2019 Transitional Year and Prelim Year Residency Application Sheet
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This document is an absolute mess//x1 because I literally fixed the title row and added the sorting/filter arrows/funnels but someone still managed to screw it up againIM (categorical)https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nZFNdyiVo9CoFsC0QMy_8WNSF-ZPm8DxXIC8Vfj5OWQ/edit#gid=617331436
Transitional PGY 1: 1086 offered, 1016 filledRadOnchttps://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZFKJ1aBcm5HUfIKHoTzja4oNFZn83St-0rePlh5DCL0/edit?usp=sharing
Medicine Prelim—1883 offered, 1762 filledIR/DR (SDN)https://forums.studentdoctor.net/threads/2018-2019-interview-thread-radiology.1343912/)
Surgery Prelim—1363 offered, 888 filledIR/DR 2018-2019https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1u3pjllVXMGV_Wc6X4hDxqsQAkJw71L55wVuvIJiJy_A/edit?usp=sharing
Is it expected to go to the dinner/happy hour the night before for prelim/TY interviews?Urologyhttps://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TYRH90QgPmVVJTqVb77t722BfOJjJgt7lX-MNGgZiWA/edit?usp=drive_web&ouid=117806857546441526519
Thank you for making this! super helpful +5
What's an interview broker? < website some programs use to schedule interviews
What are "Apps of Steel"?It's like Otomatch for IR/DR peeps.
In the IV offers tab, is "total # spots" the number of interviews that they've offered? Not the number of spots in the program, right?as in if you've gotten an interview from that school add 1 to the total #. just trying to keep track of how many people on here have heard back from the respective programsThanks! Avoid UW - Seattle surgery like the plague. Zero teaching/training. Malignant af. It's a sweatshop filled with backstabbing. It'll be the worst year of your life. Don't apply. Don't let your classmates apply.< really? more details please? was highly considering it..< could also be someone who is using scare tactics, go to the interview and see for yourself
Lenox Hill's invitation message was from ERAS. It said to "email" and pick 2 dates. Does this mean reply in ERAS or e-mail that person directly? (I'd have to find their e-mail, as it was not included in the e-mail).For Lenox hill- were you internal? what specialty are you? Thanks so much! Also to answwer your question I would probably find the person's email. and if i didnt hear back within 2 days then ERAS message< I just replied in ERAS yesterday and got a confirmation today with my interview date. Internal medicine prelim<- are you an internal applicant from an affiliated-school w/ Lenox Hill? Nope
Any idea when the latest date to take Step 2 CS is (without facing consequences for TY/IM prelim programs)?You should take it before the end of December. In the rare case that you fail, that gives you time to get your score back and schedule another time and then for the score to come back before you are required to have it before start of intern year.
any idea if we are supposed to get rejection letters in case we applied somwhere but have not been granted an interview?Some programs will ghost you, some will send a rejectionThanks!
Has anyone heard anything about the prelim in Weatherford, Texas? Is it nice?I really wanted an IV here, mainly because I'm from the area but my school is a long way away which I suspect may keep me outI'm from a small town by there too!
So I got a message through ERAS from a program saying they would like to offer me an interview, but no instructions on how to pick a date. Should I assume it will come through the "Interviews" section of ERAS at some point?It did come up on ERAS FYI
Did you guys have medicine chair letters?No x17yes x15nothey will write one but it is not uploaded yet... doesn't seem to matter, got invites anywayYes (added at left) but at the hospital I did my IM clerkship, not my home institution
Naturally somebody meesed up the appliant info sheet alreadylol
are you a home student (from within the program: aka medical student, rotated at the hospital, etc)
Anyone know anything about Northwell Staten Island? +2
Just got an email from Jacobi MC on "Why Prelim Internal Medicine at JMC." Do they want just a paragraph of why or does this have to be a pseudo-supplement to a Personal Statement?So strange I just got this. I wrote a paragraph. I feel like they've been hacked because this is the vaguest email everSame here. Has anyone heard back from them?Same
I am so sad. I received none so far. Is it normal?< In the same boat brah< +14Same, but none of my programs have sent invites per this spread sheetwhat are the odds of SOAPing into prelim if you match to the main speciality?There were like >100 unmatched prelim spots last year. I wouldn't worryYeah data up top looks like you should be able to SOAP into a surgical prelim super easy if nothing else
Looks like the ”categorical IM” link is for TY. Can someone give the link for the categorical one? https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nZFNdyiVo9CoFsC0QMy_8WNSF-ZPm8DxXIC8Vfj5OWQ/edit#gid=617331436
USD!!! Gave me my first IV. Waiting on Ophtho invites yet
anyone know anything about redmond TY program in Rome, GA? curriculum?I interviewed there and really enjoyed it. Its not a tyipcal super chill TY you will work and learn a lot. 3 months of electives if i remember correctly but I really liked the faculty and thought it would be a good place for a year. Let me know if you have any specific questions though. I have all the curriculum stuff at home still i believe
are all you guys with Interviews AOA maybe they just looking at the cream< AOA, with 0 interviews checking in +21 interview and not AOA x7AOA 260s/260s with 0 interviews checking in, whaddup +22 invites (both prelims); not AOA. step 238/255
When should you start getting worried if you aren't getting invites?mid october
Are additional interviews usually sent after the "Initial Interview Date"?< same question. do they require MSPE letters before sending invites
is it too late to add a couple programs LOLNo, especially if invites from that program have not gone out yet
Is there an IV swap tab?<Just made one
Anyone know what SF Kaiser prelim medicine is like?Also would like to know this< I'll take your interview and let you knowis the program chill or intense? lol
Anyone know anything about Kennestone? Is it a new program?
I recieved a TY invite from the Macon, GA program today around 1:30 EST. I replied almost immediately via ERAS with my preferred date, and I haven‘t recieved a confirmation yet. How long does it usually take programs to respond via ERAS? Thanks!if you pick your date on eras, i think thats your confirmation<— well, it didnt pop up under the interview tab. The dates were in a message in the message center. She didn’t give an alternate email to reply with, so I assume I was just supposed to reply via eras 🤷🏼‍♀️same boat... it was confusing.. I just replied<— did anyone hear back about their interview date yet?
Anyone know how many TY interviews it typically takes to match one? +1I read somewhere on the bowels of the internet that its like 6 or 7 but most will match to their top 3 choices
Who else got faked out by MGH today +5Word
Does anybody who got an invite to Wellstar in Kinnesaw, GA get a response back for the interview date?not yet
Not getting any invites (a couple TY and prelim have gone out I applied to) - strong app with 265+ steps and solid clinical grades, LOR, research. Should I wait or apply to a bunch more? Anybody else in this boat?i would give time,, programs could be going in alphabetical order, or rolling, or by geographica area, or hobbies who knows Pretty confused also, no invites but specialty invites are comingwhat about today - oct 1? still not getting any and freaking out.Same boat havent gotten any yet. Solid application I thought...
Was anyone who received the UNC IV not from UNC?Also interested to know this. I received an invite today 10/9, not from UNC, no tiessame, no ties, not from UNC
hey all - doyou guys have medicine chair letters? Or using same letters from your "main" match?IM chair letter +5Chair letters were already asked about above
Any specialty threads for gen surg?
Thoughts on sending letters of intent to programs this early, based on location preferences?<- wondering also. (massachusetts where are you!!)
Anyone know about St Agnes in Fresno? They have a nice compensation and benefits (free food and stuff it seems), but I don't know if this is a chill program or not...New program started this year and doesn't sound chill from their website: "Saint Agnes Resident Dr. Jerrica Mueller said, "They work us almost 80 hours a week. But really, it's hands-on training-- from the moment we get here we have preceptors that guide us and so they really want to see us succeed.""is it less/more chill than ucsf fresno?
so do we have to go to mixers or not?<Was wondering the same thing!
I restored the spreadsheet to a previous version that has the interview invite datesthank you!
any mean step 1 score report for prelim programs?
I appreciate Indiana's informative email, but those emails always get my hopes up over nothing :\fer real fer realx4
Theres 3 prelim's that were added to the IV offers tab, but which prelim? med? surg?
For the programs that schedule through Interview Broker, do we need to make an account for this, or do notifications come through ERAS/email still?email
Anyone know anything about the JPS TY in Fort Worth? All the threads online are kinda old, but i've heard good thingsHeard its not as good as it once was from a former resident but n=1JPS TY is not chill at all by TY standards, basically an IM year
If I don't match into my specialty, but I do a Medicine prelim, is it possible to apply into medicine the following year? Or can I switch my application from prelim to categorical? from my understanding, prelim is a one year spot only, you'd have to re-enter the match the following year, either by finding a PGY2 spot or redoing intern year at a categorical positionYes, if it is prelim medicine, you supposedly can start from year 2 for IM without losing time.it depends on the program if they let you continue to IM or not.
Happy October 1st everyone! May the odds be in our favor< are they actually coming out because i havent gotten any< I think in reality they'll take a few days to go through our many apps
Anyone know the interview dates for Crozer-Chester?Only 12/6 remaining out of 10 dates offeredWhat are the 10 dates? Did you hear back from them?I put them in the IV Offers section. I scheduled through ERAS but haven't received confirmation from them
Someone deleted most of the IV offers...smh< it was just a filter! fixed it!
Any FMG got prelim IV?< I got 2, my friend got 2 (Oct 2)< glad to hear!! Congrats!! I am still waiting for that.Thx!Now 4 prelim IV for me, 4 prelim IV for my friend (Oct 4)perfecttttt!!! are US-IMG or non US-IMG?Non US-IMG
anyone heard from TY Riverside, CA?I heard from prelim program. Didn't apply to TYTY sent out invites today (10/8) through ERAS
what is this form responses 2 tab? x2
who is deleting stuff from here? please stop...
Are prelim program coordinators accepting of letters of interest to help coordinate with existing advanced program interviews at their institution?
how many prelims do we need to rank to match :O I heard 6-8?
Has anybody received IV from Montefiore/wakefield? I replied the coordinator on 10/01, she hasnt replied back to confirm the date
I’ve still not heard back from the Macon TY program with a confirmation date. I replied to the message on eras, I’ve tried to call with no answer, and I’ve emailed the PC directly. It’s been over a week since the invite. Anybody else having this problem?I literally just tried to call. Same boat as yousamesamestill no word from macon.... dont they realize we sort of gotta plan things
Is it too late to add transitional programs?worth a shot
Do TY's typically send out multiple waves?I hope so....
Does Waterbury Hospital med prelim (CT) send out multiple waves of invites?the three interview dates are already full, but maybe they'll add dates?
a person who got interview from TY/las vegas, is it mountain view?I got one and it's the mountain view program!congrats! thanks
did orange park come today or did someone just forget to finsih fliling it in lollmao wondering this as well
is it just me or are all the prelim interviews in october and not january (which would be more ideal for ophtho)
Any thoughts on UCSF Fresno Prelim? Have heard it is a great teaching program. Down to earth residents. Yes but is it chill
Any thoughts on Kaweah Delta TY year? //
Any thoughts on Sunrise GME TY year? Have 2 friends there and Im from vegas,.. heard great thingsIs there a difference between the Mountain View program and Southern Hills program?
Fuck you CHA< lol seriously who sends rejections this early?! RUDESAME eff those guysLincoln has also begun rejections...
Is there any data available on when programs sent out interviews last year?Not that I know of
Anybody wanna trade skype interviews for legacy in portland, OR? I have 10/18 and want 11/1
Northshore secondary on 10/5/18 x 9wait which program is this lol<--in evanston, IL
^Is responding to requests for secondaries as urgent as responding to interview invites? Sorry I'm a gf covering while bf applicant is unavailable <-he better put a ring on itno, secondaries can wait. and bless your soul for being a supportive gf +3wow you read this spreadsheet for him. marry me <creepy
any details on the providence prelim in portland?
Nothing yet today 10/5?nadaNothing today, panic...It's quiet...too quietanxiety much worse than i was expecting
Does anyone know what ERAS Self-Schedule Module is or how to find it? Program asked to self-schedule using that...< Einstein right? yeah i think they mean it should show up on the interview tab... but it's not there for me :( +4< same. I sent him an email (+3) to figure out what it means, I'll update here< thanks!sounds like we won't know til Mon when he comes back for the weekend lol< haha he'll have so many emails in his inbox..
.^ Got an auto reply saying he's out of the office.
Do you ever feel like this is the most absurd process<< I'm definitely beginning to feel this way!x2may the odds be ever in your favor:(
Seriously.....Ubuffalo prelim IM only has 2 dates???? was invited but didnt schedule in time...had to waitlist...will i be on the waitlist forever or will more dates open up?
Any thoughts on lincoln med center in the bronx for transitional year....also got a prelim IM interview there lol....also curious about the TY year
They fixed the Einstein problem... can schedule through ERAS now
received specialty invites but no pre-lim/TYs. anyone else in the same boat? x4im actually in the exact opposite boat. This process sucks x2
Does anyone know whether Riverside TY (Virginia) requires Step 2 before inviting for interviews? Also, any knowledge of average stats?got invited, don't have step 2
Do all NYC (5 boroughs) programs work you to death other than MSK? Read a lot about nurses unions and q2 call, etc. on SDN<<<i'd like to know more +1
lol all y'all on this thread on a saturday.... <<so are you..//true dat!
Does anyone know when UMIami Prelim invites went out last year?
Just got an email from Macon, saying all the October dates they offered me are now full....but I replied within minutes of my initial invitedamn i still haven't heard from them. When did you receive the interview invite?I think it was sept 24th or 25th...something like that... and the dates I was offered was all October dates... now the only 3 dates available are December 5th, 11th, and 12th. I replied right back with my preference of the 3, hopefully I’ll get a confirmation tomorrow.
Any idea when PSL in Colorado goes out? it's already pumpkin spice latte season in Colorado! but really though< Just came out (10/15)
Can we please keep the spreadsheet ordered by date of initial invite? x4You can always re-sort it. It's sometimes helpful to order it by another view (such as state)Just FYI: Any invites for the current day get highlighted in pink
Can anyone with an IV at Broadlawns let me know if they have any open dates left?
Hawaii prelim invites out! 10/8Damn, Hawaii would be so tight
still no invites lol. when should we start emailing folks +2I only have a couple...starting to get a little worrried<< should we include an updated CV with the letter of interest?