Archived Detroit Grants & Loans
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$10,000.00Old Newsboys Goodfellow Fund of DetroitSkillman Foundationgifts for childrenTo continue support for a program that provides basic need enrichment activities and distributes holiday gift boxes to children, ages 4 - 13, which includes warm clothing, toys, books and games.2011
$11,250.00Christ the King Catholic SchoolSkillman Foundationprogram development2010
$15,000.00Woodward Avenue Action AssociationUrban Land Institutestudy transit-oriented development6/2011
$18,750.00Ann Arbor Trail Magnet Middle SchoolSkillman Foundationgeneral operating, program dev2010
$18,750.00Bunche Elementary SchoolSkillman Foundationprogram development2010
$22,500.00Cesar Chavez Academy ElementarySkillman Foundationprogram development2010
$25,000.00Boys and Girls Clubs of Southeastern MichiganSkillman Foundationyouth programsTo support continuation of programming for middle school youth, particularly boys, in the Osborn neighborhood in Detroit with academic support, physical fitness, life skills training and mentoring during nonschool hours.2010
$27,500.00Catherine C. Blackwell InstituteSkillman Foundationprogram development2010
$30,000.00Central Detroit Christian Community Development CorporationSkillman Foundationnutrition awarenessTo provide support for student leadership development through a nutrition awareness project in Detroit International Academy for Young Women (DIA). This school is located in the Northend Central Woodward community.2011
$35,000.00Alternatives for GirlsSkillman Foundationgeneral operating To continue to provide general operating for shelter, outreach and prevention services for homeless and high-risk girls and young women in Detroit, mainly in Southwest Detroit and Chadsey Condon.2011
$35,000.00Crossroads of MichiganSkillman Foundationgeneral operating To provide general operating support for basic needs programs that directly benefit children and improve their outcomes.2011
$35,000.00Alternatives for GirlsSkillman Foundationgeneral operating To continue to support general operation for agency's core programs of shelter, outreach and prevention to serve homeless and high-risk girls and young women in Detroit's Chadsey Condon and Southwest Neighborhoods.2010
$37,500.00Allen AcademySkillman FoundationProgram development2010
$37,500.00Cass Technical High SchoolSkillman Foundationprogram development2010
$37,500.00Cesar Chavez Academy Middle SchoolSkillman Foundationprogram development2010
$39,000.00University Cultural Center AssociationSkillman FoundationDev in Northend Central WoodwardTo secure professional services that will help Northend Central Woodward identify strategic investment that will help revitalize the neighborhood, align it with current Midtown investment and leverage the Living Cities Integration Initiative.2011
$45,000.00Peoples Community Services of Metropolitan DetroitSkillman Foundationyouth & transitTo initiate a public policy advocacy project that will advance the issues of transportation for underserved youth populations in all Skillman-targeted neighborhoods.2011
$50,000.00Hatch DetroitKnightPromote new businessesTo engage Detroiters as leaders in economic renewal by supporting the launch of Hatch Detroit, a public contest and citizen network that spurs retail entrepreneurship in the city11/1/201110/31/2012
$50,000.00Heidelberg ProjectErb Family FoundationHiring a development directorhiring of a development director, Sharon Luckerman2009
$50,000.00Heidelberg ProjectKresgeOperating costsTwo-year, $50,000 commitment for operating costs (unclear if $50k/year?)
$50,000.00Heidelberg ProjectCommunity Foundation for Southeast MichiganEducational programs
$50,000.00Heidelberg ProjectLINCPlanning a new centerFebruary 2011
$50,000.00WSUHudson-Webber Foundationtargeted police patrolsDecember 2009
$50,000.00DMC Children’s Hospital of MichiganHudson-Webber FoundationPoison control centerDecember 2009
$50,000.00Michigan Future, Inc.Hudson-Webber FoundationNew Agenda: New Level Project2011
$50,000.00Girl Scouts of the U.S.A.Skillman FoundationSouthwestTo support enrollment in Girl Scouts for at-risk girls in grades K-12 living in Southwest Detroit. Girls will engage in a series of age-appropriate activities that promote interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math careers.2011
$50,000.00Arab Community Center for Economic and Social ServicesSkillman FoundationChadsey Condon youth photo classTo fund a high-quality youth-development photography arts program for youth in the Chadsey Condon Good Neighborhood.2010
$50,000.00Brightmoor Community CenterSkillman Foundationyouth programsTo continue programming for youth, ages 13-18, through implementation of teen leadership-development activities in the Brightmoor community.2010
$60,000.00Anthony Wayne Elementary SchoolSkillman Foundationprogram development2010
$65,000.00Cass Corridor Neighborhood Development CorporationHudson-Webber FoundationFacade2011
$65,000.00Bridging CommunitiesSkillman FoundationTime BankTo support intergenerational learning service and skills exchange program referred to as Unity in the Community TimeBank. Youth will be trained in community building and lifeskills.2011
$65,000.00Central Detroit Christian Community Development CorporationSkillman Foundationhealthy food edTo continue support for organization promoting healthy food choices and providing fresh produce for families in the North End Central Woodward neighborhood.2010
$65,000.00Chamber Foundation, Detroit RegionalSkillman Foundationbusiness leaders in schoolsTo continue and expand opportunities for local business leaders to visit high-quality schools in target neighborhoods.2010
$80,000.00TechTownArtPlaceHacker space feasibility studyFebruary 2011
$85,000.00Latin Americans for Social and Economic DevelopmentSkillman Foundationrec centerTo support a recreation center that will serve youth, 11-18, from Southwest Detroit neighborhoods during non-school hours.2011
$85,000.00New DetroitSkillman Foundationgeneral operating To provide general operating support for New Detroit's continued leadership advancing regional economic and social equity. Promoting economic and social equity helps to reduce poverty and improves outcomes of children.2011
$90,000.00Invest DetroitHudson-Webber FoundationUrban Retail Loan Fund2011
$100,000.00Museum of Contemporary Art DetroitLINCRennovationFebruary 2011
$100,000.00Cultural Alliance for Southeastern MichiganHudson-Webber FoundationOperational supportDecember 2009
$100,000.00College for Creative StudiesHudson-Webber Foundationpolice partnership with Wayne State.December 2009
$100,000.00Coalition on Temporary ShelterSkillman Foundationhomeless familiesTo increase the housing and family stability of homeless families in Detroit through shelter, meals and supportive services, while providing linkages to transitional, permanent and permanent-supportive housing.2011
$100,000.00AFT Michigan Rollie Hopgood Scholarship FundSkillman FoundationSchool in Chadsey CondonTo support start up of high-performing, teacher-led elementary school in Chadsey Condon neighborhood.2010
$100,000.00Arab Community Center for Economic and Social ServicesSkillman FoundationArab-Am youth involvement in DetroitFor the continued training of Arab-American youth and adults to work collaboratively and effectively with other residents for neighborhood revitalization in the Southwest Detroit Neighborhoods, Chadsey Condon and Cody Rouge neighborhood.2010
$100,000.00Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metropolitan DetroitSkillman FoundationMentoringTo engage youth in positive mentoring relationships with intentional focus on African-American and Latino boys.2010
$100,000.00Black Family DevelopmentSkillman FoundationRestorative Practices (?)For a community and school connection in the use of Restorative Practices, which will create healthier learning and living environments for children.2010
$105,000.00Chamber Foundation, Detroit RegionalSkillman Foundationschool partnership devTo continue efforts to increases the number of business and civic organizations engaged in meaningful school-based partnerships with special focus on schools located in the Foundation's targeted neighborhoods.2011
$115,000.00Alternatives for GirlsSkillman FoundationChadsey Condon youth developmentTo support youth-leadership development program in Chadsey Condon neighborhood that grows and nurtures cadre of young people to participate in community service, leadership training and civic engagement.2010
$120,000.00Harmonie Park Media GroupCreative Corridor Incentive FundEquipmentto equip a media center in the Paradise Valley Cultural and Entertainment District.2011
$150,000.00Detroit Economic Growth AssociationHudson-Webber FoundationBusiness dev indicators2011
$150,000.00Detroit Economic Growth AssociationHudson-Webber FoundationGreen Grocer Project2011
$150,000.00Restaurant Opportunity CenterHudson-Webber FoundationCOLORS2011
$150,000.00WSUHudson-Webber FoundationDetroit Revitalization Fellows program2011
$150,000.00Forgotten HarvestSkillman Foundationemergency food agenciesTo support the distribution of fresh food to Detroit-area emergency food agencies serving families with children. Fresh food distribution has increased in the Foundations targeted neighborhoods as a result of this effort.2011
$150,000.00Heat and Warmth FundSkillman Foundationemergency heatingTo provide emergency heating assistance for low-income households in Wayne, Oakland and Macomb Counties. It will create safe home environments for children by preventing shut-offs and restoring energy services to low-income families.2011
$155,000.00City Connect DetroitSkillman Foundationyouth development fundTo establish private philanthropic fund for youth employment for youth residing in six targeted Good Neighborhoods: Brightmoor, Central Northend, Chadsey Condon, Cody Rouge, Osborn, Southwest Neighborhoods.2010
$160,000.00Alternatives for GirlsSkillman FoundationChadsey Condon Community OrganizationTo support and staff the Chadsey Condon Community Organization, a resident-stakeholder partnership, to conduct planning and advocacy to improve the conditions for children living in the Chadsey Condon neighborhood.2010
$175,000.00Vanguard Community Development CorporationSkillman FoundationYouth programsTo support a multi-dimensional program that will train youth to use creativity, abstract thinking, art and entrepreneur skills to become self-sufficient and prepared for adulthood.2011
$200,000.00DEGCHudson-Webber FoundationDetroit Works2010
$200,000.00United Way for Southeastern MichiganSkillman FoundationEarly learning in SouthwestTo establish Early Learning Hub in Southwest Detroit with a specific focus on literacy development to prepare children to enter school ready to learn.2011
$200,000.00Black Family DevelopmentSkillman Foundationgeneral operatingTo support continued community engagement development through block club development, leadership training and community policing in Osborn neighborhood.2010
$216,000.00BME FundKnightHonors black male leadersFor the BME Fund which will provide grants to black men in Detroit and Philadelphia who have shared their stories and are engaging others in strengthening their cities
$250,000.00Downtown Detroit PartnershipHudson-Webber FoundationProgrammingDecember 2009
$250,000.00Black Family DevelopmentSkillman FoundationOsborn planningTo support planning, program development and implementation that will prepare Osborn neighborhood to compete for federal Promise Neighborhoods grant.2010
$268,500.00DIAArtPlaceTurn front lawn into a parkThe DIA is considering how its Kresge Court inner courtyard and front lawn could serve as gathering spots, with enhancements such as new seating, live musical performances, free Wi-Fi and lecturers. 2012
$300,000.00ARISE Detroit!KresgeOrganizing, radio show, neighborhoods dayWorking with 300 community partners, the organization has engaged more than 3,000 volunteers in hundreds of community-service programs benefiting youth, families, and neighborhoods. This two-year grant funds the recruitment of additional volunteers, the launch of a weekly ARISE Detroit! Network radio show, and service to the community on its annual citywide Neighborhoods Day.20112013
$300,000.00Heidelberg ProjectAnnenberg FoundationCommunity arts centerFor the House That Makes Sense Center, which will create a community arts center and help the organization inspire people to enrich their lives and improve the social and economic health of the greater community.
$300,000.00 GalaxE.SolutionsCreative Corridor Incentive FundFurnishings install specialty equipment, furniture, and furnishings at 1001 Woodward.2011
$300,000.00Black Family DevelopmentSkillman FoundationOsborn community developmentTo provide support for community engagement. Osborn will continue to develop block clubs, leadership training and community policing with a focus on Promise Neighborhoods census tracks and Cody Rouge will reestablish block clubs.2011
$345,000.00City Connect DetroitSkillman Foundationsummer youth jobsTo expand summer youth employment jobs in six targeted Good Neighborhoods: Brightmoor, Central Northend, Chadsey Condon, Cody Rouge, Osborn, Southwest Neighborhoods. It will establish private philanthropic fund that leverages public and private sector investments.2010
$350,000.00Museum of Contemporary Art DetroitArtPlaceRenovate exhibition & office spaceSeptember 2011
$400,000.00Eastern Market CorporationHudson-Webber Foundationeconomic development2-year, start date uncertain2010
$400,000.00City Connect DetroitSkillman Foundationsummer youth jobsTo expand summer youth employment jobs in six targeted Good Neighborhoods.2010
$450,000.00City Connect DetroitSkillman Foundationeducation indicatorsTo provide general operating support to develop effective nonprofit collaborations that solicit revenues from public and private sources to address outcomes for children in city of Detroit neighborhoods of Brightmoor, Central Northend, Chadsey Condon, Cody Rouge, Osborn, Southwest Neighborhoods.2010
$500,000.00University Cultural Center AssociationHudson-Webber FoundationMidtown for community development, beautification, and small-business support in Midtown.December 2009
$675,000.00University Cultural Center AssociationHudson-Webber FoundationMidtown2010
$900,000.00Midtown Detroit Inc.ArtPlaceBuy & convert church to arts spaceSugar Hill Arts District
$1,000,000.00LISCHudson-Webber Foundationquality of life in neighborhoods2-year, start date uncertain2010
$1,500,000.00Community Foundation for SE MichiganHudson-Webber FoundationNEI2011
$1,690,000.00Downtown Detroit PartnershipMichigan State Housing Development AuthoritySummer 2009
$2,000,000.00Midtown Detroit Inc.New Economy InitiativeLeverage funds in Sugar Hill2-year grant to leverage $34M in public and private funds for the Sugar Hill Arts District. (not sure what this means)January 20092010
$2,500,000.00Creative Corridor Incentive FundNew Economy InitiativeSupport lower Woodward Corridor businesses2 year grant. Received 2008, launched 2010. Primarily regranting.2010?
$675,000.00Emerson CollegeKnightOnline planning gameNOTE: not just for Detroit. To implement Community PlanIT, an online tool that enables engagement in local community planning efforts, in four Knight communities: Detroit, Akron, San Jose and Philadelphia12/12/201112/31/2013
$510,000.00Detroit Creative Corridor CenterKnightDesign in Detroit initaitiveTo support the growth of "Design in Detroit," a three-year initiative that will engage 10,000 Metropolitan Detroiters as leaders who champion 1,000 projects proposed by the local creative community4/1/20123/31/2015
$1,510,000.00KaBOOM!KnightPlaygroundsNOTE: not just for Detroit. To support an expanded KaBoom! model to include expanded training for volunteers and capacity building for the local sponsoring nonprofit in nine playgrounds builds in Akron, Miami and Detroit12/12/201112/31/2013
$90,000.00Detroit Symphony OrchestraKnightOrchestra broadcastTo build on the success of the recently launched digital concert series by supporting the broadcast of an additional thirteen Detroit Symphony Orchestra concerts between January and June, 201212/1/201111/30/2012
$250,000.00DIAKnightMetro area outreachTo support public engagement with masterpieces from Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) through the installation of high-quality reproductions in communities throughout metropolitan Detroit11/1/201110/31/2013
$4,000,000.00ArtPlaceKnightNonprofit finance fundTo support ArtPlace, a creative place-making initiative that uses investments in the arts and other creative assets to shape the social, physical and economic character of cities, towns and communities across the U.S.10/1/20119/30/2013
$40,000.00Michigan PhilharmonicKnightBollywood Music FestivalTo provide opportunities for cultural exchange by supporting the Michigan Philharmonics' Bollywood Music Festival at the Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts in Detroit, Mich10/1/20119/30/2012
$250,000.00New America FoundationKnightWireless Internet InfrastructureTo promote citizen empowerment and digital connectivity in Detroit by supporting the Open Technology Initiative's local deployment of wireless mesh Internet infrastructure10/1/20119/30/2012
$250,000.00Citizen EffectKnightCommunity OutreachNOTE: 2 cities. To help Citizen Effect, a young nonprofit based in Washington DC, expand its innovative philanthropy model -- connecting 'citizen philanthropists' directly to projects they care about in their communities6/1/20117/31/2012
$3,000,000.00Living CitiesKnightNeighborhood transformationNOTE: 2+ cities. To support Living Cities and the Integration Initiative, a multidisciplinary focus on both neighborhood and system transformation in five cities, including St. Paul and Detroit12/13/20101/31/2014
$6,000.00Southwest Community Mental Health Services GroupKnightRoosevelt Hotel Art InstallationTo mount an art installation on the abandoned Roosevelt Hotel highlighting the potential held by vacant urban spaces in collaboration with the Hygienic Dress League, the Detroit Civic Intervention and local community activist Philip Cooley12/1/201011/30/2011
$920,520.00Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering ProgramKnightHigh school academicsTo engage 120 African-American male high school students in improving their academic outcomes and in mentoring 240 K-3 students10/1/20101/1/2015
$148,415.00Code for AmericaWK KelloggCode for America in Detroitengage with the City of Detroit, Michigan, and community organizations to build tools for cataloging and sharing information about blighted and vacant properties to allow for faster reclamation by the community1/1/201212/31/2012
$400,000.00DEGCWK KelloggDetroit Works Projectsupport community engagement in the planning of Detroit's future, by supporting the 2011 civic engagement efforts of the Detroit Works Project1/1/201112/31/2012
$390,000.00Detroit Food Policy CouncilWK Kellogggeneral operatingimpact children and families of Detroit, Michigan, by strengthening the Detroit Food Policy Council’s efforts to enhance food security and justice1/1/201112/31/2013
$35,000.00Engineering Society of DetroitWK Kelloggyouth civic engagementsupport the civic engagement of local students in the redesign and reimagining of Detroit, Michigan, by honoring their participation in the Future Detroit Symposium and publishing and presenting their work before local and state leadership2/1/20111/31/2012
$872,000.00Excellent Schools DetroitWK Kelloggnew schools; close schools; teacher developmentimprove educational outcomes for vulnerable children in Detroit, Michigan, by supporting the creation of new, high-quality schools, the closing of low-performing schools, and the increase of human talent working7/1/20116/30/2012
$200,000.00City Connect DetroitWK Kelloggsummer youth jobsenhance the employability and work experience of youth, ages 14-24, in Detroit, Michigan, through participation in the Grow Detroit’s Young Talent summer employment program4/1/201112/31/2011
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