TNameFavorite ColorFavorite CandyFavorite SnackFavorite Drink (include coffee drink)Favorite Flower or PlantFavorite Restaurant or Fast FoodWhere would you like to receive a gift card to?Things you collect/favorite activities &/or hobbiesIf someone were to give you a gift, what would you like?Wish list for classroomAmazon Wishlist Address
1stJessica L. DrahmsTeal, Coral, PinkSnickers, Chocolate & Peanut Butter, Gummy CandyGoldfish, Fresh Fruit/VeggiesWawa Mango Green Tea, Decaf Lattes StarbucksTulipCharred, Sand Dollar Beach Kitchen, Cheesecake Factory, Gelati CelestiAnywhere :)Camping, Hiking, Traveling, Beach, Boating, Baseball/Dance MomAnything Personalized or Fun Things to do with my kids morning tub stations, kids scissors, play doh, treasure box itemsDrahms Amazon Wish List
1stAnne Harrison BeckblueDark ChocolatePopcornCoffeeTulip, HydrangeaChick Fil A, Sedona, MexicanTarget, AmazonSeaglass Anythinglegos, dry erase markers, wipes, pencils, treasure box itemsMs. Beck's Amazon Wish List
1stJoanne SahmsRedHershey barapple chips, goldfishCherry Coke Zero Yellow lilyCava, Longhorn, Gelati CelestiTarget, Amazonphotography and scrapbookinggift card or something from my Amazon wish listlearning toys (like Brain flakes, magnet tiles, etc) - can be new or gently used
or something from the Amazon Wish List
1stLauren SmithBlue, red & polka dotsTake 5, Peanut BUTTER M&MsTrail mix, TwizzlersDiet CokeDaisyMexico, MODs, Texas RoadhouseAmazon, TargetAnything Seuss/ Hokies/ Eagles & Scout bagsGift cards or Amazon wish listplaydough, legos (used), treasure box itemsSmith Amazon Wish List
1stAmy StampAqua/hot pinkPeanut M&M's or anything chocolateFruit, cupcakes, pretzels, chocolateDiet CokeGerbera DaisiesChick-fil-a, Texas RoadhouseChick-fil-a, TJ Maxx, Amazon, Walmartsnowmen activities-photography, travelling, readinggift cards, sweet treats, earringsbaby wipes, dry erase erasers, play-dough, craft sticks, stickers
1stJill TrachtenbergTurquoiseYorkOreoCream sodaDaisyGlory Days, Chic-fil-aTarget, Amazongift cardsplay doh, stickers, treasure box items, Amazon Wish List coming soon :)coming soon :)
2ndJulie CamireBlueReese's, Hershey's bar Cheez-its, GoldishCherry Coke Zero, Pure Leaf Sweet Tea, Starbucks Skinny Vanilla Latte'Roses, Anything Outback, Chick-Fil-A, Texas RoadhouseTarget, Walmart, AmazonShopping, going to the beach, spending time with my familyTarget gift cardSee Amazon Wish List
2ndAnna ChildressPink Reese's or turtles Muffins Sprite, Starbucks caramel Frappuccino AnyTexas road house Tj max, Amazon Shopping traveling Anything
2ndScotia LawsonBlueAll candy, chocolate w/ caramel or nuts, gumSkinny Pop popcorn, applesSweet Tea, White Chocolate Latte, Coffee with lots of cream and sugarAllChick-Fil-A, Flying PigBarnes and Noble or bookstores, Walmart, TargetReading, Anything, I love mahogany teakwood sented anything from Bath & Bodyplay-doh, paper, markers or gel pens for writer's workshop, baby wipes
2ndKim LoweryRedReeses, anything peanut butter Chex Mix-any kind, Trail Mix, salty thingsSweet iced tea, Coke, lemonadehydrangeas, really- any flower or plantTexas Roadhouse, Glory Days, Mexican, Sugar Shack, Krispy KremeWalmart, Amazon, Hallmark, Target, Macy's Reading, going to the movies, going to museums.Anything.Where's Waldo Books, Legos, board games (new or used), Playdoh, Matchbox Cars (new or used), card games (new or used), sidewalk chalk, Amazon Wish List
2ndKristin McDonaldRedM&Ms, Hershey barsTrail mix, pretzels, peanutsDiet Snapple/Coke ZeroSucculents :)Q bbq/ Flying Pig/Chick Fil AStarbucks/Publix/Barnes and NobleReading, going to the movies/going to the beachIt's a gift- surprise me!Amazon wish list/anything fun you think the kids would enjoy/legos/MagnetixAmazon Wish List
2ndAmanda MurrayForest GreenReesesGoldfish, Skinny Pop, Cheez-itsStarbucks Vanilla Cream Coldbrew, any coffee :) All of them! :) Chick-Fil-A, Chipotle, Plaza Azteca, Tazza Target, Starbucks, Chick-FIl-A, Amazon, Barnes & NobleReading, running, spending time with family/friends, shoppingAnything! I love giftcards, candlessee Amazon Wish List, legos, Magnetix, playdough, gift card Amazon Wish List
2ndKara WalkerGreenPeanut butter cups filled with anything yummyTrail mix with chocolate and peanut butterDiet Dr. PepperAnyTazikis, CavaWalmart, Targetshopping for a deal and organizing, the lakeexperiences to try new thingssee amazon list
3rdKristen BrayTurquoisePeppermint Patties/Junior Mints, Kit Kat, Sour Patch Kids, M&MsGoldfish, CheezitsDr. PepperGerbera DaisiesDon PepeAmazonfirst edition Nancy Drew booksanything!
3rdTyler CharbonneauBlueTake 5, Snickers and Resee's are some favorites, but I really like all chocolate!Chocolate, chocolate chip cookies, Honey roasted almondsCoffeeChipotle, Panera, Mod Pizza, Chick-fil-a, StarbucksAmazon, Target, Chipotle, Panera, Mod Pizza, Chick-fil-a, StarbucksSuperhero StuffGift Cards, Chocolate-Magnetic Tape -Playing Cards -Gently Used Board Games -Gently Used Lego -Gently Used Books (DRA levels 20-50) -Large Bottle of Clear Handsanitizer (Kills 99% of germs kind) -12X18 White or Manila Construction Paper
3rdLauren HarrisPink/turquoiseSnickers, peachy-o's, chocolate, take 5Chocolate covered pretzels, chex-mix, goldfishSprite, A & W Rootbeer, coffeeLilliesChick-fil-a, Panera, TazikisStarbucks, Amazon, food places, Target, Grand Nail Spaflamingos, reading, Christmas ornaments, pedicuresgift cards
3rdSarah IngramPurpleReeses, Snickers, peanut M&M'sGoldfish, pretzels, cool ranch doritosDiet Coke, coffeeAnyPanera, Rico's, Chick-Fil-AAmazon, Target, Hobby Lobby Reading, Christmas ornaments, being a baseball momgift cardsAmazon Wish List-Sarah IngramAmazon Wish List-Sarah Ingram
3rdStephanie LambertTurquoiseSour patch kids watermelonPretzels, trail mix, fruitDiet Dr. PepperSucculentsMexico, Tazikis, local foodTarget or AmazonCactus themed stuff and anything outdoorsGift cardscolored cardstock, favorite books, games
3rdJamie WiederGreenReese's and peanut M&MsCheetos, Baked LaysLemonadeLilliesAny Mexican Resturant, Which WhichTarget, Amazon, TJ MaxxDisneySurprises!New or used board games, thin dry erase markers, paper towels, New or used Legos, disinfecting spray
3rd Jessica SuttonOrangeAnything Dark ChocolateCheetos, Chips & Salsa, FruitChai Tea Latte, Coke, limeadeTulipsAny Mexican Resaurant, Taziki's, CavaTarget, Amazonhiking, going to concerts, travelingSurprises from our classroom wish listTeachers Pay Teachers gift card
4thJulie DavisBlueDark ChocolateNuts (almonds, pecans & walnuts)coffee, Coke ZeroSunflowerChick fil AAmazon, Target Lake lifeGift cards paper towels, wipes, games, Teacher Pay Teachers Gift card
4thChrissy Fitzgeraldteal Sour candies & Peanut M&MPretzels, nuts, popcorn, goldfishDiet Dr PepperSunflowersTexas Roadhouse, Chick-Fil-ATarget or Amazon reading, going to the gym, traveling, and all things Disney gift cardsexpo markers, color cardstock paper, sharpies, amazon gift card to buy things for the class
4thVickie HugatePink and silver Reese pieces and peanut M&MsNuts (almonds, pecans & walnuts)Diet Dr. PepperWild flowersMoes / Texas Roadhouse/ ANY MexicanTJ Maxx/ AmazonI collect nutcrackers and love camping!Amazon gift cards gift cards or Amazon to buy classroom materialsVickie Hugate's Wish List
4thKatie HayLight pinkDove dark chocolateAnything Ukrop's, Skinny Pop, & GoldfishIced coffeeRosesChickfila, Mexico Restaurant, First WatchAmazonGoing to the beach, spending time with my husband, & shopping!Amazon Gift CardSee Amazon Wish List :)Mrs. Hay's Amazon Wish List
4thKayla DavisMint greenReese'sWhite cheddar popcorn, sour candyIced coffeeAnyChipotle, Panera, Mod PizzaTargetBooks, JMU Dukes, Baltimore RavensGift gift cardKayla Davis's Wish List
4thRenee StuartMaroon and Orange!! VT!!Lily's Sugar Free Chocolates Ice Cube GumMacadamia Nuts, Marcona Almonds, Pork RindsDiet Dr. Pepper/Zero SugarsTulipsBone Fish, Chic-Fil-A, PaneraTarget, Wal-MartVirginia Tech Baby!!! Anything the Hokies are playing or Doing! Also VCU basketball!!Gift card Erase Cleaner!! Colored Card Stock for gamesRenee Stuart Wish List
5thShelley AtkinsonBlue/GreenAny chocolate with nuts or gummy bearsPopcorn, chipsSparkling water, coffeeLove them all!AnyTarget/AmazonReading, cooking, gymAmazon gift gift cards or Amazon to buy classroom supplies
5thKelly BowlesGreenAny chocolate with nutsAnything salty. cheese popcorn! Sugar free gum:)Sweet teaAnyAnyTJ Maxx, AmazonSpending time at lake with family. Amazon gift gift cards or Amazon to buy classroom materials
5thDebra Fanklinpink or teal white chocolate, pink starbursts, skittles trail mix, fruit, BBQ chips coffee, diet dr. Pepperany flower!Bonefish, Panera, any Mexican Restaurant, chick fil-aTarget, Amazon, Hobby Lobbytraveling, pedicures, massagesGift cardsee amazon list :) Franklin's Amazon Wish List
5thKara GallagherBlue and greenDove dark chocolate almonds dusted in cinnamonPistachios and cheddar cheese (together)WaterWhite daisies with yellow centerChick-fil-AAmazonbooks, playing with Honey Dew, spending time with my family, creating pottery, playing the pianoAn Amazon gift card,sharpie markers, colored card stock, paper towels, Amazon gift cards to buy books for the classroom and for instruction
5thBrandy HobbsPurplegummy wormschips and salsSweet cards to gift cards or Amazon to buy classroom materials, Clorox wipes
5thBrianne Litwinpurple & tealAlmond Joyssalt & vinager chips, pretzels & hummusDiet Dr. Pepper, wawa diet peach iced teaAll flowersChicken Fiesta, Wawa, Rico's, Chick-fil-aAmazon or targethats, pedicures, Peloton, Gift Carddry erase boards, gift card, Litwin's Amazon Wish List
5thSheila MayhewBlueHershey with almondsPopcorn, fruitDiet cherry pepsianyPanera, Texas Roadhouse, any Mexican, Chick-fil-aamazongoing to movies, travel, family, readiganythingDry Erase Cleaner!! Teacher's Pay Teacher's gift cardsSheila Mayhew wishlist
Annual Substitute TeacherMeg RosenbergBlue/GreenPeanut M&M's, Peppermint PattiesCheez-its, Pop Corners (Kettlecorn or Sea Salt), Skinny PopDiet Coke or Diet Dr. PepperTulipsPanera, Surgio's, Chick-fil-AAmazon or targetSpending time with my family, going to the movies, hikes at the park, & camping, pedicuresgift cardsAmazon or Teacher's Pay Teacher's Gift Card
Assistant PrincipalRachel TraczGray or yellowAnything ChocolateGoldfishBlack Coffee and LaCroixAll!Starbucks, ChipotleTarget, AmazonRunning/Cycling, cookingAnything!
Assistant PrincipalDavid BeltonGreen/Blue Peach RingsFruitWater HydrangeaChick-Fil-A, Panera, Starbucks Taget, Amazon, WaWa Working out, movies, travelAnything!
CafeteriaVivian Dolanredsnickerssnickerscoffeenonewawacows
CafeteriaMary Francis Coongreenheathnutscoffeewildflowerpopeyehobby lobbyanything old
CafeteriaMargie Taylor-EdwardsgreenM & M plaingoldfishwaterlavenderanyceramic clowns
ClinicDebbie SlighHot pinkAnything with peanut butterPeanut butter pretzelsDiet Dr. PepperSunflowerChick-Fil-A, Applebees, Bonefish, Texas Roadhouse, LonghornAmazon , WawaMusic boxes - Large and garden flags - wreaths-beach vacationsAnything sparkly
ClinicStephanie MwesigwaHot pink/PurpleFerrero Rocher, dark chocolateChips, popcornCoffee, Dr Pepper,IrisChick-Fil-A, Chipotle, Sushi Amazon, Starbucks, any craft store, B&NBooks/reading, unique notebooks, writing supplies, unicorns, bath bombsProbably anything! I love sparkly things and fun things and relaxing things.Automatic blood pressure cuff, portable pulse ox, bandaids, clicky pens,
ESLSherry ConnatsertealReese's, dark chocolatechocolates, popcornhalf-sweet tea, diet CokewildflowersChick-FIl-A, Longhorn, Panera,Amazon traveling, being outside, candlesspa day :)language games (spelling, speaking, etc)
Exceptional EducationCori BeggPink/coralPeanut M&MsPretzelsTurkey Hill peach teaPink carnationsTaziki's, Chick-Fil-AWalmartSomething handmade by the kidsConstruction paper, 8 1/2 x 11 laminating film for a home laminator, Velcro dots, dry erase markers
Exceptional EducationInsley KoehlerPink, yellowPeanut M&MsNutsDiet CokeTulipsChuy's, Panera, ChipotleAnyReading
Exceptional EducationStacey FalwellPinkReese's CupsTostistos Scoops and Queso (Gordo's)Body Armor LyteTulips/ SucculentsMexican/ Texs Roadhouse/ Chick-Fil-AAmazon/TargetCamping/ Shopping/ TravelingGiftcard or Items Off Of My Amazon ListBooks, Tissues, Clorox Wipes, Items From Amazon ListMrs. Falwell's Wish List
Exceptional EducationMegan O'BrienYellow & tealMr. GoodbarGluten free snacksFiji waterHydrangeasAnything that has Gluten Free Items!Target, Amazon, AldiShoppingAnything from my Amazon Wish List!Page protectors, file folders, fidget toysMrs. O'Brien's Amazon Wish List
Exceptional EducationChristine TingleBlueNestle's CrunchCrunchy CheetosBai-Strawberry LemonadeLilac/HyacinthChick-Fil-ATarget, AmazonSports, shopping, reading, walking,Anything!folders, post it notes, tissues, sharpies, highlighters, composition notebooks, folders
FacilitiesDot JonesBlueReese, ButterfingerNacho cheese Doritos, Cheese puffsDiet Coke or Diet PepsiRosesOutback, Captain D'sWalmartDolphinsAnything!Hand sanitizer, lotion
FacilitiesWilliam BraggPurpleSnickersPeanutsDiet PepsiKnockout RosesCaptain D'sWalmartBasketballMoney
FacilitiesRon DavisBrownTwizzlersKFCWaterRosesLong John SilversLong John Silvers, CFACarsAnything
Instructional AssistantDaniel ChisolmPurpleAnything ChocolateTrail mix, honey rosted cashews Pepsi ZeroOutbackTargetGolfGift Card
Instructional AssistantBabara PlunkettOrangeMoundsAppleDiet tonic waterAll!OutbackAmazonGardenng, readingAmazon gift card
Instructional AssistantMarlo Johnson
Instructional AssistantSusan Snowbluedark chocolatetrail mixchai lattesunflowerpaneratargetlove to go to the movies(when that is possible)gift cards are great!wipes, hand sanitizer
Instructional AssistantChristina NewtonPurpledark chocolateFruit/cheddar sun chips/trail mixFlavored sparkling water, pumpkin spice latteGerber daisyTexas Roadhouse, Sedona Taphouse, Chick-fil-aTarget/Amazon/Hobby LobbyRead, movies, pedicures, sewing, spending time outside with my familyAnything
Instructional AssistantRebecca McFaddenPinkReese peanut butter cupsDoritosDiet Mountain DewDaisy/Indoor PlantChick Fil ATJ MaxxMusic/shopping/gardening
Instructional AssistantKaysie Hall
Instructional Assistant Christine Cooke
Instructional DesignerKeith BaldwinBlueReese peanut butter cupsTrail mix, beef jerky/sticksCoffee(carmel latte)Outdoor plants & flowersPaneraAmazonFootball (Buffalo Bills)Amazon gift cards
Itinerant ArtKatherine McColegreenyorkfruit or anything gluten free (have celiac disease)watertiger lilies and magnolia flowerschipotleamazoncollect disnsy and fox things/ hobbies: reading fantasy books like Lord of the Rings, sewing, art making of any kindamazon gift card
Itinerant LibraryHeather Lippardpinkpeppermintsalmonds, trail mixwaterdaisyPaneraAmazon, Dunkin DonutsChildren's books, baking, sewing, readingAnything :)
Itinerant MusicDerek Cobbs, Jr.
Itinerant Occupational TherapyAngela ReamyTurquoisedark chocolate w/ mintany gluten free snackcoffee w/ flavored cream, waterLove all plants!! Gerbera daisy-fav flowerany Thai restaurant, Taziki'sAmazon, TJMaxx, Marshalls (thank you!)working out, beach gift cards are always fun! Thanksfidgets, dry erase markers, velcro dots, clorox wipes, hand sanitizer, tissues
Itinerant PEStephanie Moranteal/mint greenPeppermint patties/twixcheddar chex mix, kettle cooked popcornDr. PepperTulipChic Fil A and Tropical SmoothieTargetCraft supplies, exercisinganything :)
Itinerant Speech & STEAMRebecca Huber
KindergartenMelissa BowmanLight blueSnickers, Toblerone, Peanut M and M's, yogurt covered Skittles Milk chocolate pretzels, Pretzel & cheese Combos, Donuts, White cheddar popcornDr. Pepper, Sweet Tea, LimeadeTulips and OrchidsTexas Roadhouse, PF Chang's, Chick-fil-A, Cracker BarrelTarget, Walmart, Chick-fil-AWillow Tree Angels, love to go to the movie theater, spend time with my familyGift card, something with my initialsSmelly stickers, smelly markers, items for the treasure chest
KindergartenRebecca EastertealReese cups, reese pieceschips-doritos (red), Lays regular chipsMt. Dew, Coke Zero, caramel macchiato-hotroses Sedona, Outback, Chuys, Chick-fil-ATarget, AmazonReading, going to the beachGift card/monogrammed itemstickers, playdoh, items for treasure box
KindergartenKelly LucasGreenNo candy please!ApplesWater or Coffee with creamAny flower!Chick-fil-A, CAVA, Glory DaysAmazonPuzzles, reading, playing cardsMary Kay Cosmetics - Maggie Stanton - cwlstte@gmail.comAmazon Wish ListAmazon Wish List
KindergartenCheryl RoweGreenReese's Cups, Peanut M&M's, 5th Avenue,Cheeto's, Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Yogurt covered pretzels, donuts, salt and vinegar chipsDiet CokeDaisy, tulip, hydrangeaChick-fil-a, Panera, Glory Days, Longhorn, Wild Ginger,Starbucks, Target, Barnes and Noble, WalmartReading and bakingI would be happy with anything.Books, stickers, watercolor paints, Play-Doh, construction paper, Legos
KindergartenLindsay SwoapPinkLindor truffles, dark chocolate and rasberry, GhirardelliAnything spicy, Tabasco cheez itsDiet Coke, coffeeAllChipotle, Glory Days, MexicanTarget, AmazonReading, Alabama Roll Tide, Lake Gaston lifegift card, monogrammed itemsSee Amazon list,Smelly markers, bluetooth speaker, legos, water color paints, white board markersSwoap Amazon wish list
KindergartenKayla TurnerBlueCharleston Chew, Cookies and Cream chocolate, Reese cupsSnyder's buffalo pretzels, Cheez Its, Kettle cornCoke Zero, Mountain Dew, Frozen Caramel coffee from Dunkin, Diet Lemonade from CFASunflowerChick-Fil-A, O'Charleys, Mod PizzaAmazon, 2nd and CharlesReading, hiking, Virginia Tech Hokies, Georgia BulldogsSweets, school supplies, anything!White board markers, Lysol, baby wipes, play dough, glitter glue, legos, books for our class library.
Literacy SpecialistCynthia TartickTealKitKatChipsChi Tea from Starbucks (hot)HydrangeaBoathouseAmazon Kayaking, jetskiing, gardening, and readingAmazon gift cardblack dry erase markers
Office ManagerJane LawrenceBlue or greenPeppermint pattiesChipsDiet Dr. PepperHydrangeaArby'sTJ Maxx, AmazonReading and bakingAnything
PrincipalCourtney JonesBlueRock candyChips & SalsaWater, Dunkin Donuts coffee (Pumpkin or French Vanilla)Mums, Gerbera DaisyChick-Fil-A, Chuy'sBath & Body Works, Amazon, TJ MaxxStrength training, spending time with my family, anything Fall (pumpkin spice)Anything!Stock the teacher's lounge fridge or snack cart with goodies for our team!
RegistrarSusan KingPurplePeanut M&MsFruitTea half sweet, half unsweetSunflowerChick-Fil-A
Resource - ArtRuth PalczynskiRedChocolate anything!chips, popcorn, nutsDiet CokeAll!PizzaAnywhere (thank you!)Anything!Sharpie markers
Resource - LibraryRebecca SchneebergerBlueReese Cups, Dove Milk ChocolateMixed Nuts, Lentil ChipsTea half sweet, half unsweetSunflowerCavaBarnes and Noble or AmazonI love to read, ride my bike, and work in my yardA noteWipes
Resource - MusicNicole StanleighGreenTwixTrail MixWaterLily of the ValleyChick-Fil-AiTunesMusic boxes, knitting, hikingI like handmade cards and giftsPencils, Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer
Resource - P.E.Marc BergeBluePeanut M&MsAlmondsA&W rootbeerRoseBonefish Grill, MOD pizzaWawaGolfGift card
Resource - STEAMBrittany BallouPurpleSnickersTrail mixRC Cola/CokeTiger LilyChick-Fil-ATarget, AmazonChristmas ornaments, anything Disney, travelingGift cardClorox wipes, Legos, any craft supplies, tissues, permanent markers, dry erase markers, card stock (white or colored), K'Nex
School CounselingChris CoppTealKit KatSmart food white cheddar popcornWaterQueen Anne's LaceThe DailyAmazon or TargetCeramics classes at Visual Arts Center/Hiking/Kayakinganything clorox wipes
School CounselingCourtney HevenerGreenTwixChex-mix, cheese-itzBlack coffeeAll!Mexican, PaneraAmazon or TargetCandles, readinganything things from my amazon list
School CounselingBrook VessLight PinkDark ChocolateGoldfishStarbucks iced coffee/cold brewEverythingChickfila, ChipotleStarbucks or TargetCandles, Anything holiday related, coffee anything
SecretaryMichelle Roddybaby bluesugar free gumcashewscoffee with vanilla creamelephant earMexicanAmazonChristmas Elves anythinganything handmade
SecretaryKristie BlysethPinkReese CupsWhite Cheddar Cheetos, Any NutsDiet Pepsi, Diet LemonadePeonyCFA, PaneraTj MaxxCrafting, Decorating, Reading, Gardening, HikingAnything
Visiting SpecialistBrittany MalcolmGreenReese's Peanut Butter CupsGoldfishSprite - Starbucks Iced Brown Sugar Oatmilk EspressoSunflowersPanera, CavaAmazon or TargetSpending time outside, hiking, runninganything
Visiting SpecialistStephanie Franklin
Visiting SpecialistKatie McCaughey
Visiting SpecialistLaura Coleman
Visiting SpecialistDiane Pongallo