Forest Moondin encounters
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A werewolf in the form of a beautiful woman. Wolf form is infested with a mold that does not affect her human form. Seeks to end the mold.
HD 4, MV 150', AC 15, ATK 1, DMG 2d4, ML 10
Flower Ewamai
Surprises in wolf form, attacks anybody mold infested
Mold man, newly killed, insides rent open by claws to reveal the furry muck within.
Wolf tracks, if followed they become human footprints
Large wolf glimpsed stalking through trees
A heart-shaped locket containing a woman in a red dress on one side and a rugged lumberjack on the other
1d6+2 Elves. Gluntie Queynes covering their long faces with masks of oak and elm. +5 to hit with bronze-tipped arrows and favour Magic Missile if necessary. Kill anyone mold infested but leave the rest.
Magic Missile elves with bows and bronze arrows
Jester-masked forest elves. Genotypically Gluntie Queynes.
A man limps towards you, arrow stuck through thigh, an arrow scythes into his heart before he can speak.
Light, tinkling laughter
Trees sway above as though something is moving through them, could be followed.
Man nailed to tree by short-hafted arrow.
Arrowhead, leaf-shaped with a leaf pattern
Infested dyrad uses its charm ability to infest you with mold. Like skin stretched over branches rather than beautiful.
HD 2, MV 120', AC 12, ATK 2, DMG 2d4/2d4, ML 9
Dryad - InfestedRotting tree
Piteous, unnatural moaning
Stumbling steps lead to rotting tree
Deadwood looks a bit like a fallen woman.
Tree branch drops close to path
Lamenting dryad will give information if sought. May seek to protect the innocent by charming them into her tree.
HD 2, MV 120', AC 12, ATK 1, DMG 1d4, ML 6
Dryad - LamentingA healthy treeSweet sobbing
Bark-pattern footprints
Tree looks amusingly sexual
Patch of sunlight dapples path ahead
1d6 at first, but an extra 1d6 turn up every round for d4 rounds.
0 level humans with leather and sword/shield or crossbow
Mold BanditsCamping out
Conversation and laughter
Shoeprints of many people
Empty hunter's cottage, longbow and arrows within
White mold on damp foliage
3d6 0 level men, will try to infest you by hook or by crook.
0 level humans with leather and sword/shield or crossbow
Infested Men
Camping, planning their next move
Dead man, mouth full of mold
Shoeprints of several people
Bottom half of a tabard, chopped short by a weapon.
A dropped cracker, cracking it lets you see a moldy furry substance within
Blob thrown out from the breach in the wall. Floating strands eat through armour and cause immense pain.
HD 4, MV 60', AC 14, ATK 1 (60'), DMG 1d6 + special, ML 12
Glob of Shub-Niggurath
Engulfing a man (50%) or dog (50%).
Sticky, wide snailtrail, still wet
Strands of dried gunk hang between bushes and across route
Long patch of dead shrubs and wildlife in a long curving line.
Puddle with oily rainbows in it
2d6, armoured in chain and wielding close combat weaponry for maximum mold dispersal. If hit for max damage, vomit mold - Save vs Poison or become infested.
0 level humans in chain with daggers and shortswords
Armoured Moldmen of Moldus Vane, seek to convert people peacefully first then attack.
Marching towards you in loud conversation about how much they love Moldus Vane
Abandoned camp, abandoned whetstones have black spots of mold on them.
Marching steps in good boots.
Rotting log covered in fungus, is actually a deer
Smell of decay
A bear whose skin is filled mostly with carnivorous worms that work themselves into a frenzy.
AC 14, MV 90’, HD 5, frenzied worm(s) for 1d6 damage each or turn ground nearby to wormy sludge, ML 9.
Bear skin lying on floor in glade, its eyes stare at you hollowly.
Dead man, inspecting closely makes a worm come exploding out of his chest and immediately attack as a 0HD/d6 dmg creature
Shuffling footsteps of a bear walk past a 2 foot long worm, writhing and dying.
Half-rotten shebear corpse
Maggot-infested footprints
d4 deer with feet of blades with guzzling mouth tendrils which feasts upon brains.
HD 2, MV 120', AC 13, ATK 2 DMG 1d6/1d6 damage each + special, ML 8
Guzzler BeastThick bushes
Corpse, eyes and ears drilled into by forces unknown. Brain absent.
Deep, straight like someone dug out lines with knives.
Corpse, skull collapsed from within, body slashed with swords
Grasshopper leaps onto someone's clothes
2d20 Jagged-faced rabbits that crawl like men and secrete a numbing poison
HD 1/2, MV 80', AC 10, ATK 1, DMG 1d4+special, ML 6
Pouncing Beasts
A warren of the bastards
Dead badger, corpse chewed upon by many ratlike teeth
Swarm of rabbit tracks
Rabbit poo
Corpse of a rabbit, strange horns growing from mouth
2d10 Stabby squirrel-things which leap from trees and shank your face off.
HD 1/2, MV 100', AC 8, ATK 1, DMG 1d6 + special, ML 7
Scything Beast
Travelling through trees overhead
A dead one, rotting blackly
Deep pits and scratches up trees nearby.
Dead pigeon, stripped to the bone.
A squirrel, uninfested.
1d2 Bloated boars filled with biting clouds of bugs
HD 6, MV 40', AC 15, ATK 0, ML12
Bug-Filled Beast
A forest glade filled with flies
Corpse covered in bug bites, stomach eaten
Hoofprints of a wild boar
Pig shit
Swarm of flies around a dead bird
2d6 moles with lashing tongues dig the ground out from beneath you then flense your flesh
HD 1, MV 80' (burrow), AC 10 (when above ground), ATK 1, DMG 1d6, ML 6
Burrowing BeastMolehills
Dead man, torso emerging from soft earth and face screaming. If inspected, entire lower body has been devoured to the toothmarked bone.
Several intersecting lines of raised earth
Oddly spongy earth
Some sort of small animals' burrow
A carpet of moss throws blobs of living lichen which crawl down your throat
HD 4, MV 40', AC13, ATK 1 (240'), DMG 1d10, ML 12
A Horrible Beast (The moss mat one)
Screaming as a moldwoman is attacked by it.
Man, dead, stumbled a fair way from lair before expiring, arms and chest covered by splashes of moss
Mossy carpet leads off the track
Uncommonly moss-covered tree
Interesting lichen known for its healing properties as part of a poultice.
A giant bipedal amphibious horror which screams with the last words of the dying
HD 5, MV 120', AC 13, ATK 4, 1d6/1d6/2d6/2d4, ML 12
A Terrifying Beast (the amphibious one)
A murky millpond
A child screaming for help
Large, webbed footprints
A bullfrog croaks at you.
Deeper-than-it-seems puddle gets your socks wet.
Equal chance of each hag
See module
A Hag from the Blood-Tree Tunnels of the Swamp Witch
Appears as beautiful maiden
Man with frog tongue finds it hard to speak, wants curse removed
Hexed pig wears leather jerkin and hat
Cackling passes overhead
A newt is seen
A hermit with his pets
See module
Hermit from The Vile Worm, acts nice and gives quest
The ancient oak itself
Witness tells of hermit and people imprisoned, says he barely escaped
Wolf tracks beside a man's footprints.
Scratchmarks on overhanging branch of tree, as though a large cat had lain there
A rusty dagger, broken at the hilt.
The Goat of the Woods
See module
Devil from A Thousand Dead Babies
A small earthen cave under the roots of a long collapsed tree, filled with tiny bones of babies.
A baby, crying.Cloven hoofprints
A long-rotten baby's corpse
A wild goat
A smarmy salesman with weird and wondrous wares. If killed they fade away save for a gold piece with his face on.
Level 9 Magic Aura elf
Gifflewim the Languid Wastrel
Has set up shop in the middle of the path, offering myriad strange and unusual items for strange and unusual prices
Picture nailed to tree of the Wastrel's winning smile. Written "For your one-stop shop, call the name of Gifflewim into the wind during the new moon's dark."
Copper coins, each side with the grinning face of Gifflewim.
A one-wheeled handcart, a fat man dead, a large broken horn rimmed with gold.
A small bag of money, fallen and spilt, containing 1sp and 3cp.
1d2 knights with 2d6 assorted support staff
Knights are level 3 fighters in plate, retainers are all 0 level
Order of the Red Kites
Battling something else from this table (10% chance outmatched)
Waving banner of the Red Kites seen over rise
Mailed footprints
Necklace with an emblem of a bird of prey carved from some red stone. Worth d6*10sp.
A kite circles above the trees.
A demon of rage incites rage in others while laughing in their midst
HD 2 MV 120' AC 12 ATK 1 DMG 1d6 ML 10
Sitting amongst enraged people, laughing
Angry shouting
Several dead bodies who seem to have fought each other to the death with their bare hands
Corpse, throat torn out in a familiar manner
Scrap of scalp on bloodstained earth
Size-shifting and shape-changing elf is capricious and cruel
Level 12 Enlarge Elf
Galumfy Dotard
Stamping steps presage the approach of a grey-clad child of mannish visage.
A sheltered bower formed from great oaks
A woman warns that she was raped by horrors unknown as she wandered alone in the sylvan moonlight. Distraught, alone, afraid.
Footsteps change size between those of a child and those of a giant
Trees pushed apart as though an elephant had passed through
Scared shitless of the mold, they know it well. Heading out of the forest by quickest way possible. 50% one of them is already infested and will climb a tree and die and sporulate.
Level 0 goblins
Sitting around a patch of earth, watching a new goblin mandrake grow
Dead goblin, rotting like a vegetable
Many footprints of identical size and shape
Mandrakes growing nearby
Particularly plump mushrooms, delicious
Silent on mold-softened pads and voice choked with fungus. Dangerous.
HD 4, MV 90' (silent), AC 15, ATK 1, DMG 1d6, ML 12. Surprises on a 1-4.
Filled Man, lost and wandering
Wandering through the trees
Deer corpse, crushed to pieces and top half of head torn off
Broken brush and heavy steps.
A tree, rubbed against as though by a moldy bear
Broken fence
See module
Whole body bug zombie
Arm bug scuttles through brush
Corpse, no arm, self-amputated, bled out
Foot bug, dead
Decapitated head up a tree
1d4 traders heading to nearest town with goods from next nearest town. Willing to sell and would be grateful for company and/or attention. Good rumourmongers.
Level 0 humans
Traders (handcarts)
Hawking outside town or camping
A shout of dismay about spilled product
Handcart tracks and footprints
An apple, run overWheel spoke
A waifish plain woman seeks only to lead people astray and stroke their calm dead faces
Level 4 Message Elf
Spindrell the Flibbertigibbet
Caressing the face of a dead man and whispering, he is unmarked.
A man going mad from the voices in his head, they drive him towards (roll again)
2d4 people calling for their friend who walked off into the woods, murmering about whispers. 50% chance they are infested.
Whisper in someone's ear - "kill yourself before it spreads"
Whisper in someone's ear - "they are coming, run"
An elf interested in strange mutations and odd curses. Will buy them off you.
Level 6 Summoning Elf
Gollock the Capriped, can tell of the Thousand Dead babies plot.
Summoning something horrible in a circle of steaming multicoloured flowers
Pulsing lights and loud thrumming from deeper into the forest
Cloven hoofprints walk beside a thousand pinpricks.
Fluorescent flakes of something that rubbed past a tree
A too-tall man seen at a distance
d4 of them, random classes chosen from core 4.
Each level 1d4
The AdventurersSmall camp
Small campfire, still smoking
Bootprints, hiking stick marks
Snapped hiking stick
Dropped copper coin
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