For consideration: Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2012
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TimestampName of blogWeb address of blogWhy this blog deserve to be considered as a Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2012?Remarks
4/6/2012 11:34:50AppsMaster.Netwww.appsmaster.netIn this site lets you in on the latest Apps secrets and into a world of customisation and advanced functionality that is truly astounding.
It's very influential to guide all the geeks for the apps that they need most.
4/6/2012 12:48:29Blogged: Eccentric Yet Happyhttp://eccentricyethappy.blogspot.comIt is an influential blog that astonished a lot of readers. Unique blogposts and inspiring stories posted here.qualified
4/6/2012 13:47:33Fit and Fashion Mom blog can be influential as it cited everything that can inspires styles, beauties and celebrities that is good to follows and some bad that shouldn't be a role model.qualified
4/6/2012 15:58:44The Urban Walker blog takes on the daily pressing news and issues concerning urban situations, specially transport (mobility) and related projects. As it progresses, the blog will also be featuring traffic and policy issues affecting Metro Manila, which will be expanded to cover related issues from other neighboring Asian countries by way of comparative statistics and demographics.qualified
4/6/2012 21:05:22Pa Ulhttp://pa-ul.blogspot.comDespite it is a personal blog its strength are (a) readership are mostly audience/people of the same interest, professionals and educated, (b) followers are from different following icons mostly are concentrated to the same field of interest, (c) creative and design of which are uniquely blended spices of creativity, thoughts and design and others by Pa Ul despite online and just simply emerging finding his own creative way to express his soul to be heard and to be visualized.qualified
4/6/2012 23:32:40So Gelleeshhttp://www.gelleesh.comSo Gelleesh started as a beauty blog. It eventually grew and ventured into the world of fashion thus showing everyone that one's size should never be a hindrance to reaching one's dream.

Gelleesh considers her blog influential by the number of response she gets with her readers who shows their support and tells her that they've been inspired by what she posts. She loves doing product reviews to help her readers and fellow bloggers in finding a cheaper beauty product alternative for those high-end ones; because she believes beauty doesn't always have to be costly. She knows that sometimes it just takes some confidence and trust in oneself to be able to reach your dreams!
4/8/2012 8:08:54Rapplerhttp://www.rappler.comRappler started last December 2011 ( It aims to challenge the way news gets presented and delivered to the online reading public. Veteran journalists embracing blogs and social media in an effort to change our country, one article at a time. I feel that Rappler deserves to be considered as one of the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2012. Hope writing project participants will include this site in their list. (P.S. I am not from Rappler but am a frequent reader of the site.)qualified
4/9/2012 10:21:35Lessons Of A Dadhttp://www.lessonsofadad.comIt's one of the very few Filipino dad blogs out there. I use my experience as a Montessori teacher, the parenting seminars of my church, and good ol' school-of-hard-knocks experience as a married father of 3 kids as background for my content.

So, it has a pretty good combination of parenting, marriage, Filipino patriotism, and faith...content that blesses and challenges the reader.

Lessons Of A Dad also won the 2011 Philippine Blog Awards Best Lifestyle Blog for Mindanao; and it was one of the finalists for the Philippine Blog Awards Best Home and Parenting Blog at the National Level, the only dad blogger on that list.
waiting for disclaimer to be added at the blog citing that entries before June 2011 were from another blog.
4/12/2012 3:02:36apphotonews.comapnewsroom.comThis blog is less than a year old at this time and is an accredited media outlet with news of interest covering events and trade shows from " coast to Coast "qualified
4/12/2012 17:36:06Life After Breakfasthttp://life-after-breakfast.blogspot.comLife After Breakfast is a lifestyle blog that focuses on living creatively and sustainably. The blog promotes an inspired lifestyle through posts about art, design, crafts, vegan recipes, books, photos, and travel.

In only six (6) months since the blog was launched, it has been visited over 360,000 times.
4/14/2012 19:27:35Toned Down & Vintagehttp://toneddownandvintage.wordpress.comToned Down & Vintage existed originally as a working portfolio, not an online smorgasbord of thoughts expressed periodically in less than 1,000 words. It converted to the latter because the author could not restrain herself from writing about things that fascinate her, and share those to people who'd care to read. Now that TD&V has gained a little following, the author again stretches her writing capabilities to let her audience feel that they, too, could appreciate "anything that resembles a tiny ray of sunshine" and become a "four-dimensional human being."qualified
4/15/2012 11:25:14INTRAMUROS MANILA.asia is my contribution to the growing need of raising awareness for the Walled City, Intramuros, as a major cultural and historical spot in the Philippines. The blog was created a couple of weeks before the DOT campaign “It’s more fun in the Philippines” was launched. I created it with the purpose of strengthening the online presence of Intramuros due to the lack of an official website that should have been dedicated for it and due to the decline in the number of visitors for it year after year. One of the campaigns I created for the blog is Intramuros Bloggers Challenge 2012 where I invited bloggers and social media influencers to revisit and write about Intramuros after a one-night dinner with cultural presentation at Barbara’s Restaurant and a half-day walking tour with top-caliber tour guides such as Carlos Celdran, Castillan Carriage and Tours and Mabuhay Guides by Ms. Susan Calo-Medina. Part of the challenge is called the Photo Challenges sponsored by the Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation, the biggest organization of photographers in the Philippines. IBC 2012 was also supported by the Intramuros Administration, Payless Pancit Shanghai, Starbucks Coffee, Ruthilicious and GadgetGambit.comqualified
5/3/2012 14:22:36The Talking Sensesthetalkingsenses.blogspot.comThis blog discusses anything and everything under the sun, ranging from books, movies, literature, events, news, tips and trivia. qualified
5/5/2012 20:33:16Career Guidance for Young Professionals hope to share what I have learned thru trainings on career advancement, career coaching and, finding employment, hence this blog. only has 11 blog post as of this submission.
5/9/2012 16:01:17Love Conquers Allhttp://pinaythrillseeker.blogspot.compersonal travel stories of a Pinay thrill-seeker who is a living testament that love conquers all, as seen in the extreme things she has done for the love of travel and adventure. The author was a "weakling" who got driven by her recently found passion to experience the best of life. Her passion brought her to the Philippines' highest peak and she was greatly rewarded when she met the love of her life there, and now she's set to share her VERY detailed travel experiences (good or bad) for the world to know.qualified. Blog has necessary disclaimer on why it has entries before June 2011.
5/14/2012 2:16:50Nurse Germzhttp://www.nursegermz.comAs the blog name suggests, it is all dedicated for nurses written by of course a nurse (myself). Posting about nursing careers (for the unemployed including myself), nursing seminars, trainings (for nurses who are after continuous education), nurses news (in the Philippines and overseas) and everything that is for the welfare of our very own profession. So the very thing why Nurse Germz Blog deserves to be considered as one of the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2012 was the fact that I myself was shocked as to how thousands of professional nurses within Philippines and overseas have it reached. It actually started last December as a mere personal blog with missgermz as its previous name but with just one post regarding RN Heals (government project for nurse deployment), everyone was just dashing into it. Until then I have changed it into Nurse Germz (something part of me that I could never change as a nurse). It was on the 28th of January when I finally got its own domain. With that short period of time, through the Nurse Germz Facebook Fan Page, I still can't believe as to what it has became especially in the online field. But it's not all about the popularity but the purpose and my aim of reaching out to my fellow nurses as I take them towards discovering nursing career (Nurse Germz tagline). And even in the offline field, nurses whom I do not know recognizes me and approaches me as Nurse Germz (such a warming heart for that). Some even claims to be my number one fan (but I never call them as fans, because we deserve more because we are nurses so I prefer fellow nurses). Right now, Nurse Germz has remained to be friendly-nurse-page, where everyone in it interacts, shares discussions and ideas and I am very glad they call it as "tambayan."qualified
5/15/2012 14:57:15Unsugarcoated Reviewshttp://www.unsugarcoatedreviews.comUnsugarcoated Reviews is a blog dedicated to reviewing products, places, services, and events that cater to Filipinos. I see a lot of blogs out there that review things, but a lot of them mix their reviews with a whole lot of non-review posts. Also, a lot of online reviews are too "safe" and even look like marketing spins created to please the companies and the sponsors. I want to offer consumers reviews that can help them decide whether to patronize or avoid a particular product or service. I also want to help merchants and service providers to recognize their strengths and to improve upon their weaknesses since their views may not always jive with how their customers see things.qualified. Blog has necessary disclaimer on why it has entries before June 2011.
5/28/2012 0:56:31Kim Of The Worldhttp://www.kimoftheworld.comBlog started on July 11th, 2011 and since then has chronicled local SEO, Pro Blogger and Internet Marketer Kim Tyrone Agapito's tips, articles, how tos and lectures on relevant SEO and Blogging subjects. One of its posts won a blogging contest by Infolinks (a top alternative to Google Adsense) participated in by big IM blogs like and others. The blog currently receives up to thousands of Unique Visitors a day and has been NATURALLY mentioned and linked to by popular figures, names and sites in Blogging, SEO and Internet Marketing industries like Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz, a Blogger Product Manager, major WebMaster Forums and e-commerce communities. The site currently ranks high in select keywords and key phrases related to SEO and Pro Blogging in major search engines. The blog also has strong social signals, with many of its posts significantly tweeted, shared, liked etc a number of times. The blog has 6 sitelinks awarded by Google, a privilege given only by the Big G to Authority websites.qualified
6/10/2012 22:18:31The Purple Dollhttp://www.thepurpledoll.netInformative, entertaining and honest -- these are the basic foundations of The Purple Doll, a personal-turned-food blog. Foodies around the Metro have tons of choices when it comes to dining options, and this is where The Purple Doll comes into the picture. With well-written restaurant reviews and attractive food photos, The Purple Doll aims not only to serve as a guide of where to eat and what to order, but to also let readers be part of Sumi's foodie escapades.qualified
6/11/2012 8:04:28Maximizing Marriage blog inspires married couples all over the world to build God-honoring and fulfilling marriages and families.qualified
6/11/2012 9:36:48Two-sided Perspectivehttp://www.herbertkikoy.infoThis blog shares updated info on SEO and social mediaqualified
6/11/2012 22:21:36Gadget Gambithttp://www.GadgetGambit.comWith a lot of gadgets and technology news today, Gadget Gambit highlights only the relevant ones for its readers. We also provide some insights, analysis, and reviews of some of the latest gadgets we have today and thus influencing customer views and opinions.qualified
6/12/2012 6:43:55Pinoy Pop Culture from providing snippets of Filipino life from the point of view of a true-blue Filipino, the blog commends cultural highlights that aim to instill Pinoy pride among fellow Filipinos.qualified
6/12/2012 8:55:02Be Kind To Us Trollshttp://bekindtoustrolls.wordpress.comMy blog was created for fun and not for profit. It was conceived to satisfy my inquisitive nature. It continued up to this day to challenge my quest for the very elusive answers. The intentions were to share current events and personal adventures. To vent out criticisms and frustrations against the government, society, my next door neighbors, my colleagues, and myself. To explore my creativity or wander on my weaknesses. To commend remarkable individuals or criticize those that do not conform to my standards. It's actually a blog about the effects of the world on my everyday life, and how I perceive them. Destructive or constructive, it doesn't matter. It's a blog about my unique eccentric identity. It's up to the readers to judge whether I am in crisis or in peace. It's about me keeping in touch with realities and getting lost in my fantasies. I believe almost every personal blog out there is a continuous search of the bloggers' identity and the acknowledgement and acceptance of society.qualified
6/12/2012 15:31:14UntiedEscapehttp://untiedescape.blogspot.comBlog was created out of inspiration and passion to see the world. An aspiring traveler who hopes to travel around the Philippines and the world some day is sharing her travel thoughts, guides and itineraries. Some personal thoughts and blog about her pets (the blogger is a pet lover and an animal rights advocate) is included. A light read, happy life, wander thoughts, simple… Please come visit and escape with me! qualified
6/12/2012 20:55:07Oh Beautiful Madnesshttp://ohbeautifulmadness.blogspot.comThe blog reflects the thoughts of a twenty-something dreamer who wants her points heard, hearts inspired, and the world reformed. The blog discusses and comments on social issues, such as education reforms, politics, governance, and women's struggles and welfare. It touches culture and the arts, mass media, history, sports, music, and literature, and promotes artistic events and causes of dedicated organizations. Her musings on life, love, and family are also here. It aims to tell this generation that one should maximize his time on Earth by exploring not just places but his inner being. qualified
6/14/2012 16:45:07Vivi's Random Ramblings motivation to blog is a near death experience while traveling, it made me realize what a waste of life would it be if I die without anyone knowing how exciting it is to travel and explore. My 6 months blog is an extension of my soul, it speaks of my travel adventures from Asia to Middle East and Europe, together with challenges capturing the moment with my bridge camera. qualified
6/14/2012 21:43:37Between Coordinateshttp://betweencoordinates.comBetween Coordinates started March 15, 2012 and was at first focused on the different places visited by Regine Garcia, a 21-year-old Registered Nurse and Web Designer / Developer. Five days after the blog was established, Regine decided to launch "Project 730" - a 2 year planning process before embarking on a journey around the world. Her main goal was to wander around Earth before she turns 30. Now, running on the 92nd day, she talks about her experiences with money, work, 6-month travel plans backpacking around the Philippines, and her philosophies in life. As the blog gets a day older, the insights and realizations of a young, ambitious, nomad, becomes an interest to many readers. Her tagline "I design and develop websites to travel the world before I turn 30 and no one can stop me" exemplifies her flaming passion towards art and travel.qualified
6/15/2012 9:53:53Pondering Paodaoleiwww.ponderingpaodaolei.netThis blog started just as a hobby in late 2011. It primarily showcases Paula's travel ponderings morphed into tasteful wander tales. Filipino posts can also be found every now and then as she expresses her deep devotion for her country. It is worthy to be followed as readers can go with her journey in conquering the whole 80 provinces of her beloved Philippines.qualified
6/16/2012 16:57:42So, What's News"htpp://sowhatsnews.wordpress.comI started writing humor satire last September as a hobby and was inspired by the funny article on The Onion.

So, What's News was born.

Since then, I have written articles that seems to spark discussions, debates and outrage (not every topic though) and hopes that Filipinos would appreciate satire and humor more. It's looking at the funny and lighter side of news, with a bit of sarcasm here and there.

Thank you and best regards. :)

6/19/2012 20:26:03NeverSeconds blog influenced how public schools should served meals to their students. Her school attempted to ban her from taking photos but social media caught on and helped her fight for her right to freedom of expression and quality food choices. It has also raised enough funds to help build a school kitchen in Malawi.qualified
6/21/2012 1:58:50Foodie from the Metrohttp://www.foodiefromthemetro.comEasily one of the most informative food blogs of today that gives a concise review of restaurants and hotels around the metro and out of town too! It's also a very well designed and professional looking blog where you're sure to find some amazing dining discoveries!

To sum it all up: the Foodie From the Metro will not only let you in on the newest food finds and serve as a dining guide, but it would also even share interesting facts and knowledge about food. Now that's what one influential food blog if you ask me.
6/22/2012 13:05:04Filipino Bloggers Worldwide Bloggers Worldwide (FBW) started as a Facebook group on November 1, 2011 as Filipino Bloggers Around the World. As the name implies,the purpose is to unite all Filipino Bloggers around the world.

The group aims to build camaraderie among fellow bloggers around the globe and help members on opportunities to make money online, increase and build traffic, gain followers, blog comment exchange, share experiences and many more.

The group were known to other bloggers in less than a month and became the number one facebook Filipino bloggers group as of this time. We may all have different reason for blogging but we have the same goal which is to provide an active and supportive group.
6/22/2012 13:13:12The Talking Senses Talking Senses is a refreshing blog populated with interesting tidbits about anything under the sun e.g. trivia, movie and book reviews, topped every now and then with the author's passion for expression through poetry.qualified
6/22/2012 23:24:03Basaha Niyo Lang"Basaha Niyo Lang" is a "Hiligaynon" phrase which means "Just read". It is a blog for everyone of any age that tackles anything under the heat of the sun mainly of giving reviews on the different tourist destinations and attractions of my extraordinary province, South Cotabato. I also give quick and and easy recipe guide for my fellow food junkies and pet tips and advices for my fellow pet enthusiasts and a little bit of life lessons from my personal experiences and struggles.qualified
6/23/2012 8:54:13BlackHelios- Living Life to the Fullest blog deals with a lot of topics including travel accounts, personal thoughts, photography, features and more. This started as a school project last January 2012 when the blog site owner took his Travel Journalism class. He didn't even believe that blogging will turn out as a hobby that is really satisfying and enjoyable, thanks to his professor.

Like everyone else, this blog has its own set of objectives. It aims to explore, discover and share beautiful places in the Philippines; share some thoughts that will eventually help his readers and followers; feature some of the essential events and happenings around; tackle important issues of our society; and lastly, (which is a bit personal) a channel that helps him squeeze his creative and intellectual juices.

Happy blogging!
6/26/2012 1:04:30Tummy Adventureshttp://tummyadventures.tumblr.comThis blog is about food that can be found in different restaurants in Manila. I usually pick good food and describe them. Aside from that, I've only been active since late March 2012 and I've gotten good feedbacks. Readers are gradually increasing as my blog gets older. Yey! It helps people see the wide range that food has to offer and to try something new. I'm adding a new corner called Food Science which informs us on the sciences of food. E.g. Why does wasabi have that effect on us?

Thank you for your consideration. :)
6/27/2012 17:45:33The Adventist Adventurer Adventist Adventurer is a travel blog that was created last December of 2011. Its main purpose is to Travel with a Mission. This blog focuses on travels and adventures mostly in the Visayas and Mindanao regions. This blog also emphasizes traveling on a budget. And this blog highlights nature as a beautiful gift that God has given to all of us to enjoy and to care for.qualified
6/28/2012 9:30:09Colors and Grays is a personal blog where in I tackle almost anything that interest me. I write my opinions on politics, current events or just about anything. qualified
7/6/2012 2:10:46foydi's Treasure Huntwww.foydi.blogspot.comfoydi's Treasure Hunt is a fusion of travel oriented, inspirational and personal blog. This is different because it hunts for life's real treasures - grand and simple, valued and unnoticed, abundant and rare, visible and hidden, right here or out there. So whether these treasures are just around the corner, right here in our Bayanihan Republic or can be found in other parts of the world, foydi will try to find them and share it with its readers. Why? Well, because these life's treasures are the key to our happiness. It's just a matter of finding them and realizing their worth. And hopefully, foydi's Treasure Hunt can be an instrument in fulfilling that goal. :)

7/9/2012 12:40:32Honest to Goodness Reviews blog is intended for emerging small to medium enterprise businesses and unique products. I make honest reviews of their products, and services, its strengths and benefits. It helps build their business promotion. I usually pick those with potential to grow and needs a push to get confidence.

I setup this blog just this June 2012 right after I resigned in my managerial job, and I need an outlet to share what I have learned in nine years of working in the corporate world.
7/17/2012 4:29:57Mom for a Causehttp://www.momforacause.comMom for a Cause was created by a mommy who wants to help children suffering from health problems or abuse by creating awareness of their situation/existence. The blog's initial aim was to create hope for these children, one at a time but as months passes by, the author decided to write more not only about children but also worthy causes and awareness for women, children, the environment and others that may need help and hope.qualified
7/21/2012 16:35:01Read Me Like A Poemhttp://readmelikeapoem.blogspot.comGeneral blog who talks about the bloggers take on anything from poetry to food to life's lessons. Like a poem, it wishes to share things in different levels. A poem, just like a woman, a toy, a movie or even a food, is viewed and consumed differently. It doesn't own a single picture and has a unique way of being told. qualified
7/26/2012 10:59:13Kakulay Entertainment love this blog because very updated in news especially in entertainment news hope kakulay join the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2012Blog has post earlier than June 2012.
7/26/2012 14:17:26The Stridulation of the Lucky Crickethttp://readluckycricket.blogspot.comThe blog provides information to a wide array of topics: fashion, food, travel, movies, television, concerts, sports, and events among others. The website aims to provide in-depth information of every subject it posts, giving the readers the feel that they experienced the event or tried the product and the service themselves or have been to the places the blogger wrote about. The blog was established with the goal to inspire its readers to "celebrate life" by taking time to appreciate everything around us and it will continue to strive to keep that promise afloat. blog does not exist
9/1/2012 13:40:4530andFithttp://30andfit.wordpress.comThe blog started out as a mere documentation of a future bride's journey to lose weight before her big day. After getting married, she found out she's afflicted with 2 common hormonal conditions that could possibly prevent her from conceiving. The ongoing theme of the blog turned out from merely losing weight to look good into achieving overall fitness and wellness. It became a documentation of a newlywed's journey to be her fittest self by the time she's 30 years old.qualified
A Pensive Peanut on marketing, social media, and just about anything on the Internetqualified
9/7/2012 9:13:16Davao Eagle Onlinehttp://davaoeagle.comDavao Eagle Online "Your Access to DavaoOnline" (, a blogsite that gives you the highlights of the entire Davao Region. A virtual hub for one of the country’s finest district; a cyber-vision of the latest and the best of what Davao has to offer.

News and stories from its commerce epicenter Davao City to the corners of the region’s four provinces Compostela Valley, Davao del Norte, Davao Oriental and Davao del Sur; it is all here.

DavaoEagle is not just an ocean of words and photographs. It is a painting of what Davao Region is and will be. If you are curious of what Davao is or a proud part of the Davao Region, then you came to the right place. Share your thoughts. Inspire and be inspired.
9/7/2012 9:44:09Social Plus Magazinehttp://www.socialplusmagazine.comSocial Plus Magazine is not just a website, it's a digital magazine. Launched last September 29, 2011, Social Plus Magazine features relevant topcs, news and story that revolves in the social media and the community.

Our goal is to share information and good reads. That makes us influential.

Our blog strength came from our digital readers who download and support our magazine. They are that made Social Plus Magazine to be where it is now, going one year old. We shall continue this until we reach and influence more readers.
9/7/2012 19:59:51Nognog In the City in the City talks about the exploration of Nognog (the author) to discover things and interesting stories in the city. A personal and lifestyle blog owned by TV personality Rodel Flordeliz showcasing different events, entertainment, music, gadgets, food, travel and anything that makes interest to the author especially to all his readers. It gives a kicked on sharing his own views and first hand experiences that readers could easily relate to. qualified
9/11/2012 21:16:38Regin's Travels started blogging in October 2011, for the purpose of sharing beautiful places that I have been, especially in Europe and Southeast Asia, and to inspire other people to travel as well. I also included travel tips and itineraries to help you in your travels. qualified
9/13/2012 22:43:20The World Behind My Wallhttp://www.theworldbehindmywall.comThis blog deserves to be considered as one of the emerging influential blogs for 2012 especially in the travel category because the writer aims to see beyond the tourist spots and the popular destinations. He appreciates not just the beauty of the place but he is also able to share his experiences in a very creative and engaging way.not qualified. Blog started before June 2011 (based on About Us 1st comment seen)
9/15/2012 21:01:57See you. Europehttp://bellefemelle.tumblr.comThis blog may not be 'that' influential but I'm sure that it tackles what every teenager is experiencing. not qualified. Blog started before June 2011
9/18/2012 12:22:10SittieCates Loves Storieshttp://sittiecateslovestories.blogspot.comBooks and author interviews are its main topics. But upcoming features would also include stories highlighting the real lives of people and how things came to be. Stories bind all of us. And I believe that these span the distance and bridge the boundaries between worlds, between the past and the future - making them highly influential in every sense of the word.qualified
9/18/2012 13:44:29Valorie Marie Social Diaryhttp://www.valoriemarie.comValorie Marie Social Diary is an on-line site features special events with a touch of refine elegance such as the very best in style designer labels, finest luxury homes and places to dine as well as jewelries. It also promote cultural activities within or around existing arts and events like musical performances, cultural objects and collections from a museum, site, or similar social and cultural activities as well as charity.

One of the most powerful ways to be inspired comes from surrounding with inspirational arts, music and beautiful places and things. It has an amazing power to influence thoughts and emotions, to uplift and also inspire. This is the site to enjoy all of these and the charmed life. It’s a celebration of everything that will enrich life and brings happiness to the viewers.

not qualified. Blog started before June 2011
9/19/2012 10:49:58 Francramon This is a personal blog of Mr. Franc. It promotes healthy lifestyle in spite of a busy schedule. It influences the people to train, to run and to race. Mr. Franc is CPA, a corporate man, so there is a pressure on his work but still amazing that he find a way to blog and join triathlon. Running is a good way of exercise and it is hard to find a blogger just like Franc Ramon.not qualified. Blog started before June 2011
9/19/2012 10:51:27 Lilpink Lilpink.infoShe is a fashionista blogger and runs a Fashion blog. She’s from Iligan City, a schoolmate, and an active blogger. If you love fashion and want to receive giveaways just visit her blog. She is proud to be a Tausug and it is a good thing and a reason why I choose her to be one of my Influential blog. not qualified. Blog started before June 2011
9/19/2012 It is a technology blog that provides good information about mobile phones. I am amaze on this blog because for just five months of its operation it is already on PageRank 3. It easily gets the eyes of the people and very active blog.qualified
9/19/2012 16:32:13PalagutomPalagutom.blogspot.comAre you a food lover? Want to know where to eat? This blog serves the hottest food and food places that you will like. This food blog attracts many readers because of its comprehensive data about the place where he ate.qualified
9/19/2012 19:26:41Myk It is a personal blog/photography blog created by Myk Malag. The layout of the blog is not so catchy but when you see the photos on it, you will be amazed. The photos are very beautiful and very professional. It gives tutorial on how to get that certain photo. qualified
9/19/2012 19:27:52Teacherspenwww.Teacherspen.comThis is blog is intended to all educators created by Mr. Robi. It gives information to other educators and shares the experiences as an educator. It provides useful information that tells us about a children's mind and how they should be handed if you are an educator. qualified
9/19/2012 19:28:31The Traveling Nomadwww.TheTravelingnomad.comThis travel blog shows how beautiful is to travel. Its simplicity makes it more beautiful because it didn’t make my eyes sore. This blog also has comprehensive information about the place he visited.qualified
9/19/2012 19:29:04Kai She is a fashionista blogger and runs many blogs that all got a followers. She’s from Iligan City, a schoolmate, and an active blogger. If you love fashion and want to receive giveaways just visit her blog. She is proud to be a Tausug and it is a good thing and a reason why I choose her to be one of my Influential blog. qualified
9/19/2012 19:30:08Love Mindanaowww.Lovemindanao.blogspot.comThis blog shows the uncovered beauty of Caraga Region. This blog influences the readers to visit the places in Caraga and also promotes environmental awareness. This blog documented and features rare plants that can be seen in Surigao Del Norte and Sur that people think that can be seen also to the other places of the Philippines. qualified
9/19/2012 19:30:49Wazupphilippineswww.Wazupphilippines.comI choose this as one of the Top 10 Emerging Influential blog because of its content. It covers different topics but in spite of diverse topics, it grabs the people’s eyes to read. I love reading this blog because it gives true opinions.qualified
9/20/2012 8:27:28Kristov Bluehttp://kristovblue.tumblr.comMy blog deserves to be included because I think that besides doing fashion and lifestyle and personal posts, I deliver a strong sense of conviction in my blog that deals with critical issues of society in a sometimes not-so-literal sense. My blog influences people by opening their eyes to issues we usually neglect. I tackle those issues with a hint of my persona and I guess that's what makes it influential, the fact that it's packed with information, but it's still understandable and people can still relate to it.not qualified. It has blog post entries before June 2011
9/20/2012 15:02:21The Web Magazinehttp://carlovalenzona.comWhy Not? It talks about Advocacy and Artsqualified
9/20/2012 15:18:40The Urban Walker This is the first time that I read a unique blog that talk about urban planning and anything about our roads transaction. It gives information about transportation related concerns, specially on matters of transport and traffic scenarios, policies and other related concerns.qualified
9/20/2012 15:19:42The Traveling Nomad This travel blog shows how beautiful is to travel. Its simplicity makes it more beautiful because it didn’t make my eyes sore. This blog also has comprehensive information about the place he visited.qualified
9/20/2012 18:26:17The Lord is My CoachtheLordismyCoach.blogspot.comIt's influential because I can share how to apply God's Word to the trends of today.qualified
9/20/2012 20:53:24Corrine Ematawww.singlemomsupermom.comI try to show that even with my status I still manage to up to date. That being a single parent can be do anything and there are endless possibilities. I want to show that I can be flexible to any situation and challenges. I am one tough mom that nothing can stop me to express myself. qualifed
9/20/2012 21:39:18Jeremy Ematawww.highgearfullthrottle.comOften blogs are made by young professional but this one is made by a home school student. That even he usually stays at home he can still reach out and influence teenagers to be more social and give awareness that usually students don't even care. Not because your young you can't be mature in knowledge and information. Here he shows that there is no restrictions and the hunger for knowledge outside from school.
9/20/2012 21:45:09The Catholic Homemakerhttp://www.thecatholichomemaker.comWe are a husband and wife team. We share our thoughts and experiences around the family, in our marriage, and our Catholic faith. Our blog and content site is also shared with friends and contributing writers who are giving their thoughts in relationships and other stuffs where others can get some hope, inspiration and encouragement. We also support ministries for the unborn, unweds, the neglected oldies and orphans (please check our SUPPORT tab). Thus our theme, 'Start doing small things with great love at home.' We believe that everything starts in the family, not anywhere else, but within the care of a father and mother to their children, and that love will ripple to the world.

PS: We got this invitation from a friend only today and we are just trying our chance to be included in the list. :)
Thank you very much.
9/20/2012 21:45:28The Catholic Homemakerhttp://www.thecatholichomemaker.comWe are a husband and wife team. We share our thoughts and experiences around the family, in our marriage, and our Catholic faith. Our blog and content site is also shared with friends and contributing writers who are giving their thoughts in relationships and other stuffs where others can get some hope, inspiration and encouragement. We also support ministries for the unborn, unweds, the neglected oldies and orphans (please check our SUPPORT tab). Thus our theme, 'Start doing small things with great love at home.' We believe that everything starts in the family, not anywhere else, but within the care of a father and mother to their children, and that love will ripple to the world.

PS: We got this invitation from a friend only today and we are just trying our chance to be included in the list. :)
Thank you very much.
9/20/2012 22:07:46The Learning Basketwww.thelearningbasket.comThe Learning Basket began as a preschool homeschool mom's way of sharing her adventures with her daughter. It revolves around the blog owner's belief that parents are "a child's first and best teacher." What started as a simple sharing of the joys of back-to-basics learning through reading, music, discovery, and exploration is now an advocacy that has spawned projects such as free parenting seminars and tie-ups with reading centers and homeschool groups. Mariel, the blog owner, has become one of the prime resource persons in the Philippines on homeschooling and Five in a Row, the curriculum she uses for her daughter. Over the past year, both her blog and her cause have gained following and have inspired fellow parents to actively participate in the early childhood education of their children.
9/20/2012 23:12:48High Gear Full Throttlewww.highgearfullthrottle.comThe blog is practically about tech and automotive, and also talks about everything under the sun. It has manged to get a visitor pool from the overseas too. I like it short and sweet, so that is practically everything i can say.
9/20/2012 23:32:33BIZTAKE the blog focuses on helping people see life's blessings on a more positive note.