Making Thinking Visible with Formative Assessment Tools - The Ultimate Crowdsourced Comparison Chart
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Welcome! Please help with some of the tools that need review in this matrix (scroll down).
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Question & Response OptionsAnalyzing Results / ReportingCollaborationRequired AccessContributor(s)
PlickersLearners use Plicker cards instead of devices; Ideal for 1-device classroomMultiple Choice; True/FalseCharts; data export and individual question reports Sharing quiz questions is not available One Teacher iPad or Android w/ app installed@lainierowell
PadletSticky notes for random topicsAsk question and students respond via "stickynotes"Collect and read on ownAll students can write notes
Can require names or anonymously
Teacher & learner devices with a browser@zonie71
Krista Harmsworth
FlipGridVideo discussion platformIn addition to video response, students can add a title and linked file to videos to verbalize their thinkingQualitative data; Videos can be downloaded and shared in portfoliosModeration available to create "walled garden" discussionsTeacher & learner devices w/ an app or browser@lainierowell
versoapp.comStudents can't see other responses until they post their own. Peer to peer anonymity (Teachers see names etc.) Teacher can group students based on their ideas.Text and links as responses. Data attached to process as well as perspective. Students "Like" valuable ideas. Students get data (by class, by activity and over time)about their capacity to collaborate and think critically. Teacher gets student data on perspecties and engagement (quantity and peer assessed quality) community library of activities. Teachers can share activities and view decisional data re student engagement any device or operating system. Cross platform. Synchs with Google. Web based app. Students can use browser version if requiredPhil Stubbs @flipyrthinking
EDpuzzleOnline videos with interactive learning experiencesMultiple Choice; True/False; Short AnswerView class results and drill down to individual resultsCommunity; find & customize lessons Teacher & learner devices with a browser; Voice recording not available on some mobile devices@lainierowell
FormativeDrawings/typed responses display as-it-happens; transform pre-existing pdfs/docs; sliding scale scoring. Drawing (Show your work), Typed Response, Multiple Choice; True/False Three views: live spreadsheet, one question at a time and summary statistics. Export to CSVTeachers share assignmentsTeacher & learner devices w/ an app or browser@goformative
Prism"crowdsourcing interpretation" of textStudents interpret text by highlighting words according to different categories, or "facets."Each student's interpretation contributes to the generation of a visualization which demonstrates the combined interpretation of all the students.Teacher sharing of Prisms is not available, but it only takes a minute to set one upTeacher & learner devices with a browser@lainierowell
mentimeterVisualizations of voting results in real-time multiple choice, true false of short answer Results are saved automatically; Export results in paid version onlySharing options for resultsTeacher & learner devices with a browser@lainierowell
KahootGame-based pedagogy; team-based option; play against anyone in the worldMultiple Choice; True/False; ability to embed images & YouTube videosDownload reports or save to Google DriveCommunity; duplicate public quizzesTeacher & learner devices with a browser@lainierowell
SocrativeSpace Race; short response w/ voting Multiple Choice; True/False; Short Answer; ability to embed imagesOn screen charts & matrix; download or email reports; save to Google DriveCommunity; share codes; import quizzesTeacher & learner devices with a browser@lainierowell
Google FormsSubmit once or as many times as you want. Collects data in a spreadsheet.
Completely customizable (colors, images, text, etc.)
M/C, T/F => auto grade with Flubaroo add-on
Constructed response can be included but must be hand-scored
Flubaroo add-on will grade automatically and email scoresShareable form
Shareable results (spreadsheet)
Teacher & learner devices with a browser@zonie71
Krista Harmsworth
TodaysMeetBackchannel that does not require loginOpen-endedRead the feedopen to anyone with the linkTeacher & learner devices with a browser@lainierowell
Class KickAuthentic feedback from teacher; also a workflow solution Assignment driven, not Q & ATeachers see all learners' work progressing all at onceTeachers & learners provide each other feedback on assignments iPads & app required for everyone - can be done in a chrome browser@lainierowell
Class DojoQuantify student behavior; positive reinforcement; home-school communication Positive & negative behaviors preloaded and customizable Charts & reports available for on-screen viewing, downloading & sharing with familiesTeachers can share classes with colleagues who work with the same learners. Teacher & learner devices w/ an app or browser@lainierowell
Pear DeckA variety of response types allowed to gather formative information in a wide range of ways (much wider if you pay for the premium version), imports from Slides or Powerpoint allowed, decks can be made on the fly or prepared ahead of time, allows for inquiry based learning, some Google Classroom integration now availableDraggable (place a dot), drawing, multiple choice, free text response, free number responseData exports seamlessly to Google Sheets, sessions are saved both on PearDeck and in Google Drive, exporting to Sheets means you can still use Flubaroo to grade, students can sign in using GAFE accounts so no entering student names/accounts necessaryAccording to a GAFE Summit session, some users choose to share their decks in the user forums, but at this point it is mostly teacher-generated.Teacher and learner devices with a browser; teachers can use both Projector and Dashboard view if splitting screens or using two devices@msshelton_isd
Playposit (formally eduCanonAllows teachers to take all or parts of a Youtube, Vimeo, Teachertube, or Schooltube video. Free version you can cut out the beginning or end of a video, you cannot take middle parts out. You can add lesson/video title as well as learning objectives and grade levels and search for standards to attach to the lesson. You can edit videos and add questions to it such as: Multiple choice, Check all apply, Reflective pause, Free response, Skip to Moment, add a Website, or Fill in blank. Students answer while watching the video on a computer or Smart Device. This allows the teacher to teach or point out specific parts of a video to taylor it to the way the teacher wants the students to learn the material.
The questions within the video are conglomerated and liveresponded to the teacher for immediate feedback. This allows instant formative assessment during the video.Teachers can take the information/statistics gathered from the students and send it to their e-mail (it is already stored on the EDUCannon website) or they can share it with colleagues. The video and be shared with other teachers to be used as well.Students need access to a Smart device or a computer during the video to participate in the questions that are added to the videos by the instructor. Internet/WiFi access to students and teacher. If instructor wants to share the feedback of student resposes, a computer and Smartboard/Projector need to be setup and have internet access. zmcdonal@nyit.eduThe questions also provide great formative assessment throughout the video to check for understanding.
Poll Everywhereword clouding open ended responses, Q&A/Brainstorm function, compatibility with GSlides, Powerpoint, KeynoteMultiple choice, Open Ended, Q&A/Brainstorm, Ranking, Clickable ImageMC results shown via bar graphs. OE results shown via text wall, work clouds, cluster, ticker. Q&A/Brainstorm function gives ability to vote/respond on responsesTeacher & student access to web browser or download app on mobile
quizizz.comAbility to assign quizizz to students to take at their own pace, providing a viable option as a summative assessment vs. a synchronous formative assessment like kahoot. No need for a projector; questions are displayed on student devices and questions are randomized to help prevent cheating.Multiple ChoiceReal-time view of game's results for each student is displayed on a single screen for teacher, showing progress and total questions answered correctly and incorrectly.Students can work together as multiplayer teamsTeacher and Student
QuizletCreate games for students. They can play at the same timeMultiple Choice; True/False; Draw Response; Short Answer;Read the feedSs can play in teams. Not too much offeredTeacher & learner devices with a browserrmedinariver
quizalize.comAbility for students to individually complete formative assesments. The students will then compete against other students in class. Multiple choiceImmediate assesment on scoring as a class. Individual questions can also be seen but on another page.Once kids complete early, they can help their fellow teammatesTeacher and Student devicesDiscription by Math 8 Teacher at VOMS
Still needs review
OpenEdNow called ACT Academy, this is a repository of high-efficacy videos, resources, and assessments that teachers can use to support specific standards. Math, ELA, Social Studies, Science, Spanish,
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Zaption is gone :(
ZaptionOnline videos with interactive learning experiencesMultiple Choice; True/False; Draw Response; Short Answer; Some features require ProZaption Pro users can download csv & connect to LMS gradebook via LTI Community; find & customize tours Teacher & learner devices w/ an app or browser@lainierowell