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Make Money and/or Get Free Stuff to Review on Your Blog with these Companies!
Please note: Some of these links may be affiliate links, as in I may receive a commission for referring you.
Last Updated: September 18, 2017
Date AddedCompany NameSign-Up LinkRequirements to JoinDetailsCountries EligibleNotable ProgramsReview / Further Info
Affiliate Networks
Earn a commission for promoting the brands you love on your website! First you must register with the main affiliate network and then you will be able to apply to the programs that they represent. For instance, if you'd like to promote Old Navy on your website then you would apply to Commission Junction and then to the Old Navy program. Once Old Navy approves you you will have access to all of their links and you will be able to earn money when posting about them. Nearly every company has an affiliate program and the majority of them can be found at the companies below.
Yellow = Affiliate industry leaders. You will generally find most of the "big" retailers on these sites.
Awin register for Awin you must pay a $5 fee, which is part of their security check. I have no idea why they do this. The $5 will be credited back to your account. Once approved for Awin you must apply individually to each brand you would like to promote.Represents a lot of British companies, but Etsy is one of the biggest draws!Etsy, Boden
RevenueWire, although after you fill out the application you will likely be contacted with follow-up questions. Ideal for those writing about tech and/or computers.RevenueWire focuses on digital products, including computer software.
Amazon Associates should be the first affiliate program you join because it's easy to test the water, so to speak. There aren't any requirements to join, however some people may be unable to join due to Nexus laws in their states. Once you join Amazon Associates you can immediately begin placing links on your website for any/all products sold on Amazon.One of the most popular affiliate programs. Earn money by placing Amazon links on your website. You'll also earn a commission on anything else in the order! Also earn money by referring people to Amazon Prime and other programs
Avant Link accepted to Avant Link, you will need to apply to each individual program you would like to promote.Lots of outdoorsy programsREI, Patagonia, Under Armour, Ergobaby
CJ Affiliate accepted into CJ (formerly Commission Junction) itself isn't particularly difficult, however once you are part of the overall program you will need to begin applying to individual affiliate programs and those can be tougher to gain entry to, especially if you are just starting off.CJ is one of the biggest affiliate programs and tons of advertisers work with this company.Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic,, Zappos, Bed Bath & Beyond, Buy Buy Baby, Free People, Sears, Kmart, TripAdvisor, Expedia
Content Certified with CJ Affiliate by Conversant MUST first apply to CJ and be accepted before applying to be Content Certified. To be considered you need to have: traffic, regularly updated content, original writing, a privacy policy. You do not have to be a *big* blogger to apply, but you do need to be semi-established. In other words, if you just started your blog, wait a bit to apply until you've built up a backlog of posts. Please note that they are NOT accepting coupon or deal bloggers at the moment.Being Content Certified will lget you have automatic acceptance into quite a few programs that are in your niche! All you'll need to do is accept the terms and you'll be good to go. This is a GREAT program and I HIGHLY recommend joining!Any countries, although your blog must be written in English.Depends on the program
Click Bank Bank is where you will find e-books – mostly independently written non-fiction – that you can promote on your blog. Books cover everything under the sun, so you may find something that fits your niche and that you can promote.
eBay Partner Network I think most people who apply get accepted.This is the official affiliate network for eBay. People are frequently surprised to learn that eBay has their own affiliate network. I find the interface extremely clunky and the reports have never worked for my account, but I do frequently make money from this program without putting much effort into it. You can link to any item on eBay or any category or store and earn a commission when people place orders.U.S., United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, AustraliaeBay
eJunkie is a marketplace for independent sellers. Here you will find how-to guides, ebooks, and more. You must first set up an account on eJunkie and then you can apply to be an affiliate for any product you want to promote.
Impact requirements to join, however once you are a member you will need to individually apply for each brand.Impact is one of the newer affiliate companies and the companies they work with are quite varied but growing rapidly.Target,,, ULTA, Pottery Barn, West Elm
JV Zoo an affiliate of JV Zoo you will be able to sell digital products on your website - things like courses, wordpress plugins, etc. This site probably only interests a very specific market.
Link Connector requirements to join, however once you are a member you will need to individually apply for each brand.Link Connector is a smaller affiliate site, but they have some interesting partners depending on your niche. If you're just getting started I would apply to most of the other affiliate companies first.
Pepperjam Network requirements to join, however once you are a member you will need to individually apply for each brand.Pepperjam Network works with a lot of big national retailers. This isn't my favorite site though because their interface isn't particularly intuitive. BareMinerals, BaubleBar, BCBG, Cosabella, Dollar Tree, Fashion to Figure, French Connection, Hanky Panky, Melissa & Doug, Nordstrom Rack, Torrid
Rakuten Linkshare requirements to join, however once you are a member you will need to individually apply for each brand.Like Commission Junction, Rakuten Linkshare is one of the largest affiliate programs.Macy's, Nordstrom, Anthropologie, Bloomingdale's, Clinique, Coach, JCPenney, Lane Bryant, Sephora, WalMart
ShareaSale requirements to join, however once you are a member you will need to individually apply for each brand.Sharasale works with thousands of merchants, many of which are unique to them. I've found that Shareasale works with many smaller stores and businesses that are predominantly online (as opposed to the big box retailers you might find at other affiliate networks).One Kings Lane, Wayfair, Shutterfly, Gymboree, Adidas, ModCloth, Reebok, GroopDealz, Craftsy
Subscription Box Network; Ideal for anyone writing about subscription boxes.Subscription Box Network works specifically with subscription boxes. They don't work with a ton of companies, but they do have a few here you won't find elsewhere.
Subaffiliate Networks
What makes these networks different from the ones above is that by joining you will gain access to ALL of the retailers they work with and that's pretty awesome! For instance, via RewardStyle and ShopStyle you will be able to get access to links from Nordstrom on the day you are accepted into the program, when otherwise the Nordstrom affiliate program via Rakuten Linkshare can be difficult to be accepted into on an individual basis. The downside? Since RewardStyle and ShopStyle are the actual affiliates of Nordstrom, you lose the ability to forge independent relationships with the brands. However, with subaffiliate networks, all of the retailers are in one place so it's super easy to navigate.
Flex Offers Flex Offers is pretty easy to get accepted into and may be an OK option for bloggers who are having a hard time being accepted into other affiliate networks and/or programs.Flex Offers might be a good option if you're having trouble being accepted into specific merchant programs that you want to promote. They work with a lot of different brands. HOWEVER, as a subaffiliate network they pay less than if you had a direct relationship with the merchant. Whenever possible I'd connect directly with a merchant through their affiliate program.
4/26/2016Izea SocialLinks must register for Izea, but I believe they accept everyoone.Izea SocialLinks makes it super easy to share products that are being sold on eBay on your blog and social media sites. Yes - easier than using eBay's own affiliate program!
Prosperent Prosperent you can add code to your website (either through HTML or through their Wordpress plugin) that will automatically turn regular links on your website into affiliate links. You can also search for items that you want to promote and grab specific links that way, too. Their dashboard contains handy information such as their top merchants and top products that are selling.Prosperent works with a huge range of different stores, including Kohl's, Nordstrom, and more.
RewardStyle can be highly selective about who they admit. It helps to have a referral to gain entry to RewardStyle. Please send me an email at with a link to your blog, as well as the email address associated with your blog, and I will submit a referral on your behalf. Ideal for Fashion bloggers, Design bloggers, Lifestyle bloggers.Once admitted to RewardStyle you will have access to all of the brands in the network. There are hundreds of brands but some of the most popular include J.Crew, ASOS, Tory Burch, Kate Spade, and many, many more. RewardStyle is exclusive, but you can access nearly all of the programs RewardStyle works with through other networks.Make money by featuring products from nearly all fashion retailers, including Nordstrom, J.Crew, Madewell, Tory Burch, Kate Spade, and many more. In addition, monetize your Instagram account with
Shopstyle Collective - I haven't heard of Shopstyle turning down any bloggers, though they predominantly work with lifestyle and fashion bloggers. Ideal for fashion bloggers and lifestyle bloggers.Pays on a per-click basis instead of per sale. You will earn a certain amount whenever readers click links in your blog posts, but won't earn anything when they make a purchase. However, the more purchases your readers make, the higher your rate per-click will be.Make money by linking to products from stores like Nordstrom, J.Crew, ASOS, Target, and many more. In addition, monetize your Instagram account with
Skimlinks can set up Skimlinks so that it automatically turns all of the links on your site into affiliate links, including those sent out via your RSS feed, or you can manually turn links into affiliate links. You also have the option of turning references to stores into clickable affiliate links. Skimlinks is very easy to set up and very customizable. Because you can tell it to only apply affiliate links when you haven't already attached an affiliate link, you can use Skimlinks IN ADDITION to any other program (except Viglink) to help make sure all of the links on your site can earn you money. North America, the United Kingdom, Western Europe or AustraliaSkimlinks works with 20,000+ merchants, including all of the big stores that you would expect, including Amazon.
Viglink will allow you to install a code on your website so that all regular links will automatically be turned into affiliate links. You can use Viglink on Wordpress sites, as well as on Blogger, Tumblr, Typepad and more! Because you can tell it to only apply affiliate links when you haven't already attached an affiliate link, you can use Skimlinks IN ADDITION to any other program (except Skimlinks) to help make sure all of your links can earn you money.AllThey work with tons of merchants, although not all merchants may be available to everyone due to merchant rules. You may need to request access to some programs.
Coupon & Deal Blogger-Specific Affiliate Programs
I would be remiss if I didn't point out that some of the offers on some of these sites can seem a little spammy. My recommendation is to only post the deals/coupons/offers that you feel comfortable posting and that you would personally recommend. All of these sites are primarily recommended for coupon and deal bloggers, although there can be some good offers to be found for other niches... however, keep in mind that most of the offers at these sites are "deal" oriented in one way or another, so if that's not your thing then these sites probably aren't for you.
CenterPoint Media Media does a great job of emailing out deals as soon as they become available and the emails typically include your affiliate link. They also have a lot of offers that their competitors don't seem to have.
CPADNA works with many different companies on a range of offers, like coupons and surveys.
Escalate Network has a range of offers, such as surveys and items for moms and babies (such as free nursing covers, etc.). They also have links to lots of online printable coupons. Personally I think Escalate is the least "spammy" of all of these sites and this is the site I recommend more than all the others.
Glitter Network of the deals on Glitter Network are a little spammier in nature, but there are some good ones, too. Lots of discounts and freebies.
Link Vehicle you are a member of Link Vehicle you will need to apply to each campaign you would like to run. Link Vehicle also has a marketplace that you can submit your blog to and advertisers may contact you directly if they would like to run a campaign.
Panthera all of these sites are fairly similar, I always found Panthera to be one of the spammiest. In 7 years I've only run one promotion from them. I think you're better off with some of the other sites
ShopHer Media Media offers a range of different campaigns from coupons to free products to surveys. They also have a marketplace where you can set your rates and advertisers might work with you directly on sponsored posts. ShopHer Media is also very good about sending regular emails about promotions.
Value Savings Network they approve your account you have have access to all of the promotions in their system.
Misc. Affiliate Programs
These are affiliate programs that don't really fit in anywhere else and serve specific niches.
BlogPaws be a pet bloggerBlogPaws is for those bloggers who focus primarily on their pets.
Educents; Ideal for homeschooling parents or teachers.Educents sells classroom materials for every grade level. This is a great resource if a lot of your readers are homeschoolers or teachers.
GoldStar; Ideal for anyone who blogs about local activities, shows, and events.GoldStar is great if you frequently post about local events as they offer discounted and free tickets to events across the country.
5/14/2016Ultimate Bundles this program you can promote an "ultimate bundle" of ebooks. The bundles are typically marked down 90-95%.
5/14/2016Whipclip you write about popculture – current tv shows, in particular – Whipclip will provide you with clips of shows you may be writing about. Some of the clips are even for LIVE shows. You will earn a commission when people watch those clips.
Cash Back Shopping Affiliate Programs
Cash back shopping sites aren't ordinary affiliate programs, however if you post about buying anything online – even from Amazon – informing your readers that they can earn cash back can yield you some extra cash because all of these sites have referral programs. You will earn money for getting others to register!
Ebates you register for Ebates you will receive a referral link that you can promote to others. When they register using your referral link you will receive a commission. You only receive a commission for new subscribers.
Mr. Rebates you refer new users to Mr. Rebates you will earn 20% of of their cash back... forever!
ShopatHome.com stated, but they don't accept everyone. Deal bloggers are probably the best option for this affiliate program because they frequently email out coupon deals that you can use on your can take up to 30 days to approve bloggers into their affiliate program. They pay out in one of two ways (your choice): 1. You'll get paid when a new user signs up for or 2. a pay per click basis. sends out daily emails with new promotions that you can use as blog content.
Advertising Networks
Ad networks are a great option for earning passive income. Once you are accepted into an ad network all you need to do is put their code on your website and forget about it. That code will automatically generate ads and the only thing you'll need to do is sit back and collect those paychecks. One thing worth noting for all ad networks: DO NOT click your own ads. This is considered fraud and will get you kicked out of your ad network. AdSense, in particular, is notorious for this.
AdThrive,000 unique monthly pageviewsThose working with AdThrive will have an ad manager who will help them optimize their sites to start earning the most revenue. While there's no contract required to work with AdThrive, they do currently have a waiting list.
Amazon CPM Ads a target CPM and they will serve ads only if they can meet or beat your target CPM on a monthly basis. Ads from Amazon and other brand and performance advertisers such as Geico, HBO and Schlage.
Beacon Ads list your site on Beacon, as well as any advertising opportunities you have available. Advertisers then contact you if your site is a fit.
BlogHer only, blog must be more than 90 days old, and other requirements listed on their website.BlogHer does not accept everyone into the advertising network. If you want to get a foot in the door, check out their social media influencer program (details below).
Chitika is an alternative to Adsense that pays out at just $10!
Federated Media to join and primarily for established blogs with high traffic numbers.This is one of the most prestigious ad networks to join. Your numbers have to be pretty high for them to even consider you.
9/16/2016Fuel Digital Media influencers, or those in the U.S. with a lot of Canadian web trafficOur capabilities range from selling display, high impact units (skins, billboards), mobile, video and a wide range of content marketing programs including native content, branded content and blogger outreach and influencer campaigns.Canada and sites that derive a lot of traffic from Canada
Google AdSense should join Google AdSense because you can run their ads on your website in addition to any other ad network. AdSense is so easy to set up that you can have them on your site on the very day that you launch.
9/24/2016Gourmet Ads be a food blogger. Priority is given to sites that have two above-the-fold ad slots available and that have a published privacy policy on their site. Gourmet Ads is a CPM ad network, so you will be paid based on page views.All
Infolinks will add in-context ads to the posts on your blog. It basically adds text links to phrases within your posts and those text links are ads. When people click those links you will earn money. Infolinks can be used in addition to any other advertising network.
Insticator you apply for Insticator you will receive a code that you need to place on your site. That code will automatically generate interactive ads for your site, for instance, polls and surveys.
Media.net runs text-based ads.
9/16/2016Mediavine have at least 30k views per month and be in good standing with Google Adsense. Work primarily with the following verticals: food, parenting, DIY, health, fitness, fashion, travel, crafts, education, or entertainment. Focused on high-quality and high-paying ads that won't slow down your site. "Cannot work with any advertiser that runs programmatic display ads."
Monumetric** Formerly The Blogger Network ** Must have at least 10k pageviews to join the Propel program, although with Propel you must pay $99 to join. If you have 80k pageviews and up you go to the next – free – tier.Monumetric is a full advertising partner, although unlike some networks they won't lock you into a long-term contract. They will secure advertisements for your website as well as sponsored post opportunities.
Rivit Media & Craft bloggersRivit is an advertising network specifically for DIY and Craft bloggers. They are fairly exclusive.
Sovrn AdSense, Sovrn ads can be run alongside other advertising networks. I've used them as a backup network for years and have had good success with them.
Influencer Networks
When you register for the sites below you will gain access to advertisers that are looking to partner with bloggers. You may not qualify for every campaign but when you find one that is a good fit there is a great opportunity to make a good amount of money! Some of the advertisers will solely be looking for sponsored blog posts while others will want blog posts + social media.
9/26/16Acorn Influence I haven't seen this explicitly stated, I believe Acorn Influence is an influencer network that was founded by or works solely with Walmart/Sam's Club. The opportunities I've seen from them promote both the store and a featured product, and of course those stores sell everything.
Activate by Bloglovin'**Formerly Sverve** As soon as you sign up you will likely see campaigns listed that you can apply to join. Tweeting is even easier! Within five minutes of registering I earned $1.18 for a sponsored tweet. (No, not the big bucks but I wanted to see if it really was that easy --- it was!)
9/24/2016Advowire allows you to connect all of your social networks, as well as your Google Anayltics data, and then apply for the influencer campaigns that are of interest to you.
Blogsvertise of the earliest pay-per-post sites. It looks kind of spammy compared to some of the newer ones, but you never know what opportunities a network will ofer.
Brandbacker all campaigns through Brandbacker are paid, which might be why it's one of the busier networks. There are lots of opportunities here to work on brand campaigns, especially if you are interested in beauty.
Business2Blogger is a little different from some of the other sites here because instead of registering for a network, Business2Blogger runs a job board where advertisers can post about campaigns they're running. Bloggers can apply to campaigns from the job board. Since the job board is open to anyone (and more affordable than working with a network), the campaigns on there can be a little odd. You never know though - you might find something good!
Cirqle connects influencers with brands. They seem to focus more on high-end lifestyle brands.
Clever non-sponsored content, blog older than 6 monthsClever girls connects advertisers and bloggers via paid campaigns. There are some social media campaigns but the majority are blog-based.
1/5/17Collectively stated, but pretty exclusive.Looking for dedicated content creators who Blog, Tweet, Instagram, Pin, Snaps or creates videos on YouTube
Cooperatize connects bloggers with advertisers to write sponsored posts. Once you register they will begin emailing you with opportunities.
Everywhere Agency bloggers with advertisers, including quite a few local campaigns. They also do a lot of promotions with Macy's.
Find Your Influence post opportunities for bloggers.
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