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Tracking NoReport TitleDescriptionReport DateReport TypeResponsibleCategoryLatitudeLongitudeLocationImageSourceWardZone
ID Report Title
H-1Bulk Water Seller - Now Stopped
Bulk Water Seller off Beeston Road in Mandara.
Nyagui catchment stopped the bulk water seller.
Oct 4, 2014IssueWater-17.78110931.149248
Ness Road, Mandara, Harare, Zimbabwe
Ward 9
H-1: Bulk Water Seller - Now Stopped
H-2Verge Watering
Watering verges unecessarily
Dec 22, 2014IssueWater-17.79447631.05994Harare NorthWard 6
H-2: Verge Watering
H-3Sewage discharge along Bulawayo Road
Large diameter sewage pipe discharging sewage onto the roadway via the inspection cover.
Jan 4, 2015Issue
Bulawayo Road near Tynweld Rd junction
Ward 6
H-3: Sewage discharge along Bulawayo Road
H-4Borehole dried up
Borehole dried up October 2014 - near bulk water seller operation
Jan 4, 2015IssueWater-17.78415931.145475
Hazel Road, Harare, Harare Province, 263, Zimbabwe
Ward 7
H-4: Borehole dried up
H-5Borehole drying up
always a poor yield but now dry
Jan 5, 2015IssueWater-17.81332931.107633
Rhodesville Avenue, Harare, Harare Province, 263, Zimbabwe
Ward 7
H-5: Borehole drying up
H-6No Municipal water
we have had no municipal water for 3 years apart from one day in December 2013
Jan 5, 2015IssueWater-17.81332931.107633
Rhodesville Avenue, Harare, Harare Province, 263, Zimbabwe
Ward 7
H-6: No Municipal water
H-7massive pothole
Massive pothole outside Chisi Bon Marche.
Jan 5, 2015IssueRoads-17.78384631.119762
Chisipite Post Office, Hindhead Avenue, Harare, Harare Province, 263, Zimbabwe
Ward 7
H-7: massive pothole
Mondynes Drive Severe potholes and never have municipal water.
Terrible potholes made worse by property owners putting huge unmarked boulders to stop traffic from using verges!
Never had municipal water in the past 2 years that we have been there.
Jan 5, 2015IssueRoads-17.80414731.150454
Mondynes Drive, Harare, Harare Province, Zimbabwe
Ward 7
H-8: Mondynes Drive Severe potholes and never have municipal water.
H-9Huge Pothole on the Newlands Bypass
Deep pothole covering almost half of one lane close to Glenara Rd intersection on the Newlands bypass.
Jan 5, 2015IssueRoads-17.80164731.086861
Intersection Enterprise Rd and Glenara Rd (Newlands bypass)
Ward 7
H-9: Huge Pothole on the Newlands Bypass
H-10no municipal water
Hindhead ave. Chisipite
Jan 6, 2015IssueWater-17.78581731.122887
Hindhead Avenue, Harare, Harare Province, 263, Zimbabwe
Ward 8
H-10: no municipal water
Very large and deep potholes, along most of Kelvin rd north
Jan 6, 2015IssueRoads-17.84749131.048814
Kelvin Road, Harare, Harare Province, 00263, Zimbabwe
Ward 6H-11: potholes
H-12Illicit rubbish dump
Large rubbish dump re-emerging on municipal open space behind Blue Lagoon shops, corner of Lomagundi Road & West Road. Also, housing development on same space; nearby residents not notified.
Jan 7, 2015Issue
Lomagundi Road, Avondale, Harare, Harare Province, Zimbabwe
Ward 6
H-12: Illicit rubbish dump
H-13Pothole Repaired
This pothole, reported earlier, has now been repaired.
Jan 10, 2015Positive_ActionRoads-17.80140731.087682
corner Enterprise / Glenara, Highlands Harare
Ward 8
H-13: Pothole Repaired
H-14Serious potholes
Severe road degradation at either end of Norwich Avenue between Glenara South and Rhodesville Avenue has cars driving entirely on the verges to access this road.
Jan 15, 2015IssueRoads-17.82704931.093072
Norwich Avenue, Harare, Harare Province, 263, Zimbabwe
Ward 6
H-14: Serious potholes
H-15water leak
municipal water leak at corner Coventry Rd Nuffield Rd
Jan 18, 2015IssueWater-17.84747131.015306
Corner Coventry / Nuffield
Ward 6
H-15: water leak
H-16No street lighting
No street lighting along enterprise road in Chisipite
Feb 4, 2015IssueRoads-17.78211231.146675
Enterprise road, Chisipite Harare, Mashonaland East, Zimbabwe
Ward 6
H-16: No street lighting
H-17Street lights on at 3:30 sunny afternoon
Street lights on during middle of day
Feb 5, 2015IssueRoads-17.79662231.097131
Hurworth Road, Harare, Mashonaland East, Zimbabwe
Ward 0
H-17: Street lights on at 3:30 sunny afternoon
H-18Water leak
Water leak from underground into street
Feb 17, 2015IssueWater-17.79672831.097789
Hurworth Road, Highlands, Harare
Ward 6
H-18: Water leak
H-19Potholes and illegal dump site
Due to the excessive rains recently, the road at Corner of Blakeway drive and Watermeyer in Belvedere with motorists driving on edge of road which is fast becoming a health hazard with illegal dumping along most of watermeyer. Could council next timw clean dump and put up signage warning people. Or better yet organise community based cleanups to make residents more concerned.
Feb 19, 2015Issue
Blakeway Drive, Monavale, Harare, Harare Province, 00263, Zimbabwe
Ward 6
H-19: Potholes and illegal dump site
H-20Streetlights returning!
Many street lights along Glenara South are being renovated!
Feb 20, 2015Positive_ActionRoads-17.82908831.091223
Glenara Avenue South
Ward 6
H-20: Streetlights returning!
H-21water leaking
water has been leaking for days
Feb 24, 2015IssueWater-17.79730130.97945
8 Cantley close Ashdown Park Harare
Ward 5
H-21: water leaking
H-22Street lights on during the day
the street lights along Coghlan were on this afternoon
Feb 27, 2015IssueOther-17.83529831.046419
Coghlan Road Greendale
Ward 6
H-22: Street lights on during the day
H-23Cycle Track needs life support
From vehicles to construction to unsafe vending and illegal bus stops, the cycle Track linking Colne Valley and Chisipite is in dire need of help. Students use this side road as well and risk being injured just by walking home.
Mar 3, 2015IssueRoads-17.76738431.118686
Harare, Chisipite Round about
Ward 6
H-23: Cycle Track needs life support
H-24Water Leak - Tynwald North
There is a steam flowing along the roadside due to a leaking town water pipe. Heading towards Dzivarasekwa akong Kirkman Rd turn right at Marlbou Rd (just before Sanganayi Inn)and take the 1st right turn - move 200m along the road and see the flowing water on the left hand side of the road.
Mar 3, 2015IssueWater-17.79096730.958807
Kirkman Rd turn right at Marlbou Rd towards Westgate - 1st turn left 200m.
Ward 6
H-24: Water Leak - Tynwald North
H-25Water leaks
Along Southey road on the first corner coming from OK Mart there is a water leak
Also after the shopping centre on the same road there is a water leak on corner of Southey and Ferreira. Bothe these are so old that the bulrushes have grown on side of the road
Mar 4, 2015IssueWater-17.83594531.069342Lower HillsideWard 6
H-25: Water leaks
H-26Illegal dumping
On the road leading to the Harare Municipal Nursery, illegal dumping has been going on for quite some time now and is escalating. Although it is on the doorstep of the Municipal Nursery it doesn't seem to get cleared or warning boards erected. Previously it was a pleasure to walk there but it has become a dumping ground. PLEASE ATTEND to it. The tax payers will be so grateful.

The same is true on the other side of the park next to the church close to the shops. Dumping galore!

In fact, the whole park has become a dumping site on its verges.

The same area has now become accessible to cars since the road blocks have been removed. It's not a pedestrians' park anymore, but a lovers park

The park had braai facilities on the Braeside side. Church groups have made permanent gathering areas of it and it has become exclusive. On the river banks illegal squatters re living which compromises the safety of pedestrians.
Mar 4, 2015Issue
Lower Hillside Park, Harare
Ward 6
H-26: Illegal dumping
water leak on East Rd, next to Well Woman Clinic
a perennial leak that has been there for many months or more. never gets fixed
Mar 5, 2015IssueWater-17.80472731.042138
East Rd, next to Well Woman Clinic
Ward 6
H-27: water leak on East Rd, next to Well Woman Clinic
Water Leak on Lezard / Bates Rd Milton Park
Large water leak on Lezard / Bates in Milton park
Mar 5, 2015IssueWater-17.81100931.032128
Corner of Lezard / Bates roads - Milton Park
Ward 6
H-28: Water Leak on Lezard / Bates Rd Milton Park
Water Leak on Sandringham Rd / Downie Rd Milton Park
New leak at a perennial favorite leak site - near Botanical Gardens entrance - corner of Sandringham drive and Downie Ave.
Mar 5, 2015IssueWater-17.81687131.048629
Sandringham Rd / Downie Rd Milton Park
Ward 6
H-29: Water Leak on Sandringham Rd / Downie Rd Milton Park
H-30Dulwich Road has terrible potholes
Although just a short piece of road this is a major connecting road to North Road. the southern section from North Road to Arcturus Road is fine
Mar 6, 2015IssueRoads-17.79501131.119651
Dulwich Road, Harare, Harare Province, 263, Zimbabwe
Ward 6
H-30: Dulwich Road has terrible potholes
H-31Shortheath Road potholes - now repaired
The road is low lying and the potholes are getting progressively worse. A little patching now will save more expensive repairs later.
Potholes NOW repaired.
Mar 6, 2015Positive_ActionRoads-17.78672831.11739
Shortheath Road, Harare, Harare Province, 263, Zimbabwe
Ward 6
H-31: Shortheath Road potholes - now repaired
Pot holes +++++++ Normandy Road Alexander Park
Normandy Road has almost no tar on parts.
Mar 6, 2015IssueRoads-17.83200631.046473
Harare, Harare Province, Zimbabwe
Ward 8
H-32: Pot holes +++++++ Normandy Road Alexander Park
H-33potholes access road chrchill avenue
Between borrowdale road and second street
Access road parallel to chuchill is used extensively as a shortcut which has led to numerous potholes
Mar 6, 2015IssueRoads-17.78951931.054604
Churchill avenue harare
Ward 6
H-33: potholes access road chrchill avenue
H-34Illegal Dumoing of Rubbish
Illegal Dumping of Rubbish
Mar 8, 2015Issue
Lincoln Road, Avondale, Harare, Harare Province, 00263, Zimbabwe
Ward 8
H-34: Illegal Dumoing of Rubbish
H-35Leaking Water Mains
Burst Water main which is now used as a car cleaning area
Mar 8, 2015IssueWater-17.7976831.039993
Lincoln Road, Avondale, Harare, Harare Province, 00263, Zimbabwe
Ward 8
H-35: Leaking Water Mains
H-36Noise Pollution
I would like to report that the "church" on the corner of Prince Edward and Lezard Avenue in Milton park makes excessive noise often during the evenings,often on a saturday and all day Sunday. They insist on using a very loud PA system when they are not even in a building but in a tent. There is no regard for the surrounding community. Is there anything that can be done to either remove the PA system or the church? the police seem helpless in this situation, although they do try at times.
Mar 8, 2015IssueOther-17.81013131.034255
Milton Park, Lezard Avenue, Avondale West, Harare, Harare Province, 00263, Zimbabwe
Ward 9
H-36: Noise Pollution
H-37Major potholes at Kamfinsa Shops
There are some very bad potholes on Arcturus Road by Kamfinsa (Well, all along Arcturus in fact!)
Mar 9, 2015IssueRoads-17.8053531.126027
Kamfinsa Shops, Ward 9, Greendale
Ward 9
H-37: Major potholes at Kamfinsa Shops
H-38Grass blocking view of road
Grass needs to be cut on the corner of Harare Drive and Piers Rd. Very dangerous driving out of there
Mar 9, 2015IssueRoads-17.75283831.111865
corner of Harare Drive and Piers Rd.
Ward 7
H-38: Grass blocking view of road
Potholes and road edgings are getting worse along Northolt with no maintenance.
Mar 10, 2015IssueRoads-17.77144130.988076BluffhillWard 7H-39: Potholes
H-40Water Leak
There is water gushing out at corner East Rd and Lanark Rd in Belgravia. From the looks of things, this has been going on for a while without it being attended to.
Mar 10, 2015IssueWater-17.80543231.042138
corner East Rd, andLanark Rd, Belgravia
Ward 7
H-40: Water Leak
H-41No Municipal Water
Haven't received municipal water for the past 6 or 7 years. any solution in sight?
Mar 10, 2015IssueWater-17.73722431.173234
folyjon cres.glen lorne
Ward 7
H-41: No Municipal Water
H-42No Municipal Water
There has been no municipal water for 2 and a half weeks in Dorset Road East!!
Mar 11, 2015IssueWater-17.77855731.040505
Dorset Road East, Avondale, Harare, Harare Province, Zimbabwe
Ward 7
H-42: No Municipal Water
H-43Leaking pipe
Leaking pipe. By the main gate to Trevi Gardens by the big tree. Been leaking for several months and was reported a few times november/ December last year2014. De Noon Road. Avondale
Mar 11, 2015IssueWater-17.80453531.039347AvondaleWard 7
H-43: Leaking pipe
H-44Broken water pipes
there is a broken water pump or pipes not sure which is which at University of Zimbabwe flats Ceres road Avondale. The leakage is resulting in no water for the residence at the flats.
Mar 11, 2015IssueWater-17.78669531.038375
Avondale, Harare, Harare Province, Zimbabwe
Ward 7
H-44: Broken water pipes
H-45Leaking Pipe
Along East Road, No.24 and opposite Botswana Embassy
Mar 11, 2015IssueWater-17.80351231.042557
East Road, Belgravia
Ward 7
H-45: Leaking Pipe
H-46Potholes Severe
There are severe pot holes on Lavenham Drive East that have been caused by lorries delivering bricks. they seem to do the one side of Lavenham Drive East and never the other side when tarring or repairing.
Mar 11, 2015IssueRoads-17.77368130.991144Bluff HillWard 7
H-46: Potholes Severe
H-47Road and streetlights repaired
Glenara South is undergoing a rapid transformation. Most streetlights are now repaired and repainted and the road has been resurfaced to a good standard.
Mar 11, 2015Positive_ActionRoads-17.83336731.067464
Glenara Avenue South
Ward 7
H-47: Road and streetlights repaired
H-48Bad Potholes in Hillside Harare
Extremely bad potholes on Tait Avenue and Brookes Drive in Lower Hillside in Harare. They are both un-driveable. Please may they be fixed as they havent been repaired ever.
Mar 11, 2015IssueRoads-17.84112331.072954
Tait Avenue, Harare, Harare Province, 00263, Zimbabwe
Ward 7
H-48: Bad Potholes in Hillside Harare
Van Prague Harvey brown Lawson also roads between bishop Gaul and prince Edward
Mar 11, 2015IssueRoads-17.81526731.033146
Milton park area
Ward 7H-49: Potholes
H-50Street lights not working
On all main roads. Second street ext. king George Prince Edward. Bishop Gaul. And man other roads
Mar 11, 2015IssueRoads-17.82791331.020049
Bishop Gaul Avenue, Monavale, Harare, Harare Province, 00263, Zimbabwe
Ward 7
H-50: Street lights not working
Lavenham drive and surrounding roads. Very bad and dangerous.
Mar 11, 2015IssueRoads-17.7758930.989495MablereignWard 7H-51: Potholes
H-52Potholes. Street lights not working
Eastcourt Road and all surrounding roads in belvedere north. All roads very bad
Mar 11, 2015IssueRoads-17.82312431.010347
Belvedere north
Ward 7
H-52: Potholes. Street lights not working
H-53Rubbish dumped
De Noon road Avondale. Almost a year ago miracle missions cleaned up Avondale shopping center nd surrounding roads nicely but within days people started throwing rubbish again.
Mar 11, 2015Issue
Avondale. De Noon Road
Ward 7
H-53: Rubbish dumped
Potholes on East road and all roads leading off East. Rad going onto second street extension.
Mar 11, 2015IssueRoads-17.80230331.042793
Belgravia. Avondale
Ward 7H-54: Potholes
West road in terrible condition Potholes patched up and make do patches leaving the road very bumpy. The whole road needs resurfacing not just odd patch up jobs
Mar 11, 2015IssueRoads-17.78337131.023476Avondale westWard 7H-55: Potholes
H-56Potholes dangerous
Main access road to school and businesses is dangerous due to Potholes
Mar 12, 2015IssueRoads-17.77419831.027494
Belfast Road , Emerald Hill
Ward 7
H-56: Potholes dangerous
H-57Bulk Water Vender
There is a company selling bulk water behind Water World in Eastlea, water levels in the area have dropped significantly.
Mar 12, 2015IssueWater-17.82767831.055306
Harare, Harare Province, Zimbabwe
Ward 7
H-57: Bulk Water Vender
H-58Harare drive/gaydon road roundabout
This intersection is so dangerous. Please would you consider inserting a small roundabout here instead of the vert dangerous crossroad. Thanks, sasha
Mar 12, 2015IssueRoads-17.76460531.118256
Harare drive, Gaydon road
Ward 7
H-58: Harare drive/gaydon road roundabout
H-59No city water
I have just moved into a flat at the corner of The Chase and Golden Stairs Road. There has apparently not been city water for many years, and we all (9 flats) buy bulk water.
Mar 12, 2015IssueWater-17.7722131.037664
Corner Golden Stairs and The Chase
Ward 7
H-59: No city water
H-60Very low city water
City water at our home in Mt. Pleasant is very rare.
Mar 12, 2015IssueWater-17.77629631.06307GroombridgeWard 7
H-60: Very low city water
H-61Bad potholes near University
Very bad potholes along Groombridge Road and Wickham near the University.
Mar 12, 2015IssueRoads-17.77956631.059809GroombridgeWard 7
H-61: Bad potholes near University
Mar 12, 2015IssueRoads-17.84121131.084348
from glanara, into Mundy drive and turning into soden ave leading to Newmarch ave - eastridge infant school
Ward 7
H-63burst pipe
Burst pipe caused by internet company diggings
Mar 12, 2015IssueWater-17.84066631.083654
along soden ave , next to Number 5. in Hillside
Ward 7
H-63: burst pipe
The road leading to the Eastridge primary school is badly potholed,....Ferreira Ave, off hillside road in Hillside
Mar 12, 2015IssueRoads-17.83578131.077814
Feirreira Ave. Off Hillside road leading to Eastridge School. Hillside
Ward 7
H-65No Municipal Water
No municipal water for the last 3 weeks!!!
Mar 12, 2015IssueWater-17.77909531.040962
David den Close, Avondale, Harare, Harare Province, Zimbabwe
Ward 7
H-65: No Municipal Water
open air canteen at the corner of Edisson crescent and Bessemer road in Graniteside. Cholera threat. No sanitary conditions and dusty street corner turned into an open air canteen
Mar 13, 2015IssueOther-17.8560631.050769
corner Edison crescent and Bessimer road in graniteside.
Ward 7
Eastcourt road. Link road. Morcombe road. Basically all roads inside belvedere north
Mar 13, 2015IssueRoads-17.82284731.010116BelvedereWard 7
H-67: Potholees
All inside roads of Milton park. Harvey brown. Lawson. Van Prague. Divine.
Mar 13, 2015IssueRoads-17.81328731.033475Milton parkWard 7H-68: Potholes
West road. The whole road leading up tp lomagundi road. Very bumpy. Whole road needs resurfacing
Mar 13, 2015IssueRoads-17.79554831.027167Avondale westWard 7H-69: Potholes
Lorraine drive. Lavenham road all inside roads in that area
Mar 13, 2015IssueRoads-17.7805230.98585MablereignWard 7H-70: Potholes
H-71Street lights not working
Avondale. Belvedere Milton Park. Mount pleasant. And many other areas.
Mar 13, 2015IssueRoads-17.80298231.041106AvondaleWard 7
H-71: Street lights not working
H-72Water leak
Big water leak on Enterprise Rd corner Hurworth Rd
Mar 14, 2015IssueWater-17.79728431.097609
Hurworth Road, Harare, Harare Province, 263, Zimbabwe
Ward 7
H-72: Water leak
H-73Street Lights on during the day
Along Blakiston Street, one kilometre long from the school to Herbert Chitepo Avenue milton park there are only three street lights burning and continually for 24 hours a day. A waste of electricity. All the lights in between do not function. Could some one please attend to this. It has been like this for weeks
Mar 15, 2015IssueOther-17.82320531.041613
Blakiston Street near Herbert Chitepo
Ward 7
H-73: Street Lights on during the day
H-74No Municipal Water
No municipal water for 3 weeks!!
Mar 15, 2015IssueWater-17.77852231.039718
Dorset Road East, Avondale, Harare, Harare Province, Zimbabwe
Ward 7
H-74: No Municipal Water
H-75broken water pipe
Broken water pipe water gushing out
Mar 16, 2015IssueWater-17.81252931.040841
64 oxford rd Avondale
Ward 7
H-75: broken water pipe
H-76No municipal water for 14 years
Greystone park 7 Honington close we have had No municipal water for 14 years but have been paying $10 per month !!
Mar 17, 2015IssueWater-17.75478831.118384
Harare, Harare Province, Zimbabwe
Ward 7
H-76: No municipal water for 14 years
Roads not repaired after water pipes installed
In 2013/14 major new water pipelines were installed to supply Mount Pleasant with water. The roads that were dug up have yet to be returned to their original good condition. Specifically the Broadlands/Golden Stairs intersection as well as Broadlands road itself all the way along but especially at Otilia Close
Mar 17, 2015IssueRoads-17.79954931.042492
Broadlands and Goldern Stairs, Avondale, Harare
Ward 7
H-77: Roads not repaired after water pipes installed
H-78No Municipal Water
no municipal water for 10 + years, no borehole water. been charged for 'water' connection!..dire straights!
Mar 19, 2015IssueWater-17.73906331.128688
Gaydon Rd / Helensvale rd area
Ward 7
H-78: No Municipal Water
H-79Bulk Water Seller
Bulk Water Seller
Mar 19, 2015IssueWater-17.83254731.087964
Glenara Avenue, Harare, Harare Province, 263, Zimbabwe
Ward 7
H-79: Bulk Water Seller
H-80Cheryl Road, Avondale
This road is like you are driving in the rural areas, potholes are everywhere. You can not believe one is in Harare!!!!
Mar 21, 2015IssueRoads-17.83529831.046419
Cheryl Road, Avondale
Ward 7
H-80: Cheryl Road, Avondale
H-81No Municipal Water
No municipal water for a month
Mar 23, 2015IssueWater-17.77852231.039718
Dorset Road East, Avondale, Harare, Harare Province, Zimbabwe
Ward 7
H-81: No Municipal Water
H-82No Municipal Water
No Municipal water for 4 weeks!!!!!
Mar 23, 2015IssueWater-17.77909531.040962
David den Close, Avondale, Harare, Harare Province, Zimbabwe
Ward 7
H-82: No Municipal Water
H-83sewage burst
there is a sewage burst along Enterprise road by Redan Service Station on the wetlands there , the smell is just unbearable for us passerbys , what more those who are staying there and also a sewage burst along the same road in Glen lorne at the bridge just before Thorn tree lodge when you are coming from town . Do something about this please
Mar 27, 2015Issue
Chisipite and Glen lorne
Ward 7
H-83: sewage burst
H-84No Municipal Water
No water for 2 weeks
Mar 30, 2015IssueWater-17.83177331.045686
Harare, Harare Province, Zimbabwe
Ward 7
H-84: No Municipal Water
H-85Sewage leak
167 enterprise rd. Sewage leak for more than one week
Apr 2, 2015Issue
Enterprise Road, Harare, Mashonaland East, Zimbabwe
Ward 7
H-85: Sewage leak
H-86Alpes Road Bridge
The bridge over Alpes Rd before Pomona Barracks is soon to be become impassable and needs to be resurfaced.
Apr 7, 2015IssueRoads-17.78636331.058704Alpes RoadWard 7
H-86: Alpes Road Bridge
always burning plastics, rubbish and garden waste
Apr 10, 2015Issue
Helensvale Road
Ward 7H-87: Burning
H-88ZESA pole
on Tower Close an electricity pole with transformer on is seemingly in imminent danger of collapse and posibly onto a dwelling. Right handside of the road going towards the dead end turning circle.
Apr 10, 2015IssueOther-17.74188431.135758Toer CloseWard 7
H-88: ZESA pole
H-89Aberdeen Rd/Chelmsford Rd Walkway
There is a major burst water pipe here which has not been attended to for at least 10 years. The amount of treated water pouring out of here is drastic.
The water has caused a wetland and total overgrowth of bullrushes.

Health: Vagrants in the area are defecating here and the water is pouring back into the drains filthy -which is a health hazard.

1. There have been numerous robberies in the area. The thieves use this overgrowth to hide what they have stolen till they can return to collect it. (We have actual police reports)

2. A woman has been mugged and had her clothes ripped off her here by someone who was using the overgrowth to hide. ( actual report available)
Numerous pedestrian, including a large number of Avondale primary School children use this walkway to get to and from school.

Residents have tried very hard and spent a lot of money on part time labour to clean the area. Our efforts are fruitless as within a few weeks there is more overgrowth.

I know that a project has been approved within City of Harare to replace all the pipes in this general are. This however CANNOT WAIT another day. Please pay URGENT ATTENTION to this matter.
Apr 15, 2015IssueWater-17.79309531.040587
walkway between corner of Chelmsford Road/ Lincoln Road and Aberdeen Road near the bridge.
Ward 7
H-89: Aberdeen Rd/Chelmsford Rd Walkway
H-90Mendel Road
This road is literally non existent.
Apr 15, 2015IssueRoads-17.78971431.040854
Mendel Road, Avondale, Harare, Harare Province, 00263, Zimbabwe
Ward 7
H-90: Mendel Road
H-91Ceres Road
Ceres Road from Aberdeen Rd to Lomagundi Rd is in desperate need of resurfacing.
Apr 15, 2015IssueRoads-17.78790231.038179
Ceres Road from Aberdeen Road to Lomagundi Road
Ward 7
H-91: Ceres Road
H-92Major Potholes
Cheryl Road from Aberdeen to Natal Road. Majority of this road has major potholes
Apr 15, 2015IssueRoads-17.7939531.037536
Cheryl Road, Between Aberdeen Road and Natal Road
Ward 7
H-92: Major Potholes
H-93Severe Potholes
There are potholes on this Maasdorp Ave from East Road (where they are severe) going through to Sandringham Drive. The section between East Road and Second Street was repaired in a joint effort between Mount Pleasant District office and BSCOTA( Belgravia Shopping Centre Owners and Tenants Assosciation). Unfortunately the water department has not attended to a leak on cnr East/ Maasdorp which has left this section almost impassable.
It is sad that 1 department hinders the efforts of so many.
Apr 15, 2015IssueRoads-17.79546231.044402
Maasdorp Avenue between `East Road and Sandringham Drive
Ward 7
H-93: Severe Potholes
H-94Maasdorp/East Water leak
Burst pipe here has been patched on and off for years. This has caused a MAJOR pothole. PLEASE may the water department make a proper repair here.
Apr 15, 2015IssueWater-17.79528831.044144
Cnr East Rd/Maasdorp Ave
Ward 7
H-94: Maasdorp/East Water leak
H-95Road resurfacing needed
Beveridge Road between Aberdeen and Ceres Road requires blanket coverage of tar.
Apr 15, 2015IssueRoads-17.7896631.03981
Beveridge Rd btw Aberdeen Rd & Ceres Rd
Ward 7
H-95: Road resurfacing needed
H-96Rubbish dumping
Why do people use storm water drains as rubbish bins?
Apr 17, 2015Issue
Rhodesville Avenue, near Kamfinsa Shops
Ward 7
H-96: Rubbish dumping
H-97Deterioration of Cycle Track
Potholes, missing signs.
Apr 23, 2015IssueRoads-17.79537331.128078ChisipiteWard 7
H-97: Deterioration of Cycle Track
H-98Severe potholes
Road in bad state Mendel rd off Aberdeen rd ,
Mendel rd off Aberdeen rd,
Beveridge rd ,
Leni rd ,
Ceres rd only repaired halfway ,
Cherly rd ,
Oxford rd ,
Natal rd ,And
John Matetich close off Natal
Apr 24, 2015IssueRoads-17.79180930.989754
Ward 7 avondale
Ward 7
H-98: Severe potholes
H-99Water leak in Pomona
Next to 87 Hawick Road and opposite the gate of 9 Hawick Road is a leak from municipal water. This is the first time for ages we have had municipal water which is exciting but only getting a tiny trickle no doubt because of this leak.
Apr 30, 2015IssueWater-17.83529831.046419
Opposite 9 Hawick Road (and next to 87 Hawick Road)
Ward 7
H-99: Water leak in Pomona