1/1/1986San Diego Wild Animal Park, CAThe Four Tops
Not sure of the exact date, but it was summertime sometime mid 80s. I was just a kid. Fun outdoor family show at the Wild Animal Park (zoo-type place), probably my first live show, technically speaking. But I was a kid who spent more time playing with the friends I was with rather than actually paying attention to the performance. The park's summer pop-concert series took place at its 5,000-capacity Mahala Amphitheater every weekend between Memorial Day and Labor Day from 1982 until 1986.
Copley Symphony Hall, San Diego, CA
Violent Femmes
This should probably be considered my first real concert. I went alone, but technically my mom was working as an usher (she often voulenteered for the symphony, and they usually needed people to work the occasional rock shows), so I got a ride with her. I remember I was pretty close, stage-right. There were a couple girls next to me really getting into it with their hippy dancing. I figured that was the proper thing to do at a concert, so I did some hippy dancing of my own. As the show was winding down, I took a look behind me, and to my surprise, everyone was basically just standing there, maybe subtly moving to the music, but nowhere near the annimated hippy dancing of of the girls next to me. I felt a little embarrassed, ain't gonna lie. I've since gotten older, and fought the neverending battle of not giving a shit about what people think of me. Nowadays, if I feel like getting into it at a show, I'll go for it regardless of the rest of the crowd. Anyways, the Femmes put on a great show. I remember there was a crack against the Chargers who had just lost the Super Bowl (Gordon said something like, "I was driving around San Diego today, and everywhere I looked, I saw people taking down lightning bolt signs.") Apparently Possom Dixon opened the show, which I damn near forgot until Googling it just now. They had that great "Watch the Girl Destroy Me" song around that time. What I remember about them is that the singer was the bassist.. something you don't see all that often. Another lasting memory I have of this show is the guy working the merch counter being kind of a dick when I was buying a t-shirt.
4/16/1996San Diego Sports Arena, CARed Hot Chili Peppers, Toadies, Weapon Of Choice
My first big rock show. Went with my buddy Doug. Dave Navarro played on a song with the Toadies. Things got crazy when the Chili Peppers went on. I was right in the mosh pit and hung tough for the first several songs before retreating to a less-hectic area for the remainder of the show.
American Legion Hall, Los Angeles, CA
Porno For Pyros, Cornershop
This show was just a few days after my high school graduation. It had sold out, but my friend Doug and I bought expensive tickets from a "ticket broker" (scalper) as sort of a graduation present for ourselves. We drove up the night before and found a hotel to stay in, then sort of were tourists in Hollywood the following day before the show (if was the first time we'd be in LA, really). We checked out a bit of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, saw the Hollywood sign (from far away), and hung out in a park across from the venue. While in line for the show, we were given promo cassette singles from Porno For Pyros, and we saw Perry in a car leaving the venue. As a big fan, it was cool that was the first time I ever saw him in person. The show itself was ok, but sort of anticlimactic at the end of the day. Cornershop was really boring, but funny enough, we would later both become fans of theirs. We later found out that Dave Navarro was supposed to make a guest appearance at the show with Porno For Pyros, and was even at soundcheck as we waited oblivious in line, but he was called away on RHCP business before the show. Had he make a guest appearance, it would have blown our fucking minds and taken the show from a 7 to a solid 10. Oh well.
Snow Valley Ski Resort, Big Bear, CA (Enit festival)
Porno For Pyros, Love & Rockets, Lady Miss Kier, Ozomatli
This was a fun show up in the LA mountains, my first "festival" type show. Doug and I were there for P4P, and they delivered with an awesome set, highlighted by the Jane's tune "Summertime Rolls". The guys in Love & Rockets joined at the end on a great version of "Porpoise Head". The show went pretty late. I can't remember if we got a motel up around there, but I think we just did a red-eye drive back down to San Diego after the show.
1/1/1997Soul Kitchen, El Cajon, CANo Knife
Not sure of the date, but must've been 1997 or maybe early 1998. We only stayed for like one song till somebody in our group wanted to leave.. Grrr, Travis Gordon. I think we caught some of the opening band, though I can't recall who it was.
Santa Barbara County Bowl (CEC benefit)
Porno For Pyros, Summercamp
Pretty cool show, again went with my buddy Doug. Dishwalla played after P4P, but we (and much of the crowd) left before they played. Porno For Pyros played as a three piece, just Perry, Perkins, and Pete (no drummer). Only about a halfhour set, but still a cool show. Beautiful outdoor venue.
6/4/1997Soma, San Diego, CAPavement, Bis
I consider this my first real indie rock show. Went with my buddy Doug.
7/25/1997Showcase Theater, San Diego, CARocket From The Crypt, Three Mile Pilot
I didn't really like Three Mile Pilot at the time and was just there for Rocket, but funny enough I soon became a big 3MP fan. This was the first of many times I saw RFTC play live.
Grand Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA
Jane's Addiction, Fishbone
"Dress rehearsal" show for their first reunion tour. Got chills when the first song started ("Ocean Size") but the feeling didn't last long. Big venue and I was pretty far back. Decent show, though.
Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, CA
Jane's Addiction, Goldie
This was a real good show.
Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, CA
Jane's Addiction, Goldie
Crazy show, with Perry really messed up spouting off lots of weird banter. Loved it.
12/2/1997San Diego Sports Arena, CAJane's Addiction, Goldie
Probably the weakest of the 4 "Relapse" shows I saw.
6/2/1998Off The Record, San Diego, CARocket From The Crypt
In-store performance. I think we showed up late and missed a couple songs. I got Speedo's autograph after the show.
12/10/1998Troubadour, West Hollywood, CAPolar Bear, Campfire Girls
My first time seeing my musical idol, Eric Avery. Cool show. Didn't catch much of teh Campfire Girls, which is a bummer because I really like that one good EP they have.
12/30/1998Casbah, San Diego, CAThree Mile Pilot
My first 21+ show, and my first time seeing a show at the Casbah, which would go on to be my most frequented/favorite venue for shows.
1/17/1999Casbah, San Diego, CADig, The Good China
Dig is one of my favorite 90s alt rock bands. Glad I got the chance to see them. I think this was their final tour, though they've played a handful of LA shows since.
1/20/1999Casbah, San Diego, CARocket From The Crypt
Another great RFTC performance.
2/19/1999Whiskey, Hollywood, CAPolar Bear
Record release show. Eric gave me a free copy of the CD and I got it signed by everybody. Fun times.
4/6/1999El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles, CAMercury Rev
I'm a big Mercury Rev fan, so it was a thrill to finally see them live. I think the guy from Jellyfish opened.
4/10/1999Spaceland, Silverlake, CAPolar Bear
I really enjoyed this show. Talked to Biff the drummer for a while afterwards.
6/14/1999House of Blues, Hollywood, CAPerry Farrell
This may have been Perry's first ever full solo show. It was a lot of fun. Hung out with my buddy Barton.
8/17/1999Casbah, San Diego, CABlack Heart Procession
My first time seeing BHP. They were actually opening for June of 44, so it was a short set. Lineup was Toby, Pall, plus a drummer (Mario?). My friend Doug had to work early the next day, so we couldn't stay for June of 44, which sucks because I really like some of their songs. BHP's set was fine but really the only thing I remember about it is some dumbass set their drink down behind my elbow and I inadvertenly knocked it off the table and broke it. Still feel bad about that, though it wasn't really my fault.
9/12/1999Street Scene, San Diego, CARocket From The Crypt
Cool festival show. In hindsight, should have checked out more bands, but think I was just there for Rocket.
10/30/1999Westin Hotel, San Diego, CA
Rocket From The Crypt, Southern Culture On The Skids, Deadbolt
Fun Halloween show.
11/23/1999Casbah, San Diego, CARocket From The Crypt
Lots of new songs.. some of which eventually came out, and some that never did.
12/8/1999Casbah, San Diego, CARocket From The Crypt
Some more new songs. I was right up in front of the stage, which was cool to be so close (almost feared being hit by Speedo's guitar as he rocked out), but a downside is I was positioned in a way that I could barely hear the vocals. I recorded the show and it had been called "Rocket From The Karaoke" due to the lack of vocals in the recording.
12/30/1999Casbah, San Diego, CABlack Heart Procession
My favorite show ever.. or at least high on the list. Intimate set. I recorded it and it's one of my favorite "bootlegs" I ever made.
4/5/20004th & B, San Diego, CAPeter Murphy
Cool show, Eric Avery on bass, Peter DiStefano on guitar, Kevin Haskins on drums.
4/6/2000Casbah, San Diego, CABlack Heart Procession
with Jason Crane (aka JC2000 from Rocket From The Crypt) on drums and trumpet.
6/20/2000Casbah, San Diego, CAWeezer
"Secret show" as Goat Punishment. I got Rivers' autograph after the show.. very cool moment for me.
7/17/2000Canes, San Diego, CAWeezer
My 2nd time seeing Weezer. Great show. I was up close, front row, stage left.
10/14/2000Casbah, San Diego, CABlack Heart Procession
Toby, Pall, Joe Plummer (new drummer), and a second keboard player (Dmitri, i think).
10/28/2000Casbah, San Diego, CAPinback
Pinback put on a good show.
11/19/20004th & B, San Diego, CAFlaming Lips
The Lips always seem to put on a fun/crazy show.
12/16/2000Casbah, San Diego, CAFrank Black, Adam Gimble
Just Frank solo, joined by Dave Phillips on several songs. I'd been a big Frank/Pixies fan for a long time, and this was my first time seeing him live.
12/23/2000Casbah, San Diego, CABlack Heart Procession
Another quality BHP performance.
12/23/2000Casbah, San Diego, CAPinback
Have I really only seen Pinback live twice? Feels like more. I know I tried to see them a 3rd time but it was sold out and I just drove home dejected rather than roust up a spare ticket. After that I was kinda over seeing Pinback live.
1/12/2001Casbah, San Diego, CARocket From The Crypt
Another great RFTC performance.
3/18/2001RIMAC Arena, La Jolla, CAWeezer, Get Up Kids
I had seen a couple Weezer shows in smaller venues, this was my first time seeing them in a big arena. I was way far away. A fine show for what it was, but nowhere on the level of the more intimate shows I caught earlier.
4/19/2001Canes, San Diego, CAToadies
They closed with a cover of Pixies' "where is my mind?" right after i yelled for it, and Todd said "you guys are psychic" .. haha.. btw, i don't usually yell out for songs. only a couple times, really.
5/26/2001Brick By Brick, San Diego, CAFrank Black And The Catholics
Looking back, what's extra special about this show for me is that a few years later, I performed at this same venue in my friend's metal band. It was a big thrill for me to play on the same stage as one of my all-time favorite artists.
9/16/2001Casbah, San Diego, CABlack Heart Procession
My 6th time seeing TBHP, and i still don't think i've ever seen the exact same line-up twice. This time Jason Crane was on drums and Zack from Kill Me Tomorrow was on secondary drums (i think the soundguy called it a "cocktail pit"). Also, some mystery guy (Robin?) played guitar on the last song (a 12 minute version of "a heart the size of a horse"). He had the chords written out on a couple pieces of paper which he laid by his feet and looked down at for most of the song.
10/2/2001Casbah, San Diego, CAPallllap (Pall From Bhp/3mp)
I'm a big fan of both Three Mile Pilot and (to a slightly lesser extent) Black Heart Procession, so it was cool to catch a rare solo show from frontman Pall Jenkins. He was opening for someone, I think it was Tara Jane O'Neil. Nice set featuring some loops and backing tracks. Had a plesant little chat with him outside afterward.
2/13/20024th & B, San Diego, CARocket From The Crypt, The Dragons
This was a beer-sponsored show, I remember that. I believe Rocket played Group Sounds (the new album at the time) in its entirty followed by a few more songs.
2/26/2002Casbah, San Diego, CAThe Breeders
Got Kim Deal's autograph on my ticket stub after the show.
4/14/2002Belly Up Tavern, Solana Beach, CAFrank Black And The Catholics
This was an emotional show for me, as my grampa had just died. Frank took my request.. or coincidentally decided to play a song I had just yelled for ("Velvety"). That was cool.
6/6/2002Casbah, San Diego, CAElf Power, Masters Of Hemisphere
My first E6-related show. I was happy they played "The Arrow Files Close".
6/10/2002Canes, San Diego, CAMercury Rev, The Shins
Caught the soundcheck. This show was with The Shins opening, but I was on the roof talking to some of the band/crew during most of their set.
6/22/2002Casbah, San Diego, CAMike Watt
Mike Watt always seems to put on a great show.
7/21/2002Brick By Brick, San Diego, CA
Frank Black And The Catholics, David Lovering magic show
David Lovering did a "Mr. Wizard" type magic/science show for the opening act. (Which I had seen him do before a Frank Black show once before.) Afterwards he took questions from the audience. I got to ask him, "Don't you think it sucks the Pixies reissues don't have any rare bonus tracks?" and he kinda laughed and said he didn't think they had much left in the vaults. Frank put on a great show but it was a bit striped down because some of his band was sick. Lovering played drums on a few songs and it was a cool mini-Pixies reunion.
9/25/2002Casbah, San Diego, CABlack Heart Procession
I saw a lot of BHP shows.
11/21/2002Casbah, San Diego, CARilo Kiley, Rainer Maria (Headliners), Lowcloudcover
My first Rilo Kiley show! First of many.
1/28/2003Casbah, San Diego, CARocket From The Crypt
My last time seeing my favorite hometown band in my favorite hometown venue.
4/4/2003Casbah, San Diego, CAPostal Service, Jealous Sound, Cex
The Postal Service's first show.. way sold out and i didn't have tix, but was able to find someone with an extra and get in during the first band. Yay. I was mainly interested due to Jenny Lewis. She looked great in her 80s outfit. Nice show.
4/24/2003Belly Up Tavern, Solana Beach, CAFrank Black And The Catholics
This was a great show.
Henry Fonda Theater, Los Angeles, CA
Rilo Kiley, M. Ward, Tim Kasher, The Golden Age
My first time seeing a headlinging Rilo Kiley show. It was great, but I was pretty far back so didn't have the best vantage point unfortunately. They closed with a John Lennon cover that they've never played before or since.
8/15/2003Epicentre, San Diego, CARilo Kiley, M. Ward, Tim Kasher, The Album Leaf
Nice to see Rilo Kiley back on my home turf. Got the band's autographs after the show. Tim Kasher played a great cover of Mya's "My Love Is Like Whoa" or whatever it's called.
1/9/2004Glass House, Pomona, CARilo Kiley, Future Pigeon, Mike Bloom
This was actually an acoustic "Blake & Jenny" show, though the other members of Rilo Kiley joined them on stage for a song or two, I believe. I was up close in front of the stage. Very memoroble night.
4/6/2004Casbah, San Diego, CAThe Decemberists, Bobby Bare Jr, Tom Heinl
My first Decemberists show. I remember the opening bands were good too.. Bobby Bare Jr did a cool Pixies cover (Where Is My Mind) and Tom Heinl had funny folk songs.
6/25/2004Casbah, San Diego, CAThe Decemberists, The Long Winters, The Places
Caughte the Decemberists just a couple months later. Another good show and good openers. The Places did an interesting cover of "Blue Jay Way" by the Beatles.
8/23/2004Casbah, San Diego, CABlack Heart Procession, Bartender's Bible
My 8th BHP show. Line up was Pall, Toby, Joe, violin/keyboard guy, and Jimmy Levine (The Album Leaf) on bass and keyboard. The show featured a new song Pall said they just worked up a couple days prior; it was pretty neat.
9/21/2004RIMAC Arena, La Jolla, CAPixies, The Thrills
Good show, but i've heard these songs so many times on cd and bootlegs that it's hard for me to get too excited for them anymore. however, they did debut a new one ("Bam Thwok") which perked me up.
10/29/2004Epicentre, San Diego, CARilo Kiley, Now It's Overhead, Tilly And The Wall
Another solid Rilo Kiley Show. Also cool to see Tilly and the Wall, another band I really like, though if I recall, I was distracted during their set, talking to a friend or something. I knew a girl who worked at the venue.
12/6/2004Casbah, San Diego, CAThe Weakerthans, Lucero
Quality show. Don't think I've seen either band live any other times than this show, but I enjoyed them both.
2/4/2005Epicentre, San Diego, CAEisley, The Elected, The Colour
I mainly went for the Elected, but headliner Eisley put on a good show too.
3/25/2005Canes, San Diego, CAThe Decemberists, Okkervil River
Saw some of soundcheck, too.. including parts of "The Tain" which they didn't do at the show.. I was the only fan in the building for that.. so that was neat.
4/28/2005Soma, San Diego, CARilo Kiley, The 88, Michael Runion, Vagtown2000
Nice show. Vagtown would later change their name to Whispertown.
7/29/2005San Diego Street SceneGarbage, The Killers, Louis XIV, and Social Distortion
I knew the bassist and got to go backstage plus watch show from stage. Also caught a few songs from The Killers, Louis XIV, and Social Distortion.
10/4/2005Casbah, San Diego, CAHopewell
I saw Hopewell live twice (see also 6/26/2006), though I gotta say my memories of both shows are indistinguishable from one another. Good performances, though!
10/23/2005Casbah, San Diego, CANada Surf
This show sold out and I didn't have tickets, but didn't take me too long to find somebody with an extra to sell me, luckily.
10/31/2005Westin Hotel, San Diego, CARocket From The Crypt ("final show")
Fun Halloween show and final performance for RFTC (at least until the reunited several years later). Fucking Deadbolt ended up breaking a beer bottle during their set, then during Rocket's set, I ended up with a deep cut in my hand by a piece of that broken glass. Lost a lot of blood! Still got a faint scar from it. I was front row. Speedo put the mic in my face during "Glazed" and I tried my best to sing along, but I was pretty out of it thanks to the blood loss.
2/12/2006Casbah, San Diego, CAStars, The Elected
Arrived late and missed half of Elected's set.
3/3/2006San Diego Women's Club
Jenny Lewis With The Watson Twins, Willy Mason, Whispertown2000
This show was fine. Really the memory that sticks with me the most from this night was trying to find the venue and mistakenly turning the wrong way onto a one-way street. Yikes. A poor motorcyclist had to avoid running into me, but otherwise I recovered ok.
3/11/2006Epicentre, San Diego, CA
The Elected, The 88 (stripped down), Ryan Fergusson
I threw a pre-show party at a friend's house (mainly trying to impress a girl). That was fun. Good show, too.
3/26/2006Belly Up Tavern, Solana Beach, CAFeist
Nice show, but this was a first date gone bad (the aforementioned girl I was trying to impress) that sort of sours the memory for me.
4/22/2006El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles, CAThe Elected, Silversun Pickups, Jake Bellows
Man, driving from San Diego up to LA always sucks, but I saw some great shows up there in La La Land.
6/8/2006Brick By Brick, San Diego, CAMellowdrone, Monsters Are Waiting
I seem to recall this being a craptastic point in my life. The whole thing with that girl fucked me up for a few months. The show was good, though. But Mellowdrone was sick and/or drunk, and only played for about a sloppy half hour.
Embarcadero Marina Park South, San Diego, CA
My friend Chris got free tix. I've got some nostalgic love for the band. Not quite the same with a new singer, but still a decent show.
6/26/2006Casbah, San Diego, CAHopewell
Fun show. I kinda knew some of the guys in Hopewell from online, and I got to talk with them a bit after the show. They were cool and I got my CD cover signed by the band. I wanna say the opening band was Goldfish or something like that.
10/10/2006Casbah, San Diego, CAThe National
The National put on a good show. I like their "rocking" songs, but the mellow songs tend to drag.
11/5/2006Canes, San Diego, CARegina Spektor, Only Son
I showed up early and caught some of Regina's soundcheck (until some annoying girls came in and ruined it by causing Regina to have a minor freak out and ask the guys to close the venue.) Nice show.
11/29/2006UCSD, San Diego, CAThe Elected, Grand Ole Party, Whispertown2000
This was a fun night, but again sorta tained by getting entanged with the girl I had a thing for (it turned out being like an unofficial date for us). But at the time it was great. Met the lady from Grand Ole Party and she was cool.
2/21/2007House of Blues, San Diego, CAOh No! Oh My!, Kite Flying Society
Good show, but this was a disasterous blind date which sort of tainted the night for me (and more so for the unlucky girl, I'm sure, who ended up leaving with a "headache" halfway into the night). Yeah, March 2006 through March 2007 was just a really rough point for me and my love life. Thankfully by mid 2007, I hooked up with my now-wife and life greatly improved for me!
3/20/2007Casbah, San Diego, CA
Apples In Stereo, Casper And The Cookies, The Explorers Club
Very enjoyable show. Happy, fun bands.
6/15/2007Habitat, San Diego, CA
Casiotone For The Painfully Alone, The Donkeys, Greenbelt Collective, Ok Vancouver Ok
Cool show in the living room of what's basically a home recording studio. I liked openers Greenbelt Collective so much, I bought a cd from them (possibly the only time that's happened).
6/25/2007El Cajon Library, El Cajon, CAHarry And The Potters
Free show pretty close to my house.. couldn't pass it up, even though I had never read/watched any Harry Potter up to that point. But they put on a cool show with catchy songs that don't only appeal to kids [though, yeah, there weren't too many non-parent adults there]. I think I missed the first few minutes of their set.
8/10/2007All Star Lanes, Los Angeles, CARilo Kiley
This was a MySpace "secret show" in a bowling alley in the Eagle Rock area of Los Angeles. It involved a lot of standing around in line during the afternoon. During the show I was so dehydrated that I puked in the bathroom. The show itself was pretty cool, though. It was the first show of the Under The Blacklight era, with lots of new songs from that album being played for the first time.
10/11/2007Canes, San Diego, CAPerry Farrell's Satellite Party, Mink
Satellite Party is the butt of a lot of jokes in the Jane's community, but this was actually a really fun show. I showed up in the afternoon, as I sometimes did with Canes shows, and was able to catch most of soundcheck and meet Perry and get his autograph. He was super nice. I ended up front row and had an incredible time.
10/12/2007Soma, San Diego, CARilo Kiley, The Bird And The Bee, Grand Ole Party
Another fun Rilo show. I remember Bird and the Bee had a bubble machine that the crowd dug. And Grand Ole Party's soundcheck was funny as kept shouting "POW!" to check the mic level. Pretty soon the crowd was shouting along with her.
1/12/2008Casbah, San Diego, CABlack Heart Procession
My final time catching BHP in my hometown.
8/5/2008Che Café, San Diego, CABest Friends Forever
Fun show. Cool venue. Sucks this was the only show I ever saw there.
10/23/2008La Cita, Los Angeles, CAJane's Addiction
Their 1st reunion show since 1997, small Mexican bar. lined up in the afternoon, luckily a friend of mine camped out overnight, else I might not have gotten in. Best show. Jane's was my favorite band back in h.s. and I never got to see them with Eric Avery on bass, so this was kind of a dream come true for me to see them and a small club, front row, classic lineup.
1/19/2009Casbah, San Diego, CAThree Mile Pilot
My first 21+ show was these guys at the Casbah months before they went on a decade long hiatus, so it was cool that they regrouped and were the last band I saw before moving away from SD.)
4/4/2009Aladdin Theater, Portland, ORMirah, Norfolk And Western, Tara Jane O'neil
My first show after moving to Portland.
5/1/2009Mississippi Studios, Portland, ORThao With The Get Down Stay Down
I remember I had a fight with my girlfriend (now wife), and had to get out of the house for a while, so ended up at this show. It was very cathartic for me!
5/24/2009The Gorge, WA
Sasquatch! Festival: Jane's Addiction, Nine Inch Nails, St. Vincent, Of Montreal, Tv On The Radio, John Vanderslice, Zach Galifianakis, Aziz Ansari
Driving 5 hours to get there sucked, and sort of had another fight with my girlfriend (now wife) [Hey, 2009 was a difficult year for us, learning to live together, but we made it!] Eric Avery via our buddy Tanya hooked us up with free tickets, so that was nice. But generally, I'm not into big festivals like this. That said, saw several great bands, including the only time I've ever seen NIN. That was great.
7/22/2009Doug Fir, Portland, ORThree Mile Pilot, Optiganaly Yours
Three Mile Pilot is a favorite local San Diego band of mine. So, cool but kinda weird to see them so far from my hometown. But they put on a great show with several new songs. Optiganaly Yours were pretty entertaining. I got a duck drawing which I've still got as a memento.
8/1/2009Doug Fir, Portland, ORHenry Clay People, Morning Teleportation, Final Spins
My girlfriend got us free tickets. Solid sets from all bands, though I wasn't familiar with any of them. Morning Teleportation passed out demo cdrs after their set, but sadly my favorite songs from them weren't on it.