Grade/DepartmentFaculty & StaffFavorite ColorFavorite Candy or SweetsFavorite SnackFavorite Drink (include coffee drink)Favorite Flower or PlantFavorite Restaurant or Fast FoodWhere would you like to receive a gift card to?Things you collect/favorite activities &/or hobbiesIf someone were to give you a gift, what would you like?Wish list for classroomT-Shirt SizeAmazon Wishlist Address
KindergartenMelissa BowmanLight BlueSnickers, Peanut M and M's, Hershey Symphony bar with almonds and toffee, milk chocolate salted caramels Milk chocolate pretzels, Pretzel & cheese Combos, Donuts, White cheddar popcornDr. Pepper, Sweet Tea, LimeadeTulips and OrchidsTexas Roadhouse, PF Chang's, Chick-fil-A, Cracker BarrelTarget, Walmart, Chick-fil-A, any restaurant (love going out to eat!)Willow Tree Angels, love to go to the movie theater, spend time with my familyGift card, something with my initials (MSB)Smelly stickers, smelly markers, items for the treasure chest
KindergartenKristin PattersonGreenMike and Ikes, M and M's, dark chocolate., anything gluten freeWhite chedder popcorn, gluten free snacksSparkling waterTulips and RosesChick-fi-la, PaneraAmazon, Michaels, TargetLove being outside and hikinh/ camping. Love doing art projects on my cricutGift cards, soemthing from my wishlistFlair pens, Notecards, paper towels, somethign from my wishlistmedium
KindergartenCheryl RoweGreenReese's Cups, Peanut M&M's, 5th Avenue,Cheeto's, Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Yogurt covered pretzels, donuts, salt and vinegar chipsDiet CokeDaisy, tulip, hydrangeaChick-fil-a, Panera, Glory Days, Longhorn, Wild Ginger,Starbucks, Target, Barnes and Noble, WalmartReading and bakingI would be happy with anything.Books, stickers, watercolor paints, Play-Doh, construction paper, Legos
KindergartenJill TrachtenbergTurquoiseYork, Hershey's Krackel, Nesltle CrunchOreo, sour cream and onion chipsCream sodaDaisyGlory Days, Chuy's, Chic-fil-aTarget, AmazonSnoopy themegift cards, anything you think I would likestickers, Snoopy decor, Mr. Scetch scented markers, Amazon Wish List smallTrachtenberg Class Amazon Wish List
KindergartenKayla TurnerBlue or orangeCharleston Chew, Cookies and Cream chocolate, Reese cups, Milky Way, Peanut M&M'sPringles, Cheez Its, Kettle corn(sweet), everything bagel chips, Garden Salsa sun chipsDr. Pepper zero or Dr. Pepper Cherry zero, Mountain Dew, Frozen Caramel coffee from Dunkin, Diet Lemonade from CFASunflowerChick-Fil-A, Texas Roadhouse, Mod PizzaAmazon, 2nd and CharlesReading, hiking, Virginia Tech Hokies, Georgia Bulldogs, turtles Sweets, school supplies, anything!Construction paper (all colors), astrobright paper, paint markers, legos, books for our class library.
Large, if it is fitted x-large
1stKatie HayLight pinkReese's Peanut Butter Cups & Mint Dark ChocolateGoldfish, Skinny Pop, & anything from Ukrop's!Iced coffeeRosesChick-Fil-A, Mexico Restaurant, & First WatchAmazon & PublixSpending time with my husband, cheering on the Kansas City Chiefs, and going to the beach!Amazon Gift Card :)Playdough, Scotch Laminating Sheets, & Papermate Flair Felt Tip PensSmallMrs. Hay's Wish List
1stAnne Harrison ShumakerblueDark ChocolatePopcornVanilla LatteTulip, HydrangeaChick Fil A, Sedona, MexicanTarget, AmazonSeaglass Gift Cards :)Anything on Amazon wishlistLMrs. Shumaker's Wish List
1stLauren SmithBlue, red & polka dotsTake 5, anything with Chocolate & Peanut ButterChocolate Covered PretzelsDiet Coke, Sweet TeaDaisyMexico, Texas Roadhouse, Taziki'sAmazon, TargetHokies/ Eagles, SeussGift cards or Amazon wish listplaydough, treasure box items, Mr Sketch scented markersXLSmith Amazon Wish List
1stJan StanleyPinkChocolate and peanut butter, York peppermint pattiesTrail mix, sun chips,crackers, peanutsDr. Pepper, Vanilla Chai Tea LatteHydrangeaChick-Fil-A, Panera, Chipotle, Taziki'sTarget, Amazon, TJ MaxxGoing to the movies, spending time with family, beach, riverGift Cardplaydough, treasure box items, Mr. Sketch scented markersMediumStanley Amazon Wish List
1stLindsay SwoapGreenTwix Pretzels Diet Coke, coffeeAllChipotle, Glory Days, MexicanTarget, AmazonReading, Alabama Roll Tidegift cardsSee Amazon list,Smelly markers, bluetooth speaker, legos, water color paints, white board markersSwoap Amazon wish list
2ndSusan BrennanBlue/GreenAlmond Joy, Heath Chocolate, Twix, SnickersNacho Cheese Doritos, Kettle Potato Chips with Sea Salt, PretzelsDiet Dr. Pepper, CoffeeAnyPanera, Chick-fil-a, Burger Bach, Sedona Taphouse, BonefishRestaurants, Target, Bath and Body, StarbucksReading, travelinganything!Games
2ndJulie CamireBlueHershey's bar, Mr. Goodbar, M&Ms (any kind)Cheez-its, Goldish, pretzel chips, trail mix, Pure Leaf Sweet Tea, Starbucks Skinny Vanilla Latte', Fresca, Diet CokeRoses, Anything Outback, Chick-Fil-A, Texas Roadhouse, Chipotle, Cava, Cheesecake FactoryTarget, Walmart, AmazonShopping, going to the beach, spending time with my familyTarget gift card
2ndJessica L. DrahmsTeal, Coral, PinkChocolate & Peanut Butter, low sugar sweetsFresh Fruit/peanut butter, Veggies/hummus, Gluten Free Snacks, Salt & Vinegar ChipsDecaf Almond Milk Lattes Starbucks, Flavored WaterTulipCAVA, Charred, NAPA, Cheesecake Factory, Gelati Celesti, Portico, ShyndigzAnywhere :)Escape Rooms, Trying new places to eat, Camping, Hiking, Traveling, Beach, Boating, Rugby/Football/Dance MomAnything Personalized or Fun Things to do with my kidsKid scissors, tape, packing tape, dog theme things, bulldogs, treasure box items, teachers pay teachers gift cards SDrahms Amazon Wish List
2ndScotia LawsonBlueAll candy, chocolate w/ caramel or nuts, gumSkinny Pop popcorn, applesSweet Tea, White Chocolate Latte, Coffee with lots of cream and sugarAllChick-Fil-A, Flying PigBarnes and Noble or bookstores, Walmart, TargetReading, Anything play-doh, paper, markers or gel pens for writer's workshop, baby wipes, treasure box items (don't have to be new), plastic Lap desksM/L
2ndKristin McDonaldRedReese cupsTrail mix, pretzels, peanutsCoke Zero and StarbucksSucculentsChick Fil A , First Watch, SergiosStarbucks/Sergios/ AmazonReading, going to the movies/going to the beachIt's a gift- surprise me!Amazon wish listAmazon Wish List
2ndAmy StampAqua/hot pinkPeanut M&M's or anything chocolateTrail mix, cupcakes, pretzels, chocolateDiet Coke/Coke ZeroAnyChick Fil A , TazikisChick-fil-a, TJ Maxx, Amazon, Walmart, TargetShopping, reading, pool, beach, movies, travelinggift cards, sweet treats, earringsSee Amazon Wish List XLWishlist Mrs. Stamp
3rdKristen BrayTurquoisePeppermint Patties/Junior Mints, Kit Kat, Sour Patch Kids, M&MsGoldfish, CheezitsDr. PepperGerbera DaisiesDon PepeAmazonfirst edition Nancy Drew booksanything!
3rdTyler CharbonneauBlueAnything ChocolateChocolate chip cookies, sour cream and onion pringles, cheeze itsCoffee & Diet Ginger AleAnything that doesn't die easily!Panera, Starbucks, Panda ExpressAmazon, TargetSuperhero StuffGift Cards, Chocolate
3rdLauren HarrisPink/turquoiseSnickers, peachy-o's, chocolate, take 5Chocolate covered pretzels, chex-mix, goldfishSprite, A & W Rootbeer, coffeeLilliesChick-fil-a, Panera, Tazikis, Mexico, Texas Roadhouse, Flying PigStarbucks, Amazon, food places, Target, Places to get pedicuresflamingos, reading, Christmas ornaments, pedicures, succulentsgift cards
3rdStephanie LambertRainbow minus redSour patch kids, gummy candy and all chocolatePretzels, fruit, trailmix Diet Dr. PepperI love them allCava, Mexico, WawaTarget, Amazon, TJ MaxxCactus and rainbow stuff for the classroom, anything fun to do outdoorsI love surprisescolored cardstock, favorite books, gamesAmazon Wishlist- Steph Lambert
3rdKara WalkerGreenPeanut butter cups filled with anything yummyTrail mix with chocolate and peanut butterDiet Dr. PepperAnyTazikis, CavaWalmart, Targetshopping for a deal and organizing, the lakeexperiences to try new thingssee amazon list
3rdJamie WiederGreenAnything peanut butter and sweettartsCheetos, Baked LaysLemonadeI love all flowers and plants! Wawa, Which Which, PaneraTarget, Amazon, TJ MaxxReading, manicures, spending time with familyGift cardsNew or used building materials for STEM bins!
4thKayla Davispink anything chocolate, sour candy, I am obsessed with vanilla cake popsGoldfish, chocolate covered pretzelsDiet Dr. Pepper, Spindrift sparkling water, lemonadeI LOVE flowers and plants! Especially pink!Chipotle, Chick Fil A, Wawa, anything local :)AmazonBooks, JMU Dukes, Baltimore RavensGift cardSee Amazon WishlistMKayla Davis's Wish List
4thChrissy Fitzgeraldteal Sour candies & Peanut M&MPretzels, nuts, popcorn, goldfish, white cheddar popcornDiet Dr PepperSunflowersTexas Roadhouse, Chick-Fil-A, Mexican Target or Amazon reading, going to the gym, traveling, and all things Disney gift cardsexpo markers, color cardstock paper, sharpies, amazon gift card to buy things for the classLMrs. Fitzgerald's Wish List
4thDebra Franklinpink or teal Jolly Ranchers, sugar free candy fruit, dried fruit, popcorncoffee, diet dr. Pepperany flower!Bonefish, any Mexican Restaurant, chick fil-aAmazontraveling, pedicures, Virginia TechAmazon Gift cardsee amazon list :) MFranklin's Amazon Wish List
4thVickie HugatePink and silver Reese pieces and peanut M&MsNuts (almonds, pecans & walnuts) and popcornDiet Dr. PepperWild flowersWawa / Bone Fish/ Flying pig/ ANY MexicanTJ Maxx/ AmazonI collect nutcrackers and getting my nails done.Amazon gift cards gift cards or Amazon to buy classroom materialsVickie Hugate's Wish List
4thRenee StuartMaroon and Orange!! VT!! Green is my house colorLily's Sugar Free Chocolates Ice Cube Gum NOT peppermintMacadamia Nuts, Marcona Almonds, Pork RindsDiet Dr. Pepper/Zero SugarsTulipsChic-Fil-A, PaneraAmazonVirginia Tech Baby!!! Anything the Hokies are playing or Doing! Also VCU basketball!!Gift cardAmazonRenee Stuart Wish List
4thCarrie Wallaceteal Reese's PB cupsPretzels, nuts, popcorn, goldfish, white cheddar popcorncoffee, diet dr. Peppergerber daisiesRico's, Charred, Chick-Fil-ATarget, Amazon, Starbucksreading, cooking, gym, Oregon DucksGift cardColored card stock, white card stock, sharpies, teacher scissorsLargeWallace Wish List
5thShelley AtkinsonBlue/GreenAny chocolate with nuts or gummy bearsPopcorn, chips, nuts, pretzelsSparkling water, coffee (Americano or Cafe Misto w/nonfat milk(Love them all!AnyAmazon or StarbucksReading, cooking, travel and going to the gymAmazon gift gift cards or Amazon to buy classroom suppliesmediumAtkinson Wish List
5thKelly BowlesHokie colorsSugar free gumAnything salty. cheese popcorn! Sugar free gum:)UnSweet teaAny spring flower AnyAmazon, CostcoVeggie and herb garden, lake and beachAmazon gift cardsAmazon gift cards to buy classroom materialsLargeBowles's Class Amazon Wish List
5thKara GallagherBlue and greenSugar free gum, tootsie pops, peanut m&msPistachios and cheddar cheese (together), oikos triple zero yogurt and walnutsWaterWhite daisies with yellow centerChick-fil-A, PaneraLowe's, Amazongardening, playing with Honey Dew, spending time with my family, creating pottery, playing the piano, sewing, photography, cooking, weavingA Lowe's or Amazon gift cardTissue,sharpie markers, colored card stock, paper towels, handsoap, dry erase markersXL
5thBrandy HobbsPurplegummy wormschips and cards to gift cards or Amazon to buy classroom materials,Brandy Hobbs' Amazon Wish List
5thSheila MayhewBluechocolate Popcorn, fruitDiet cherry pepsi/cokeIrisTexas Roadhouse, any Mexican, Chick-fil-aAmazongoing to movies, travel, family, readinggift cardsTeacher's Pay Teachers gift card, Amazon gift card, largeSheila Mayhew wishlist
5thStephanie PrattTealWatermelon Sweettart Ropes, Dark Chocolatestrawberries, chips and salsa or guacamoleSweet TeaAllBonefish, StarbucksTarget, Amazon, Starbuckslake, beach, Dallas Cowboys, spending time with my familygift cardsAmazon gift cards, flexible seatingXL
ArtRuth PalczynskiRedChocolate anything!chips, popcorn, nutsDiet CokeAll!PizzaAnywhere (thank you!)Anything!Sharpie markers
Art ItinerantCassie DuarteTealchocolatepopcorn, candy, cookiesdiet cokeanyChick-fil-AAmazonart stuffanything!black ink padsLarge
LibraryRebecca SchneebergerBlueReese Cups, Dove Milk ChocolateMixed Nuts, Lentil ChipsTea half sweet, half unsweetLemon or LimeCavaBarnes and Noble or AmazonI love to explore local coffee shops!! I enjoy spending time with family, reading, baking, gardening, playing tennis, and training my new puppy!A noteWipes
Library IABabara PlunkettOrangeMoundsAppleDiet tonic waterAll!OutbackAmazonGardenng, readingAmazon gift card
Library Itinerant
MusicEllie SwansonPinkReese's cups, StarburstsPopcornCoke, Spindrift sparkling waterssucculantscava, chick-fil-a, wawatargetblack cat figurines, playing board games, hikinga student hand-written notepencils, crayons, fidgetssmall
Music ItinerantMatt Evangelisto
P.E.Marc BergeBluePeanut M&MsAlmondsA&W rootbeerRoseBonefish Grill, MOD pizzaWawaGolfGift card
P.E. ItinerantColt ResnickBlueNerds Clusters/Gummy BearsChips and SalsaSweet Tea/Iced CoffeeAllChipotle, Chick-Fil-A, DominosAmazon/TargetSoccer, RunningGift cardLarge
STEAMJessica SuttonOrangeAnything Dark ChocolateCheetos, Chips & Salsa, FruitChai Tea Latte, Coke, limeadeTulipsAny Mexican Resaurant, Taziki's, CavaTarget, Amazonhiking, going to concerts, travelingSurprises from our classroom wish listTeachers Pay Teachers gift card
STEAM ItinerantPatrick DonovanBlueThree Musketeersfun flavored chipsflavored sweet teaany and allAny (love trying new places)Amazonanything outdoors (hiking, camping, fishing, paddling)2xl
Exceptional Education
Exceptional Ed.Stacey FalwellPink/TealReese's Cups/SnickersGluten Free SnacksBai/Ready-Lyte/Sweet TeaTulips/ SucculentsMexican/ Texas Roadhouse/ Chick-Fil-A/ Mellow MushroomAmazon/TargetCamping/Shopping/Traveling/LakeGiftcard or Items Off Of My Amazon ListBooks, Tissues, Clorox Wipes, Items From Amazon ListLargeMrs. Falwell's Wish List
Exceptional Ed.Cori BeggPink/coralPeanut M&MsAnything ChocolateSnapple peach teaPink carnationsTaziki's, Chick-Fil-AWalmart or TargetSomething handmade by the kidsConstruction paper, 8 1/2 x 11 laminating film for a home laminator, Velcro dots, dry erase markers
Exceptional Ed.Megan O'BrienYellow & tealMr. GoodbarGluten free snacksFiji waterHydrangeasAnything that has Gluten Free Items!Walmart, Amazon, AldiShoppingTissues, disenfecting wipes, hand sanitizerfidget toyssmallMrs. O'Brien's Amazon Wish List
Exceptional Ed.Christine TingleBlueNestle's Crunch, Dove Milk Chocolate, Hershey with AlmondsCrunchy Cheetos, Dill Pickle ChipsBai-Strawberry Lemonade, Watermelon, Blueberry, PomegranateLilac/HyacinthChick-Fil-ATarget, AmazonSports, shopping, reading, walking,Anything!folders, post it notes, tissues, sharpies, highlighters, composition notebooks, foldersMedium
Exceptional Ed.Jenifer FriedelPurpleReese's cups/ Peanut Butter M&MsTrail Mix/ Dried Fruit/ChocolateBubblyTulips/ RoseVinny's, MezahAmazon, TJ MaxxReading, BeachAnythingAmazon Wish List-FriedelMediumAmazon Wish List-Friedel
Exceptional Ed. Carly CrownPurpleM&Ms or TwizzlersPretzelsMango BubblyAnyCava or Chick-Fil-ATargetReading and GardeningAnythingMedium
Literacy SpecialistSarah PalmatierPurpleReeses, Snickers, peanut M&M'sGoldfish, pretzels, cool ranch doritosDiet Coke, coffeeAnyPanera, Rico's, Chick-Fil-AAmazon, Target, Hobby Lobby Reading, Christmas ornaments, being a baseball momgift cardsAmazon Wish List-Sarah IngramAmazon Wish List-Sarah Ingram
Literacy SpecialistTierra Hobson-TrotterPurpleDove milk chocolate barsLays Poppables Diet CokeDaisies Panera, Chic Fil A, Chipotle Target, PetsmartSpending time with family and shoppingGift cardsLarge
ESLChris CrossleyGreenProtein BarHummus, Dried Fruit, Protein Bars, Granola BarsBlack Coffee, Carbonated WaterSergio's Pizza, Chick-Fil-AAmazonTies, Reading, Spending time with my son outside, Board gamesAnythingLarge
SpeechBrittany MalcolmGreenDark chocolate, Reese'sPopcorn, goldfish, chipsCokeSunflowersChick-Fil-A, PaneraAmazon, TargetSpending time with my family and being outsideAnything! Small
PrincipalCourtney JonesBlueRock candy, Heath BarsChips & SalsaWater, Dunkin Donuts coffee (Pumpkin or French Vanilla)MumsSergio's, Chick-fil-A, MexicanAmazon, TJ Maxxworking out, spending time with my family, anything Fall (pumpkin spice), booksAnything - a simple note can always brighten someone's dayStock the teacher's lounge fridge or snack cart with goodies for our team!M
Assistant PrincipalEmily McCrackenBlack, Mustard, or Olive Reeses cups or anything chocolate peanut butterAnything salty and sweet (chocolate covered pretzels, salted caramel anything, etc.)Coffee (ANY! Latte, cold brew, mocha, plain coffee, caffeine get in my body!)Succulents or DaisiesChipotle, Toast, anywhere I don't have to cook! Amazon, Target, Lazy DaisyWorking out, being with my kids, upcycling furnitureAnything! It's so wonderful to be thought of in any capacity!XL
Office ManagerJane LawrenceBlue or greenPeppermint patties 5th ave barFruitDiet Dr. PepperAllChick-Fil-ATJ Maxx, Amazon
RegistrarSusan KingPurplePeanut M&MsSkinny Pop (Sweet and Salty)Tea half sweet, half unsweetSunflowerChick-Fil-A
SecretaryMichelle Roddybaby bluesugar free gumcashewsiced coffee with vanilla creamelephant earMexicanAmazonChristmas Elves anythinganything handmade
Annual Substitute TeacherMeg RosenbergBlue/GreenYork Peppermint Patties, Reeses peanut butter cupsPop Corners (Kettlecorn or Sea Salt), Skinny Pop (White Cheddar or Plain)Diet Coke or Diet Dr. PepperTulipsPanera, Surgio's, Chick-fil-AAmazon or targetSpending time with my family, going to the movies, hikes at the park, & camping, pedicuresanything :)Large
Instructional DesignerKeith BaldwinBluesmart pop popcornTrail mix, beef jerky/sticksCoffee(carmel latte)Outdoor plants & flowersPaneraAmazonFootball (Buffalo Bills)Amazon gift cardsLarge
Counseling Office
School CounselingChris CoppTealTwix, Heath barsSmart food white cheddar popcornChai latteQueen Anne's LaceThe DailyAmazon or TargetCeramics classes at Visual Arts Center/Hiking/Kayakinganything clorox wipes, tissuesMedium
School CounselingCourtney SaundersBlueSour Patch KidsPopcorn & jalapeno chipsBlack coffeeAll!Chick Fil AAmazon/Target/StarbucksCandles, readinganything things from my amazon list
School CounselingMegan HigginsRedTwixSkinny popDiet Dr. Pepper/Vitman Zero waterAll!TazikisAmazon, Hobby Lobbyrunning, hiking, travelingGIftcard but really anything!Pencils, clorox wipes, tissues, hot glue gun glue sticksSmall
Exceptional Education
Instructional AssistantDaniel ChisolmPurpleAnything ChocolateTrail mix, honey rosted cashews Pepsi ZeroOutbackTargetGolfGift Card
Instructional AssistantSusan Snowbluedark chocolatetrail mixchai lattesunflowerMade in Asia, Sedona Taphouse, TazikisTarget, Starbuckslove to go to the moviesgift cards are great!wipes, hand sanitizer
Instructional AssistantMadison TingleGreen Chocolate PretzelsSweet TeaTulipsCarrabba's, Chick Fil A, Panera, CavaTarget, Amazon, Barnes and NobleReading, movies, artAnything!Medium
Instructional AssistantJermaine GarciaBlueDark ChocolateCoffee w/ creamerSpiderRaising Cane'sAmazon, TargetPhotography, MoviesSensory toys for AneetaMedium
Instructional AssistantHeather ChapmanRedChocolateTortilla chipsBlack coffeeMumsChick fil AHome Depot or LowesGardeningAnythingWhatever Mrs. Begg wantsMedium
Instructional Assistant Andrea WilkersonBlueChocolate and Peanut ButterPretzalsSeltzer WaterTulipsChick fil AAmazon, TargetReading, movies, artAmazonXL
General Education
Instructional AssistantRebecca McFaddenPinkReese peanut butter cupsDoritosDiet Mountain DewDaisy/Indoor PlantChick Fil ATJ MaxxMusic/shopping/gardening
Instructional AssistantKaysie HallGreen/PinkTwizzlersChex Mix/PopcornWaterHibiscus/SucculentsTexas Roadhouse Texas Roadhouse
Instructional Assistant Deedi TraboshPurple100 Grand barCrunchy Cheetos, FunyunsCoke Zero SugarSunflowers/RosesTexas Roadhouse, Chick Fil AStarbucks, Hobby Lobby, Wawa, AmazonAnything crafty, reading, fun paper and pen setsAnything!3X
NurseStephanie MwesigwaHot pink/PurpleFerrero Rocher, dark chocolateChips, popcorn, crunchy cheetosCoffee, Dr Pepper,IrisChick-Fil-A, Chipotle, Sedona TaphouseAmazon, Starbucks, any craft store, B&NBooks/reading, unique notebooks, writing supplies, unicorns, bath bombsProbably anything! I love sparkly things and fun things and relaxing things.Automatic blood pressure cuff, fun bandaids, clicky pens, fun sticky notesXL
Clinic AssistantDebbie SlighHot pinkAnything with peanut butterPeanut butter pretzelsDiet Dr. PepperSunflowerChick-Fil-A, Applebees, Bonefish, Texas Roadhouse, LonghornAmazon , WawaMusic boxes - Large and garden flags - wreaths-beach vacationsAnything sparkly
FacilitiesDot JonesBlueReese, ButterfingerNacho cheese Doritos, Cheese puffsDiet Coke or Diet PepsiRosesOutback, Captain D'sWalmartDolphinsAnything!Hand sanitizer, lotion