1 to 1 conference 04 11 2012
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9:00 - 10:0010:15 - 11:1511:30 - 12:3012:30 - 1:301:30 - 2:302:45 - 3:45
Main-Level Rooms303Unconference (Open Conversation)Unconference (Open Conversation)Unconference (Open Conversation)LUNCH BREAKRole-Alike ELEMENTARY TEACHERS Unconference (Open Conversation)
304Evan Abbey & Peggy Steinbronn (Moodle 2.0 - A Look at its Features) Evan Abbey & Peggy Steinbronn (Top 10 Tips to Teaching Online)Tony Amsler (Using Google Forms in the Classroom)Role-Alike TECHNOLOGY COORDINATORSTony Amsler (Using Google Sites to Create a Teacher ePortfolio)
305Maryann Angeroth, & David VanHorn (Collaborating, Convenience; The Why of Social Bookmarking)Tim Bartels (School Counselors and Technology-Ready or Not, Here it Comes)Megan Balong & Josh Wilkinson (Visualizing Mathematical Concepts with Technology)Role-Alike OPEN / OVERFLOW Bryan Bauer (Iowa Public Television & PBS: Online Resources for Iowa's 21st Century Learners)
306Davis Eidahl (Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks)Brenda Smrdel & Anne Mendoza (The Student-Teacher Network: Communicating and Organizing with 21st Century Online Tools)Kurtis Broeg (Online Community: Google Doc Assessment)Role-Alike MIDDLE SCHOOL MATHMichelle Cowell (The 1:1 iPad Classroom)
307Debby Caven (Using Moodle in the ELA Classroom)Kim Curry (Infusing Google into a 1:1 Classroom)Amy Wichman (Laptop Roll-out for 1,100: What We Learned and Wished We Would Have Known!)Role-Alike MIDDLE SCHOOL SCIENCEDevin Shoening (Chromebooks in the Classroom)
308Connie Jaeger & Susan Bradtke (Flipped, Hybrid, Blended Learning and You, What are the Implications in the One-to-One Classroom?)Susan Bradtke & Connie Jaeger (Using Moodle to Support Flipped, Hybrid, or Blended Learning in the 1:1 Classroom)Dr. Michael Gielniak (The Technology Factor: Nine Keys to Student Achievement and Cost-Effectiveness)Role-Alike MIDDLE SCHOOL LANGUAGE ARTSZach Dillavou & Forest City MS Teachers (Engaging Middle School Students in Relevant Learning Activities and Projects)
309Eric Trudo & Shannon Miller (Competency Based Grading: One Business Teacher's Perspective)Joshua Mitchell, Nelson Rokke, Robin Galloway & Ping Gao (Using QR Codes in the Elementary Classroom)Nancy Movall (Another Arrow for Your Quiver-Hitting the Target with Free Open Education Resources)Role-Alike MIDDLE SCHOOL SOCIAL STUDIESMitch Dowhower (Google Apps for Education Technical Deployment)
310Steve Kwikkel & Bridgette Wagoner (Rolling Out 1:1 with iPads)Shaelynn Farnsworth & students (One-to-one Education: A Student's Perspective)Courtney Clausen & Students (21st Century Grassroots Movements: Social Networking for a Cause)Role-Alike HIGH SCHOOL LANGUAGE ARTS Ian Dye & Julie Hill (The Principal and Tech Director's Responsibilities in a One-to-One School)
311 Brian Downing & Ryan Cunningham (iAdministrator: How Technology is Redefining Administrators Roles)Clay Edwards (Utilizing 1:1 in a Mathematics Classroom for Self-Paced Instruction)Mitch Dowhower (Getting to Know the Google Apps Dashboard)Role-Alike HIGH SCHOOL SOCIAL STUDIESChristine Berlin (All the Students Have Laptops, Now What?)
312Daniel Frazier (Leading by Example: Modeling the Use of Technology)Brittni Elmquist (1:1 Tools for the Vocational Classroom)Cindy Nichols, Dominic Giegerich and students (Setting up a Student Technology Team - "The Coug Crew - Year One"Role-Alike FOREIGN LANGUAGE TEACHERSMarie Henderson & Buffy Campbell (Technology Integration in Special Education)
313Cory Houghton & Kristin Sheffield (Zen and the Art of Technology in the Classroom)Karen Couch Breitbach (How 1:1 MacBooks Have Transformed My Physics Classroom)Tamara Knudtson & Jeanne Clark (Flipped Out in Osky)Role-Alike ELECTIVESJarod Bormann, Dan Yanda, and Nancy Healy (A Successful 9-12 iPad 1:1 Initiative from an Administrator, Tech. Coordinator, Teacher, and Student)
314Juston Lamb & Ben Booth (Technology in Ag Ed and CTE for Beginners (Dummies?))Denise Krefting (Changing Teaching in a 1:1 Environment with TPCK and Blooms)Leigh Zeitz (1:1 is Not Enough: Engaging Today's Students in Technology-Rich Learning Environments)Role-Alike UNIVERSITIES / PRESERVICE EDUCATORSMatt Mena-Landry (eBooks in Education)
315John Nash (How to Include Students as Co-Designers in Your 1:1 PlanningNate Sletten (Band, Technology, and Creativity...Oh My!!!)Jason Markey, Mikkel Storaasli, & Steven Butschi (1:1 in the Cloud - How Choosing a Cloud-based Solution Impacts Student Learning)Role-Alike SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERSDominic Giegerich, Gary Runderman & Marsha Curry (Blended Learning - The Wild and Untamed Frontier of Education)
316Molly Reuter, Marlene Ballou, Kim Subbert, Pete Dammel, & Jamaica Reed (Projects in the 1:1 Environment for the Social Studies and Science Classrooms)Jeff Recker, Robin Kudej & Holly Lang (1:1 Computing at West Hancok High School. The Power of Share Point in Our Transition as a PC 1:1 School)Carma Poppens & Sue Runge (Flipping the Classroom: Math and Chemistry)Role-Alike SUPERINTENDENTSEric Olson & Keith Townsley (Video Instruction in the Not Quite Flipped Classroom -or- If Kahn Can, Why Can't We?)
317David Runneals (Geospatial Bug + 1:1 = Unlimited Possibilities!)Mary Gannon, Justin Bathon, & Scott McLeod (Legal Q & A with Mary Gannon (IASB), Justin Bathon (University of Kentucky), and Scott McLeod (University of Kentucky))Erin Olson (World Aware: Reading, Writing, Creating for a Purpose)Role-Alike MEDIA SPECIALISTSBob Berggren, Cari Teske, Holly Baiotto, David Wehr, Josh Weuve, Tyler Richard (VREP-What is it? How can I get started? What are the benefits!)
318Ronda Sternhagen (1:1 in the Art Room, Really?)Jen Sigrist (iPads in the Elementary)Tammy Stephens (The Evolution of Transformative Communication Patterns in 1:1 Computing Classrooms)Role-Alike HIGH SCHOOL SCIENCETrent Grundmeyer (How 1:1 Laptop Initiatives Promote College Readiness)
319Donna Washburn (Music Tools in the 1:1 Setting)Andrew Trout (1:1 in the World Language Classroom)Laura Walter (Evolving Assessment in a Technology-rich Biology Classroom)Role-Alike HIGH SCHOOL MATHLyn Countryman, Holly Hana, & Courtney Clausen (Using Technology Tools to Transform Education)
Board Rooms1 (upstairs)Kasey Huebner & Tera Friederich (Improving Communication Using Social Media in an Elementary Setting)Angela Maiers (Web 2.0 SmackDown)Shane Wheeler & Mike Rogers (Teaching with iPads - The Use of iPads in the Classroom While Teaching App Development)Role-Alike HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPALSJonnie Becker, Nancy Movall, Monte DeArmoun, Leslie Prelle Keehn & Shaelynn Farnworth (Many Hands Make Light Work - Collaborating Statewide on Iowa Core and Blended Learning)
2 (upstairs) Jen Sigrist (Teaching and Learning at High Levels - Walkthroughs, PD, and More)Gordon Dahlby, Shannon Miller, Nancy Movall & Bridgette Wagoner (PD for Learning: Planning, PLC's, PLN's with Purpose)Dave Smith & Kari Webb (1:1 Technology as an essential Reagent in Iowa's Competency Based Education Equation)Role-Alike ELEMENTARY / MIDDLE SCHOOL PRINCIPALSBill Huntington & Steph Mikkelsen (Student ePortfolio)
3 (upstairs)Kathy Kaldenberg & Matt Townsely (Lead or be Left Behind: The Changing Role of the Teacher Librarian)Deron Durflinger (How Technology is Helping Van Meter Implement a Competency-Based Learning System)Michelle Arneson & Jerry Valentine (IPI-T (Instructional Practices Inventory-Technology)Role-Alike IOWA DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION / AEAs / SAI / ISEA / OTHER STATE OR REGIONAL ENTITIESRuss Goerend & Matt Townsley (Rethink Assessment: Revisited)
4 (upstairs)Josh Ehn, Shaelynn Farnswoth, & Tim Hadley (Project Based Learning: Cross-Curricular, Cross-District Learning)Amy Hutchison (Exploring the Use of the iPad for Literacy Learning)Shannon Miller & Students (Getting Connected: Global Collaboration, Communication and Digital Citizenship Through Social Media)Role-Alike LARGE SCHOOLSKathy Bottaro & Students (The Mystery and Magic Behind an Effective Student Help Desk Program)