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Item NameArt: Yes or No (With Credits)CaptchaRecipeHands UsedBonus/PenaltyPower/ DefenseBonus EffectGrist CostMultiple Specibus?Description
Note (Do not delete): This list is intended to be used as a resource for suggestions, not just as a cheat sheet.You're free to use it as you wish, but the original creators of this list HIGHLY encourage you to use this list to help you suggest items.Unknown recipes are blank. + means the type of combination is unknown. A list of items for which we don't know the recipe or the captcha for can be found at the bottom of the spreadsheet.
Aerosolkind (13/18)Insecticide Spray Can0fF!r41DBase Itemnone2On this can is a list of instructions. Spray away from face. Do not use near food, children, pets, or anything living. Anything you spray this with will die. Keep out of reach of idiots.
Pepper Spraya9l1qW5mBase ItemAbuse +22macekindThe best way to surprise strangers who come too close.
Silly Stringyes - theartsycanarycPVF?zTIBase ItemAbuse +31Use this to cover your enemies in annoyingly sticky, yet colourful and festive string!
Spray Paint49F0qW40Base Itemnone2artkindPerfect for vandalizing walls and spraying some imps from head to toe with bright colored paint.
American Pump-Action Pepper SprayW9h1qW1m89shotgunkindTaking care of protestors the only way you know how: the American way.
Body Spray AxetwU!!px?Hatchet || DeodorantAggress +27
Abuse +14
400axekindFor ruining losers' lives while smelling super fresh for the ladies.
Bug Buster09335401Aggrieve +2
Assault +2
5flyswatterkindIt seems to be an ordinary fly swatter with a can of bug spray strapped to the handle upside down. It comes with an instruction diagram and directions on the can. Flip the device, spray away from face. Flip device once more, strike with precision at paralyzed foe. Enemy Neutralized.
Deadly Neurotoxin SpraythlTywFpPepper Spray || Portal 220Get ready, while I warm up the NEUROTOXIN emitters.
Extra-Purple Poison Perfumehl74!lUyAssail +4
Assault +8
Abstain -6
56beautykindA sweet-smelling perfume fused with fatal acid and the energy of a purple gem. If you had to pick a word to describe the scent of this perfume, it would be "purple."
Pepper MacelF!HzeLuPepper Spray || Medieval MaceAggrieve +5
Aggress +5
10macekindNot only a mace that you can fling around, but it also sprays a highly painful irritant that will confound enemies as well! Note: Don't hit yourself in the face with this.
Perfumegun41081W0WAbuse +320pistolkind, beautykindInstead of shooting water, his squirtgun shoots perfume. Wonderful. You hear perfume can really burn the eyes, though.
Poison Perfume21wWJ0WXAssail +317beautykindThe sweet scent of flowers has been replaced by a horribly chemicalal stench of rat poison. This will probably be better on pesky underlings than on you.
Pyroclastic Perfumex864IqPaAssail +15
Assault +15
Abuse +15
Accuse +15
160beautykindHidden inside this obsidian spraybottle with fiery ornamentation is the fire and ash of a pyroclastic flow. You shall spray such sweetly-scented woe upon your enemies!
Appliancekind (39/55)BlenderEj!Sb3?6Base Itemnone6A blender, nicked from your kitchen. This should be fun to alchemize with.
Can Opener?hadlefIBase Itemnone25 Build, 1 TitaniumIt opens cans. Wow, that is BRAND NEW information right there.
Clothing Ironyes - neophyte_r4dglareCp3MKhuPBase Itemnone66 BuildAn ordinary iron. Might be useful for ironing out all those crazy outfits you kids keep making.
Egg BeatersiOr4MLvBase Itemnone3You used to use this to blend together ingredients. Now you are using it to blend imps into grist.
Hair Dryero0YFVhuUBase ItemAccuse +1
Abjure +1
Abstain +1
1beautykindAlthough it's vaguely shaped like a gun, using it as one won't do you much good unless your enemies happen to be made of ice. Better just to hit things with it instead.
Power cordYes - apocalypseGambitWW0Kj4GkBase ItemAssail -2
Assault -3
32 Build, 2 Copperwhipkind
ToasterGW7!M9NXBase ItemAggrieve +1610 Build, 2 CopperLaunch toast at semi-medium speeds! ...Or just bash imps over the head with it.
Vacuum CleanerLmZyvuaKBase Item OR
Broom || Portable Electric Fan
Accuse +1
Abjure +1
Abstain +1
69 Build, 1 CopperThe modern cleaning solution.
Alchemic Gloves Of Can-Opening!xidlfhQnone881glovekindThe sharpened bits on the ends of the fingers are perfect for opening cans, especially when you apply a burst of ultra-hot steam and change the composition of the metal in the lid. Seems like a lot of trouble just to open a can, but you never know!
Aperture Science Literal Vacuum CleanerLW2yfu4KVacuum Cleaner && Aperture Science Hand-Held Portal DeviceAssail +255
Abjure +127
1023275,000 Chalk, 275,000 Copper, 1000 Obsidian, 1000 Satr Sapphire, 40,000 TitaniumRather than using a fan to suck up dust, this device uses portals to exploit the pressure difference between your house and the moon, transporting your dirt into outer space! Caution: using it for extended periods in an enclosed space may result in a lethal lack of oxygen.
Bastyes - OverproofRum000f482XAssail +5
Accuse +5
40Procedures for using this Stand: Snap fingers. Create electrical outlet. Lure foe into touching outlet. Make foe magnetic.
Burnt Smutwtl!thNzAssail +20
Accuse +10
45550,000 Build, 100,000 Frosting, 80,085 Gold, 1000 RainbowRisen from the ashes, this beast will destroy any being with it's sassy moves. Also, it's good to hit things with, and it can cook a mean Pantycake.
Cruxite Blenderyes - passiveNuisanceEi?Sa2?6none16A blender strong enough to quickly convert any number of cruxite dowels and totems into brightly-colored dust. This should prove effective in getting rid of that massive hoard of used totems you no longer need!
DiscwarperGW1sI8K1Aggrieve +2
Aggress +2
2823 Build, 25 CopperA toaster that fires warped CDs at the target at medium velocity, but honestly, the heat does more damage than the projectile speed. You're still better off just using it as a bludgeon.
Egg ManglertzSzrt!!Egg Beater || ChainsawAggrieve +2
Aggress +2
Assault +3
15This is an egg beater that has 8 of the actual beaters that spin while the entire contraption spins as well. It's time to bake a cake and kick ass, and you're all out of cake mix.
EggheadbeaterYWGL4M4H56staffkind, macekindA skull on a stick with eggbeaters coming out of the eye sockets, so illogical eggheads don't know what to do
Extreme Hair Dryer!1x!Vh!VAbuse +2
Accuse +2
Abjure +2
Abstain +2
23beautykindOn fire still counts as dry, right?
Festive Toast-A-Matic Ogre-Plungernu!!Vv!pnone99plungerkind, fancyshrekkindIt's times like these you really have to question the marketing department for the Shrek movies.
hellza nuclear blendz012C13I0Aggrieve +500
Aggress +500
Assail +500
Assault +500
Abuse -500
Accuse -500
Abjure -500
Abstain -500
-50A piece of shit blender that\'s leaking liquid uranium all over the place. oh god its getin to your braincelz man
Ironing BowCo04G3u1none26bowkindDesigned to iron clothes at a distance, this bow does an equally good job at tidying up the enemies.
Lime Time Golden Cake Bakerwlh!!zVhnone65001,056,000 Build, 151,000 Diamond, 211,000 Emerald, 1,056,000 Frosting, 352,000 TopazYou aren't sure if you've ever tasted lime-flavored cake before, but after seeing this amazing appliance you certainly want to try!
Lime Time Golden Fruit Juiceryes - rambunctiousHooliganwhZ!wzVhThe E-Lemonator || Lime2Aggress +1505100600,000 Build, 100,000 Diamond, 300,000 Emerald, 300,000 TopazhammerkindIt's time. Lime time time.
Paperweight PusherD!pM?!wVClothing Iron || OreAssault +2
Accuse +2
43This over-sized, steely clothing iron is covered in chunks of iron ore and rock, it's not gonna iron anything but someones' face now.
Poltergust 3000Npk!j?btAperture Science Literal Vacuum Cleaner || Luigi's Mansion CDAssail +25
Assault -15
Abjure +50
Abstain +50
1500280,000 Build, 280,000 Chalk, 80,000 Redstone, 20,000 UraniumThe Poltergust 3000 is a vacuum invented by Professor E. Gadd to catch ghosts.You can stun a ghost with the flashlight, and then can suck it up. a Must-need item when your older brother is trapped in a portrait by Ghosts.
Po�le � Frire0W38M14XFrying Pan && ToasterAggress +4
Abstain +1
2524 Build, 34 AmberpankindIt can cook and flip; now you can have french toast ANYTIME.
Quantum Clothing Iron8I2MG8uGAggrieve +323This strange thing is based on quantum effects and destroys an enemy at which is thrown (because of heaviness).
Radioactive Blender2fJCX3Q0Accuse -30
Abjure -30
Abstain -30
100A high-powered blender that\'s emitting all sorts of radiation. Yes, using this is definitely a good idea.
Raider Breakfast BreakerA?QGQ3Mvnone15150 Build, 100 IodineLoad this sucker with bread and it'll fire toast with pictures of your favorite Fallout 3 characters on it! Do you have the crust to use it?
Rocket ToasterG01OG8G0Toaster && Rocket Packnone34250 Build, 100 JetThis enhanced toaster uses rocket engines to propel finished pieces of toast several hundred meters into the air or your enemies. Guaranteed to spice up any breakfast.
Rotary Disc DealerxYPt!iTtDiscwarper || Yo-yoAggrieve +6
Aggress +6
77200 Build, 200 Copper, 200 SunstoneThis toaster has been upgraded with rapid-spinning launchers inside, so when the discs are done they'll sail towards your enemies for a clean hot slice!
SCP-426G03k68H1Toaster && The Official SCP Sales Catalognone1757500 Build, 426 Polychromite, 5000 Titanium, 5000 UraniumI am an anomalous toaster. My effects include being completely unable to refer to me in the third person.
Shitty Blade BlenderU!!!dp!NBlender || Shitty SwordAggrieve +3
Aggress +3
Assail +3
Assault +3
30This gigantic blender specializes in turning shitty blades into shitty blade puree. Unfortunately, it\'s not much use against anything even slightly more durable, and that includes imps. You suppose it\'s still better than whacking them with a toaster, though.
Shitty Pneumatic Kunai GunHG3qnG4K19appliancekind, automatickindThat's just a reversed vacuum cleaner. Some genius inserted a bunch of kunai.
The Overseer-Approved Egg BeatertiOrlMLzAbuse +3
Accuse +1
Abjure +1
Abstain +1
102metakindJust an eggbeater with a stamp that has a thumbs up and lettering that says: "Personally approved by The Overseer!" That and it's 3 inches wider to fit the stamp.
Toast-A-Matic Ogre-Plungernmt!UfNpnone44plungerkindBecause, out of all the things you would want to toast your bread in, it would obviously have to be a Shrek-styled plunger.
Toast-chairunN!sTVZWheelchair || Toaster20 Build, 30 AmberchairkindA chair that dispenses toast at high speeds, in the form of wheels. This sure is a more accessible way to eat toast!
Toastertop000bK0MXAssail +4
Assault +4
9A computerized toaster, which gives you internet access as it spits out toast.
Wrinkle Bludgeon000202uHClothing Iron && Baseball Batnone7100 Build, 25 TitaniumsportskindThe combination of an ordinary kitchen iron and a baseball bat. You can't imagine what getting hit in the face with a chunk of metal attached to a stuck actually feels like: though to be honest you probably don't want to know.
Wrinklefister?pp??!uRAssault +2
Accuse +2
9glovekindNow, you can smoothen your clothes and your enemies by punching them with these heated gloves!
Artkind (69/110)EaselpNDUPXQqBase ItemA wooden stand for holding in-progress paintings. Using it as a weapon is kind of unwieldy due to its size, but it will do in a pinch.
Embroidery HoopCtwgAGs3Base Itemnone12 BuildhoopkindA hoop-shaped frame used to stretch fabric for cross-stitch and embroidery.
Markereb5dCNV2Base Item6 BuildFelt tipped coloring device.
PaintbrushYesLW8ESRG7Base Item3 BuildThis brush seems to be used for painting miniatures, and not the one used for painting canvases. Maybe you can poke someone's eye out with it!
Paint paletteCHXdc9JIBase ItemA wooden palette covered in stains of old paint.
Pedestalyes - zoomingRollerecIwYowfBase ItemAggress -1
Assail -4
Assault -7
10clubkindA marble pedestal made for holding a bust or a small sculpture. It's heavy enough that you can barely lift it, but anything you manage to hit with it will be in for a world of hurt.
Picture FrameksJNW!SvBase ItemAccuse +146 BuildA wooden frame for holding a painting, although it's empty now. It's also pretty sturdy: getting hit over the head with it would probably hurt quite a bit.
Spray Paint49F0qW40Base Itemnone2aerosolkindPerfect for vandalizing walls and spraying some imps from head to toe with bright colored paint.
3D-ifierizV!UV!2none13Makes anything drawn with the marker 3-dimensional and/or operational.
All the Colors of the Wind8GXdY9JIPaint Palette && Wind WakerAccuse +5
Abjure +10
Abstain +15
1251000 Amber, 1000 Amethyst, 1000 Cobalt, 1000 Frosting, 1000 UraniumCan you paint with them? If you're some settler taking over native land, probably not. Makes you rethink just what you're doing to these imps, huh?
A Marker of a Very High DegreeGb17C080Pump Action Marker || A Blaze of a Very High Degree2All +9999999930,000,000 Build, 5,000,000 Caulk, 5,000,000 Jet, 5,000,000 Rainbow, 5,000,000 Sulfur, 5,000,000 Sunstone, 10,000,000 TarflamethrowerkindAn ominous marker with a sleek design that fires ink fueled flames of pain from it's tips. Handy for your next ash art endeavor.
Arcane PaintbrushzahFzRqNnone600This paintbrush has magical properties that make it especially deadly. Painting on underlings can slice them or poison them or just disintegrate them entirely!
Automatic Canvas ShooterrzV!FVV!Aggrieve +20
Abuse +30
340Abstract art is taking a whole new form! Make insta-paintings colored by the blood of your enemies! Just be sure to get some trolls in there, because otherwise those paintings will be kinda dull, though.
Black Flaming Scorchpen411200E0Assault +842penkindThis pen singes across the page by writing with gasoline ink. Can also be used to stab your enemies, effectively injecting them with gasoline. It might not be actual fire, but it'll still burn!
Black-Magic Markerkb9bSVRdExtra Sharp Black Drawing Pen && NecrotomeiconAggrieve +50
Aggress +50
Assail +50
Assault +50
Abuse -10
Accuse -10
Abjure -10
Abstain -10
150050,000 Jet, 50,000 Obsidian, 1 Rainbow, 150,000 TarA black marker imbued with shadow magic. I think it's permanent.
Blue Glowing Ghost Paintbrush1006SBG1none10It's kinda squishy! This is not a paintbrush used by ghosts, rather to paint them. Often as blobs. May contain adverse side effects; please do not consume, taste, touch, or otherwise allow contact with the wet end of this brush.
Brush of Dark MattersrkA!!VN!none1750Wielding this Paintbrush imbued by the dark power from beyond the farthest ring, you feel the tingle of space itself at your fingertips where you hold it, the paint on the tip warping space and matter around it incredibly.
Brushwalker5W8E0J02Paintbrush && Walking CaneAssail +21624 Build, 18 IodinecanekindA cane in the shape of a paintbrush. Real Talk? It's a giant paintbrush.
Candy PaintbrushA paintbrush with a handle of hard candy and bristles made out of spun sugar. If it weren't for the gross bitterness of the paint you'd go through packs of these faster than a world-record-setting chain-smoker!
Canvasscorchrs!!V!VtPaintbrush && BlowtorchAggrieve +3
Aggress +4
2833 Build, 22 SunstoneWith this flaming paintbrush, your blazing passion for art really shows on the canvass! Especially since it sets it on fire. Hence, you know, the name.
Celestial BrushK086C1G7Assail +25
Abstain -10
200A divine brush used by an ancient sun goddess. For what purpose, though, you're not entirely sure. Painting the sunrise, maybe? Hopefully she won't mind you borrowing it.
Chocolate PaintbrushL?hVzxQlnone7This paintbrush may not do much to your enemy, but it is too good to resist!
Color exterminatoravNaDVVknone60You've never liked all that girly "colors and paints" crap, and now you can finally show it! Your raw hatred for colorful things powers this infernal device, which rips through color like a bullet through flesh.
Compass Brush1W82O200Paintbrush && Pair of compassesnone103 Build, 6 AmberFor the amateur artist who can't seem to get those circles right.
Dark ArtsLW82SBG7Paintbrush && Octets of Oglogoth or Paintbrush && Thorns of Oglogothnone100016,960 RainbowFluxuates with the dark energy of the Deep One. Also has a slim handle for easy maneuverability.
Deathscythe EaselZJ5UO1QqAggrieve +19
Assault +19
Accuse +19
916Scythe blades jut out of the ebony legs of this easel, making it awkward to wield and impractical to use. The haunting sound it emits when you touch it are just mocking you now.
Defense Against the Dark Arts400248G2Dark Arts && Defensive Palette23000400,000 Build, 400,000 Jet, 100,000 Obsidian, 300,000 TarshieldkindYou may or may not have alchemized this just for the pun, but it turned out to be a fairly useful and powerful magic paintbrush/shield duo. Wield your pun with pride!
Defensive Palette4HXd68IIPaint Palette && Shield150 Build, 100 Blood, 200 FrostingshieldkindA large wooden shield splattered with paint and the blood of your enemies.
Draw-It-Yourself Prophecy CardsxVBp3!!rnone15cardkindTarot Cards! It looks like you can draw your own designs on them, too. Fun!
Dual Palette Knives01004K00knifekindDual painting palette knives. Good for canvas painting and throat cutting!
Extra Sharp Black Drawing Pen?bDdTVVdMarker || Midnight Crew Poster20 Build, 1 Obsidian, 5 TarA pen that is used to draw things with amazing detail. It can also be used to stab people with amazing detail.
Fairy Paintbrush0W800R00Paintbrush && Book of Fairy Tales25It is said that the work of the best painters in the world are so realistic they become real... but that couldn't be true. ...Right?
Fiduspawn Marker!lVt!V!dMarker || Fiduspawn Cardsnone800180,000 Amber, 180,000 Blood, 80,000 TarAt first it seemed to just be a Fiduspawn-themed marker, but drawing a Fiduspawn with it causes the image to come to life and fight by your side! Although, you should probably hope nobody prototyped with an eraser...
Fuego de SalvadorraTtCtV3The endless streams of colorful fire emitted by this stocky paintbrush are so hot, they could melt a clock!
Giant Battlebrush1082GQ06Paintbrush && Spear2Aggrieve +32140 Build, 20 RustA paintbrush model larger with the brush part fashioned into a sharp spearhead. Kind of useless for painting, but all the better when it comes to poking.
Golden Picture FrameksRNW!VxPicture Frame || Gold BrickAggress +2
Assail -8
Assault -2
Accuse +4
Abjure +4
40500 Build, 500 GoldAn overly ostentatious picture frame made out of solid gold. It's heavy enough that it could probably outright flatten some of the smaller Underlings.
Green Apple Popbrush!ayETVuNnoneIt seems to splatter everything with a bright green paint that pops when it lands. Talk about pop art!
Hard-Light Projector TabletwRQZ5!FqDrawing Tablet || Hard-light Holographic Projectornone15525,000 Build, 11,000 Mercury, 14,000 IodineDraw anything on the tablet, and the projector will project a hard-light image of it for you to use! It doesn't seem to process details very well, though, so better stick to weapons that don't require inner mechanisms to function.
InkmakerzbDlSVV7none19A Marker pen that appears to change color according to the owners mind. It appears to be refilled by any liquid. The tip emits some sort of small power.
KeroscribblerzbTtCt!3Marker || LighterAggrieve +21117 Build, 7 AmberThis marker appears to be filled with lighter fluid. You could draw a flaming smily face on an imp's chest if you wanted, but it's kind of useless without a source of fire.
Magic Marker8b1bCNR2Marker && Basic Spellbooknone3015 Build, 26 AmberA magic marker, this one is actually magical instead of just fun to color with.
Magic Paintbrush1Z820Sa4Aggrieve +15
Aggress +10
50880,000 Build, 60,000 Amethyst, 10,000 Caulk, 30,000 TarThis large paintbrush exudes a toxic red/yellow gunk that harms the environment just as much as it hurts your enemies.
Magic Squid Markeryb1ESFV7Abjure +10
Abstain +20
572It seems to be a regular marker pen just filled up with squid ink instead of regular ink. However further testing proved that you can only draw squids with it.
Marker BatvbrdDN!pnone15artkindA metal bat that also functions as a market. Do damage to enemies and make large art at the same time with this weapon!
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