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Bill #TitleComp. BillFiscal Cost: DOR/Other Agencies (1st year + initial costs)Fiscal Cost: State Revenue Loss (FY13)Fiscal Cost: Local Revenue Loss (FY13)SponsorHearingsComp. Bill Sponsor & HearingsNotes
HB 1042Providing a property tax exemption for property held under lease, sublease, or lease-purchase by a nonprofit organization that provides job training, placement, or preemployment services SB 5017$0$0$125,000Seaquist2/1 - PH @ 3:30PM.Regala
1/27 - PH @ 3:30PM.
HB 1077Phasing-out the business and occupation tax rate for on-site property managers.Kelley1/10 - First Read.
HB 1154Extending the business and occupation tax credit for research and development Orcutt1/13 - First Read.
HB 1165Providing support for small business.$3,304,141$56,568,000$0Liias2/14 - ES @ 1:30PM.Agency Cost Breakdown: $2,972,341 - DOC, $330,800 - DOR, and $1,000 - DOL
HB 1224Relating to a business and occupation tax deduction for amounts received with respect to mental health services SB 5382$5,600$800,000$0Green2/1 - First Read.
HB 1269Exempting minor league baseball stadiums from the leasehold excise tax.Kirby1/18 - First Read.
HB 1275Including insects used as organic pest control in the sales and use tax exemption for fertilizer and chemical spray$9,200$2,073,000$530,000Wilcox1/18 - First Read.
HB 1376Relating to a sales and use tax exemption for bait used by a fishing charter business SB 5290$0$50,000$19,000Takko1/20 - First Read.Hatfield
1/20 - First Read.
HB 1385Relating to a limited property tax exemption from the emergency medical services levy SB 5628$2,700$0$23,000Asay1/20 - First Read.Fain
2/8 - PH @ 3:30PM.
HB 1416Concerning a business and occupation tax deduction for payments made to certain property management companies for personnel performing on-site functions SB 5289$0$324,000$0Pettigrew2/3 - EA @ 10AM, CDH majority do pass.
2/8 - ref'd to Ways & Means.
2/8 - PH @ 3:30PM.
HB 1423Encouraging economic development by exempting certain counties from the forest land compensating tax.SB 5169$0Appleton2/14 - PH @ 1:30PM.Rockefeller
2/11 - EDTI majority do pass.
2/14 - On motion, ref'd to Ways & Means.
HB 1452Concerning the taxation of amusement and recreation services involving amateur sports.SB 5422$13,600$1,414,000$348,000Haigh2/1 - 3:30PM.Regala
2/8 - PH @ 3:30PM.
HB 1457Encouraging businesses to locate in vacant buildings through a business and occupation tax credit for property taxes paid Hope1/21 - First Read.
HB 1458Encouraging businesses to hire unemployed workers through a business and occupation tax credit Hope1/21 - First Read.
HB 1490Concerning a business and occupation tax deduction for certified community development financial institutions.SB 5363$2,700$5,000$0Kenney2/9 - EA @ 8AM.Hobbs
2/7 - FIHI majority; 1st substitute bill do pass.
2/8 - referred to Ways & Means
HB 1498Concerning the taxation of employee meals provided without specific chargeSB 5501$20,600$720,000$249,000Pettigrew2/1 - PH @ 3:30PM.Murray
2/10 - PH @ 3:30PM.
HB 1500Concerning the excise taxation of zoos.SB 5391$0$249,000$74,000Carlyle1/24 - First Read.Kohl-Welles
2/10 - PH @ 3:30PM.
First year of impact is FY2014.
HB 1672Doubling the small business tax credit to encourage small business job creation Hargrove1/28 - First Read.
HB 1682Providing a business and occupation tax credit for newly hired aerospace apprenticesProbst1/28 - First Read.
HB 1724Concerning the taxation of prepaid wireless telecommunicatiosn service.SB 5348$859,400$1,446,000$4,598,000Jacks2/1 - First Read.Nelson
2/1 - PH @ 10AM.
HB 1750Providing a state sales and use tax exemption on labor and materials used to reconstruct or repair structures damaged by arson.Liias2/1 - First Read.
HB 1758Concerning sales and use tax exemptions for certain plug-in hybrid electric vehicles$2,900Eddy2/1 - First Read.This bill is estimated to have an indeterminate loss of sales tax revenue for local governments. According to DOR, the revenue loss for this legislation is indeterminate due to the small # of sales and limited availability of plug-in hybrid vehicles.
SB 5372Concerning the taxation and permitting of vessels in Washington.HB 1944Prentice1/21 - First Read.Haler
2/11 - First Read.
SB 5402Concerning tax deferrals for economic development investment projects in innovation partnership zones.$5,600$1,623,000$603,000Chase2/3 - PH @ 1:30PM.
SB 5535Providing tax incentives for donations of modern laboratory equipment to higher education institutions and vocational skills centers.HB 1844Honeyford1/28 - First Read.Warnick
2/4 - First Read.
SB 5541Concerning regional mobility grants and tax incentives for improving transportation connectivity and efficiency.HB 1882Murray2/14 - PH @ 3:30PM.Liias
2/8 - First Read.
SB 5641Concerning tax incentives for certain segments of the aerospace industry.HB 1919Shin2/1 - First Read.Liias
2/10 - First Read.
HB 1843Allowing leased land used for the placement of a mobile home to qualify for the senior, disabled, and veteran property tax exemption.Orcutt2/4 - First Read.
HB 1883Concerning the taxation of domestically brewed beer.SB 5794Condotta2/8 - First Read.Kilmer
2/14 - First Read.
SB 5732Exempting certain manufacturing research and development activities from business and occupation taxation.HB 1943$5,000$39,000$0Chase2/16 - ES @ 8AM.Smith
2/16 - PH @ 8AM.
SB 5734Concerning tax credits for economic development for eligible business projects in rural counties.$71,450$5,750,000$0Kastama2/16 - PH @ 8AM.
SB 5735Encouraging economic development by removing the expiration date from the research and development spending business and occupation tax credit.$2,700$15,100,000$0Chase2/16 - ES @ 8AM.First year of fiscal impact/costs would be FY2015. $2,700 cost to DOR for the amendment of a rule would occur in FY2013.
SB 5765Providing a use tax exemption for items purchased from a nonprofit organization
conducting fund-raising activities.
Benton2/10 - First Read.
HB 1942Allowing a deduction for social security disability payments and medicare supplement insurance premiums in the calculation of disposable income under lowincome, disabled, and retired person property tax relief programs.Billig2/11 - First Read.
Total # of New Tax Loophole Proposals34
Estimated Fiscal Impact (Agency + State/Taxpayer Costs)$97,035,591
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