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President's Statement of PurposeExisting?PresidentPresident EmailPresident PhoneVPTreasurerSecretaryClub AdvisorClub Advisor Room
Club Meeting Dates? (ex: second Tuesday of every month)
A Harmonic RemedyConnecting multiple generations through music and chatting with the elderly to learn about their life stories.YesQuynh-Anh Nguyenquynhnguye2103@student.lvusd.org8182645054Joe ChrismanMadison StarrLeila MalakMrs. CookH112
last Friday of every month
ABTA ClubRaise money and awareness for the American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA).NoEden Farahmandedenfarah8303@student.lvusd.org818-478-0856Shay CohenBrian ValafarNoa KedmyMr. EdsallH110
Second Tuesday of every month.
Alex's Lemonade Clubraise money through bake sales for pediatric cancer YesJordyn Shapiro jordyshapi4401@student.lvusd.org8188089054Ethan Toeg Emily LavinShayan Maghsoudi Mr. Weinstein H107
Every first Friday of every month
AP Human Geograph Tutors ClubWe train tutors to help current AP Human Geography students and oversee tutoring. YesAbby Nudellabbynudel7602@student.lvusd.org8184692229Zainab JamaliSarah BenjaminJamie KlinenbergMrs. CookH112
second Tuesday of every month at lunch
Arts Reaching TeensThe purpose of our club is to raise money for a place called Inner-City Arts which invites students to explore their creativity.NoDanielle RauchmanDanierauch9402@student.lvusd.org1(818)4581181Sarah TurobinerSkylar SmithSam RudaMr. EdsallH110Last Monday every monthNoNothing more
Astronomy ClubTo educate people on astronomy while having fun with others who enjoy astronomy.YesKindred Bakerkindrbaker7903@student.lvusd.org8186207811EwanKit Alcottn/aMs. LevenbergX-205
2 & 4 Monday of every month
Bad Movie ClubA club where people can get together and watch awful movies and make fun of the things wrong with them.YesDominick Arcudidominarcud8601@student.lvusd.org818-451-8181Max WikeLuke NgAndrew LandeckerMr. LopezM1every Tuesday
Baha'i ClubThe Baha'i Club aims to unify the students to do service projects to betterment their own community. Everyone is welcome to join. YesNura Esmailizadehnuraesmai4102@student.lvusd.org3108569999Salman JaberiSoltan JaberiBashaer JaberiTyler LeeH111
First Thursday of each month
Ballet For All Kids ClubThe purpose of this club is to spread awareness about the Ballet For All Kids program and gain more volunteers for the program.YesSarah Benjaminsarahbenja6102@student.lvusd.org18188357191Mia BrookenthalSaree LeiferAmaya LeiferMrs. CookH112
Last Friday if the month
Billions of BooksDonating books to kids across the world YesKayla Gerber Kaylagerbe0801@student.lvusd.org18184227968Eliana PandianSarah Saidiner Ariella Rabanni Mr. LeeH1111st and 3rd Wednesday of the month No we do not have outside speakers. However we do talk to representatives from organizations to help us with our book drives etc.
Black Student Union Create a safe space for Black and non-Black students alike to share, discuss, and learn about important issues concerning Blacks and other miniorities.Yes Anehita Okojieanehitaokojie@gmail.com8188022581Ade Chang-NugentKenya CabilanKennedy Waite Mrs. Alamdari H-115
Board at SchoolBoard game club with most lecturers and play times consisting of chess and checkers.NoJack FinemanJackfinem0201@student.lvusd.org8188498199Charlie KleinShane RothmanJacob ChamieAnush ChalianX105
Every other Wednesday
C.H.A.N.G.EStudents will engage in discussion and civilly dispute problems and create solutions to implement in our communities and society.CHANGE will be a safe place for students to express their thoughts and ideas on how to create a more peaceful and harmonious society. We welcome expression in all forms and encourage students to share their talents; may that be through, music, art, poetry, writing, etc… NoJoey Mattiajosepmatti6201@student.lvusd.org(650) 271-3543R. Ben Voth
At this time we do not plan on fundraising, however, if we do so, our secretary shall act as our treasurer.
Liam Krainman Ms. Bryant h114Every Thursday
Chess ClubTeach chess and compete in tournamentsYesNareg Kedjejiannaregkedje5501@student.lvusd.org(818) 212-3012Steven MolotnikovBrandon GoldflamBen ChowMr. BergstromS8Every Friday at lunch
CHLA Butterfly ClubThe purpose of this club is to raise money for Children's Hospital Los Angeles through the Junior Ambassador Program, the hospital’s official fundraising program for teens, by participating in hospital fundraising events, hosting fundraisers on and off campus and informing members about what CHLA’s functions. YesRachel Franklinrachefrank7202@student.lvusd.org8185154016Leina HernandezCoral NitzanAlexa SiegelMs HansenL4second and fourth Friday of every monthnot as of now and probably not in the future
Christian clubAllows people to be able come together and feel welcome to express their beliefs YesColin pool colinpool0301@student.lvusd.org1 (818) 264-6088Reilly KellyKatie PoolJacob HarrisonTaoukX102
The second Friday of every month
CHS Red Cross ClubWe organize and participate in events that help further the American Red Cross mission.YesAllyson Weissmanallysweiss5900@student.lvusd.org818-455-2626Rachel WeissmanNatasha WeiserLidia MatissMrs. Nonhoff-ZiegH201
1st and 3rd Thursdays of every month
CHS Vip MentorsThe purpose of the club is to create and run events for the students in the special education program at Calabasas High, such as game days and holiday parties.YesSam Endesamueende1102@student.lvusd.org8182314188Caitlin AndersonSkylar SmithChloe Kocar
Mr. Martin Pick (Special Ed Teacher)
h217first Friday
Club Francais To give students a chance to experience French culture in school and learn more about the similarities and differences between France and America. Yes
Jamie Klinenberg and Sarah Benjamin
jamiekline7102@student.lvusd.org13108012509Abby NudellJulia Vadehra Jack HandMadame Didierjean H101
second Tuesday of every month
Colon Cancer Awareness ClubThis club will bring more attention to the terrible disease that took my dad earlier this year. I want to help as much as possible to bring attention and prevent colon cancer and cancer overall. I will teach the club members how to try to prevent the cancer, how to get checked for it in the future, motivate students, and make donations and volunteer to help take a step forward in making it easier to overcome this cancer.NoRomy Reuveni romyreuve8603@student.lvusd.org18186676749Leanne AzuraEdaan Moskowitz Noam MoyalMr. EdsallH-110
First and third wednesday of each month
Cookies for Kids CancerTo hold bake sales and raise money for the national non-profit Cookies for Kids Cancer and donate money for pediatric cancer research.YesSheina Goldmansheingoldm5701@student.lvusd.og818-292-7462Denna HadipourLauren KrasilovskyObtin ZandianKayasthaX-104
First Wednesday of every month
Dress for Success Fundraising for impoverished women in downtown Los Angeles to have nice clothes to wear for job interviews. Also provides confidence through fashion.NoSarah Turobiner satahturob1902@student.lvusd.org(818)983-1005Skylar Smith Carly Katz Katie levitt Mr. EdsallH110
The second Tuesday of every month.
Dungeons and Dragons ClubTo encourage players to learn and play Dungeons and DragonsYesGrace Siemensgracesieme1803@student.lvusd.org8182648232Anthony YoonOmeid MajdStephanie ChangMr. WeinsteinH107Every Friday
End Kids HungerTo raise money through bake sales and hold volunteering events that work to feed the hungry underpriveleged kids locally.YesDakota Gates8182034905Tara KodaEthan LeeSheina GoldmanFienbergX101Every other Friday
Environmental Awareness ClubThe club is responsible for campus beautification (mainly involving the senior trail by the parking lot), and creating projects between the city, school, and district. YesSydney Bregmansydnebregm4901@student.lvusd.org(818)851-8100Noah WeissAdam ShwartzMax WikeDr. Bennetts4
First and third Thursday of each month
Film ClubTo provide the students at a Calabasas with a voice through cinema YesJustin Sirkinjustisirki7601@student.lvusd.org8183836842Jaedon Rooney Everett HatchDylan williams Eric GershM2Every Thursday
Films of the World ClubThe Films of the World Club watches and analyzes films in order to learn how accurate the geographical, environmental, societal, and cultural elements are. NoKellan Northcote-SmithKellanorth0003@student.lvusd.org818-587-6276Benjamin RosenthalAriel TurobinerMagnus DamborgSeñora DijarH105Every other Thursday
Gender-Sexuality Alliance (GSA)Offer a safe haven and community bonding for people of the LGBTQ+ community and alliesYesZoe BrownZoebrown8601@student.lvusd.org818-400-3483Sarah HazanLisa BaekKaterina KerriganMr. DillonH207
Every second and fourth Monday of each month
GenUNstudent initiative focused on the issues facing the UN like girls and women, climate and energy, peace and security, and global health and applying it to a local level.Yes
Clara Daly and Indai Schmitt
claradaly0302@student.lvusd.org8189171312Dylan Hamerman
we are not a fundraiser club
Adam ThawMrs Kaufman pa 2every other tuesday
Girls Learn International Women’s rights YesMaya Zuckerman Mayazucke4302@student.lvusd.org6318051742Sasha Kaplow Philip Kaufman Nico Zachharatos Mrs Chalian X106
Once or twice a month on a Thursday
Give Kids the World Club (GKTW Club)The purpose of our club is to raise money for Give Kids the World Village, which is a resort in Central Florida that provides cost-free, weeklong vacations to children with critical illnesses and their families.YesNoa Kedmy noakedmy9803@student.lvusd.org8186189497Shay Cohen Eden FarahmandBrian Valafar Mr. EdsallH-110
The club will meet on the first and third Tuesday of every month.
Golden Heart RanchThe purpose of this club is for students to volunteer at Golden Heart Ranch and to help raise money for the organization. NoKaitlin Schachter kaitlschac8502@student.lvisd.org18182972270Brianna Ahoubim Emily Salvay
Taylor Pichhadze and Genna Georgilas
Mr. LeeH111
Second Monday of every month
gratitude toward troopsHelp Operation Gratitude with collecting supplies and making packages for US troops and veterans YesAmaya Leiferamayaleife3602@student.lvusd.org18184148066saree leiferJordana Gajhar Kayla ShapiroYeung PA4
first thursday of the month
HDC’s Jewish ClubWay for the Jewish community of Calabasas to learn the beliefs and hollidays of the religion.YesShay Cohenshaycohen6602@student.lvusd.org18184454733Max KarpelNoneNoneBrian CollinsLecture HallMondays
Helping the HomelessTo fundraise and create awareness for homeless shelters like PATH in Los Angeles. YesAriella Rabbaniarielrabba5901@student.lvusd.org18183216930Kayla Gerber Eliana PandianAva Hakkakzadeh Ms. Kaufman PA-2
Second friday of the month.
Hygiene HelpersOur mission is to provide feminine hygiene products and menstrual education to menstruators who are homeless, live in developing countries, or are affected by disasters... all while promoting a period-positive culture on campus and beyond.YesSana Desaisanadesai5701@student.lvusd.org8183127792Sophia LecuonaJordan KlevensSara RubinMadame DidierjeanH101Mondays
Interact clubHost events and raise money for various causes and collaborate with numerous other Interact clubs. YesJosh Esmailzadehjoshuesmai2401@student.lvusd.org8186257799Rayan EghbaliAdam Mohiudini Omri SagheziMs. HeukrodtH106Every other wednesday
Islamic relief USATo help children in the crisis in Syria NoOlivia OlsheverOliviolshe8002@student.lvusd.org8182926671Alexa Lipman Maya angel Olivia GoldbergMr. EdsallH110Every 3 weeks
Jewish Student UnionWe discuss the relation from current events and Judaism to educate Yes
Ryan Rabizadeh and Norlyn Hooriani
norlyhoori6203@student.lvusd.org ryanrabiz6400@student.lvusd.org
3108951155 and 8186667890
Joshua ShadrokhJosh ShadrokhBrian Valefar Mr. Young PA 4Fridays
Kiva ClubEducate and urge students to participate in helping out people in less-developed countries by sharing stories of people and donating.YesSavannah McReynoldssavanmcrey0101@student.lvusd.org972-890-7968Jack HandMaya AngelRaya HoffmanEmily CookH112
end of lunch, second Tuesday every month
Korean Cultural Clubto spread the culture of Korea in the school. This will be done through food, activities, trips etc.YesEthan Kimethankim0600@student.lvusd.org818-877-0189Andrew KimTo be electedTo be electedMr. BoelmanH108
First Tuesday of every month
Larger than LifeThis clubs purpose is to fundraise money to a greater organization called Larger than Life. in this organization they travel kids with cancer to many places such as la. YesLeanne Azuraleannazura5903@student.lvusd.org8183704466Romy ReuveniNoa KedmyShay CohenMr. Mejia H103
Last wednesday of every month
Light for the Children ClubOur purpose is to educate students about orphans who live in third world countries and to help them out through fundraisers.YesLauren Sebastian lauresebas3801@student.lvusd.org8182190820Kayla VillonViola KalininMadison SegerKelly OrtizH217
First Friday of every month
Little Dreamers Big DreamsOur club is based solely on helping children in need. It’s so children can experience things they would never thing they would be able to experience. For example, going to a sleep away camp. We are raising money for camp ubuntu which solely does this, bringing up new kids that can not afford to go to camp go up for a weekend. This allows them to get involved in activities that will help raise there self- esteem, make long lasting friendships, and helping them realize that there are people that care about them and having bright futures. Yes
Skylar Smith and Chloe Kocar
Skylasmith2001@student.lvusd.org & Chloekocar0102@student.lvusd.org
818-512-0267 ( chloe kocar). 818-398-6048 (skylar smith)
Carla Antypas Sam EndeHudson PollackMr. LeeH111
once or twice every month
Math Honors SocietyWe help math teachers grade and tutor math students.YesAdam Mohiuddinadammohiu5302@student.lvusd.org3107397578Kai DaiAlex DaiLeo DaiMrs.ChalianX105Every FIrst Tuesday.
Mental Health Awareness clubThe purpose of this club it to introduce the students of calabasas to ways of coping with or learning about mental health issues, identifying warning signs of deteriorating mental health, suicide prevention, and fundraising to donate to Hope For The DayNoKaitlin Salzberg Kaitlsalzb8102@student.lvusd.org8183841553Viola KalininDylan Salzberg David Quinn salzbergViolina Mckiene M5
3rd Friday of every month
Model United NationsTo teach Calabasas High School students the strategies and principles of Model UN, and to travel to Model UN conferences hosted by high schools, colleges, and universitiesYesEthan Leeethanlee6001@student.lvusd.org8188572705David ShatsAlex CohenAllie LeeBradley BoelmanH108
Every other Wednesdays
Mothers2mothers Fundraising for the treatment of HIV positive pregnant women in South Africa so their children will be HIV negative. YesSarah Turobinersarahturob1902@student.lvusd.org(818)983-1005Rachel Rosenblatt Brooke FreedmanDani RauchmanMr. EdsallH110
First Tuesday of each month during lunch
MPTF Game Night ClubBingo nights with senior citizens. YesNoah Jordannoahjorda1901@student.lvusd.org8182578525Alex CohenAlex WaisfiszArthur Zhao Mr. Dillon H 207
Normally Wednesday or Fridays
National English Honor SocietyMembers obtain invaluable leadership and scholarship opportunities, assist their peers, showcase their literary skills, and foster an admiration and appreciation of the English language on campus and beyond. Service Learning Hours will be granted to members who log their support tutoring.YesSana Desaisanadesai5701@student.lvusd.org8183127792Sara RubinKatie PoolRachel RosenblattMs. FoleyH205Every other Thursday
Never Again CHSThe clubs purpose is to provide information, plan events and educate the Calabasas High School Student Body on issues regrading gun violence and mental health. We work in coordination with the organization Never Again So-Cal. We are a bipartisan movement formed to be voice of students surrounding gun violence in the wake of the ever increasing school shootings. YesAlli Flameallisflame7001@student.lvusd.org(818) 451-5044Dylan HamermanClara DalyMadeline Smith Mr. BoelmanH108
Typically Second Thursday of Every Month, Sometimes First Thursday
No Dogs Left BehindTo help save dogs from being slaughtered in the meat trade in ChinaYesJessica Cohenjessicohen7403@student.lvusd.org8184513742Emma HakkakzadehMarni MerrittCamille BurkeMrs. Cook / FillmoreH112
Second Thursday of every month
No Kid Hungry: Calabasas ChapterTo fundraiser for the No Kid Hungry nonprofit.YesKortney Jenningskortnjenni9600@student.lvusd.org8182746821Liana KaraptyanCharles Khermandalian Talya Zaken and Atilla UlicsDave DillonH207First and Last Wednesday of every month NoNope :)
One Wish At A Time... Our club is a great way to bring a smile on a child's face! We want to raise money through bake sales, holding fundraisers, selling sweets, selling bracelets and many other fun and exciting ways. All the money than gets donated and raises awareness to children in the foster system. This is also a great way to give and allow the students to help the community around them.
NoJulianna AserafJuliaasera2603@student.lvusd.org818-640-2880Hanna NouressadateSara NouressadateZeve Zilberberg Sarah BaileyPA 7Every other Friday
Operation HomefrontThe Purpose of Operation Homefront Club is to help support strong, stable, and secure military families so they can thrive in the communities that they’ve worked so hard to protect.YesCoral Nitzancoralnitza4502@student.lvusd.org8188542571Mark EddyRobert RoysnerAnastasiya GromovaMs. GreenX202
1st and Third Thursday of every month
Operation School BellThe purpose of Operation School Bell is to provide better conditions for under privileged children by donating school supplies, clothes, and time to these children.NoAbby Endeabbyende2303@student.lvusd.org1(818)770-6722Samuel EndeNoa BenshabbatDaniela KukurudzNorman MejiaH-103
Every third Wednesday of every month.
Partners Through EducationWe give scholarships we gave three last year at CHS alone.YesAdam Mohiuddinadammohiu5302@student.lvusd.org3107397578Mark EddyHenry Mead Alex CohenMrs.CookH112
First Monday of every month.
Pass Down the 5Pass Down the 5 will collect used AP prep-books from students at Calabasas High School in May, and will donate them to low-income schools where students can not afford the books. After AP tests, we will setup places to drop off the prep books. Prep books are essential to passing AP tests, and we believe that everybody should be able to have one.NoSam Endesamueende1102@student.lvusd.org8182314188Abby NudellZainab JamaliIlyssa GlickMs. CookH1123rd Wednesday
Pep/LA (Peer Education Program of Los Angeles) for HIV/AIDS AwarenessTo be a CHS satellite for the nonprofit organization Pep/LA by bringing HIV/AIDS awareness to our student body and fundraising for the organization’s HIV/AIDS educational outreach and international programs.YesAllie Leealexalee3402@student.lvusd.org8188576015Maddy MettlerAmaya LeiferEmma ShpallMrs. CookH112
3rd Thursday of the month
Psychology ClubTo providing an educational source regarding Psychology for peers interested in the field, exercising practices of mindfulness and coping with emotion, as well as providing opportunities for volunteering and involvement in the community.NoMadeline ParshallMadelparsh1602@student.lvusd.org818-201-5230Jasleen ChadhaSamantha YobsAyana PrewittMs. SwansonPA2
last Thursday of every month
Random Acts of Kindness ClubOur club's purpose is to spread kindness through our school and prevent bullying by encouraging a positive environment for CHS and our community.No
Camie Sniderman and Maddy Glave
camersnide3203@student.lvusd.org 818 699 4243 Eliza MazurskyAvery Grove Skye SmithMadame Diderjean101
4th Wednesdays at lunch
Real Teen TalkReal Teen Talk allows girls and boys to have a safe place to share their stories and experiences with bullies and the typical struggles of high school. YesBrynn Tianobrynntiano4901@student.lvusd.org818-575-0627Sophia VineAde Chang-NugentKenya CabilanRanieri X203
Last Thursday of every month
Rock Climbing and Hiking ClubThe clubs purpose is to expose students to hiking and rock climbing and create a group where students can enjoy hiking and climb together. The meetings are for organizing the hikes and rock climbing, and they also they will be to discuss if there's a new route that the members want to do or/and their technique in rock climbing.NoDiego Castillo diegocasti1301@student.lvusd.org+18189301372Clair KrauseKate Krause Tina NaeimiyanBrain CollinsGYMEvery Tuesday at lunch
Saving the Next GenerationThe purpose of the club is to fundraise for trafficked Nepalese children.YesAdam Jaysen adamjayse8102@student.lvusd.org18184221176Leila SachMohini Parmeker Harlow GruendykeMrs. Nonhoff- Zieg H201
The club meetings will be the Thursday of each month
Science BowlThe objective of this club is to test students’ academic excellence from various scientific disciplines, including (as stated from The U.S. Department of Energy National Science Bowl) biology, chemistry, Earth science, physics, energy, and math. This club will encourage students to excel in their fields of interests, while also serving in one of the nation’s largest science competitions. With a panel of these club members competing in an action-packed buzzer race to demonstrate their knowledge, there is great potential to learn and grow in the scientific departments.YesJordan Klevensjordakleve3901@student.lvusd.org(818) 620 - 9553Nicki CambergQuynh-Anh NguyenMarlo UnderhillDr. BennettS - 4Every Friday
She's the Firstraise money for girl's education in underdeveloped countriesYesZainab Jamalizainajamal6202@student.lvusd.org8186997253Jasleen ChadhaNura EsmailizadehSarah BarderEmily Cook (Fillmore)H112
first thursday of every month
Skate ClubFor skateboarders and skateboard enthusiasts to come together to set up in school events, plan charity events, and simply talk skateboarding. NoKai Rosenthalkairosen2902@student.lvusd.org18185750676Jackson PageJack ReedAdam GlodneyMr. DillonH207
Meeting twice a month but fluid days of the week due to other clubs using the room. My club advisor and I will communicate to confirm days my club can meet.
Sneakerheads and BallersDiscuss and exchange ideas about the passion of basketball and sneaker collecting.
NoDavid Sorkindavidsorki6803@student.lvusd.org8183889444Adam MinkowLanden smithKanye BuchananMrs. ZengH 114
Second and third Friday of every month
Soles for SoulsSoles for souls is a club where kids come together to donate shoes to impoverished kids with very little. We will teach Calabasas kids about helping others and being a genuine person.NoZack Polyakovzachapolya9103@student.lvusd.org8187309225Jack HarlowNico Della ripaCharlie KleinMrs. CookH112
Once on the first Wednesday at lunch of every other month
Soles for SoulsThe purpose of Soles for Souls is to help the less fortunate by donating shoes and other goods to charities to benefit. Kids in Calabasas usually do not appreciate what they have, and I want to use this club to help kids feel grateful for what they have, and also to help raise awareness for charities that help impoverished areas. The goals is to help people all over Los Angeles get a pair of shoes.
NoZack Polyakovzachapolya9103@student.lvusd.org8187309225Jack HarlowNico DellaripaCharlie KleinMrs. CookH112Our club will meet on the first wednesday of every month. Our first meeting will be held in Mrs Cook’s Room in H112.NoNope
Spanish ClubTo promote appreciation and practice of the Spanish language through discussion on different topics in the club. We will also hold celebrations with food and latin music.YesSheina Goldman, Cameron Pollacksheingoldm5701@student.lvusd.org8182927462Hannah CaplanSesily GalinskyDenna HadipourGrigorianH116Every other Friday
Sports Debate ClubTo debate on the topic of sports and to discuss weekly discussion questions for each sport (NFL, college football, NBA, etc.)Yes
Aren Kevakian (Co-President) and Eyal Rushinek (Co-President)
arenkevak0502@student.lvusd.org and eyalrushi7201@student.lvusd.org
Aren (818) 428-9449, Eyal (818) 399-5333
Cameron Pollack
We don’t have a treasurer, since we’re not a fundraising club.
Spencer MairMr. FienbergX101every other Monday
StagecrewTo educate fellow students on stagecraft and theater technologyYesNoah Weissnoahweiss7802@student.lvusd.org8182691357Bogdan ViaskiovFalaena RothwellMissy AppelMr. NoackPAEC
3rd Tuesday of every month
Stand Against Domestic ViolenceThe purpose of my club is to raise awareness about domestic violence and lend a helping hand to battered women shelters in our community.YesNooria Mazdeyasnannoorimazde1802@student.lvusd.org(818) 414-2302Nura EsmailizadehZainab JamaliJasleen ChadhaTyler LeeH111
First Wednesday of every month
Stress LessPart of peer support, de-stress students!YesIdella Smolyaridellsmoly9501@student.lvusd.org8186429698Allyson Weissman Tbd TbdMrs. BiedermanH212
Around “stressful” times like APs, finals, etc.
Student Action for Vaccine DeliveryStudent Action for Vaccine Delivery’s (SAVD) purpose is to help provide funds and volunteers for vaccine delivery and immunization efforts. We fundraise for organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF who specialize in immunization efforts in places such as Africa and Asia, where funds for vaccines are scarce. In addition, we are involved and volunteering for organizations who specialize in immunization through vaccine clinics in the southern California area (Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and City of Calabasas). We believe that SAVD is an excellent opportunity for students to lift up their community and leave it better than they found it. YesMarc Wahrmanmarcwahrm9402@student.lvusd.org8188003445Benjamin Ford
Madeline Northcote-Smith
Gabriel WolfBradley BoelmanH-108
1st Tuesday of each month
Students For Equal Rights FoundationRaise money for a burn clinic in India that provides free health care for patients who are women and children. YesNura EsmailizadehNuraesmai4102@student.lvusd.org3108569999Zainab JamaliSakman JaberiJasleen ChadhaTyler LeeH111
Second Tuesday of each month.
Summer Fun ClubRaising money for kids in need to go to summer campNoPreston Esparprestespar4702@student.lvusd.org8186935329Halston EsparTBDTBDTBDTBD
Second Tuesday of every month
Surf ClubMeet a few times a month to surf together outside of school and meet during school to talk about the sportYesCharlie KleinCharlklein5903@student.lvusd.org8182176850Matthew BoydNick PweeAiden ThallCookH 112Third Wednesday
Tarzana Hospital VolunteeringThe purpose of this club is to open more doors for the students that may or may not be interested in the medical field. Hospital volunteering is offered in various places, but many students don’t know how to get started.Yes
Jasleen Chadha/Sarah Barder
jaslechadh0702@student.lvusd.org818-424-6976Allison AngellZainab JamaliElyssa GilbertsonMrs. CookH112
first Tuesday of every month
The Book Club Get students motivated to read and improve their skills!NoAlexa LipmanAlexalipma6101@student.lvusd.org18189141819Don’t have one Olivia Olshever Olivia Goldberg Mrs. Alamdari H-115
Last Friday of every month
The Crayon Initiative Calabasas Chapter The club was started to give students a chance to learn about philanthropy, gain leadership experience, and work locally to collect crayons from schools, restaurants, and individuals to support the Crayon Initiative. Club members organize crayon drives, hold crayon sorting parties, raise funds to cover the cost of shipping crayons and other club expenses. YesDanielle Starkdaniestark8404@student.lvusd.org (818)877-3944Alexis SassounianGracie Magedman
Jordy Ghajar and Isbella Lozada
Sarah Bailey PA7
Every first Wednesday of the month
The Penetrating Testing ClubThis will be a club that discusses and helps people learn cyber security. We will discuss different types of penetration testing techniques and how to stay safe on the internet. We will be teaching club members how to become a professional penetration tester.NoHenry sheahenryshea8401@student.lvusd.org3107750806Drew RamezaniNoneNoneMS. WatchsmithH213
Friday every two weeks.
The Science OlympiadScience Olympiad functions much like a football or soccer team, requiring preparation, commitment, coaching and practice throughout the year. Each school-based team is allowed to bring 15 students who cross-train for a variety of events in their skill set, but some school clubs have more than 75 members, allowing for an apprentice and mentoring system. Teamwork is a required skill in most scientific careers today, and Science Olympiad encourages group learning by designing events that forge alliances.YesAlexander Cohenalexacohen9401@student.lvusd.org8188130039Nareg KedjejianCharles KhermadalianRajvir LoganiDr. BennettS4Every Wednesday
Theater Arts ClubTheater Arts club is in place to gather students from all areas of theater, be it tech or Comedy Sportz or mainstage productions, etc., to keep them updated on all events and opportunities within the world of CHS Theater. This is also a club that brings together all theater folk and makes everyone feel welcomed, included, and feel that they have a family that they can turn to at anytime.
YesAlli Belinkoffallisbelin0601@student.lvusd.org818-438-1492Maddi LaskerBenn CohenAmanda MeyersBill GarrettBlackbox
Two Wednesdays a month
Toys for totsTo provide toys for less fourtunate kids with help through the marine corps YesAlexander Wike Alexawike0200@outlook.com7049410656Kennedy Waite Coral NitzanCarly SAdam Weinstein H-107Every. Tues at lunch NoNope
Turning Point USA at CHSEducate about the importance of fiscal responsibility, free markets, and capitalism through activism. YesLuca Lovrichlucalovri6803@student.lvusd.org(310) 650-3361Timmothy GlasgowKyle RoseDylan NicholsMs.GreenX202
Every Tuesday at lunch.
Underground Art ClubTo discuss and examine topics of underground culture such as art, fashion, and musicNoTaylor Galetaylogale6102@student.lvusd.org8183311123Britlyn WarburtonMax Strellariana warrenMr LeeH 111every other Thursday
UNICEFThe purpose of UNICEF is to save and care for the lives of children. UNICEF works to provide safe environments to kids without one. When a disaster strikes, UNICEF is there to provide health care, immunizations, and more. As a club, we meet to support this organization.YesMaddy Mettlermadelmettl6902@student.lvusd.org818-699-2900Allie LeeNicole RossEmma ShpallMrs. CookH112
3rd Thursday of the month
Women at Work Break the glass ceiling and give women opportunities to thrive in workplace. Raise money for females without education in the Philippines YesSophie Gracile sophigraci7304@student.lvusd.org3108793913Nejla Moghadas Mallory Cooper Caly Plowman Mr. Boelman H108
4th Thursday of every month
Young Life ClubThe purpose is to provide a place for students to meet and play games while incorporating teachings of christianity to help ease their day to day struggles. YesShayan Maghsoudishayamaghs5201@student.lvusd.org8186060629Matthew FultonJordyn ShapiroMatin ShayanDelia GrigorianH-116Every other Friday
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