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What is your institution type? (i.e. academic, special, school, public.)
What is your job role or department? (i.e. acquisitions, technical services, reference, etc.)
What are some words you associate with print-on-demand?
In the context of your job, if a book is print-on-demand, how does that affect your thinking about it or your treatment of it, if at all?
In the context of your job, do you know if a book is print-on-demand, and if so, how do you find out?
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60754624511528109801/30/2017 15:25:041/30/2017 15:33:28173.233.242.61AcademicCataloging
vanity works, unedited, poor quality, reprints
I'm reluctant to order a print-on-demand title until I've read some reviews. If I'm cataloging something we've already purchased, it's usually more challenging because authors who use print-on-demand don't often adhere to the same conventions as those who go through traditional publishers. I still have a higher opinion of traditional publishers.
I know of some print-on-demand publishers, so I often recognize them. I will sometimes visit a publisher's website if I'm curious.
60753295921528109801/30/2017 13:30:321/30/2017 13:32:3350.251.4.52Vendor
Cataloging Librarian
economical, convenient, prevents waste
Currently doesn't affect anything.
Not usually.
60753035811528109801/30/2017 13:00:401/30/2017 13:02:16132.60.240.81GovernmentCatalogingConvenient
Not sure we have any experience with it.
Not sure
60749068551528109801/29/2017 20:25:391/29/2017 20:27:43173.54.183.94academicinstruction
I would probably not use without reading reviews by others
I would start with an internet search of the title, author, publisher, followed by reviews of the title in library journals
60749047621528109801/29/2017 20:20:151/29/2017 20:22:06198.111.167.37academicreference
low quality, errors, hard-to-find, specialty
probably won't buy unless germane to our collection
Yes, via amazon or our wholesaler
60748219261528109801/29/2017 15:51:461/29/2017 16:00:
Technical Services (Cataloguing)
Becoming the norm
I need to refer to catalogue examples to ensure that dates and relationships are recorded correctly.
There can be a statement on the reverse of the title page or at the end of the book.
60745696871528109801/28/2017 20:29:281/28/2017 20:31:15
self-publishing, document delivery, costs
not sure
check publication info online
60742848831528109801/28/2017 4:04:071/28/2017 4:06:5768.84.149.111
special library (art museum)
Solo Librariannew
It doesn't affect my thinking if a book is print on demand or not
Usually not. I only find out when I contact the publisher for a copy.
60742342601528109801/28/2017 1:23:081/28/2017 1:26:2798.232.210.159Public Supervisor
Self-published, vanity press, low quality, typos
Very unlikely to purchase it for our collection. Would only make an exception for a local author who donates a copy.
I can tell with 90% accuracy when ordering via Ingram. Certain factors, like the book not being returnable, are a giveaway.
60741459241528109801/27/2017 22:27:581/27/2017 22:37:10192.173.60.30Academic
alternative, DIY, self-published, questionable, public domain
I think of a print-on-demand book as inherently of lower quality as an object, but not necessarily as lower quality content. For example, we are using POD copies of The Wind in the Willows for a book discussion group this semester, and though the novel is one of my favorites, I'm finding it difficult to read because the text is small, the margins are unjustified, the print is too close to the gutter, etc. In my former position as a public librarian, I would occasionally see POD self-published books come in as donations, and I automatically assumed they were unedited.
In my experience, it's easy to tell a POD book by the quality of the printing and binding and the absence of the usual publishing hallmarks such as copyright information.
60741210511528109801/26/2017 1:41:421/27/2017 22:01:40
academicaccess services
self-published items, cheap, OER
never really see these except certain OER textbooks
students mention it
60740545361528109801/27/2017 20:41:461/27/2017 20:44:0073.143.41.136academic
assessment, reference, management
ebooks, vanity books,
At the moment, I don't often interact with books that are print-on-demand
Only Springer books through MyCopy. Otherwise, I don't know and have no idea how to find out
60740247911528109801/27/2017 20:09:471/27/2017 20:12:22128.220.159.5academic
instruction/information literacy/reference
Because I was introduced to it in a way that was very positive, I have no problem downloading or acquiring something I may want or need or a student may need in order to fulfill a research request. It's much faster and easier than a request.
Yes, I've figured it out based on a couple of extra steps one must seemingly do to download something.
60739510221528109801/27/2017 18:52:271/27/2017 18:54:20128.255.54.79academic
cheap, copyright, fast
I wonder about copyright issues. I might think the book is cheaper or lower quality (physically and intellectually).
usually rely on publication statements on cover or interior of book
60739400241528109801/27/2017 18:40:251/27/2017 18:43:20132.174.191.72Vendor
Prefer not to say
Vanity publishing, scam
In my job, I look for patterns more than individual books. If a certain subject area had POD books predominantly, it would make me skeptical, e.g., that a group of people were pushing fringe theories.
I'm aware of some POD publishers' names, but I don't typically look at many individual records, so most of the time, I probably wouldn't know. With the level of work I do, I'm unlikely to ever look up publishers' names to investigate individual books.
60737310581528109801/27/2017 15:25:321/27/2017 15:27:31128.194.85.180academic
subject librarian/reference
bad dissertations; public domain
i would look twice at it before purchasing but would not count it out
60736646271528109801/27/2017 14:22:371/27/2017 14:24:24130.85.193.100Academic
e-book cataloger
money-saving, hard to catalog, time delay
It complicates cataloging, mostly due to our rules; it complicates shelf-ready and approval plans
I haven't had to deal with any
60735858031528109801/27/2017 12:48:091/27/2017 12:51:5250.138.182.142SpecialAcquisitions
Shoddy, self-published, low quality
I tend to think of it as more of a short-term acquisition, not really part of the "permanent" collection.
It's become less apparent at the point of purchase. Sometimes I ask. Sometimes I take note of the distinctive qualities left by POD machines.
60732603691528109801/27/2017 1:02:261/27/2017 1:15:25216.125.155.30Public
Reference & Roaming Librarian
limited demand, potentially low-quality, or narrowly focused
Iffy purchase - will seek out additional reviews, etc., unless a known publisher is listed; I've been burned in the past by items either unedited or offered without any layout corrections.
Yes. May be listed in reviews; check Baker & Taylor otherwise.
60731869051528109801/26/2017 23:26:131/26/2017 23:27:05208.90.106.66academic
reference & instruction
low quality; vanity
not relevant to my job
no clue
60731262691528109801/26/2017 22:05:441/26/2017 22:09:21140.198.254.18
Academic 2 year college
convenient, expensive, questionable
I've been burned a few times. Cheap, fuzzy looking duplication that looked like it had been made on a copy machine in somene's garage. No binding.
I see it as part of the record in Gobi, TitleSource, Oasis, etc.
60731094001528109801/26/2017 21:49:351/26/2017 21:51:1366.199.221.66
regional system of public and school with a few special
convenient, "just because you can doesn't mean you should"
expect it to be of lesser quality
printing information on one of the last pages of the book
60731091991528109801/26/2017 21:45:181/26/2017 21:51:0165.51.58.33academic
faculty - coll. dev., reference and teaching
cheap, typos, photocopy, public domain
well I suppose I'd look more closely before ordering it (to see if a better copy was available if it was a reprint or to make sure it's something we want if it's newly published). I know it's also a bit of a pain for the acquisitions dept
Yes, because I select titles so I need the publishing info. I look
60730873911528109801/26/2017 21:25:231/26/2017 21:28:11149.142.112.3AcademicCataloging
Varies in quality, often incomplete
It requires extra time, especially if the agency that does the reprinting is sloppy or unfamiliar with what a library wants and needs.
The colophon often indicates if it is POD. Sometimes, verso of the title page or prefatory information.
60730602751528109801/26/2017 20:59:361/26/2017 21:01:09209.129.90.132public library
community librarian (outreach and programming)
i don't think we know
60730420151528109801/26/2017 20:39:101/26/2017 20:43:46204.84.232.231AcademicAdministration
Fast, easy, convenient, timely, aiding scholarship
Haven't encountered this. If a really necessary book is only available as print-on-demand, and the price was not outrageous, I'd acquire it. If it were only of marginal use, I wouldn't, p-o-d or not.
Truthfully, I don't know. I imagine that a description of a p-o-d book would indicate that it is. If such isn't indicated, I assume it is a regularly published and available title.
60730413931528109801/26/2017 20:40:551/26/2017 20:43:13143.48.6.50Specialmulti-facetedcheaply made
If POD is what's available, that's better than no availability
Can tell when it arrives by the printing and binding
60730320121528109801/26/2017 20:28:111/26/2017 20:34:1050.251.4.52VendorCataloger
Lower-quality images, CreateSpace
Usually requires an original record so they can sometimes take a bit more time.
On the very last page of the book, it will have some small type listing our company's print-on-demand service or in the case of CreateSpace often times there is no publisher listed on the book but it will be on the routing slip that comes with the book from the publisher.
60730020811528109801/26/2017 20:02:221/26/2017 20:05:24202.20.5.81public
cataloge librarian
efficient, cost effective
it could be seen as not as "authoritative" as others but i don't think that should be true
not sure
60729668881528109801/26/2017 19:25:521/26/2017 19:32:46160.93.132.100
state government - environmental department - library for technical staff
research librarian
is this book going to be accessible without fees/costs?
copyright issue would be of immediate concern
utilize free sources whenever possible - limited budget
60729588371528109801/26/2017 19:23:521/26/2017 19:25:32128.172.48.58academicinstruction
Espresso, convenience, out of print
not at all--we don't have any print on demand machines
no idea
60729316471528109801/26/2017 18:27:541/26/2017 19:00:23128.123.193.65academic
collections coordinator
prn [as needed], self-publishing, niches, granular, cost-effective
Due to limited people-power and funds, we simply avoid PODs
by looking at the descriptors and by consulting with acquisitions librarian
60729315621528109801/26/2017 15:38:071/26/2017 19:00:19152.2.240.29academiccataloguerannoying
the problem for me is figuring out the publisher, place of publication, and date of publication; often have to use a combination of information and numerous 264 fields, which is now allowable in RDA
I'm not generally looking for that information, but the final page usually has a date and place of manufacture in POD books
60729288101528109801/26/2017 18:52:001/26/2017 18:57:4438.87.50.66
community college
access servicesfree
I would likely not print it.
I actually do not know. I would probably to a google search.
60728981341528109801/26/2017 18:26:141/26/2017 18:29:47148.166.56.112academic
Technical services, reference
poor quality, scam
Lowest priority
yes, by the binding, publisher name & location, that it is obviously a scan
60728613641528109801/26/2017 17:56:341/26/2017 17:58:11173.161.22.172public
technical services
pain in the ass to catalog, bad reprint, wouldn't have been published by a real publisher
see above
Lack of real publisher name, lack of OCLC record
60728583411528109801/26/2017 17:47:441/26/2017 17:55:35204.102.74.249public
technical services, catalog
self-publish, inventory management, poor typography
may need to do further research on it, go further afield to determine contents, subject headings
Self-published works I assume are "print-on-demand" academic publishers are also reprinting this way. Unusual barcode on final page and some text seems to indicate "p-o-d"
60728451571528109801/26/2017 17:43:051/26/2017 17:44:32205.227.88.253ILS vendor
Product Manager
immediate availability
I would be curious about the internal system codes that are used to indicate that the book is print-on-demand
Internal system coding
60727948281528109801/26/2017 17:01:461/26/2017 17:03:02130.156.4.250academic
Director of Library Services
timely, esoteric
We check to make sure it is within copyright compliance.
It can be hard to tell, but some ordering systems give that information.
60727758351528109801/26/2017 16:45:231/26/2017 16:47:53173.239.64.2
Special (research)
Our director told me he thought the bindings were of poor quality, not long-lasting.
It's very helpful if the book is otherwise out of print.
Usually it says on the web site, or sometimes the publisher tells you, but it's not always obvious/transparent.
60727695791528109801/26/2017 16:40:431/26/2017 16:42:50
Academic/Research Library
Metadata (aka cataloging)
variable quality; ecological; innovation
good to know it won't go out of print; doesn't affect treatment
no -- I don't acquire the materials, just describe them
60727628631528109801/26/2017 16:35:311/26/2017 16:37:28
efficientless quality?
60727549391528109801/26/2017 16:29:051/26/2017 16:31:2967.185.243.179Public
Adult services, readers advisory
Author, student, Self-publish, cost,
60727423091528109801/26/2017 16:17:301/26/2017 16:22:03216.73.253.254Museum
Cataloging (Technical services)
Self published, popular works
Unlikely to acquire: we are a library in a major natural history museum with a worldwide scientific and scholarly reputation. Our primary mission is to provide useful material for curators and researchers. That said, we have acquired some PoD items that were the only up-to-date works in their specific fields.
Yes, easy to find out. If I don't recognize the publisher, or it doesn't show a publisher, I can Google it. The Acquisitions Librarian will know anyway, so for me is just personal curiosity.
60727212741528109801/26/2017 16:05:061/26/2017 16:06:41140.190.68.212academiccataloger
unpredictable quality
depends on the publisher
Books In Print usually states print on demand, as do some booksellers
60726963591528109801/26/2017 15:45:161/26/2017 15:48:51208.119.84.66Public
Technical Services
books, self-published, independent, little oversight
self-printed materials rarely have all the identifying characteristics/numbers that publishers have (LC, sometimes ISBN, etc.)
Probably not always, but some are obvious if you look at the printer name. Sometimes it's just a website.
60726922961528109801/26/2017 15:35:201/26/2017 15:45:3863.91.129.6academicreferenceself-publish
I've received mail in the past from authors (especially scholars) who do their own advertising by sending letters to librarians to promote their work. Subject matter is of utmost importance and the potential demand for such works.
60726874271528109801/26/2017 15:39:531/26/2017 15:41:4475.166.16.136Association
Director of Information and Research
convenience (for patron)
I know that we don't provide these
60726775411528109801/26/2017 15:23:431/26/2017 15:33:3664.56.91.47
academic but my library is joint use with a public library system
Reference Librarian
I probably would not be aware the title exists.
I have never come across this issue and I select for several collections.
60726674721528109801/26/2017 15:24:481/26/2017 15:25:20169.226.85.57academic
technical services
not at allno
60726592471528109801/26/2017 15:17:331/26/2017 15:18:27152.43.51.102academicpublic servicesinteresting idea
really no affect since our budget is so limited
yes - but have never considered
60726524191528109801/26/2017 15:07:461/26/2017 15:12:43150.200.42.95Academic
Assistant Director - Technical Services
fast, out of print, self-service, low quality, espresso book machine
I would not want my library to spend materials funds on a print-on-demand book unless it was absolutely necessary. I feel patrons themselves should come up with the funds for printing a book that is not readily available through traditional library acquisitions.
I pay attention to the source of the book. Most of our purchases come from trusted library vendors. Those that come from amazon may include some print-on-demand titles, but I am not personally aware of a method to recognize these.
60726458601528109801/26/2017 15:04:161/26/2017 15:07:2975.143.219.85public
technical services
challenging, scant publication info.
it generally means I'm going to have to do some research
sort of, by lack of publishing info & also there is sometimes a code of sorts later in the book on a blank page
60726341551528109801/26/2017 14:49:511/26/2017 14:57:30146.7.114.93academiccatalogingdubious
did we really this? is the (physical) quality up to par?
As an experienced cataloger, it is generally easy for me to tell if a book didn't come from a tradiitonal publisher, although I might not know that it is print-on-demand vs. vanity press vs. locally "published" item (e.g. local histories).
60726296011528109801/26/2017 14:49:121/26/2017 14:53:2350.251.4.52vendorcataloguing
low-quality; underground; vanity publishing; fringe; niche
I do copy cataloguing almost exclusively, so while I may not be a fan of the products of print-on-demand services, it does not affect my practical treatment of a print-on-demand book in any substantive way.
I only know for certain by seeing certain publication information in the catalog record, but I can often guess based on the low-quality cover designs and the nonstandard text formatting.
60726225651528109801/26/2017 14:40:341/26/2017 14:47:07209.156.114.2AcademicCataloging
paper, ink, strain on library resources if we have people printing books out or have to purchase/lease a dedicated printer, not certain about quality of finished product, relatively new concept - not sure how it fits in with our workflow, cheaper for consumer?
If I had to catalog the item it might require a bit more work.
I would hope it would be indicated on the item. I'm guessing I could tell by the books construction. I've never dealt with a print-on-demand item.
60726077891528109801/26/2017 14:31:001/26/2017 14:34:2050.251.4.52Vendorcatalogerself-published
That the quality of the work might be less than a traditionally published book, that it will be more difficult to catalog (less publisher information, less likely to have been cataloged by someone else)
Usually I know because there is a spot on the last page that says where it was printed. Also, the publishing information gives it away and many times the quality of the cover art, etc. makes it more obvious.
60726058901528109801/26/2017 14:23:371/26/2017 14:32:4150.251.4.52SpecialCataloging
limited quantity, lower quality, unspecified edition
It is often more difficult to locate publication/reprint information for creating records.
It's fairly simple to identify print-on-demand items. They look very different from books published by mainstream publishers. The print quality and covers are different, and the information on the t.p. and verso is different. There is generally a credit to the print-on-demand facility or company appearing somewhere on the back cover or last few pages of the book.
60726020431528109801/26/2017 14:27:081/26/2017 14:29:1850.251.4.52vendorcataloging
self-published, missing publisher, paperback
A book to catalog is a book to catalog.
I usually find out by looking at the data on the last page before back cover
60726003621528109801/26/2017 14:20:281/26/2017 14:27:4773.51.92.193
academic consortium office
technical support
PDF, facsimile, limited run, independent publisher
I have to be aware that the rules for describing a particular on-demand copy might mean that my description might not exactly match earlier or later on-demand copies, which could lead to union catalog duplication and questions from catalogers on how to proceed.
In the context of my present job, I don't know that. When I worked in an acquisitions setting, I relied on vendor information, such as from YBP, Amazon, or the publisher's details, to identify on-demand options.
60725966361528109801/26/2017 14:20:431/26/2017 14:24:3950.251.4.52PrivateCatalogingpoor quality
I am more likely to find the item difficult to work with and more time consuming
normally it is the absence of indicators normally found on a book, ex: publisher and copyright information, information about the author. also, Print on demand items typically have lower quality cataloging records for them, if any.
60725953711528109801/26/2017 14:20:261/26/2017 14:23:3050.251.4.52
private company
assistant cataloger
lightning source, vanity press, indie
less professional since there was no vetting process
the imprint and they usually have generic covers. also they are sometimes poorly written and resemble a fan guide.
60725928921528109801/26/2017 14:18:151/26/2017 14:21:15137.54.155.146academiccataloging
useful, freeing,enjoyable, creative
no difference, except I wish POD authors would remember to put publishing information on the book
I catalog books, so can recognize the features of a POD book -- they often leave off the publishing details, ISBNs, and other parts that are included in a book published by a traditional publisher. In fact, I have created several POD books myself.
60725831381528109801/26/2017 14:11:081/26/2017 14:12:14216.54.22.188academic
reference and user experience
cost effective
wonder if students find it easy to use
i do not know
60725820881528109801/26/2017 14:08:491/26/2017 14:11:1466.213.13.51public librarycataloging
cheap, low quality, some are good
It doesn't. I just do the best I can with the information I have.
Sometimes. There are publishers we recognize. Sometimes I scan the barcode in Bing to find out the publisher. I assume all or most self-published stuff is POD
60725814861528109801/26/2017 14:08:001/26/2017 14:10:4172.38.201.126Academic
Director of Library Services
Cost effectiveness, monograph printing, publishing style
Doesn't change my thinking of it, or treatment of it
I do the book ordering and cataloguing, so I would know if it was POD.
60725723271528109801/26/2017 13:59:461/26/2017 14:02:1538.111.224.10academic --
technical services -- catalog librarian --
quick -- out of copyright -- historical --
it is hard to catalog -- requires original oclc cataloging --
you can easily tell by the publisher name -- and by the way it looks --
60725652841528109801/26/2017 13:54:081/26/2017 13:55:07208.119.114.20Public
Technical Services
Out-of-print books, self-published books
Hate them
Can usually tell by the publisher and/or its appearance as well as the lack of publication information inside of it.
60725568051528109801/26/2017 13:40:161/26/2017 13:46:2750.232.197.90Public
Collection Development
I'm more careful of self-pub titles rather than how it is printed (as some re-releases are being done through POD). I will usually look for public reviews on Amazon or Goodreads before deciding to make a purchase.
We use Ingram for selection and ordering; sometimes if they list 0 stock but it's not out of print, that's a clue that it could be POD. Otherwise I don't know. I tend to pay more attention to the name of the publisher.
60725500701528109801/26/2017 13:33:551/26/2017 13:39:3466.213.10.202publiccataloging
crappy renditions / self-published
treatment is the same as any other book format, but I've been suspecting for some time that different treatment should be systematically applied to these.
Yes. 99% of the time it's obvious to me that I have a POD book in hand; otherwise a simple Google search usually solves any mysteries.
60725490801528109801/26/2017 13:37:091/26/2017 13:38:3150.251.4.52vendorcataloging
fast, cost-effective
wish publication information was presented better... hard to find records
lack of logical publication information... sometimes you see the publication info from Ingram near the back of the book
60725423151528109801/26/2017 13:23:501/26/2017 13:31:3070.183.139.6Public Library
Cataloging Librarian (who also orders items)
print on my desk printer, have the publisher print something that is no longer in print
not-I don't order print-on-demand
it will have special wording
60725373531528109801/26/2017 13:22:381/26/2017 13:26:20198.202.5.60Academic
cataloging and metadata
varying quality, local authors, alumni authors, ISBN problems
Depends on how hard it is to catalog. If the bibliographic information I need is there and if the quality is good, often I might not even notice if something is self-published. When the print quality is poor or the nature of the content makes it difficult to summarize/analyze for subject headings, then I notice.
Knowing the signs (the information on the back that suggests it went through Amazon), bibliographic cues, ISBN issues
60725343641528109801/26/2017 13:19:511/26/2017 13:23:10161.32.53.65academic
technical services
mysterious, ambiguous
it's all the same
it's pretty obvious when there is no clear identification of a publisher or it's not the product of the defunct publisher appearing on the title page
60725233731528109801/26/2017 13:04:321/26/2017 13:10:52141.211.173.15Academic
Technical Services
It's generally rare as I deal with non-Roman language material and print-on-demand is apparently rare for such materials. I treat it differently only because I must then go look up the cataloging rules/guidelines about how to treat such material when cataloging them, so it generally takes more time than I'd prefer to spend cataloging such items.
You can generally tell based on the formatting; some "publishers" you recognize the names of.
60724816131528109801/26/2017 12:12:231/26/2017 12:15:35184.151.112.11Academic
Head of cataloguing
Fast, available, paperback, usually no colour
Require a publishing date
Usually a reprint of an out-of-copyright book, printing info at end of book
60724767441528109801/26/2017 12:03:441/26/2017 12:07:4466.213.47.251PublicCataloger
Substandard writing, poor or no editing, bad records, poor quality paper and binding. Not to mention poor circ stats.
I often have to catalog it from scratch rather than finding a record for it. Takes time, raises costs.
Yes, I've seen so many of them I can tell. It's also possible to tell by the name of the "publisher" or the lack of a real copyright page and/or CIP data.
60724601791528109801/26/2017 11:39:001/26/2017 11:41:10198.166.214.5publiccataloging
vanity publishing,
Likely a local person writing about local topics (genealogy, architecture, history, etc)
looking up the publisher will help. Sometimes there's no ISBN, etc. A scan/photocopy is often sent with the cataloging request.
60723398671528109801/26/2017 8:02:211/26/2017 8:06:36131.111.87.152
Academic / Medical
Fast, expensive, postage
The books we need, reading list books, are not currently published this way. Payment would be an issue but my boss has a company credit card.
The person who orders them sits next to me and I know where each comes from and how
60722950651528109801/26/2017 5:52:141/26/2017 5:54:21
Saving ; time consuming
I think it might not be available and search for something else.
I do not know.
60722853851528109801/26/2017 5:15:361/26/2017 5:22:34111.69.102.156national library
collection description
scalability, self published,
not at all
Yes, from publisher supplied information, from vendor or distributor information, from the look of the book or info on the book
60722852741528109801/26/2017 5:03:291/26/2017 5:22:0376.102.146.1public
acquisitions, technical services & technology
unreliable content quality
try to avoid it unless no other alternative
from distributor, cover description, MARC record
60722773021528109801/26/2017 4:52:281/26/2017 4:55:3150.185.205.99
Academic, two-year
reference, instruction, collection development
I'm less likely to buy it
It's usually reprints of public domain works, and I Google the publisher. Those we have bought have been low-quality and not attractive to students. I will often buy a different edition of that book. My concern is quality.
60722637021528109801/26/2017 4:13:101/26/2017 4:15:2965.79.140.148SpecialReference
Quick, ephemeral, expensive
Try for another version
Sometimes- Clicking through links to the content
60722552501528109801/26/2017 3:51:231/26/2017 3:53:15100.14.163.87PublicAdult servicesDelay, helpful
Yes, I weigh how long I'm willing to wait for the title to be printed
It's usually indicated in the Baker & Taylor seller info
60722540281528109801/26/2017 3:43:361/26/2017 3:50:30207.62.148.51academic
instructional technology
economical, flimsy, black-and-white, flexible
It's not the kind of book we'd hope/expect to keep forever. It's going to have a limited shelf-life, and that's okay :)
I don't deal with print-on-demand titles directly. As far as I know, the only ones we have are in our reserves collection. I think there may be mixed opinions among the library faculty and staff about whether the library should be purchasing print-on-demand titles. I'm in favor of it, but I'd also want to hear about the circulation staff's experiences (and possibly issues) with them.
60722310591528109801/26/2017 2:57:231/26/2017 2:58:4774.139.119.207Non profitOperations Convenient Is it reputable?
Newsletter from author or publisher
60722302401528109801/26/2017 2:52:541/26/2017 2:57:0668.56.112.140AcademicReference
Espresso book machine
Need to refer patron to area where such printing is available
If it is not clear, we have a database to look up available titles.
60722181061528109801/26/2017 2:28:231/26/2017 2:32:0798.194.72.80Special
Technical Services
Less likely to purchase
60722146911528109801/26/2017 2:22:451/26/2017 2:25:1369.245.100.17Academic
Interim Dept. Head Collection & Resource Services
Cost effective, innovative, demand driven
No special treatment. If someone requests, we buy it.
There is a link in the catalog offering opportunity to request book purchase.
60722060391528109801/26/2017 2:04:251/26/2017 2:08:1445.47.42.193Academic
Reference, instruction
customized, self-publishing, customer-driven, costs
where it was printed, for what reason (research, recreational, curiosity, etc.), how does it affect other non-print-on-demand books (circulation, purchasing, etc.)
Probably not. At least, if I've encountered one already, I haven't known about it. I'd probably be able to tell if I took a closer look at it and examined the materials, binding, subject matter, and did some additional research on the title itself.
60722028841528109801/26/2017 1:59:531/26/2017 2:02:13174.109.91.52academic
user experience (a blend of IT and public services); subject librarian/liaison
fast, inexpensive, innovative, new publishing methods
depends on publisher -- in some cases, I might think of it as lower quality; in other cases, I think of it as smart and efficient
in many cases, I'm likely not aware; in some cases, it's obvious in the book jobber/selection platform we use (GOBI) that the book is print-on-demand
60722022831528109801/26/2017 1:58:491/26/2017 2:01:02
Technical Services
Price must be higher
Via Binding
60721754291528109801/26/2017 1:05:451/26/2017 1:12:1264.107.201.150academic
technical services (acquisitions & cataloging)
I avoid if possible and think twice about purchasing print-on-demand books because they are often of lower quality and have generic covers and lack information regarding the reprinting/republishing
I often recognize print-on-demand companies by name and some ordering systems identify books as print-on-demand
60721248321528109801/25/2017 23:51:341/25/2017 23:53:46160.69.1.253special
solo librarian so do it all
I think it's not considered by publisher as worth a commitment
don't know
60721168991528109801/25/2017 23:41:411/25/2017 23:43:4724.248.205.92public
reference, reader advisory
overpriced, poor binding, badly edited
Prefer a digital copy, if available for circulation; will purchase if needed and that's the only format available
Listing on B&T or other acquisitions source
60721124461528109801/25/2017 23:34:341/25/2017 23:38:2274.143.208.246AcademicReference
interesting; helpful; cost-effective; need special equipment if you want a bound text
Would probably try to find an alternative
Haven't seen one, but it might show up in our discovery tool
60721004751528109801/25/2017 23:22:261/25/2017 23:23:20136.245.4.245Public Librarylibrarianself publishing
probably wouldn't think of adding it.