Divine Mercy Parish Prayer Intentions (Responses)
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7/17/2018 8:24:31Linda GrecoPlease pray for my friend, Agnes, who has thyroid cancer
7/17/2018 10:21:48Dulcedbevier@cox.netNew employment for Nick and healing of leg & back pain.
7/17/2018 16:49:48Barbara Sutphen
Please pray for my sister and me. Both of us have taken a tumble and are recovering -- We were blessed not to have anything broken but have lots of pain and bruising. Also pray for Agnes, my sister, who is having her teeth pulled...she is terrified of dentists...Please pray for her to have courage to keep her appts and that her bridge will be comfortable to wear. May God bless you for your faithfulness in prayer.
7/17/2018 21:17:55Wendy Applewhite
Please pray for Patricia Lindsey sge is the mither of my son’s girlfriend and been diagnosed with bladder cancer and given six months to live. Unfortunately she is not a practicing any religion and I pray she finds God before she passes.
7/18/2018 21:04:48Frank Raab Cookie Tatar has the following request: I once again am asking that you keep my husband, Tom Tatar, in your prayers. Tomorrow morning he will be having an MRI of his right kidney to identify a small spot which could not be identified by the CT scan. We are hoping and praying it proves to be nothing serious. Several years ago he was operated on his left kidney, but has been just fine since then. May God bless you and those prayer warriors who pray for us. Jesus, I place my trust in You. Cookie Tatar
7/22/2018 7:22:54Gretchen Thibervillegthiberville@yahoo.comPlease pray for peace of mind for a family member in a challenging time.
7/24/2018 19:40:09Frank RaabBeth Reine has asked for prayers. Beth has not been feeling well. Thank you.
7/26/2018 10:32:45Gloria Jean CapitonPlease pray for our son, Michael, to get the job he applied for. Thank you in advance for your prayers.
7/31/2018 12:01:45Perri saucierronperri@coxnet.comThank you, thank you so much for all your prayers. My doctor is well pleased with my knee replacement and I am recovering well. God is so good
God bless you all,
7/31/2018 17:18:02Frank RaabPray for Cynthia Estrade for a full recovery from her injury.
8/1/2018 13:40:37Gina Giarelligemela1@yahoo.comPlease pray for our life long friend and family member. She is living in Houston without any close family. She has just been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer - renal cell carcinoma. One of her younger sisters is with her right now. They will be removing her kidney. Please pray that she , her sister and the Drs make the right decisions regarding her treatment and that God preforms the ultimate miracle and grants her the gift of a total cure. Please pray for her siblings. Please grant all of them peace and serenity. They are still recovering from their mother’s death from pancreatic cancer. They are rallying around my friend with prayers and love.
8/1/2018 20:29:59Frank RaabPray for Dale Martiny who is having health issues.
8/4/2018 14:39:40Frank Raab Dear Frank and Prayer Warriors, My many thanks to God for answering your prayers and mine for my husband Tom’s MRI of his kidney to be fine….was not anything of a serious nature, thankfully.
I would, however, please ask that you pray for my doctors to find the reason for the heaviness in both my legs. They thought it was possibly my medication but thus far that has not been the case…I may have to see a neurologist. And I have also been having for many months stomach issues that the doctors cannot resolve. Pray that the test I am having next week will help them to hopefully resolve this problem. And please continue to pray for my daughter, Laura. She greatly needs prayers for her intestinal dilemma and the lymphoma to go into remission.
Once again I am grateful for this ministry, Frank, and those members who offer prayers for us and our loved ones. May God and Our Lady bless you greatly. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, I trust is You and Your Divine Mercy. Sincerely, Cookie Tatar
8/6/2018 12:48:38Frank RaabPlease ask the prayer group to pray for Christopher Morel. He is the Jesuit High School senior who sustained a spinal cord injury a few months ago. His mother Amy is asking for prayers. Todd DiMaggio
8/8/2018 15:39:08Frank RaabPlease keep my sister-in-law, June Trosclair, in your prayers. Her granddaughter's dog broke loose from his chain and ran to June to get attention. He knocked her down on the cement. Her upper leg is broken in 3 places. They put a rod in her leg. Right now her knee is hurting so she is not able to walk. Please pray for quick healing. She just turned 80 in June. My sister-in-law now needs blood and possibly a knee brace. She really needs prayers. She wants to walk and dance again.

Also keep my granddaughter in your prayers. She is having some health issues and other things.

Thank you for your prayers. Peace of Christ be with all of you. Connie Sevenker
8/9/2018 17:37:25Frank RaabMy friend Betty West from Dequincy Louisiana is feeling depressed & she needs surgery on her knee soon. She is asking for prayers.
Beth Reine
8/15/2018 16:34:27Gloria Jean CapitonBIG THANK YOU for your intercessory prayers-our younger son got the job he applied for and is working very well. God Bless you all for your prayers, most grateful.
8/20/2018 16:31:43Barbara D Sutphenwowpink2000@hotmail.comPlease keep Samantha in your prayers -- she is pregnant w/her 1st child and is experiencing just a few health issues. May this new addition to the family be blessed with good health. This child will be our 1st great-grandchild. Praise God!
8/22/2018 11:11:57Gloria JeanDear Prayer Warriors, Please pray for a special intention.
God Bless, and Immaculate Heart of Mary, Be our salvation. Thank you
8/26/2018 9:34:16Mary Dufour maymay2@att.netI'm asking prayers for Susan Hancock, she's going to have surgery for her back on Tuesday.
Pray for the Dufour Family in Plaucheville, Our neice, Brenda Dufour passed away on Friday, Aug. 24, at 58 yrs old.
Pray for our neighbors, several having health issues.
Also for our best friend, Susan Vaughn, who is fighting cancer and my nephew, John Thibodeaux, who has had cancer and still waiting again for his test results for the last blood work.
I thank everyone for the prayers and God Bless !!
Mary Dufour
8/26/2018 9:39:28Mary Dufourmaymay2@att.netPlease pray for another one of my best friend, Lisa Margavio, she was in a car accident and totaled her car. She is recovering from it.
8/28/2018 17:30:42Frank RaabMary Ferguson has asked for your prayers. Mary's recent pet scan has revealed some spots and she is going to undergo radiation.
8/29/2018 14:18:16Jamillah Grantmakethegard@yahoo.comPlease pray for the recovery of Mary Jane Newble from the complications of abdominal surgery.
8/29/2018 14:20:41Jamillah Grant
Sharon Johnston recovery from a serious illness!
8/31/2018 0:57:37
Marylyn M Comesana
marylyn63@att.netHealing from brain cancer for Gi Gi Rouyer and courage and strength for her family.
9/1/2018 12:55:56Frank RaabJudy Petit has asked for prayers. She will be having back surgery this coming Thursday. Thank you.
9/2/2018 15:57:02Frank RaabPlease pray for Melissa Macaluso who is experiencing high blood pressure problems. Thank you.
9/4/2018 2:11:00Nick Boycenbc@nboyce.com
Please pray that the Drs can find and successfully treat Virginia Boyce's infection. Virginia is looking at 2 more days of testing as inpatient at EJGH
9/4/2018 17:32:15Lori Lewis
Pray for my niece Lacey she has cancer and having surgery to remove her thyroid tomorrow
9/7/2018 18:57:47Melanie Trimarco Mellie825@msn.com
Prayers for my sweet husband Mark, who passed away on 10/9/17. I miss him and need prayers as well for grace and strength.
9/9/2018 14:57:52JENNIE I MATARjenang8ken5@yahoo.comPray for my niece Emily and My family and Me, we lost my sister Susan to cancer
9/9/2018 18:00:03Kim RoachPrettyazngyrl@yahoo.comFor Jamie Roach - deceased- prayer for her soul.
9/10/2018 13:04:10Frank Raab
Please keep 5 year-old Ashlyn Carlock in your prayers. Because of cancer, she is having her right kidney removed tomorrow morning.
9/10/2018 13:06:42Frank Raab
Please keep a young mother named Kaitlin in your prayers. She recently had a heart transplant and is experiencing some of the side effects of the transplant.
9/11/2018 10:38:25Bevierdmbevier@gmail.comhealing for Ben Digeorge
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