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NameBookWebsite or GR PageDescription (Tweet Length)Autistic Character in Fiction
A.C. BuchananThis Other WorldWebsiteThis Other World - A.C. Buchanan. Vonika left Earth for Temia years ago, never able to find the sense of belonging on her home planet that she needed, but now as old age closes in and Temia teeters on the edge of war she must become an emissary for peace between the two planets. Yes
A.J. SteigerWhen My Heart Joins the ThousandsGR PageAlvie Fitz just needs to make it to her 18th birthday without any mishaps and then she'll be free. Treated poorly by the world for being different, she just wants other people to leave her alone. Until she meets Stanley, a boy who seems so fragile and has a new injury each day. Yes
Aaron LikensFinding Kansas: Decoding the Enigma of Asperger's SyndromeWebsiteAaron Liken's autobiography 'Finding Kansas' explores his childhood, adolesence and early adulthood as well as his interospective journey to discover answers for questions about life and the world around him.
Ada HoffmannMonsters in my MindWebsite(http://www.ada-hoffmann.com) Monsters in my Mind is a collection of short, speculative fiction by Ada Hoffmann (@xasymptote) that explores human experiences through stories with parallel universes, fantasy and supernatural characters.Yes
Ada HoffmannThe OutsideWebsiteThe Pride of Jai was meant to be humanity - and scientist Yashira Shien's own - biggest accomplishment. But something went wrong and a singularity destroyed almost everything and everyone on The Pride of Jai, and left Yashira firmly in the sights of the cyborg servants of the Gods. #AutisticAuthors #AutisticCharacterYes
Alexis QuinnUnbrokenUnbroken by Alexis Quinn. After the death of her brother, Alexis struggled to deal with what had happened and was detained under the mental health act where she was repeatedly failed by a system that is supposed to help people. #AutisticAuthors
Alis RoweThe Girl with the Curly Hair: Aspergers and MeWebsiteThe Girl with the Curly Hair: Aspergers and Me by Alis Rowe. Alis wrote this book with the aim of bridging understanding between people with Aspergers and and the rest of the world. #AutisticAuthors
Ana MardollNo Man of Woman BornWebsiteA collection of seven fantasy stories with transgender and nonbinary representation. Dragons, princesses, legacies, loss and destiny feature throughout these diverse short stories.
Artemis FayFlight PartnersWebsiteAndy and Kenneth meet on a flight to Japan and sparks fly. Things soon get complicated when the two expats realise they're teaching at the same school, and not only will they work together, they’ll share a small apartment. It’s get along or quit. #AutisticAuthorsYes
Asha BardonThe Changing of the SunWebsiteThe world is shifting and what Saiara has seen cannot be stopped and unless she acts, an entire world and its people will burn. But first she must escape captivity. #AutisticAuthors
AutPressPUBLISHERWebsite(http://autpress.com/) @AutPress is a company owned and run by neurodivergent staff, publishing books from a range of genres in fiction and non-fiction - including many by autistic authors.
Bradley W. RightThe Place Inside the StormWebsiteReleased today 6th April, The Place Inside the Storm is a Young Adult dystopian adventure featuring a band of unlikely heroes - including a robot cat. #AutisticAuthorsYes
Brian R. KingStrategies for Building Successful Relationships with People on the Autism SpectrumWebsiteBrian R. King's book is part autobiography, part guide to navigating the social world when it doesn't always make that much sense, offering practical strategies and ideas for both autistic and non-autistic people. #AutisticAuthors
C ShieldingEducation: The FutureGR PageAn interesting take on how a future education system might look, discussed in-depth in terms of the CSP, which multiple strands of the theoretical education system plotted out, including lifelong learning and community involvement.
C. R. R. HillinThe Orphan's CodeGR PageStorylines intertwine and paths cross as the people of Bermeia search for the heir to the throne, a boy that vanished at birth and soon to come of age. #AutisticAuthors
C.G. DrewsThe Boy Who Steals Houses(https://paperfury.com/) brothers Sam and Avery get by by breaking into empty houses while their owners are away, until one family returns early and accepts him as a friend of the family - everyone assuming that he is known by another family member. For a while it seems like Sam, at least, may have found somewhere to belong but he has a secret and those don't stay dormant for long...Yes
C.G. DrewsA Thousand Perfect Notes(https://paperfury.com/) Beck desperately wants to stand up to and get away from his domestrically abusive mother in this young adult novel, and when he meets August he may have found a way out of his painful life. #AutisticAuthors
C.L.LynchStella Blunt Series(http://cllynch.com/) C.L.Lynch's Stella Blunt series brings readers a snarky twist on the Twilight series that grows into it's own tale at the same time. Enjoy undead romance, celebrating neurodiversity and books that centre "unlikeable" women as the protagonists? Check out Chemistry and History #AutisticAuthors
C.L.LynchChemistryStella Blunt is not impressed that her parents moved her across country and she isn't scared to express that anger. No-one likes her, except the cute geek in her class who drinks brains out of a thermos… and it's not long before undead hordes start appearing at her door. #AutisticAuthors
C.L.LynchHistorySnarky hero Stella and her zombie boyfriend, Howie, return, madly in love, and with Howie hiding a secret that gets him caught up in a dangerous plot. When Stella finds out, she will have to make a difficult decision… AutisticAuthors#
Calhoun CriminQuoria series(https://quoriaserial.com/) The Quoria series by Calhoun Crimin. A fantasy/detective/LGBT+ web-serial detailing the often supernatural adventures of conman-turned-detective Colton McKinley as he tries to make an honest living in the bustling port city of Quoria. #AutisticAuthors
Calhoun Crimin @paladinpals
Stamps(https://calhouns.itch.io/) A glimpse into the life of Cricket, an autistic postman working and living in the supernatural town of Haven, Maryland. #AutisticAuthors #AutisticCharacterYes
Cara DeeHome(https://www.caradeewrites.com/) The only focus Dominic has is surviving, one night at a time. In his world, hope is a dangerous thing to have, but Dominic can't stop himself hoping for something more when he meets Adrian... #AutisticAuthorsYes
Cara DeeAftermathReturning to your old life after being held captive for 5 months isn't easy, but it's what Austin and Cameron are expected to do. How do they go back to their old normal when the only thing that makes sense is each other? #AutisticAuthorsYes
Cara DeePublic Display of Everything(www.caradeewrites.com) Cory can't keep a job. Flynn can't hide behind his job anymore. A proposition might solve both their problems and heal the heartbreak of their past. #AutisticAuthorsYes
Carly FleischmannCarly's Voice
Ceillie SimkissLearning Curves serieshttps://ceilliesimkiss.com/From solitude to sweetness, there's nothing like falling in love. College may be strict...but when it comes to love, Cora and Elena are ahead of the learning curve. #AutisticAuthors
Ceillie SimkissA Knight to Rememberhttps://ceilliesimkiss.com/Ser Genevieve, lady knight and heir to the Duchy of Teagan, has been chosen as part of the prince’s honor guard at his coming out ball and the paths of a gentle blacksmith, a know-it-all nonbinary tailor, and Genevieve’s talented witch of a younger sister cross in their determination to make Ser Genevieve a knight to remember.
Chris BonnelloWhat We Love Most About Life150 autistic children from around the world answered the question, "What do you love most about life?" in this beautifully put-together and vibrant book of positivity. #AutisticAuthors
Chris BonnelloUnderdogsThe hope of a nation lies in a tiny number of freedom fighters hidden in the abandoned countryside – most of whom are teenagers who escaped the attack on their special school.Yes
Chris CrawfordThe Tuning Stationhttp://chrisacrawford.com/Ted Duncan finds himself face-to-face with a copy of himself from a parallel universe. As they delve into the mystery, Ted sees ghosts of his own childhood in his double, and explores the reasons behind his complicated relationship with religion. #AutisticAuthors #AutisticCharacterYes
Claudia CasserNo Child Left Behindhttp://www.ethicalantics.com/Geoff Moraine is fed up of being treated poorly by an education system that doesn't understand ADHD. Enter his parallel world where he is firmly in place as the hero fighting back against the invasion of brain-meddling mutants in the form of school tutors. #AutisticAuthors
Clay MarzoJust Add WaterFrom the best freestyle surfer in the world, a memoir about his ascendance to the top of the surfing world while struggling for most of his young life with undiagnosed Asperger’s syndrome. #AutisticAuthors
Corinne DuyvisOn the Edge of Gone(http://www.corinneduyvis.net). On The Edge of Gone follows Denise, in a world where a comet is due to hit Earth. When she and her family find a generation ship scheduled to leave Earth and colonize new worlds, Denise isn't sure if she, her mother or her sister will be allowed to board and so begins the journey for their survival. #AutisticAuthors #AutisticCharacterYes
Corinne DuyvisOtherbound(http://www.corinneduyvis.net) Otherbound follows two people - Amara and Nolan - whose lives are bound in an unusual connection - whenever Nolan blinks, he sees Amara's life. When Amara learns about this connection, they must work together to discover the truth. #AutisticAuthors
Corinne DuyvisGuardians of the Galaxy: Collect Them All(http://www.corinneduyvis.net) Guardians of the Galaxy: Collect Them All sees the Guardians chasing down parts of Groot when they learn that someone is planting stolen branches from him and sellling the saplings. #AutisticAuthors
Corinne DuyvisThe Art of Saving the World(http://www.corinneduyvis.net) Upcoming, The Art of Saving the World is due in 2020 and centres around a girl who has grown up near an interdimensional rift, who has a lot more than most teenagers to deal with as - on her 16th birthday - people and things start to come through the rift. #AutisticAuthors
Cynthia KimNerdy, Shy and Socially Inappropriate(https://musingsofanaspie.com/about/) After her adulthood diagnosis, things made a lot more sense for Cynthia Kim and in this accessible insider's guide, she discusses how her diagnosis helped her understand a previously confusing world. #AutisticAuthors
Cynthia KimI Think I Might Be AutisticCynthia Kim shares the information, insights, tips, suggestions and resources she gathered as part of her own journey from "aha!" to finally being diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome in her forties. #AutisticAuthors
Dahlia DonovanThe Misguided Confessionhttps://dahliadonovan.com/book-list/(https://dahliadonovan.com/) The Misguided Confession by Dahlia Donovan is a paranormal romance bringing together a shifter who lives on the fringes of society and a millionaire businessman as they face a new danger in their lives. A standalone spin-off of the Blackbird series. #AutisticCharacter #AutisticAuthorsYes
Dahlia DonovanThe Blackbird Anthologyhttps://dahliadonovan.com/book-list/When a group of lonely shifters came together during their service with the Royal marines, they never imagined the strong pack that would develop between them.  #AutisticAuthors
Dahlia DonovanAt War With a Broken Hearthttps://dahliadonovan.com/book-list/What’s the perfect recipe for an emotional MMM romance?One autistic coffee shop owner, one morose mug maker, and a mostly cheerful police detective. #AutisticAuthors #AutisticCharactersYes
Damian Milton10 Rules for Ensuring People with Learning Disabilities and those who are on the autism spectrum develop 'Challenging Behaviour'…and maybe what to do about itDamian Milton, Richard Mills & Simon Jones address practices causing problems for autistic people and give ideas for how to change those practices for the better. #AutisticAuthors
Damian Milton10 Rules for Ensuring Miscommunication when Working with Autistic People and People with Learning Disabilities …and maybe what to do about itDamian Milton and Jill Bradshaw challenge thinking about the way people communicate and how it causes problems and barriers in 10 Rules for Ensuring Miscommunication when Working with Autistic People and People with Learning Disabilities #AutisticAuthors
Damian MiltonA Mismatch of SalienceDamian Milton explores the communication challenges between autistic people and non-autistic people, challenges current thinking around deficits and problems, and moves towards a celebration of diversity. #AutisticAuthors
Damian Milton10 Rules for Ensuring that the Mental Health Needs of Autistic People and People with Learning Disabilities are Not Recognised or Supported... and maybe what to do about itCurrently set for an August 2019 release date, look out for the next book in the series...
Danica StoneJessica Pullman has 200 MomsMaybe 200 is an exaggeration, but there's a few. Jessica's mum has DID and in her small college down, that made sense, because normal is just what you're used to. Now everything's changed, everything's new and Jessica doesn't know what that means for her when everyone finds out just how different her family is. #AutisticAuthors
Danica StoneButter Yourself UpA meal planner guide which includes advice on saving money and meeting goals, plenty of space for those who want to track other aspects of their week, and nutritional information for anyone who want to be better informed about what they're eating. #AutisticAuthors
Danica Stone5 Dollar SoulA quirky short story that follows Terri's discovery of eBay...or more specifically the Bizarre category of eBay items. #AutisticAuthors
Daniel StefanskiHow to Talk to an Autistic KidDaniel wrote this book to help non-autistic people understand why autistic children communicate the way they do and offers specific and practical strategies for how autistic and non-autistic children can better communicate with each other. #AutisticAuthors
Daniel TammettBorn on a Blue DayIn this autobiography, Daniel Tammett gives reader's an insight into how his mind works - from his incredible memorisation, to his mathematical accuracy and capabilities, to how his synasthesia interacts with both of those. #AutisticAuthors
Daniel TammettThinking in Numbers: On Life, Love, Meaning and MathIn Daniel Tammett's world, numbers are beautiful and mathematics illuminates everything. In this book, he shares his unique insight and experience of numbers, maths and the world around us.
Daniel TammettEmbracing the Wide Sky: A Tour Across the Horizons of the MindTammett combines scientific research with detailed descriptions of how his mind works, demonstrating the complex associative form of thinking and imagination that he experiences. #AutisticAuthors
Danson Mandela WambuaDanson: The Extraordinary Discover of an Autistic Child's Innermost Thoughts and FeelingsDanson is a collection of 50 poems by an 8-year-old non-verbal autistic boy, Danson Wambua, with commentary by his mother Michele. #AutisticAuthors
David FinchThe Journal of Best Practices: A Memoir of Marriage, Asperger Syndrome, and One Man's Quest to be a Better HusbandDavid Finch devotes himself to improving his marriage with an endearing yet hilarious zeal that involves excessive note-taking, performance reviews, and most of all, the Journal of Best Practices.
Dawn Prince-HughesSongs of the Gorilla Nation: My Journey Through AutismIn this elegant and thought-provoking memoir, Dawn Prince-Hughes traces her personal growth from undiagnosed autism to the moment when, as a young woman, she entered the Seattle Zoo and immediately became fascinated with the gorillas.
Dax MunroThe Flame QueenFour Magical Realms. One troubled Princess. One love-starved Emperor. And a trio of assassins, lying in wait. Follow the tale of one woman taking back her freedom. #AutisticAuthors
Deborah LipskyFrom Anxiety to MeltdownDeborah Lipsky takes a practical look at what happens when things spiral out of control, exploring what leads to meltdowns and tantrums, and what can be done to help.
Dinah MurrayGetting IT: Using Information Technology to Empower People with Communication DifficultiesGetting IT shows the power of IT to help people with communication difficulties satisfy the universal human need to communicate.
Dominica MalcolmMarked by Scorn(http://dominica.malcolm.id.au/) A collection of stories and poems exploring a range of non-traditional relationships. Collaboratively written by many authors and edited by Dominica Malcolm. #AutisticAuthors
Dominica MalcolmAmok: An Anthology of Asia-Pacific Speculative Fiction(http://dominica.malcolm.id.au/) A collection of short stories from the speculative fiction genre, all based in Asia-Pacific countries. Contributions from many authors and edited (and contibuted to by) Dominica Malcolm. #AutisticAuthors
Donna WilliamsNobody NowhereNobody Nowhere is Donna's story in her own words--a haunting, courageous memoir of the titanic struggles she has endured in her quest to merge "my world" with "the world."
Donna WilliamsSomebody SomewhereIn the sequel to Nobody Nowhere, Donna Williams explores the four years since her diagnosis and her attempts to leave her "world under glass". #AutisticAuthors
Donna WilliamsEveryday Heaven: Journeys Beyond the Stereotypes of Autism
Donna WilliamsExposure Anxiety - The Invisible Cage
Donna WilliamsLike Colour to the Blind
Dora M RaymakerHoshi and the Red City CircuitHoshi Archer, a recently liberated Operator, must work alongside the police to solve the murders of three enslaved Operators. To get ahead of the deadly plot being played out, Hoshi must decipher a computer programme while dealing with the beaurocracy and old rivalries which can't stay out the way long enough to solve a crime.Yes
Douglas BiklenAutism and the Myth of the Person AloneThis book challenges the prevailing, tragic narrative of impairment that so often characterizes discussions about autism by engaging with the perspective of autistic people, including autistic people who use AAC. #AutisticAuthors
Elizabeth MayThe Falconer(https://www.elizabethmaywrites.com) Lady Aileana Kameron leads the a secret life, killing the faeries plotting to slaughter the human race and hunting down the faery who murdered her mother. Her life becomes a whole lot more complicated when she learns she is a Falconer, the last in a line of female warriors. #AutisticAuthors
Ellen GelderI'm Not Strange, I Have AutismIn I Am Not Strange, I Have Autism, author Ellen van Gelder gives a clear insight in the life of someone with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. #AutisticAuthors
Emmie MearsThe Shrike Series(https://emmiemears.com) The Shrike series by Emmie Mears follows once hapless accountant, Gwenllian Maule, now sudden superhero as she navigates her new life. #AutisticAuthors
Emmie MearsShrike The Masked Songbird(https://emmiemears.com) The Masked Songbird. Life was going...well...it was going for Gwen, until one day she mistakenly drank a strange drink that gave her superpowers. Now she has to figure out where that drink came from, how her boss is involved and what it all has to do with the upcoming referendum for Scottish Independence. #AutisticAuthors
Emmie MearsUncaged(https://emmiemears.com) With the result of the Scottish referendum already causing mayhem in Scotland, Gwen and Taog leave Edinburgh behind for a short break - but there's more going on than just the referendum, and you can't outrun everything. #AutisticAuthors
Emmie MearsRampant(https://emmiemears.com) Gwen returns with a new job and the re-emergence of a once-jailed murderer who is leaving bodies in his wake across Scotland. Desperate to get ahead of the murders, Gwen learns this might all be part of something much bigger. #AutisticAuthors
Erin ClemensI Have Aspergers
Erin EkinsUntitled(queerlyautistic.com) Erin Ekins is currently writing a guide for autistic young people who are or think they might be LGBTQIA+ and is looking for more voices and quotes for her book. Books aimed at LGBTQIA+ autistic people are still few in numbers so Erin's book will be a valuable addition for many young people and to the pool of autism-related books in general. #AutisticAuthors
FallonUntitled@crippledcommie is currently working on a book critiquing ABA through the lenses of Marx, Foucault, and cult studies, a focus which would provide a valuable text for those exploring the discourse around ABA. For more information of what this might include, see the embedded thread: https://twitter.com/crippledcommie/status/1095339978966487040
Florida FrenzHow to be Human: Diary of an Autistic Girl
Genevieve EdmondsThe Asperger Personal Guide
Genevieve EdmondsAsperger Syndrome and Social Relationships
Gunilla GerlandFinding out about Asperger Syndrome, High Functioning Autism and PDD
Helen HoangThe Kiss Quotient(https://www.helenhoang.com/) Stella Lane hires a male escort to help her learn the social intricacies of dating and relationships in this fun romance novel, first of the Kiss Quotient series. #AutisticAuthor #AutisticCharacterYes
Helen HoangThe Bridge Test(https://www.helenhoang.com/) In the second book of the Kiss Quotient series, we meet Khai Diep and Esme Tran as their lives collide and they try to get past the walls Khai has built, convinced that he cannot love another person. #AutisticAuthors #AutisticCharacterYes
Hillary MonohanThe Hollow GirlWhen apprentice Bethan and her friend Martyn are attacked by the chieftain's son and his friends, leaving Martyn on death's door, Bethan gives the boys one chance to come forward and apologise. When they don't, Bethan enacts the grisly steps needed to save her friend's life. #AutisticAuthors
Ian FordA Field Guide to EarthlingsThere's a nuance to the non-autistic social world that often leads to confusion and anxiety for autistic people, especially as no-one seems to want to explain the rules to us. Ian Ford's Field Guide to Earthlings offers one type of rulebook. #AutisticAuthors
Ido KedarIdo in AutismlandIdo Kedar's book is a mixture of autobiography and essay - including how people perceived him as a non-verbal child and his journey to find a communicative system that worked, and what he believes are theoretical misconceptions in autism research. #AutisticAuthors
Ivana SkyeThe Size of the WorldThere are seven seas, and Theia aimed to cross them all. In the second land she met Tellus and soon the journey across the seas belonged to them both and they belonged to each other. #AutisticAuthors
Ivana SkyeThe Rose Vampires SeriesSara Obsidian is very happy being human but that doesn't stop her getting dragged into the dealings of the supernatural world where she has to come to terms with her secret desires and navigate the cutthroat world of vampire politics. #AutisticAuthors
Ivana SkyeThe Evocation Series
Ivana SkyeThe Stars That Rise at Dawn
Jacob DrumAutistic OllieA children's book following an #autistic boy's journey to learn what he is good at and to learn to love himself for who he is along the way. #AutisticAuthorsYes
Jacqueline KoyanagiAscension(http://jkoyanagi.com) Alana Quick's plan to stowaway aboard a cargo vessel in the hopes of landing a full-time gig doesn't go completely to plan in this science-fiction novel. There's a lot of personality in one place and Alana's sister, Nova, is in grave danger... #AutisticAuthors
Jamie ZakianAshby Holler(http://starvingartist-jz.blogspot.com/) This book series follows Sasha Ashby as she hides her true self to secure her place in the family drug-smuggling business while trying to find her place in the life this creates for her. #AutisticAuthors
Jeannie Davide-RiveraTwirling Naked in the Street - and No-one noticedDavide-Rivera's autobiography follows her from aged 3 through to to her autism diagnosis at aged 38, telling the story of a girl who never quite found her niche stumbling into an adulthood she wasn't sure she was ready for. #AutisticAdults
Jen BirchCongratulations! It's Asperger Syndrome
Jen WildeQueen of GeeksJen Wilde (http://jenmariewilde.com/books/) has multiple books to her credit - with Queen of Geeks being her most recent. Queen of Geeks follows , including #autistic Taylor, in the world of fandoms and geek culture, with friendships and love stories along the way (http://jenmariewilde.com/books/queensofgeek/).Yes
Jen WildeThe Eva series follows the title character across three books as she fights to survive once Australia is overrun by zombies (http://jenmariewilde.com/books/459/).
Jen WildeThe Brightsiders follows drummer, Emmy King, as she navigates fame, romance, and the scrutiny of the press and public (http://jenmariewilde.com/books/the-brightsiders/).
Jen WildeGoing Off Script is about writer, Bex, who has to fight back against the the TV industry when the head writer changes her script, erasing the LGBT diversity in it in the process (http://jenmariewilde.com/books/going-off-script/).