Spring 2019 Flights and Schedules
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Reference #StatusAmountPaymentTeamSFYS ActionNEW DATENEW TIMENEW LOCATIONPENSRAGameGame # of game I would like to changeGame DateGame VenueFieldScheduled KO TimeReschedule commentsOpponentOpponent Contact NameMy opponent agrees to a schedule changeSubmitter NameTeam Role
11537122Confirmed$0.000.00 Extra Information5th - Grattan Wolves FC
How did the schedule turn out for you?
Regular SFYS Season Game11111103-30-2019UndeterminedUndeterminedUndeterminWe will likely need a bye on this date, since our school is on spring break.UndeterminedUndeterminedYes
Hannah Naughton
11546858Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment Successful2nd - Two Rivers Tornados
NO action - opponent couldn't move. Eric,
Please see the note from Mikaela.

I can move the game to 5pm on the same day, at Palega with approval from both teams.

N/ARegular SFYS Season Game80626403-09-2019Palega112:00
Conflict with my Two Rivers Hotshot team which play at 12:20 at West sunset. Either play at 9am or move to a later time.
SSP Soaring Eagles
Eric ConterasYesMikaela WinklerCoach
11546876Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment Successful2nd - Two Rivers Tornados
Please see the request from Mikaela.

We could move this game to 4pm, with approval from both teams.
5-44:00 PMMission PlaygroundN/ARegular SFYS Season Game80625105-04-2019
Mission Playground
Conflict with my 3rd grade hotshot team who play at 9:05 at south sunset. Move game later in the day.
McKinley Fiery Meteorites
Elisabeth Brown
YesMikaela WinklerCoach
11546996Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment Successful2nd - Alvarado Red CougarsTESTN/ARegular SFYS Season Game9876603-01-2019Beach1AB10:00 AMFutsal conflictDavid FCDavidYesLeeCoach
11547129Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment Successful3rd - IFC Werewolves
You can play against another opponent, but the process would be to replace Jamestown.
Benefit to playing several times - you're both seeded 7 and 8 so the competition, on paper, should be good!
Regular SFYS Season Game81297405-11-2019West SunsetU1022:30 PMwe play every team once and Jamestown Puma 3 times. Can you give us a different opponent for that last game? just to mix it up a bit more. I haven't asked Pumas yet, I had to click yes otherwise this form won't go thru. Thanks! Stefano
3rd - Jamestown Puma Jrs
Gerardo Hernandez
YesStefano AlbertiManager
11547441Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment Successful3rd - SF.FC CIS Imperial Dragons
Please see the note from Krysta.
We can move the game to 4.40pm at West Sunset, if that works for both of you.

Please confirm.
4-134.40pmWest SunsetN/ARegular SFYS Season Game80663704-13-2019South sunset110:10If its possible came we play after 2pm or 8am? Thx KrystaLive oak
Jacqueline A Bos
YesKrysta JenkinsManager
11547447Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment Successful2nd - SF.FC Eagles Black
Thanks for the submission - Jeremiah, please see the note from Krysta RE rescheduling this game.

I need some alternative dates to consider for you both.
Regular SFYS Season Game80577705-18-2019GrattenAb10:30Kids are away camping that week
Cacs red dragon
Jeremiah D Shaw
YesKrysta JenkinsManager
11547450Confirmed$0.000.00 Extra Information2nd - Rooftop Ravens
Krysta -
Game changed to 3pm on the same day.
5-183:00 PMPalega 1N/ARegular SFYS Season Game81294805-18-2019Palega19:00 AM8am is feasible they play also play at or after 3:00pm this is club v club
SF.FC Eagles white
Krysta JenkinsYesKrysta JenkinsManager
11547498Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment SuccessfulSF United B10 Juniors
Nate from RPD CC'd for Futsal conflict here.

3-9 is not an option to reschedule to, without a game swap. Are there other dates we can consider moving this game to, before considering an indoor game swap?

3-102.30pmWest SunsetYesRegular SFYS Season Game80687403-10-2019Mission Plygrd18:00 AMwe have a conflict with Futsal on Sunday 3/10. our opponent preferable new date for this game is Saturday 3/9
Robert HagaYesVirginia GarayManager
11547503Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment SuccessfulSF United B09 Tigres
Thanks for the submission.
Your request for after 3pm on 3-10 is not possible. There is one other game, and both of those teams are also in AM futsal.

Without looking at your schedules, here is what we have open:

4-7. 3.35pm @ West Sunset
4-14. 3.35pm @ West Sunset
5-19. 8am @ West Sunset
Regular SFYS Season Game80694203-10-2019Mission Plygrd110:10 AMwe have a conflict with Futsal. Our opponent preference is to play 3/10 at alter time, 3:00p.
SFVSC B09 White Lightning
Berdi MerdanovYesVirginia GarayManager
11548093Confirmed$0.000.00 Extra Information2nd - Grattan FC Thunder
Thank you for the submitted request to change.

Requesting confirmation from both:
Move game # 805696 from 3-30 at Grattan.

No Sunday slots for Rec 2nd grade.
Plenty of open spots later in the season, if you wanted to consider a double header Saturday.
5-4 is open, with space at Grattan @ 9.30am, or Mission Playground at 4pm.

There is other space if this does not work.
5-182:00 PMPalega 1N/ARegular SFYS Season Game80569603-30-2019GrattanAB12:30In initial request form, asked to have Spring Break weekend (3/30 & 3/31) off due to public school spring break. This is a 100% public school team. Can you please reschedule to either a Sunday one weekend or open weekend of May 5th. Thank you
2nd - Wolf Pack FC
John BekiarisYesBrett BennettCoach
11548112Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment SuccessfulGrattan 09B Grizzlies
Please see the request from Brett.

The request is for a reschedule so I need some dates that you can both play.
4-79.05amMission PlaygroundRegular SFYS Season Game80695003-31-2019Mission Plygrd18:00 AMOn initial request form, asked for Spring Break weekend (3/29 & 3/30) off as 100% of kids in public school. Pls reschedule as we only have 7 games in total. Can play early morning Sat or Sun or both days. Can we schd more games? Can play anytime. Tx
Jorge LopezYesBrett BennettManager
11548112Confirmed$0.000.00 Extra InformationGrattan 09B GrizzliesDuplicateN/ARegular SFYS Season Game80695003-31-2019Mission Plygrd18:00 AMOn initial request form, asked for Spring Break weekend (3/29 & 3/30) off as 100% of kids in public school. Pls reschedule as we only have 7 games in total. Can play early morning Sat or Sun or both days. Can we schd more games? Can play anytime. Tx
Jorge LopezYesBrett BennettManager
11548308Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment Successful5th - Alvarado Black Cougars
Alicia is requesting to move your game on 3-23.

We have no earlier space, Alicia, but there is space on 3-24, should you both agree to push the game to that date?
11.45 @ Beach
9.15 @ Minnie.
3-2411.45amBeachN/ARegular SFYS Season Game80731103-23-2019Crocker2CD3:30 PMHi! If possible I would like to switch this game to an earlier time in the day (a start time @ or before 1:30 pm). The draft schedule has my 09G UH team, Alvarado Ruby Cougars game (807237) @ 4:05 pm @ West Sunset. Thank you for your consideration.
SC Gunners 08G
Edmund Hartnett
YesAlicia YanowCoach
11548553Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment SuccessfulSF United G09 Avalanche
Game is staying as is. RPD moved Futsal
Regular SFYS Season Game80723603-10-2019West SunsetU10111:15 AMwe have a direct conflict with Futsal. Our opponent would like to play this game 3/9 instead.
CES Ladybugs 10G
Natasha Maresca
YesVirginia GarayManager
11548649Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment SuccessfulAC Marin 2010 Boys
Efren - its not that straight forward at this time to class the weekend as a bye weekend.
However, you can work with Matt to find an alternative date to move this game to.

Get a couple of dates together and I'll give you options.
YESRegular SFYS Season Game80696303-09-2019South Sunset311:15 AMWe are attending a tournament the weekend of March 9-10. Can we count this weekend as our bye ?
Peabody Orcas 09B White
Matt JonesYesEfren Del ToroCoach
11548749Confirmed$0.000.00 Extra Information2nd - Two Rivers Tornados
Please see the request from Miki.

We could move this game to Palega, 9am on 5-18 if you both agree
5-189:00 AMPalegaN/ARegular SFYS Season Game81295304-13-2019Palega11:00My kids have spring break so I don’t think I’ll have enough to field a team. We play convent the week before so we could either do a double header then or we both have a bye week on May 18 so we could play then.
Convent Super Strikers
Dylan BoudraaYesMikaela WinklerCoach
11548839Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment SuccessfulSF Aftershocks 06G Ivory
Bri -
See the request from Jimmy,.

If you can change, we have the following open:

3-10 - 1pm @ Beach.
3-24 - 1.30pm @ Franklin
3-31 - 1.30pm @ Franklin
5-5 - 12pm or 1.30pm @ Franklin
5-19 - 1.30pm @ Franklin

Please confirm.
5-51.30pmFranklinN/ARegular SFYS Season Game80746204-13-2019Polo49:30 AMAt least 6 players on Spring Break. Reschedule to: Sundays in March Sunday 5/5 Sunday 5/19
SF Sol 06G Wisdom
Brianna RussellYesJimmy ParkManager
11548921Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment SuccessfulSFVSC G08 Crimson Tide
CC'ing Nate on this too.
The fields are full that day so we can look to swap the game with another team on Saturday, providing they do not have a futsal conflict (highly likely they will!)
Or we can move to one of the following:

3-23 @ 4.45pm (Crocker or Garfield)
3-24 @ 11.45am (Beach)
3-31 @ 11.45am (Beach)
4-7 @ 11.45am (Beach)
5-4 @ 4.45pm (Garfield)
5-5 @ 8am (Beach)
5-12 @ 11.45am (Beach)
5-18 @ 4.45pm (Beach or Crocker)

If these really do not work, then Nate is CC'd for his assistance on the futsal side.
4-711.45amBeach 1ABYESRegular SFYS Season Game80730903-10-2019Crocker2 CD10:15 AMWould like to move to Saturday 03/09 if possible since both G08 Crimson Tide and SF Sol Determination have futsal games on 03/10. If 03/09 is not possible then 03/10 at a slightly earlier slot would work better for both teams. Thank you for your help!
SF Sol 08G Determination
Karli JonasenYesJose FloresManager
11548927Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment SuccessfulSFVSC G08 Crimson TideDuplicateN/ARegular SFYS Season Game80730903-10-2019Crocker2C/D10:15Please move to March 9 or March 16 so as not to conflict with futsal. Thank you so much! Please do not schedule on March 17 (Futsal championship and I am full of hope).
Sol Determination
Brianna or KarliYes
Barbara Moulton
11548934Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment SuccessfulSF Aftershocks 06G Ivory
Fernando -
See the request from Jimmy,.

If you can change, we have the following open:

3-10 - 1pm @ Beach.
3-24 - 1.30pm @ Franklin
3-31 - 1.30pm @ Franklin
4-6 - no space.
5-5 - 12pm or 1.30pm @ Franklin
5-19 - 1.30pm @ Franklin

Please confirm.
5-191.30pmFranklinN/ARegular SFYS Season Game80746004-06-2019Polo412:30 PMAt least 4 players on Spring Break Reschedule to (as long as it doesn't conflict with Game 807462 reschedule request): Sundays in March Sunday 5/5 Sunday 5/19 Earliest game on Sat 4/6 as long as no coaching conflict with SF Aftershocks 04G Rouge.
SFVSC G06 White Valkyries
Fernando Picazo
YesJimmy ParkManager
11548947Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment SuccessfulSF Aftershocks 08G Black
Game is staying scheduled as is. Casey / Luisa

Please see the request from Jimmy, RE game change.
We have two options, outlined by Jimmy, but I know you are working on your own changes:

Those options are:
5-4 @ 4.45pm (Garfield)
5-5 @ 8am (Beach)

Let me know if that works for you all.
N/ARegular SFYS Season Game80733704-13-2019Polo7CD9:00 AMMost players are on Spring Break. Would like to reschedule to any of the following days if possible (I believe SF Falcons do not have games on these dates) Saturday 5/4 Sunday 5/5 Saturday 5/11 Sunday 5/19SF Falcons 08G
Casey McCormick
YesJimmy ParkManager
11548959Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment SuccessfulSF Aftershocks 09G Crimson
Noted that this reschedule is dependent upon winning / losing for playoffs.
Nate from RPD is cc'd so this is on his radar also.
Regular SFYS Season Game80724203-17-2019West SunsetU10112:20 PMOpponent plays SF indoor soccer and several players on this team does as well. Both teams are currently playoff bound so there may be game conflict. Possible reschedule dates would be either Saturday 3/16 or later on Sunday 3/17.
SF United G09 Avalanche
Virginia GarayYesJimmy ParkManager
11548965Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment SuccessfulSF Aftershocks 09G Crimson
Please see the request from Jimmy, RE game change for the Ladybugs.

We do not have an open slot, which means we would need a new date to play, or a game change with an earlier game.
Slots on this field are
Then your slot at 11.15am

If a change works, let me know a preferred time and I'll share the contact info for those teams, with Jimmy, to initiate a change.
5-1110.10amSouth SunsetN/ARegular SFYS Season Game80724605-11-2019South Sunset311:15 AMWould like to move to an earlier kickoff time, say 9am or 10am as half of the players have a school event starting early afternoon.
CES Ladybugs 10G
Natasha Maresca
YesJimmy ParkManager
11548972Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment Successful2nd - SF United Fire Dragons
Confirming you are both in agreement, the game has been moved:

5-11. 4.30pm @ Grattan.

Good luck!
5-114:00 PMGrattanN/ARegular SFYS Season Game80566205-04-2019
Mission Playground
11:00 PMOur 2nd grade has a scheduled school event on Saturday, May 4th ending at 1:00pm. We would like to reschedule our game to a later time (2:00pm or later) on Saturday, May 4th if possible.
2nd - Starr King Strikers
Eric FineYesJoy VagefiManager
11548973Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment SuccessfulSF Aftershocks 09G Crimson
Please see the schedule request from Jimmy that you agreed to.

The change options are incredibly limited:
Change with another game on any of the dates mentioned.

Notably, 5-18 GU 09G and Roar 09G play @ 3pm). However, this game is 5pm and already falls into the '3pm and after' request.

Regular SFYS Season Game80728005-18-2019West SunsetU1015:10 PMNeed to reschedule as majority of the players are attending a memorial service for a school family on Sat 5/18. Can reschedule as follows for example: Sun 5/18 3:00pm and after kickoff Sat 3/9 Sun 3/31 Sat 4/6
SFGE 09G Emerald Black
Kyeongha Lesperance
YesJimmy ParkManager
11548979Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment SuccessfulSF Aftershocks 10G Ruby
You reschedule options are for another date, or to swap games.

4-7 @ West Sunset? 3.35pm kick off
4-14 @ West Sunset? 3.35pm kick off
5-19 @ West Sunset 8am kick off

4-73.35pmWest SunsetN/ARegular SFYS Season Game80721503-10-2019West SunsetU1012:30 PMNot enough players available that day. Reschedule to (for example): Saturday 3/16
SF Aftershocks 10G Noire
Jimmy ParkYesJimmy ParkManager
11548987Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment SuccessfulSF Aftershocks 10G Noire
This is another potential conflict to keep tabs on.
Regular SFYS Season Game80722803-24-2019West SunsetU1019:05 AMMany of the players play SF indoor soccer with SF Aftershocks 10G Noire or SF Aftershocks 09G Black. Both teams have a chance of going to the championship game. Possible to reschedule to Sunday 3/24 afternoon game starting 2pm and after?
SF United G10 Cyclones
Virginia GarayYesJimmy ParkManager
11548989Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment SuccessfulSF Aftershocks 10G NoireDUPLICATEN/ARegular SFYS Season Game80721503-10-2019West SunsetU1012:30 PMOpponent cannot play (another Aftershocks team). Will be glad to reschedule.
SF Aftershocks 10G Ruby
Jimmy ParkYesJimmy ParkManager
11548992Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment SuccessfulSF Aftershocks 10G Noire
Another change request here after your discussion with Jimmy.

If we can get 807215 (pending on Jimmys reply) rescheduled, does 3-10, 2.30pm @ West Sunset work?
3-3011.15amSouth Sunset 3YesRegular SFYS Season Game80723304-13-2019West SunsetU1014:05 PMTeam does not have enough players due to Spring Break. Possible reschedule dates: -Sun 3/10 afternoon at West Sunset U101 as Game 807215 has been requested to be rescheduled. -Sat 3/30 -Sun 5/5 -Sat 5/11
SF United G10 Storm
Virginia GarayYesJimmy ParkManager
11549003Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment SuccessfulSF Aftershocks 07G White
Following up on your agreement to this change.

If 9am works (@ Minnie and Lovie), I can connect Jimmy with IFC Bluestars and Mission Gims to initiate a game swap.
4-69:00 AMMinnie and Lovie 2ABYesRegular SFYS Season Game80743104-06-2019Crocker2CD2:15 PMMost players are on Spring Break. If we cannot reschedule to another weekend, would need to be as earliest game possible on Sat 4/6
Girls Unite 07G Flash
Karin Kussmann
YesJimmy ParkManager
11549010Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment SuccessfulSF Aftershocks 07G White
Toby -
Continuing the conversation on this, with Jimmy.
This is the latest kick off time available on the 14th, so would need another date for this game to move to.
Regular SFYS Season Game80744204-14-2019Crocker1CD3:30 PMMost players are returning from Spring Break. If cannot have the game be on another weekend, may we change the kickoff to start 4:30pm or later.
SFVSC G07 White Pearl
Richard RappoltYesJimmy ParkManager
11549011Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment SuccessfulAlvarado 08G Black Cougars
Karli - providing some options to your agreement with Alicia.
We can move this to 5-18, 4.45pm @ Beach.

Please confirm and we'll move it!
5-1911:00 AMMinnie and LovieYesRegular SFYS Season Game80734405-12-2019Beach Chalet1AB9:15 AMIf possible, we would like to change game to Sun,5/19 @ 12:00 pm or later. If 5/19 is unavailable, Sun, 4/7 any time after 11:00 am would be 2nd choice. (Reason - 5/12 is Mother's Day, plus many players are going to USWNT vs SAfrica friendly at Levi)
SF Sol 08G Determination
Karli JonasenYesAlicia YanowCoach
11549093Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment SuccessfulSA B07 Crimson Cougars
Following up from your agreement to move this game with Angélica -

Reschedule options are:
5-5 @ Beach Chalet, 8am kick off.
5-12 @ Beach Chalet, 11.45am kick off.

Please confirm the preference.
5-122.15pmCrocker 1CDYesRegular SFYS Season Game80711803-23-2019Garfield Square12:15 p.m.We would like to reschedule our Saturday, March 23 game to one of the following dates: • Saturday, April 6 • Sunday, May 5 • Sunday, May 12 Thank you for your consideration.
SF United B07 Los Diablos
Virginia GarayYes
Angélica Pence Flinn
11549121Confirmed$0.000.00 Extra Information3rd - Two Rivers Hotshots
There is not a later option to move this game on 3-9.
We can move it to 3-10. 11.15 @ West Sunset? Please confirm.
3-1011.15amWest SunsetYesRegular SFYS Season Game80655303-09-2019West SunsetU10212:20Clash with my Tornados move game till after 2
Two Rivers Zoomers
Bernard Hoffragge
YesMikaela WinklerCoach
11549147Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment SuccessfulMission SF 06B Galacticos
Marianna, adding in Kay as she often works with the UH team schedules.

I have cc'd Nate from RPD in case we cannot get this figured out.

However, options to change:
3-24. 1.30pm @ Franklin
3-31. 1.30pm @ Franklin
4-7. 1.30pm @ Franklin
5-4. 3.30pm @ Crocker

To move to 3-9 will require a game swap with another opponent so hopefully the alternatives, above, make this change easier.

Let me know!
4-71.30pmFranklin YesRegular SFYS Season Game80718903-10-2019Franklin13:00 PMWe can do Saturday the 9th we have a schedule futsal game at 3pm at palega rec Center. I’ve sent an email but they have not responded or agreed.
SFGE 06B Hoops Black
Jorge CalderonYes
Marianna Ramirex
11549178Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment SuccessfulSF United G09 America
GAME IS BEING LEFT AS IS5-18 no space, without a game swap.
8am at West Sunset?
N/ARegular SFYS Season Game80727004-07-2019Mission Plygrd110;10amthis game is vs our other 09 team, we just will not have enough kids. if possible 5/18 will work for both teams
SF United G09 Avalanche
Virginia GarayYesVirginia GarayManager
11549302Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment Successful4th - Kicking Penguins
We can move this game to:
3-30. 2.15pm @ Beach
3-30. 9.15am @ Garfield

Please let me know which one works for both teams.
4-61:00 PMBeachN/ARegular SFYS Season Game80667603-23-2019
minnie and lovie ward
2ab1015Open to any day but March 24 or the 30th. Sorry. =( I missed the email for the bye request. Spoke to David this am and he advised that he would give our teams a list of dates available. I have informed the other team of this.
Clarendon Super Strikers
Andrea Brunetti
Yeshong nguyenManager
11550130Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment Successful5th - Soccer Girls of the Hill
This submission confirms the agreement to move this game.
Game has been moved:

5-4. 2pm @ Polo.

Good luck!
5-42:00 PMPoloN/ARegular SFYS Season Game80674003-16-2019Beach Chalet2CD12:15 PMWould like to please move this game to 5/4/19 at Beach Chalet at a time that doesn't conflict with Soccer Girls of the Hill's 9:15am game on that day. Blue Wolves do not have a game that day. Thank you.CL Blue WolvesClaudia LeeYesMelissa OmegaManager
11550156Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment Successful2nd - Convent Super Strikers
Confirming you both agree to this change. Game will be moved to:
5-18. 9am @ Palega.

Please both confirm.
5-41:00 PMMission PlaygroundN/ARegular SFYS Season Game80627205-11-2019grattancd10.3Game clashes with school camping trip. We'd like to move to 5/18. NOTE one of our opponents already requested to move our 4/13 game (812953) to 5/18. Happy to play two games on 5/18 but need to make sure times do no conflict as we reschedule. thnx
West Portal Panther Power
Haley T NguyenYesDylan BoudraaCoach
11550254Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment Successful3rd - Super Unicorns
Thank you. This submission made everything clear and easy!

Games swapped.

Good luck all!
3-168:00 AMSouth SunsetN/ARegular SFYS Season Game80655403-16-2019South Sunset29:05Switch kickoff with game no. 806589. All four teams have agreed to the change. Super Unicorns v. SF Sol Inspire should now kick off at 8:00 and Sunnyside Soaring Eagles v. Real Shooting Stars should kick off at 9:05.SF Sol InspireKarli JonasenYesBen LarsonManager
11550329Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment Successful4th - North Beach Dragons
Thank you for the submission and note on not having contact.

There is no space on 3-31.
8am @ Minnie and Lovie
1pm @ Beach

Let me know what works for you both.
Regular SFYS Season Game80591403-30-2019Polo7CD2:00 PMCan we move to Sunday 31st please? It's SFUSD Spring break and we can't field a team on the 30th. We can also do May 4th as we don't have a game scheduled that week. I HAVE NOT HEARD BACK FROM OTHER TEAM, but want to submit this before 2/10 Thank you!
4th - SFVSC B09 Black Diamond
Kyle MedinaYesCaroline KingManager
11550379Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment SuccessfulSF Rush 07B Eagles
Reschedule options:

4-7. 11.45 @ Beach
4-7. 9.15am @ Minnie and Lovie
4-14. 10.30am @ Minnie and Lovie
5-5. 8am @ Beach
5-12. 8am @ Minnie and Lovie
5-12. 11.45 @ Beach

5-58:00 AMBeach Chalet #1ABYesRegular SFYS Season Game80710803-09-2019Crocker2CD1:00 PMSF Rush FC and Sf United FC have agreed to request for this game to be rescheduled on a Sunday either on April or May. Due that both teams have scheduling conflicts, we would like to know what times and fields the league have available?
SF United B07 Los Diablos
Virginia GarayYes
Abednego Juarez
11550387Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment Successful8th - SF Rush Dragons
LEAVE IT AS IS.We have nothing on 4-1 for fields.
Every Saturday from 3-23 has a 2pm slot open - let me know what date works and I'll move the game for you!

N/ARegular SFYS Season Game80622703-30-2019Polo7AB212:30 PMSFVSC Samba and SF Rush Fc- Eagles would like to reschedule this game on Sunday April 1st in the morning due that we both have scheduling conflict. But we would like to work with what the league has available.SFVSC Samba
Fernando Picazo
Abednego Juarez
11550393Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment Successful7th - SF Rush Lethal
There are no Sundays to reschedule to.
You could play a double header on any Saturday, after 2pm, from 3-23 onwards.

Please let me know what will work to reschedule you to.

Regular SFYS Season Game80622803-30-2019Polo7AB22:00 PMSF Rush FC and Red Cosmos have agreed to move this request to reschedule this game for Sunday March 31st ant any time. Due that both teams have scheduling conflict we both agree to request for this date or any Sunday the league can approve.Red CosmosAlex McClureYes
Abednego Juarez
11550595Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment Successful2nd - SF United Green Dolphins
Confirming you both agree to this change.
Game will be rescheduled to:
3-9. 5pm @ Palega

Please both confirm.
3-95:00 PMPalegaYesRegular SFYS Season Game80624603-09-2019
Mission Playground
Main field11:00 AMMost of our players are on a winter basketball team and have their last game of the season on 3/9 at 10:30am. We would like to move this game to an afternoon time (kick-off at noon or later). Thank you.
McKinley Fiery Meteorites
Elisabeth Brown
Mary Ann Cryan
11550598Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment Successful2nd - SF United Green Dolphins
Thank you for the submission - game has been changed and is now:

5-11. 5pm @ Palega.

Good luck!
5-115:00 PMPalegaYesRegular SFYS Season Game80625405-11-2019Palega18:00 AMOur team has a school event in the morning on 5/11 and we would like to move this game to an afternoon time. The other team has agreed as long as kick-off is at 12:30pm or later. Thank you.
Two Rivers Tornados
Mikaela WinklerYes
Mary Ann Cryan
11550744Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment Successful6th - Pumas
Thanks for the submission and confirming you both agree (the submission of the form!)

Game has been moved:
5-11. 2pm @ Beach
5-112:00 PMBeachYesRegular SFYS Season Game80619603-23-2019Beach Chalet2CD29:30 AMWe would like to move to the afternoon on 5/11. (The Pumas already have a game at 9:30 am that day.)6th Flick EaglesCori BurnsYesAmy MorrisManager
11550808Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment Successful2nd - SF SupaStars
Confirming you both agreed. The game has been changed:

3-30. 12.30pm @ Grattan.
3-3012.30pmGrattan NorthYesRegular SFYS Season Game80625703-30-2019Palega18:00 AMWould like to change the game time to 10:00am
SSPP Soaring Eagles G
Mireille JarrousYesAbby PostManager
11550817Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment Successful2nd - SF SupaStars
This game can be moved to 4pm at Mission Playground.
Please confirm?
4-64:00 PMMission PlaygroundYesRegular SFYS Season Game80626604-06-2019Palega18:00 AMWould like to change the game time to 10am
SF United Green Dolphins
Mary Ann Cryan
YesAbby PostManager
11550833Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment SuccessfulSF United G10 Storm
Duplicate - Aftershocks already submitted.
N/ARegular SFYS Season Game80723304-13-2019West SunsetU1014:05 PMWe have been emailing back/forth with Jimmy @Aftershocks team and would like to move to one of the following weeks: 3/30 5/5 5/11
SF Aftershocks 10G Noire
Jimmy ParkYesJung O'DonnellManager
11550860Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment SuccessfulFiredragons 10G Fighters
Damian -
No way you can play?
What does that mean?
Got some alternatives from your conversation with Jimmy, so I can help out?
4-143.35pmWest SunsetN/ARegular SFYS Season Game80723403-30-2019South sunset311:15There is no way we can play on the weekend of March 29th or April 7th.
Aftershocks Ruby
Jimmy ParkYesDamian CannyCoach
11550872Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment SuccessfulFiredragons 10G Fighters
Same for this one.
Do you have some alternatives we can consider?
5-198:00 AMWest SunsetN/ARegular SFYS Season Game80721904-07-2019
Mission playground
19:15We are a school team and all but two of our players will be on spring break that week. I have convinced our parent body to get back for their game on 4/14.
Aftershocks Ruby
Jimmy ParkYesDamian CannyCoach
11550929Confirmed$50.0050.00 Payment SuccessfulSport Alianza FC 05B Navy
This game has been moved to 4-7. Franklin @ 12pm.

Good luck and thank you for making this super easy!!
4-712:00 PMFrankin 1N/ARegular SFYS Season Game80717903-23-2019Crocker39:30 AMThank you for your consideration. We are attending the President's Cup from March 23- March 31 2019. We would like to reschedule to April 7 2019 as the alternative weekend. We have received confirmation from the opposing team in which I have ccd SFYS
Mission SF Warriors 05B
Edna MolinaYesNhu BuiManager
11551074Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment Successful5th - SF Rush Strikers
There are no Sundays.
Please provide an alternative set of dates to review.

Regular SFYS Season Game80612603-23-2019
Minnie and Lovie
2 AB11:30Would like to move to Sunday March 24th or any sunday that is available. Thank you folks.
5th - SFGE B SS Eagles
JoeyYesGenaro AranaCoach
11551104Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment Successful4th - Kicking Penguins
There are no Sundays.
Please provide alternative Saturday dates...

5-41:00 PMBeachN/ARegular SFYS Season Game80668403-30-2019
minnie and lovie ward
2ab1130If you can reschedule to a Sunday, March 31 please? Thank you in advance!
SF United Wild Cougars
Sarah SmithYeshong nguyenManager
11551114Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment Successful5th - Soccer Girls of the Hill
Duplicate with 11550130
N/ARegular SFYS Season Game80674003-16-2019Beach Chalet2CD12:15 PMRequest to reschedule this game was submitted on 2/9/19 (yesterday). Today Blue Wolves manager contacted me to request as first choice the game be moved to 5/11 at Beach Chalet at 9:15a. Second choice is a move to 5/4 at Beach Chalet at 10:20a. Thank you.CL Blue WolvesClaudia LeeYesMelissa OmegaManager
11551124Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment Successful2nd - Firedragons United
Nop change possible.This game can be moved to 5pm at Palega.
Please both confirm.
N/ARegular SFYS Season Game80564803-09-2019
Mission Playground
110:00Can we have a different time on Saturday. Most of the team has a conflict with 11 AM basketball game (last game of season). 12:30 kickoff or later or 9am or earlier kickoff will work for us.
2nd - SF United Blue Dolphins
Jason SchulteYesSteven ChangCoach
11551272Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment Successful3rd - SFPM Lightning Flash
This submission is about that game on 5-4 because you are asking to drop it / move it.
Your opponent needs to approve the change.
Regular SFYS Season Game80586703-30-2019West SunsetU1011:25Can we have 3/30 as a bye week instead of 5/4? 3/30 is the second weekend of our spring break. We have no commitments on May 4th. I have not contacted coach as this isn't really about that game.
BVMH Red Dragons
TBDYesGreg EllisManager
11551308Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment Successful7th - SF Rush Lethal
No Sunday space to move this to.
Any 2pm kick off from 3-23 onwards is an option to move this game to - you could play a double header?
Regular SFYS Season Game80623705-11-2019Beach Chalet2AB211:00 AM07 Shark Fins and SF Rush FC have agreed to request to have their game scheduled for Saturtady May 11th 2019 to the next day if possible. We both agreed to move this game to sunday May 12th if the league gives us the yes.07 Shark FinsPiotr StanczykYes
Abednego Juarez
11551312Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment SuccessfulSFGE 07B Hibernians Black
What is the request, Jorge?
3-3110.30amMinnie and LovieN/ARegular SFYS Season Game80710303-31-2019
Minne & Lovie Ward
1AB8:00 AM5 of 8 of our games are scheduled at 8:00am. This is an unfair burden for any of the teams in this bracket.
AC Marin 2007 Boys Tornadoes White
Gary PetruzziYesJorge RamirezCoach
11551317Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment SuccessfulSFVSC G08 White Flame
Nate from RPD cc'd.

On 3-17 we have an 11am slot open at Minnie and Lovie.
Otherwise we can look to reschedule to another weekend.
Without knowing the game time, it is difficult to pick the 11am slot - so, if you have other dates open we can consider, otherwise we can hold on this.
5-43.30pmCrocker 2CDYesRegular SFYS Season Game80734203-17-2019Beach Chalet1AB10:30 AMWe are playing futsal. Futsal playoffs are 3/17 at 9 or 10 am the exact time of this game. We will earn a playoff spot.Thank you.
Mission SF Green Mariposa 08G
YesJoe LuppinoCoach
11551324Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment Successful7th - SF Rush Lethal
No Sundays.
Please provide an alternative date. 2pm onwards from 3-23 is open for Saturdays.
4-62:00 PMPoloN/ARegular SFYS Season Game80624104-13-2019Beach Chalet2CD212:30 PMWe would like to move this game to any Sunday available. We prefer morning if possible. Both Teams agree that rescheduling this game is best for us.SFVSC Samba
Fernando Picazo
Abednego Juarez
11551353Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment SuccessfulSA B07 Crimson Cougars
Confirming you both agree to this switch. The reschedule option:
5-5. 8am @ Beach
5-59.45amMinnie and Lovie 1ABYesRegular SFYS Season Game80712103-30-2019
Crocker Amazon
2CD3:30 p.m.If possible, we would like to move this game to Sunday, May 5. Most of our players go to public schools and will be out of town on March 30 (SFUSD's spring break). Also, our coach will be out of town at a tournament with one of his other teams. Thank you!
SF Rush 07B Eagles
David JuarezYes
Angélica Pence Flinn
11551394Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment Successful5th - SK United
Need dates to consider the reschedule to.
5041:00 PMCrocker #1CDYesRegular SFYS Season Game81154203-23-2019Garfield19:15aIt is Spring Break for Public School and only 1 players is available for that game - which also means the following Saturday 3/30 that whole team is away also so please do not reschedule for that Saturday!
Sherman Bullsharks
Roberto VillarceYesAmy HoodManager
11551410Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment Successful2nd - SK Crickets
This submission confirms you both agreed. Game has been moved:
5-18. 1pm @ Mission Playground.

Good luck.
3-302:00 PMPalegaYesRegular SFYS Season Game80640603-23-2019Palega12:00 PM? move to May 18?
2nd - SF United Jaguars
Quyen NguyenYesPennan BarryManager
11569966Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment Successful2nd - SK Crickets
Change in progress
5-181:00 PMMission PlaygroundYesRegular SFYS Season Game80641003-23-2019Palega11PHad previously requested change to May 18 with incorrect game # so wrong game (806406) got rescheduled.
2nd - SF United Jaguars
Quyen NguyenYesPennan BarryManager
11551415Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment Successful5th - SF Rush Strikers
There are no Sundays.
Please provide alternative dates to consider a change to?

Regular SFYS Season Game80612904-06-2019Beach Chalet1AB10:30We would like a game for Sunday, April 7th. Thank you
5th - CIS Spitfires
Betty TranYesGenaro AranaCoach
11551421Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment Successful2nd - Clarendon Huskies
The submission confirms your approval of this change.

Game has been moved:
3-9. 8am @ Grattan.
3-98:00 AMGrattanN/ARegular SFYS Season Game80640503-09-2019Grattan13:00 PMGame start at 8 or 9, please on this same day. Thank you folks.
2nd - DFES FeLions
Aaron D FieldYesGenaro AranaCoach
11551422Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment SuccessfulCES Ladybugs 09G
Natasha / Eric
CC'ing in Kay, as well as Jorge.

We can swap your game to a 3.35pm kick off at West Sunset.
However. 2 things need to happen:
SFGE needs to approve.
You need to contact Alvarado Ruby Cougars and SF United Fusion (both are in your bracket so you can get their contact info) and ask them to swap game times/locations with you.

Once all approve, I can make the change.
Regular SFYS Season Game80725103-24-2019
Mission Playground
19:05 AMWe have a direct conflict with a school-wide event on Sunday, 3/24/19 until 2:00pm. We are requesting to reschedule the game to after 3:00pm on Sunday, 3/24/19 or anytime Saturday, 3/23/19.
SFGE 09G Emerald Black
Jorge CalderonYes
Natasha Maresca
11551431Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment Successful5th - SF Rush Courage
Apologies, but there are no Sundays available.

Please provide alternative dates to consider?

5-182.15pmBeach 1CDYesRegular SFYS Season Game80680304-06-2019Beach Chalet1AB9:15We would like to move this game to Sunday April 7th. Thank you folks.
5th - NT Dragons Blue
Deborah McCrimmon
YesGenaro AranaCoach
11551453Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment Successful5th - SF Rush Courage
This game can be moved to 2.15pm at Beach on 5-18.

Please confirm that works?
Regular SFYS Season Game81156705-18-2019Beach Chalet2CD110:30Game requested to be after 2:30pm on May 18th or to be moved to Sunday May 19th. Thank you
5th - Sunnyside Avenging Eagle
Caitlin W JanoffYesGenaro AranaCoach
11551476Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment SuccessfulMiraloma Mayhem 08B
Confirming the agreement to change, the reschedule options is:
3-31. 2.15pm @ Crocker.

Please confirm.
3-312.15pmCrockerN/ARegular SFYS Season Game80703203-30-2019Crocker2AB4:45 PMWe would like to move to Sunday afternoon. We have many players out for spring break who are returning late Saturday night or Sunday morning.
Mission SF NDO Golden Warriors
Marianna Ramirez
YesLinda CheuManager
11551487Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment SuccessfulMiraloma Mayhem 08B
Confirming the agreement to change, options:

11am is the latest on 5-5 @ Minnie and Lovie.
There are games running later at Crocker. 2.15pm and 3.30pm kick off times. Those would require a game swap so I would provide you the teams contact info to see if they will move and let you take their slot.
Otherwise, we need a new date.

Please let me know.
5-511:00 AMMinnie and LovieN/ARegular SFYS Season Game80703605-04-2019Crocker2CD3:30 PMWe would like to move to Sunday anytime after 12:30 pm. We have a gradewide camping trip on Saturday.
GoodSam Tarimoro
Brigido FrancoYesLinda CheuManager
11551517Confirmed$50.0050.00 Payment SuccessfulSF United G10 Storm
See the submission from Jung.
You should have discussed so can you share some common dates for me to provide some reschedule options on this game?

5-510.30amWest Sunset U102YesRegular SFYS Season Game80722904-14-2019Mission18We are on spring break and do not have enough players April 13/14. We can play any other day, even doubleheaders, except May 18/19 which is our class camping trip. Thank you!FiredragonsDamian CannyYesJung O'DonnellManager
11551553Confirmed$50.0050.00 Payment Successful5th - SF Rush Courage
This is for the other game you have scheduled - there are no Sundays.
Please confirm an alternative date to move this game to?

Thank you!
Regular SFYS Season Game80677804-27-2019Beach Chalet1AB9:15Requesting game to be played on Sunday April 28th. Thank you folks
5th - Sunnyside Avenging Eagle
Caitlin W JanoffYesGenaro AranaCoach
11552220Confirmed$50.0050.00 RefundedRegular SFYS Season Game80695703-10-2019Mission Plygrd19:05 AMWe have a futsal game scheduled at 10:00am on 3/10. Later time on 3/10 or a game on 3/9 should work for both teams. Thank you
SFGE 09B Brigade Black
Gabe SilveiraYesVirginia GarayManager
11552661Confirmed$50.0050.00 Payment Incomplete2nd - Two Rivers Comets
Lara -
Does 11am at Palega work to move this game to?
Regular SFYS Season Game80641703-30-2019
Mission Playground
12:00 PMHello! I've got a game with my other team at 1:25 PM, so any kickoff time before 11:30 or after 3:30 pm would be fantastic! Thank you so much!
Peabody Girls Blue
Lara KortaYes
Bernard Hoffrogge
11553596Confirmed$50.0050.00 Refunded5-184.45pmBeachN/ARegular SFYS Season Game80699003-10-2019Beach Chalet1AB8:00 a.m.Our squad has a futsal conflict on the morning of Sunday, March 10--our first spring soccer match. We would like to move this match to Saturday, March 9, Saturday, March 16, Saturday, May 11, or Saturday May 18.
SF United B08 Atletico
Virginia GarayYes
11557447Confirmed$50.0050.00 Payment SuccessfulRoar FC 08G Gunners Blue
Erin -
See the note from Andy.

3-10 we have an 8am slot at Beach ?

Or another date to move to please?
4-710.30amMinnie and Lovie 1ABYesRegular SFYS Season Game80733603-10-2019Beach Chalet1AB11:45 a.m.This game is sandwiched between our team's dual Futsal games at 10:00 a.m. and 12 noon. We would be willing to play late that afternoon or another date that works for Girls Unite.
Girls Unite Spark
Erin KellyYesAndy FlintCoach
11557976Confirmed$50.0050.00 Payment SuccessfulRoar FC 08G Gunners Blue
Options for your game

5-12. 2.15pm @ Crocker
5-19. 9.45am @ Minnie and Lovie
5-198.30amMinnie and LovieN/ARegular SFYS Season Game80730104-14-2019Crocker1CD2:15 p.m.We'll starting spring break that weekend and at least half our team isn't available. Best mutual reschedule dates with Mission Green are May 4, May 11 (a.m.), May 12 (p.m)., and May 19. Also March 9 (a.m), March 30 (p.m.), March 31 (p.m), April 6 (p.m),
Mission Green Mariposas
Cirilo Jeronimo Gonzalez
YesAndy FlintCoach
11558310Confirmed$50.0050.00 Payment SuccessfulFCR Dragons 08B Ivory
Adriano -
Can you send me some dates / times to check for a reschedule?
5-199.45amMinnie and LovieN/ARegular SFYS Season Game80699503-30-2019Minnie & Lovie2AB9:00 a.m.Our head coach has several conflicts on 3/30, including another match with another FC Royale rec squad at the same time (9:00) that morning in another part of town, and an FC Royale travel squad later on 3/30.
SFGE08B Green
Kyeongha Lesperance
11559134Confirmed$50.0050.00 Payment IncompleteSFVSC G08 Crimson Tide
Can I have some alternative dates / times to consider to reschedule...
5-1211.45amBeach 1ABYesRegular SFYS Season Game80734503-24-2019Beach Chalet1 AB10:30Looks like we will play in the March 24 Championship futsal game at Mission rec at noon, impossible to do both games with parking and traffic.Burkes Blitz
Barbara Moulton
11559440Confirmed$50.0050.00 Payment SuccessfulRoar FC 09B Arsenal Blue
The same options for the reschedule are below:

Options to move into:
3-10. 8am
3-31. 8am
4-13. 4.05pm

Another options is to ask AC Marin to host on a date / time that works better for you...
3-17N/ARemove from PENSRA - Game played in MarinYesRegular SFYS Season Game80695803-17-2019West Sunset110:10 a.m.RFC 09B Arsenal has a good chance to make the Futsal semi-finals on 3.17 at 9 or 10 a.m. creating a potential conflict. Outdoor opponent AC Marin is available 3.17 (same day) in the afternoon and Saturday/Sunday 5.11-12 morning or afternoon.
AC Marin 2010 Boys
Efren del ToroYesAndy FlintCoach
11559480Confirmed$50.0050.00 Payment SuccessfulRoar FC 10G Pilots Blue
Welcome to the merry go round of 2010 and 2009 reschedules.
There are very few slots available for this age group - Virginia has been involved in a lot of back and forth for the multiple SF United teams already!

Options to move into:
3-10. 8am
3-31. 8am
4-13. 4.05pm

Otherwise, we're looking for game swaps.
Nate is also cc'd incase we cannot figure anything here.
Regular SFYS Season Game80722003-17-2019West Sunset!9:05 a.m.RFC Pilots Blue will likely play a Futsal semi-final on 3.17 at 9:00 or 10:00 a.m. We've reached out to SFU Cyclones and they could play later on 3.17 in the afternoon. Other possible dates are 3.23 (a.m.), 3.30 (p.m.), 4.14 (a.m.), 5.5 and 5.12 (a.m.)SFU CyclonesVirginia GarayYesAndy FlintCoach
11560685Confirmed$50.0050.00 Payment Successful2nd - Joes Electric Cubs
This game can be moved to 5-4.

Mission Playground 8am
Mission Playground 5pm
Grattan 9.30am
Grattan 3.30pm
5-49.30amGrattanN/ARegular SFYS Season Game80639603-30-2019GrattanCD9:30Would like to move game to May 4.
2nd - Westside Tsunamis FC
Jeffrey Holcombe <jpholcombe@sbcglobal.net>
YesCharles RauseoManager
11562095Confirmed$50.0050.00 Payment Successful3rd - BVHM Red Dragons
We can move this game to:

4-13. 10-10am @ South Sunset

Please both confirm.
4-1410.10amWest Sunset 102YesRegular SFYS Season Game80586703-30-2019West SunsetU1011:25April 13 or 14
3rd - SFPM Lightning Flash
Greg EllisYesTara KiniManager
11562671Confirmed$50.0050.00 Payment Successful2nd - SSPP Soaring Eagles G
I believe Mireille has reached out regarding the reschedule for this game.
Can I please have some dates to look into moving this game to, from both of you?

Thank you!
5-184:00 PMMission PlaygroundYesRegular SFYS Season Game80624705-04-2019Palega18:00 AMDue to a First Communion conflict, we would like to reschedule.
Convent Super Strikers
Dylan BoudraaYesMireille JarrousManager
11562671Confirmed$50.0050.00 Payment Successful2nd - SSPP Soaring Eagles GDuplicateRegular SFYS Season Game80624705-04-2019Palega18:00 AMDue to a First Communion conflict, we would like to reschedule.
Convent Super Strikers
Dylan BoudraaYesMireille JarrousManager
11567798Confirmed$50.0050.00 Payment Successful5-1810.10amWest Sunset U10 #1YesRegular SFYS Season Game80661703-30-2019
Minnie and Lovie Ward
31:00 AMWould like to move to 4/27, 5/4, 5/11, or 5/18.
3rd - Jaguar Cubs
Eric BeckerYesMary WooManager
11568957Confirmed$50.0050.00 Payment IncompleteSFVSC B05 White LaserxxxRemove from PENSRA - Game played in PacificaYesRegular SFYS Season Game80715303-10-2019Franklin11:30 PMWe would like to move this game to 4:30 pm @ Fairmont Field in Pacifica. Vikings will be providing the field and the referees.
Sport Alianza FC 05B Navy
John C Argueda Colan
YesJose FloresManager
11569461Confirmed$50.0050.00 Payment Successful2nd - Alvarado Red Cougars
Please see the information submission above, from Anthony.

Is a move ok on your part?
If so, I can move the game to:
5pm @ Mission Playground
5.30pm @ Grattan

Please let me know!
Regular SFYS Season Game80564503-30-2019GrattanAB1:30 PMWould like to move to April 27th, 2019. I don't know if the other coach can do it or not -- and I have to submit this or lose the form. Apologies.
SF Friends Blue Aftershocks
Laurence Albukerk
Anthony Veneziale
11572721Confirmed$50.0050.00 Payment Successful4th - Quidditch Queens
We have no availability on 5-19 for this game.
Do you have alternative dates?
5-113.30pmBeach 1CDYesRegular SFYS Season Game80672905-18-2019Garfield110:30aWe would like to move to Sunday May 19 in the afternoon, 1pm or later. thank youSF Sol AngelsKarli JonasenYesLaurie welstandManager
11572917Confirmed$50.0050.00 RefundedRegular SFYS Season Game80660705-11-2019West SunsetU1928:00Please move to a 9 or 10am start
McKinley Strikers Girls Red
Tiana FordYesAlexis MiddleManager
11574824Confirmed$50.0050.00 Payment Successful5th - BVHM Blue Dragons
I see from other emails you both agree to a change.
Can you please send me some common dates to explore and I'll give you field availability.
3-1611.45amBeach 2CDYesRegular SFYS Season Game80676604-13-2019beach chalet1CD215pmCL WOLVES agreed to reschedulevtyis game for our bye week on SAT 3/16, the BVHM dragons have a school camplungntrip the weekend of 4/13. thank you
claudia LeeYes
m. Johanna Lopez
11575375Confirmed$50.0050.00 Payment Successful5th - Starr King FC
We can move this to 3.30pm at Beach on 4-13?
4-133.30pmBeach 1ABYesRegular SFYS Season Game80612403-09-2019Beach Chalet1CD11:45We would like to move this game to April 13th after 3p. Thank you!!
5th - CIS Spitfires
Lily - Team MGR
YesAmy HoodCoach
11576942Confirmed$50.0050.00 Payment Successful4th - Quidditch Queens
Sadly no space on 4-14 - do you have alternatives?
4-2710.30amGarfieldYesRegular SFYS Season Game80671003-30-2019Beach Chalet1CD11:45We would like to move to Sunday Aril 14.
Alvarado Cougars United
Diana Simmons
Yeslaurie welstandManager
11577332Confirmed$50.0050.00 Payment Successful3rd - IFC Rooftop Rockstars
Rob, we have no space on the two mentioned dates - do you have alternatives?
4-710.10amWest Sunset 102YesRegular SFYS Season Game80662203-30-2019West SunsetU1018:00 AMWe would like to move this game to mid-morning on either 3/16 or 4/6. We won't be able to field on a team on 3/30 due to Spring Break and vacations.
3rd - Miraloma Thunder Dragons
lindsay kauffman
YesRob ReisCoach
11577559Confirmed$0.000.00 Payment SuccessfulIFC 08G Xerces
Rob - got your ask:
Do you have any other availability in the afternoon on 3/10 or any times on 3/17 or in the afternoon on 4/13 for us to move that game to?

3-10 - 10.30am is the latest kick off time available.
3-17 - 10.30am @ Beach
4-13 - no availability
3-1710.30amBeach 1ABYesRegular SFYS Season Game80732903-10-2019Beach Chalet1AB10:30 AMWe have a futsal game scheduled for 11am that day.
Alvarado 08G Black Cougars
Alicia YanowYesRob ReisManager