Activity CodeDescriptionAdvisorLocationMeeting Days/Times
American Mathematics Competion Club (AMC Club) CLThe purpose of AMC club is to gather up the people who are interested in AMC and help them to prepare for the competition and get a good score. The goal is to improve their score every year. In the club, we will find past exams of AMC online and pick problems that relate to certain topics. We will let them try to do it and then explain the concepts and the solution.Mr. McAllister241Day 2
Archery ClubCLAn educational organization focused on safety, equipment & techniques associated with the sport of archery. Throughout the course of the year students will gain a better understanding of the sport of archery and the proper use of the modern compound bow through instruction and participation in organized archery practice. Open to all students from amateur to expert users. Mr. M. Chilcoat276Every Day 1 before school
Art ClubCLThe purpose of the art club is to plan, discuss and create art projects and partake in art related activities to help promote the arts in our school and community. Meets weekly on day 5 during Wildcat period.Mrs. Kohler256Every Day 5
Badminton ClubCLPlay badminton with light hearted competition. Be able to play at any skill levelwiht haveing fun as the goal. Mr. SmeltzerGymEvery Day 2
The Beacon (Newspaper)CO The Beacon has been Dallastown student newspaper since 1929. It serves as an open forum for the communication of the news, information, and opinions and provides practical experience in interviewing, writing, editing, social media, graphic design, photojournalism and website design. The Beacon is primarily run by the Print Journalism and Digital Media class, but students may also become involved as freelance writers or photographers by contacting Miss Gable. Ms. A. Gable310This is a part of Print Journalism and Digital Media classes
Big Buddy / Little Buddy ProgramEXHigh school students serve as mentors to elementary students by providing motivation and open ears. Through ongoing required weekly contacts, several field trips, and positive role modeling high school students often help to improve existing conditions of the child by boosting self-esteem, school performance, and attendance. Mrs. DixonSchool Counseling Office
Black Student Union (BSU)CLProvide services and programs that address the needs and concerns of students of color. We are committed to stimulating intellectual, social and cultural growth amongst our membership. We seek to create an atmosphere of safety, to encourage relationship building, to foster collaboration and to aid all students, especially students of color, in continued educational endeavors. The voluntary student led club is open to all students, meets during Wildcat periods and at other dates determined by student leadership.Major WhiteTheater RoomEvery other Day 4
Book ClubCLBook club is a great and strss-free wa to socialize and talk about books. It motivates students to read and they can view other perspectives, enfae in smal debates (optional), have open discussions, read diffferent types of books and join a welcoming community of book lovers. It is a great way to make friends and share what you love. Mrs. DallmeyerRoom 103Every other Day 3
Card ClubCLStudents gather to play card games such as Uno, GoFish, Rummy and to learn new card games. Meets cycle day 4 every other cycle. Mrs. Wilson25Every other Day 4
Chess ClubCLIntended for all those who enjoy playing chess. All are welcome - from Grand Champions to beginners just learning the game.Mr. Jansen251Every Day 1
Chinese Culture ClubCLImmersing interested students in Chinese culture with different activities. Club members will watch Chinese movies, play Chinese games/board games, Chinese papermaking, eat Chinese food and even pick Chinese nicknames.Mr. Ilyes215Every Day 6
Class OfficersEXElections for class officers will take place in the spring of each year. Class officers will work closely with a class advisor. Class officers must maintain the same academic standing that is required for all activities. Full ineligibility will result in forfeiture of the office. 9th - Dr. Wabnik 10th - Mrs. McCulough 11th - Mr. Hare and Mrs. Pomraning 12th - Mrs. French and Mrs. Epps
Clean and GreenCLThis club is to bring awareness to the problems that face the earth due to pollution/overconsumption and help the community deal wiht trash. We will go over positive news in the environment and rasie money for organizations that support sustainability. We will try and change the way people live to be more sustainable. Mrs. Mathias225Every Day 6
Cosplay ClubCLThe purpose of the cosplay club are to creast a welcoming environment for everyone, lear how to make cosplays, meet like-minded people and to have bake sales and othe rfundraisers. Mrs. Kohler256Every Day 5
Creative Writing ClubCLThe purpose of the club is to have fun while being open to new ideas. This club allows students to apply their writing skills, learn new techniques and publish their work in the "The Dallastown Review". Authors can publish anonymously.Ms. Williamson109Every Day 3
Cyberpatriot (Civilian Team)EXProvides exposure and hands-on instruction for all students who enjoy computers and may be interested in careers in cybersecurity or other science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines. Students may participate in competitions against civilian teams from other schools. All are welcome on the DAHS "Civilian" team; involvement in JROTC or interest in the military is NOT required. Major White 10
Dallastown Performing Arts Club (Drama Club)EXProvides opportunities for all students to explore and be involved in a variety of performing arts productions, including the annual fall play, Poetry Out Loud recitation competition, winter dinner theater and spring talent show. Yuninger120Every other Day 1
Design ClubCLMembers of this club will learn and expand their graphic design skills. We will help the school community with better graphics. We will also help other clubs with logo and tshirt designs. There will be workshops so all people all welcome!Mr. Tom Myers209Every other Day 3
DHS Bass Anglers ClubCLThe bass anglers club serves as a platform for students who share a passion for bass fishing to come together, learn, and enjoy the sport in a fun and supportive environment. We will also engage in friendly competition and tournaments. Mr. Kelly FlynnICAEvery Friday
EnvironthonCLLearn about the environment and applied biology while competing against other schoolsMrs. Fishel Mr. Stauffer Mrs. Bodisch212January - April afterschool
Fashion ClubCLDiscuss current fashion, bring awareness to sustainable clothing and discuss challenges facing the industry. We will volunteer and host a clothing drive to help those in need within the communityMrs. Guttridge316Every Day 1
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)CLF.C.A. is a nationally recognized organization focused on impacting athletes through Christian messages in a way that instills the values of Integrity, Service, Teamwork and Excellence. Voluntary, student-led meetings open to all occur after practices one day per week and at other announced dates and times determined by the student leadership.Mr. Zelger19Weekly Thursday monrings before school
First Priority Prayer ClubCLDevotionals, prayer and worship singing once a week. Service projects are planned to minister to the student body, faculty and staff.Ms. Doyon Mr. Motter219Every Day 1
Fostering Academic Mentorship (FAM)CLAligns high school mentors with intermediate school students who may be in need of extra support for many reasons related to home and/or school settings. High school mentors will serve as positive role models, helping DAIS students to be successful through school work and organizational activities. The goal of the DAIS F.A.M. program is to help DAIS students with their school performance, self-esteem, and interpersonal skills.Mrs. DixonCounseling OfficeMeets every Wednesday 2:35 p.m. – 3:20 p.m. (students must have own transportation
French National SocietyEXThe French National Honor Society is an organization whose intent is to recognize high school students in the US who have maintained excellent grades in French I and II and are enrolled in French III or higher; this is done by inductions into the organization.Mr. Hare410
Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)EXProvides innovative leadership development programs to students and brings business and education together in a positive working relationship. For more information visit www.dtownfbla.weebly.comMr. Donatelli Mrs. Guttridge Mr. Robinson Theatre RoomDay 6 - once a month
Future Educators/ Educators RisingEXStudents have the opportunity to explore a career in teaching, including presentations on The Student Teaching Experience, Special Education, Elementary, High School/Middle School, Teacher Preparation, Round Table Discussions with Teachers - To Be and New Teachers and Education in America.Mrs. Dallmeyer103Day 2 - once a month
Gender & Sexuality Alliance Club (GSA)CLThe Dallastown Gender & Sexuality Alliance (GSA) is a respectful environment for all students to discuss topics affecting us daily. Through the GSA, Dallastown hopes to be able to include discussion that is universal to all teens. Discussions are held day 6 during Wildcat period. Mrs. Riddle Mrs. Kohler226Every Day 6
German ClubCLThe German Club meets at least once a month to promote German language and culture. You do not have to be a German student to come to our meetings, just have interest in the German language and/or culture. The members of the German Club also offer tutoring during Wildcat periods. Please sign up in advance.Mrs. Roberts412Every other Day 2
German National SocietyEXThe German National Honor Society is an organization whose intent is to recognize high school students in the US who have maintained excellent grades in at least 3 trimester of German language courses; this is done by inductions into the organizationMrs. Roberts412
Girls Learn InternationalCLThe Girls Learn International program supports the empowerment of U.S. students as they discover that through their own creative initiatives, dedication and passionate leadership, they can create real solutions that address the obstacles facing girls and women in the U.S. and around the world. Mrs. Yuninger Mrs. Bonanni122Every Day 4
Global Scholars ProgramCLStudents must meet the requirements in World Language courses, global studies, service hours and complete literary reviews. Once these requirements are met the student will receive a certificate and wear a Global Scholars cord for graduation. Meets monthly during Wildcat period.Mrs. Garrett414Day 4 - once a month
Handheld Gamers ClubCLGamers bring in their handheld games, board/card games and socialize with other gamers. Multiplayer gaming is highly encouraged. The club provides a Wii system. This club is open to all students in grades 9 -12. They meet every Thursday after school from 3 - 4 PM.Mr. StriebigInnovation Center Every Thuirsday after school 3 - 4 pm
Health STAT Club (DHS) CLThe mission of Health STAT Club is to inform and facilitate students pursuing careers in medicine or health care, and to serve our community by supporting selected health-related causes, including staging an annual blood drive.Mr. Herbert230Every other Day 4
History ClubCLTo expose students to the multi-faceted topic of history in an exciting atmosphere. Activities include field trips, historical movies, service projects, event reenactments and more. Mrs. Dallmeyer103Every other Day 4
Interact ClubCLA local branch of the Rotary to help teens get involved in improving lives locally and globally through service. This club works closely with Rotary on volunteer projects that impact people at home and afar.Mr. Buer288First Day 2 of the month
Intermediate World Language ProgramCLStudents who are enrolled in a second year or higher World Language class and/or who are fluent in a language other than English are invited to teach World Language to students at DAIS over a 10-week period in the fall of the school year. See Mrs. Garrett for specific times and days.Mrs. Garrett414/DAISOctober - December on Tuesday
International Thespian Society (Dallastown Chapter) EXThis is the globally recognized honor society for the performing arts, encouraging the advancement of standards of excellence in the theatre and recognizing the achievements of theatre students. Members must meet induction criteria. Attends and/or performs at the annual State Thespian Festival.

Mrs. Yuninger120Every other Day 1
Junior Reserves Officers' Training Corps (JROTC)CURJROTC is a Federal program sponsored by the United States Armed Forces in high schools across the United States. The Marine Corps JROTC program's mission is to develop leadership skills, strengthen character, help form habits of self-discipline and self-confidence as well as develop informed and responsible citizens. JROTC does not seek any particular commitment to the military.Major White
CyberPatriot (Civilian Team)EXProvides exposure and hands-on instruction for all students who enjoy computers and may be interested in careers in cybersecurity or other science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines. Students may participate in competitions against civilian teams from other schools. All are welcome on the DAHS "Civilian" team; involvement in JROTC or interest in the military is NOT required.Major White
CyberPatriot (JROTC Only Team)EXProvides exposure and hands-on instruction for all students who enjoy computers and may be interested in careers in cybersecurity or other science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines. Students may participate in competitions against JROTC teams from other schools. Involvement in JROTC is required.Major White
Drill Team (JROTC Only Team)EXDrill teaches good discipline, enhances concentration and builds esprit de corps in a unit. Drill team and drill competition is a very worthwhile cadet activity. Drill competitions are conducted locally, regionally, and at the very competitive national level. Membership on the drill team requires a great deal of dedication and practice. Involvement in JROTC is required.Major White
Marksmanship Team (JROTC Only Team)EXMarksmanship is an exciting and rewarding sport that demands the ultimate in discipline and concentration. Members do not have to be big or strong or fast to be an outstanding marksman. Firing an air rifle is a challenging and fun activity but must always be taken seriously. Safety must always be first and foremost in Marine Corps JROTC marksmanship. Marksmanship competition are conducted locally, regionally, and at the very competitive national level. Membership on the marksmanship team requires a great deal of dedication and practice. Involvement in JROTC is required.Major White
Physical Training (PT)/Raiders (JROTC Only Team)EXThe PT/Raider Team is a competitive team that focuses on physical endurance and conditioning.  A Raider Team Competition normally includes the Army Physical Fitness Test, a 10 KM road march with equipment,  Raider Gauntlet (obstacle course), Land Navigation, and One Rope Bridge Competition.  The team is VERY PHYSICALLY DEMANDING. Membership on the PT/Raiders team requires a great deal of dedication and practice. Involvement in JROTC is required.Major White
Latin Club (Ordo Saeclorum)CLDAHS students of Latin have an opportunity to promote and study the Latin language and Western-Latin civilization outside the classroomDr. Nelson130
Leo ClubCLOur objective is to provide the youth of Dallastown with an opportunity for development and contributions, individually and collectively, as responsible members of the local, national and international community through memberships in the Dallastown Leo Club, sponsored by the local Dallastown Lions Club and affiliated with Lions Club International. Ms. Godfrey109First Tuesday of every month
Line Dancing Club CLCountry line dancingMr. GoodHS Auxilary Gym/ Wrestinling RoomEvery Wednesday during Wildcat period
Maker ClubCLFor students interested in making, building or tinkering. They will have access to the Digital Fabrication Lab (laser engraver, vinyl cutter, CNC machine), Robotics Lab (Arduino, VEX Robot System) and Woodworking Lab. What you creat is up to your imagination. In addition to individual projects, members may participate in club fundraisers projects, community service projects and local engineering competitions. Note: Some individual projects may incur a materials fee.Mr. Nolt272Every Day 2
Math ClubCLMath Club is a community of students that share a common interest in all types of mathematics. Club members will have opportunities to apply and improve math skills by participating in math competitions and learning circles. Members will learn about interesting careers in math related fields and engage in activities that promote the appreciation and pursuit of mathematics beyond the regular mathematics curriculum.Mrs. Rose-Mulder259Every Day 3
Mental Health Awareness Club (MHAC) CLProvides an environment which promotes establishing a caring school culture, a healthy lifestyle and mental health awareness through student collaboration and community education. Mrs. K Wilson 25Every Day 3
mini-THONEXThis effort unites students and staff members to organize and participate in this 12 hour overnight fundraising event in the Spring. All proceeds benefit the Four Diamonds. Please see Mrs. Werner if you would like to participate.Mrs. WernerEvery Day 2
Model UN (United Nations)CLThe purpose of this organization is to increase knowledge of international affairs, research and formulate positions and logical support for those positions, develop leadership and communication skills. Wemeet once per cycle during Wildcat period.Mrs. Wilson25Every Day 2
Mu Alpha Theta (MATh)EXNational Mathematics Honor Society dedicated to inspiring keen interest in mathematics, developing strong scholarship in the subject and promoting the enjoyment of mathematics in high school students.Mr. Stein Mr. Chilcoat240
Multimedia Analysis & Appreciation Club CLAs a group, discuss the symbolism, message, implications and biases behind or revealed by paritnings, sculptures, musice, poetry, and movie scenes. Ecplore career options dealing with multimedia analysis. Individualy present inspirational multimedia and discuss creator tastics. Applu multimedia to our greater society and out lives. Study relevant history, creator tactics and movements. Ms. Gibson123Every Day 1
Music Production ClubEXAims to provide students with a collaborative environment for making music, writing lyrics and providing networking communities.Mr. Gottloeb404
MusicalEXEach year a musical is performed by high school students.Mrs. Anderson Mrs. McCleary278
National Art Honor Society (NAHS)EXOutstanding art students are selected on the basis of character, leadership and service. Members are expected to share their artistic talents, attend chapter meetings and participate in community service art activities.Mr. T. Myers252Every Day 6
National Honor Society (NHS)EXCreates an enthusiasm for superior scholarship, to stimulate a desire to serve the community, to promote leadership and to exemplify good character. Members are invited after a rigorous selection process and must maintain at least a 4.3 WGPA.Ms. Lehr and Mrs. Rose Mulder 206Once a month before school
Net Sports ClubCLIn the net sports club, members will enjoy playing common games like pickleball, table tennis, volleyball and other sports involving nets. All people are welcome as it is a calm club where other sports enthusiasts can enjoy. Participants will be learning and actively participating in net sports around the world.Mr. ThomanGymDay 3
Newspaper See Beacon above
One Love ClubCLTo teach peers, with the help of guest speakers, what healthy relationship behavior looks like and to change the statistics about abuse, sexual assault and harassment. Mrs. Epps113Day 3 - once a month
Rosie's ClassEXProvides after-school opportunities for high school students to volunteer their time and talents to teach critical life and social skills to special education students in an instructional setting.Mrs. Bertok262Every Thursday after school
Secular Student AllianceCLTo explore secularism and humanism in an engaging and unbiased manner while discussing various religions and their cultures/beliefs. Different perspectives will be discussed via respectful debates and philosophical discourse. Mr. Gottloeb404Every Day 4
South Asian Cultures ClubCLTo provide and explain a thorough understanding of the cultural aspects of Pakiston, India, Banglasesh, Nepal and SriLanka. We would serve as a community for everyone interested in these varying cultures. Mrs. McKenzie15Every other Day 3
Spanish ClubCLThe Spanish club will give members the opportunity to experience the Spanish language and culture. Mrs. Herman 407Every other Day 5
Unified Sports Club Special OlympicsCLThe purpose of this club is to activate young people to become agents of change and build school respect between persons with and without intellectual disabilities. This club will participate in Unified activities throughout the district. Play Unified. Live Unified.Mr. K. Myers Ms. WolfeAuditoriumEvery Day 3
The Spectator (Yearbook) EXRecord the history of each year in a high quality yearbook while providing the staff to learn necessary skills.Mrs. Dallmeyer103
Speech & Debate Team (Forensics)EXThe Dallastown Forensics team allows students to develop their speaking, acting and rhetorical skills. Students interested in debate or public speaking will learn research techniques to help produce debate cases or original speeches, while students interested in the dramatic interpretation develop selections that they "bring to life" through their performances. Our team participates in tournaments throughout the school year and has been quite successful both locally and nationally.Mrs. Dacheux105
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) ClubCLSTEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. If you want to learn more about the surrounding world, or you are considering a math or science based career, then perhaps STEM Club is for you. Each meeting, members will discuss current events regarding STEM. (NASA projects, new discoveries, etc.) We will also conduct science experiments together in an effort to learn more about specific areas of science. Mr. Ilyes and Mr. Cohen219Every other Day 4
Student CouncilEXTo represent the student body of the high school using the democratic process and to conduct activities to stimulate involvement and build spirit.Mrs. Huyett and Mr. Hosetter121
Tabletop Gaming ClubCLTo provide students with an open, safe space to play tabletop games with other students. Everyone who is willing to be a positive contributor is welcome. We are open to all school appropriate tabletop games.Ms. Newcomer126
The United VoicesCLThis is a new level of singing and entertainment and is composed of people who share a lover for music outside of chorus and/or feel more comfortable being a part of something on more of a small scaled and student led. This group is also to help the talents, build more stage confidence, mentorship, music writing skills, new vocal technigues and musical knowledge. Mrs. Wabnik Ms. Gibson107 or Chorus RoomDays 5 and 3
Video Production ClubCLStudent producers gain more opportunities to create video projects, learn new skills and work alongside others with similar interests. Members will submit work to various film festivals, participate in workshops and have the opportunity to attend field trips. The club will be open to Dallastown students, but commitment to the creative process is a must. Mr. Klinedinst265Every Day 4
OrchestraEXString EnsembleMr. Kaliszak288
Pit OrchestraEXProvides music for the annual spring musical
Concert BandCURFall, Holiday & Spring concertsMr. Buer288
Jazz BandEXDecember thru May, Thursday evening rehearsals; spring concerts
Marching BandEXFootball games, parades and competitions
Wind EnsembleEXAuditioned group; meets during flextime; participates in Spring Concert
Treble ChoirCURClass meets in the fall trimester and performs in the Fall ConcertMrs. McCleary278
Treble EnsembleEXSmall, auditioned group that performs additional music at the concerts
Concert ChoirCURAuditioned group that performs at fall, holiday & spring concerts. This class meets year round.
Select Vocal EnsembleEXSmall ensemble that sings at concerts & community events
Spring MusicalSee Musical above
CL = ClubParticipation outside school curriculum, with no eligibility requirements
CO = Co-CurricularComplementary to school curriculum
CUR = CurricularCoincides with school curriculum
EX = Extra-CurricularParticipation outside school curriculum, with eligibility requirements
Cheerleading - FootballFALLGirlsJH / JV/ Varsity
Cross CountryBoys / GirlsJH / Varsity
Field Hockey GirlsJH / JV/ Varsity
FootballBoysJH / JV/ Varsity
GolfBoys / GirlsJV / Varsity
SoccerBoys / GirlsJV / Varsity
TennisGirlsJV / Varsity