Candidate First NameCandidate Last NamePartyStateCountyCity/TownLevel of OfficeOffice NameDistrictCampaign TypeExisting Public Official?Existing Office NamePrimary DatePrimary ResultGeneral Election ResultNumber of Apparent Extremist TiesApparent Extremist AssociationMovementMovement Sub-CategoryRelationship TypeExplanation(s) of relationshipSource on Extremist 1Source on Extremist 1Source on Extremist 1Source on Extremist 1Source on Extremist 1Apparent Extremist Association 2Movement 2Movement Sub-Category 2Relationship Type 2Explanation(s) of relationship 2Source on Extremist 2Source on Extremist 2Source on Extremist 2Source on Extremist 2Source on Extremist 2Apparent Extremist Association 3Movement 3Movement Sub-Category 3Relationship Type 3Explanation(s) of relationship 3Source on Extremist 3Source on Extremist 3Source on Extremist 3Apparent Extremist Association 4Movement 4Movement Sub-Category 4Relationship Type 4Explanation(s) of relationship 4Source on Extremist 4Source on Extremist 4Source on Extremist 4Apparent Extremist Association 5Movement 5Movement Sub-Category 5Relationship type 5Explanation(s) of relationship 5Source on Extremist 5Source on Extremist 5Source on Extremist 5
TedBuddRepublicanNorth CarolinaFederalU.S. SenateN/ANewYesU.S. House for North Carolina District 135/17/20221Gun Owners of AmericaAntigovernmentTransactionalTed Budd received and accepted an endorsement from the antigovernment extremist organization Gun Owners of America. In an Oct. 12, 2021, press release from Gun Owners of America, Budd reportedly said he was “honored that the Gun Owners of America has endorsed our campaign for US Senate.” Gun Owners of America also published a picture of Budd with one of its members on Oct. 8, 2021.
MikeClampittRepublicanNorth CarolinaStateNorth Carolina House of Representatives119IncumbentYesNorth Carolina State House District 1195/17/20221Oath KeepersAntigovernmentMilitiaMemberMike Clampitt was revealed to be a member of the SPLC-designated extremist group Oath Keepers in a 2021 leak of the antigovernment extremist militia group’s internal membership list. He confirmed his association in a story published by ProPublica. Clampitt admitted to ProPublica that he attended Oath Keepers meetings in 2014, when he became a member. He claims not to condone violence but stands by his affiliation with the Oath Keepers, despite several of their members having been charged for participating in the Jan. 6 insurrection.
Ruben LandonDanteRepublicanTexasFederalU.S. House of Representatives14NewNo3/1/2022Lost1QAnonAntigovernmentConspiracy PropagandistIdeologicalRuben Landon Dante has posted QAnon-linked content on his YouTube channel and social media accounts. Media Matters for America, a watchdog group that monitors right-wing media, reported that Dante paid for an advertisement on Facebook that used the known QAnon hashtag "TheGreatAwakening." One of his YouTube videos from 2020 was titled “Q- Eradicating Pedophilia, Healing & Finding Forgiveness.” A New York Times report said another one of his videos, titled “Fall of Cabal,” is “core QAnon content.” That video has been cited for bringing new people into the conspiracy theory. His campaign website features a blog related to QAnon titled "Who is ‘The Deep State’” that asserts government elites are devil worshippers. -- CK also has screenshot of devil worship post
MayraFloresRepublicanTexasFederalU.S. House of Representatives34NewNo3/1/2022Won_opposed1QAnonAntigovernmentConspiracy PropagandistIdeologicalMayra Flores has shared multiple QAnon-related and anti-vaccine posts on social media. In 2020, Flores circulated QAnon-affiliated hashtags on Facebook and Instagram such as “#qanon” and “#wwg1wga.” She also posts content opposing COVID-19 vaccine mandates from employers. Media Matters for America, a watchdog group that monitors right-wing media, also reported on Flores’ QAnon-related posts.
BobHallRepublicanTexasStateTexas State Senate2IncumbentYesTexas State Senate District 23/1/2022Won_unopposed2AntigovernmentConspiracy PropagandistTransactionalTexas State Sen. Bob Hall circulates conspiracy theories about the effectiveness of vaccines and promotes the deworming drug ivermectin as a treatment for COVID-19, despite its negative health effects on humans. Hall advocates for Texas sovereignty in his campaign materials. Research CouncilHateAnti-LGBTTransactionalHall has been endorsed by the SPLC-designated anti-LGBTQ hate group Family Research Council and promotes the endorsement on his campaign website. He has introduced legislation targeting gender affirming healthcare.
DonaldHuffinesRepublicanTexasStateGovernorN/ANewNo3/1/2022Lost1Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)HateAnti-ImmigrantTransactionalDonald Huffines circulates anti-migrant propaganda and has promoted policies championed by the SPLC-designated hate group Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). On Oct. 25, 2021, Huffines retweeted a FAIR post about E-Verify with the caption: “When I am Governor of Texas we will require every business to use E-Verify. American jobs should go to American workers.” E-Verify is pushed by FAIR and other nativist groups as part of their anti-immigrant agenda. Huffines also ran a political ad in October 2021 referring to migrants at the U.S. Southern border as an “illegal invasion.” On Oct. 14, 2021, he retweeted a FAIR post about the Southern border with the caption: “It’s an invasion and we can’t rely on the federal government to stop it.” Huffines also claims as governor he will “[f]inish Trump’s Wall.” In campaign materials, he has called to deploy to the National Guard to “seal” the Texas border.
DavidHurleyDemocratNorth Carolina BuncombeCountySheriffN/ANewNo5/17/20221Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers AssociationAntigovernmentConspiracy PropagandistMemberDavid Hurley self-identifies as a constitutional sheriff, a sub-ideology within the antigovernment movement. The Citizen Times reported on Hurley saying he is a member of the Constitutional Sheriffs Peace Officers Association, an antigovernment extremist group, and that he would subscribe to its principles if elected. Hurley also claims to be in contact with the group’s founder, Richard Mack. Hurley has gone on record spouting rhetoric in-line with antigovernment activists, including saying he will not enforce public health mandates to mitigate COVID-19.
SidMillerRepublicanTexasStateCommissioner of AgricultureN/AIncumbentYesTexas Commissioner of Agriculture3/1/2022Won_opposed1QanonAntigovernmentConspiracy PropagandistTransactionalIn May 2021, Sid Miller was a featured speaker at the "For God and Country Patriot Roundup" conference, a QAnon-affiliated event that included the QAnon phrase "WWG1WGA" as a part of its marketing materials. Miller used part of his time at the event to peddle the false claim that the 2020 election was stolen from Trump. “There’s no doubt in my mind that Trump won that election. It was just stolen,” he said, according to The Texas Tribune. In various Facebook posts in 2020 amidst the civil unrest after the police murder of George Floyd, Miller accused Hungarian philanthropist George Soros of paying protesters to “destroy” the country and spark a race war. In one post, Miller wrote, “so-called ‘protestors’ are, in fact, domestic terrorists who were organized and paid for by George Soros to further divide our country.”,86924
DanPatrickRepublicanTexasStateLt. GovernorN/AIncumbentYesLieutenant Governor of Texas3/1/2022Won_opposed3HateAnti-ImmigrantIdeologicalTexas Lt. Gov. Patrick sparked controversy in September 2021 when comments he made about Haitian migrants traveling to the United States were akin to the racist conspiracy theory known as “The Great Replacement.” “Let me tell you something, Laura and everyone watching: The revolution has begun. A silent revolution by Joe Biden and the Democrat Party to take over this country,” Patrick said during an appearance on Laura Ingraham’s Fox News show. He said Democrats are allowing undocumented migrants into the country in hopes they and their children will vote for their party. “We now will have illegals in this country denying citizens the right to run our government,” Patrick added. “This is trying to take over our country without firing a shot.” Research CouncilHateAnti-LGBTTransactionalIn 2017, Patrick pushed a “bathroom bill” that would prevent transgender people from using a restroom consistent with their gender identity. Such bills are criticized for being steeped in anti-LGBTQ sentiment, and creating unsafe situations for trans people in public. Patrick tapped the SPLC-designated anti-LGBTQ hate group Family Research Council for a campaign to garner support for the bill. 2014, while campaigning for Lt. Gov., Patrick supported a model anti-Sharia law bill introduced in the Texas State Legislature. During a forum in 2014, he said, "Sharia law should have come out [of committee]” and blamed then-Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst for it failing in the legislature. A year later, Patrick, now serving as lieutenant governor, celebrated another anti-Sharia law bill, SB 531, passing the Texas Senate. The bill later died.
ChadPratherRepublicanTexasStateGovernorN/ANewNo3/1/2022Lost3HateAnti-ImmigrantIdeologicalChad Prather had made anti-immigrant sentiment a cornerstone of his campaign. In a campaign video posted Dec. 21, 2021, Prather claimed, “as governor, I will deploy the national guard, Texas military forces, and the necessary state law enforcement to seal the border, enforce immigration laws, and deport illegal aliens.” He also called for not allowing “sanctuary cities in Texas and to “[f]inish Trump’s border wall.” Regarding immigration, he also said he will “Empower Texans to protect their homes and lands.” In 2019, Prather tweeted, “If you’re black and vote democrat allow me to predict your future. You’re about to become displaced and disenfranchised from your party because of illegal Hispanics coming into America.” On his campaign page, Prather called to “End inept Covid [sic] mandates and mask requirements.” In n October 2021 tweet, he said to “Arm the militias” and the Texas border. Prather regularly mocks LGBTQ communities In a Sept. 2021 tweet, Prather said, “I identify as trans-vaccinated.” On his campaign page, Prather said “Sadly, we are living in that world” in reference to school curriculum exploring gender identity and sexuality. PropagandistIdeologicalPrather perpetuates conspiracy theories about COVID-19 and vaccines. His campaign page calls to “End inept Covid [sic] mandates and mask requirements.”
Aaron Sorrells RepublicanTexas StateLt. Governor N/ANewNo3/1/2022LostN/A2Patriots for AmericaAntigovernmentMilitiaTransactionalAaron Sorrells has promoted the extremist militia group Patriots for America and peddles anti-immigrant sentiment. On a patriot forum webpage in 2021, writing under the moniker "Sorrells4Texas," Sorrells touted, "The government is flying and transporting people into every state in this country. We need the help. Our militias need support to pay their bills and fund their operations to fight back against this invasion." On the same page, he advertised he was running for Texas lieutenant governor, writing, “I’m actually running for Lt. Governor. I’m well aware of what’s going on. Our leadership is not helping us. That’s why our militias are stepping up.” When asked by another poster about what militia types do with migrants once they catch them, Sorrells responded, “That is a subject that cannot be discussed publicly.” pushes anti-immigrant sentiment on his campaign page, writing under the ‘issues’ page, “We must stop the invasion of illegals and terrorists into our country.” PropagandistIdeologicalWriting under the moniker “St1x80”, Sorrells has posted on a QAnon forum. The forum pushes the QAnon idea of “the great awakening.”
JohnnyTeagueRepublicanTexasFederalU.S. House of Representatives7NewNo5/24/2022Runoff1QAnonAntigovernmentConspiracy PropagandistTransactionalIn a since deleted campaign Twitter account, Johnny Teague retweeted posts promoting the QAnon conspiracy theory, including a video of QAnon followers taking a QAnon oath. He also re-tweeted a post that included the hashtags "#GreatAwakening," "#RedPill" and with an image of a giant letter "Q.". In one of his YouTube campaign videos he says he wants to see a "Great Awakening," a known reference to QAnon.
SteveVon LoorRepublicanNorth CarolinaFederalU.S. House of Representatives4NewNo5/17/20222QAnonAntigovernmentConspiracy PropagandistTransactionalSteve A. Von Loor regularly posts QAnon hashtags and slogans, such as “#QAnon”, “#q” and, “#WWG.” In a July 20, 2021, post, Von Loor wrote, “Why is the mainstream media and the Elite Democrats scared of QANON? Let’s think for a moment.” He has also peddled the false narrative that Donald Trump won the 2020 election. On June 25, 2021, he shared a photo on Facebook that features a large “Q” (in reference to QAnon) and claims Trump won Arizona and Georgia. In a July 20, 2021, Facebook post, Von Loor claimed he was “banned by big tech for calling out on #ElitePedophiles.” The post is a refence to the QAnon conspiracy theory. Media Matters for America, a watchdog group that tracks right-wing media, also reported on Von Loor’s QAnon posts. NationalistIdeologicalIn a July 6, 2021 Facebook post, Von Loor published a meme calling July “White Pride Month” and that Critical Race theory needed to be stopped. The post linked to his campaign page.
AllenWestRepublicanTexasStateGovernorN/ANewNo3/1/2022Lost5QAnonAntigovernmentConspiracy PropagandistTransactionalIn May 2021, Allen West spoke at a QAnon-affiliated conference called “For God & Country Patriot Roundup.” A known QAnon slogan, “WWG1WGA,” was featured in marketing materials for the event. for AmericaHateAnti-MuslimTransactionalWest was a keynote speaker at the SPLC-designated anti-Muslim hate group ACT for America’s national conference and legislative briefing in Washington, D.C., in 2011. West’s Islamophobia has shown up in his campaign materials for governor. On his campaign website under the issue of “Curtailing Foreign Influence,” he writes, “I will not allow entities supporting Islamic jihadism to thrive in Texas.” Horowitz Freedom CenterHateAnti-MuslimTransactionalWest was a confirmed speaker at David Horowitz Freedom Center’s 2011 Restoration Weekend in Palm Beach, Florida. David Horowitz Freedom Center is an SPLC-designated anti-Muslim hate group. Other advertised speakers at the event included anti-Muslim hate group leader Robert Spencer. West promoted the event on his blogsite.’s campaign platform for governor includes rhetoric denigrating immigrants. He writes, “[i]llegal immigration is a multi-headed hydra that undermines our national security, endangers our local communities, threatens our educational and healthcare systems, and supports the cartels . . . It must be stopped.” In a November 2021 press release, he advocated setting up a military presence at the U.S. Southern border to respond to migrants and “put a halt to this invasion.” PropaghandistIdeologicalWest has been outspoken against efforts to mitigate COVID-19, including downplaying its deadly virus and pushing back against mass vaccinations. On his campaigh website, he laments that the political left "believe it is completely ethical to mandate experimental vaccines for a virus with a 99.98 percent recovery rate. I believe that the choice of COVID-19 vaccination should be up to an individual and not to governments or crony corporate officials.
Texas will not experience another round of draconian edicts like mask mandates or the forced closure of small businesses."
BethVan DuyneRepublicanTexasFederalU.S. House of Representatives24IncumbentYesU.S. House, District 243/1/2022Won_opposed2Center for Security PolicyHateAnti-MuslimTransactionalVan Duyne received an award from the SPLC-designated anti-Muslim hate group Center for Security Policy in 2015. In March 2015, at the behest of Van Duyne, the Irving City Council voted 5-4 to pass a resolution in support of an anti-Sharia bill then making its way through the Texas Legislature. While that anti-Sharia bill in Texas died, a similar law passed in 2017. While a member of the House of Representatives, Van Duyne has pushed nativist rhetoric like claiming the U.S. is being invaded by migrants via the Southern border. On Sept. 21, 2021, she tweeted, "Joe Biden has purposefully destroyed our border, allowed this invasion to occur, and is endangering our national security." for AmericaHateAnti-MuslimIdeologicalVan Duyne was honored by the national ACT for America organization, a SPLC-designated hate group, at its annual conference in Washington, D.C., in 2016. She was given the group’s National Security Patriot Award. In March 2015, at the behest of Van Duyne, the Irving City Council voted 5-4 to pass a resolution in support of an anti-Sharia bill then making its way through the Texas Legislature. While that anti-Sharia bill in Texas died, a similar law passed in 2017. a member of the House of Representatives, Van Duyne has pushed nativist rhetoric like claiming the U.S. is being invaded by migrants via the Southern border. On Sept. 21, 2021, she tweeted, "Joe Biden has purposefully destroyed our border, allowed this invasion to occur, and is endangering our national security."
BrianBabinRepublicanTexasFederalU.S. House of Representatives36IncumbentYesU.S. House, District 363/1/2022Won_opposed4ACT for AmericaHateAnti-MuslimTransactionalBabin has associated with the SPLC-designated anti-Muslim hate group ACT for America, including receiving the group's "National Security Eagle Award" in 2016. While in office, Babin has proposed legislation to put a moratorium on refugee resettlement into the U.S., which was lauded and supported by hate groups like ACT for America and Center for Security Policy. for Security PolicyHateAnti-MuslimIdeologicalWhile in office, Babin proposed legislation to put a moratorium on refugee resettlement into the U.S., which was lauded and supported by hate groups like ACT for America and Center for Security Policy, two SPLC-designated hate groups. Babin has spoken at Center for Security Policy events and appeared on Frank Gaffney's radio program. 2021, Babin co-sponsored discriminatory "English-only" legislation (H.R.997). Such legislation is promoted by the SPLC-designated anti-immigrant hate group ProEnglish. Social Contract PressHateWhite NationalistTransactionalIn 2015, Babin spoke at a writers’ workshop event put on by the Social Contract Press, a now-defunct publishing house that featured anti-immigrant and white nationalist writers. The Social Contract Press has been designated a white nationalist hate group by SPLC.
LouieGohmertRepublicanTexasStateAttorney GeneralN/ANewYesU.S. House, District 13/1/2022Lost3ACT for AmericaHateAnti-MuslimTransactionalGohmert has attended events organized by ACT for America and David Horowitz Freedom Center, two SPLC-designated anti-Muslim hate groups. He has co-sponsored legislation championed by anti-Muslim groups like the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act. He was one of several lawmakers to invite Dutch Islamophobe Geert Wilders to the U.S. Capitol in 2015. for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)HateAnti-ImmigrantTransactionalGohmert has participated in the SPLC-designated hate group Federation for American Immigration Reform’s radio and networking event in 2017 and 2019. He has also used rhetoric describing migrants at the border as an invasion. Horowitz Freedom CenterHateAnti-MuslimTransactionalGohmert has attended events organized by the David Horowitz Freedom Center, an SPLC-designated anti-Muslim hate group. He appeared at the group's Restoration Weekend in 2014 and Texas Weekend in 2013.
MadisonCawthornRepublicanNorth CarolinaFederalU.S. House of Representatives13IncumbentYesU.S. House, District 135/17/20223White nationalist rhetoricHateWhite NationalistIdeologicalCawthorn responded to the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict by urging supporters to "be armed, be dangerous and be moral." In a 2021 interview with the far-right One America News, Cawthorn ranted about those in Washington, D.C., “who are trying to insert their woke politics into our culture, trying to destroy Western civilization, trying to take all of our morality away from everyone, trying to make everyone genderless, sexless, and just absolutely Godless.” Cawthorn sparked controversy when he accused a political opponent of having ties to someone who “quit his academia job in Boston to work for non-white males, like Cory Booker, who aims to ruin white males running for office.” has peddled anti-immigrant sentiment on social media. In September 2021, he tweeted, “Biden is clearly treating illegal immigrants and refugees better than American citizens.” In a Nov. 2021 tweet, he wrote, “There's an invasion at our Southern Border.” PropagandistIdeologicalDuring an event in August 2021, he called those arrested in connection the January 6 Insurrection “political hostages” and pushed the false narrative that the 2020 election was “stolen” from Donald Trump.
KeithKidwellRepublicanNorth CarolinaStateNorth Carolina House of Representatives79IncumbentYesNorth Carolina House of Representatives5/17/20221Oath KeepersAntigovernmentMilitiaMemberState Rep. Keith Kidwell’s name appeared in a leaked internal membership roster of the antigovernment extremist group the SPLC-designated extremist group Oath Keepers. When asked about his involvement in the group, Kidwell told Rawstory, "I am not going to exacerbate a theft of data from any organization. I'm going to refuse comment since the information was ill-gotten. That is just protection of people's rights."
A.J. "Andy"LouderbackRepublicanTexasFederalU.S. House of Representatives27IncumbentYesJackson County Sheriff3/1/2022Lost2Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)HateAnti-ImmigrantTransactionalSheriff Andy Louderback has been an ally to the SPLC-designated hate group Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), appearing at the group's events, including the 2021 "Hold Their Feet to the Fire" radio and networking conference. for Immigration StudiesHateAnti-ImmigrantTransactionalLouderback spoke at the Center for Immigration Studies' 2019 event "The Border Crisis, Impacts and Solutions." Center for Immigration Studies is an SPLC-designated anti-immigrant hate group.