The WWE SuperCard Spreadsheet by Mike/ShiningDown (Updated: 9/21/18)
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Welcome to the WWE SuperCard Spreadsheet! it is managed by Mike/ShiningDown on reddit.

credit for all the information goes to the SuperCard community.

Each sheet is based on each of the tiers

Season 1 stats are all maxed out

Season 2 *and* 3 *and* 4 stats are base stats

Errors? Questions? Submissions? Post at the subreddit.
check out the SuperCard subreddit at reddit!
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Form Responses 1
S4 SummerSlam '18
S4 Goliath
S4 WrestleMania 34
S4 Titan
S4 Monster
S4 Beast
S3 SummerSlam '17
S3 WrestleMania 33
S3 Ultimate
S3 Elite
S3 Hardened
S2 SummerSlam
S2 WrestleMania
S2 Survivor
S2 Legendary
S2 Epic
S2 Ultra Rare
S2 Super Rare
S2 Rare
S2 Uncommon
S2 Common
S2/S3/S4 Support Cards
S1 Master Sheet
S1 Support Cards
S1 Pro WrestleMania (Superstars)
S1 Pro WrestleMania (Divas)
S1 WrestleMania (Superstars)
S1 WrestleMania (Divas)
S1 Pro Survivor (Superstars)
S1 Pro Survivor (Divas)
S1 Suvivor (Superstars)
S1 Survivor (Divas)
S1 Pro Legendary (Superstars)
S1 Pro Legendary (Divas)
S1 Legendary (Superstars)
S1 Legendary (Divas)
S1 Pro Epic (Superstars)
S1 Pro Epic (Divas)
S1 Epic (Superstars)
S1 Epic (Divas)
S1 Pro Ultra Rare (Superstars)
S1 Pro Ultra Rare (Divas)
S1 Ultra Rare (Superstars)
S1 Ultra Rare (Divas)
S1 Pro Super Rare (Superstars)
S1 Pro Super Rare (Divas)
S1 Super Rare (Superstars)
S1 Super Rare (Divas)
S1 Pro Rare (Superstars)
S1 Pro Rare (Divas)
S1 Rare (Superstars)
S1 Rare (Divas)
S1 Pro Uncommon (Superstars)
S1 Pro Uncommon (Divas)
S1 Uncommon (Superstars)
S1 Uncommon (Divas)
S1 Pro Common (Superstars)
S1 Pro Common (Divas)
S1 Common (Superstars)
S1 Common (Divas)
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