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Prompt 1: If I said "Let's set up a new Chrome Hearts customer account," what info would you expect to need to give? Is there more you would add to the "register new account" portion?EXAMPLE: Home page > click on the banner > scrolls downs > click in the product > add to bagEXAMPLE:
-I feels that task is easy
-I thinks that a bag icon should be place near to "add to bag"
-"I guess I don't need to log in"
-"I am glad that I don't need to log in before browse"
Prompt 2: Navigate to the Explore Collections page, puruse the explore page. Are there other features you would like to have in the explore page?I swiped up to the explore collections page > Scrolled down to the big, blue 'explore chrome collections' box- It was easy enough to swipe up to the explore page
- There was nothing though that indicated that I was on an explore page until I scrolled to the bottom and the saw the big, blue 'explore chrome collections' button
- The term 'explore collections' is a bit confusing to me. When I think of explore collections, I think you mean just clothing. I was thrown off when I clicked the blue 'explore chrome collections' button and saw the instagram explore page-liked feed (since you explained it in slack, I already knew what this feature was for) but even with the knowledge of that feature, I wasn't expecting that when clicking the button
- While I know that this is a LoFi prototype, the greyness and the boxes threw me off. I was a bit confused initally when looking through the app
While in the 'Your Eyes Only' section: "Chrome Hearts exlusively sells in store, if I can 'Add to Bag' am I now able to shop with an online platform?"
- This comment is moreso for the narrative that you are creating with this app. Should the users know already that we are in a future where Chrome Hearts is allowing people to purchase items from the app? Is the 'purchased item' more of a hold that people would need to pick up and actually purchase in stores, if so - what happens when the item sells out in store? (Not sure that you are necessarily looking for this feedback, but they were things that came to mind)

- "I like the look/feel of the 'Your Eyes Only' collection page over the 'Matty Boy' collection"

- "Odd to place a preview of the Chrome Hearts instagram feed within the 'Inside Chrome Hearts' page" (This to me would only make sense to me if the Chrome Hearts instagram page does regular posts showing their designing and creative process)
2 (The task itself was simple, but the location of it made completing the task difficult as I naturally just wanted to click to whatever I saw first)
Prompt 3: Go back to Home, access the "for you" page and add product to your check out from a store at a specific location.clicked home > clicked into 'view collection' for the Your Eyes Only collection > chose Aspen as location > clicked 'add to bag' for Chrome Hearts Item #1 (realized that wasn't a pressable option) > chicken the box icon for Chrome Hearts Item #1 > picked a size > then clicked 'add to bag' (realized that wasn't a pressable option)- 'main menu' and 'for you' page don't visually exist. I assumed main menu to mean 'Home' and assumed that the 'Explore Chrome Collections' meant 'for you'
- I wasn't able to actually add anything to the bag, but I was able to go through the steps of adding an item to the bag pretty easily
- I went to other pages to try to add items, and the sizing choice that I initally picked was already highlighted for other items. Wasn't sure if that was intentional
- "I would love to see the personality of Chrome Hearts come through in the UI/UX of this app. I want to feel the Chrome Hearts vibe when scrolling and clicking through" (Totally understand that this is a LoFi prototype, so this is just something to consider in the future)2
Prompt 4: Check out and get confirmationIn the 'Shop' page, I clicked the bag icon in the upper right-hand corner >clicked the blue 'Checkout' button > clicked 'place order'> then was taking to the order's page- Pretty straight forward but I would've liked to see an actual confirmation page- "Is there an actual confirmation page that I missed"1
Prompt 5: How do you think you'd make the app feel like an even more personalized expereince?N/A- Apps (SNKRS, adidas, etc) have first-time account registration users fill out a simple (& skippable) questionnaire that makes what they are seeing feel personalized. While Chrome Hearts is already a niche market and people who shop the brand already know what the like/dislike, I think that this would be cool for people who are into fashion/street wear but who aren't familiar with the brand have that option
- Without the description in slack, I don't think that I would've understood the purpose of the XP
- Honestly, and as a user, I'm not sure if I fully care about getting exclusive content from the XP. I use apps to purchase item drops because they tend to be more reliable than websites (mainly due to website crashes). In terms of Chrome Hearts (I could definitely be wrong here as I'm not fully aware of the brand presence) would their users care about that, or are they more for just getting the item and going on with their day?
- "I see XP, but I don't get how I know that I am gaining it or what the purpose is"
- "Why does clicking on the LA store generate more XP than Aspen" (In the case of Chrome Hearts, I'm assuming that they only use flagship stores so I don't know if I would rank them that way)
- "London has 800VXP, is that an error"
IK Random ThoughtsApps provide a level of convenience that an in-person shopping experience doesn't provide. While I know its standard for people to have to click onto the specific item within an app and see what sizing is/isn't in stock, consider incorporating that here somehow (Honestly, you don't need to do this! This is just a pet-peeve of mine from using apps to purchase drops and stuff)