TimestampDisplay Name Replay/Video Link Game Difficulty Shot Type / RouteType of Run Special ConditionsFast Forward/Skipping (optional)Comments (optional)
Special Requests (optional)
2/25/2024 1:25:36TurboOven9000
EoSDLunaticReimuBSurvivalNo Bombstart at stage 4first lnb (you can laugh at any questionable strats)
2/25/2024 2:53:19Mariox
solo Youmu final B
ScoringNonenoneask Levea or Kana to commentate please
2/26/2024 21:24:14inakilbss
2/25/2024 4:01:03nitsuj
UFOExtraMarisaASurvivalNo Bomb, No 3rd condition (no ufo, no trance...)NoneIt's been a while since I submitted something because I haven't been playing lately (school + job hunting too time-consuming and stressful), so here's a run from like 5 months ago. I remember it being a pain in the ass to get.
2/25/2024 1:26:17Chris05
HSiFSLunaticMarisa WinterSurvivalNo BombNAI messed up a lot, but I still won anyway.
2/24/2024 23:20:30Serus
WBaWCLunaticReimu WolfSurvivalNo BombThe usual~This was an LNBNH attempt. You may notice there's something missing in the special conditions. You may also guess what happened during the run and when it happened. I don't take responsibility for the shenanigans that follow.
2/27/2024 17:15:11BananaWalrus
Wonderful waking worldLunaticReimuSurvivalNo Bombhow you wantits harder then it looks i swear. least stressful bosses ever
2/29/2024 22:40:55DerPfannkuchen
Nothing special happened during the stage portion.
My first Phantasm clear and my first replay submission. I captured DBDB, as well as the timeout which typically gave me difficulty. My final death will never not be funny to me.
2/29/2024 21:41:47Aggressor
EoSDLunaticMarisa BSurvivalNonethe usualbeing a nervous wreck with shaky hands sure is fun haha, especially at the end of a run haha ... ha
3/1/2024 1:26:29CraftTek
LoLKLunaticReimuSurvivalNoneDefaultA Lunatic No Miss *attempt*, decided to continue the run after the first miss and stop using bombs afterwards.
3/1/2024 4:58:06Shodan
Netherworld Team Final B
SurvivalNo BombDefaultThis is a weird run for me.I capture pretty much all of the hardest cards,but die in the easy parts that I have no business dying
2/29/2024 23:40:17PoDDenzo
2/29/2024 18:00:48SRN
LoLKNormalReisenScoringNonedefaultsdoremy and junko were very bad lol
2/29/2024 13:14:38IZNZI
INLunaticSolo AliceSurvivalNo Bomb, No Miss, Full spellDefaultThis is my dream.
3/2/2024 18:07:05TEXAP0RTE
EoSDExtraMarisa ASurvivalNone
No Skip. Play the whole thing please.
I'm still a beginner and this was a lot of work and practice. I love EoSD. It's my favorite so I had to take down Flandre. This is my first Extra I've completed. Thank you for replaying it.
3/5/2024 5:06:58Fritty
PoFVLunaticKomachiSurvivalNoneDefaultThis was the second last 1cc before I completed normal-lunatic allshot of PoFV. This shot gave me a lot of trouble, and I actually thought that I might lose the run at Eiki but somehow insane dodging came through for me, though I did also get quite lucky in stage 7.
3/3/2024 18:28:51matt4238
the video isn't that long so preferably none, but if you're really pressed for time I guess you can skip the last 2 minutes since it's just extra stuff
Since this is a scene game where I picked 10 scenes, I just added subtitles to the actual video.
You don't have to read every single thing, since trying to pay attention to them and the gameplay itself will probably make watching video pretty slow (especially since last 2 minutes are just some overall thoughts).
Some of these comments are less comments and more me just ranting because I have too much time.
3/4/2024 21:11:40ratgirlemily
PCBLunaticSakuya ASurvivalNone
I don't mind. Do whatever the normal thing is :)
my second ever lunatic 1cc after doing EoSD last year. The run is super messy. I had not played for like a month and not used thprac in PCB before. I did 1 run then did thprac for like 20 minutes to practice yuyuko then got the 1cc the second run. There are parts I literally didn't know what I was doing lol. A lunatic 1cc is a lunatic 1cc though so I am happy and proud :)
3/5/2024 12:39:21KingKrle
EoSDLunaticReimuASurvivalNoneDefaultGarfield, You Had Bombs. A quick and dirty run I did while on olanzapine and gabapentin. My username is pronounced "King Krule" (one of my favorite musicians but I haven't been listening to him as much lately).
3/4/2024 3:27:07Balisman
WBaWCExtramarioScoringNoneNoneThis category has an absolutely nasty early game, every single section can snipe you and throw you off route. The high volume of resets makes my playing strength very weak when I actually get to the boss. This makes for a super unoptimized run, despite resetting like crazy.

[Comments about the run]
The stage requires a hyper-specific token route (no pun intended). I can not afford to unintentionally pick up a token or lose a token drop during the stage. Most of the stage is done unfocused because the PIV gain is slightly higher.
Midspell 1 - did terribly with the up and down movement to cancel more bullets. Also unfortunate that I had to go with a 3-otter hyper on the second hyper. Adding to the difficulty, dodging the token is required.
Milking the chicken is hard, after all.
The boss is mostly about getting maximum uptime with the otter hypers on the nonspells. It would be ideal to memorize the token amounts for each nonspell, but I went with whatever I felt like. Every second wasted is millions lost.
All extra token pickups during a hyper are bad, so it's unfortunate when it happens.
I did not want to kill non 1 so early, but entering the boss with a roar it was bound to happen.
The shape I drew on triangle chase was an accident, trust me.
Messed up the cancel on meteor shot, luckily not too big of a loss.

[Comments after the run]
I hope this category was satisfying to watch. Score can definitely skyrocket to 2.5b if I played better. It will definitely be a next milestone to hit. Currently at 94 hours playtime according to the game.
3/1/2024 18:26:45Teragat
WBaWCLunaticMarisaWolfSurvivalNo Bomb, No Miss, No 3rd condition (no ufo, no trance...)StandardYo, listen up here's a story about a little guy that lives in a blue world and all day and all night everything he sees is just blue
2/24/2024 23:31:56Pigeon
PoFVNormalJudgeSurvivalNoneshort, start on stage 5The last contribution of 2023, let's level up
2/25/2024 6:48:19Mariox
solo Youmu final B
2/28/2024 21:14:18TSG
LoLKLunaticFrog n' SnekScoringNones1 if you feel like itpanda
2/29/2024 16:03:41Azazaz
PCBLunaticSakuyASurvivalNonedefault but show st4This replay should be my first L1cc and I'm out of new meme content to send so leSanae

Max starting lives btw
3/1/2024 8:10:16notbluebus
HSiFSLunaticAya SummerSurvivalNo Bomb, No 3rd condition (no ufo, no trance...)oh ok
3/2/2024 22:38:17TRDario
LoLKLunaticReisenSurvivalNonestandarddid not cap shotgun coronation
3/3/2024 19:18:06Niiue
EoSDNormalReimuASurvivalNo BombNoneThat was definitely a Sakuya and Remilia fight of all time. This was also the first time that I ever reached Remilia in a run
3/5/2024 2:36:57Yuyuko Lanches
EoSDLunaticReimuBSurvivalNo Bomb
skip until meiling, show perfect freeze
im just so happy that it is over
3/11/2024 3:13:30slolstar
DDCNormalMarisa BSurvivalNonefirst two stagesI suck and this run was garbage lmao, hopefully it's entertaining
3/10/2024 23:24:23OFW
MoFHardReimu BSurvivalNone
If there is time, show Nitori non 1
First Hard 1cc. Honestly, it was easier than expected. After practicing a bit and derusting MoF, I felt I was at a level where I could afford a couple dumb mistakes (I game-overed to VoWG on runs with stage 1 and 2 deaths). Perhaps the LoLK training arc was worth it, after all... (though I don't feel like I can N1cc LoLK yet).
3/9/2024 19:32:34AdamN04
LoLKExtraReisenSurvivalNoneNoneCraziest run while studying at school, finishing homework early was the best feeling. Didn't watch tutorials for this one, so, have at you.
3/9/2024 22:08:44notlol
PCBLunaticMarisa ASurvivalNonedefaultnote: the replay of this run is currently lost because the data on my laptop got wiped which resulted in all of my touhou games to be reset at a clean slate. (if yall care, yes i am currently trying to re-clear EVERYTHING that i had before my data got wiped.)
3/10/2024 2:23:09KirbyComment
Max Hit Counter
69% Slowdown Rate
The part where the game runs normally (none of it)
Part 2 of 2 of my UDoALG journey when the game was new and a demonstration
why introducing TriUltra into an official game is a bad idea.
I never booted up the game again after this credit.
3/11/2024 17:05:51IHNN
Don't skip Yuugi (except skip Shackles), do skip Stage 6 first half
Another 2012 replay? Another 2012 replay. Two important notes:
1. I had put in exactly 0 lunatic practice and very little hard practice - most of what I knew was from normal NB and similar.
2. This was my first lunatic credit past midboss Parsee - I'd reset every other attempt to an early death.
I wasn't really expecting to clear from just credit feeding, just find out what parts of the later game would need some figuring out.
3/11/2024 18:37:33CoinVancleef
Border Team FinalB
SurvivalNo Bomb, No Miss, Full spellusual skipsthis took 6 months and IN Final B turned out to be a very unrelenting LNNFS. The hardest one I've done and Kaguya is a bitch
2/19/2024 22:51:06
(submitted by Anna says hi) Megatronen & Barniekiller
various vs. various
PVPNo high tiersnoThis is the finals of a mid-tier tournament I hosted for UDoALG. Even though I didn't make it to the finals, I'm submitting this to draw attention to this game.
3/5/2024 23:13:12Azazaz
PCBLunaticMarisASurvivalNo BombDefaultBetter safe than sorry
LNB #4
3/6/2024 10:02:41riguren
PCBLunaticSakuyaBSurvivalNo Bomb, No 3rd condition (no ufo, no trance...)
Beginning to Alice's final
first lnbnbb, and uh
this run did not desync. the fact that i have to say this should serve as great foreshadowing for the run
3/9/2024 18:02:18hakuro07
EoSDExtraMarisaASurvivalNo Bombthis is extraforgor this thing exists so uh, yea
3/9/2024 18:34:09Cheestost
SALunaticReimuASurvivalNo BombnoneWhat does LNB stand for?

I'm sorry for that, but I am very proud of coming up with that joke. So anyhow, LNB. By far my greatest achievement yet. I could've done this with ReimuB and Satori would've been free, but I didn't, for some reason.

Didn't take too long to grind for this, I had 2 particular runs where a life saved on stage 3 (Fuck you laser hell, unpredictable bitchass) could've potentially gotten me the run much sooner.

Shoutout to Riguren for teaching me the stage 1 route, saved me a couple weeks worth of work. If it hadn't been for him, stage 1 jail would've broken me in the first few days.
3/10/2024 10:35:43Scrub
MoFLunaticReimu BSurvivalNo Bomb
Stages 1 and 2. Show the entirety of stage 3.
The fourth game I've ever gotten an LNB of after TD, PCB, and UDoALG. This was a pretty good run that trainwrecked hard on Kanako. From the beginning to the end of the fight, it was a trainwreck. Also, the reason I want stage 3 to be shown is because I failed some of the speedkills and had to do some sketchy dodges`
3/13/2024 17:02:28TurboOven9000
EoSDLunatic.SurvivalNo Bombdefaultgastari said this is my first LNB only because the first one was reimu B
3/15/2024 1:13:47Mikuru
WBaWCEasyYoumu EagleSurvivalNo Bomb, No focusdefaultsilly run to unlock EX since this is the one shot I haven't beaten it with
3/13/2024 23:40:10Cjohn
EoSDNormalReimu ASurvivalNoneNone.7 days of run curses, i fucking did it.
3/14/2024 16:27:41birb
No 3rd condition (no ufo, no trance...)
the usualI am the strong.
3/9/2024 22:23:33TESM
Touhou 14 KaizoExtraReimuASurvival
I would like for none of it to be skipped please
This is my hardest run I've ever done since I found this Touhou 14 Kaizo from Some guy In Paradise inspired me to make patches and play patches also other stuff lmao
3/15/2024 6:46:18who_is_that
BoSMExtraMarisa BScoringNo Miss, Full spellMidspell 2 (milk)This is the first scoring category that I have put serious time and practice into. This run beats the previous highest score (that I'm aware of) by 200 million points, mostly due to better PIV milking combined with speedkill strats for high spell card bonuses.

This run is nowhere near as polished as I'd hoped it would be and has a lot of mistakes and suboptimal play due to nerves and me being sick of resetting. You could add on another few hundred million with just better play, even with no additional milking. Either way, though, I'm really happy that I finally have a high-scoring run! I may come back to improve this, but for now, I'm taking a break.

Thank you for showcasing it! I hope my efforts are entertaining to watch. Replay file is available in the video description if you'd prefer to use that
3/14/2024 8:06:23YAYtears
SurvivalNoneDefaultMy first IN L1cc that totally didn't trainwreck. Some of the mistakes here are very silly, but I continued the run just to get more practice in the lategame. I haven't learned the last spells so don't expect me to cap them.
3/14/2024 21:23:14Kageko ASurvivalNo BombnoneI'm dumb lol
3/17/2024 16:51:25toimine
UMLunaticreimuSurvivalNoneusualjust some casual gaming
3/17/2024 16:15:22Screw
WBaWCNormalYoumu WolfSurvivalNo BombJust the defaults They say i'm a wily beast, yet i still feel like the weakest creature. Also try to guess which boss i practiced the least
3/17/2024 22:36:34nitsuj
No Bomb, No 3rd condition (no ufo, no trance...)
DefaultI'll take a Double Triple Bossy Deluxe, on a raft, four-by-four animal style, extra shingles with a shimmy and a squeeze, light axle grease, make it cry, burn it, and let it swim.
3/19/2024 3:32:56DerPfannkuchen
PCBExtraReimuBSurvivalNoneNothing please.This is what happens when you Reimuspeed + rust + StB mindbroken + commit to a bad run. Beyond that I have no (polite) words for this, watch at your own peril. Working on Yukari NB soon.
3/16/2024 23:14:31Evening Star
No Bomb, No 3rd condition (no ufo, no trance...)
(idk I think stage 1 is boring but no need to skip it)
Just some lovely amount of trolling
3/17/2024 17:52:48Aggressor
No Bomb, No Miss, No 3rd condition (no ufo, no trance...), No focus
nรผschtMonths ago I submitted a similar run with 1 miss, not long after I got this run though. So I'll just submit this one as well, enough time has passed. ^^
(Also, this sounds way more impressive than it actually is, no focus is really doable in this Extra)
4/11/2024 21:41:35toimine
MoFLunaticreimu cSurvivalNone
watch stage 1 and stage 3 post-midboss (you don't need to watch the boss)
chris said mof was impossible, i felt sceptical so i did a run in vc and was promptly proven wrong, it really is impossible
also saturday please
3/17/2024 8:11:43okay lol
No Bomb, No Miss, 90 FPS
N/AIn Sept 2023, when I was going for my first (60 fps) MoF ExNN, Froggy Braves the Wind and Rain was the spellcard that gave me the most trouble by far. Around two weeks ago, just for fun, I decided to try 90 fps Froggy in practice. To my surprise, I capped it first try. I knew then and there that I had to go for 75 fps MoF ExNN. I knew 90 would be awful, but surely there was no harm in going for 75, right?

Well, two days later, I walked away with a 75 fps ExNN. But the real harm in going for 75 is that you're inevitably going to be left thinking 90 can't be that bad either.

Dozens of paces lost to Froggy, 10-15 lost to Suwa War, one DKO to Suwa final, and 6 Ex1MNBs very quickly showed me just how "not bad" 90 fps ExNN could be. As it turns out, capping Froggy at 90 fps one time does not, in fact, mean 90 fps Froggy becomes easy or consistent. But after 9 days and around 1000 attempts, I finally got this run.
3/19/2024 23:56:14lmky
LoLKNormalReisen ScoringNonedialogposting this because i will probably not get SA lnn before you watch
3/22/2024 17:56:18Sigotu
MoFLunaticReimu CSurvivalNo BombDefault skipsjust an average lnb where absolutely nothing happened in stage 6
3/23/2024 0:04:25Driferano
INLunaticSolo YoumuSurvivalNo BombregularMy PB was 13 miss btw (I count last spell deaths), hide replay name it spoils the miss count.
3/19/2024 15:47:46Unovi
WBaWCLunaticMarisa W o l fSurvival
No Bomb, No 3rd condition (no ufo, no trance...)
Up to Kutaka. To be honest I don't think that's any of your business = |
3/20/2024 21:16:31InceRabbit
IotDF (Investigation of the Deceiving Fox)
No Bomb, No 3rd condition (no ufo, no trance...)
show all, it's a 3 stage game anyways
me when I get a personal best with the worst shot in the game - also No 3rd condition is No Shield, NS.
3/27/2024 14:28:44Marbles
PoFVLunaticMedicineSurvivalNo Bomb, No Miss
stop skipping until Sakuya
TWC qualifier match. It was last place but I'm proud of this run tho
3/24/2024 18:58:16RosePenguin100
Perfect Chicken Flavor
NormalMarisaBScoringNoneNo skipsPlease read out the "Perfect chicken flavor scoring, the tl;dr" section of the description before the run, it explains some useful information. (Anyone who's interested, feel free to read the longer explanation as well, but it's really long for reading out loud.) I'd also recommend having subtitles on.
4/2/2024 3:55:29YAYtears
PCBLunaticSakuyaBSurvivalNoneDefaultFirst PCB L1cc, where I press X a lot. I also didn't practice Yuyuko beforehand so have fun with that.
3/26/2024 22:12:43Som3body
Fast-forward through Stages 1-5, show the rest at normal speed.
Crested has to be in the comms for this one, skip the run if he's absent. [IMPORTANT NOTE: Crested doesn't have to explicitly be asked to join comms, that line applies only if he is or isn't already there on his own volition.]
PoFV Tewi N1CC, on of the few (if not the first) not-final-life-Round-2-Eiki-clutch clears in this game!
The run had had some honestly astonishing Round 1 survives (you'll see which ones), and the score before clearing was already above a certain not overly common threshold, which hadn't happened before.
For me, Tewi was "Sakuya but with an actually usable passive". Both of their scopes are ass to use, so I was forced to be unfocused for the majority of the time. Although, unlike when playing Sakuya a few months ago, I played after having got a IN L1CC (even if with an UNGODLY abuse of deathbombs), and I must say - that L1CC grind has, potentially, maybe, to a slight extend, possibly, improved my reading/dodging skills.
4/2/2024 11:31:10Marbles
PoFVLunaticYoumuSurvivalNo Bomb
stop skipping until Sakuya
Decided not to play Touhou in April so I decided to upload a replay I did in March for fun. Hope you enjoy this
4/2/2024 4:45:23sirpion BombTo Ran's spellcardActually fun
3/28/2024 23:16:33Content Ghost
Wonderful Waking World (WWW)
LunaticSanaeSurvivalNo Bomb
You can probably skip up to Stage 2 boss
You can read the description of the linked video for some of my thoughts about the run
4/1/2024 21:58:31Kiri
UFOLunaticMarisaASurvivalNo Bomb
First 3 stages really aren't that important
Quit touhou two years ago because of failed lnb attempts, this is my revenge attempt
4/2/2024 3:20:02kana_th6
EoSDLunaticReimuBSurvivalNo BombS1-3Some nice dodges here and there
3/29/2024 23:31:24Serus
DSLorem ipsumAyayayaScoringNoneNothing to skip here~[๐—ฌ๐—ผ๐˜‚ ๐—บ๐—ถ๐—ด๐—ต๐˜ ๐˜„๐—ฎ๐—ป๐˜ ๐˜๐—ผ ๐—ด๐—ฒ๐˜ ๐˜€๐—ผ๐—บ๐—ฒ๐—ผ๐—ป๐—ฒ ๐˜„๐—ถ๐˜๐—ต ๐——๐—ฆ ๐—ฆ๐—ฐ๐—ผ๐—ฟ๐—ถ๐—ป๐—ด ๐—ธ๐—ป๐—ผ๐˜„๐—น๐—ฒ๐—ฑ๐—ด๐—ฒ ๐—ผ๐—ป ๐—ฐ๐—ผ๐—บ๐—บ๐˜€] I figured I could submit some DS replays since I got a couple of decent runs after I started scoring the photo games. Featuring my WRs in SP-8 and SP-6 and some nice runs in 3-3, 10-8 and 6-4.
3/30/2024 2:11:22Dragon Frank
UMLunaticSanaeSurvivalNoneStandardRead this after the run.... Not the hardest lunatic. Once you learn the cards to use it's easy. I chose cards to increase base damage in a consistent way to get out of stage 1 hell. Byakuren card is op. Lucky to have get it at stage 1
3/30/2024 22:15:15Pigeon
PoFVLunaticCirnoSurvivalNonenormalIf the link from your correspondant is not working, please send a message on the answering machine entitled 6LNO
3/31/2024 4:14:00Anna says hi
PCBLunaticMarisaBSurvivalNo Bomb, No autofire(stop skipping at lily)i need something to submit for this month, so why not the spring game for the start of spring
3/31/2024 16:19:16Grayvy Guy
Play the video it should only be 10-ish minutes anyway.
Happy April Fools! The video description has comments about the run if you need 'em.
3/31/2024 19:42:49Bgm_
TDLunaticMarisaSurvivalNoneDefaultFunny overrouted 1CC run
4/1/2024 0:05:21Teragat
INLunaticBorder TeamSurvival
No Bomb, No Miss, Full spell
UsualI don't remember what happens in this run but all I know is that the person reading this is like a really handsome and cool fella, like a solid 7/10 swole guy.
4/1/2024 1:52:30KirbyComment
ๆฑๆ–นๆฉŸๆขฐๅŠ› ~ Another World's Chaos
Star (Even Harder)
RaibysSurvivalNo Bomb.It's time for some Kirby Loreโ„ข๏ธ!
Some of you may remember that I submitted my first ever 1cc in Touhou here before, which was EoSD Normal, which I achieved on July 2013.
Well there was a game I played even before EoSD that was instrumental in getting me into the Touhou Series.
5/1/2024 3:42:07notbluebus
HSiFSLunaticCirno SummerSurvival
No Bomb, No Miss, No 3rd condition (no ufo, no trance...)
4/4/2024 9:39:46HMSA
EoSDLunaticMarisaBSurvivalNonedefaultFirst Lunatic 1cc
4/4/2024 18:05:15AdamN04
Blue Devil in the Belvedere
skip to 8:17 if you want to, stage 3 is my personal favorite
It's been 5 months since this was posted, I'm getting old fr. Sorry if this isn't quite 60fps.
4/4/2024 23:19:48spaztron64
LLSHardMarisa ASurvivalMouse movement
Ideally none, but if you really have to, skip the way you usually do.
This run was done with my newly crafted mouse movement mod for LLS. Let this be a lesson on why not to overextend, especially with a ball mouse.
4/5/2024 15:50:47BananaWalrus
dream logical world
OverdriveReimu/KasenSurvivalNonenonememe difficulty is meme
4/7/2024 0:15:11dannan14
LoLKLunaticReimuSpell practiceNonenone, it's spell pracprobably best if I don't say anything about the run here, but this route took ~6 months of on and off effort to find and it's pretty lucky it exists at all.
4/7/2024 5:43:08Honey Badger
DDCHardSakuya ASurvivalNonethe usualThis is from New Year's Day last year, after which I stopped playing for a while.
4/11/2024 17:36:24SRN
sagume sp3 (its a safespot)
sloppy trainwreck
4/3/2024 4:41:44SLR
HSiFSHardReimuAutumnScorevivalNoneNone(English patch in case that matters for playback) This is my first ever hsifs hard 1cc! Got addicted to the scoring... initial goal was 1b ๐Ÿ˜Ž
4/9/2024 4:11:44Varvraka
EoSDLunaticReimuBSurvivalNonestandardhey, varv here. I haven't played any touhou games for like 3 months and a friend made me want to play EoSD again
4/12/2024 6:31:51CraftTek & fGeorjje
EoSDLunaticMarisaBSurvival2 Players 1 Keyboard
show start of stage 3 for funny
we accidentally recreated the submission theme 2021. 2 Player 1 Keyboard run using Parsec, with me and CraftTek sharing one keyboard. Craft did vertical movement, focus and shoot, i did horizontal movement and bomb
4/8/2024 20:49:42Pieraz
EoSDLunaticReimuBSurvivalNo BombUsualBit of an old replay, but still my best EoSD run
4/7/2024 6:41:06Sawano
GFWLunaticC1SurvivalNo Bomb
None, but fast forward dialogues, i got distracted
I'm grinding all routes LNB, only C2 left. I decided to submit this one due to the amount of comedy and chaos this run has, so enjoy!
4/11/2024 13:39:18notlol
UDoALGLunaticSeiranSurvivalNo Bomb, No Miss
Aunn and Marisa(maybe even Nazrin?)
there's still a lot i need to research about this game but i think i got the general gist of it
4/12/2024 16:34:13Som3body
Default skips (whether regular Touhou or PCB-exclusive - up to the commentators to decide).
PCB ReimuA semi-blind H1CC!
Literally my first proper credit on Hard that I had ever done (apart from a random Stage 1 practice I did more than a year ago) after watching a HNBNBB replay by Crispy got the clear. Guess the game felt like giving me a birthday gift a day early. Sure, multiple strats/routes that I attempted I had also previously seen on TRS, but that doesn't mean I actually was able to execute them.
And it also seems that playing Touhou in the first part of the day might make you dodge better than usual.
4/30/2024 21:49:12toimine (saturday pls)
show stage 3, but skip whenever meiling shows up
chris said reimu a was too hard
watch this clip AFTER the run, or you'll get spoiled
4/12/2024 15:57:58Roby
EoSDLunaticReimuBSurvivalNo BombSkip to Meiling midnon.My second ever LNB run of EoSD. Improvement from 8MNB to 3MNB. I decided to submit the run to TRS since it might be a fun run to get commentary on.
4/12/2024 18:04:38TESM
EoSDLunaticReimuBSurvivalNo BombdefaultGeorge's wet dreams of EoSD
5/1/2024 2:49:44Shodan
The screen is upside down
DefaultNever let Seija have her way with your PC, because this is the result of her "mischief"