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3/20/2017 13:41:00
Christopher Dombkowski
daiwafan25@yahoo.comDayton, Ohio 45434 AND RAFB Cibolo TexasPrivate Recreational AnglerUtilizing recreational quota for headboats is laughable. Please let me know how it is we are hitting quotas during the roughest times of the year as recreational anglers.

Furthermore you are allowing minimal fishing time for those involved in recreational angling.

i have more than one time showed the massive holes in your "best data" from NOAA and my response was blocking me from your facebook site and deleting your own provided data tables at the same time.

I spend summers in south Texas. I have for years. I feel that my money is going to start heading in other directions as your entity has the commercial sector in its interests and not those of us that spend our money as recreational anglers. So perhaps this will be the last year I spend 10k down there.
3/20/2017 13:53:56Bo GentilesBogentiles@gmail.com70706Private Recreational AnglerIm not sure where the fish count is taken or what process is used to get number of fish but apparently the process is not accurate, the number of Ambrr Jack's in the gulf is way higher than the numbers yall are claiming. I fish thegulf of mexico at least once a week, the AJ's are so thick its hard to get a bait past them to the bottom. The AJ's, Red Snapper and grey trigger fish are over populating in the gulf. The numbers that NOAA come up with for the AJ's and Red Snapper quota's are not accurate. Example: in 2016 Red Snapper season, the seas were extremely rough ( 6-8's) daily, fishermen was not able to get out unless in a 35' boat or bigger, only 3 of 9 days were fishable, an additionl 2 days were addedto the season giving us a total of 5 days fishing, no way our quota was met in 5 days. These limits and rules or not in the favor of or helping recreational fishermen. These rules/limits are to help the commercial fishermen not equal for all
3/20/2017 14:03:10Joel Curtis Paulkjwcpaulk@aol.comdothan al 36301Private Recreational AnglerThis is so ridiculous that I don't even know where to began. All I can say are that there are plenty of AJ's in the gulf ( as a gulf fisherman I have actually seen them ) I seriously can't grasp how you came up with the data to support your claim but all I can say is your totally WRONG!!
3/20/2017 14:51:10Simeon Patoutsimpatout@gmail.comYoungsville, LA, 70592Private Recreational AnglerThe closing or talk of closing of amberjack this early (before 80% of recreational fisherman have even taken their boat out of storage) is complete bullshit. Between this trigger fish and what looks like another lack luster snapper season is completely unacceptable especially when commercial guys are killing all there species. The commercial guys and charter captains are the ones that need the quota cut and cut drastically. To go thru with this is a crime upon itself. I hope that somebody is oversight committee is washington or Baton Rouge uncover the shear corruption of this department and every last one of you end up in federal prison.
3/20/2017 14:53:31Steve Mcmullensgmnoles2000@yahoo.comgulf breeze fl 32561Private Recreational AnglerI have gone fishing four times this year with people on board each time. We have not fished for amberjack a single time.

I guess I don't need a boat anymore
3/20/2017 14:56:32Charles Turnercturner@elmore.rr.comDeatsville,AL,36022Private Recreational AnglerMy forefathers cast off tyranny and the evils of a ruling class. Tell me, how are you different?

I am a FREE MAN. I will not be diminished nor confined by profiteers disguised as pseudo Lords. 3
3/20/2017 15:19:57Steve Marsestevenmarse@charter.netMandevillePrivate Recreational AnglerIn response to the recent Greater Amberjack closing for the remainder of the 2017 calendar year, I'd like to make very clear that there is enough of a growing opposing to guarantee that not only will we never stop in making sure all involved are removed from any power over the public's resource, but also to work towards an indictment for corruption and make sure every single person involved are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

To think that anyone believes recreational fishermen were 990k lbs over the allotment in 2016 is down right laughable. You know your science is nothing more than a smoke screen to cover the lobbyist kickbacks to protect those few that are raping our resource. There are very many people that will never patronize any restaurant or market to buy any sort of seafood as long as it has GMFMC's stench on it. your corruption is hurting the economies of all the coastal towns your are "providing management over".

You've been warned, the opposition is coming.
3/20/2017 15:41:34Tadd Sticklertadd@depco.comAlvin, TX 77511Private Recreational AnglerThe recreational fisherman is getting the short end here, little to no snapper, now no amberjack....How can I work to change this?
3/20/2017 15:51:50Michael mcelroyMmcelroy@hmpmc.com39401Private Recreational AnglerIt is become more and more evident through your actions that you are totally against the recreational angler. You use flawed data that is totally inaccurate to base your findings on. You have given a select group of a few individuals the ability to make millions of dollars off of a resource that is ours the people. And the people get nothing in return. How can you be so damned stupid to think that we the people don't realize how corrupt you are. You even have individuals on your council that financially benefit from your decision. Enough is enough.
3/20/2017 15:53:09Mac Guarinomac.guarino@cls-us.comLafayettePrivate Recreational AnglerClosing Amberjack season early!!! Hopefully the Trump administration will clean house of all the NMFS morans!!
3/20/2017 16:52:13Mike GrahamMgraham@megagate.com39428Private Recreational AnglerNeed to do trip tickets to accurately count catches.
3/20/2017 16:59:15Anthony HaleHalesmarine@gmail.comLong Beach ms 39560Private Recreational AnglerI have friends that dive out at the oil rigs in a regular basis and have to work really hard to avoid snapper and Amberjack at almost every rig. I honestly believe that the catch numbers are very skewed and every recreational guy I know agrees.
3/20/2017 17:08:16Robert Murphy CaptMurfCharters@gmail.comCrestview FLPrivate Recreational Angler, Charter/Headboat For-HireThe AJs around Destin are plentiful just they are all under the 34 inch limit. What determines the limit for size and quantity? I have only kept two fish since Jan, caught a lot but only two keepers. I do not know of any reporting for private anglers. How do you know what has been kept?
3/20/2017 17:12:41Rhett C BrownBrown.rhett@hotmail.comFoley AL 36535Private Recreational AnglerThis has gotten completely ridiculous as everyone knows. I do not understand why it is so difficult to get something done about this. I had marine resources check me yesterday for red snapper. I told them we had only been fishing for sheepshead. We had caught our personal limit of 10 and could have easily caught our actual limit of 20 but chose not to. They didn't even measure one fish. Only cared if we had snapper. I realize they are doing their job, but it seems no one in government cares about managing marine resources. Just making sure you don't catch red snapper or whatever the current species NOAA doesn't want you to harvest.
3/20/2017 17:47:01RyanHead_0_5@hotmail.comGalveston, TX 77551Private Recreational AnglerThe way our public fisheries are being managed is a complete joke. NMFS & NOAA desperately need to update their stock assessment data and techniques for fish species since what is currently being used is seriously flawed and outdated. As of current, there is no hope with this system in place.

3/20/2017 20:49:55Jacob Parkerjparker428@yahoo.comCrawfordville, Fl, 32327Private Recreational AnglerThis is about the dumbest decision that I have heard. How many wether days has the average Friday-Sunday recreational fisherman been able to target amberjack along the gulf coast this year? NOAA is a bunch of corrupt ass hats. I will support whatever organization opposes you bastards.
3/20/2017 21:16:34Robert Huffcaptbhuff@gmail.comApalachicola, Fl 32320Private Recreational AnglerYou have got to be kidding me! There is absolutely no way there was anywhere close to catching limits last year much less this year. You are just trying to put the rec fisherman out of business. Your catch numbers are so flawed its not funny. How can the commercial guys keep on fishing and we as rec's can't? Its all about dollars is someones pocket. How do you justify giving a natural resource to one person and not another. I hope Trump fires every single on of you. Management is one thing, stealing from the rec group is another. Thanks for nothing
3/20/2017 22:52:51Albert J Darring Jrajdarring@hotmail.comLoxley, Al, 36552Private Recreational AnglerI have a 21ft center console that I have had for 3 yrs and I have yet due to weather and job restrictions been able to fish for amberjacks during your allowed season. Every time we fished our spots last season we caught amberjacks along with triggers and snapper so I know your data is flawed and you know it also.
This is not about saving a fishery this is about lining pockets with dollar bills. This is why Trump got voted into office because people are sick and tired of crap like this!
3/21/2017 1:30:18Capt. Cory Talbot
Thibodaux, La, 70301Charter/Headboat For-HireThe gulf council and everyone affiliated with it should be ashamed and embarrased for the lies and hypocrisy they have established. I have not spoken my mind until now. Amberjack are more plentiful than I have ever seen them in the GOM, and your calculations are false on poundage caught by the recreational fisherman. It is simple math. It is time your numbers stop reflecting estimations, and start reflecting legit surveying by true Bilogist . They want to be presented info from surveys from so many busy docks at certain times with exact specifics on amounts and size of fish.
Certainly we want to conserve a resource, but it seems that it no longer belongs to the american people. I am greatly concerned that at the rate the council keeps fabricating numbers my children will not be able to catch and keep so many plentiful species in the GOM.
The council has destoyed so many charter fishermans ability to make a living, and the recreational fishermans time to participate in a productive hobby.
I know this comment will get brushed aside, but when is enough actually enough.
This framework action has just costed charter businesses along the gulf coast thousands.
3/21/2017 7:41:28Paul Kennedypaulkennedy3@yahoo.comI'm glad that I get updates from the Gulf Council, but I have some serious concerns over the data that the council uses to base it's recreational regulations on. There is no possible way that the recreational catch for Amberjack was the number reported. I would like to know where these numbers are coming from. It appears that these numbers may be taken from commercial harvests. As a tax payer and a life long sport fisherman, I demand better management to protect the resource and allow better access to fishing. Feel free to forward my email on to any or all council members. I would be happy to discuss the real issues of overfishing and waste of resources.
3/21/2017 12:20:40Jay Fagleymtskibum@gmail.comSugar Land, Texas 77478Private Recreational AnglerThe gulf council is not using good science and they seem to be 100% against rec fisherman. Action needs to be taken against the gulf council and NOAA before it is too late.
3/21/2017 22:48:45Darren HippsDarren.hipps@gmail.comTroy, AL, 36079Private Recreational AnglerThe Councils management of this species is a complete farce. You release data on the number of fish harvested but have no legitimate way to measure what has been harvested. If you are serious about protecting the species eliminate the bulk commercial sale of the American Public's natural resources to markets around the world. Remember the overfished redfish in the 80's when removed from the commercial markets bounced back amazingly enough. Farmed raised fish are fine for the restaurant customers of the world. People can eat catfish, Swai, and tilapia until their hearts are content. If you want to eat fresh fish charter a licensed boat and catch your own. You are taking away the resource from many for the benefit of a few to get rich raping the oceans. Your actions do not go unnoticed.
3/21/2017 22:55:05william c huntwch5170@hotmail.comFairhopePrivate Recreational AnglerTop ten reasons for the recreational fishing quotas/closures:

Nuummbbeerrrrrr 1. You people are using a broken abacus to
add up the catch to base your quotas on

Number 2. ............. You people secretly own retail fish outlets and are forcing us to buy our fish instead of catching them

Number 3. ............The russians did it

Number 4...............You hate us and are jealous we have boats

Number 5................Julian Assange did it.

Number 6..................You got beat up in grade school by a fisherman and whipped with his fishinpole

Number 7....................You ate to many doughnuts and cant think straight less loan add or subtract.

Number 8. .................Your afraid you wont have enough fish for your weekly fish frys.

Number 9....................Your pet goldfish got ate by your cat and now your going to save the world and all the fish in it

Number 10.................FISH STRA-TEG-ERIE .....Yall are geniuses...good job...

3/22/2017 8:31:47Paul Barnardpaulboutside@gmail.comMetairie LAPrivate Recreational AnglerI'd like to know how you determined if I caught any greater amberjack this year. Please detail the process you went through in determining what I caught. Thanks for your time.
3/23/2017 12:34:23Capt. Bryan
Orange beach, Al 36535
Charter/Headboat For-HireYou have to come up with a better way to accurately account for fish that are being caught on private rec boats and charter for hire. The electronic logbooks will not work for the private Rec sector. The federal government's numbers of fish being caught has always been grossly in accurate. I believe the state of Alabama prove this with the red snapper when they started using the simple but yet accurate snapper reporting data system. For instance I own and operate a charter boat out of Zekes landing in Orange Beach Alabama, I ran over 150 trips last year. I only ran 40 trips from January 1- May 31st and only 14 trips from January 1- March 31 last year. Out of those 40 trips only a dozen targeted amberjack last year. This year I've ran a total of 13 trips so far and have only brought back 8 amberjack all year! I have a very successful business and run a lot more trips than 80% of the charter fleet in Alabama. There are around 30 charter boats in the fleet at Zekes marina and at least 15 of them haven't even left the dock this year probably will only run a handful of trips before June 1st. Zekes has the biggest charter fleet in Alabama, so I'm trying to put things in perspective. Most charter boats cannot and do not target amberjack on half day trips, however from time to time someone will get lucky and catch a legal jack on a half day trip... I myself have only brought back 1 amberjack on a half day trip all year and didn't bring any back on half day trips last year! Now for the trigger fish, they're population is absolutely insane, they're taking over everything! I've been in the business since 1995 and I have never seen them as bad, they're everywhere and are taking over all of the artifial reefs as well as expanding into deep water rocks. I commercial fish during the winter months and this year we've caught around 25 trigger fish at night in 4 commercial trips! I've never ever caught one at night in the 22 years of being in the business.
3/24/2017 14:40:22trey baxleywbaxley1@gmail.comnorthportPrivate Recreational Anglerwhat the nmfs is doing is complete bullshit, and is ruining recreational fishing for all. they are more worried that their special interest groups keep writing them checks than worrying about their voters.
3/27/2017 10:59:54Eddie Haynesehaynes@palmertool.com39574Private Recreational AnglerClosure of rec. season on the reasoning of low stocks and overfishing and not closing or in anyway changing the commercial side is a real joke.
I just pray all the crocked lawmakers that have led us to this,
end up in the can. (with no vasoline).
3/27/2017 15:11:44Robert Benson Hanwaybobbyhanway@yahoo.comCrawfordville, Fl, 32337Private Recreational AnglerOpen amberjack!!!!!
3/27/2017 15:20:47Daniel MartinkoDmartinko@hotmail.comTallahassee, FL 32333Private Recreational AnglerI would be very interested to learn how you determined the catch was already met by March 24th. This is far sooner than the majority of fishermen even start fishing.

It seems the pattern with these quotas is the better the fishery is doing as a whole the faster the quota is met due to the fish size being larger. If 2.2 million lbs of 34 in Jacks are harvested at an average weight of 20 lbs that's 110,000 fish. If 2.2 million lbs of 28in Jacks are harvested at an average weight of 12 lbs that's 183,334 fish. Is the impact the same?
The answer is no. 183,334 is greater than 110,000. Up to 73,000 more fish were harvested when the limit was 28in and the season never closed. Now with the fish healthier and bigger than ever the lb quota makes no sense scientifically or rationally.
3/27/2017 17:14:39Allen Mortham Jr.Noles97@aol.comTallahassee, Florida 32311Commercial FisherPlease allow the continued amberjack framework to allow the commercial fishing industry to provive the general public with fish.
3/27/2017 17:43:43Brent
St. Petersburg, Fl. 33712
Private Recreational Angler, Commercial Fisher
Greater Amberjack are very plentiful in offshore waters. I am a diver that witnesses the species first hand. A 3 month recreational season is a bit less than what should be allowed after witnessing first hand how abundant the species is.
Greater Amberjack should be open YEAR ROUND in the Gulf for recreational harvest.
3/27/2017 19:47:07Sean GuckenSean.gucken@gmail.com33701Private Recreational AnglerYou could replace the previous allocation to the traditional 85% rec, 15% commercial. You won' t, but that would extend the season. Spawning season should be closed for all take from commercial and recreational.
3/27/2017 20:05:54Michael Dreadin Dreadin4@yahoo.comUriah,Alabama 36480Private Recreational AnglerI can't understand having a season when nobody fished and how we caught quata when nobody fished there are plenty fis inthis huge gulf and a one fish 34 inch limit should carry throughout the year same with snapper and trigger if you think it's a shortage go with me and I'll show you no shortage of any of these fish and we will only fish public spots rediculios is a understatement that y'all are doing to the taxe payers of this country
3/27/2017 20:15:43Howard Kempton Howardr85@aol.comSt. Petersburg Fl 33712Private Recreational AnglerClosing the harvesting of greater AJ's for the remainder of this year is, in my opinion, ridiculous! There are plenty of legal size fish. With a one fish per person limit, there is no logical or scientific reasoning to this closure. Stop the commercials from ravaging the stock and the fish population will be just fine
3/27/2017 22:01:35Kiangkham Viravong Saint Petersburg Florida 33710Private Recreational AnglerI believe you guys are doing a fine job but you have to be realistic too. I mean, why can't you limit commercial take and give it to the recreational fishermen. I mean I can't even take my son out and catch a nice Suze amberjack. I am very disappointed by your early closure..
3/28/2017 16:26:22Ray Chaplerchaple@hotmail.comclearwater, fl 33755Private Recreational Angler1st and foremost I feel the best way to fix this is with sound science like Louisiana collects. They have shown that NMFS data is flawed and has over estimates of catch and numerous, unnecessary conservatism embedded with their stats.

I have always supported an increase in size limits as opposed to any closures or reduction in catch limits (although AJ is currently limited to 1).. You also need independent data collection with scuba divers for accurate collection of real stock assessments, The for hire sector should be grouped in the commercial section as they are conducting a commercial operation of harvesting fish & a complete stoppage of the catch share program (as Congress has mandated).

I challenge you to do the right thing, not the agenda the NMFS, PEW, Walmart and people at NMFS would like to see implemented! Fix the science, get correct stock assessments, catch history to make sound decisions against, not guessing and pushing an agenda. Also, consider that if the allowable catch has been met so quickly - this may actually indicate a much healthier stock than what is being accounted for???

This is a crazy closure as I have been underwater and I've seen the stock 1st hand, and it is not threatened or below a sustainable level, period!

Thanks for listening,
Ray C.
3/30/2017 12:54:20Scott
St. Petersburg FL 33702
Private Recreational Angler
There's a LOT more money for Floridians (taxes too) and jobs in recreational angling than in commercial. Therefore, I would suggest that the allocation of catch weights be biased in favor of the recreational sector.
Thank you.
3/30/2017 17:08:39Kenneth D Beverinkbeverin@mpeng.usBiloxi, MS, 39532Private Recreational Angler
I would like to know how you determined if I caught any greater amberjack this year. Please detail the process you went through in determining what I caught. Thanks for your time.
3/31/2017 11:00:01Tom Pullenpullent@gmail.comGulf Shores, AL 36542Private Recreational Angler
I doubt anyone with authority reads these comments, just a means for venting.
Recreational people need to form a group and write letters to Senators or gov officials with authority.
One can't help but think there is money involved (kick backs, free fish / fishing trips, etc) from the commercial, charter boat captains. Why else would these groups not have to comply with the same rules as the Recreational.
4/10/2017 12:37:57Chris StalveyChris.stalvey@gmail.comLake city ,fl, 32054Private Recreational Angler
I would imagine that your goal/mission is to protect the fishery, however in the process you are killing off whats left of recreational fishermen. My investment into fishing is worthless if I cant harvest any decent fish.
5/10/2017 18:57:37Allan Wayne Meeksameeks7293@gmail.comQuincy,Fl 32352Private Recreational Angler
I took the time to read some previous comments and relized that you are wasting our time asking us to comment when it's obvious that you already have an agenda and you are only trying to appease us. Over fishing the AmberJack is laughable, you already know that there are more and larger fish and you are trying to count fish by the pound. The management needs to revamped and updated!
5/19/2017 9:42:34John L. Gatescaptainjohnl@outlook.comLake Butler, Fl 32054Private Recreational Angler
Don't let the e-mail address fool you. I am a recreational fisherman. Oh I wanted to be a for hire captain when I was forced to take a medical retirement from injuries I received in the USMC from my chosen career as a police officer.
Of course when I got everything going the regulations were so strict and fuel prices so high it was not financially feasible.

Somebody please tell me how you know how many fish I catch every year. Or any of my fellow fisherman for that matter. No-one has ever asked. You just assume since I fish in the Gulf I catch certain fish. The only method I assume you use is you take the number of people with fishing permits and assume that they go out every day of the open season and catch the limit on ALL restrictive species. That could be the only reason for the inflated numbers.

Must be that new core course math or whatever they are calling the junk the schools are teaching. It is impossible to know anything about actual amounts or numbers without surveying the people involved. I know there was one pitiful attempt in Florida but no way you actually used the numbers gathered.

Maybe next time the guy or girl repairing or building you a boat to go "study" the marine life just guesses on how much glue or resin to use. Or maybe a little voice told him you only are allowed one quart of oil this year and you already bought two. So next year you get none.

Maybe we the people should all just guess at how much of our money we should provide you to punish us with. I'm thinking you have exceeded your quota until 2022 also.

The logic and math is completely wrong if not fraudulent.

Just know this. People can only be lorded over and pushed so far before they begin to push back. You are funded by our tax dollars. Eventually, with the prices we have to pay for fish we are not allowed to catch and the tax amount you are spending will be so much there will be no-one left to pay it.

Who will those commercial fisherman sell to when no-one can pay for it. How will you go ride around the gulf "studying" fish when you cant by fuel because there are no more tax dollars.

Every action has an equal but opposite reaction (Or did they forget to tell you that in college). Every decision you make has consequences. Maybe you should study that. Like how many businesses fail every time you change the laws or how many can't get started. I'm sure you have been told money does not grow on trees. Neither do taxes dern it!
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