Secondary Programs and Pathways COMP 2017-18
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Purpose and Work Streams 2017-18
Secondary Programs and Pathways
The department offers wraparound supports for students at every step in their journey to keep every student engaged in school and on-track for success. This includes Personalized Pathways; Academic and Career Planning; academic, social/emotional,career counseling, and post-secondary advising; flexible coursework through Madison Virtual Campus and online learning; and Credit Recovery opportunities. The department also provides support through specialized academic programs such as AVID, Career & Technical Education, Experiential Learning and Dual Credit/Dual EnrollmentDepartment Manager
Cindy Green
Data Point Person
Cindy Green
Major Work Streams
Personalized Pathways Student SupportsIn collaboration with central office departments, including the Office of Multilingual and Global Education and Student Services, monitor how personalized student supports will be delivered to students in the Personalized Pathways model. Jen Wegner
6th - 11th Grade ACP Implementation, Refinement, School Support, PD, and EvaluationIn collaboration with a variety of other of colleagues and departments, provide professional learning, coaching, and support for implementation of grade 6-11 Academic and Career Planning while also coordinating collection of evaluation and implementation data.Julia Steege-Reimann
Professional Learning for Career and Technical Education (CTE) building staff and administrators (CTE) curriculum (horizontal & vertical), assessment, industry certification and dual credit alignmentPlan, coordinate and implement CTE curriculum alignment and professional learning for teachers while shifting to Pathways Development by fostering relationships between middle/high school staff and postsecondary teams and Instructors to develop dual credit and industry certifications while monitoring fidelity and supporting enhancements to written curriculum based on teacher, postsecondary, and advisory committee feedback.Richard Ammon
CTE Perkins Grant Administration & ReportingDevelop Perkins grant that aligns to federal/state guidelines with input from Personalized Pathways team -Oversee Graduate Follow-Up and CTEERS reporting - Development and oversight of Career and Technical Education Business Advisory teams.Jen Wegner
Coordinate and implement youth apprenticeship (YA) and similar opportunities including internships and COOPFacilitate youth apprenticeship and similar programs through monitoring the application process for students, aligning technical-related coursework options for students, facilitating mentor training, resume development and job interview seminars, communicating employment opportunities, and monitoring performance evaluations and program completion for all registered students.Sherrie Stuessy
Experiential Learning Continuum implementation and supportProvide coordination and support to Experiential Learning Liaisons, Career and Technical Education Instructors and Counselors in connection to activities on experiential learning continuum. Sherrie Stuessy
Deepen partnership with Personalized Pathways Anchor Partners, to align a curriculum to increase dual credit opportunities and to develop a collaborative infrastructure that will increased experiential learning opportunities and seamless supports for MMSD students.In conjunction with MMSD Anchor Partner Action team members, develop year long scope and sequence for meetings and action plans to ensure quality design and implementation of Personalized Pathways; including developing a scope of work to support team with the outlining of an infrastructure to expand dual credit and post-secondary transitions, personalized student supports, experiential learning and engage partners in Personalized Pathways.Jen Wegner
Coordinate Career Education plan that supports personalized pathways and the graduate vision.Develop and implement the annual communication and training plan including the development of instructions, resources, and training modules, as well as identifying additional resources and tools, along with a prioritized calendar of who needs training and by when that supports the development of students' for community, college and career readiness.Richard Ammon
Facilitate scheduling support at the high school level; as well as coordinate evaluation of high school scheduling modelsDevelop and implement an annual plan of support to align high school schedules to best practice student-centered approaches, incorporating Pathways model. Facilitate and co-plan professional development with contractor.Jen Wegner
AVID MS Schoolwide IntegrationDesign district-wide expectations for AVID College Readiness System to serve as our school-wide and district-wide framework for all middle schools. Align expectations, communication, and resources with Academic & Career Planning, Counseling, Experiential Learning, and Curriculum & Instruction to provide coherent benchmarks for college and career readiness schoolwide. Langston Evans
AVID Tutoring Hiring, Training & PlacementAVID Tutor Coordinator is responsible for recruiting, hiring, training, and placing tutors in order that every AVID Elective Class can meet a 7:1 student:tutor ratio in their twice weekly tutorials. Stephanie Marshall
Online LearningThe Online Learning Team will implement and track Online Learning 3 year plan by supporting and monitoring the school-based process for Madison Virtual Campus; build capacity and support for blended learning opportunities; plan and implement Virtual Learning Spaces for interdistrict learning and professional development.Meri Tunison
Credit RecoverySupport and monitor credit recovery online instructional programs to ensure fidelity across the district.Kate Statz
School CounselingCounseling Coordinator is responsible for monthly communication to school counselors. Counseling coordinator co-facilitates school counselor professional learning with Lead Counselor. Mindy Willard
School CounselingSchool Counseling Coordinator will support building leaders in the school counseling department through co-facilitation of School Counseling Advisory Teams at middle and high school levels. Mindy Willard
MTSSParticipate in Educlimber cross functional teamKira Hicks
Performance ManagementEstablish a Department performance management systemCindy Green
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