Election Observation Coordination Group (Nepal 2013)
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ActivitiesUNDP/ESPTAFIFESNDIInternationa lDEA
1Support to the Election Commission of Nepal (ECN)Ongoing support to ECN until 2016Yes
(Will support peer observation)
Ongoing support to ECN (technical and capacity building)No
2Support to CSOs to Observe Voter Registration ProcessLimitedNo- Surveys on voter registration
- Started voter registration awareness program for people with disabilities in three mid-west and three far-west districts
- Continued support to political parties to encourage people and party cadres/activists to get registered
3Support to CSOs to Conduct Voter Education/InformationTBDNoSupport to marginalized groups, including women, youth, Dalits, and people with disabilitieshttp://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoNLfg1uMOeBBpjAmRmej3A
4Support to CSOs to Conduct Candidate DebatesTBDNoNoSupport CSOs to conduct 10 candidate debates (constituencies TBD), which will be aired on local radio stations and television
5Monitoring Election ViolenceOngoing programElection violence mapping;
Linking NTTP forum for political and civil society interventions;
Plans to publish weekly election violence reports
6Support to Conduct Public Opinion PollsNoNoNoMonthly polls through INTERNEWS on political issues
7Support to International Election Observer GroupsYes, through Election Observation Resource CenterANFREL
50 observers
IFES does not provide direct support to DEMOs; however, IFES CSO partners will observe all three stages of the elections with a focus on disability issues
8Support to Domestic Election Observation GroupsYes, through Election Observation Resource CenterYes (Supplementary funding to NEOC to train and deploy 8,000 observers). EOC 30 observers and NEMA 300 observersNoYes, DEW-Nepal
9Support for Media MonitoringYesNoNoYes, through INTERNEWS on political and electoral issues
10Pre-Election Assessment Mission (PEAM)NoNoNoInternational PEAM(s) to observe general state of the country's electoral preparedness
11Peer ObservationNoYes
(EC teams from SAARC countries, Thailand, Australia, and South Korea)
12Support to Establish Election Observation Resource Center- Physical space, election information and orientations/trainings to DEMOs and international observer groups
- The materials include election-related laws, guidelines, the code of conduct for domestic and international observers, maps, information on polling centers, etc.
- Resource Center will be established two months prior to Election Day
- Specific briefings on electoral laws, polling locations, and the ongoing political and electoral environment
Note: International IDEA could not attend the meeting but informed that they are in an advanced state of negotiations with the ECN to provide them with their Electoral Risk Management Tool designed for monitoring and preventing risks for electoral violence. Reports by the observers groups would be a great source of data/information to the ECN. They will discuss this in the next meeting. Another activity is BRIDGE capacity building course, implemented together with the UNDP/ESP and IFES, with a leadership by the ECN - some of the modules are about election observation. [April 9, 2013]
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