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Greg Doucette #NA - Hawthorne CA.mp4
Pre-cedes the #GeorgeFloyd murder, so not getting a number. Nearly a dozen officers with guns drawn2006015:10:00 PM
0.02Bass RiverNJ
Greg Doucette #NA - New Jersey.png-----NA-----Another pre-protest reminder, this time out of New Jersey, that unchecked police violence has been a common occurrence for awhile2006077:09:00 AM
Greg Doucette #NA - Bristol UK.mp4[copyright]British police choosing to value life over property. Radical concep -- "Whilst I am disappointed ... I do understand why it’s happened" Supt Andy Bennett from @ASPolice on the toppling of the Edward Colston statue...2006084:54:00 PM
Greg Doucette #NA - Decatur AL.mp4not assigning a number b/c it's pre-protest, but back in March a liquor store owner called police to report a robbery. Police promptly beat him on arrival. Today the police chief claimed the owner was reaching for a gun. But there's video...2006084:14:00 PM
Desert Hot Springs
Greg Doucette #NA - Desert Hot Springs CA.mp4
Another widely-circulated video that's actually old. This one is from 2018, in Desert Hot Springs CA. Not numbering since it's not directly protest-related but highlights routine normal daily police lawlessness2006062:09:00 PM
Greg Doucette #NA - Fairfax VA.mp4Another non-protest example of run-of-the-mill police brutality. Fairfax VA officer brutalizes a guy who's clearly having a mental health challenge. The officer has since been charged; the bodycam footage was released yesterday maybe? [@DeepNotion2]2006084:48:00 PM
0.07Orange CoutyFL
Greg Doucette #NA - Orange Couty FL.png
-----NA-----"The purpose of the curfew was to prevent the further spread of COVID19"? πŸ˜‚πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ2006084:50:00 PM
0.08Walla WallaWA
Greg Doucette #NA - Walla Walla WA.png
-----NA-----Apparently @WallaWallaPD deleted their entire Twitter account rather than deal with @waitmanb's expertise πŸ˜‚2006087:24:00 PM
0.09San AntonioTX
Greg Doucette #NA - San Antonio TX.png
-----NA-----Pre-protest so not giving it a number, but just to remind y'all that the abhorrent police behavior we've seen these last two weeks is entirely normal and happens every day2006106:43:00 AM
0.1Los AngelesCA
Greg Doucette #NA - Los Angeles CA.mp4
Not assigning a number to this because it was pre-protests (27 April 2020) and I'm keeping this particular thread for protest-related violence. But it's a vivid reminder of the daily police brutality that ppl didn't realize is normal20060610:05:00 AM
0.11Los AngelesCA
Greg Doucette #NA - Los Angeles CA.png
-----NA-----Update on this unnumbered pre-protest video: the officer has finally been charged because of the social media uproar: The guy he was beating senseless was homeless.2006106:46:00 AM
0.12Fairfax CountyVA
Greg Doucette #NA - Fairfax County VA.png
-----NA-----Another reminder that casual police violence is an everyday thing in America. Cop culture is thoroughly rotted.
`Virginia trooper who texted to his brother that he coughed on Mennonite driver "so he would spread Corona to the wedding they were going too. lol." has resigned. Brother is on trial for the murder of a Mennonite woman which is how the text came to light.'
20061012:00:00 AM
Greg Doucette #NA - Warren MI.mp4[copyright]not protest-related so not assigning a number, but Warren police arrested an Amazon employee mid-delivery for the heinous crime of "parking the wrong way". [@champagnesocia8]2006117:22:00 PM
Greg Doucette #NA - Tulsa OK.png-----NA-----another non-protest story so not assigning a number, but Tulsa cops grab kids from behind, tackle one to the ground, handcuff + arrest + search them, for the high crime of jaywalking2006117:24:00 PM
Greg Doucette #NA.1 - Tulsa OK.mp4Bystander footage of the Tulsa OK jaywalking arrest above [@ABCWorldNews]2006117:41:00 PM
Greg Doucette #NA - Columbus OH.png
-----NA-----Not assigning a number here since it's not protest-related police violence, but still very yikes. Republican state senator Steve Huffman – an emergency room physician! – blames COVID-19 on "the colored population do not wash their hands"2006127:30:00 AM
Greg Doucette #NA - National.png-----NA-----Tying in a separate megathread, this one containing nearly 200 studies showing systemic racial disparities in policing. Downwards arrow Downwards arrow Downwards arrow2006126:10:00 PM
0.17Los AngelesCA
Greg Doucette #NA2 - Los Angeles CA.png
-----NA-----Los Angeles, CA: not protest-related so not assigning a number, but the dedicated police force for the Los Angeles unified school system got *3* grenade launchers, several dozen rifles, and an MRAP (seriously)2006126:20:00 PM
Williamson County
Greg Doucette #NA - Williamson County TX.png
-----NA-----Williamson County, TX: pre-protest so no number assigned, but a Sheriff's deputy kills a man for sport by suffocating him to death. When told he couldn't breathe, the deputy replied "I don't care". And it was apparently filmed by reality TV show LivePD2006127:49:00 PM
Port Washington
Greg Doucette #0.19 - Port Washington WI.mp4
not a cop so not assigning number, but random white guy decides to block traffic to harass women. Clown face: "You're all fat, stupid ... I hope you get raped by a black guy." Full video on Facebook. [FB:]2006139:06:00 PM
Greg Doucette #NA - Albequerque NM.mp4
[CW: shooting death] pre-protest so not assigning a number, but a reminder of how insanely violent cops have been for years. A call was made about a homeless guy at a bus stop. An entire police squad shows up and wastes him. [@Imamofrebellion]2006147:43:00 AM
Greg Doucette #NA - Carrolton GA.mp4
pre-protests so no number (January 2019), but yet another example of police using an excessive and violent response to minor annoyance. [IG:]2006141:17:00 PM
Greg Doucette #NA - Lexington KY.mp4
[copyright]Not protest-related so not assigning a number, but yet another reminder of how police will abuse literally anyone. A guy went to a bank with his gf to cash some savings bonds, so cops beat the sh*t out of them both for sport. []2006143:33:00 PM
Greg Doucette #NA - Paterson NJ.mp4
Paterson, NJ: pre-protests so not assigning a number, but many folks now re-sharing this old 2019 video of police beating the sh*t out of a guy restrained in a hospital bed until his blood splatters. Story: PM
Greg Doucette #NA - Anderson IN.mp4
not protest-related do not numbering it, but another recent example of unchecked police violence being normal everywhere. []2006158:42:00 PM
Greg Doucette #NA - Cleveland OH.png
-----NA-----pre-protest so not assigning a number, but another example of long-standing police violence and tendency for coverups. police beat the sh*t out of a mentally ill man, jail him 5+ months for "resisting arrest"... ...then bodycam comes out2006167:30:00 AM
Greg Doucette #NA - Boston MA.png-----NA-----non-protest-related so no number, but eBay hired a former police chief to be its head of security – who then stalked a journalist for publishing criticism of eBay. The cultural rot in policing is quite thorough2006169:05:00 AM
Greg Doucette #NA - Tacoma WA.mp4
pre-protest so not numbered. Back in March, four cops summarily executed Manuel Ellis. Police insisted no force was used, specifically denying Ellis was choked or tased despite the autopsy results. New bystander video proves the police lied. [link:]20061610:51:00 PM
Greg Doucette #NA2 - National .png-----NA-----An in-depth review of the proto-fascist gibberish cops post on social media, with quite a few links to examples. Remember, these people are – in theory at least – your employees. They're supposed to work for you, not themselves. [link to article:]2006178:12:00 AM
0.29Richmond HillGA
Greg Doucette #0.29 - Richmond Hill GA.mp4
not protest-related so not adding a number, but police are so detached from reality that they think McDonald's f*cking up their order is an Antifa murder plot Face with rolling eyes2006178:16:00 AM
Greg Doucette #NA - Portland OR.mp4
as of now this is assumed to be a non-cop so no number, but a white vigilante spends his time circling the block trying to run over protestors (hitting several non-protestor cars along the way) [@kevin_parks]2006178:31:00 AM
Greg Doucette #NA2 - Portland OR.png
-----NA-----Update on the unnumbered entry in Portland OR, of the guy who circled the block running over protestors2006175:54:00 PM
Greg Doucette #NA - Miramar FL.mp4pre-protest so no number, but several folks DM'd me this from last year. A reminder that police don't protect and serve you, and will gladly use you as a human shield for a shootout on a busy highway to stop a stolen UPS truck. [@swrightwpbf]20061711:18:00 AM
Greg Doucette #NA - Rossford OH.png
-----NA-----not protest-related so no number, but this stalker sh*t is creepy af (link: PM
Greg Doucette #NA - Seattle WA.png-----NA-----not sure this is worth numbering, but another instance of police complaining about not being able to use chemical weapons on the taxpayers they serve and protect2006176:28:00 PM
0.34San FranciscoCA
Greg Doucette #NA - San Francisco CA.png
-----NA-----pre-protest so no number, but last year police illegally raid a journalist's home as part of a leak investigation (the city paid $369K to settle a civil suit). Today we learn cops were instructed to not use their bodycams; link to story - AM
0.341San FranciscoCA
Greg Doucette #NA2 - San Francisco CA.png
-----NA-----More on the unnumbered entry out of San Francisco CA in the prior tweet, on the illegal Carmody raid. F*ckin' yikes20061811:23:00 AM
Greg Doucette #NA - Wellington FL.mp4
man threatens to run over a 15-year-old with his car and goes on an extended rant about how black girls don't belong in a gated community Of course he works for Homeland Security, at USCIS [@OmariJHardy]20061810:05:00 PM
Greg Doucette #NA - Glendale AZ.png
-----NA-----first sentence says it all. "Matt Schneider, the Glendale police officer whose 2017 traffic stop ended by pulling a man out of his car, handcuffing him, and Tasing him in the genitals area, has surrendered his law enforcement certification."20061810:16:00 PM
Greg Doucette #NA - Holton KS.mp4three police show up in the parking lot to "investigate" a shoplifting claim, before eventually saying at the end of the video that "everything looks good". Lots of defunding possible in Holton apparently. [@TheLakeWolf]20061810:16:00 PM
Greg Doucette #NA - Louisville KY.mp4
Louisville, KY: pre-protest so not assigning a number, but how many LMPD officers does it take to beat the everlasting sh*t out of one man? I count 4 and a bystander in this clip; 12+ by the end of the full video. Story: .Video: AM
0.39Los AngelesCA
Greg Doucette #0.39 - Los Angeles CA.mp4
not police so no number, but a reminder that Hydra is everywhere [IG:]2006201:24:00 PM
Seaside Heights
Greg Doucette #0.40 - Seaside Heights NJ.mp4
pre-protest so not assigning a number to this 2018 video. Man approached for "suspicious operation of a bicycle," he notes he doesn't have to talk to cops, then is arrested for no bell on bike. Story: .Video:2006226:59:00 AM
0.41St. JosephMO
Greg Doucette #0.41 - St. Joseph MO.mp4
not protest-related so not assigning a number, but apparently Missouri police are accustomed to abusing power when they're off-duty too. From retweet'd: "Meet off duty police officer Brandon Harrison of St. Joseph, Missouri. He was in a car accident with the other man you see in this video. And this is how he responded. And yes he is wearing a Trump hat."
0.411St. JosephMO
Greg Doucette #0.411 - St. Joseph MO.png
-----NA-----Write-up on the unnumbered entry just below 606 that happened in St. Joseph, Missouri: the officer has been placed on administrative duty pending the outcome of an investigation
Greg Doucette #0.42 - Seattle WA.png
-----NA-----not protest-related so no number, but a Seattle PD employee casually shot a guy in the abdomen for sport and then fled
0.43New York CityNY
Greg Doucette #0.43 - New York City NY.png
-----NA-----another non-protest-related case, NYPD tased a man to death because the guy's neighbor – who kept using 911 as a concierge service to harass the now-dead guy – falsely claimed he had a gun; link to article PM
Greg Doucette #0.44 - Valdosta GA.mp4
pre-protest so no number, but several cops brutalize a guy – bodyslam him, break his wrist, etc – for the heinous crime of being a black man. Seriously, that's it. You can hear at the end of the footage they have the wrong guy. [@KingBach]2006246:11:00 AM
Greg Doucette #0.441 - Valdosta GA.png
-----NA-----An excessive force lawsuit has been filed on the unnumbered case in Valdosta GA above2006246:11:00 AM
Greg Doucette #0.45 - Minneapolis MN.png
-----NA-----pre-protest so no number. Minnesota State Patrol officer arrested a woman for drunk driving, confiscated her mobile phone... illegally accessed it... texted himself her nudes... then tried to cover up his crimes. Charged 23 June 2020. Link to story:
Hamilton County
Greg Doucette #0.46 - Hamilton County TN.mp4
4 deputies take turns clubbing the everlasting sh*t out of Reginald Arrington Jr, for the truly heinous crime of ::checks notes:: walking on the wrong side of the road. [@TravisWRCB]20052310:15
Hamilton County
Greg Doucette #0.461 - Hamilton County TN.png
-----NA-----Write-up on the unnumbered story above in Hamilton County, TN. The charges against Mr. Arrington have all been dismissed, and an excessive force lawsuit has been filed. Link to story:
Hamilton County
Greg Doucette #0.462 - Hamilton County TN.png
-----NA-----More on the unnumbered entry in Hamilton County TN, as the head of the local police union insists a coordinated baton beating was really just a bunch of love taps
0.47Miami GardensFL
Greg Doucette #0.47 - Miami Gardens FL.mp4
pre-protests so no number, but a MGPD officer has been arrested after video is released showing him kneeling on an unarmed black woman's neck while also tasing her. She was pregnant, and lost the baby because of this. [@DavidOvalle305]
0.471Miami GardensFL
Greg Doucette #0.471 - Miami Gardens FL.png
-----NA-----Write-up on the unnumbered entry above out of Miami Gardens FL, where a police officer repeatedly tases an unarmed pregnant black woman while kneeling on her throat. Link to story:
0.472Miami GardensFL
Greg Doucette #0.472 - Miami Gardens FL.mp4
[REPOST] [Original tweet deleted] Miami Gardens, FL: a MGPD cop has been fired and charged with battery, after bystander video shows him kneeling on a black woman's throat and tasing her belly 2x. Story: Video: [@DavidOvalle305]
Greg Doucette #0.48 - Tuscon AZ.png
pre-protest so no number. TPD summarily executed a Latino man by restraining him – handcuffed, face down – for 12 minutes. 27yo Carlos Lopez went into cardiac arrest & died at the scene, caught on bodycam. Cops then hid the video for 2 months. Link to story:
Greg Doucette #0.48 - Bethesda AR.mp4
not protest-related so no number, but earlier this week a family called the police for help. So an officer showed up and promptly started terrorizing them. Story: Video: [@SonOfAssata]
0.49New York CityNY
Greg Doucette #0.49 - New York City NY.png
-----NA-----pre-protest so no number. Back in November, a prosecutor informed a driver he could refuse a DWI breath test (which is true; after refusal, they'll often get a warrant for a blood draw). So NYPD cops arrested and charged the prosecutor. Link to story:
0.5New HavenCT
Greg Doucette #0.50 - New Haven CT.png
-----NA-----pre-protest so no number, but lots of folks re-sharing this photo claiming it's new (actually from 2012) – Sgt. Chris Rubino "restrains" Horace Rawlings, by stepping on his neck. Story:
Greg Doucette #0.51 - Buffalo NY.png-----NA-----pre-protest so no number. Buffalo PD officers are on bystander video beating the everlasting sh*t out of a guy last month for weed possession. Earlier this week he notified the city he will be filing an excessive force lawsuit. Video here:
Greg Doucette #0.52 - Louisville KY.mp4
non-police action so no number, but a man opens fire on peaceful protestors for sport. 1 person was killed at the scene, another injured. No arrests yet based on most recent reporting.[@JBernardBoyle / @0000maxwell / @Maxwellsounds]
Greg Doucette #0.521 - Louisville KY.png
-----NA-----Update on the unnumbered entry in Louisville KY about the Jefferson Square Park Murder: a man has been arrested and remains in custody. Notice how quickly LMPD moved on this one, while Breonna Taylor's murderers still walk free. Blue privilege. Link to story:
Greg Doucette #0.53 - Wilmington DE.mp4
pre-protest so not assigning a number, but got several DMs of this 2015 video. [CW: death] A woman calls 911 to report the guy in the wheelchair was wounded by a gunshot. Police show up and blow him away. $1.5M payout. [@trueAFICIONADO]
Greg Doucette #0.54 - Minneapolis MN.png
-----NA-----pre-protest so not numbering, but the Minneapolis union cop spends part of his free time opining on podcasts how to prevent civilian oversight of police. Link to story: PM
Greg Doucette #0.55 - Portland OR.png
-----NA-----not police action so no number, but seems like local non-protestors are tired of having their Fourth Amendment rights violated and getting teargassed in their own apartments. Link to story:
Greg Doucette #0.56 - Portland OR.png
-----NA-----more non-police action, this time PPB is getting sued for targeting lawyers and journalists for arrest. These lawsuits are gonna cost Portland taxpayers $$$$$$$$$. Take it from the police budget Upside-down face. Link : t
Greg Doucette #0.57 - Tempe AZ.png-----NA-----pre-protest so not assigning a number, but last week the Tempe City Council approved a $2,000,000.00 settlement for the extrajudicial summary execution of 14yo Antonio Arce by Tempe police. Cop misconduct is very expensive for taxpayers. Link to story:
Greg Doucette #0.58 - Portland OR.mp4
pre-protest so not assigning a number, but a reminder from the archives that cops have always been needlessly violent with people engaging in First Amendment-protected conduct. 4 August 2018. [@KohzKah]. NOTE: Follow-up tweet --
Greg Doucette #0.59 - Durham NC.png
-----NA-----pre-protest so no number, but a new federal lawsuit has been filed this week against Durham PD for the illegal search and arrest of then-16yo Tony Scott Jr. The officer then claimed Scott assaulted him – but security video shows otherwise
Greg Doucette #0.591 - Durham NC.png
-----NA-----Here's a 2019 article on the unnumbered entry above in Durham NC, Police charged the teenager with felonious assault on the officer. Those charges were dismissed "in the interests of justice" after the security camera footage came out. Link to story:
Greg Doucette #0.6 - Buffalo NY.mp4
pre-protest so no number. Police stop and search Quentin Suttles – and then beat the everlasting sh*t out of him for sport. Compare how little the bodycam picks up vs the video from Suttles girlfriend. [@lamestreamtv]
Greg Doucette #0.61 - Warwick RI.png-----NA-----pre-protest so not assigning a number. Camera crews recorded Warwick PD violating department policy... police leadership had the footage deleted
Greg Doucette #0.62 - Baltimore MD.png
-----NA-----pre-protest so not assigning a number, but just like in 467 + 550 the Baltimore PD has been using a spy plane for daily surveillance. After 2 months of near-continuous use, it has solved a grand total of 0 crimes. Ludicrous...
Greg Doucette #0.63 - Miami FL.mp4
not protest-related so not assigning a number, but a Miami-Dade officer abruptly decks a black woman for sport because she said words to him. Media write-up: [@BillyCorben]
Greg Doucette #0.64 - Houston TX.png
-----NA-----pre-protest so no number. In January 2019, HPD narcotics cops murdered two innocent homeowners as part of a frauduluent no-knock SWAT raid on a home. The cops lied about the basis for the raid, then lied on their reports. New: HPD is all bad.
Greg Doucette #0.65 - Tacoma WA.mp4
pre-protest so no number. [CW: death] Back in March, Tacoma police summarily executed Manuel "Manny" Ellis for no discernible reason. Now a 3rd bystander has come forward with video. Story: [@tacoma_action]
Greg Doucette #0.66 - OR.png-----NA-----not protest-related so no number, but another example of the pervasive cop belief that they're above the law. Link to story:
Greg Doucette #0.67 - Carlsbad NM.mp4
[copyright]pre-protest so no number. [CW: death] A National Park Services ranger summarily executed an unarmed man for speeding. Magically, portions of the ranger's bodycam footage disappeared. You also see him handcuff a dead body Neutral face. Story:
Greg Doucette #0.68 - Portland OR.png
-----NA-----not gonna number this even though it's protest-related b/c it's minor, but I couldn't help but LOL that the City Attorney is annoyed people don't identify officers *when officers hide or don't even wear identifying info* Face with rolling eyes. Link to twitter with letter:
Greg Doucette #0.69 - Wilson OK.png-----NA-----pre-protest so not adding a number, but 2 police officers have now been charged with murder for the July 2019 extrajudicial summary execution of 28yo Jared Lakey. Cops claimed they tased Lakey 4x. Evidence showed they did it 53x for 9+ minutes. Link to story:
Greg Doucette #0.7 - Baltimore MD.mp4
[copyright][REPOST] Baltimore, MD: pre-protest so no number. Police bathe a man in pepper spray and then drag him to the ground by his hair to arrest him. A jury awarded him $75,000.00 for police abuse. May 2015. Story: . Video: [@VOLFdotTV]
Greg Doucette #0.71 - Seattle WA.mp4
not gonna put a number on this one, but it's amazing how much nicer SPD is when they're defending the First Amendment rights of MAGAts, Traitor Tots, and neo-Nazis. [@oscar__melendez]
Greg Doucette #0.711 - Seattle WA.mp4
More of the unnumbered entry in Seattle WA a few tweets up, showing the behavior of the folks SPD cops are protecting. [@AcabStudios]
0.72UKGreg Doucette #0.72 - UK.mp4[copyright]not adding a number to this one, but the cop's comment at the end gives away the game. White male cop: "Did you get the camera when we took him out?" Text from quoted tweet: "Watch the police smash in the window a man’s car after he was wrongly accused of concealing drugs. He was driving home from a TV interview about institutional racism in the police." [from @AaronBastani]
Greg Doucette #0.73 - Chicago IL.pngnot assigning a number here, but a handful of CPD officers pose for a selfie with a Trump booster. Link to tweet with pic:
0.74Del CityOK
Greg Doucette #0.74 - Del City OK.mp4
non-protest so no number. Off-duty Langston University police officer repeatedly shoots a man for allegedly shoplifting. Subsequent reporting indicates the man had a receipt. 4 July 2020. Story: . Video: [@KOCOPorsha]
Greg Doucette #0.75 - Schenectady NY.mp4
non-protest so no number. Police officer detains a man by kneeling on the guy's neck. Video recorded by the man's father. Story: Video: [@JoshuaPotash]
Greg Doucette #0.76 - Portland OR.png
not numbering this one, but just another example of cops tweeting without thinking through the analogy first
Greg Doucette #0.77 - Denver CO.png
pre-protest so no number. A Sheriff's deputy has been fired for being the passenger in a 100+ mph drag race between a transport van and a car, through a construction zone. The driver deputy has not be disciplined b/c he quickly took sick leave. Link to story:
0.78Los AngelesCA
Greg Doucette #0.78 - Los Angeles CA.png
non-protest so no number, but lots of "f*ckin' YIKES" here. Link to tweet with screenshot and thread with more pics:
Greg Doucette #0.79 - Joliet IL.pngpre-protest so no number. Police pinch a man's nose and shove a baton in his mouth until he dies, then hide the video. A different officer leaks it, and today it was announced the *whistleblower* has been stripped of his badge (next tweet). Link to story:
Greg Doucette #0.791 - Joliet IL.pngFollow-up on the unnumbered entry above in Joliet IL, where police tortured and killed a man for sport and then hid the evidence. Joliet PD responded by firing the whistleblower. Today, 7 July 2020. Link to story: