KP/KG Teacher Tastes & Tidbits (Responses)
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The KPKG PTA has put together a "Teacher Tastes & Tidbits" questionnaire in an effort to collect information on teacher/staff likes, interests, etc. The questionnaire has been available to all Kings Park and Kings Glen staff but participation is purely optional, and staff are encouraged to share as much (or as little) information as they wish. The information provided is intended to be used by parents, staff, and others who may wish to acknowledge and/or thank a staff member. If you are looking for a staff member who is not listed, it means he/she has not filled out the questionnaire. Please note that KPKG PTA is not responsible for staff participation nor for verifying the validity (or timeliness) of the information contained herein.
TimestampFirst NameLast NameWhere do you teach/work?What grade/special do you teach?Color(s)Food(s) and/or Drink(s)Restaurant(s)Place(s) to ShopSport(s) and/or Team(s)Animal(s)Book(s)/Author(s)Birthday (Month, Day)When I'm not at school, I love to...I can always use [fill in the blank] for my classroomFun fact
9/12/2018 19:41:34StephanieA'HearnKings ParkMulti-GradeBlueLaCroix or Peet's Hazlenut LattePaneraTargetn/aguinea pigTodd Parr10/9hang out with my familyElephant and Piggie booksI collect books about guinea pigs!
12/7/2017 12:28:50Beth BeaversKings ParkPEForest Green and purple :)Coffee or latte, water, bagels, granola, dark chocolate
Panera, Subway, Chipotle, Chuy's, BGR, Panisa
Target, Amazon, Home DepotCapitals, VA Tech HokiesDog, cat, lion
I LOVE to read. Mysteries, adventure...just about anything.
7/26Read, go hiking and camping, watch my boys' sporting events. Nerf material for the recess tub, velcro tabsI went to Kings Park and Kings Glen as a student.
9/13/2018 8:16:27JanaeBelcherKings ParkPEpinksoda water healthy snackschipotletargetCapitals!!!!!dog -Lucy4/19do DIY projects around my house, hang with my familyclorox wipesI'm allergic to anything scented except vanilla :)
9/12/2018 17:46:07StephanieBlantonKings Park
K-3 ESOL and Responsive Instruction
bluechocolate, fruit, hot chocolate, and pepsiChipotle, Chick-fil-a, and walmartnone giraffes
Nonfiction about countries, Paul Fleischman
6/10visit museums and read.colored pencils and sharpiesI speak Afrikaans.
10/30/2018 10:49:49MariaCamiloKings GlenEnhanced Aut
No preference, I like them all!
Coke, chocolate, steak and cheese subsLonghorn, Outback, Spartan'sTyson's Corner
Baseball Braves, football Steelers
Dogs and catsNeil Gaiman2/18
Go to local venues for music (Jammin Java is my favorite) and cross stitch ( I buy a lot of cool designs from Etsy)
Velcro, sensory items (shaving cream, play doh etc...) I live in Winchester!
4/18/2018 9:23:10EileenCastelliKings Glen5th grade, special edpurple and tealdark chocolate, pomegranate juiceVilla Bella, La ToltecaWalmart, Ross, Kohlsnone, reallySeagull, dolphin
many, so not one in particular
6/11garden, watch movies, eat out
dry erase markers and erasers, colored felt tip pens, small colored sticky notes
I went horseback riding up a volcano in Costa Rica!
10/25/2017 17:50:49Lynne CazaKings GlenFourthWhiteCoffee, tea, sparkling waterSweat Greens, Jinya, El PasoHome Goods, World Market Nationals and Dodgers Dogs
Anything for my classroom!
9/21Run, workout, hike, spend time with my family!Post it notes, clear plastic sleeves , books and highlighters!I have two boys : one at KG and one at KP
4/17/2018 14:57:03CherylClarkKings Glen6th PurpleCappuccinoGiardinosTargetNationalsGiraffe7/17read and traveldry erase markers and dry erase erasersI've hiked on all seven continents
10/30/2018 13:23:01ChristophetrCondleyKings Glen6thBlueAnything Italian, Tacos, Pizza, Fajitas, Coffee
Starbucks, Chipotle, Anita's, Angelico's Pizza
Banana Republic, Gap
Any Cleveland Sports Team, Ohio State
Dan Brown, John Grisham, Stephen King
5/21Watch TV, Walk my dogs, Cook dinner witrh my wifePosters, Books
10/5/2018 11:30:16ElizabethConnorsKings Park1stPinkCoffeeI love them all!TargetCats10/12Camp and drive through the country.New STEAM toys, colored sharpies, puzzlesI drove through 18 states this past summer and camped in 10 of them.
10/25/2017 21:27:08Michelle CrabillKings ParkAllPurple Vanilla latte with almond milk YUM! Any -AmazonNats Caps Skins Pups and kitties Hmm... love all8/7Coach travel Softball and read (and watch Netflix) LEGOS
My first computer was a From radio shack and had a 20MB hard drive - my first cell phone had a strap that hung over my shoulder :)) #timeshavechanged
9/13/2018 8:06:23MelissaCrowleyKings ParkKgreen and yellowDecafe hot tea, especially Earl Grey
Red, Hot, & Blue, Glory Days, Red Robin, IHOP
Nordstrom Rack, J.Crew, DSW, Target, Wegmans
Washington CapitalsdogI love biographies!12/27spend time with my family, exercise, shop, read, see movies
card stock, double sided tape (reuseable), crayons, hand sanitizer, tissues
I grew up locally! I went to West Springfield H.S., JMU (undergrad), and GMU (graduate school)
9/17/2018 13:48:37AngelaCuetoKings ParkKindergarten IABlue and yellowAnything healthy and tea. Silver diner and Panera Target and Trader Joe's Anything cute. Too many to list. Hike, camp with my kids, work out and read. Playdough, jump roaps, chalk and stickers.
10/30/2018 15:17:47Jay Ann DiGraziaKings Glen6thviolettacosChipotleAmazon6/5work outmagnetic tape
4/17/2018 14:58:39Jennifer DownhamKings GlenMusicYellowalmonds, veggie chips and green teaPaneraTarget and Amazon
Detroit Tigers and Carolina Gamecocks
Turtles and horses4/17Pencils, erasers and dry-erase markers
10/30/2018 10:43:07JennFedorKings Glen
6th grade special education resource
purpletea/cocoa, chocolate, pastaGiardino, Chuy's, BGR, Ledo'sTarget, Barnes and Noble
Patriots, Red Sox, Capitals, Nationals
Cow, Dolphin
Catcher in the Rye, The Good Earth
2/8Read, play board games with my family, cook/bake, go to ZumbaDry erase markers and Post-It NotesI love my family and my dogs. :)
10/30/2018 11:12:54JenniferFitzgeraldKings GlenArtTeal, Black, WhiteBlack tea, Chocolate, Pretzels, Trail Mix, Coffee, GranolaPanera, Starbucks, Dominos
A.C. Moore, Michaels, Target, Walmart, Amazon
NoneFox, Ocotpus
Books on Lettering, Shaun Tan books, David Weisner books
4/29Walk in the park, do arts and crafts with my son, practice lettering and bullet journaling
Magnets!!!, fun colored pens, stickers, leftover crafting and scrapbooking supplies, sponges, cardboard
I like hand lettering and cards with funny/corny puns : )
10/30/2018 13:12:42MarissaGainesKings Glen6thBluePizza, cookies, fettecuine alfredo
Glory days, Great American Restaurants, Uncle Julios
TargetNew England PatriotsdogRealistic fiction11/24eat & travelpost its, glue sticks, kleenex, wipes, pencils, booksI've never had a strawberry before.
4/18/2018 21:40:04ArielleGanttBothAdapted Physical EducationPurpleCoffee, Reese's, Goldfish
Chipotle, Panera, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts
AmazonRedskinsElephant1/2watch/play rugbyFolders and dry erase markers
12/6/2017 16:57:05Emily GillKings ParkKindergarten PurpleCoke, salty snacks, dark chocolateGreat America, Panera, CavaTarget, !!Hokies, Nats, RedskinsNone
Kindergarten read alouds
12/21Walk, read, okay games with my children Colorful Sharpies
12/7/2017 10:30:02Kelsey GordonKings ParkMusic YellowCoffee, Tea, Chocolateanything in Fairfax PetSmart, Wegmans Philadelphia Eagles Dogs
anything about Music or Art
12/30play outside with my dogs, cook, and baketissues and dry erase markersI love The Beatles!
4/19/2018 7:35:21ElizabethGrodinKings Park
Special Education-Kindergarten
purplechocolate and white chocolate mocha Yard HouseTarget Pittsburgh Penguins elephantsJohn Green 3/3read Pens I love to cook and bake
9/13/2018 13:47:53MorganHaganKings ParkArtBlueCavaMicheal's, AC Moore , TargetNone Hippos!
The Little Prince, Art themed ones
9/5Paint, quilt, read Pens, supply organizers I love fun pens and notebooks
10/30/2018 17:25:33PeterHenryKings GlenSpecial EducationbluepretzelsOutbackAmazonWashington CapitalsTropical FishDickens8/15Spend time with my family.Healthy snacks for the students.I was a Living Organ Donor for a friend.
12/6/2017 20:13:02Amy HerbertKings Park1st gradeyellow, pink,Starbucks and smoothies, ice cold water in my fake Yeti cupPF Changs, Great Americans, Amazon, Target,
Redskin, Capitals, Nationsl
fiction and realistic fiction, any books recommended
3/25relax, be outside, play with my kids, watch Ellen, go on a run
black flair pens, card stock, small round glad containers, magnatiles,
I love different flavors of lemonade.
9/12/2018 21:13:58SarahHertenbergerKings Park2nd gradeTeal or pastelsHealthy!
Cheesecake Factory or local favorites!
Target, Amazon, Marshalls/TJ Maxx
Philadelphia Teams & Penn State!
Love all animals
Paula Hawkins, JK Rowling, interested in new authors!
2/21Exercise, cook/bake, and travel!Cardstock, Book Marks, Manila FoldersI have been in a hot air balloon crash! I have also ridden on an underwater electric scooba scooter!
4/19/2018 14:57:06JennieHettemaKings GlenFourth Gradeblue and greenn/aany
9/30/2018 23:57:14OlgaHollidayKings Park3rdPurpleSweet tea, green tea, & salty snacksChick-Fil-A, Coastal Flats, PaneraAmazon, QVC, MarshallsSteelersDogs (labs)Non-fiction books1/24Relax with my family, go to the beach, read a good book, shopcolored pens & games for recessMy favorite superhero is Wonder Woman. True fan!
10/30/2018 10:37:56HayleyHollisKings Glen6thRed, Blue, GrayChai Tea, coffee, chocolateAny Mexican restaurantTJ Maxx, TargetNationals1/26bake, booksI'm British
4/26/2018 11:51:41JenniferHouckKings Glen
English as a Second Language teacher
blue & redcoffee, dark chocolate, sea salt caramels, baked goods Chick-fil-A, Cafe Rio, Villagio
World Market, This and That, Home Goods, Walmart
n/a (I only follow the Olympics)
Pug Dog
Soooo many!!! / C.S. Lewis
3/2Read, spend time with my family, cook/bake, travel, swimLanguage-related games (e.g. MadLibs, Blurt, etc.)I have elementary-age kids (2 daughters - 2nd & 6th)
4/17/2018 16:07:17VickiJohnstonKings Glen6th GradeTurquoise, jewel toneschocolate, sparkling water, adult beverages ;)Chuys, Glory Days, Pizza HutTarget, AmazonMysteries8/18get together with family and friends, watch TV, read, cross stitchfruit!, small binder clips
10/26/2017 12:11:14Mary KeaneKings ParkAAP/Strategies LabStarbucks, Peets, Hunan West
Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Giant, Costco
Washington CapitalsPencils, Colored Pencils, Labels, Manila Folders
4/18/2018 12:39:54MichelleKeenanKings GlenStringsPurpleSeltzer water, coffeePaneraTarget, Barnes and NobleDOGSANy and all5/13hike, cook, read, play with my doglittle stickers, post it notesI'm from Maine and I love blueberries!
10/30/2018 11:43:17JeanLandyKings Glen
4th & 6th Grade Instructional Assistant
bluecoffee, dark chocolatePanera, Cafe Rio, CavaWegmans, Target
Washington Nationals, NY Yankees
Mostly Historical Fiction but, I love them all
6/20Walk, explore, dance, listen to musicpost-its
4/19/2018 8:05:36KathyLeithKings ParkKindergartenGreenMcDonald's Iced Caramel Latte with whipped creamLucky's, Panera and MilanosHome Goods and Tuesday MorningHippos and MinionsChildren's Books 5/2Do puzzles (1000 pieces)Black felt tip writing pensI love a great joke
10/30/2018 12:38:06StephanieLeoneKings Glen5thPurpleChocolate and Iced CoffeeAnywhere - I love trying new places!Dogs2/4Travel!Books, erasers, items for classroom auctionsI'm getting married in June :)
10/25/2017 18:59:23ChandiLindKings ParkKindergarten Navy/orangeSoy vanilla latte, sweet tea
Starbucks, Ledo’s, Austin Grill, Mike’s
Target, LoftNoneN/a
Mo Willems, favorite storybooks
12/9Watching my kids play soccer and swimBlack Flair pensI love stars!
11/8/2017 19:51:16Jennifer LouthanKings Park1st GradePurplePizzaOh GeorgeAmazonOhio StateManateeJane Green4/29hang out with my family, watch sports, exerciseSharpiesMy whole family loves in Ohio
11/21/2017 14:34:30JenniferLutzKings Park3rd gradeYellow and blue
Funfetti treats, Goldfish (all flavors), Cool blue Gatorade, lemonade
Chuy's, Noodles, PaneraTarget
Pittsburgh Steelers, Washington Redskins, Washington Wizards, DC United
Lianne Moriarty (for me), Black Lagoon Adventures (for students)
coach swimming, attend current and former student's events, watch sports on TV, hang out with my family
Lysol wipes and dry erase markersWe have fish in our classroom!
4/17/2018 13:26:02StephanieMcCroneKings Glen5GreenAnything but pickles!Chipotle, Anitas, Coastal FlatsTarget! Old Navy......
Middle grade books for my classroom library
6/11Hang out with my two year old. Read at Starbucks or the pool. Ticonderoga pencils, scissors, post-it tabsI'm having a baby girl in August, her name will be (is) Phoebe.
4/17/2018 13:07:43DeniseMilfordKings Glen6th Gradeblue shadesMexican foodanyanyfootball - AlabamadogsKwame Alexander2/12be at the beachbooksMet my husband when we were students at Lake Braddock
4/18/2018 18:50:04JenniferMooreKings ParkSecond gradegreen, pink, and yellowunsweetened iced tea - Starbucks or Peets. I love fresh fruit.
Cava, Panera, Starbucks, and Chick Fil A
Target, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon
The New York Yankees and the Caps
I love reading all kinds of books - especially fiction.
8/19read, go out with friends, and try to garden.Cleaning wipes, tissues, and Command Adhesive.I am splendid at parallel parking.
9/21/2018 0:20:53JamieMuccioloKings Park3BlueSmoothies - Robeks & Tropical SmoothiePaneraTargetN/AOcean Life
Books about teaching/Amazon books
11/7read, shop, spend time with my family, hikebooks!I love the beach! I am originally from Florida.
9/14/2018 14:56:12pattymurphyKings ParkKindergarten with Mrs. LindpurpleStarbucks. Peets.
Panera. Great American Restaurants.
love to read - Barnes & Noble
11/7Read & travelfun pens & markersMy 16 year old daughter competed in the 2016 Olympic Trials - 1500m run - and made it to the semi-finals!
10/30/2018 10:49:16Matt MurphyKings GlenPEBlueGatoradeCava, Chipolte, Mod PizzaUnder Armour
Pittsburgh Steelers, Penguins, Pirates
Dogsna3/23go to sporting events and coach baseballI collect Geode Rocks. I also coach high school baseball and wrestling.
4/19/2018 13:29:21BarbaraNidoKings ParkESOL grade 1greencoffee, teaPaneraTargetdogsGardening books2/6GardenColorful gel pens, stickersI love dogs!
4/25/2018 20:18:42AnnieNielsen Kings ParkSped K-3Green, blue
Target, Bath and Body Works, Trader Joe’s
Washington capitals :) St. Louis cardinals
Open to pretty much anything
5/12Enjoy the outdoors with my family, try new restaurants, go to the movies Dry erase markers!
10/30/2018 11:35:02DianeNortonKings Glen
Fourth grade special education
purpleStarbucks skim cappucinno
Great American Restaurants, Outback
Amazon, LoftGo Skins!I love dogs.
Nonfiction books are always great for the classroom.
6/22garden, read and walk my dogcolorful post it notes and colorful paper clipsMy favorite gift is a handwritten note from a child. I save and treasure these.
10/25/2017 16:46:27RebeccaO'NeillKings Glen5th grade classroom teacherteal, grey, navy bluepizza, tacos, quesadillas, coffeeAnitas, Panera, &PizzaTarget2/16do yoga and discover new restaurantsexpo markers, glue sticks, and pencilsI am currently learning how to do calligraphy writing!
10/30/2018 12:52:13SarahOpsutKings GlenPhysical EducationBlue, teal, or greencoffee, chocolate, fruit, almondsJersey Mike's, Cava, StarbucksTarget
Caps, Hockey, Basketball, SDSU
Sport related books and magazines
4/25Play with my kidsbasketballs, floor tape, nerf footballsI LOVE the Beach!
10/30/2018 10:55:16DawnPageKings GlenLiteracy CoachredCoke Zero/ Earl Gray Tea/Dark Chocolateanything MexicanMacy's/TargetWashington Capitals!!Dogs
Young Adult Fantasy/Fiction
8/20Hand QuiltBooksI recently had my second grandchild, a boy. My first grandchild is 5yrs and a girl.
4/19/2018 13:34:27SooPaikKings Parkkindergartenpink, blue, greencoffee, dessertcava, sweetwateramazoneagles, sixers, golf, tennispuppy12/28to be outside (running, tennis, golf, eating)indoor games
4/19/2018 7:04:52CarolPastoricKings ParkSpeechPurpleChocolate; coffeeMike'sTargetanything PittsburghPandaI like everything2/25exerciseStickersI love the beach!
11/5/2018 16:54:19ZaraPercifulKings Glen5th GradeBlue!Tacos, coffee, Le Croix, pizza, ice cream, chocolate
Chuy's, District Taco, Taco Bamba, any pizza place
Target, Old Navy, TJ Maxx
Texas A&M Aggies, Houston Astros, Houston Texans
Dogs & ZebrasALL OF THEM12/19Hike, read, cruise through museums, take long drives to see friendsMarkers, crayons, games, basketballsMy brothers and I all have names that start with Z :)
10/31/2018 0:06:11Kathy PopovichKings Glen5thblues Diet Coke, Teas, Hot Chocolate
Great American Restaurants, Burger Joints, Mexican
Target, Walmart, Giant, Old Navy, Kohls
Nats, Caps, Marquette, Dogs
Mysteries, 5th Grade books
9/9Go to the beach, out to dinner with my own children, walk, updated books for our libraryI use to speed skate, figure skate and play hockey when I was in grade school.
12/2/2017 7:55:59Mary RakowskiKings ParkThirdPinkDiet Coke; MexicanSilverado; Spartans; Moe'sTargetNationals
Nicholas Sparks and Mysteries
3/3Spend time with my family; Go hiking; ReadingClorox Wipes; Expo Markers student white boardsI was born in Washington DC and grew up in Alexandria, Virginia.
10/30/2018 11:23:04LeslieRobillardKings ParkBandPurpleChocolateGiardinosKohlsLake BraddockDogAny3/10Play music, walk my dog, read, study SpanishTissues, pencils, prizes for the prize box
9/12/2018 17:44:42SarahRohlfingKings Park3rd PinkFruit, Mexican, Coffee, Soda Water
Panera, Yardhouse, Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts
Target, Amazon, The Loft
Penn State and any Philadelphia team
Flamingo3/31Run and go to the gym, read, hang out with my family/friends, watch sportsCardstock, Dry Erase Markers, Regular markers, sticky notesI love country music!
10/27/2017 19:39:26Julie RossKings Park2ndblue and purpletea, chocolatePanera, Chipotle, Chick Fil AAmazon, Kohls, TargetUNC Tarheels
Mystery Books; books for the classroom
10/21spend time with my family, read, and go to the beachbooks for the class library, post it notes
4/17/2018 15:09:52Sima SimmsKings GlenESOLYellow, blue, organeCappuccinoMexicans NordstromNoneHorsesNonfiction11/11Read, go for a walk, watch moviesBooksI love Movies
12/6/2017 13:06:21Ms. SkeenSkeenKings Glen4th
Depends on what the object.... In general, I like pink, light purple, etc.
Nuts and Dried fruitOutback SubwayAmazon TargetNone really4/2
4/17/2018 12:54:36KateSmithKings Glen4thchartruesseMcDonald's unsweet teaMc Donald'sWalmart, Target, Kohl'sNApuppiesMysteries8/28GardenscissorsBoth of my sons attended Kings Park and Kings Glen
4/17/2018 12:15:03ElaineStottlemyerKings GlenCounselorRedYork Peppermint PattiesStarbucksTargetNationalsDogsMystery3/31walk and gardenI grew up in this area
10/30/2018 11:36:24AshtonStreavigKings GlenMusicGreen/PurpleChocolate/TeaSwiss Bakery1/29Hike/TravelPencils
10/25/2017 21:13:14JessicaSweetKings Park1stGrayPete's coffee (almond milk lattes) Any mexican Target
Dogers, Nats, Caps, and Redskins
8/6Spend time with my husband and 18month old. I also love to workout and spend time outdoors. Back up snack , volunteers I grew up in Southern California
9/12/2018 18:39:38DebbieSzymczykKings Park1stYellow Hint water (watermelon, strawberry kiwi)Chipotle, Sweetwater's, Anita'sAmazon, Target
hedgehog, golden retriever, west highland terrier
6/9Go to Florida or Orlando where my kids live!Maavalus tape, HP 63 ink (black and color)My son is getting married in July in San Diego!
10/30/2018 17:02:18SamanthaTeegardenKings Glen5Blue, PurpleHot chocolate/Cider, Chips, Fruit, Pasta,Starbucks, Noodles & Co, ChipotleTargetTennis, Colts, RedskinsDogs, Any marine life
Too many to choose - I love picture books!
7/29Play with my puppy Remus, be outdoors, work on craft projectsBooks!I love to travel!
10/30/2018 12:04:32ClaireThomasKings GlenFront OfficebluekombuchaTrue FoodskingstowneRedskinsdog/cat/dolphinnon-fiction1/11Walk, swim, paint
10/30/2018 10:44:24JoThompsonKings GlenSocial WorkGreen/BlueCoffeeStarbucksTargetWashington CapitalsCatsHarry Potter9/5do yogaFidgets
9/12/2018 17:07:15AlyssaTowerKings Park2Pink and PurpleCoffee and Salty SnacksOlive Garden, Red Robin, Cafe RioTarget, AmazonNY GiantsPandaJodi Picoult7/29bake!cardstock (white or colored)I was a college cheerleader!
12/7/2017 8:23:28Emily ValcourKings ParkSecond Grade purple Green Blue Peet's Coffee, Water, ice cream, fruit
Blue Ridge Grill, Costal Flats, Chipotle, Panera
Target, Macy's, Amazon
ALL DC SPORTS!!! Nats, Wizards, Caps, Redskins, DC United
Giraffe Mysteries 12/14read, watch movies, go to events in DC, watch sports, play sportsbaskets I'm taking some fun cooking classes
10/30/2018 12:26:10HollyVanValkenburgKings GlenBandPurpleCoffee, SweetsSubwayTargetBuffalo Bills12/10bake, sew, and play with my two daughterspost-its and pencilsI have taught music in 4 different states.
9/13/2018 12:12:47AmandaVillanuevaKings Park1st and 3rd gradesbluecheesecake, rice krispie treatsChik-fil-a, Chipotle, CavaDSW, TargetIndianapolis ColtspandasMo Willems, Dr. Seuss12/13read, spend time with my daughter, cook/bakepost-its, colored markers, colored cardstockMy husband is a police officer.
10/30/2018 11:58:15CarrieWilliamsKings Glen4Lavender Diet Coke and Chocolate MOD Pizza, Firehouse SubsOld Navy or LoftRedskinsn/aShel Silverstein 4/5Shop and spend time with family furniture or suppliesI am taking cello lessons with my homeroom class this year.
12/7/2017 8:33:32D. Wilson-MorganKings ParkGeneral MusicPurple, pink, sage, silverMcDonald's coffee, twizzlers, dots, swedish fishDairy Queen, Ledo Pizza, Amazon, Occoquan, Regal Cinema
St. Louis Cardinals, Washington Nationals
cats, horses,
J. K. Rowling, Ken Follet, Deborah Harkness, Chronicles of Narnia (except 2, 4 and 5)
2/1hike, work in my garden, act in community theaterdry erase markers, stickers, tissues, legal notepadsI have been teaching 30 consecutive years!
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