HOW TO USE THIS DOCUMENT: Use the below list to locate core curriculum to help you deliver school counseling lessons to students in the classroom. The list below contains external links to curricula created and maintained by external public and private entities. ISCA does not control or guarantee the accuracy of this outside information. These links are provided for your convenience and do not necessarily constitute an endorsement, recommendation, or favoring by ISCA. If you find other resources that you think should be added to this list or if you find a broken link, please contact
Curriculum TitleGrade Level DescriptionAcademicCollege/ Career Social/ EmotionalCost?
American Student Achievement Institute9-12College and Career Readiness lessons that provide steps to implement effective practice; these lessons are downloadable and ready to usexxFree
ASCA Scene (a repository of curricular resources for ASCA members)K-12An interactive forum in which school counselors across the country can connect with each other to share information on important topics affecting the field; also lends links to tips and strategies on best practicesxxxFree to ASCA members only
California College and Career Readiness5-12Overview of lesson plans for Career Readiness; use this web address to access the lessons There are lessons written in both English and Spanish xxFree
2013 CASEL Guide (PK-5)PK-580-page downloadable guide to implementation of SEL programs/lessons in schools. It also includes data on the impact of such implementation by age, grade, geographical location, race/ethnicityxFree
2015 CASEL Guide (MS & HS)6-1250-page downloadable guide to implementation of SEL programs/lessons in schools. It also includes data on the impact of such implementation by age, grade, geographical location, race/ethnicityxFree
Casey Life Skills for Post-secondary Planning through NCDA9-12, up to age 21The Casey Life Skills guide has lessons and steps to teach students independent living skills such as self advocacy, self protection, healthy relationships both platonic and romantic. The skills in ths guide can be put to great use with high school students and college students. x
Classroom Circle Handbook7-9A 5-week step-by-step curriculum used in a Summer Bridge setting to teach important life skills such as Showing Empathy to Others, Positive Self-talk, Problem Solving and Goal setting among others. It can be utilized at many grade levelsxFree
Connecticut's CurriculumK-12 A guide that focuses on creating and implementing a comprehensive school counseling program. This useful tool outlines the steps and rationale of a comprehensive plan utlized by all grade levelsxxxFree
Counselor’s CabinetMostly K-8, some HSDownloadable content on various SEL issues such as Abuse/Neglect, Sexual Abuse, Divorce/Separation , Homelessness, Anger Management, Peer Mediation and more xxFree
CPS Advisory Framework6-12This website provides information on the importance of implementing an Advisory period for Middle and High School grades. It includes scope and sequence, in addition to implementation techniques and key stakeholders who should be involved in the planning process. xxxFree
CPS Sexual Health CurriculumK-12CPS has provided a Sexual Health Curriculum to be taught to all K-12; the materials include information written in English and Spanish. Additional training is mandatory in order to instruct the curriculum to students. xFree
Georgia's Career Domain LessonsK-12Georgia's Department of Education website includes a wealth of lessons and resources by grade band (elementary, middle, high) that school counselors can use to deliver services within the career domain.xFree
Buffalo Grove Junior Curriculum11Buffalo Grove High School Curriculum used for Junior classxxFree
16 Grove High School Curriculum used for Senior classxxFree
17 Grove High School Powerpoint Presented by the Counseling Department provides important points to get sophomores ready to make important decisionsxxxFree
18 Grove High School Powerpoint Presented by the Counseling Department provides important points to freshmen including the role of the counselor, setting appointments, point-persons for academics, career and social/emotional, graduation requirements and various others. xxxFree
19 Grove High School Curriculum used for Sophomore students in the Spring SemesterxxxFree
20 Grove High School has created a Career Pathway plan form for 9th and 10th grade studentsxFree
21 Grove High School Curriculum used for Grades 9-10: 9th grade Fall Curriculum xxFree
22 Grove High School's Powerpoint, created by the Counseling Department, provided and overview to the Sophomore class in the 2016-17 school year. The powerpoint focused on the role of the school counselor, graduation requirements, accessing Naviance for career related activites, and reviewing the transcript. xx Free
23 Career Information System website includes information, products and resources for students to research updated information on careersxFree (login required)$$? for products
24 Grove High School Curriculum for Junior class; Prezi formatxxFree
Illinois Learning StandardsK-12The ISBE Link to the Learning Standards by Class Subject. This is useful in alignment with Counseling Lessons in relation to subject area. xxxFree
Innovative Curriculum ResourcesA free ISBE sponsored Perkins funded site offered through a partnership with ISU. We provide programming, professional development, and resources for school counselors and teachers. Our website is free and we would only need a name, school district, and email address to give them full access to our curriculum library (CAERT/MyCAERT).xFree
Life lessons for Little Ones-Anti-bullying, incarcerated parents, mainly SELK-6SEL lessons using the ASCA model to help counselors work with Elementary grade students dealing with grief/loss, parental incarceration, friendship maintanence, goal setting and other topics x$$ Membership charge
LoveTechnology's Live BinderK-8Link to multiple lesson plans with a focus on soft-skill academics such as "Getting Organized", "Test Anxiety" "Being Prepared", just to name a few. Links include lessons from various statewide comprehensive school counseling plans. xFree
Minnesota Career Curriculum Tons for Free Assessments (e.g., Interests, values, Spanish version and linked to O*NETK-12Interest, career, skills, and values inventories. Includes English and Spanish versions of activities xxxFree
Missouri's CurriculumK-12Missouri's School Counseling Curriculum that has PDF/Word documents on lessons based on the three domains separated by grade level i.e. K-2; 3-5 etc.xxxFree
Naviance Curriculum (CPS Access only - Located under "Quicklinks" on the left side of the screen after you log in)K-12Naviance is a tool that houses many college and career activities for students such as the Interest Profiler, Scholarship Search, College Matching, and goal setting. Teachers and Counselors utilize this program with downloading recommendation letters and processing transcripts, test scores, etc to hundreds of colleges across the country. xxFree; must be a CPS employee granted access
NCDA and Junior Achievement Offer Free Resources for School CounselorK-12National Career Development Association has this link to multiple free lesson plans by grade category for career preparation xFree; also membership charge
New Jersey Sample of Lesson PlansK-12Examples of lesson plans by grade level focusing on career development and character buildingxxFree
North Carolina's CurriculumK-12The comprehensive school counseling program refers to a sequential, developmental program designed to benefit all students in preparation for their futures. Such a program includes a curriculum organized around three areas essential for students’ growth and development: Academic Development, Career Development, and Personal/Social DevelopmentxxxFree
Peacebuilders PK-12Curricula and materials with strategies on creating a safe, peaceful learning environment at all grade levels including Preschool; contains free samplers by age groupx$$
Second Step Violence Prevention ProgramK-12Lessons addressing SEL issues such as Bullying, Child Protection, Conflict Resolution; will be required to request permission to utilize and reproduce material xPossibly $$
Student Success Skills4-12A website that features lesson plans and materials that teach soft skills promoting academic and career successxx$75 and up
Taintor's Counselor RoomK-10Academic, Career and Social Emotional lessons separated by grade level and domain; Elementary (K-2), Intermediate (3-5), Middle (6-8), Early High (9-10); Includes downloadable lessons on "Balancing Your Life" "Avoiding Misunderstandings", "Active Listening", body image and social media, self-esteem awareness, attitude and the classroomxxxFree
Teachers Pay Teachers (click on "free")K-12Teachers and counselors can gather resources, tips, materials and ideas created by other educators. There is a free link on the website that will grant access to over 2 million ideas in addition to purchable materials ranging in different pricesxxxclick on free link;there is a membership charge
Teaching ToleranceK-12This website includes hundreds of free downloadable lessons focusing on social studies and social justice. Topics includes: race/ethnicity awareness, wealth and poverty, gender expression, immigration, social injustice, racial/ethnic bias. These lessons can be used not only by counselors but also teachers and service learning projectsxFree
The Center for School Counseling Outcome Research (once on the page, click on "resources" at the top)K-12The University of Massachusetts Amherst website with links to information on mental illnesses, bullying, families and children affected by war; link to Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)xxFree
The Real GameK-8"How can you see yourself in a career if you have never seen it?" A website that introduces counselors to an online interactive program that will expose students to career exploration using various activities xx$$
Tucson (AZ) Unified Schools' CurriculumK-5, 9-12Links to the website of the Tucson, AZ School District that features resources on various activities used in schools, after school activities such as College Night, and various promotionsxxxFree
Utah College and Career Awareness Curriculum7-12Comprehensive lesson plans linked to videos, state standards and career resources. Career identity, awareness and other lessons are aimed at 'soft skills' required in today's workplacexxxFree
Washington's Curriculum6-12Career and College Readiness lesson plans separated by grade level. Includes links to videos on career readiness including Resume building, Interview preparation, and qualities employers look for in candidatesxxFree
West Virginia's Curriculum5-8Contains lesson plans covering all three domains separated by grade level. It includes lessons on skill building, ice breakers; just to name a few xxxFree
Wisconsin’s CurriculumK-12Link to the University of Wisconsin Library Database that includes counseling lessons and powerpoints on topics including Academic Advising, SAT Prep, Test Taking Strategies, Linking careers to class subjects, etc. This website also includes a Counselor's Corner to provide tips and strategies on implementing lesson plans at all grade levelsxxxFree