Students, please click one of the following links below if you are requesting to reset your student account:
Which Account to reset:
(Click title to reset account)
Reset MIMS Account PasswordReset Student Apple ID PasswordReset SLS Password
Description:Mutli Identity Management System (MIMS) refers to your computer account and password at school. It also grants you access to connecting your personal device to the internet via the school wireless network (SWN).

The MIMS account is connected to these following accounts to sign in:

- Student Learning Space
- Student iCON Email Address
- Mobile Guardian (iPad/PLD)
- MOE Student Google Services (Drive, Classroom etc.)
- Hillgrove Padlet Account
- Zoom Account
- Microsoft Office 365 Account

Remember that resetting your MIMS/Student iCON password means that you will change the password for all services mentioned above.
The school managed Apple ID is an account created for students to log in to their personal learning device (PLD). The PLD that school has chosen is the iPad.

Every student is issued with a managed Apple ID. With this ID, students will receive 200GB of iCloud Storage on their iPads
Note: As of 1st January 2024, the ICT team will only reset your MIMS account when requesting for reset of SLS account. Head over to SLS and make sure that you choose LOGIN with MIMS.
The Student Learning Space (SLS) Account refers to the account that allows students to connect to the SLS Portal. This portal is created by the Ministry of Education and is a main learning portal for all students to use for learning and student resources.
Scenario:You are currently locked out from any of the accounts mentioned above

You have forgotten your MIMS Account password
You have forgotten your Student Apple ID PasswordYou have been locked out from your MIMS account
What will the new (default) password be:HGVSSmimsXXXX
(XXXX - refers to the current year)
(Password is randomly generated)HGVSSmimsXXXX
(XXXX - refers to the current year)
Where to locate the new password:Check below to see status of your password reset:
Check your student iCON email address for the new password within 1 - 3 daysCheck below to see status of your password reset:
Note: Remeber to ALWAYS change your password after you have managed to successfully log in to your account