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1979Wende WalshBuffaloWaitressASSAULTBegged for a ride home, sexually assualted her in car. Showed up at her home 2 nights later, prevented access by landlord.
1980Paula WachowiakBuffaloEmployeeHARASSEDExposed himself to her in 1980. Weinstein answered the door wearing nothing but a hand towel. He dropped the towel, took the folder, and eventually asked her to give him a massage. She refused, but Weinstein persisted, telling her “what a fantastic opportunity it was for her to be part of this project.” He later bragged to her, “So, was seeing me naked the highlight of your internship?”
1982Lysette AnthonyLondonActorRAPEThe pair became friends and one evening she ended up at his rented house in London. “The next thing he was half undressed and  grabbed her. She fled. Weinstein began stalking her and turning up at her house uninvited and unannounced. Weinstein turned up at her flat in Chelsea at about 10am. He pushed her inside, rammed her up against a coat rack, trying to kiss and shove her inside. She was raped by Weinstein in the late 1980s in her home in London.
198420Tomi Ann RobertsActorHARASSEDSet up an audition at his hotel, Weinstein calmly explained her that she would at least have to take her top off, this would demonstrate to him that she wasn’t going to be shy about doing so in front of the cameras. The movie was likely to have topless scenes. While he was nude in the bath he asked her to get naked.
1984Unnamed Film Crew EmployeeRAPEA young female crew member came to the office of lead producer Alan Brewer, an old high school friend of Harvey’s from Queens, and started crying.Weinstein had asked her to come to his hotel room, ostensibly for work reasons, she told Brewer, but then kissed her. She resisted. Weinstein overpowered her. He forced her on the bed and attempted to perform oral sex on her. Eventually, she got him to stop.Brewer asked if she wanted to file a police report. (Another crew member heard the woman’s account separately at the time, and corroborated Brewer’s memories.) No, she said, shaking. She wanted to keep the job — but she wanted the co-director to stay away from her.
198822Lisa RoseLondon - Savoy HotelEmployeeHARASSEDShe was 22 when she got an admin job at the London office of Miramax colleagues had warned her about Weinstein’s reputation. It happened around six weeks after she began working at Miramax. Weinstein was in town for a couple of days and Lisa was sent to work from the Savoy where he was staying. I was told he’d answer the door in a towel and would ask me for a massage. I was told to say no, to ignore him, and to walk away so I didn’t get too close. Events unfolded exactly as predicted. “I was alone in the room with Harvey, and he asked me to rub his back,” says Lisa. “But because I’d been forewarned, I said no and immediately moved to a suite room from where I could see the door. He huffed a bit and said, ‘well, other people give me a massage’, but he didn’t touch me. When I talked about it afterwards, people just giggled really. Or said things like, ‘well, that sort of thing just goes on.’’
1989Heather KerrActorASSAULTDuring a private meeting, he asked her if she was good,”She told him about her training and acting experience and he said, ‘No. I need to know if you’re good.’ He said if he was going to introduce her around town, he needed to know if she was ‘good.’ He kept repeating that word.While she was sitting on a couch with Weinstein, he unzipped his pants, pulled out his penis, grabbed her hand, forced it onto his organ, and held it there.“He said this is how things work in Hollywood and all actresses who’d made it, did it this way,”He exposed himself and forced her to touch him . She was “terrified” as a result and quit pursuing a career as an actress shortly after the incident.Career
199022Sophie DixLondon - Savoy HotelActorASSAULTShe was on the brink of a career in the British film industry in the 1990s when her trajectory was “massively cut down” after a  sexual assault by Harvey Weinstein in a London hotel.she was invited up his room at the Savoy hotel “to watch some rushes”Once in the hotel room, “all the alarm bells starting ringing” and “within a heartbeat” she found herself pushed on the bed with him “tugging at her clothes” She managed to bolt to the bathroom and after some time in hiding opted to make an escape. She opened the door and found him facing her “standing there masturbating”. The incident left her traumatised and depressed. She was in bed for six months” and concluded that the movies were not for her.“I decided if this what being an actress is like, I don’t want it,” she said. Career
199017Kate BeckinsaleLondon - Savoy HotelActorHARASSEDShe was called to meet Harvey Weinstein at the Savoy Hotel. She assumed it would be in a conference room .The reception desk told her to go up to his room. He greeted her wearing a robe, it did not cross her mind that this older, unattractive man would expect her to have any sexual interest in him.” After declining alcohol and announcing she had school in the morning, she left.
1990Tara SubkoffActorHARASSEDAsked her to sit on his lap at a party when he had an erection, asked her to come outside with him and more. It was implied that if she did not comply with doing what he asked her to do that she would not get the role that she had already been informally offered. She laughed in his face , she was in shock and uncomfortable. She left the party right after that.” Her decision to stand up to Weinstein ultimately end up costing her career. Career
1990Rosanna ArquetteLos Angeles - Beverly Hills HotelActorASSAULTShe rejected Weinstein's advances in a hotel room. One evening in the early '90s, she agreed to meet Weinstein for dinner at the Beverly Hills Hotel to look at a new script, but was told to meet him upstairs in his hotel room. Weinstein opened the door wearing a bathrobe, and after telling her he needed a massage, grabbed her hand. The incident escalated when, after yanking her hand away, he grabbed it again and pulled it towards his visibly erect penis. She said “I will never do that,Weinstein told her she was making a mistake for rejecting him. Her career did suffer, though she did have a small role in Weinstein's Pulp Fiction.He made things very difficult for me for years,” she lost a role because of him. Career
1990Louise GodboldNonprofit DirectorASSAULTShe was taken on an “office tour that became an occasion to trap her in an empty meeting room, and begging for a massage, put his hands on her shoulders.She got away. Weinstein later contacted the friend who introduced Godbold to him to make sure that she would not “make a complaint about his behaviour.” 
Unnamed AssistantEmployee
1990Unnamed AssistantEmployeereached deal
1990Paula WilliamsLos AngelesModelASSAULTWilliams said Weinstein invited her to a party at his house. When she arrived it was only him. Within minutes of him opening champagne he exposed himself to her and she ran out.
1991Laura MaddenEmployeeHARASSEDFormer assistant, propositioned her for massages during the 1990s.
199119Jessica HynesActorASSAULTShe lost out on a film when she refused to do a screen test in a bikini for Weinstein & lost the job. Career
1992Unnamed LondonLondon
1992Sean YoungActorASSAULTWeinstein exposed himself to her while working on the  film “Love Crimes,” which was produced by Miramax. He pulled out his penis, in order to shock her. Her response was, ‘You know, Harvey, I don’t really think you should be pulling that thing out, it’s not very pretty,'” Young recalled. “She left and never had another meeting with him again, She said she got a bad reputation for saying no. “The minute you actually stand up for yourself in Hollywood, you’re the crazy one,” she said.Career
199323Katherine KendallNYC - His aptActorASSAULTTricked her into a solo cinema trip, took her back to his apartment where he undressed and asked her to massage him. Chased her and asked her to show him her breasts
199422Gwyneth PaltrowActorASSAULTSuggested that she gave him a massage in his hotel room
199426Florence DarelActorASSAULTPropositioned her for sex when his wife was in the room next door.
1995Mira SorvinoNYCActorASSAULTMassaged her shoulders, begin chasing her around. Showed up at her house uninvited.
1995Liza CampbellWriterASSAULTShe got a call from Weinstein with a “godsend” job as a freelance script reader for Miramax. After she critiqued scripts for Shakespeare in Love and The Usual Suspects, the scripts abruptly stopped coming, “A few months on, another call from Weinstein arrived, asking her how work was going,” she told him everything had stuttered to a halt. He said: ‘You better come to my hotel and we’ll sort this out. She was greeted by an assistant and there were others in the suite when she arrived, she recalled that they all “vanished.” He sat down, chatted for a few minutes and then excused himself and left the room through a far door, She assumed he had gone for a pee, she could hear him moving around and suddenly the sound of bath taps running. ‘What do you say we both jump in the bath?’ he hollered. Weinstein continued, “Come on, it’ll be fun. We can drink champagne. You can soap me — whaddaya say?She escaped the room.Career
1992 and 1995
Annabella SciorraHer apt and Cannes - Hotel Du CapActorRAPESciorra met Weinstein in the 90’s. Her agent introduced them at a party in Los Angeles. Weinstein was friendly,and gave her a ride home , they talked about their shared love of film. Several months later, Sciorra called Weinstein about a project ,he said that he wanted to make the film and to start filming with her in a leading role . He wanted her to start work immediately after she finished two back-to-back shoots. She told him she couldn’t do it t, he then threatened to sue her .

Harvey Weinstein raped her in the 1990s,then forcibly performed oral sex on her, in her New York apartment and sexually harassed her for years later.

At one dinner, in New York, “Harvey was there and as she got up to leave he said, ‘Oh, I'll drop you off.’
In the car, Weinstein said goodbye to her and she went upstairs to her apartment. She was alone and getting ready for bed when a few minutes later she heard a knock on the door. She opens the door a crack to see who it was. And he pushed the door open and walked in like it was his apartment, like he owned the place, and started unbuttoning his shirt. He circled the apartment; it appeared that he was checking whether anyone else was there.
Then Weinstein grabbed her and shoved her onto the bed, and he got on top of her. She struggled , kicked and yelled .He locked her arms over her head with one hand and forced sexual intercourse on her. When he was done, he ejaculated on her leg, and on her nightgown He said, ‘I have impeccable timing,’ and then he said, ‘This is for you.’ ” he then attempted to perform oral sex on her. She struggled, but she had very little strength , her body started to shake violently. She later blamed herself for opening her door . She grew depressed and lost weight.
She never spoke to the police.
The alleged rape occurred sometime around 1992, when Sciorra filmed “The Night We Never Met,” which was backed by Miramax, Weinstein’s then company.

Several years later Weinstein again pursued her with unwanted sexual advances .In 1995, she was in London shooting “The Innocent Sleep,” which Weinstein did not produce.
Weinstein began calling her hotel , he sent cars to the hotel and one night pounded on her room door. She asked the film producer to find her another place to stay.
Similar incidents occurred over the next few years, the worst in May 1997 when Sciorra found out Weinstein was in the room next to hers at the Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc.
Early one morning, while she was still asleep, there was a knock on the door. Groggy, and thinking she must have forgotten about an early hair-and-makeup call, she opened the door. “There’s Harvey in his underwear, holding a bottle of baby oil in one hand and a tape, a movie, in the other,” she recalled. She ran from Weinstein. He was closing in really quickly, and she pressed all the call buttons for valet service and room service. She kept pressing all of them until someone showed up. Weinstein retreated, , when hotel staff arrived.
199624Judith GodrecheCannes - Hotel Du CapActorASSAULTInvited her to his hotel suite, asked her for a massage, pressed against her and pulled off her sweater.
199725Claire ForlaniPeninsula HotelActorASSAULTSuggested a massage, tried to kiss her in two separate meetings.
199720Ashley JuddActorASSAULTInvited her to his hotel, appeared in bathrobe and asked if he could give her a massage or if she could watch him shower
199721Asia ArgentoCannes - Hotel Du CapActorRAPEShe was brought to a party by Fabrizio Lombardo but ended up alone in a room she was left there by Lombardo on her own with Weinstein. He raped her at the Eden Roc Hotel in Cannes. She was stalked by Weinstein for 5 years after the assault. CareerLombardo
1997Rose McGowanActorRAPERaped her, she had to have 3 surgeries on her wrist and elbow. Made her sign an NDACareer
199824Zoë BrockCannes - Hotel Du CapModelASSAULTWeinstein and his associates offered to drive her, and although she thought she was staying with the larger group, she ended up with Weinstein  and just a few others in his room at the Hôtel du Cap, where they opened a bottle of champagne No one else showed up and the few remaining people left. Took his clothes off and asked her for a massage, She ran into the bathroom and locked the door. He chased her naked and banged on the door with his fists, pleading with her to come out. Eventually, Weinstein promised to put his clothes on,when she came out of the bathroom, he was  crying and saying she rejected him because he was fat. He and an assistant drove her to another hotel where she slept the night.CareerFabrizio Lombardo, Jean Luc Brunel, Manolo, Vittorio Zeviani, Rick SchwartzGloria Allred
1998Zelda PerkinsEmployeeHARASSEDSigned a NDA after a female colleague told her she had also been sexually harassed. Weinstein’s sexual abuse began on the first day she showed up for work: He would ask for massages, walk around hotel rooms naked and ask to be bathed.The two women sought damages and were awarded a sum of £250,000 ($330,500), split equally, but also signed a non-disclosure agreement, prohibiting them from discussing the allegations.SETTLED
1998Angelina JolieHARASSEDMade unwanted advances
1999Marisa CoughlanHARASSEDRequested a massage from her and suggested that she could become one of his ‘special friends’, continued to proposition her with dates
200024Melissa SagemillerActorASSAULTRefused to let her leave until she kissed him, kidnapped her bags so she had to fly on his private plane.
2000Erika RosenbaumActorASSAULTMasturbated behind her whilst holding her neck, made 3 separate aggressive sexual advances in 3 separate meetings.
2000Heather GrahamActorHARASSEDImplied she had to have sex with him to get a movie role, she was never hired for a Weinstein film.Career
2000Morgan ShanahanEmployeeHARASSEDDescribed the company as being like a cult, describing the internal atmosphere as sadistic and another assistant saying Weinstein hurled a glass picture frame at her in the midst of an argument. Paul Webster, who was head of production at Miramax between 1995 and 1997, said he believed that the “sex allegations are just the particularly rancid tip of the iceberg” at the company. Miramax was absolutely a cult, the cult of Harvey, and that’s how he got away with his behaviour for so long,” said Webster. “It was crude but very effective. People became brainwashed, some people had nervous breakdowns. People would be hired and then destroyed for no apparent reason, and then their careers and lives would be in tatters.” He added: “Everything Harvey did was all about manipulation and fear. He was a massive bully. He would flatter people, get the best out of them and then dump on them really, really hard to destroy them. It was this whole thing of breaking people down so you could build them up in your own image.”Webster admitted that Weinstein’s predatory behaviour towards young women was common knowledge but that the culture of Miramax led them to “compartmentalise it”. “it’s that pattern of bullying behaviour combined with the sex stuff. I can say now I did think he was a rapist.” Other former Miramax employees described how their years working at the company had left them with post-traumatic stress disorder. Friends would ask him what it was like to work at Miramax , he would always tell them that it’s kind of like telling people you fell down the stairs,” said Jesse Berdinka, a former US marine who worked at Miramax for seven years , the “mental weight” of the “sadistic” experience would affect the rest of his life. It wasn’t just sexual abuse. Everyone got abused. It didn’t really matter how high up you were, you got the same treatment,” After one meeting in 2001, Weinstein was so abusive that the executive was told by her boss that she would not have to attend another meeting with him for a year.Career
200018Romola GaraiActorHARASSEDAuditioned her wearing a bathrobe.She described the encounter as humiliating and “an abuse of power”.
200021Larissa GomesActorASSAULTShe was a 21-year-old actress when she was working on the Toronto set of “Get Over It,” a Miramax-produced teen movie . Weinstein approached her and asked for her opinion about the production, and mentioned multiple films his company shoots in Canada each year. .Weinstein asked her for her personal number through an assistant, then set up a breakfast meeting at his hotel. The first meeting was professional, after which he asked to meet again in his hotel room, this time in the early evening, After plopping down a stack of scripts in front of her that he said he wanted her to read, he went into his bedroom and asked her to come in. Weinstein was on his bed, saying he had a headache. He asked her to lie down with him and asked her to take her shirt off so he could see her breasts, She left the room, and he followed in a bathrobe and started massaging her shoulders and neck despite her saying she didn’t want it. He would not stop. He just kept pushing his hands close to her chest forcefully until she finally was able to get up and away from him, Weinstein told her, “You know, Gwyneth Paltrow and Ashley Judd were exactly where you are at one point. Look at them now,”she made an excuse to leave at that point, and Weinstein, at the door, grabbed her and tried to kiss her on the lips. She said she turned her head, and he sneered. She never saw or spoke to him again. She never got over her encounter with Weinstein.
2000Daryl HannahCannes - Hotel Du CapActorHARASSEDShe first met him in Cannes before she appeared in Kill Bill Vol 1, he saw her at the reception of The Cap hotel asked for her room number so that he could call to schedule a meeting. She was in her room in pyjamas getting ready for bed when when the phone calls start incessantly he then proceeded to pound on her door , she saw him trough the peephole and was so frightened that she had to leave her room via an exterior door. She spent the night in the make-up  artist room. The next evening the knocking started against she pushed the dresser in front of the door and the next morning before she left HW was standing outside the hotel, waiting for her , she left quickly to the airport . A few years later while promoting Kill Bill 2 in Rome for the Italian premiere , she and the rest of the cast were scheduled to leave next morning on a private plane belonging to Miramax company . After the film reception in her suite at the Hasller hotel she was with Steeve Daviault watching a movie when Weinstein entered , he had a Key to the room . He came in like a raging bull into the bedroom. if the make up artist wasn't in the room things would have had a dramatic outcome . When she asked what he was doing he became angry , told her to get dressed  to attend a party downstairs and stormed off. there was NO party downstairs.when she asked him what was happening he said “ Are your tits real, ?” then asked if he could feel them. She replied “NO you can’t” , to which he replied “ At least Flash them”, she said “ Fuck off Harvey” , sure enough after this she faced repercussions immediately , next morning the Miramax plane left without her , her flights to the french film premiere were cancelled , as was her room in Cannes and her make up artist for the event. She called everybody , including her manager, producer on the film and Quentin Tarantino, she called all the powers that be and told them what happened . This was the repercussion , she feared retaliation even more , she was scared to loose everything if she went further with revealing what had happened .
2000Unnamed TorontoTorontoActor / ModelASSAULTA Toronto actress and model is launching a $4-million lawsuit against Harvey Weinstein, claiming he sexually assaulted her twice in 2000 when she was in her 20s and starring in her first small movie role. In addition to Weinstein, Doe is also suing Schneeweiss, vice president of Production and Development, Film and Television, at The Weinstein Company, claiming she knew Weinstein preyed on women and had facilitated the attacks. She is also suing Miramax and its corporate owner at the time, The Walt Disney Company.
2002ActorHARASSEDDuring a meeting a female producer asked: "How’s your Harvey-meter?” Because Harvey would like to sign off personally on the lead roles for this,” she continued. So obviously, if you’re on good terms… well, you know.” She smiles.She set up a meeting in his hotel room.She felt uncomfortable ,  she tells him “My boyfriend screen tested for you last night” He said “I know, he did a great job” He then asked to touch her breasts.She said “You’re so silly” he then responded “I want to touch your ass”  She was nervous , told him she had a boyfriend and that there were people around but he replied “It doesn't matter, go to the bathroom , I’ll follow you “she panicked and told him”Well maybe I see you in the bathroom”and disappeared . He saw her disappear and he goes: “ I hope it all works out for your boyfriend “ She saw him again the next night, and decides to go up to him to make sure she hasn’t messed up her boyfriend’s chances.She walked up to him and he looked at her like if he had never seen her before. She said “It is me Alice “Weinstein replies : “Do I know you?” She  was never again considered for a Weinstein film, and neither was her boyfriend .CareerJean Luc
2002Natalie MendozaHARASSEDMendoza refers to a groping incident around 2002, when she was shooting “The Great Raid,” the first of three films she had under a three-picture deal withMiramax.”I might have told Mr Weinstein mid-script ‘meeting’ after he sent his assistant out that I’d punch him if he didn’t take his hands off me,” she wrote., I knew my first film would be my last
200325Trish GoffNYC - Tribecca GrillModelASSAULTGroping incident at a lunch, asked her about her love life and put his hands of her legs, grabbed her breasts and face, tried to kiss her
2003Samantha PanagrossoCannesModelASSAULTWeinstein boasted he had slept with several A-list actresses.Turned up in her cabin when she declined dinner , told him she was ill , he got his assistant to get medicine , came with baby oil and medicine to her cabin wanting to massage her she said  no but he kept insisting  , he then asked for a massage instead , she refused but he didn't give up then pulled at her bathrobe and wanted to see her breast , she had to physically push him out of the room.  In the pool the previous day he groped her between her legs and told her that if she resisted he would get the young model who was with them in the pool to come up for a “ screen-test” she  tried warning her sister who was there with her , but he managed to manipulate the situation to get the young girl in his room alone.
200324Dawn DunningActorHARASSEDFound him alone in a bathrobe, told her she could only sign contracts for his next 3 films if she had 3 way sex with him
2004Lucia Evans/StollerRAPEForced her to perform oral sex on him, in his office. a complaint was “never filed” regarding the assault, but  police are now investigating what happened.
2004Katya MtsitouridzeASSAULTGreeted her in a bathroom, told her his masseuse was late and that they could have fun without her, and that she give him a massage.
2004Ashley MatthauPuerto RicoDancerASSAULTShe met Weinstein while she was filming Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights in 2004. When he invited her back to his hotel for a meeting, he fondled her and masturbated on top of her. Matthau entered into a confidential settlement with Weinstein for $100,000 after a lawyer intimidated her when she tried to report her alleged encounter with Weinstein.
2005Lena HeadeyActorHARASSEDSpoke to her inappropriately, reacted angrily when she refused his advances, and walked her to the hotel exit holding her arm tightly.
2005Connie NielsenActorASSAULTWeinstein put his hand on her thigh at the premiere of the 2005 film The Great Raid. She warned a young co-star not to take Harvey up on his invitations to drinks unless the whole group was there.She had no issues on the film, nor when she met Harvey at social events around the world,” but was shocked when at the premiere he touched her while her boyfriend and brother were present.
2006Mimi HaleyiRAPEWeinstein “orally forced himself” on her after pinning her on to a bed and removing her tampon. 
200730'sAnonymousCannes MajesticActorRAPEWeinstein stalked her and then bullied and coerced oral sex then raped her in his office at Majestic Hotel. Made her shower after to destroy DNA. Called after to see if she was
2007Lauren SivanNYCJournalistASSAULTTrapped her in a closed restaurant, attempted to kiss her and masturbated in front of her into a plant pot, 2007.
200730'sJuliana de PaulaNYC - his Crosby St AptStudio managerASSAULTWeinstein groped her and forced her to kiss other models at his New York loft 10 years ago. She added that when she tried to leave, he chased her around naked, and she had to fight him off with broken glass. "He looked at her and he started to laugh," Juliana witnessed three other women be raped that night
2007NYC - his Crosby St AptRAPEJuliana witnessed three other women be raped that night
2007NYC - his Crosby St AptRAPEJuliana witnessed three other women be raped that night
2007NYC - his Crosby St AptRAPEJuliana witnessed three other women be raped that night
2008Sarah Ann MasseActorHARASSEDHugged her in his underwear and said that he loved her.
2008Louisette GeissActorASSAULTMasturbated in front of her whilst she made a pitch, grabbed her forearm and pleaded that she watched, 2008.
2008Vu Thu PhoungHARASSEDGreeted her in a towel and offered to show her how to perform sex scenes.
2008Natassia MaltheLondon - Sanderson HotelActorRAPENatassia Malthe was raped by Harvey Weinstein in 2008 at the Sanderson Hotel in London following the BAFTA Awards He then forced himself on the 98lbs actress and began having intercourse without a condom despite her pleas to stop .She dropped out of the movie however after Weinstein began getting oral sex from an assistant at a meeting and asked her to join them in a threesome.
2010Paz De La huertaNYC her apartmentActorRAPE x 2Weinstein offered actress a ride home after Standard Highline meeting and raped her. The second rape occurred when he showed up at her home the same year. depression, drinking, career
2010Emma De CaunesActorASSAULTDisappeared into his hotel bathroom, came out naked with an erection and demanded she lie on the bed
2010Lupita NyongoActorASSAULTSeveral encounters, offered to help her career in exchange for sex, asked if he could massage her, and asked if he could take off his trousers
2010Eva GreenActorASSAULTShe had to physically push him off of her.
201032Myleene KlassHARASSEDOffered her a sex contract
2010Dominique HuettActorRAPELured in hotel room and raped her  She is  now suing HW for 5 Million $.
201029Juls BindiMassage TherapistASSAULTBindi was a 29-year-old massage therapist when she says Weinstein arranged for an appointment with her. As she began the massage, she said Weinstein stopped her and asked her about his genitals. Stunned, Bindi stepped back and ran into the bathroom, but Weinstein allegedly followed her and proceeded to masturbate in front of her. When she tried to get by him, Bindi said “he grabbed me, starting groping on my chest, and he kept going.” She pushed him away and left the room.
2010Ivanna LowellASSAULTShe exposed Harvey Weinstein in her memoir seven years ago - he blasted her for making him "look like a pervert” He chased her around a desk and showed up at her home unannounced in "Why Not Say What Happened?” Weinstein slammed her when the book was first published in 2010, saying: "When my book was first published, Harvey called me up, screaming, and said that I made him look like a pervert. I replied ‘Yes, so?’
"He threatened to sue me, and then both Harvey and Bob called me a liar.”
In the memoir, Lowell describes how Weinstein arrived at her apartment one night while she was hanging out with a friend.
He then apparently barged in and asked for a massage. she said “The scene was comical: Harvey lying spread-eagle, dwarfing the bed like Gulliver pinned down by midgets, and [a friend] and I laughing nervously, still edging as far away as possible.”He left disappointed, leaving the two women to speculate about whether he had bribed Lowell’s doorman in order to be sent up unannounced.
Lowell admitted: “I left out a lot of sordid details because I still considered Bob a friend and I didn’t realise the extent and consequences of Harvey’s sickening ways.
2011Alexandra DemonceauRitz Hotel PARISProduction AssistantHARASSEDJune 16, 2011 in the afternoon at the lounge of the Ritz. On one side there were two actresses and me and on the other side Harvey Weinstein with his french assistant and partner, a woman called Maeva. The meeting started and we were really surprised as HW didn’t seem to be interested at all about the movie we wanted to introduce to him. He was asking to the three of us questions in a very inquisitor way about our personal lives, where we came from etc ... I didn’t want to answer his questions and was always trying to come back to the film but that didn’t work. Harvey went towards me and told me he had « something » to say to me. He said goodbye to the two actresses that were with me. Maeva was gone. I found myself in the middle of the lobby of the Ritz with HW.
He then grabbed my two hands into his hands and put them on his chest at his height. As he was taller than me, my hands were almost higher than my head. He was squeezing my hands so strongly that I couldn’t move. He was acting like if it was a « romantic » position but it was clearly a dominant one. He then told me that I was pretty and that he wanted to hire me in his production company in New York. He added that he will tell Maeva to organize a screening of my film if after his dinner in Paris I will join him to his suite later on and spend a part of the night with him in order to have sex with him. I was shocked that he will never even consider the film if I didn’t accept his conditions. The sexual blackmail seemed totally usual to him and I was so devastated that no sound came out from my mouth. I didn’t know what to say, I was telling to myself « find something clever to say » but I had no idea.
As I was remaining silent, he asked me if I had a boyfriend. I said yes.He asked me if it was serious or if I could see other men meanwhile. I said “yes, it’s serious with my boyfriend”.
Then he released my hands and let me go saying : “Too bad. You’re missing the opportunity of your life.”People don’t realize how this sexual blackmail put women into a shitty position. In some way, because of him, I bear responsibility for having lost the opportunity of releasing the film. I bear responsibility towards all the actors, technicians that worked for that film.
2011Jessica BarthActorASSAULTAsked her to give him a massage whilst he was naked.
201123Caitanya TanHong KongActorHARASSEDTan, who was 23 then, attended the fifth Asian Film Awards in Hong Kong.She was just starting out as an actress.Tan and her friends bumped into Weinstein, a keynote speaker at the event, on the red carpet. He was with his entourage.Tan said her group went to take photos with Weinstein and he obliged. She only knew the producer-by name, and did not know about his background at that time.
However, after they parted, Tan said Weinstein returned and spoke to her, asking: “Hey, are you an actress?”
Tan said she was. According to Tan, Weinstein then asked her: “I have a couple of scripts with me, would you like to come to my room to read them?”
She said she thought that was really creepy and declined.
But as he walked away, he asked her: “Do you know who I am? Do you know I can make you very famous?”Tan also said she decided to share her own experience in light of the mounting allegations and increasing number of women speaking out against him.
She maintains she is not a victim.
“I’m not a victim because nothing happened, but the reason I shared it is because I think it’s important to report and speak out about it,”
201122Lacey DornNYC - Grammercy Park HotelActorASSAULTShe met Weinstein at a party for The Artist, and again at a Halloween party at Rose Bar in the Gramercy Park Hotel in 2011. There, he asked her for her email so they could discuss her career. When Dorn went to say good-bye to him, he allegedly grabbed her between her legs. “I was so naïve, I didn’t say anything. And he didn’t say anything either,” she told the Times. “I just got out of the party as fast as possible.”
2012Cara DelevingneActor / ModelASSAULTEncouraged her to kiss another women in his hotel room, would not let her leave and tried to kiss her on the lips
2012Lea SeydouxActorASSAULTTried to kiss her on the lips after a Paris fashion show, 2012.
201320Amber AndersonASSAULTPrivate meeting, propositioned her with a personal relationship
2013Chelsea SkidmoreASSAULTChelsea Skidmore says that she met Weinstein around 2013. She says she had at least four encounters with Weinstein in which, under the pretence of discussing business, he would expose himself or try to coerce her into getting physical with other women. 
2013Unnamed Italian Actor - ModelRAPEDavid Ring
2013Unnamed Los AngelesLos AngelesPOLICE REPORTLos Angeles police say they are investigating after a second woman came forward to report criminal wrongdoing involving film mogul Harvey Weinstein. Los Angeles police are also investigating another report filed by an Italian actress who said she was raped by Weinstein in 2013. That investigation is still ongoing.
2014Emily NestorEmployeeHARASSEDInvited her to his  hotel room, told her he would help her succeed if she accepted his advances.
2014Brit MarlingActorASSAULTTouched and wanted a massage. 
2015Unnamed Los AngelesLAPOLICE REPORTThe exact nature of the claims were not immediately clear. A law enforcement source described the alleged behavior as lewd acts. Los Angeles police spokesman Josh Rubenstein confirmed the investigation to The Associated Press on Wednesday. He says the incident occurred in 2015 but police declined to provide any other details.
Ambra Battilana Gutierrez
NYCModelASSAULTGroped her breasts and attempted to put his hand up her skirt, she was aged 22. Informed the NYPD who had her wiretapped and released the tape , case was dismissed , although there was hardcore evidence.
2015UnamedEmployeeASSAULTThe Times obtained a memo written by a TWC employee named Lauren O’Connor that said in 2015 Weinstein pressured an unnamed female assistant to give him a massage while he was naked, leaving her “crying and distraught.”
-Minka KellyActorHARASSEDPropositioned her to be his girlfriend.
-Angie EverhartModelASSAULTMasturbated in front of her on a boat when she was in bed.
-Mia KirshnerActorHARASSEDHarassed her in a hotel room, he attempted to treat her “like chattel that could be purchased with the promise of work in exchange for being his disposable orifice.”“She had kept her experience with Harvey Weinstein a secret for a very long time. She said it felt it important to tell the truth and speak out against the sexual harassment her and others have endured.
-UnnamedMother w kids
-Lauren O'ConnorEmployeeHARASSEDShe sent an internal memo about  the toxic environment created by his sexual harassment and misconduct.
-Giovanna ReiASSAULTGot naked in front of her  with oil & wanted a massage , she screamed and managed to run away, she menaced to sue him, he let her get away
-Lina EscoActor - DirectorHARASSEDIn 2010, Esco and Weinstein dined together and kept pressing her for a kiss. “He tried to insinuate that everything would be easier for me if she went along, Esco gave Weinstein a “very special thanks to” credit on her feminist film “Free the Nipple.”
-Sarah PolleyActor - DirectorHARASSEDWas pulled out of the photo shoot abruptly. The publicist said that they needed to be in Harvey Weinstein’s office in 20 minutes.When she got there, Mr. Weinstein wasted no time. He told her in front of her publicist and a co-worker beside him, that a famous star, a few years her senior, had once sat across from him in the chair she was in now. Because of his “very close relationship” with this actress, she had gone on to play leading roles and win awards. If he and her had that kind of “close relationship,” she could have a similar career. “That’s how it works,”he told her ; that meeting was  almost 20 years ago.
-"Sarah Smith" (Alias)EmployeeRAPE
-UnamedRAPEShe was raped , but hasn't spoken to anyone about it, not even her family.
1970'sHope Exiner D'amoreEmployeeRAPEWorked for Weinstein’s concert promotion company, Harvey and Corky Productions.Weinstein raped her in a hotel room in the 1970s when they were in their 20s. After Exiner d’Amore’s alleged rape, she said Weinstein offered her credit cards for shopping sprees, but she declined and was later fired.