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IP AddressWhat draws you to Mills River as a place to call home? Do you think the same thing will continue to draw others to this area?What is Mills River missing that you would like to see?What is something Mills River should work to improve?In 20 years I would like to see Mills River with more (slide the button to your preference):Protecting our natural environment (I.e. Rivers, Streams, Forests) is a high priority to me.What are the most important natural and agricultural assets to the Town?Is there anything else about Natural and Agricultural Resources in Mills River that you'd like to tell us?I think Mills River should make efforts to develop a "Town Center", similar to a Downtown or "Heart of Town" area?What gaps, if any, do you see in the Town's facilities and services offered to seniors? What facilities and services would you like to see the Town invest in, or invest more in? (Examples might be  Recreation, Parks, Police, etc.)Do you think Historic Preservation should be a priority in Mills River?What services are most needed in Mills River that aren't currently being offered?I think the Town should be more involved in local events such as festivals and holiday celebrations. Is there anything else about Community Facilities and Services in Mills River you'd like to tell us?Do you think the Town has internet service that meets your needs?Do you think the Town has adequate cellular service?What kind of business should the Town work to attract more of (check all that apply)?Are there any specific businesses or services the Town should work to attract to the area?The Town sometimes has the opportunity to offer support to new and existing businesses. What kinds of business would be most important to support? (Please rank from most important to least important.)
Open-Ended ResponseOpen-Ended ResponseOpen-Ended ResponseOpen-Ended ResponseStrongly agreeAgreeSomewhat agreeNeither agree nor disagreeSomewhat disagreeDisagreeStrongly disagreeOpen-Ended ResponseOpen-Ended ResponseStrongly agreeAgreeSomewhat AgreeNeither agree nor disagreeDisagreeSomewhat DisagreeStrongly disagreeOpen-Ended ResponseOpen-Ended ResponseYesNoNo OpinionOpen-Ended ResponseStrongly agreeAgreeSomewhat agreeNeither agree nor disagreeSomewhat disagreeDisagreeStrongly disagreeOpen-Ended ResponseYesNoUnsureYesNoUnsureRetailTourismIndustryOffice/ProfessionalRestaurantsNoneOther (please specify)Open-Ended ResponseIndustry - 1Industry - 2Industry - 3Industry - 4Industry - 5Industry - 6Industry - 7Industry - N/AFarms - 1Farms - 2Farms - 3Farms - 4Farms - 5Farms - 6Farms - 7Farms - N/ASmall Businesses - 1Small Businesses - 2Small Businesses - 3Small Businesses - 4Small Businesses - 5Small Businesses - 6Small Businesses - 7Small Businesses - N/AChain Stores/Large Businesses - 1Chain Stores/Large Businesses - 2Chain Stores/Large Businesses - 3Chain Stores/Large Businesses - 4Chain Stores/Large Businesses - 5Chain Stores/Large Businesses - 6Chain Stores/Large Businesses - 7Chain Stores/Large Businesses - N/AHospitality (Hotels, AirBnB, etc.) - 1Hospitality (Hotels, AirBnB, etc.) - 2Hospitality (Hotels, AirBnB, etc.) - 3Hospitality (Hotels, AirBnB, etc.) - 4Hospitality (Hotels, AirBnB, etc.) - 5Hospitality (Hotels, AirBnB, etc.) - 6Hospitality (Hotels, AirBnB, etc.) - 7Hospitality (Hotels, AirBnB, etc.) - N/AHealthcare - 1Healthcare - 2Healthcare - 3Healthcare - 4Healthcare - 5Healthcare - 6Healthcare - 7Healthcare - N/A
3 to everything but out in the countrygood restaurants and a trail systema trail system50Strongly agreepretty mountain views and Mills River and parkStrongly agreedon't know of anya trail system would be nice near the river with places to relax and maybe go eatYesgood restaurantsNeither agree nor disagreeYesYesRetailTourismRestaurantsrestaurants752634
4 area with lots of agricultureNothingSlow development100AgreeGood soil and waterNeither agree nor disagreeYesSomewhat agreeNoNoNone412765
5 agreeSomewhat DisagreeYesDisagree
6 and no. Too much development Less traffic Strongly agreeDisagreeYesStrongly agreeUnsureYesIndustryManufacturing and farming123745
8 outside the chaos of Airport. Still near Arden, Hendersonville and Asheville.Better options for Pizza and food delivery. Better elder care options.Some of the roads sure could use repaving in areas. maybe fix flooding behind Valley View area.50AgreeFarms are cool.... but man some of them smell bad. Farms have been sold and are becoming strip homes developments.noStrongly agreePublic transportation is not availableFamily oriented park expansion would be amazing. Biking riding and exercise. No OpinionPublic transportation AgreeCost affordable retirement housing and communityYesYesRetailIndustryOffice/ProfessionalRestaurantsPizza and Food delivery optionsQuality Pizza!!!!!572163
10 Fishing Fishing 100Strongly agreeThe trout Start cleaning the fucking trash in the rivers
11 and roads
12 is a small quiet town and I love the rustic nature of the town.NothingNothing it needs to be left alone.100Strongly agreeHaving the rivers open to fish in, wonderful hiking and the local farmers growing crops in the area.Strongly disagreeNothing it is very senior friendly.Parks and recreationYesNothingStrongly disagreeIt is just enough.YesYesNoneNo512764
13 open spaces. Farm land. Not a lot of developments. NothingNothing. It is perfect100Strongly agreeThe people who have lived here for 50 yearsKeep it. Stop allowing plants and commercial businesses in. Keep farm land, farmlandStrongly disagreeNothing. Mills River is a community of farmers. Locals helping each otherFarmingYesKeeping land for farming not developmentsNeither agree nor disagreeI am not happy with the new plant across from Mills River Elementary school YesYesNoneFarming612574
14 paths parks and more younger kids and youth places of business. Boys clubs or YMCARestricting junk in yards trailers
15 agree
16 fun and familyi would like to see a ham radio outlet (HRO) store in mills river agreeall goodStrongly agreeradio communications such as Amateur radioYesStrongly agreeYesNoRetailRestaurantsham radio outlet and radio shack storesN/A5N/A123
17 small town feel and the excellent schools. Nothing. None. 100Strongly agreeRivers and farms. Strongly disagreeYesNeither agree nor disagree
18 like that Mills River is less dense than Buncombe County and is Central to Brevard Hendersonville and AshevilleI would like to see the old Food Lion building be used as an antique mallUse caution to prevent over development100Strongly agreeAccess to clean water in the form of Mills River (our namesake) is important.I would recommend that recreational activities along the river be expandedNeither agree nor disagreeOnce or twice a year we receive large snowfall. There is often a delay on clearing the secondary roads, which is understandable...the primary must be first. I get it. Our neighborhood of Ravenwood forest usually must call to get the road Ravenwood lane plowed.YesNeither agree nor disagreeI think the Mills River Park is fantasticYesYesTourismI would recommend development of the Ecusta Trail to Brevard..rails to trails...similar to Swamp Rabbit. N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
19 agreeStrongly disagreeYesNeither agree nor disagreeNoNoNone614753
20 attractions, things to dothe traffic
21 home town feeling. No I don't because Mills River is moving away from this.I would like to see less housing districts. We are overwhelmedTraffic turning on to 191 from 280 at old food Lion. It sometimes block traffic turning onto south Mills River rd100Strongly agreeThe fields that supply food and dairyNeither agree nor disagreeYesTrash pick upNeither agree nor disagreeNoNoRestaurantsN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
22 people, small town but close to everything you need. Not if 191 is four laned and becomes another airport rdNothing Communication with residents, representing residents viewpoints for roads, schools etc69AgreeRiver, farm landDon’t develop it!Neither agree nor disagreeNot aware of what’s available to seniorsNot sure No OpinionSomewhat agreeDon’t 4 lane 191
23 More servicesLess traffic 66Strongly agreeNatureSomewhat AgreeA lotYesStrongly agreeNoNoRetailTourismRestaurants
24 beautiful farm landsA dog park that separates large and small dogsNothing100Strongly agreeThe farmsDisagreeNonrPoliceYesRestaurantsAgreeNoYesRestaurants612754
25 Nice restaurant Nice gym 52Strongly agreeStrongly agreeNo OpinionStrongly agreeNoYesRetailRestaurants231N/A45
26 agreeAgreeNo OpinionAgree
27 farm land, the proximity to the forest, airport, Asheville, and Hendersonville. A real town feel with nicely thought out buildings. I’m scared it will become a strip with cheap metal buildings from the airport to Turkey Pen. Overall thought put towards developing a real town feel, with solid and thoughtful design, and embracing green building and alternative energy. 82Strongly agreeThe expansive farm land (don’t develop it into cheap home sites). The farm land near Ingles and the Mills River, across to North Mills River forest. It would be neat to see the water intake/low head dam area by Valley At developed into a whitewater play wave. Alternatively, developing something like this near Sierra Nevada would be neat. Somewhat AgreeA rec department with community oriented continuing education and cooking classes would great. A recreational department would be a huge asset. I think Mills River should be the first area in WNC to build a public rev department with pools, weight rooms, ice hockey/skating rink, and nutritional/educational programs. YesRec department.Neither agree nor disagreeYesYesTourismRestaurantsRec Center and Ice Rink Outdoor sport and recreation based business. Ice Hockey. 512764
28 to Asheville, Hendersonville, and Brevard. Better options for internet, restaurants, Service provider monopolies41Somewhat agreeSomewhat AgreeTaxes are already high, so maybe focus on budgeting.NoPizza deliveryDisagreeNoYesRestaurantsService providersN/A4253N/A
30 town and lower taxes. 52Strongly agreeSomewhat DisagreeNo OpinionNeither agree nor disagreeNoYesRetail321765
31, scenic, close to everythinga couple local restaurants, some pedestrian trails along highwaypedestrian trails 67Strongly agreethe forests, farms and trailskeep it safeAgreen/arecreation trails, pedestrian trails, greenways connecting to pisgah and beyond Yesa couple more restaurants, auto parts storeStrongly agreeNoNoRestaurantsbiking, restaurants, farming423765
32 moved here from south asheville, because the traffic got so bad in Asheville. But now it’s getting crowded here too.More community events at the oarkDon’t approve so many metal buildings all over mills River. All the new businesses are in big metal buildings and it looks cheap100Strongly agreeThe parks and camp groundsNoStrongly disagreeDon’t knowParks and recsYesNewsletter or local paperStrongly agreeNoYesYesNoneNo723456
33 Town but close to everything. Yes.More Restaurants More internet providers/options/better speeds50Strongly agreeStrongly disagreeDon't knowNone I think we are in a good spot currently with the current population. Our own police as population increases.No OpinionPizza delivery :)Somewhat agreeNoNoRetailOffice/ProfessionalRestaurantsChick fil a, any pizza restaurant, another grocery store option Ingles is just too big453276
36, houses are not on top of each other.Another grocery store. Ingles is awful and the employees are miserable. Would like another option even if it’s a dollar general market.Just another grocery store.100Strongly agreeThey are equally important.NoNeither agree nor disagreeYesAgreeNoNoRestaurantsAnother grocery store312N/A46
37 of rural nature, yet with close proximity to convenient servicesDesign standards for businessDevelop a plan to protect residences from noise pollution created by neighboring businesses, specifically Bold Rock. Enforcement of sign ordinance, specifically temporary signs. Zoning categories; MR-MU is a nightmare.60Strongly agreeMIlls River itself as a pristine waterway Ample land still available to sustain working farms Relatively clean air void of excessive pollution from industry Proximity to hiking/biking trails, waterfalls, camping, etc.Strongly agreeI am unaware of what is offeredCommunity pool/splash zone Sidewalks No Opinionlarger selection of restaurants larger, more up-to-date Community BuildingNeither agree nor disagreeNoYesRestaurantsChick-Fil-A, or similar Nicer "sit-down" restaurant734652
38’s place with family and not many friendly people.More stuff to do with kids instead of having to drive an hour.The roads 100Neither agree nor disagreeI don’t know No
39 country. Beautiful land. Yes.Swimming pool at the park. A post office.News/ communication.86Strongly agreeThe river, undeveloped farm landI wish more farms were organic and not chemically dependent.Neither agree nor disagreeNot sureRiver parks. YesPost officeAgreeNoYesYesRestaurantsLocal cafe174325
40 park and libraryA city pool. Bike paths because Mills River is one of the flattest towns in the area. I would like to see an outdoor music Pavilion along the lines of the one in Charlotte to get good national acts to come to the area. Either at the AG Center or the spot where food lion used to be. 50Somewhat agreeFarms on 191. French Broad River. DisagreeA Kohl’s or just a big plaza since the blue ridge mall bit the big one on attracting good retailChristmas Festivities. Maybe fitness facilities at the park for retirees. No OpinionStrongly agreeNoYesRetailTourismIndustryOffice/ProfessionalRestaurantsMusic Pavillion or Large Civic Center. Good retail stores765124
41 mountainsKohls and an outdoor music theatre No activities to do outside 50AgreeSomewhat AgreeNo senior housing that is too expensive Police and things to do outside and inside. YesOutdoor music area. I hate driving to CLT or Simpsonville AgreeNoNoRetailTourismRestaurantsOutdoor music theatre 325
42 am a native. I was raised in Mills River as was my Mother and now my children.City water for all. Something useful in the old Food Lion building. I would like to see more restaurants, possibly Hardee's. A larger better libraryBringing in businesses other than breweries.50Strongly agreeOur water and farm land.It is sad to see all the houses were farm land and dairies use to be. We need to protect our water and land, when it is gone there will be no more Somewhat AgreeIt would be nice to see a Senior Center where they could meet and interact. City water on all of Boylston Hey would be nice. Better police protection, our crime rate needs to come down. Who wants to live where you don't feel safe.YesLarger library like Etowah has.Somewhat disagreeI would like to see a good gym and work out center NoNoRetailRestaurantsHardee's, Wendy's or Taco Bell. 614573
43 agriculture and closeness to the mountains. This will continue to draw people on the future. It’s own police station. I had to call the police one day and it took them 30 minutes to show up. This could be resolved with our own mills river police station. The roads. Some of them need to be wider. Such as Haywood road. 44Strongly agreeThe French broad and the local dairy farm. Another nice local dairy farm would be amazing. Draw in some dairy farmers DisagreeNone Police. And maybe expand the mills river park. Add more trails along the river like fletcher park. NoPolice Strongly agreeYesYesRetailRestaurantsMore clothing retail 143526
44 of great natural spaces nearby with affordable livingYMCA/poolSidewalks55Strongly agreeMills river branchesSomewhat AgreeParks!!!No OpinionAgreeNoUnsureRetailTourismOffice/Professional641753
45 area less traffic RestaurantsToo many stop signs on 28056Strongly agreeParks and farms NoDisagreeSenior affordable housing Parks No OpinionNeither agree nor disagreeUnsureYesRestaurantsMore grocery choices 723651
46 of green and agriculture. Low tax rate, and good landuse practices. These things are disappearing, I fear others will move to the area with no regard to any of the above, but because it is not as insanely expensive as Asheville.Farms coming back.Maintaining rural character, and preserving the best water in the state.75Strongly agreeFarmland staying farmland, maintaining forested areas and being sure when there is developing to have greenspace and solid riparian borders to minimize runoff from parking lots, paved areas, et c. We HAVE to keep our rural character and quality water for us to avoid being a low quality suburb.Neither agree nor disagreeThere are plenty of services.Finish park as planned, continue subsidizing police from the county.YesAn option other than att/direct tv for internet.Neither agree nor disagreeNoNoNoNoneNo, other than sustainable agriculture.412567
47 Nothing Say No to 4 lane 100AgreeThe farms and rivers and camp ground NoDisagreeYesSomewhat agreeYesNoneNone N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
48 is convenient to Asheville, hendersonville, and Brevard but not crowd Natural gas and garbage/recycling pick upGreen space protection 75Strongly agreeMills riverNeither agree nor disagreeN/aRecycling, parksNo OpinionRecycling, natural gasSomewhat agreeYesYesRestaurantsLocally owned restaurants 413765
49’ve lives here all my life and it’s beautiful more shopping roads 100Strongly agreetrees and farms Strongly agreepolice Yespolice departmentAgreeNoYesRetailTourismRestaurants6514
50 feeling, but close to Asheville Trash pickup 95Strongly agreeAgreeSwimming poolYesTrash pickup AgreeYesYesOffice/ProfessionalRestaurants1253
51 Pisgah Nat'l Forest. Yes, I think the forest attracts people, but Mills River government appears to be interested in developing the area.I would like to see an effort to reduce light pollution at night. Minimizing the amount of light businesses can emit by limiting the number of lights as well as require LED lighting.My MR taxes increased 60% from 2015 to 2016 and this increase has held for 2017 & 2018. I would like my tax reduced back to its 2015 level.100Strongly agreePisgah Nat'l Forest. And I like the "idea" of the agriculture in our area, but the more I learn about the chemicals (pesticides and herbicides), as well as the trash the field workers are throwing in our streams and rivers, the less I like our ag businesses. We need more restrictions on our ag businesses practices.Our existing Ag businesses need to limit their field workers' pollution in our streams and rivers. Strongly disagreeI'm not a senior, but even when I reach that age, I'd prefer that MR not to get involved in providing any services to any group. I'd prefer less taxes and will vote toward that goal.Again, I don't want MR investing in more services. I'd like our taxes lowered back to our 2015 tax year.NoOur roads need some work, but I'm assuming that's Henderson Co.'s responsibility. Therefore, I don't know of an MR services wanted. I'd like lower taxes (back to 2015).Strongly disagreeI'm in favor of MR government working to protect the rural aspect of our community. We don't need any add'l services. We need our taxes lowered back to 2015 levels.YesYesNoneN/A12N/AN/AN/A
52 restaurants!! Food and shopping centers Landscaping. Make it pop more. Its boring, no colors(flowers). And more RESTAURANTS!47Strongly agreeFarmsPetting zoo for kids.Strongly agreeNo assistance Recreational, parks, more variety or food and Restaurants No OpinionBetter food amd RESTAURANTS!Strongly agreeNONoNoRetailTourismRestaurantsNoN/A62534
53; great family area. 65Strongly agree
54 simplicity of the area, and the viewsMore shops, mom/pop stores.nothing51Strongly agreethe rivernopeStrongly agreeYesStrongly agreeYesYesRetailRestaurants342756
55 city taxes. No, the city taxes will create a hardship in the future.Nothing, that's the point! Everything that is added cost all of us more. We have National Park Land all around us, we are blessed.Regain the focus of why we became a town.100AgreeOpen views, farm land, National Lands adjacent to the town.Respect for the people we moved in upon.Strongly disagreeNone, the town does not need to waste money on this, as the entire area already has many services.This is not something we can aford in the long run and not a smart way to proceed. Services will be less expensive if contracted through the county.NoWhy does the survey appear to ask this question in different ways? Could there be an agenda to add more we do not need?Somewhat disagreeHere it again, asking the same thing about what we need.YesYesNoneYet again for the 4th time, same question.412763
56’m drawn to Mills River because of the community. It has lots of farm area and ample space for living. With increased development I see this becoming less and less; however, this is okay as long as the balance is managed correctly and as “natural” resources (space) go away, the town needs to have other amenities available to entice people to stay and comeA central area. Like a downtown area. 50AgreeThe farms in our area and the Mills RiverStrongly agreePolice and trashYesPolice and trashStrongly agreeNoYesIndustryOffice/ProfessionalRestaurants142765
57 land, rich history of people, between AVL, HVL, and BVD, so it's easy for work. Yes, I think ppl will continue to look here for housing, but it's discouraging that farmland is being converted to cheap housing. I wish we had a better zoning plan with a mini town center. It feels like our spaces are all along major roadways. The bike path will help make things feel more connected I think. Our family is really excited about the bike path. Connecting Bold Rock/new Mills River Brewery and the creamery and that area to the park would all be awesome. The roads are too scary for kiddo bike riding. 99Strongly agreeNorth and South Mills River, Mills River Recreation Area, and some of the state's most fertile farmland. I'd love to see our town (continue) supporting local farms to ensure good Ag practices to reduce fertilizer and pesticide use. With all the flooding, it's more important now than ever. Strongly agreeNot familiar enough to answer.I'd be in favor of library expansion. I know we just built that building, but it already feels like we could use the additional space. (I think that's already in the plan though.) No OpinionAgreeIt would be nice if we all coalesced around one good "holiday." Ppl can drive elsewhere for 4th of July or a Christmas parade, but it would be cool to build something like that locally. North River Farms Mills River Day definitely fits that! UnsureYesRestaurantsThings that reinforce the local nature of our space, not big box stores! 312765
58 beautiful nature that surrounds it Skatepark Sidewalks, bike trails, and ways to explore the town without motorized vehicles 50Strongly agreeStrongly agreeSkatepark, it’s in the Olympic s and the youth in the south east is missing this opportunity...No OpinionAgreeNoNoRetailTourismOffice/Professional
59 river at the MillIntelligent peopleRoads0Somewhat disagreeRiverNoStrongly disagreeHomesPO-PO No Opinion?DisagreeNopeYesYesOffice/ProfessionalStrip club345217
60 and costWater and sewage to city residents. Basic infrastructure before recreation. 58Strongly agreeState and federal land accessibility. Is runoff from agriculture tested regularly? DisagreeTransportation. Water and sewerNoWaterSomewhat agreeNoNoNoTourismRestaurantsDining options. 462N/A53
61 and schoolsRetailWider roadsStrongly agreeWater in mills riverStrongly agreePolice. Softball fields and more freeways for runners. There is no where to safely run besides the park.NoBiAgreeNoYesRetailTourismIndustryOffice/ProfessionalRestaurantsAgritourism. 162473
63, mountains, parksA downtownCreating a central business area10AgreeParks, riversNoStrongly agreeNo OpinionNot sureSomewhat agreeNoYesYesIndustryOffice/Professional241563
64 was raised here. I love the open countryside and rural spaces.More farms. They are vanishing every year.Preservation of farmland. Fewer businesses and developments.100Strongly agreeThe river, the open spaces, farms, dairyThey are getting swallowed up by manufacturing and development.Neither agree nor disagreeYesSomewhat disagreeNoNoNoNoneNoN/A1N/AN/AN/AN/A
65 open property Multi use trails PoolCommunication to residents 70Strongly agreeOur forest and farmsI would not like to see any clear cutting of trees for major developments trees shouldn’t have to be left inNeither agree nor disagreeCommunity center PoolYesBetter communication to all residents Neither agree nor disagreeNoUnsureOffice/ProfessionalRestaurantsN/A15N/A34
66 small town feel. I grew up here and my family is from here so keeping it a small town farm community would benefit us and those moving to the area.A designated city center with a Layout designed for centralized building and development.The above mentioned zoning 80Strongly agreeRiver farm lands Strongly agreeLow environmental impacted growth YesWater sewer to more residents Strongly agreeUnsureUnsureRetailTourismRestaurantsFarm industry 613745
67 fields100Strongly agreeNeither agree nor disagreeNo OpinionAgreeYesIndustryOffice/Professional231764
68 River is conveniently located near things but still has a down home feel. Would hate to see it taken over by businesses A nice sit down restaurant Do something with where the old food lion was. 100Strongly agreeThe open fields and the riverNoSomewhat AgreeIdkPoliceYesPolice Somewhat agree
69 closeness to Asheville and Hendersonville. I do More restaurants, amenities in the park, high speed internet in the southern end of Mills River and cell phone service. To be more business friendly50AgreeThe National Forest/rivers and the produce fields and dairy farmsThere should be more access points to the rivers Strongly agree1. Ball fields 2. Police and faster response times 3. Upgraded emergency amenities. I believe multiple ball fields would be a great assetYesA chamber/info center and town policeStrongly agreeI believe Mills River should work to have the most prestigious and fine tuned town facilities.NoNoRetailOffice/ProfessionalRestaurantsRestaurants most definitely 731645
70 of country living.Less housing and large industryBike lanes to connect to two lane roads. Turnpike rd.99AgreeRivers and pasturesKeep it ruralDisagreeTransportation to bus line to Asheville or Hendersonville Bike lanes, love to see the bikers but I am uncomfortable driving on narrow road with them.YesCompetition with ingle food store.kAgreeYesYesTourismRestaurantsHiking trails along rivers.276314
71 pad51Strongly agreeStrongly agreeSplash padYesSplash pad!Somewhat agree
72 agreeDisagreeNoNeither agree nor disagreeNoNoRetailRestaurants342675
73 open and free it is. Small town friendlyA chick fil a The cost of living50Strongly agreeRivers and fieldsAgreeMaybe a SPLASH padYesTrash pickupSomewhat agreeNoYesRestaurantsPizza deliveryChick fil a, pizza delivery65
74 No because it’s growing too much with businesses, breweries, and communities. More farms and farm land. Traffic flow at the 191 intersections. 90Strongly agreeFarms and open lands. Clean creeks less runoff. Stop building all over them. AgreeToo many to seniors. Not enough for families. Parks. Reservations. YesAgreeAnother park with playground and walking would be great. NoNoRestaurantsNone713564
75, proximity to other cities, natural beauty. Absolutely A central downtown area Better infrastructure for pedestrians 100Strongly agreeThe river. Agriculture needs to be more available to the next generation of farmers rather than developers. NoStrongly agreeN/aRecreation, parks, ymcaYesPublic transportationSomewhat agreeNoYesYesNoneI hope we don’t get more fast food in our area Supporting local businesses would be a great thing to do 412736
76 isn’t overgrown YET. It’s close enough to neighboring towns in all directions for shopping and restaurants. It is family friendly with the park and it is nice and quiet.Bike lanes. People love to cycle this area, but, the roads are too dangerous and get clogged by the packs of cyclists. Keep big corporations out of this small community. It won’t hurt people to drive a few miles down the road to a pharmacy, doctors office, grocery store.
78 and beautyNothingMore recreation areas.54Strongly agreeThe natural landscape and the clean farms.NoAgreeRecreation and parksYesNAAgreeNoYesUnsureRestaurantsRestaurants, recreation.415762
79, open spacesProperties better maintained, junk cars, junk in generalEnforcing nuisances62Strongly agreeRiver/mountains;pasturesnoSomewhat AgreeNot sure what they areLights for tennis and basketball courtsYesClean up our townSomewhat agreenoYesYesRetailRestaurantsMore restaurants631574
80 yet not too busy. Still close to everything. Post officeRestaurants would be nice55Strongly agreeThe campground area, the park, the farm landsAgreeMore shaded walking areasBaseball and soccer fields!!! No OpinionPost officeSomewhat agreeSo many local families have to travel to play soccer or baseball. Why can’t we seem to have these facilities here?YesYesTourismRestaurants342N/A56
81, small feelA few more restaurants, private owned, like a Main Street feel. Keep large acre lots. Keep it small suburb72Strongly agreeSomewhat AgreeYesAgreeUnsureUnsureRestaurants641735
82, scenic, and not heavy traffic.Nothing. Vacant buildings. Example: the old food lion. 100Strongly agreeWildlife and cropsNeither agree nor disagreeMills River Park. They should continue with building baseball and soccer fields. YesNeither agree nor disagreeYesYesRestaurants415762
83 up here. Used to be very farmy.Less traffic Less neighborhoods 77Strongly agreeThe river NoDisagreeNone. We don’t need more old people More public parks to keep land from being developed NoSomewhat agreeNoYesNoTourismNo512476
84 family has lived here for 35 years Nothing Less pollution 100Strongly agreeStreams and riversNoDisagreeDaycare School YesWiFi Somewhat disagreeThe town council can to easily be bought off by industrial businesses and breweries NoNoRestaurantsRestaurants 615723
85 open vast farm land and small town feelRoad improvements such as flooding and some roads need widening Infrastructure, roads and funding towards education 83Strongly agreeRiver, farmland, parks, forest I’d like to see the farmland protected Strongly disagreeI think henderson county could take funding from HCCBG and do more for seniors such as food bank, resource closet, info on Medicare, health screenings and turn around and have social worker bill areas such as medicaid admin claiming to being dolled in to support. The statistics for elderly growth is huge and it would be nice to see the county invest in this. There is a way to take care of our elders and make it fiscally feasible.Recreation, 4H, environmental education, programs for youth No OpinionMore programs for youth and seniors and programs for all economic backgrounds... not ones where you have to have medicaid to qualify AgreeNope - the park facilities are nice and always clean! The library is lovely!NoNoBusinesses that will protect the environment and want to invest in our schools and local resources We have enough breweries 251476
86 agreeAgreeYesAgree
87 agreeStrongly agreeYesStrongly agreeNoNoTourismOffice/ProfessionalRestaurants
88 agreeAgreeNoYesNone123465
89 commercial. 4th generation Mills River resident. City water and sewer. I am in town limits and it’s not feasible to connect. Stop the huge subdivisions. All the farms and family lands are being over populated with housing. 100Strongly agreeDisagreeN/a.Recreation, ParksYesWater, sewer, trashNeither agree nor disagreeHaven’t tried lately but last time I did use our park, the bathrooms were unavailable. Need to be open for those who would like to enjoy the park in the evening NoNoNoneNo businesses. Before long we will be another “airport rd”415376
90 town , quiet , wonderful school. Convenient to stores but not over developedA nice little down town, and more things to offer families to do like a community center/poolOffer more things for families like community center52Strongly agreeStrongly agreeCommunity center and policeYesStrongly agreeNoYesRetailOffice/ProfessionalRestaurants512673
91 , quiet, country, beautiful 100Strongly agreeDisagreeRecreation, parksYesSomewhat agreeUnsureYesNone612574
92 used to be the simple life in an farming community. I don’t this much anymore as industry is slowly taking over the area in small bits and pieces. A more centralized town center and empty store fronts filled. Specific bike lanes. More restaurants. Focus on balancing the farming community with the up and coming urban changes. 53Strongly agreeThe view of farm land and open terrain. More water sports accessStrongly agreeSenior community center. Recreation YesTown trash service and roadside maintenance and cleanup. AgreeNoNoRetailRestaurantsReataurants523674
93 draws me because it’s not to over crowded the traffic is a little rough but I wish people would stop building developments Trees. We need a better environment for our future children Maybe on the cost of housing or traffic issues and not over developing our beautiful area 75Strongly agreeParks , rivers , our animalsIt’s beautiful the way it is Neither agree nor disagreeMaybe a smaller senior center if they want it Maybe a park or a family/kids center for kids to have indoor activities as well as the beautiful outdoors YesMaybe a homeless center so they have some shelterSomewhat agreeNoYesYesRestaurantsNo732651
94, quiet, peacefulness, nature, low housing density, open land private and public, close to amenities and towns but not inundated with the issues and people. I doubt these will draw people to the area as they rarely exist any more. These attributes have been sold to the highest seller and are rare even in the back areas of the community.the things that I found attractive when I moved here. Open land, low housing density, quiet, privacy, lack of government intrusion to the area. the things that once were MIlls River - farm land open land areas, and family lands are being sold and developed and are becoming as lovely as an Asheville tenement housing district99Strongly agreeobviously the town only cares about developers and their needs - bringing in high density residential and commercial occupanciesHope there are pictures available because what there was is being sold out and privatized or industrialized as fast as the greedy developers can cash in on it.. Strongly disagreeIs anyone familiar with the word 'gentrification'? Look it up and get ready. NoPacking assistance for families wanting to leave the area due to developmentStrongly disagreeYesYesNoneN/A12N/AN/A3
95 farmland, the country way of living Nothing. Leave it the same as it has been Getting rid of the Floridians and New Yorkers 100Strongly agreeFarmland and private land. Keeps overgrowth to a minimum We need to keep it Strongly disagreeWhat about the younger families? Nothing. Keep it as rural as it can be YesNeither agree nor disagreeNoYesYesNoneNoN/A12N/AN/A3
96 peacefulness, the quietness, and the housing. Nothing, I liked it the way it was 10 years ago better. The structures should be more matching and there should be a sign ordinance to look better to visitors. 100Strongly agreeMills River park, farms in the area. Strongly disagreeI would like to see more access to trails in the area, I think it is already suited for seniors and should be developed more towards younger families in the area. I do not feel that the money should be spent on the police, because county taxes are already being spent on this service and mills River does not need its own police service. YesNone. Strongly disagreeYesYesNone512673
97 rural area with farm land but amenities within a reasonable driving distance so traffic isn’t awful.A KOA! This area could use a proper Kampgrounds of America, I think it could boost the tourism year round but also give temporary and permanent job opportunity.Attitude as a community and eatery.64Strongly agreeThe Forrest’s are a big key component as well as the cleaning and maintaining of the river for proper water activities to be safe and enjoyable.CLEAN THE RIVERSomewhat DisagreeHonestly there is very few elderly help options that I’m currently aware of.More maintained and open river access with parks and eating/activity areas. YesStrongly agreeNoNoRetailRestaurantsAldiMore community based large event activities with or without small entry fees 631754
98 Small town feel Trying to hard to become the next Asheville. 69AgreeFarming, all the Ag businesses The riverDisagreeThe pavilion at the park should be free to rent to residents. Shades over the swings Landscaping at the park should be greatly improved.YesAgreeNoYesNone412675
99 a small area and it’s where my grandma used to live78Strongly agree
100 in the country. Quiet and peaceful wBetter restaurants Traffic 95Strongly agreeCorn fields farms and the river Strongly disagreeYesSewer and water AgreeYesYesRestaurants12