Divine Mercy Parish Prayer Intentions (Responses)
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1/28/2018 19:45:27Scott T Minviellesminviel@bellsouth.netFor the correct diagosis, effective treatment, and healing of Mrs. Mary Ann Aye.
2/3/2018 12:07:51Eileen Burkeburke4120@bellsouth.netHarold Delahoussaye is in CCC EJGH. Blood infection,
sepsis and prostate infection. Harold also has a very bad heart.
He is the founder of Metairie Humane Rescue Shelter and Pampered
Pets B&B. Metairie Humane rescues mainly dogs who are about to
be killed in the area shelters, and takes dogs who are being turned in
by their owners to keep them out of kill shelters. Metairie Humane
gives these dogs medical care and socialization training before finding these
dogs forever families. However, if the dogs are never adopted, Metairie
Humane becomes their forever family until their natural death. Metairie
Humane is a no kill shelter. Harold has helped save thousands of dogs
through the years. Please flood the heavens with prayers that God
give Harold a full and speedy recovery so that he can continue his
work to save dogs and help them find their forever families.
2/5/2018 11:08:58Gretchen Thibervillethiberville@hotmail.comPlease pray today (Monday 2/5) for a very special intention involving our family.  I know that the Lord will hear and answer our prayers when they are combined with those of the generous Divine Mercy prayer community. God bless you all.
2/5/2018 14:13:22Susan Vaughnsvaughn16@cox.netPrayers are requested for surgery for myself on February 14, 2018. Please pray that all goes well with the surgery and that there are no complications. In God I trust.
2/6/2018 13:57:54Cindy G Paulinpaulinc@eaganins.comPlease pray for my grandson Daniel!
2/7/2018 17:42:52Noel Martinsennoelm@usrisk.comPray for my mother in law Rosemary McGinness who is at Ochsner with pneumonia. Once released she will be transferred to Chateau Living Center for her post recovery. May our Lord send his healing grace to be with her and restore her health at 92.
2/9/2018 11:20:59Cindy G Paulinpaulinc@eaganins.comSheila Provenza - she is fighting cancer and is now in hospice care. please ask God to bless her and her husband Vincent
2/10/2018 16:05:12Barbara
Please pray for my son, Stephen - father of 4, who is losing is job this coming Friday because his store is being bought out by another company.
Please pray that his former boss will be able to find him a job before his former boss completely retires or he gets a new job quickly.
Also pray for favorable ruling when he goes to Family court about child support payments.
2/10/2018 16:07:42Barbara
Pray for Paul's upcoming MRI -- that is shows no increased cancer.
Thanks for your faithfulness in prayer...
2/11/2018 19:08:16Denise Woodwarddenisewoodward@cox.netPlease pray for my sister-in-law, Karen Coignet, who has been diagnosed with stage four breast cancer that has spread to her bones. Thank you for your prayers.
2/12/2018 15:07:56 Cookie Tatar I humbly request your prayers for my blood work to be normal. I have been having some intestinal issues which have not been resolved and possible medicine side effects from heart medication. My many thanks for all the Prayer Warriors who are a blessing to our parish and beyond. Let us pray..."Jesus, I place my trust in You." God bless, Cookie Tatar
2/15/2018 6:18:43Connie Rodger
Please pray for a co-worker of mine, Mark Hamilton. They found cancer when he had a colonoscopy. They also found some spots on his liver. He is a really good man. Please pray that they have removed all the cancer and that the treatment keeps it from spreading. Please pray that our loving God gives comfort and strength to him and his family and that the doctors proceed with the correct treatment. In Jesus name we pray.
2/16/2018 17:56:35Scott T Minviellesminviel@bellsouth.netPray for Clara Schmitt's fractured pelvis' prompt healing.
2/16/2018 17:58:46Scott T Minviellesminviel@bellsouth.netPray for healing the condition causing sharp pains in my rib cage's area.
2/16/2018 20:16:30Irma Cryerguapaflor2004@yahoo.comReally need prayers finding a new job that's suitable for our family . Really been in a bad work environment for almost 3 years and causing alot of anxiety and depression... really affecting our marriage.... any prayers are really appreciated .
2/17/2018 6:49:01Jamillah Grant
John Yancy
2/17/2018 6:50:47Jamillah Grant
Maryann Orlando
2/18/2018 19:49:18Debbie Taquinodebbietaquino@aol.comResidents at Chateau Living Center; Helen Arnold, Morena Lafield, Mary Abade, Rosa Campo, Sylvia Bordelon, Louise Ogier
2/19/2018 9:24:01Karen Canalescanaleskv@gmail.comPlease pray for the baby boy that I am expecting to join our family in July. I need your prayers for his physical, mental and spiritual well-being and for Jesus to allow me the grace of surrendering to His will. I have received this wonderful blessing and I pray that I can carry to term and that I receive positive news at the ultrasound that I will have on Wednesday 2/21. In Jesus we trust!
2/21/2018 7:22:53Gretchen Thibervillethiberville@hotmail.comPlease pray for good results on the colonoscopy my husband, Maurice, is having today. God is good and will hear our prayers. Bless you all.
2/21/2018 7:25:13Gretchen Thibervillethiberville@hotmail.comGiving the good Lord thanks for a previous prayer wonderfully answered. God is indeed good.
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