NameBirthdayWhat grade do you teach or what area do you work in?Favorite Snack(s)Favorite Beverage(s) (Soda, tea, coffee drink - Starbucks Drink, etc.)Favorite FoodsFavorite Restaurant(s)Dietary Requirements/RestrictionsFavorite Book(s)Favorite Movie(s)HobbiesFavorite FlowersFavorite Store(s)Favorite Color(s)Favorite Season(s)Favorite Sports Team(s)Favorite Family ActivitiesFavorite Store/Restaurant for Gift Card under $25Favorite Store/Restaurant for Gift Card under $75Favorite Store/Restaurant for Gift Card over $100Favorite Teaching Supplies (e.g., Flair Pens, Unlined Journals, Multi Colored Sticky Notes, Cricut/Silhouette Supplies, etc.)Anything you would like to add about yourself. (Likes, dislikes, only drink decaffeinated coffee or tea, something your students might know about you, etc.)Email AddressWhat is your t-shirt size?
Erica King1/22Special Education
Cheez its, cheese and crackers (or crackers and Peanut butter), dark chocolate, chips and salsa/guac
Iced tea, Caramel Macchiatos
Tacos, Any Breakfast/Brunch food, Ice cream
Los Chingones, Birdcall, Panera, Park Burger, Illegal Petes or Chipotle
So many! I love "All the Light We Cannot See", "Untamed", mystery/thrillers like Gillian Flynn's books, I will read almost anything!
Titanic, When Harry Met Sally, Lady Bird
Reading, hiking, camping, running, going out to eat/happy hour on patios, traveling, watching movies
Hydrangeas or peonies-but I really like all flowers
Gap, Target, Barnes and Noble
Kansas Jayhawks!, Kansas City Chiefs, KC Royals, Nuggets and Rockies
Camping and hiking
Chipotle, Illegal Petes, Panera or Einstein
Los Chingones, Snooze, Target
Love any nice and colorful pens!
Bethany Conrad1/25
Specials/Double Specials
dried fruit, granola barsChai Tea Latte, black tea
Soup & salad, also mac and cheese :)
Mod Pizza
None! I love ALL foods! ;)
A Wrinkle in Time
Comedy:The Wedding Singer, Artsy: Loving Vincent, Animated: Inside Out
Drawing, Painting, hiking, skiing
LilacMichaelsMaroon, sky blueSpringRockies
Hiking, going to farmers markets
Mod PizzaTrue FoodMelting Pot
Colorful sticky notes, colored sharpies
I just don't like too much sugar, it gives me migraines. :)
Jennifer Winkelmann1/3Counseling
Cheese and Crackers, apples, gummy bears
Coke Zero
Who can choose just one? :)
Smokin' Fins, Bonefish, Red Robin
The Red Tent, Peace Like a River, currently reading "West with the Night"
Sense & Sensibility, Dirty Dancing, Bridesmaids
Ballroom Dancing, Photography, Yoga
Everything except Carnations - I'm allergic!
AmazonEvery shade of purple!
I love Colorado because we get all the seasons, but I am especially fond of Fall.
Ummm, sports? I guess UVA, since my brother-in-love works there.
Chipotle, Target, PetCo
Macy's, White Chocolate Grill
Nordstrom, The Melting Pot
Flair Pens! Mechanical pencils, fresh markers for students to use (sanitized in between, of course!)
I appreciate you asking these things about me. It feels good to be asked, and is a nice break - actually - to think about the things I like!

I think most of the students know that I lost my feline companion of the last 16 years right before we went into quarantine, which resulted in my welcoming two kittens right as we went into Stay-at-Home. They are my best buddies and the greatest therapy these days!
Jess Lytle10/15Educational Assistant
Popcorn, carmel, Rice krispies, apples
Sprite, Carmel Apple Spice, Italian, BBQ, Fruits
Olive Garden, Outback, The Rio, Los Dos Patrillos.
Nicholas Sparks, Kristin Hannah Books
Anything on Hallmark Channel :)
Running, Working out, Baking, reading
Colorful Flowers
Kirklands, Hobby Lobby, Amazon
Iowa Hawkeyes, Broncoc, Nuggets
Biking, playing baseball, Board Games, Uno
Amazon or StarbucksKirklands
Kirklands/Hobby Lobby/Amazon
Journals, Pens, Sticky Notes
Not a big Chocolate Person, no coffee for me, but I love Laffy Taffy and smiles!
Cindi Zulkoski10/30
Specials/Double Specials
Chocolate, kettle corn
Chai Latte, arnold palmer, iced tea, coke, sprite
GF Pizza, popcorn, burgers, salads, GF soups
Pho Vy, Chipotle, Mici'sGluten Free
mystery, realistic fiction
comedies, mysteriesknitting, readinggerbera daisiesDisney, Lego, TargetRobin's egg blueFallNAWatching moviesTarget, Disney, LegoMici's, Chipotle, Pho Vy
Target, Amazon, Benihana
Pilot Frixion erasable pens, mechanical pencils
I have plenty of lotions (and have skin sensitivities) I love all things Disney and Lego
Kim McKellar11/182ndPistachio,
Medicine ball, passion tea, non fat vanilla latte
Mexician, Sushi
Los Dos, Colorado Hacienda, White Chocolate Grill, Land of Sushi
NonwHiking, working outGerber Daisy, Tulip
Nordstrom, Athleta, Lululemon, Anthropology, Cinderella Ranch
Qdoba, Mod Pizza, Target
Land of sushi, Athleta,
Del Friscos, Anthropology
Flair pens...anything
Erin Howard11/265th
Fruit/Veggies, Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Kettle Corn
Sparkling Water, Skinny Vanilla Latte, Vanilla Cream ColdBrew
Sushi! French Bread, Tacos
Okinawa (in Littleton), Chipotle, Panera, Old Blinking Light, Cava
Intolerant to shrimp :-(Harry Potter, Fantasy?BAKING!!!! Calligraphy
Peonies, Calily... All flowers really
Target, Amazon, Michaels, Nordstrom, Old Navy
Dark Purple, Black, White
Broncos, Avalanche, Pioneers DU Hockey
Hiking, Trying new restaurants
Chipotle, Panera, Target, Starbucks, Amazon, Michaels, Hobby Lobby
Target, Amazon, Old Navy, Nordstroms,
Target, Amazon, Old Navy, Nordstroms,
Super Sticky Post-it Notes, Vinyl for my silhouette, Astro Bright Paper, Flair Pens
Emily Myers11/30
Specials/Double Specials
Banana chips, apples, chocolate covered fruit/pretzels
Americano with cream or caramel macchiato (before 1pm), Guava Tea Lemonade after 1pm on warm days or hot tea on cold days (caffeine can keep me buzzed a little too long).
Fuji apple chicken salad from Panera, Vietnamese egg roll noodle bowl, Chocolate chip cookies, or really any baked good :)
Parry's Pizza, Wahoo's, Pho Vy, Panera
Harry Potter series still :)
Hamilton, Oh Brother Where Art Thou, Avenger movies, Star Wars, or whatever my kids are into these days
Slowly remodeling/painting our house, or practice with my own painting, trying new art methods.
Hydrangeas, Mums, daisies
Willow Artisan Market, Title Nine, Target
Blues, teals or Colorado Flag colors all together
Fall is best but shortest, but I also love winter and then summer, Spring frustrates me.
US Women's National Soccer team, (I like all the Colorado sports teams too).
Being outside! Skiing, hiking, riding bikes, playing at the park, kicking around the soccer ball.
Panera, Starbucks, Michaels, Wahoo's
Parry's Pizza, Athleta, Dick Blick, Target,
Willow Artisan Market, Title Nine, Epic Sports, Guiry's, Amazon
Sticky notes, unlined journals/sketchbooks, scrapbook papers (stuff to podge podge)
I try to avoid caffeine after 2 pm M-F
Dana Cooper11/5Special Education
potato chips, french fries
decaf coffee with almond milk, black tea with milk
italian food, chocolateAngelo's
lactose intolerant, but can have a little bit of milk in stuff
mountain biking, hiking, camping, tennis
All colors of the rainbow
playing cards/gamesTargetAmazonamazon
theraputty, loop scissors, play doh, tongs
Alison McLaren12/16Educational Assistant
Cheetos, Cheezits, chips, chocolate
Hot chocolateSteak, fish, potatoes, FlemmingsN/A
Autobiographies, Factual stories, Mysteries
Action, Factual, Thrillers (nothing scary or gory)
CraftsDaffodilsBlueSpring and Fall
Games, Walking, Road Trips
StarbucksTargetNordstromSticky Notes, Stickers
I drink only decaffeinated tea and coffee. I don't like Hershey
Terri McKey2/13Front Office
I love chocolate and cheez-its!!!
Coke Zero
I love food. Rice is my fave!
Chik fil A, Snooze, anywhere with sushi
n/amagazinesworking out, cooking
I love flowers. Peonies are probably my favorite.
Target, Nordys, TJ MaxblueFall, Spring
Denver Nuggets, Ole Miss Rebels
hiking, playing board games
Bath and Body Works, Chik fil A
TJ Maxx
DSW, Hapa Sushi, TJ Maxx
Sarah Sexton2/153rdfruit, nuts, chocolate
Coke Zero, Starbucks skinny cinnamon dolce latte or skinny mocha
Chiptole, Melting Pot, PF Changs, Smoking Fins, OBL
I love to read...especially mysteries and thrillers
I can't choose just one!
Reading, Hiking, Gardening, Baking, Travel (some day)
I love all flowers!
Target, Nordstrom Rack, Ulta, Amazon
pink, yellow, blueFall
Nuggets, Bronco's, Rockies
hiking, puzzles, playing board games, going out to eat
Chiptole, TargetAmazonThe Melting PotI love picture books!
Imelda Ortiz2/19CafeteriaAldmondsCoffee drinkChickenIndulgenoHistoryCook and sewingRosesTJMAXGreenSummer TJMAX/
Fay Urbana2/234th
salty things (chips/salsa) and chocolate
hot chocolate, flavored waters
Not picky - Italian, Mexican..
Torchy's, Mod Pizza, Los Dos
Recently - "Things You Save in a Fire"
dramas - a good story
paddle boarding, golfing, home improvement projects, gardening
Hobby Lobby, Dick's, Sundance, Athleta
burnt orangeFall
Broncos; College = CU and Navy
hiking, paddle boarding, traveling (pre Covid times)
Hobby Lobby, Chick Fil A, Chipotle
Athleta, Dick's, Outback, Altr'd State
Sundance, Athleta
Bic colored gel pens, fun trivia type cards for kids, card games for students
Don't drink Starbucks - not a coffee drinker
Heidi Stock2/93rdFruit, veggies, trail mix
Coffie: Latte, Tea: London Fog, Coke Zero
Love food, any
Mod Pizza, Seasons 52, Mexican (any)
NoneTo Kill a MockingbirdPride and PrejudiceGardening, readingRoses, tulips, daisies
Target, TJ Maxx, Kirklands, Pottery Barn, JJill, Athleta,
Purple, pinkFallAvalanchMovie and Dinner,
Target, Mod Pizza, Panera, Mad Greens, Starbucks,
Athleta, JJill, Seasons 52 Restaurant, Target, Pottery Barn,
Athleta, Woodhouse Day Spa, JJill,
Multi Colored Stickies, Scented markers, flair pens
Kelsey Arnold3/10Special Education
Cheese its, goldfish, hummus & veggies
Soy vanilla latteMexican, Sandwiches
Chipotle, Los Dos Potrillos, Jimmy Johns
NonePsychological Thrillerscomedies, rom-coms
Snowboarding, running, hiking, reading, drinking on patios with friends
Express, Target, Amazon
Blue, Pink, PurpleFallBroncos
Hiking, going out to eat,
Chipotle, Jimmy Johns, Burgers
Precise V5 pens, journals
Madisen Kiser3/10Special Education
Lays chips, cheeze it’s, fruit and veggies
Soda-coke, chai tea lattesItalian and sushi
Sushi den, Olive Garden, and los dos potrillos
Sensitivity’s: sesame seeds and coffee beans
Too many to choose from! But I love mystery novels and romance novels
Again too many to choose from! But I love the greatest showman and most horror films
YogaOrchads Tjmaxx and athleta PurpleSpring and summer
Chick fil a, Starbucks, noodles and company
Sushi den, los dos potrillos, olive garden
Sushi den, athleta
Only drink tea, not coffee
Paul Edmondson4/114th
Chocolate chip cookies, all things chocolate
Cafe Mocha, Green TeaMexicanLos Dos PotrillosN/A
National Geographic, Discovery magazines
soccer, fly fishing, golf, hiking, pickleball
sports storesgreen, bluespring/fallColorado teamshikingany restaurant Orvis fly fishing
Shanahan's Steak House
colored pens
Jodi Beck4/17Preschoolall
coffee, flat white from Starbucks
salty snacks, caramelPanera, Chick-fil-Anone
Malcolm Gladwell, cookbooks, thriller/mysteries
Houseplants, wood-working, cooking
camping, playing with dog, cooking
Starbucks, Target
Crate and Barrell, Lowes, Wilmore, The Gardens Highlands Ranch
Crate and Barrell, Lowes, Wilmore, The Gardens Highlands Ranch
Teachers Pay Teachers gift card, colored card stock, Target gift card
Karen Beck4/22ndalmonds, fruit, veggieshot tea
Mexican and Italian, Pizza
Los Dos Portillos, Noodles and Company, Chick fila, Panera, Maggiano's
noneThe Kitchen House
Hot yoga, jogging, walking
Target, Nordstroms, Athleta , Loft, Lulu Lemon,
Navy blue, purple, white
FallNotre Dame, Broncos
Movies, Dining out, hiking
Target, Amazon, Chick fila, Noodles, Panera, Wall Greens, Teacher Pay Teachers
Target, Amazon, Lakeshore, Los Dos, Maggianos, Snooze,Chipolte
Elway's, White Chocolate Grill, Perry's Steakhouse
I don't drink coffee, but I do drink hot black tea.
Amanda Lelo4/2
Specials/Double Specials
Quest Bar/KIND Bars
Starbucks Blonde Roast w/ almond milk
Chocolate and pizza! : )
Illegal Petes and Blue Pan
N/AThe Four AgreementsSerendipity
hiking, photography, snowboarding, playing sports/working out, watching hockey/football
Chicago Blackhawks & Chicago Bears
HikingStarbucksHomeGoodsHomeGoods : )
Maybe stickers I can hand out for behavior incentives/awards?? Ribbon stickers?
I am so excited to be back working at Heritage and getting to see everyone's faces : )
Sandy Boynton4/20Special Education
popcorn , tortilla chips, red grapes
coffee, iced teapizza, chicken
Chick-fil-a, Big Bill's NY Pizza, Mod Pizza,
self help books
As Good as it Gets, Out of Africa, Forrest Gump
walking/exercise, music, baking, read, crafts
tulips, white daisy
TJ's, Marshall's, Nordstrom Rack
white, graysummerBroncos, Chiefs, Saints
hiking, going to the beach/lake, playing games, mini golf,
Marshall's, TJ's, Chick-fil-a
Marshall's, Tj's, Red Robin, Big Bill's NY Pizza
Del-Frisco's, Target
index cards, Flair Pens, Multi -Colored Fine Sharpies
Mary Hastings4/25KindergartenSkinny Vanilla lateSoups/saladsLos DosNonYoga and Art DaisyFrancescas ?Summer?
Baseball/Board Games/Movies/ Walks
Dollar TreeFrancescas Nordstrom Flair Pens
Melissa Murtland4/30Special EducationAnything chocolate! Starbucks hot mocha
Italian and tacos, tacos, tacos!
Farro, Chuy's, Panera. Really not picky, but I don't love seafood and I do not eat at ChikFilA.
I TRY to eat gluten and dairy free, but it's more for sensitivity. No allergy and I still allow myself occasional gluten and dairy.
I love non-fiction, history, anti-racist. I don't have favorite fiction books, but love Jodi Picoult.
Documentaries, historical movies, Disney movies
Paddleboarding, hiking, reading, traveling and seeing new places
Easy. Lillies!
Amazon;-) Target, Michaels, Macys, local makers market types of places
RedAlso easy - fall!
Not a sports buff, though I'm born and raised in Ohio, so like it or not, Ohio and Ohio State is sort of in the DNA
Paddleboarding, traveling, hiking/exploring.
Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Starbucks, Panera, Target, iTunes, Bath & Body Wrks
Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Target, Redlands, Michaels, iTunes, Bath & Body Works
Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Target, Redlands, Michaels, Macys
Love sticky notes and fun pens.
Katie DiPetro4/91st
Pretzels and caramel corn
Chai latte and lemonadeAnything!
White Chocolate Grill and QDoba
The Most Magnificent Thing by Ashley Spires, really any picture book!
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
Exercising, spending time with family, watching sports
TulipsNordstrom and TargetPinkSummerRockies and Broncos
Going on walks, playing outside, going to the park
Flair Pens, sticky notes, boxed card sets
Tami Kennedy4/9KindergartenCandyNonfat chai
Swedish Fish, Hershey Kisses
Qdoba, PF Changs, White Chocolate Grill
Hard to answer! Children's New Releases
Tough to answer!
traveling, shopping, golf, paddle boarding
Love them all!
Madewell, Nordstrom, Anthropologie
Tough! It depends...Summer and FallChicago Bears
Hiking, paddle boarding, traveling
Madewell or Anthropologie
Nordstrom or Madewell
Bath and Body Works plug-ins, liquid hand soap, Clorox Wipes
Lynnette Fields5/11BASE
Eileen's cookies, veggies and ranch, apples, almonds
coffee- Grande Mocha Almond milk, Diet Coke
Mexican, Sushi, Vegetarian
Panera, Noodles, Seasons 52
The red Tent, The lovely bones, Know my name, Brain Wash
The other woman, The Jane Austin Book Club, Pride & Prejudice, Once upon a time in hollywood, I love so many hahah
Hiking, biking, skiing, Kayaking, learning about nutrition, Yoga, Puzzles, card games
Casablanca Lillies, Peonies
Target, Wroughtn Apples
Taupe, grey, blue, Black
Broncos, Nuggets,Lakers
going to movie or watching at home, games, spending time at our cabin
StarbucksTargetNordstrom Racknew board
Lindsay Igoe5/15
Specials/Double Specials
Kind bars/Peanut M&Ms
Americano w/no room (black), Diet Pepsi
Mexican, Italian, Sushi
Seasons 52/ Bonefish Grill/ Okinawa
Biographies, inspirational books, non-fiction
Musicals, true stories/documentaries
Singing, playing piano, running, biking, hiking, traveling
Yellow roses and tulips (any color)
Target, Nordstrom Rack, Amazon
YellowSummerBoston Red Socks
Playing board games, skiing
Target/Lakeshore Learning/Amazon
Nordstrom Rack/Amazon/Bonefish Grill
Seasons 52/Bonefish Grill/Maggiano/Amazon
dry erase markers in multiple colors and colored card stock
I do not like "musical" clothing! I am just NOT that kind of music teacher! LOL!
Tiffany Platt5/261st
chile pistachios and kind bars
latte - plainmexican and italian
Chipotle and Chick Fil A or Mod Pizza
Currently: American Dirt
Good Will HuntingExercise, readingLilyNordstromTeal or avySummerBroncosMoviesstarbucks or chipotleNordstromNordstrom or Sierra
Gel Pens, Brightly colored flair pens, fun sticky notes
Cheryl Phillips5/46thPopcorn
Dr. Pepper, Soy Chia (Starbucks)
Cake, Hamburgers, Pizza, Fruit
Corner Bakery, Papa Murphy's, White Chocolate Grill,
Hacienda Colorado, Firehouse Subs, Chick-fil-A
Mysteries, Love Stories, Crime Novels, Historical Novels
To many to count. I love love stories, documentaries, crime movies, super hero movies, all Jurassic Park and World movies, all Jumanji Movies
Cross Stitch, Drawing, Coloring, Stickers
Roses, Daisies, Sunflowers
Target, Michaels, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Macey's, Hobby Lobby, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Zulily, DSW Shoes, Home Depot.
Green, Red, Black
Summer and Holiday Season (Love Halloween and Christmas)
Play board games with my family.
Target, King Soopers, Cold Stone Creamery, Amazon, Barnes and Noble
Target, King Soopers, Outback, Amazon
Target, King Soopers, Amazon
Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens, Ultra Fine Point (0.4mm), Assorted Colors, 8 Count, Hard Cover Unlined Journals, long sticky post it notes
I appreciate you wanting to know about me.
Michele Gonzales5/5Preschool
chocolate covered pretzles
Starbucks - white mochaMexican Food Los Dos PotrillosNo restrictions
Running, hiking, playing with my boxer dog, watching my daughter play college softball
daisyTJ Maxx, Lulylemonblack, pinkSpring
Watching my daughter play softball at MSU Denver
Hiking, going to dinner/movies, traveling
Starbucks/Los Dos Potrillos
Starbucks/Los Dos Potrillos, TJ Maxx, Walmart
Starbucks/ Los Dos Potrillos, TJ Maxx, Walmart
playdough, spring assisted scissors, glue sticks, pens
White Mocha - non fat no whip no foam 1/2 decaf 2 pumps for a grande
Jennifer Lyon5/6Preschool
Popcorn, chocolate, nuts
Coffee - Starbucks: Pumpkin spice latte or Vanilla sweet cream cold brew
Italian food, sandwiches
Old Blinking Light, Kneaders, Torchy's
NoneHarry Potter Series
Anything pop culture - superheroes, fantasy
Hiking, cooking, gardening, travel
LiliesTargetRed and PinkFallBroncosHiking, cooking, travelKneadersBath and Body WorksTarget
Dry erase markers, laminating sheets, manipulatives
Brandee Tudor5/8Front Officekettle style potato chips, or Ritz bits with cheeseChick Fil A unsweetened iced teaItalian, Mexican, sushiChick Fil A, Mod Pizza, Los Dos Portrillos, Romano's in old Littletonno peanuts/tree nutsmurder mysteries and historical fictionWhen Harry Met Sallyreading, or anything outdoorsy (hiking, camping, fishing, rafting, etc.)peonies or purple irisI love shopping the Poshmark app, REIspringnot into sports reallyplaying board games, going to the movies, travel, anything outdoorsysee previous answers...Is there anything better than a Papermate Ink Joy gel pen?Not a fan of bath
Michelle Alqlaf6/10Preschool
Fresh fruit, popcorn, flavored rice cakes
Caramel Frappuccino
Don't have a favorite, I eat almost everything
Depends on my mood, I will eat anywhere I don't cook or do dishes
No favorite, but love to read
Beachbody on Demand & couponing
anytime we are all together
kid size dry erase markers
I like anything with glitter.
Amanda Frasier6/126th
Hummus and Veggies; Nuts
Diet CokeHealthy snacks
Hacienda Colorado; Torchy's Tacos
Historical Fiction; Historical Biographies
The Help; Friday Night Lights; The Blind Side
Hiking; Decorating; Cooking
I love assorted white flowers; magnolias; sunflowers
Target; TJ Maxx; Nordstrom Rack; Amazon
TurquoiseFallTexas Tech
Movie Night; Sporting Events; Family Dinner
Torchy's Tacos; Starbucks; Chick Fil A
Perry's Steak House; Davidson's (LOL)
Flair Pens; Seasonal Stickers; New Crayons
I'm addicted to Diet Cokes from Chick Fil A and my espresso from Starbucks.
Alexis Medina6/2Special Education
trail mix, fruit snacks, cheese its
Coke zero, Carmel Frappe or Green Tea Frappe (Starbucks), blue Gatorade
pasta, chinese food
Olive Garden, Red Robin
N/Aany poetrySandra Bullock movies!art, yoga, zumbatulips, roses, peonies
Francescas, Target, Joanns/Michaels
emerald green, maroon, purple
fall and springs
Denver Nuggets, Broncos
hiking, zoo, movie nights
Target, Olive GardenFrancescasMaggianos
Cricut vinyl rolls, gel pens
loves caramel chocolate and fruity candy
Beth Reedy6/20Special Educationchips and dips; trail mixChai Tea LatteMexican
Chick Fil A; Wahoo's; Chipotle
Any cookbook, Kristin Hannah books, Biographies
Any rom com
Cooking, tennis, reading
Tulips, Gerber Daisy, Roses
TJ Maxx, Sierra Trading Post
BlueFallColorado Avalanche
Playing Pool, card games
Chick Fil A, Chipotle, Wahoo's
TJ Maxx, Sierra Trading Post, Nordstrom Rack
Nordstrom Rack
Thankful to work at Heritage!
Andrea Steinbach6/22BASE
Reese's, Ranch Corn Nuts, Hot Cheetos
Dr. Pepper, Strawberries and Cream Frap.
Mexican, Chips and Salsa, Lasagna
Anything Mexican, Red Robin
nonen\aAnything with comedy
Volleyball, Sports, Broncos, Nuggets
RosesUnder Armor, Target, PurpleSummerBroncos\Nuggets
Movies, going out to eat, playing outside
Under Armour, TargetUnder Armour, TargetUnder Armour, TargetGel pensi LOVE CAMO!!!
Hannah Holm8/16Special Education
caramel popcorn, toffee, chips
strawberry refresher at Starbucks!
Tacos, noodles
Oliver Garden, Chipotle
Gluten FreeThe Help, Tennis, soccer, craftslilies, tulipsTargetBlueSummer, springRockiesPlaying board games TargetTargetAmazonFelt pens, sticky
Lori Wheeler8/20Special Education
Pringle’s!! Peanut M&Ms!! Chocolate covered almonds!!
Sweet tea from chick fil a and iced nonfat chai from Starbucks!
Mexican!!!!! Los Dos!!!! N/A
Swim, walk, run, tennis, ski, shop :)
Nordstrom, anthropology, athleta, Lulu
Tiffany Blue
Whichever season we are in!!!
Ole Miss Football! Arapahoe night school football!
Movies, porch time, traveling, swimming, cheering for my niece and nephew at their sports events
Los Dos :)Los Dos :)Los Dos :)
Flair pens, lucite frames, white wooden frames, stickers, bubble gum, Hershey kisses, graph paper, lime green printer paper, blue printer paper, blue file
I just want to thank you all so much. I’ve actually never filled this form out before- but this year it gave me great joy to think about some of my favorite things! Thank you for all you do!! ❤️ Lori
Derek Shaw9/11
Specials/Double Specials
Flex Chips, ApplesWaterAnything SpicyHapa SushiN/A
Anything Dennis Lehane, John Grisham
Comedies, Action, Drama
Swimming, Golf, Running, Hiking
Anything Fake
Sam's Club, Walmart, Sprouts, King Soopers
Manchester United, Denver Broncos, Colorado Avalanche
Golfing, HikingKing SoopersHapa SushiHome DepotStylus Pen Don't Drink
Kathleen Brown9/12PreschoolChips and Salsa
Diet Pepsi or orange seltzer water (kroger)
Mexican, Italian and Burgers
Red Robin, Los Dos Patrillos, Cranellis
Stephen King books & Dean Koontz
The Stand, Terminator movies, Romantic Comedies
Trying new recipes, reading, crafts
Roses, Freesia, Alstoemeria and tulips
Hobby Lobby, Bath & Body Works, and cooking gadget stores
PurpleFalln/acamping & home bbq's
Red Robin or Bath & Body Works
Pottery BarnMacy's
Stickers for kids and pens
I'm a dog
Kristie Peters9/185thfruits and veggiesstarbucks coffee or latteschocolate!
Cranellis, Starbucks, Chick Fil A
I love to read any novel written for elementary age kids so I can share these books with my students!
Any Disney movie!Swim, bike, run
Anything colorful (All flowers are beautiful!)
Athleta, LoftPink/Purple/Turquoise FallBroncos, Rockies
Going for bike rides, spending time in the mountains, family movie night
Athleta, Target, Loft, Visa Gift cards
Athleta, Target, Loft, Visa Gift Cards
Sharpies, Mr. Scent Smelly Markers, bright colored paper, grading stickers
Stephanie McCoy9/216th
pretzels, cashews, pistachios
Starbucks, Chai latte or Dragon drink
Chicken sandwiches, soup,
White Chocolate Grill, Chick-fil-A, Melting Pot, Corner Bakery
no red meatNight Gardner
Disney- really any Disney movie
Arts and Crafts, Sewing,
AnyNordstrom, MadewellRedFall
Broncos, Avalanche, Nuggets
Just spending time with them
Starbucks, Chick-fil-A
Madewell, Nordstrom, Dillards
Madewell, Nordstrom, Dillards
papermate ink joy, flair pens, big box of Crayola crayons
I don't drink coffee- only teas, I don't eat spicy foods, I love anything Disney
Ryan Orlowski9/245th
Beef Jerky, Cookies, Potato Chips, popcorn
Gatorade, sweet tea
Seafood (shrimp, lobster, crab, fish), Mexican food (tacos, enchiladas)
Maggiano's, Pappadeaux's Seafood Kitchen, Hacienda's, P.F. Chang's
Mystery Suspense, Human Interest stories
Braveheart, The Green Mile, Marvel Movies (Avengers, etc.)
Cabela's, 4Wheel Parts, Murdoch's, Home Depot, Dick's Sporting Goods
Blue, GreenSpring and Summer
Denver Broncos, Pittsburgh Steelers
Camping, Fishing, Horseback Riding, Movie watching
Noodles and Company, Target
Maggiano's, Murdoch's, Dick's Sporting Goods
Pappadeaux's Seafood Kitchen, Cabela's, 4Wheel Parts, Home Depot
Sticky notes, pens
Love the outdoors, like to workout, own horses, go off-roading and rock-crawling with my Jeep, love watching movies, and enjoy taking pictures of wildlife, places I've visited, etc.
Jill Montoya9/5Front OfficeChili Cheese Fritos
Diet Coke, Decaf Toffee Nut Latte,
Mexican food, Milk Duds, Hot Tamales
Brewery Bar, Mod Pizza, Chipotle
noneMagazinesGrease! MusicalsCrafting!Daisies and RosesTarget, TJ MaxxPurple and BlueFall Tampa Bay LightningCamping, TravelingTargetTJ MaxxTJ Maxx
Cool Pens, Flair Markers, Silhouette Supplies
Only decaf coffee! :)
Sarah Scott10/29Front Officedark chocolateDiet Coke or Iced CoffeeMexican
Yard House or fun downtown restaurants
Too many to list, lol! Just discovered
Reading, Sewing, Live Music
Peonies & Hydrangeas??Red & PurpleSUMMER!!Broncos
Pool, Travel, anything outside
AmazonAmazonChic CoutureGel
Pamela DeYoung10/33rd
Pistachios, protein bars, popcorn, nuts, cheese
Starbucks vanilla latteSushi, seafood, Italian
Sushi Den, Little Holly’s, Smokin’ Fins, Nicolo’s Pizza
Books for the classroom! Author Katie DiCamillo
Not sure. I watch HGTV a lot
Reading (actually I’m obsessed with Audible!)
Yellow Tulips
Target, Bath & Body Works
Red, yellow, black & grey
Summer & Fall
Broncos, CU Buffaloes, Iowa State Cyclones
Watching movies, bike riding, hiking, playing games
Amazon, Target, Bath & Body Works
Amazon, Little Holly’s Amazon, Sushi Den
Colorful gel pens or felt tip pens
My kids know I love yoga, llamas, books, Audible, Starbucks, and the color yellow
Jean Wolach10/24Front OfficeNuts, popcornStarbucks LatteMexican Panera, Los DosNoneMotivational BooksLove them allNo hobbiesLove all FlowersTarget, TJ MaxxPurpleLove them allBroncosHikingTargetPaneraDel Frisconone needed