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A&M MOCAP ManiacsSexyS Quintessa and Leader is CharlotteMarie Tigerpawsecondlife:///app/group/e30ade57-54f9-6a58-604f-c03af7b43c92/aboutWe perform monthly at our Theater on the A&M MOCAP Dance workshop sim. We only use A&M dances. Our troupe is to promote the dances throughout the grid.No
Amazon DancersBomxxx Avedon (mentor) , Neivacardoso Adored (Director) nature shows on Brazil, our customs for public knowledge.  Important note: to cede our space, the groups that perform, scenes of nudity not permitted.Yes
Atlantis Grand TheaterNH Allen & Rina Allen (Subrina Wildrose)secondlife:///app/group/f7845413-d2d9-e485-4ea4-f4546b3b0450/aboutAtlantis Grand Theater is based on the idea, that we all are in Second Life to have fun and enjoy what we are doing.  We hope to entertain those who love theater plays, shows and concerts.... and we hope that our staff will have just as much fun creating and performing.No
Ballet PixelleInarra Saarinensecondlife:///app/group/d3d6a784-4dec-0678-b95e-80c64744d975/
YouTube as Ballet Pixelle and Second Life Ballet
Ballet Pixelle is a professional ballet company that performs in RL and SL.  We are investigating physical and virtual dance and blended realities. We perform without any HUDs or poseballs or synchronizing devices. All the ballets have original animations, choreography, and music. Our performances are Wednesdays and Sundays at 5:00 pm SLT. We are currently doing a World Audition Tour for RL dancers. We were founded in 2006 and are celebrating our 20th original ballet and starting our ninth year!Yes
Club ArtyKai Wirsing and LiZu Melodysecondlife:///app/group/4304ebb9-e9ee-3bf6-147a-bd03c9d491d8/about
Club Metro DivasYanni Zifer (Madruga)secondlife:///app/group/4e4f3218-e80a-f835-5271-dfea52cb8830/about METRO IS THE HOME OF THE METRO DIVAS...ONE OF THE MOST TALENTED GROUP OF CHOREOGRAPHERS
Daily Dose DancersBonnie RaeNoNoNoYes
Dance XceteraWild1210 Catnapsecondlife:///app/group/4943fa86-6fe2-eb71-9120-c4c1bbf6bade/about"We are a group owned company founded by Wild1210 Catnap with one combine our talents and experience with set design, music, choreography and won't just watch our performances, you'll feel them." est. 5/14Yes
DazzlersPyper Dollingersecondlife:///app/group/3690b079-6df5-9efc-5803-14c570a97b01/aboutFacebookIt is our 5th year birthday this year in June so look for a huge bash and all of Dance Queens to be invited :) No
DebaucheLaura Demonista or Lanisonia Residentb88ced0a-0e5d-2f38-34c2-a43bed928d6cA little bit naughty, a little bit nice, a little bit sexy and more than a little classy.  Pure theater with an enticing touch of added naughtiness.No
Dramatiques Performance TroupeVictoria Sugarplum, Malek Sahara
Elysium CabaretBabypeaVonPhoenix Bikergrrlsecondlife:///app/group/a0f77c54-6d4d-3dda-2b64-b0db4b9397db/about every Friday at 6pm SLT. We strive to present fabulous dance shows that involve an eclectic mix of music, dancers and styles, elaborate staging and costumes. We don't like limits! Elysium Cabaret, where the imagination is invited to come out and play!No
EntertainmentClub IMAGESetsuna Hiranosecondlife:///app/group/a7b1581e-266f-2f07-c86c-7d6fe3224854/about
EuphoriaDiawa BellicNo culmination of creativity! Euphoria always presents a show you will never forget. Starring Dance Queens "Dancer of the Year 2012" Diawa Bellic and featuring a star-studded lineup of some of SL's most successful dancers, eye-popping sets and costumes, and complex dance sequences utilizing the latest technology, Euphoria reaches beyond the pinnacle of Second Life dance. Euphoria... blurring the line between fantasy and reality! Let us show you the future of dance!NoYesNo
Foxy Ladies of the Velvet VixenGeorgie Amaterasu & LilAngelssecondlife:///app/group/9fbdac4a-2943-d863-584b-2dbf6813ecb7/aboutNoNoNo
Funky Feats Dance GroupKellie McMinnar and Cedar Silvercloud in 2007. We are a group that loves to sync dance, make friends, move in formation. We have a lot of fun and welcome to members all the time. Our main objective: to have fun! For more info.. IM one of the Dance Leaders.No
Fusion Dance CrewDance Director: Feli Ibanez; Group Co-Owners: Feli Ibanez & Ric LyleNoOur philosophy  can be summed up as "HUMAN FUSION" - "Explosive energy generated when passionate and committed individuals combine their collective power for the success of the whole." Our shows provide the full package of sound and visual performance through dazzling sets, costumes, special effects, music and of course dancing. I liken what we do as "musical dance theater". Yes
Guerilla Burlesquechryblnd scribesecondlife:///app/group/63fe9398-ef08-76f6-398e-f78272b5fece/about
Hula DancersKaleki Topaz & Kele MondaySearch for "Hula Dancers" group and click "join-button".The Hula Dancers group is a free group to bring people together who love the beauty and spirit of hula and the sound of Hawaiian music. Hula Dancers are always welcome to dance at any time and sometimes we invite to dance synchronized Hula in a group.No
ImaginalsMedora Chevalier
Indepdendent BalletDubhna Rhiadra and Deyna Huetsecondlife:///app/group/dbe71beb-367f-1afd-04f1-24a553407f61/about Pieces performed:
Petah and the wolf
Itz Girlz n Fellaz Dance GroupWindsong Charmingsecondlife:///app/group/bf264df2-648c-d11e-8c86-d282e770f70f/about especially like to do benefits for charitable causes.No
Journey Virtuoso/Journey Academy of Performing Arts - JAPAKlark Harvysecondlife:///app/group/dd98422f-4b78-94e5-2f8c-b10f6fe01ec4/about* JOURNEY VIRTUOSO *  is not a regular dance troupe. It is a team of people with passion for Dance, who come together to perform two shows a year, one in the summer months and one at Christmas.
We invite  people from all dance troupes to join us in our performances, when a casting call goes out throughout the Dance Community.* THE JOURNEY ACADEMY OF PERFORMING ARTS * offers Courses, Classes, Workshops and Groups in all aspects of Performing Arts and Personal Development,  throughout the year.
A full Season schedule can be obtained from the Information Centre at the Academy within the JAPA Complex. All skill Levels are welcome.
There is a Graduation and Awards Ceremony at the end of each year to congratulate students who have been successful in their Performance Journey.
Kiki's House of BurlesqueKiiKiidoll Residentsecondlife:///app/group/4045a940-e722-8dfc-7365-1dbb12f61953/about Treat yourself and your partner to a day out at our lavish playhouse. Order a drink from our fully stocked bar and enjoy some of the most elegant, beautiful, dancers in SL as they sway to a variety of tunes. Professionally choreographed dances and sets with a wide range of costumes hand picked for each set. Themed Shows and Dancers Open Theme Nights !!!Yes
Kittens N TigersDiddy Hyun
La Coquette CabaretDaniSari Resident and TexasRob ResidentWe are a group of women that have collectively danced and been friends for a few years now. We enjoy the art of the tease and the creative juices we get to expend through our sets and shows. All our performers at LCC are choreographers, we dance and support eachother in all our endeavours. We strive to provide a warm and friendly atmosphere to our guests as they join us on this adventure!
Femme Burlesque
secondlife:///app/group/fac23dfb-3829-d12a-2e3b-32566310cb75/aboutWe're just a fun group looking to expand our dancing horizons! The SL dance community seems awesome and we'd love to be a part of it :D


La Performance - Virtual DanceJie Loon3ff1f816-a137-4f59-781c-4375e74a2950
La  ☂roupe de FantasyaElize Meili
secondlife:///app/group/00d15587-2719-0ac9-9021-b2eff0c4e9bb/aboutI'm on SL since 2007 and started choreographing in 2010, it became a passion, I worked in Paris in 1900 as Manager, choreographer of the troupe of the Jardin de Paris of 2010-2015, and then I decided to create my troup to freely evolve. The troupe Fantasya consists of Elize Meili manager chorégaphe and dancer, Aderternam for communication, and dancer, she is also my assistant, Nanouche Azalea dancer and dancer :) Maxi our mascot.No
Lady Garden Cabaret & The MinxettesChandra Meehansecondlife:///app/group/a875498e-1492-0b12-d55a-2cbe56dc7bea/about have shows usually on the last friday of every month at 3pm SL time.Yes
MaHalPsyche LunaseaNo public group are from Japan, so our show is given on Sunday mornings. For the first two years we danced in couples. And for a year we belly-danced. Now we have Burlesque shows. We love dancing!No
Mer BalletTheta Cooperstone (Theta Marseille)
Minsky's BurlesqueBetinaValentin BilerMinskys Burlesque is old Traditional Burlesque, performing every Friday at 8pm SLT @ Casanova's LoungeYes
Misfit Dance & Performance ArtJenzZa Misfit16faa956-2303-7408-7c9e-34a88febdef4 Dance & Performance Art presents a Showcase of Theater Dance Art every other Wed at 7pm SL which includes 30 minutes of fun group dancing with our audience after the show!  Come join the fun!No
MJ's Burlesque ReviewImajica Wondersecondlife:///app/group/5ffd62f9-f173-ea07-e0ab-0f1af4d6b370/aboutNoNoYes
Moulin Rouge RevueXanthia Martian (Xanthia Lisle)secondlife:///app/group/0ba149be-16b6-cf91-4057-9ef77c30748f/about have awesome performers in the way of musicians, singers, comedians, dancers and more performing on stage, as well as regular events between the four venues on sim.Yes
New Brighton BellesBernard Herzog
Noir NeverLandKyra Msarko"I started dance in Gor and moved up into Cabaret!  LOVED it, and after being here for four years, and everyone saying I should, I thought, "Ya know, why not!"  SO, on Sept 12th 2015, Noir NeverLand Cabaret was born!  And here we come to set SL on its ear!"Yes
Oasis DancersLuella (Lilith.Lindley)secondlife:///app/group/cdccb4b2-8dd0-6f9c-069d-04aa6525b293/about
Opulence BurlesqueEostrisecondlife:///app/group/193813da-203a-ef37-ec10-cf863d4859ea/aboutYes
Paramount PlayersPathmaker Resident and Lotta Differencesecondlife:///app/group/aff49a43-7c03-4636-98eb-fd76b49ef4df/about
Pink Lady DancersZhaza Zerbinosecondlife:///app/group/1fe531ca-d030-1f9a-9bf5-9a73a20fca4e/about have the monthly Variety Shows where anyone can show their entertainment, look for more info and dates on our home page!Yes
Pitter Patter Dance CoDubhna Rhiadrasecondlife:///app/group/f7206ed6-b3bf-e408-4ab0-be0b3b9df95c/about Performed:
Puss in Boots
Phoenix Dance TeamSouthernComfort Magicsecondlife:///app/group/2a9518ea-633d-6fc6-6e92-055dbd17cfed/aboutWe're a tightly knit team of dancers and creators born from the ashes of the fiery passion we all share for dancing. We are dedicated to friendship and respect within every aspect of our lives. If you are interested in being a part of this amazing team or interested in being a guest dancer during our shows, please contact one of our talented members. Yes
Scarlet Stiletto Dance CompanyPhizz Puchkina
Sea SilhouettePrissy Solvang (prissy206 hammand) dancers is always different at each show, sometimes some are same but others are different. However it is indeed a dance show that earns them a beautiful experience to share each volunteers there is. YesYes
Shadows Silhouette DancersShadow Tarberf1cce133-46e6-4882-67a7-26c7cea86ad4 Silhouettes just celebrated our two year anniversary and we just keep getting better!No
Shinmachi Performance GroupJinchi Haikusecondlife:///app/group/425f07d6-67cb-992c-324a-ead60e0fe071/aboutFounded in November of 2008, the Shinmachi Performance Group is Second Life's longest running, English speaking group dedicated to preserving the culture, beauty, and dignity of courtesans and kabuki actors of the Edo period.Yes
Show & Lounge CossetteKazusa Yoshikawasecondlife:///app/group/9d1f6c1f-720e-9ab8-4eb0-2dfb34130e63/aboutAs in its name, "Show & Lounge cossette'" is the place all about show, lounge and dance. From previous venue to current cossette', We've
been seeking deeper and expressive show dance performances from 2008 to today.  We are now carrying numbers of stage programs from the past and
keep making new and better.
Spirit Light Dance CompanyCaryl Meredithsecondlife:///app/group/ad04128f-e20d-217a-35d2-30d24c59a62f/aboutAnyone can Google " Spirit Light Dance Company" for a wide range of dancing spectacles performed by the company.SLDC are a Classical Dance Group. A community of people from all over the world, who have one passion that connects them.. the Art of Dance. We believe in each person's potential, in any aspect of performance they wish to pursue, and endeavour to encourage and promote their development and growth on the Second Life Stage.
Membership is encouraged for events, SLDC Team applications are also very much appreciated.
Stage One ProductionsWickman Gibbs and Montana Ballardsecondlife:///app/group/dbe71beb-367f-1afd-04f1-24a553407f61/about  Our productions range in all categories from country, jazz to rap and rock.  We suggest to our clients to join the subscribe-o-matic so they do not ue up their group spots.Yes
Starlite Theater DancersElectra Spearsong and Isabelle Mavendorfsecondlife:///app/group/bc103030-3a38-9aad-116c-286656c0c3e8/about group effort troupe performing a variety of themes from old school burlesque to modern dance routines.Yes Magazine
The ChicksVikkiLynn CaproniNo Chicks will perform with their own music, or behind a live performer. If it's to be behind a live performer, at least 1 month is needed for creating and rehearsing the choreographed songs. The Chicks dance for fun. There is no fee. We will dance for tips. We may have anywhere from 3-10 dancers at a performance. Contact VikkiLynn Caproni for bookings.NoNoYesNo
The D TeamDerrick Stewart
The Naughty Box Burlesque TheatreVivienne DuFaux
The Night TheaterAelva ResidentJust touch the board at the Theater ;)Yes
The Official Chippendales of SLClint Quandrysecondlife:///app/group/008fa933-a67d-e61f-b0bc-90cca42fee22/aboutEst. 2009 -- The Men of the Rio Chippendales Show.  The Hottest Male Dance Revue on the grid!  This dance troupe, puts on the most authentic show, pushing the grid to the extreme, at The Rio ~ Las Vegas!
Unity ProductionsPet Karusecondlife:///app/group/34e40dd0-ff11-24b6-28ef-3f3929f1db6c/about contact to get full list of videos and podcasts available.Yes
VL MegaProductionsVikkiLynn Capronisecondlife:///app/group/9677aaf1-63b6-1373-bd1a-af4bda4bebf5/about troupe is designed for mega productions, which take several months to produce and then plan to perform for several months, as we did for our first season. We also did a Christmas show, which performed 3 shows during December.
We are currently discussing a new type of performing at our theatre, while we are in between our Mega-Dance productions.
Winds of the Sahara CabaretRebecca Dembosecondlife:///app/group/7612cac2-836e-6ef5-838c-af6ba1d76bff/aboutNoWe are a co-operative of performers where are all encouraged to express their creativity. We currently hold one show each week on Sundays at 5:00 PM SLT. Always looking for new dancers.Yes