffield - venues, organisations and individuals all welcome - to discuss what the future of theatre looks like in Sheffield. We will hear updates and there will be time for you to call your own meetings via open space technology, like at Devoted and Disgruntled.
EVENTLiverpool EverymanLISTENING FIRST Tomorrow, we're hosting a Zoom for local artists & creative freelancers, to share ideas on how we can support Liverpool City Region's artistic community. for info on how to join

We don’t want to make assumptions about what Liverpool City Region’s artistic community needs.We want to listen first.
Event has passed. Anyone with notes please get in touch.
EVENTLawrence Batley TheatreThis live Zoom session at 7pm on Mon 1 June is designed to challenge what you think you know about being self-employed in the arts, and answer your questions, so you can live your best freelance life! For this session, we want to know your questions about finance, HMRC, Coronavirus support or getting started as self-employed. Send us the questions you want us to tackle during the session when you sign up.
EVENTNational Association of Street ArtistsNASA UK Digital Gathering NASA is a membership organisation of artists, performers, designers and makers who create work for outdoor contexts, both urban and rural, like arts and commercial festivals, community events and shopping centres etc.
NB this link is to an old event but there are more planned.
EVENTMIFJoin us every Thursday at 2pm for our #artist and #freelance creative drop in with special guests each week.If you’re an artist or freelancer who wants a chat or support as a result of the current situation surrounding COVID-19, we’ve arranged online drop-in sessions.

Our artist and freelance creatives drop-in is now every Thursday at 2pm and continues to be a space for people to come together and share their experiences and ideas.
EVENTKantarCOVID-19: Re-opening the doors to out of home entertainment. As lockdown measures continue to ease and restrictions are slowly lifted, assessing consumer appetite to return to key sectors and services is key. We know viewing of in-home entertainment has soared, but what is UK consumers’ appetite to return to out of home venues such as cinemas, theatres, museums and other entertainment venues?

In this webinar, we look to the entertainment sector to understand what it will take to engage and encourage consumers to return to out of home venues: What lessons can the UK learn from other markets as lockdown has eased around the world? Which demographic groups show the biggest potential to return quickly? Which positive messages are most likely to drive desire and interest? Which messages are needed to reassure them that venues are safe and trusted environments - and who most needs to hear them? What behaviour change have we seen during the pandemic that can help us better understand future behaviour?
OPENFree webinar
FUNDBethany WellsThis fund aims to provide a minimum of 10 micro-grants of £200 to any individual maker or worker in live performance who has been either:

- ineligible for the Self Employed scheme e.g. just graduated
- unsuccessful in their ACE Emergency Funding application

Priority will be given to those who haven't been able to access either of these funds.
FUNDNational Criminal Justice Arts AllianceArtist opportunity: @MIDdetention are offering 8 artist commissions of £500 each, to create ideas and activities to bring inspiration and solidarity to people currently in immigration detention centres in the UK.
GROUPPublic Campaign for the ArtsA group to express and grow public support for arts and culture, during and after the Covid-19 pandemic.

We are a network, supporting independent action.
We are also a collective, organising coordinated action.

Open to all. Weekly meetings on Tuesdays.
Group Coordinator: Jack Gamble (@JackGamble)
GROUPFacebook Group: Whitecard Collective A platform for designers who are recent graduates / emerging to connect. To share ideas, thoughts, support and concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic.
GROUPFacebook Group: Reinventing the Performing Arts post COVID-19A group is a platform to share thoughts, strategies, fears and how to go about things in order to re-invent and re-define the future of the performancing arts. As we may slowly stagger back into past the first peak in most countries this can serve as a springboard for different practitioners from different countries to speak up, share and maybe cross-pollinate what is to be the new exciting future. It is, after all, up to us to make it exciting. So just a thought, and a sense of urgency as I see some movement and I feel there is need for cross pollination across the globe on this one, like COVID spread, but in reverse.
OPENjust started following
GROUPBox Of TricksA network for Northern playwrights: “Every story told. Every voice heard.” Box of Tricks launches our PlayMakers Network, a radical response to support our cultural community and offer a creative home in these challenging times. Aimed at Northern playwrights and theatremakers at all levels of experience, this accessible, open-to-all resource offers an ambitious programme to connect, collaborate and create.
GROUPTom Piper SCENE/CHANGE started as an email exchange "Dialogue in Strange Times" as a response and conversation around the situation we are all going through as freelancers and designers. It aims to be an open, ever-evolving, growing community of designers, supporting ways of coming together and connecting up as we navigate ourselves out of these stormy waters. A place for all designers, set and costume, established and emerging, associates and assistants.
GROUPWhat Next Culture / Young VicWhat Next? Young Vic Mailing List. To receive weekly What Next? Young Vic agendas and other updates from the What Next? movement please sign up and tick the consent box below.
GROUPSchool Without WallsSchool Without Walls is about doing school differently. It supports children and young people to be active citizens in their learning and in their community. The process offers a quality experience, in the heart of a cultural setting, where children and young people and adults undertake prolonged creative enquiry alongside each other, in real life contexts beyond the traditional confines of the classroom and curriculum.
GROUPFreelancers Make Theatre WorkAn inclusive community for the 200,000+ self-employed and freelance workers from all areas of theatre, opera, dance and live performance, who make up 70% of the UK theatre workforce.

A campaign to raise awareness of the vital role freelancers in the theatre industry.
A platform to collect the opinions and concerns of the freelance theatre workforce with the commitment to express them to theatre managements, producers and government.
A central resource of information for the freelance theatre workforce that welcomes contributions from organisations and individuals to share the conversations going on behind closed doors.
OTHERTwo Destination LanguageFIELD is an online residency designed to create space to talk, reflect, listen and be listened to. It is part of our ongoing conversational practice. We think it's time to talk about the future, to think about the place of independent artists and companies in the landscape.
@2destlangNorthern Artists
Department for Culture Media & Sport
Video and audio Recording of DCMS Committee meeting on Tuesday 9 June:
Witness(es): Julian Bird, Chief Executive, UK Theatre; Caroline Norbury MBE, Chief Executive, Creative Industries Federation; Horace Trubridge, General Secretary, Musicians' Union;
Witness(es): Caroline Dinenage MP, Minister for Digital and Culture, Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport; David Knott, Director, Office for Civil Society, Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport; Emma Squire, Director, Covid-19 Economic Response and Arts, Heritage and Tourism, Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport
RESOURCEZoomThis site is here to help you most effectively use Zoom as we all navigate the coronavirus pandemic.
RESOURCEStage SightRebuild the sector to reflect our society, post COVID-19. An off-stage workforce reflective of society, inclusive of ethnicity, class and disability. Stage Sight is a platform for organisations and individuals to share experiences, discuss challenges, explore solutions, and make change. Our mission to create an off-stage workforce, inclusive of class, ethnicity and disability is, in these times, more relevant than ever to ensure the industry is one that belongs to everyone.