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Club nameAdvisorsNumber of studentsStudent leaderMeeting daymeeting timemeeting locationmeeting frequencyMission/purpose (be brief)
2020 Steering CommitteeKathleen Thompson, Shari Idelson, Sandy Crawford15 regular (10-15 extra)7:20amC451weekly
2021 Steering CommitteeLeslie Patterson, Kristen Ehrler, Ariel Cox15 regular (10-15 extra)White Wednesdayalternate between ACA & 7:20amweekly
2022 Steering CommitteeNancy Childress, Rachel Cooke, Tracy Ryan15 regular (10-15 extra)Thursday7:30 am C361weekly
2023 Steering CommiteeMelanie Mahoney,Tom Lewis, Amy Jacobs, Peter Elenbaas
AcafellasMike Bunting12 - 16Simon PerryWACAchoral roomAcafellas is a student-led a cappella group for tenors and basses that rehearses during ACA in A225, the small ensemble room. They sing pop, rock and other styles of music. Auditions are held in September around the 3rd week of school. Audition info is posted outside the chorus room, A211. https://www.lsrhs.net/sites/choral/ensembles/student-directed-groups/acafellas/
ACCENTSusan Frommer - English DeptSimon Perry, Abby Ganz, Julian FlackStudent run coed accapello group at LS. Tryout basis in September.
AccentMike Bunting-Susan FrommerAccent is a student-led mixed a cappella group that rehearses from 1:30-3:00 pm in A225, the small ensemble room. They sing a variety of popular styles of music, and perform at a number of concerts and competitions on and off campus. Auditions are held in September around the 3rd week of school.
Achoired TasteMike Bunting12 - 16Abby Ganz, Kelly Durning, Kathryn KimbleWACAchoral roomAchoired Taste is a student-led a cappella group for sopranos and altos that rehearses during ACA in the chorus room. They sing a variety of popular styles of music. Auditions are held in September around the 3rd week of school. Audition info is posted outside the chorus room, A211 https://www.lsrhs.net/sites/choral/ensembles/student-directed-groups/achoired-taste/
American Sign Language Caroline Han Anjuli Das, Shelley Zuckerman, Hannah BissonFriday7:20amC-372weeklyStudent led opportunity to learn sign language.
AMNESTY INTERNATIONALPaula Myers - Librarianbetween 8-15Becca Green, Emily Wong, Sonya CarsonWednesday7:20amLibrary classroombiweekly (blue)Amnesty International is a worldwide organization that campaigns for internationally recognized human rights to be respected and protected for everyone.
Art ClubMs Peterson7-30Milla Goldetal, Jack CroftonWednesdayACAB236Every week (every other week is optional)To create a stronger sense of community in the arts department, and to inspire each other to make more art
ASIAN CULTURES CLUBVicky Caburian - Wellness Dept5-10 kidsJocelyn Glick/Katie JohnstoneWednesdayACA1/weekhttps://www.lsrhs.net/sites/asianculturesclub/
ASTRONOMY CLUBSamantha Parker - Science Dep6-8 kids, parents & sibs sometimesEmma Forde and Sam Skiffington
ACAA409biweeklyThe LS Astronomy Club’s mission is to provide students the opportunity to observe the night sky using telescopes, learn how to use the tools of astronomy (telescopes, heliostat, planispheres, etc.), discuss astronomy and space topics, and have fun in a supportive atmosphere. The club is entirely student driven, with no set schedule of activities. The sky is (not) the limit! No background knowledge in Astronomy is required – all are welcome!
AUTISM AWARENESS CLUBBeth Mangano & Lynne Hunter - Special Ed. Madison Marilla - student leader Hallie Teitelbaum, Andrew Cahill, Matthew LuceyWACAC351biweekly(white)The Autism Awareness Club was founded in 2014. The mission of the club is to spread awareness of the effects of Autism with the goal of increasing acceptance of individual differences throughout the school community. Each year, the club has organized an information table outside the cafeteria in April, which is designated as World Autism Awareness month.
Aviation ClubAmy Jacobs10 Ben Simon / Jake SimonWACAC372weeklyThe purpose of the club is to immerse people into the aviation community
BEST BUDSJennifer Reen - Special Ed., Maureen Bolton - Science DeptVaries year to yearOlivia Fotakis, Abby Schwartz, Carter HaydonWACAA420biweekly blue
BioBuilding ClubLaura Stapler10William (Max) BordenWACAA416biweekly blueUsing the BioBuilder Curriculum developed at MIT, this club will help students to learn about the principles of synthetic biology and genetic engineering - what it is, how it works, and with hands-on lab experience - in the hope that we go on to use it to one day change the world for the better.
Biology ClubNicole Digenis / Regina Shopira10Abby Schwartz, Elina Suter, Ellie GottliebMonday before school and during ACAMonday before school and during ACAA413Every weekTo learn about Biology-related topics of interest to club members. Student experiences include labs, activities, videos, guest lectures from local doctors and scientists. Field trips based on club members' interest may also be planned. Biology club is a student-run and directed club. Advisors monitor lab activities and advise student leaders.
Book Club at LSLynne Hunter4Izzy CohenACAACAA304-2once a monthThe Book Club at LS is for students who enjoy reading for pleasure. The Book Club meets once a month during ACA.
Business ClubMelissa Gray30Ryan Richards, Justin Lewitus,Ari Roth, Justin Lombardi,Adam Kaiser, Derek Nielsen, Stephen KossuthWACAWhite weeksDECA is a club that talks about the premise of business and competes in tournaments that relate to business (i.e. stock market game, job interviews, etc.)
Car ClubShawn Miller10Ari RothBlue Wednesdays 7:20am7:20amTBDEvery other weekTo have an organized way for students who are interested in cars to meet and share their enthusiasm with one other while conversing and learning everything car-related through discussions, videos, having experts from the industry speak, and events outside of school as well.
Chess ClubJenn DuboisAri Roth, Eric FengFriday7:15 AMB448Blue
Coro de ChicasMike Bunting4 - 8Grace Grandprey, Julia PilavinFafter schoolchoral roomCoro de Chicas is a student-led small group of sopranos and altos with piano that rehearses Fridays after school in the chorus room. They sing a variety of popular styles of music. Auditions are held in September around the 3rd week of school. Audition info is posted outside the chorus room, A211. https://www.lsrhs.net/sites/choral/ensembles/student-directed-groups/coro-de-chicas/
CUM LAUDEPhil James - History Dept
Dance ClubDiane Phillips10Emely DeLaCruz, Queendaysha McDonough-Swamy, Sarobi HudsonBlue WednesdayACAmulti-purpose roomBlue WednesdayStudents looking to learn and enjoy Hip Hop Dance together.
D&D Club (Tabletop RPG Club)Nate Armistead20Roshan Kharbanda & Ryan AlkasabACAweeklyC362weeklyTo play and learn Dungeon and Dragon
DEARStephanie Benash20Rebecca Dubrovsky, Randy Ziffer, Evan JohnsonWACAweeklyDEAR supports mental health awareness. It is a confidential place to talk about anything on your mind. We also run community events to raise awareness.
DOE (Dept of Energy)NATIONAL SCIENCE BOWLCaroline Singler & Carol Lewis - Science Dept14Mondayafternoons 2:40 pmA432weeklyStudents study and work together to learn about all areas of science and math, building content knowledge, teamwork and communication skills. The team competes annually in the Northeast Regional Science Bowl, an annual quiz bowl competition sponsored by the US Department of Energy. Students spend Monday afternoons throughout the year studying and teaching each other, and practicing "buzzing" to answer individual toss up questions and brainstorming to answer team bonus questions.
DYADCharles Despotopulos40+As often as possibleAs often as possibleA205As often as possibleTo make the best yearbook ever!
Earth Justice and SustainabilityLaura Moynagh10Sarah LevineACA and Thursday 7:20amACA and Thurs 7:20amCareer CenterweeklyTalk about food justice in our community and work on small projects to educate and promote a locally based food system. Educate and discuss how to be a sustainable and ethical consumer.
ENGINEERING TEAMPaul Shultz - Applied Technology20Phil Cass, Anna fryling, Andrew Sills, Noah ButtnerACA, Tuesday after school 3-5, Daily during January and FebruaryB230daily in winter, weekly otherCompete in the FRC Robotics Competition, to build a robot to compete in some sort of game.
ENVIRONMENTAL CLUBChris Collins15-25Maya David, Nitika Purohit, Jacqueline LiuWednesdayACA and 7:15amA408Every ACA, some Wednesday 7:15am and some week-ends and occassioanal local meetings.To make Lincoln, Sudbury and Boston more sustainable and environmentally friendly through school and community inititiatives.
FCABecky Chen20-30Chloe Stubblebine / Caleb Yee / Annika Stubblebine / Nate Cundy/Daniel GohWednesday7:15C355weeklyFellowship of Christian Athletes is an orginization focused on reaching high school athletes through the medium of sports. We will be learning about character, leadership and faith.
Fencing ClubAmanda Klein10-15Anisha Kundu/Sam Skiffington/ tom StadnikovACAACAgymweeklyAn opportunity for people to learn more about fencing and learn how to fence from A rated fencers and possibly a national coach.
Fly Fishing ClubPeter Elenbaas6-12Brendan CookEvery Wednesday ACAevery weekTo grow the sport of fly fishing and encourage people of similar interests to join.
FORUM (school newspaper)Paul Sarapas - FATA, Jessica Sperandio - FATA12-20 editors, 20-40+ additional writersJustin Lewitus, Ryan Beatty, Esha Dudhwewala, Dasha Trosteanetchi, Josie Halporn, Natalie ElmesW, weekends7:20 AM, prior to publicationSchool newspaper writing, publishing and distribution.
FOUNTAIN (literary journal)Jen Garfield - Englishvaries: currently 15 or soMarisa Singh, Lara Garabedian, Casey Monteiro, Anna Cinccotaweekly
FRENCH CLUBDot Samsi & Julia Keith5-10Ranji Matthews & Natalie ElmesTo explore and promote French and francophone cultures with food, events, movies and more. Also involved in welcoming the French exchange students. Charity fundrasing also done on occassion.
Gardening ClubTom Lewis10Matthew JohnsonSunday 9:00-11:00am9:00amLincoln MeadowsweeklyTo learn to plant and maintain a garden consisting of vegetables, flowers, and other bushes. Students of all ages & experience levels welcome. Meetings will take place both in the classroom to discuss garden planning & at Lincoln Meadows to plant & maintain the garden.
GAY/STRAIGHT ALLIANCEJane Murphy & Regina Shopira5-20Katie verweij, alyssea immonenWACAHistory Loungeweekly
Gearticks Anne Hutchinson (Lincoln resident) - alfhutch@hotmail.com6 L-S, 3 non L-ST, F, Sat7-9 pm, 6-9 pm, 2-6 pm respectivelyAnne Hutchinson's houseweeklyWe're a robotics team aiming to build a successful robot for this year's FIRST Tech Challenge and promote STEM in our greater community.
GERMAN CLUBJoan Campbell - Language Dept30Joshua Geel2-3 times/qtrThe mission of the Lincoln Sudbury Regional High School German Club is to promote German Culture and Language use outside the classroom for German students, as well as involve, inspire, and inform non-German speaking students about German culture. Members organize cultural events, both inside and outside of the school also provide programming for the German exchange program.
Girls Who CodeMr. Sobkowicz15Caroline Schelssman and Kathyrn Faheem WednesdayACAB339Every weekA club where girls learn to code and become empowered to go into technology.
Gun Violence Prevention ClubPhil James - History Dept20-JunSydney Blair & Lily CarlisleACA on blue weeks, 7:20am on white weeks7:20:00 AMC360 blue weeks C362 white weeksweeklyStudents Against Gun Violence is a club for student activists looking to make a difference at school and in the greater community. We educate and inform the student body about the gun violence epidemic in the United States, and work on projects relating to gun violence awareness and prevention.
Health Awareness ClubGreg Gammons10-MayAnnie Pendergast & Anna SebellFridays7:20amC124White We hope to help the students of LS with developing coping mechanisms related to stress like, coloring, yoga, Zumba, etc. We have guest speaker come in to educate us about the common issues that teens go through today like, anxiety, depression, stress, underage drinking, drunk driving, nutrition, etc.
High School Quiz TeamDesiree Butter12-AugAndreas Masiakos, Senior Leader TBDWhite WednesdayACAB435Every other weekThe club prepares for quiz-based competitions that tests players on a wide variety of academic subjects. Every year the the team participates in High School Quiz Show on WGBH.
History ClubBill NovakwskiTBDErik KuniholmWafter schoolLSRHSweeklyA club for discussion of historical events
Improv ClubMr. Warner10-JunColton RobbinsB457We will be learning about different improvisational acting skills and hopefully preforming at some point in the future.
International RelationsDavid Grace15-20Casey Monteiro / Elina SuterMonday7:15amC371weeklyDicuss international relatoins and how to approach the pros and cons of different paths, in a non-pariisan fashion. Learn a better understanding of intenrational affairs and work out a system of policy making.
Intersection (MLK)Brendan Wimberly - SPED & Lori Hodin - Coordinator of Safe Schools Initiativesbetween 10-24Blue WednesdaysACAC3591-2/monthStudent Diversity Club that plans programing and issues guidelines to discuss diversity related topics
INVESTING CLUBJim Raffel - HistorySam Zuckerman, Ari Roth, Ross Erman, Juliet FeldmanWhite WednesdaysACAC364The LS Investment Club is a student led organization that teaches members how to invest in
stocks, bonds and mutual funds through a stock market game. The club also brings in guest
speakers who work in the finance and investing.
Katrina Project (MLK)
Key Club (MLK)
LS CHORAL PROGRAMSMichael Bunting - FATA deptweekly
LS FILM CLUBPaul Sarapas & Ken Kimura - FATA Dept12-15Kaleigh Barrera
Enzo Goodrich
Ari Reith
This year students will work more on their own projects and use the club meeting time to collaborate/support each other's individual projects. We also plan to hold an in-school film screening every month to six weeks.
LS MEMORIAL SCHOOL Cambodia (MLK)Dani Weisse - English15 membersRanji Matthews, Julia TingWACAC358biweekly(blue)LS Memorial School in Cambodia Club supports our sister school in Battambang, Cambodia. which was built by our community after a local tragedy and in memory of LS students. We support the school, which gives desperately poor students in Cambodia a chance at a better life through education. We also encourage a global cultural exchange through social media and trips to Cambodia (which occur roughly every 3 years).
LS Musicians UnionDan Schuler30-35Enzo Goodrich, Christopher LiWhite Wednesdays and Blue WednesdaysACASouth House Conference Roombiweekly(blue)
LS WEB TEAMShari Idelson & Dennis Phillips6 to 15ACAACAB332weeklyWeb Team blurb: The LS Web Team designs and maintains the school's website. The Web Team is available on a weekly basis throughout the school year to assist staff and community members with the creation of a school-related page. The goal of the team is not just to produce a useful and effective website, but to also learn about the "hows" and "whys" related to making something useful and effective to begin with. All levels of skill are encouraged to join.
LSB PlayersCarly Evans30-50 kids depends on showdaily in preparation seasonThe theatrical performance group at L-S. The group produces 5-6 full-scale productions each year, including; fall musical, children's show, winter one-acts, spring play, 10-minute play festival in June, and sometimes including smaller staged readings and a 9th & 10th grade play. Open auditions are held for each production. All students are invited & encouraged to audition. For those students who prefer to work behind the scenes, LSB Players also has an active technical theatre group.
TV ClubPaul Sarapas & Matt Cranson2+Davin MartinWednesdaysACAA207Every WeekCreate Videos, TV Shows, learn editing, producing directing,special effects in the SudburyTV studioapproved elenbaas
Math TeamMelanie Palma & Kristen Ehrler - Math~30Kevin Ji / Jason HuangW, ThACA, afterschoolB462once a month (both days)To have fun doing math together to prepare for Math Competitions (MML, Math Olympiad)
Medical ClubLaura Moynagh25Elle Stevenson and Jen GrousWhite WednesdayACAA411White Wednesday Working to bring in medical professionals to encourage and inform students considering going into the medical field. Collect medical supplies to add to the food pantry in Sudbury for local residents that might need them.
Mentors in Violence Prevention Club(MVP)Lori Hodin - Coordinator of Safe Schools Initiatives40WACA2-3/monthMentors in Violence Prevention Club trains student leaders to empower their peers to be student leaders and prevent unhealthy relatoinships.
MLK Action Project Susan Frommer & Dani Weisse15Matt Baird, Ranji Matthews, Ryland Finnie, Gigi Gibowicz, Elysia RudmanWACAC358biweekly (white)The MLK Action Project honors Dr. King by giving students and staff opportunities to help realize his dream of a more just America. These opportunities take the form of service trips, community volunteering, and educational assemblies and installations. Students are co-leaders and pursue their interests by crafting projects with the support of the group. We encourage students to reach beyond their comfort zones to make a difference in the world.
MODEL U.N.JK Park - Counseling Dept80-100Elle Stevenson, Elise Klinger, Diya Mehta,Colby Chung, Ethan Minkoff, Cailin SalleseTh and ACAMornings 7:20 am or ACALecture Hallweekly (Sept=>May)The purpose of Model United Nations (MUN) is to explore the United Nations, international
relations, and current events through oral and written means. Students will have the opportunity to
debate and write position/memo papers. Feel free to contact us if you have more questions about our vision and purpose.
Mountain BikingBill NovakowskiMarley SilvestroThe mountain biking club will learn about biking, repairing and enjoying rides together.
Movie ClubEmily Litman15Tenazha Marshall /Anastasia PsilosWhite ACAACALibrary classroomWhite WednesdaysWe will watch movies that as highschoolers/teens can relate to. By wathcing the movies we can learn how to handle situatins better and it can teach teens that you are not alone.
MusigalsMike Bunting8 - 12Wafternoons 1-3 pmchoral roomMusigals is a student-led a cappella group for sopranos and altos that rehearses during ACA in the chorus room. They sing a variety of popular styles of music with a focus on ensemble singing. Auditions are held in September around the 3rd week of school. Audition info is posted outside the chorus room, A211. See advisor Mr. Bunting with any questions. www.lsrhs.net/sites/choral/ensembles/student-directed-groups/musigals/
Natives People Awareness ClubMs. Gillespie16WednesdayACAC359White WeekTo spread awareness regarding the challenges facing American Indians. The club also plans to raise money to support native causes, and finally to try to find volunteer opportunities to help native communities.
NOSB (national ocean science bowl)BJ Pegram - Science Dept17Lisa Samoylov, Parker Simonweekly
Ocean Preservation ClubRami Alwan15Tatum Nickerson / Suleyka DoranBlue WednesdaysACAA414Blue WednesdayTo raise awareness to the increasing threat to the ocean and limit plastic use, our big statement that is if we continue to do nothing then it will be too dangerous to swim in our ocean within fifty years. So we are talking to an investor to make reusable water bottles and planning beach cleanups
OUTDOOR CLUBDan Lewis - Englishvaries on tripfirst ACA of each monthC-356 and off-site locations2x/month or moreLS Outdoor Club is dedicated to pursuing good, healthy, adventuresome fun in the outdoors. Rock climbing, hiking, camping, canoeing, snowshoeing, caving, swampwalking, skiing, orienteering, and more. Meet the first ACA each month in C-356, generally see one another at least one additional adventure per month.
Pediatric Intervention ClubMatt Wentworth20Caitie SamsWhite Wednesdays ACAACAC3351every other weekWe are a club looking to support and fundraise for the Pediatric Intervention Team at Emerson Hospital.
PEER MEDIATIONLori Hodin - Coordinator of Safe Schools Initiatives35as neededas neededB343full day training and then as neededTraining and then peer mediation
Photography ClubCarol PaddenKate Crocker / Julia ProvvisionatoWhite Wednesdays ACAACAB234White WednesdayThe photography club aims to connect students through weekly photographic themes and opportunities to share and edit our photos with various programs such as Photoshop. There will also be opportunities to help out with photographing school events and entering showcases and/or competitions
Powerlifting ClubShawn Miller35Caleb Yeevariesvariesannexevery other weekteach people to lift heavy weights
RaceCar ClubMeghan Notori10-15Zach TamWhite Wednesdays ACAACAB455In the RACECAR club, students can learn to program and control small self-driving cars. Then, they can show off their work in a race with over a dozen other teams (and counting) from all over the world!
Red Cross ClubMr. Mason15Sarah Heberlig, Maya Buchanan, Helen GiesBlue Wednesday ACAC345Every other weekTo raise money for the Red Cross.
Relay for LifeBen Coleman10Casey Monteiro, Jess Crane, Ella McGeady, Ali Quirk, Maddie LutzTuesday nights6-7pmLS Cafevery other weekTo plan the May 2020 relay for life event at Noyes school! We plan fundraisers and events throughout the year to raise awareness for the fight against cancer!
Rock Climbing ClubJake JonesRyan Grummer / Sam Drummond / Max AskewBlue ACAACAC-125 rock climbing gymblue WednesdayThe rock climbing club is a place to learn about and practice rock climbing, including bouldering and top roping. We encourage our members to practice safe techniques to avoid both short and long term injury, and, most importantly, to have fun climbing.
Rocketry ClubCharli Asti_Ferrerro6Kevin Ji and Parker SimonTuesday7:20-7:45A419Every weekLearn about rockets and build them.
SADDSarah Greeley - Wellness Dept and David Bloom - ACE/English15Caroline Deignan, Alex Meal, Julia Ryan, Nikki SmithBlue Wednesday ACAC249blue WednesdaySADD attempts to help club members think about their relationship with substances so they can try to engage their peers in discussions around substance use. Ideally this will lead to the reduction of risky behaviors in our community and empower the voices of non-use.
SCIENCE OLYMPIADMary Brunson17WACA A402weekly until march
SKI & SNOWBOARD CLUBDan Lewis - Melanie Palma~40Phil Cass, Grace HeidenreicherWACA into late afternoonWachusettweekly in winterThe LS Ski and Snowboard Club runs a series of trips to Wachusett Mountain from LSRHS during Wednesdays in January and February. A coach bus picks students and chaperones up at school at 12:30, we ski until late afternoon, then we're back at school by 6:30. Whether students are snow-sports expert or brand new to winter sports, this club is a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and enjoy ourselves outdoors.
SOAR - students organizing for allyship and resilience (MLK)Vacant12-15Fridays 7:15 in the morningC355Every WeekPromote and educate about ally and upstander behavior; seek out opportunities for local engagement and activism
SPANISH CLUBDesiree Butter30-40Shelley Zuckerman Emily Greeley Abby GanzWednesday7:20 a.m.B435biweeklyIt is a meeting place for the students to practice spanish in a social environment. Members participate in various activities such as crafts, dancing, cooking, foreign films, field trips and more. Volunteers from the Spanish Club are also available to tutor Spanish scholars who may be having difficulty in class and to visit students in the middle school. We also fundraise for the foundation Save the Children 3 to 4 times a year. During Foreign Language week we participate in various events to promote the benefits of speaking another language.

SPEECH & DEBATEPonah Gillespie20Jessica Pan, Joel George, Rhea Karty, Bella Omar, Jishnu Ghosh, Sydney Ashkinos, Esha Dudhwewala Wednesday ACAACAC361weeklyClub that focuses on politics and argumentative skills that aid with essay writing and college applications. The group competes in various tournaments locally and nationally. Flexible devotion allowed.
STUDENT SENATEElizabeth McClung30-40 students (7-9 students per grade)Emma Spector (President), Brett Sorbo (Vice President), Andreas Masiakos (Secretary).WACAB460biweeklyThis is an elected student body that represents the interests of LS. That serves to represents the LS students needs and interests. Serves as a liason between students and staff/administration.
Students Against Animal CrueltyKelly GaudreauKaty Ricker / Aneehsa SharmaBlue WednesdaysACAC356weeklyWe are a club working to raise awareness about the different forms of animal cruelty happening around us, and working together to help stop animal cruelty.
Students Together Empowering WomenSusan Shields- Wellness Deptbetween 12-15Sabrina Hoenig, Alyssea Immonen, Khadijah CeesayT & Thweekly (white T and blue Th)Our mission is for people of all genders to examine women’s issues and fight for equity in a global society. We aim to create a safe space in which to talk about inequities we experience in own lives. We also strive to offer each other support and encouragement in taking on roles of leadership in our community and in the future with specific focus on gender equity.
ULTIMATE FRISBEETim Cobbettaround 40Max Woolf, Dillion Burke, Caden Schoener, Suley Doran, Claire Zhang, Lauren Klingerweekdays with some weekend matches3:00pmTi Sales in Sudburyevery weekday in fall and spring season
Universal GamesMr. Malone/Mr. Dorey12miller howreyF? Kai ReevesWedACAB454Every weekPlay all kinds of games
Women's Microfinance InitiativeMr. Raffel10-20Juliet Feldman / Sydney Rosenberg/Blue WednesdayACAC364
"The Women’s Microfinance Initiative organizes fundraisers to give loans to women in Eastern Africa. These funds provide impoverished women with capital, training and support to promote business opportunities."
YOUTH PEER TUTORINGSusan Shields - Wellness DeptElina Suter, Annie Davin, Jess LewisM & Tafter schoollocal elementary schoolsweeklyThe purpose of Lincoln-Sudbury Youth Peer Tutoring is to provide younger students in the greater Lincoln-Sudbury community the opportunity of individual tutoring by Lincoln-Sudbury students.