secret santicore—adrian m ryan FINAL
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Instructions and notes at end of table.
d20Job DescriptionWhat's being offeredWhat's being hidden
1A minor noble needs help rescuing his abducted bride from a higher-born noble man.Introductions to a secretive magic items dealer.He's mistaken about the situation. His "bride" never loved him and ran off to the higher born noble of her own volition.intrigue
2There's a masquerade party! The party is invited!Free booze (= free roll on currousing table—all booze-related monetary pentalities ignored)! Also, that one guy who they need to talk to will be there.Remember that one time the party screwed over that other guy? Well, he's here with his entourage, and definitely notices the party before they notice him.
3"So, my cousin Vinny, he's not the brightest kid. Sometimes gets himself into trouble. What ya gonna do? Family. Problem is, he sometimes brings that trouble my way. Sometimes that goes to far, you know what I'm sayin'? So something gotta be done. You gonna do it. Do it clean, do it right, do it nice. But do it. And don't ever let anyone know I asked ya, because if you do, I'll be coming for you with all I got.""I owe you one. You come to me, any time, and I got your back that time. Make sure it ain't nothin' bigger 'en this, but I got you."Nothing.
4A nobless's young lover has spurned her love, and has threatened to go to her husband with the affair. She could not bear to see the boy hurt, and surely her husband would do so in his wrath. Please, fine gentlemen, will you stop him on his way and talk sense into him? Don't hurt him, she prays, but show him that what he wants to do could only bring pain upon them both.This nobless has access to certain tomes in her husband's library which might be of interest to those in the party.This nobless has a weak spot for wizards—her young lover is actually a magic-user, level +2 of highest in party, with a full suite of attack and defensive skills ready. However, he's also willing to listen and doesn't particularly want to go up against Mlle.'s husband, who is an even more powerful caster.
5A castle lays beseiged nearby, and needs good smugglers to bring it food and weapons, or break the seige.Knighthood and lands.Not really hidden, but the knighthood and lands will only come available if the castle survives the seige and wins its current war.boat
6How would you like to become a privateer? The local navy needs help ridding themselves of their neighbor's navy.Party can keep any ship they capture, provided they turn over all cargo and prisoners. Party are made minor nobles with a letter of marque. If they are captured, they will be ransomed.There's no way the party would get ransomed. Even the titles are bogus. They can keep the ships, although good luck selling them to any but the most sketchy of figures as that navy isn't going to be too happy.
7A group of foreign rare demi-human dignitaries (e.g. Leopardmen or whatever fits best) need passage to their homeland.Some rare item of trade associated with that demi-human. (Leopardmen capes of the finest quality made from captured royalty from the last Leopardman war.)The demihumans have stolen a viewing stone from the rulers of the city and plan to start a war using it to get information from the enemy. (Potential long-term effects on campaign world + short-term if party discovers the viewing stone).
8A noble needs immediate transport for as many of his household court as the party's boat can carry + all his worldly posessions + 20%. Must happen within the next two days, and without anyone knowing. And he needs the party to help out with moving his stuff.Enough to buy another boat. Will be let fewer people on board, but for less money. Plans on fucking the party. Household are more or less all level 1 fighters, and his port of call isn't the nearby town he first mentioned but the floating pirate city.
9The Pirate Queen has declared a state of war and all ships must either be permanently lashed onto the island to become a part of it, or fight on the side of the floating pirate city.Not having your ship permanently taken.The Pirate Queen does this whenever overpopulation threatens the city to grow is boundaries and cut the population by a bit. Fighting will be pretty mild.floating pirate city—the pirate queen
10The Pirate Queen has asked the Party to regale her with tales of the lands beyond the sea.Her favor for stories that are fantastic but believable, told of lands far away from coasts or large rivers.The Pirate Queen has never set foot on land, and her experince of it comes only from seeing the coast and boating part-way up several very very large rivers. Any tales that do not explain to her their context (what a desert is, how a dungeon works, why land travel is dangerous, etc) will provoke her anger.
11The Pirate Queen has decided that her libaries are unacceptably small, and needs books to fill them.Double the normal worth of any book. Triple the worth of any book that will hold up well to water damage. Quadruple for coastal maps.Any books of great power or knowledge will be used by the Pirate Queen within the next year to wreak some sort of havoc.
12The Pirate Queen's subjects are running out of water as one of the fresh water pumps has broken. The pumps were made by an inventive wizard who now lives far inland. She needs the party to either bring back more pumps or the secret of making/repairing them.The Pirate Queen will owe one favor to the party. Anything that she can grant, and it is theirs. Anything.The Pirate Queen's two weaknesses are her subjects and her honour, and so she will keep her word unless is threatens her subjects in some way. However, this is also a potential way to escape the floating city, to destroy the other pumps and thus the city, etc etc etc
13A drunken captain has lost his ship, and worries that it might be subsumed into the ever-expanding radius of city if he does not find it and prevent other boats from lashing to it.A treasure map on a deserted island.The map doesn't say how to get to that island, but is legit.floating pirate city—other
14A sea monster is attacking the city's smithy boats! Come help us defend them.Level-appropriate gold pieces per furnace left understroyed.The beast, which the party seems mostly a number of giant tentacles coming from below the boats (each treat as 4HD monster) and feeling their way around deck, will flee if half its tentacles are cut or someone can spear its soft, fleshy body just below water. It seems to be after the sheilds and armor in the smithy ships (which are mostly there to be melted down into more usable objects). Its tentacles can hear and feel but cannot see.
15Ah, new able-bodied and -minded youngsters! How would you like to make a couple of easy golden galleons fighting in our arena?A couple of gold pieces per fight won, but more importantly noteriety amongst the city itself as fine fighters, magic users, and tacticians.Group fights end at the first death, and all the other groups are much more experienced at arena fighting (average +1 level above party average). Better hope it's not a party death that ends it, or they make nothing!
16One of the city's largest merchants has surplus wool and grain.He'll sell them at a much lower price than the party would be able to get for them at the nearest city.Yeah, those are obviously stolen goods. It's the FLOATING PIRATE CITY, remember? Where would wool and grain even come from? Best not go to the port of call for the ship this was taken from.
17There's rats in them there cellars! I need 'em done with.Free room and board for life.Did I mention they're giant rats? Oh, and if you break anything I'm making you pay for it. (Also unbeknownst to innkeep, secret door to ratsnest also leads to larger dungeon.)dungeon
18Magic user and fighter (both +1 level above highest party member) seek party to help with dungeon delve.Even split of all the treasure between party and MU+F. Except for any mushrooms they find: those belong to the magic user. Will consider themselves in the party's debt if everything goes perfectly (but won't tell the party that).Mushrooms which grown in this cave are ingredient for nasty evil ritual, but otherwise MU and F are on the up and up.
19The furnace owned by the best blacksmith in the city has just gone out, and he doesn't know why—it's always just been there, on fire. Maybe the party wouldn't mind taking a look down that hole in the bottom of the now-defunct furnace?Each party member can have a single item made for them. Will be of highest quality, and while not magic will offer some bonus (super-strong, super-sharp, super-pretty, super-intricate, super-duper, whatever). Armor, weapons, horseshoes, that missing piece from your mom's music box that no one can fix. Up to each member.There's a dragon down there supplying the flame, and he's just taking a quick hundred-year nap. Rather kindly chap, but also rather tired, don't you see?
20Under the torturer guild's black tower, amongst the racks, blades, and occupied cells, lies a political prisoner of the highest caliber. The party is asked by his brother to help the prisoner escape without his absence being noticed, and to bring him to a town down the coast.The prisoner's brother's mansion and all items within it.When the prisoner's brother goes up and missing and a bunch of dirty vagrants move in, unless the party came up with some fool-proof, long-term way of fooling the guild about the escaped prisoner, they're going to find out quickly and be pissed. And no one wants the torturer's guild after them.
"...a table or list of ideas for under-the-table jobs, risky mercantile opportunities, and unfortunate plots to become entangled in that's appropriate for a group of mid-level PCs with a ship and well-armed crew in a sandbox/player-roguishness-driven campaign, in a swords-and-sorcery setting. Some ideas that have positive or problematic repercussions when the game reaches the domain-conquering/thieves'-guild-managing/wizard's-tower-building stage of the game would be great. Also, one entry should deal with a Pirate Queen (whoever that is.)" — WranglerTo use the table: 1) Old Skool: Roll a d20, read left to right. 2) Player Choice: Ask party which type of adventure they'd like, roll d4, read left to right. 3) Gonzo: Roll 3d20, pick one from each column, mash up as best as you can. Credits: Adrian M Ryan