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1Forthcast Ltd.http://forthcast.comForthcast provides intelligent built-to-order automated foresight reports.Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, NanotechnologyHelsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
2NanoSniff Technologies TechnologiesNanotechnologyMumbai, Maharashtra, India
3Exnodes Inc.http://www.exnodes.comMaximizing Yield with Computational Parallel InspectionAnalytics, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning, Nanotechnology, SemiconductorFremont, California, United States
4Log 9 Materials 9 Materials is a nano-materials manufacturing and RnD startupNanotechnologyUttar Pradesh, India, Asia
5CamIn - Cambridge Innovation Consulting provides consulting and expert network services related to emerging technologies.3D Printing, Aerospace, Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles, Big Data, Consulting, Electronics, Energy, Energy Storage, Information Technology, Machine Learning, Manufacturing, Medical Device, Nanotechnology, Natural Language Processing, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical, Product Research, Solar, Wind EnergyCambridge, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
6Tag-it Tech, Inc.http://tagittech.comTag-it Tech, Inc. provides nanotechnology based product tracking systems to State agencies managing licensed Cannabis programs.Enterprise Software, NanotechnologySeattle, Washington, United States
7Peratechhttp://www.peratech.comPeratech is a technology company that sells sensors for commercial and domestic purposes.Manufacturing, Nanotechnology, SensorNorth Yorkshire, United Kingdom, Europe
8Exabyte.io fastest way to develop new materials and chemicals from concept to product through modeling and simulations.Advanced Materials, Cloud Computing, NanotechnologySan Francisco, California, United States
9Covalent Metrology Services, Inc.https://www.covalentmetrology.comDedicated to providing materials innovation companies of all sizes access to high quality metrology, both in-house and externallyElectronics, Nanotechnology, SemiconductorSanta Clara, California, United States
10NuNanohttps://www.nunano.comNuNano is a UK manufacturer of AFM probes and bespoke cantilever sensors.NanotechnologyBristol, Bristol, City of, United Kingdom
11Oxford Nanopore Technologieshttp://www.nanoporetech.comOxford Nanopore Technologies develops nanopore-based electronic systems for analyzing single molecules, including DNA, RNA and proteins.Biotechnology, Genetics, Health Diagnostics, NanotechnologyOxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
12Viewhttp://www.viewglass.comView commercializes dynamic glass that tints automatically in response to weather conditions and user preference.Internet of Things, Nanotechnology, Smart BuildingMilpitas, California, United States
13QD Visionhttp://coloriq.comQD Vision is a nanotechnology products company delivering display and lighting solutions for TVs and other displays.Delivery, Nanotechnology, VideoLexington, Massachusetts, United States
14Nanosyshttp://www.nanosysinc.comNanosys designs and builds nanotechnology materials to improve LCD display color performance and battery storage.Battery, Manufacturing, NanotechnologyMilpitas, California, United States
15Nanotronics Imaging Imaging is a microscopy and software company delivering rapid testing and analysis solutions.Life Science, Medical Device, NanotechnologyCuyahoga Falls, Ohio, United States
16GLOhttp://www.glo.seGLO is focused on the development and commercialization of advanced LED products using nanotechnology.Manufacturing, NanotechnologySweden, Europe
17WaveOpticshttp://www.enhancedworld.comWaveOptics is a global provider of pioneering Augmented Reality waveguides offering exceptional picture quality in flexible form factors.Augmented Reality, Consumer Electronics, Nanotechnology, Virtual Reality, WearablesAbingdon, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
18Ampriushttp://www.amprius.comAmprius develops an anode out of silicon nanowires for lithium-ion batteries.Battery, Nanotechnology, Renewable EnergySunnyvale, California, United States
19Inprentus, Inc., manufactures ultrahigh precision, radiation-hard, diffractive optics by mechanical nanodeformation of metallic surfaces.Innovation Management, Manufacturing, NanotechnologyChampaign, Illinois, United States
20Nanterohttp://www.nantero.comAs the world leader in carbon nanotube electronics, Nantero has developed a new generation of super fast, high-density memory called NRAM.Hardware, Nanotechnology, SemiconductorWoburn, Massachusetts, United States
21Nicoya Lifescienceshttp://www.nicoyalife.comWe are a nanotechnology company developing sensor products that will change the worldDeveloper Platform, Nanotechnology, SensorWaterloo, Ontario, Canada
22Infinite Power Solutionshttp://infinitepowersolutions.comInfinite Power Solutions is a clean-technology company developing solid-state, rechargeable and thin-film micro-energy storage devices.CleanTech, Energy, Energy Storage, NanotechnologyLittleton, Colorado, United States
23Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals Research is focused on developing, commercializing, and licensing a range of nanotechnology products and applications.Biotechnology, Electronics, Energy Storage, NanotechnologyPasadena, California, United States
24ADVANOhttp://advanotech.comADVANO combines nanotechnology with fundamental chemical engineering principles to accelerate the renewable energy revolution.Advanced Materials, Energy Storage, Manufacturing, NanotechnologyNew Orleans, Louisiana, United States
25Canatuhttp://www.canatu.comCanatu is developing and manufacturing transparent conductive films and touch sensors for an entirely new class of touch applicationsNanotechnology, Organic, SensorHelsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
26NanoSteelhttp://www.NanoSteelCO.comNanoSteel is an advanced materials company specializing in the design and commercialization of patented nanostructured steel materials.Advanced Materials, Automotive, NanotechnologyProvidence, Rhode Island, United States
27Siluria Technologieshttp://www.siluria.comSiluria Technologies is a material innovation company developing processes for transforming natural gas into chemicals and fuels.Chemical, Fuel, NanotechnologySan Francisco, California, United States
28NanoH2Ohttp://www.nanoh2o.comNanoH2O enhances current polymer-based membranes with a nano-structured material that allows additional control of key membrane properties.Nanotechnology, Software, WaterLos Angeles, California, United States
29Attolighthttp://www.attolight.comAttolight produces time-resolved cathodoluminescence instruments to measure carrier dynamics in nanostructures.Medical, Medical Device, NanotechnologyLausanne, Vaud, Switzerland
30Nano Dimensionhttp://www.nano-di.com3D printed electronics. Creating a high resolution system including advanced functional materials to revolutionize how electronics are made.3D Printing, 3D Technology, Nanotechnology, RoboticsNess Ziona, HaMerkaz, Israel
31NBD Nanotechnologies Inchttp://nbdnano.comNBD develops coatings and additives to modify surface wetting propertiesElectronics, Industrial, NanotechnologyBrighton, Massachusetts, United States
32Nanosolarhttp://www.nanosolar.comNanosolar prints solar cells and assembles panels to enable the most cost-efficient solar electricity.Nanotechnology, Renewable Energy, SolarSan Jose, California, United States
33Seeohttp://www.seeo.comSeeo manufactures and distributes lithium-polymer batteries.Battery, Nanotechnology, SemiconductorHayward, California, United States
34Light Polymers, Inc.http://www.lightpolymers.comOur Optical Chemistry changes the $10B Polarizer MarketEyewear, Nanotechnology, SolarSan Francisco, California, United States
35N12 Technologieshttp://n12technologies.comN12 Technologies delivers production-scale nanotechnology materials for aerospace, automotive and consumer goods composite materials.Advanced Materials, NanotechnologyCambridge, Massachusetts, United States
36Liquidia Technologieshttp://www.liquidia.comTo groundbreaking research that leads to the improved safety and efficacy of vaccines and therapeutics.Biopharma, Nanotechnology, TherapeuticsMorrisville, North Carolina, United States
37NanoRackshttp://nanoracks.comNanoRacks has democratized space via multiple platforms, from Blue Origin to its leadership position on the International Space StationLife Science, Nanotechnology, Satellite Communication, Space TravelWebster, Texas, United States
38Cerulean Pharmahttp://www.ceruleanrx.comCerulean Pharma develops nanotechnology-based therapeutics for treating oncology, cardiovascular, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.Health Care, Nanotechnology, TherapeuticsCambridge, Massachusetts, United States
39NuMat Technologieshttp://numat-tech.comThe future of precision engineering.Artificial Intelligence, Hardware, Machine Learning, Nanotechnology, Renewable Energy, SemiconductorSkokie, Illinois, United States
40FibeRiohttp://fiberiotech.comFibeRio supplies high-throughput nanofiber production systems powered by Forcespinning technology for the nonwovens industry.Manufacturing, Nanotechnology, TextilesMcallen, Texas, United States
41Zeptorhttp://zeptoco.comZeptor develops an innovative silicon anode that enables battery makers to produce lithium-ion batteries that exceed 700Wh/L.Battery, Developer Platform, NanotechnologyMenlo Park, California, United States
42Ligandalhttp://www.ligandal.comLigandal's mission is to cure diseases and enable precision medicine through next-generation nanoscale delivery solutions.Biotechnology, Genetics, NanotechnologySan Francisco, California, United States
43Nevada Nano (Nevada Nanotech Systems, Inc.) develops and manufactures high performance, low cost silicon MEMS gas sensors.Electronics, Manufacturing, Nanotechnology, SensorSparks, Nevada, United States
44Cnano Technologyhttp://www.cnanotechnology.comCnano Technology is dedicated to the production of carbon nanotubes and application of advanced energy.Energy, Manufacturing, NanotechnologySanta Clara, California, United States
45Bikanta is introducing a revolutionary nanodiamond-based technology.Biotechnology, Health Diagnostics, NanotechnologyBerkeley, California, United States
46Cambrios Technologieshttp://www.cambrios.comCambrios Technologies develops electronic materials such as wet-processable transparent conductive films for the display industry.Electronics, Nanotechnology, SoftwareSunnyvale, California, United States
47Vorbeck Materialshttp://www.vorbeck.comVorbeck Materials develops and manufactures applications using Vor-x, which is a graphene technology.Enterprise Software, Hardware, NanotechnologyJessup, Maryland, United States
48ViaeX creates biological nanofiltration systems for water and air which are 400% more efficient than current solutions.NanotechnologySan Francisco, California, United States
49Oxford Photovoltaicshttp://www.oxfordpv.comOxford Photovoltaics designs and manufactures hybrid organic photovoltaic systems for building integrated applications.Information Technology, Nanotechnology, SolarYarnton, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
50Nanowear MedTech start-up changing the world of diagnostic monitoring through medical-grade smart textiles.Medical, Medical Device, Nanotechnology, SensorNew York, New York, United States
51Abionic in 2010, Abionic SA is ideally positioned at the boundaries of medical technology, biotechnology and nanotechnology.Biotechnology, Medical, NanotechnologyLausanne, Vaud, Switzerland
52Anpac Bio-Medical Science CompanyBiotechnology, Medical, NanotechnologyShanghai, Shanghai, China
53Nanocomp Technologieshttp://www.nanocomptech.comNanocomp Technologies is a commercial producer of carbon nanotube-based lightweight sheets, tapes, wires, and yarns.Aerospace, Automotive, NanotechnologyConcord, New Hampshire, United States
54SBA Materialshttp://www.sbamaterials.comSBA Materials develops functional porous, inorganic, and organic hybrid materials for a wide range of technologies.Electronics, Manufacturing, NanotechnologyAlbuquerque, New Mexico, United States
55Mekonos Inc.http://www.mekonos.comWe are a Silicon Valley chip technology startup aimed primarily toward cancer immunotherapy, gene engineering and drug development.Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Robotics, SemiconductorPalo Alto, California, United States
56Cima NanoTechhttp://www.cimananotech.comCima NanoTech manufactures nanomaterials for the electronics industry.Electronics, Nanotechnology, VideoSaint Paul, Minnesota, United States
57P2ihttp://www.p2i.comProvider of nanocoating technologyNanotechnologyAbingdon, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
58SDC Materials,Inc.http://www.sdcmaterials.comSDCmaterials, Inc is a privately held company that was founded in 2004Advanced Materials, Industrial Engineering, NanotechnologyTempe, Arizona, United States
59Grolltex, Inc.https://grolltex.comGrolltex for 'graphene-rolling-technologies' is an early stage company with breakthrough technology in the field of CVD graphene productionNanotechnologySan Diego, California, United States
60Aryballe Technologies Technologies was created in Grenoble/France by a team of scientists and entrepreneurs.NanotechnologyGrenoble, Rhone-Alpes, France
61Intermolecularhttp://www.intermolecular.comIntermolecular provides high productivity combinatorial (HPC) technology products and services for a wide range of industries.Advanced Materials, Analytics, NanotechnologySan Jose, California, United States
62Forge Nano Nano is a global leader in surface engineering and precision nano-coating technology.NanotechnologyLouisville, Colorado, United States
63Molecular Imprintshttp://www.molecularimprints.comMolecular Imprints offers nanopatterning systems and solutions for the hard disk drive and semiconductor sectors.Hardware, Life Science, NanotechnologyAustin, Texas, United States
64Nanomech manufactures application-specific nanoparticle additives, nanoparticle-based coatings and coating deposition systems.Advanced Materials, Energy, Manufacturing, NanotechnologyFayetteville, Arkansas, United States
65Sirrus Technology (dba : Alluxa) Technology, Inc. offers precision optical thin film interference filters for laser systems, telecommunications equipment.Electrical Distribution, Laser, Nanotechnology, TelecommunicationsSanta Rosa, California, United States
66Optomec printing solutions in Electronics3D Printing, Aerospace, NanotechnologyAlbuquerque, New Mexico, United States
67Enumeral Biomedicalhttp://enumeral.comEnumeral Biomedical uses a nanotechnology-enabled process for therapeutic discovery, immune profiling and personalized medicine.Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, TherapeuticsNew York, New York, United States
68Axium Nano Nanofibers is a California-based manufacturing company specializing in air and water products.Manufacturing, Nanotechnology, Water, Water PurificationLaguna Beach, California, United States
69SP Nano Ltd.http://www.spnano.comSP Nano Ltd. is a nanotechnology company commercializing the use of nanoparticles in products made from composite materials.Biotechnology, Manufacturing, NanotechnologyYavne, HaMerkaz, Israel
70Authentixhttp://www.authentix.comAuthentix is a provider of brand protection, excise tax recovery, and supply chain security solutions.Fuel, Nanotechnology, SecurityAddison, Texas, United States
71Nano Terrahttp://www.nanoterra.comNano Terra is a nano- and micro-technology development company for thin electronic displays, fuel cells, sensors and solar power devices.Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, SolarCambridge, Massachusetts, United States
72Liquidity Nanotech Corporationhttp://www.liquico.comLiquidity manufactures breakthrough water purification cartridges, based on revolutionary membrane nanoscience.Nanotechnology, Water, Water PurificationConcord, California, United States
73ANTERIOShttp://anteriosinc.comAnterios is a biopharmaceutical company developing botulinum-based prescription products for aesthetic medicine and dermatology.Biopharma, Medical, NanotechnologyNew York, New York, United States
74Venture Catalystshttp://www.venture-catalysts.comVenture Catalysts is a company focused on the creation of start-ups based on technological and scientific projects.Advanced Materials, Biotechnology, Genetics, Hardware, Nanotechnology, SoftwareMatosinhos, Porto, Portugal
75Silatronixhttp://www.silatronix.comSilatronix develops organosilicon electrolytes for energy storage devices such as ultracapacitors, lithium-ion batteries, and more.Advanced Materials, Energy Storage, NanotechnologyMadison, Wisconsin, United States
76XG Scienceshttp://xgsciences.comXG Sciences, Inc. is a privately held corporation with headquarters in Lansing, MI serving customers around the world. We manufacture xGnPEnergy, Medical, NanotechnologyLansing, Michigan, United States
77SiOnyxhttp://www.sionyx.comSiOnyx engages in commercializing a semiconductor process that enhances the infrared sensitivity of silicon-based photonics.Nanotechnology, Semiconductor, VideoBeverly, Massachusetts, United States
78NexPlanarhttp://www.nexplanar.comNexPlanar builds chemical mechanical planarization pads using its proprietary nano-domain technology for the semiconductor device industry.Nanotechnology, Product Design, SemiconductorHillsboro, Oregon, United States
79Aqdothttp://www.aqdot.comAqdot is a specialist chemical company with a focus and expertise in intelligent encapsulation technology.Chemical, Chemical Engineering, NanotechnologyCambridge, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
80Liquipelhttp://www.liquipel.comLiquipel develops water resistant technology for electronic devices such as smartphones, headphones, tablets and others.Electronics, Mobile, NanotechnologySanta Ana, California, United States
81QD Solarhttp://www.qdsolarinc.comQD Solar is a technology company based in Canada that develops photovoltaic cells that use colloidal quantum dot technology.Nanotechnology, Renewable Energy, SolarToronto, Ontario, Canada
82Irvine Sensors Corporationhttp://irvine-sensors.comIrvine Sensors develops miniature, low power, high performance and LWIR uncooled thermal camera electronics cores.3D Technology, Electronics, NanotechnologyCosta Mesa, California, United States
83Surrey NanoSystemshttp://www.surreynanosystems.comVantablack super-black coatings technology for space, optics, consumer and luxury goodsDeveloper Platform, Nanotechnology, SemiconductorNewhaven, East Sussex, United Kingdom
84Oxane Materialshttp://www.oxanematerials.comOxane is commercializing nanotechnology-enhanced propping agents (“proppants”) that address “Holy Grail” oil and gas technical challenges.Biotechnology, Innovation Management, NanotechnologyHouston, Texas, United States
85Graphene Frontiershttp://graphenefrontiers.comGraphene Frontiers is focused on graphene-production technology and aims to provide custom graphene solutions at a commercial scale.NanotechnologyPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
86MOF Technologieshttp://www.moftechnologies.comNanomaterials for a low carbon worldClean Energy, Nanotechnology, Natural ResourcesBelfast, Belfast, United Kingdom
87ANF Technologyhttp://nafen.euANF Technologies is a developer of aluminium oxide nanofibers.Chemical, Marketing, NanotechnologyTallinn, Harjumaa, Estonia
88Svaya Nanotechnologieshttp://www.svaya-nano.comSvaya Nanotechnology develops thin film manufacturing processes based on nanotechnology.Film, Manufacturing, NanotechnologySunnyvale, California, United States
89ZettaCore, pioneering the field of molecular electronics, is focused on developing molecular materials for the electronics industry.Electronics, Energy, NanotechnologyEnglewood, Colorado, United States
90Silk Biomaterialshttp://www.silkbiomaterials.comSilk-fibroin tissue engineering technology platformHealth Care, Medical Device, NanotechnologyLomazzo, Lombardia, Italy
91Deep Cell Industrieshttp://deepcell.industriesDeepCell’s flagship brand built on Crystal Fusion technology, enabling users to accurately dose in beverages and food.Food and Beverage, Nanotechnology, WellnessSeattle, Washington, United States
92Angstron Materials Inchttp://www.angstronmaterials.comAngstron Materials is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of graphene, GO, conductive polymers, anode and thermal interface materials.NanotechnologyDayton, Ohio, United States
93MagForce AG, a medical device company, operates in the field of nanotechnology-based cancer treatment in GermanyHealth Care, Medical Device, NanotechnologyBerlin, Berlin, Germany
94Novaledhttp://www.novaled.comNovaled provides proprietary organic materials and technologies for superior OLEDs in display, lighting and high performance OSC.Electronics, Lighting, NanotechnologyDresden, Sachsen, Germany
95Nanotech Securityhttp://www.nanosecurity.caNanotech Security is a public company that designs and commercializes advanced security products and devices.Cyber Security, Nanotechnology, SecurityBurnaby, British Columbia, Canada
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