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2018Chithelen, NiallElite Scholars of ChinaReviewed and re-wrote the curriculum for teaching personal; led two workshops for counselors on this and the editing process more broadly
- Performed website maintenance, worked on proposal for new website
- Found articles on US-China cultural exchange and created questionnaires for students
- Compiled lists of contacts at universities for outreach, categorized the contacts, and tailored outreach messages to each category
Walk 5 min, Subway 1 hourEducationBecause they don’t usually have interns during the semester, I didn’t really have to apply. It helped that the HR director (at the time) was a recent Cornell graduate. I imagine they would be happy to have more interns and I can facilitate that in the future as long as the people I know still work there.
I would not recommend this internship to CAPS students seeking opportunities to be more fully immersed in China. Even the Chinese HS students are not even supposed to speak Mandarin in the office. However, if you are interested in curriculum development, the US college experience, the college application process in general, writing, etc., you will be in a good environment to develop those interests. Because the internship is more informal, if you see something (on the website or in talking to someone there) that you’re excited about, you can take the initiative to become involved. You may otherwise get saddled with more mundane intern duties (both happened to me). This experience is largely what you make of it; more so, I would guess, than internships at companies with more rigid hierarchies and assignments.
NoDorothy Ajayi,
2018Lee, Clara SungMinPangoal InstitutionWrote 5-page daily abstract reports about South Korean domestic and foreign issues ranging from the recent election to the DPRK issues
- Completed 5 pages of translations each day between Mandarin Chinese, Korean, and English
- Led multi-platforms social media campaign reaching thousands of subscribers for former US Trade Representative Charlene Barshefsky's visit
Walk 45 min on way backEducationAbsolutely. Despite your language levels I would highly recommend this internship to any CAPS students. Every of my coworkers were very nice and understanding of my language abilities and limits and all of them were quite interested in South Korea so I was able to serve as a cultural ambassador to them. Not to mention that this internship gives random gifts at times (e.g. 12 bottles of Polish milk, eye masks for Women’s Day). I am so grateful to have found this internship because it definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone. The workload was manageable, 小心姐definitely kept me busy but I learned a lot by combing through South Korean newspaper articles which I would not have looked at if it wasn’t for this opportunity.YesXin Shuping,, Phone +86 156-5263-1132
2018Zhang, RobinForeign Commercial Service. US Dept of CommerceAssist various events, presentations, publications, including: -compiling “China Country Outlook” PPT for a major industry conference and numerous MBA briefings, summary of business / economic environment and industry opportunities;
-writing news summaries of 两会 and other note-writing events;
-researching specific companies / questions for commercial specialists as requested;
- escorting guests in/out of Embassy, making name tags, other logistics.
-editing / compiling 200 page “China Country Commercial Guide” to be published;
detail on everything to do business in China
1 hour SubwayGovernmentYes! Definitely be proactive here in asking for work to do. Even if it’s just tagging along to presentation, ceremonies, exhibitions, etc. It’s very cool. Everyone is very nice here, don’t feel like you’re wasting anyone’s time.
Try to explore more of the restaurants around here. I wish I’d done that.
YesScott Pozil,, +86-10-8531-4612
2017Alaghband, MaxChina Center for Health Economics Research, National School of Development, Peking UniversityMy principal responsibility was to develop a research paper comparing the health care system accounting methods of the US, China and Singapore. I was given a significant amount of autonomy on this project and had the support of a postdoc from Qinghua, with whom I am continuing collaboration. I was also given opportunities to attend lectures and presentations in Chinese and English on health economics each week.20 minute walk, 10 minute bike ride from ShaoyuanEducation, HealthcareI learned a lot about healthcare and socioeconomic issues in China through my research and through the various lectures and symposiums I attended. I also deepened my understanding of the applications of and process behind economics research, informing future decisions regarding employment in academia and think tanks. I would recommend, though, that future interns be clear about what they are looking to get out of the experience and realistic with the amount of time/work they will have (the Beijing semester can be very busy, and CCHER hours are often spent outside the office attending evens). Taking on a new project might prove less rewarding than contributing to an existing one. Professor Liu’s office is pretty far from the office (20 min walk), but he is very friendly and enthusiastic and is generally available to answer any questions or concerns.YesGordon Liu:, 86-10-62756241
2017Deng, ZhuoChina Merchants SecuritiesFixed Income, Part-time Analyst. Participated in all stages of public and private debt offering including developing financial models, drafting application documents and forming underwriting agreement. Created cash flow and financial growth forecast, capital raising scenarios and analyzed issuer’s operation capability and solvency; drafted prospectus based on analysisSubway, 40 minFinancialIt provided me with information about the Chinese financial market and working culture. I am planning to take a path in the finance-related area and may come back to China after graduation, so this internship gave me a chance to gain some basic knowledge about it. It is a securities company with a flexible schedule and easy-to-work-with colleagues who are willing to teach you a lot of stuff. You have to be a Chinese citizen to apply for this internship, and some related experience would be good to land this internship.YesTao Zhou Telephone: 132 6177 8310
2017DeVoy, ColeProfessor Zuo Xiying, Renmin University of ChinaI was to assist Professor Zuo with any and all research activities – including his ongoing project on United States national security policy – and with his classroom activities related to the Chinese National Security course he was teaching this semester.Subway, 20 minutesEducationProfessor Zuo’s course and research are both focused on Sino-U.S. relations from a Chinese perspective, especially as far as security issues are concerned. Personally, it did not have any significant impact on my own career planning. Professor Zuo is both brilliant and very kind – he proved a great help over the course of my own thesis research – but anyone looking to make a real contribution to an academic research project would be advised to look elsewhere, as he seemed apprehensive about throwing research work in an assistant’s direction.NoI found this internship with help from Dr. Qi Kai, who recommended Professor Zuo to me after I explained my academic interests: Professor Zuo Xiying,
2017Wan, FangfangPKU China Center for Health Economic ResearchI compiled data from various yearbooks and the websites of World Bank, WHO and other international organizations on Excel and analyzedthem quantitatively. Besides, I translated related documents between English and Chinese and executed literature review of related theses.15 min walkEducationI learned a lot about the current situation of the medical system in China and China health economics. I have a passion to do economics research in the future, so this internship was a great preparation for my future career. Professor Gordon is a very nice and passionate western-educated scholar. He is also really prominent in the health economics field in China. All fellows in the research center are really nice, and I have really learned a lot. I really appreciate that I had the opportunity to work there.YesGordon Liu:, 86-10-62756241
2017Harris, SarahBeijing Review, China Africa DepartmentI helped translate a few things from Chinese to English, and I wrote English pieces for the magazine and website.Subway there 1 hr; bus back 45 minEducationThe people in the office are great people: diligent, kind, and helpful. Thus the office environment is friendly and pleasant. However, one should know that the workload was very light, but you can have more responsibility if you take initiative and ask for it.I think it helped me practice my oral Chinese skills and gave me some journalism experience in the Chinese cultural and political setting, which I found very interesting.YesSudeshna Sarkar : Telephone: [8610]68996303
2017Kook, AnnaCNNHelping with conducting interviews in Chinese; Making phone calls to relevant figures in Chinese; Translating and transcribing interviews in Chinese, English, and Korean; Conducting research on relevant articles; Assisting with shoots; Voice over for digital storiesSubway & walking, 70 min.MediaThe commute was around 70 minutes, so it was a little bit physically tiring, but the overall experience was extremely rewarding and educational. I learned a lot about the Chinese media and how American media is interested in portraying China. Also, I had countless opportunities to speak Mandarin. It was very relevant to my CAPS learning as I was doing stories and research on countless governmental and societal aspects of China today. Everything I was reading about or exploring was like a sort of field study to reflect and bolster what I was learning in the classroom. It was also very relevant to my career planning, as I plan to pursue broadcast journalism after graduationYesSerena Dong Telephone: 010-65326013
2017Maseloff, DerekPace GalleryPretty basic translation work.90 min.ArtsNot very rewarding or interesting, but low stress.NoWang Bei
2017McGee, MatthewCadence (formerly SeekPanda) Recruiting new translators and interpreters in different markets, "varied and I was able to try different things"Subway, 50 minutesBusiness (other)It was a good way to see how startups in China work, and I was able to speak Chinese with some of my coworkers.YesMatt Conger:; Emily
2017Williams, AmandaU.S. Embassy Analyzed and researched various Chinese markets and industries; Wrote briefing papers; Translated texts from Chinese and English; Assisted organizing high-profile government meetings
Subway, one hourGovernmentThe only advice I would give is that you have to have some of your own initiative because the officers that interns help are really busy and often won’t come to you if they need something. You have to take initiative to ask for projects and projects that you can actually do/want to do. That being said, everyone is pretty flexible with our student schedules so you can really decide how much you want to work and how much you want to take on. But the more initiative you take, the more you can build a relationship with the officers, which is good for networking. YesCathy Feig,, 9543566645
2016Chang, LeeSeekPandaI was doing market research on the interpretation and translation industry. In particular looking into places that SeekPanda may expand into (places or languages), such as Brazil, Arabic, Spanish and Portuguese. In addition to that, I was also looking into the consumer expectations for the interpretation market and how they would react to SeekPanda’s hourly pricing model. I also helped with planning SeekPanda community events. I would help with other tasks as needed as it is a very small team, so I could have my hands in anything and everything that I was interested in1 hour, but location may changeMediaI thought this internship was great, the team was really cool, and we often went to lunch together and did activities outside of work. As it’s a startup it also shows some aspects of startup culture, but as an intern your hours are a bit more set in stone, although more flexible than somewhere like the US embassy (also casual attire for work, unless there is a special event). You get to learn a lot about how a startup works and the different aspects that go into the business since there are weekly operations calls and product calls that you can listen in on. I also get to see all the customer-platform, customer client relations as well as the development of seekpanda’s site/platform in real time. It’s really interesting to see a company growing right before your eyes. Since the co-founders were trying to raise investment money, I found that I learned a lot about that whole process too.YesMatt Conger
2016Dowling, SavannahU.S. Embassy, Beijing Foreign Commercial ServiceMy direct supervisor was the amazing Cathy Feig. I mainly researched cyber policy in China and its direct affect on American IT companies. I also helped with other administrative tasks surrounding the Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade (conference). I went to meetings between the USCS and Chinese officials, and attended various other meetings. I also helped with some market research and I edited powerpoints and other documentsSubway, 1 hrGovernmentI recommend this internship if you have a specific interest in economics or market research, or would like to learn more about U.S. company involvement in this area. If you are primarily interested in doing policy research, though that is what I did at work, I wouldn't necessarily recommend this internship (state would probably be better, or maybe a think tank or something). The most important thing that you will get out of the internship are networking connections and being around people who have experience as students of China and Chinese and Chinese-US relations. Seriously, their advice is amazing.YesCath Feig
2016Fuller, XeniaProfessor Min HuGained a basic understanding of China’s environmental challenges. Researched China’s air pollution, both pm 2.5 and its movements, its elements with, etc. Collected information regarding the collaboration of the Chinese government and Chinese organizations with Japan and Korea, as well as any aide they’ve received. Basically, noted how they collaborate, how can they benefit, what technology transfers have been tried, and how China can learn from the Japan model, as Japan has gone through similar environmental struggles in the 20th century.On campusResearchI would definitely recommend this internship to other students. Having some sort of previous knowledge about environmental issues or chemistry would be very advantageous and save others the time it took me trying to learn everything from ground zero. The position offers a relative amount of freedom so only individuals who know they will consistently work without having someone always checking up on them should consider the
2016Chris HamlinU.S. Embassy Commercial Service (Through Dpt of Commerce)You really can do as much as you ask for. I was personally interested in Energy issues, so I sat in on many meetings with Energy companies and went to groundbreakings at new energy technology sites. In office, I researched for memos, reports and briefings, organized a roundtable for a CEO conference, worked with salesforce, and briefed the commercial service officers on the 5th Plenum in a large -scale presentation after conducting Chinese language research.Subway 45 min-1 hour, plus 15 walkGovernmentIn my mind and based on my experience, this is the best available internship for CAPS majors in Beijing. The multifaceted topics covered by different sectors ensures that no matter your interests, there is a position where one can pursue that passion at the Commercial Service. It also allows one to take from this internship as much as one puts in. In this way, there is really boundless opportunity in terms of excelling and gaining significant roles which look very prestigious on one’s resume. For instance, my resume now says things like “prepared report for energy sector briefing with Trade secretary Pritzker.” That’s pretty cool.YesTelephone: 347-407-0948
2016Jordan, CharlesForeign Commercial Service, U.S. Dept of CommerceResearch U.S.-China trade issues (in both English & CHinese), Assist in drafting/editing reports, run events at the embassy, assist in office duties.Train about an hourGovernmentI'm interested in diplomacy and working with the U.S. government. This was perfect for me because it allowed me to see how the embassy operates and gave me first hand experience in diplomacy.YesCath Feig
2016Jordan, FredrickProfessor Hu Min's LabConducting a personal research project on pollution particulate matterin Beijing (black carbon) with the assistance of Prof. Hu Min and her lab group10 min walkResearchThis internship was especially challenging. even being in 4th year Chinese, and being familiar with ecology/biology terminology, the language barrier at times was too much. I chose this internship due to the career I want to take later in life- being a researcher in ecology. I currently plan to attend graduate school in ecology, get a PhD and do bilogy research hopefully in China. I intend to merge my diverse skillset to do environmental policy advising/NGO work in China.NoProfessor Hu Min
2016Kang, Myungkoo (MK)CNN Beijing BureauTranscribing interviews, translating emails/news articles, daily news round-ups, picking up newspapers, organizing the mailroom/newspaper room, etcSubway 1 hr.MediaIf you want to read Chinese articles, yes. If you want some real work experience,
2016Kim, Jin HanBeijing University- China Health and Retirement Longitudinal StudyTranslating and proofreading English version of publication materials, basic data cleaningon campusResearchThe internship expereience was a great opportunity for me to get an exposure to China's healthcare system as well as population dynamics. This understanding could help me become both a health economist and China Scholar. However, because the majority of the research process from lab meetings to data working- functioned in Chinese, I did not feel that I was able to contribute as much as I would have liked to. Proficiency in Chinese is required for effective contribution to the research team.Yes, somewhatYaohui Zhou
2016Krueger, DanielU.S. Embassy Beijing, Foreign Commercial ServiceResearch, data analysis, wrote reports, created powerpoint, edited documents, took notesSubway more than an hour; crowdedGovernmentI would recommend it. It’s an interesting experience to work inside the embassy, and it’s a good thing to have on your resume. But the work itself, frankly, is not that enjoyable, although the other CAPS students my year might say they enjoyed it m ore that I did- just not my taste. They have an excellent air filtration system for when the pollution is horrendous outside, a medical unit that you have access to for free (U.S. doctors), and a commissary store where you can buy US products…The perks made this internship worthwhile in the endYesCath Feig
2016Snyder, WilliamZhiCheng Public Interest LawyersI conducted research on legal affairs related to China, wrote relevent analysis, assisted in daily tasks, attended events and discussed legal issues with Chinese lawyers.subway about 1 hourLawcan buy US products…the perks made this internship worthwhile in the endYesXiaomeng Qi
2016McGrath, EmmaSeek PandaCommunity Development Intern. I helped stimulate the use of SeekPanda's internal wiki. i also wrote blog posts, helped to finish profiles of interpreters on the website, and encourages a creative attitude towards social media. No responseMediaThe internship was very fun and informative. My bosses were really great and I really enjoyed the entire experience. YesMatt Conger, Co-founder.
2015Avery, LaurenSOHU.comAssisted the News Department staff with research for news articlesWalkingMediaIt was wonderful, and probably my favorite experience in Beijing. SOHU is a family and they welcomes me immediately, taking me to lunch everyday and even showing me around Beijing during the weekend. Most people spoke a few words of English. Hours were very flexible and my schoolwork was always given priority. It was great fun and a very casual atmosphere.YesLiu Qisi (Sicci)
2015Russo, SarahU.S. Foreign Commercial Service, U.S. Embassy BeijingAssist the Minister Counselor for Commercial Affairs by: researching and writing thought pieces for the business community concerning China’s changing business landscape and economic reforms; researching and editing speeches for conferences and similar events; updating briefing binders for meetings with high-level officials and industry groups; providing administrative support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership meeting during APEC; attending a working group meeting for the U.S.-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade40-60 minGovernmentIt was a lot of fun and a good insight into the issues US companies have when trying to establish themselves in China, as well as the fears Chinese companies have of entering the US market.YesRanzi Wang, Commercial Service Secretary
2015Xu, LinyihuiPKU China Center for Health Economics ResearchI had the opportunity to assist the director of China Center for Health Economics Research, Liu Guoen, with the project APEC Health and Economy. The project focuses on the impact of medical and health level on nation’s macroeconomy among APEC countries. As a research assistant, I was mainly engaged in the assignments of literature review, data gathering, analysis, diagram drawing, and research paper draft. Walking, 15 minEducationIf you are interested in doing research, and connecting to what is happening in China now to the international environment, it would be a good choice.YesGuoen Liu, Director
2015Jin, RoslynResearch at Guanghua School of ManagementWork with Professor Wang and his group of PhD students as a research assistant in their various current topics of study, including help with survey and interview design and data mining, organizing study roundtables, furthering my own topics of research, and other duties as needed.Walking, on campusEducationThis is a very flexible internship with little structure, which was exactly what I was looking for—a great experience in exposure to academia that I wouldn’t necessarily gain through other internships that also allows me ample time and assistance in my thesis work. Would recommend students who are interested in this type of work to reach out to any professors in their fields of interest.YesHui Wang, Professor, Head of Department of Organization Management
2015Chan, QianUS Dept of Commerce - Foreign Commercial ServicesMonitoring the news for stories regarding US tech enterprises and China, proofreading memos, other duties as assigned.SubwayGovernmentVery flexible with our studying schedule, but as part-timers, you probably will not get as much out of it as if you did the internship over the summer. Helps develop soft-skills, but not any specific software/etc. skills for future jobs.Yes
2015Zhou, MelinaU.S. Department of Commerce, Embassy of the United States, Beijing Office, Commercial Intern, Foreign Commercial Service• Assisted the Officer in charge of Auto/Medical by researching and preparing SWOT analyses and relevant PowerPoint for the pharmaceutical community interested in entering Chinese markets.
• Assisted the Officer in charge of ICT/Standards by participating in meetings, creating action and briefing memos for upcoming trade missions, and undertaking U.S./China company profile and recent news investigations to present to pertinent Commercial Officers.
Subway, WalkingGovernmentGreatYes
2014Buckley, JohnUnited States Information Technology Office (USITO)- Assisted with research on ongoing Chinese legislation pertaining to telecommunications industry standards and development
- Maintained and updated company website in preparation for upcoming company events
- Assisted in translation and editing, including work with the company newsletter
- Attended high-level conference meetings and assisted with note-taking
- Assisted in event planning
SubwayGovernmentStudents interested in business, corporate-government relations, telecommunications and information technology should apply to this internship. Due to the large responsibilities of USITO as a representative of one of the United State’s largest export industries in China, the office is always busy, meaning students will acquire substantial familiarity with contemporary Chinese policies and trade regulations in this field. USITO also hosts some major corporate events in November, giving interns opportunities to mingle and network with senior executives from major companies such as Microsoft, Apple, Google, Cisco, IBM, and more.

The current office is very new, only completed in 2013: it is conveniently located next to a fair-sized shopping mall which provides a wide variety of eating options. Be prepared to eat out with colleagues on a daily basis – it provides great opportunities to enhance conversational Mandarin skills outside the workplace.
YesMax Roberts Email:
Telephone: 401.829.2754
2014Buckley, JohnCNN Beijing- Research for forthcoming CNN publications
- Monitor Chinese language media sources (traditional and digital) for breaking developments ahead of foreign news coverage
- Draft story ideas, meet contacts, conduct interviews, and compose news stories (not required, but possible with experience for interns)
- Assist in TV spot filming and editing as needed
- Assist in English-Chinese translation as needed
SubwayMediaCNN Beijing provides students with an opportunity to learn about the worlds of Chinese media while also gaining access to the daily functions of a news office. The pace of work in the office is sometimes slow for interns, with little direction or training provided – Interns must figure out for themselves how to integrate with the agency and contribute value to the office. Interns may take initiative to come up with story ideas. Past interns have even had their works published in a regular basis. If interns are not proactive in pushing for involvement in whatever projects most interest them, they will likely find the office small, and uninvolving, with tasks limited to filing papers and monitoring Chinese news websites; If they are proactive, however, the position holds great potential.

The office is located in an old diplomatic compound and is about 70 minutes away from campus by subway. Nearby food options are sufficient, and delivery is available.
YesJohn Buckley Email: Telephone: 401.829.2754
2014Huang, AndrewPeking University China Center for Health Economic Research• Helped design and manage a research study looking at the state of management practices in Chinese public hospitals, with major implications for Chinese health policy and healthcare reform.
• Interacted with an international research team, including Peking University students, Chinese research fellows, and American/British scholars.
• Ability to do translation work was an important skillset to have during this internship
WalkingHealthcare/Biotech• Highly recommend this internship; academia is an important pathway/mechanism for understanding sectors of policy and politics in China
• Enjoyable working environment, with both Chinese and English-speaking fellows, and Gordon Liu is a fantastic, Western-educated mentor.
• If CAPS undergraduate students would like to apply for this internship, tell them to let me know and I can connect them directly to Gordon Liu.
YesAndrew Huang, Gordon Liu
2014Kwak, HyangmiTime Out BeijingEdit online publications for events, venues and features on the content management system; research and conduct interviews for monthly articles catering to Beijing’s expatriate community; take the initiative in writing blog articles that align with your interests. Sometimes you will get an assignment to review a venue/event in Beijing (ex: museum, bathhouse, etc.). There are opportunities to socialize (ex: invitation to the bar and club awards, meetings in nearby eateries, chances for free food outings, etc.)SubwayMediaI recommend this internship for those who desire editorial experience. It’s also useful for finding out about things happening in Beijing. The interns who I worked with at the time were really nice, and I enjoyed spending time with them. Office staff members are personable and friendly.
If you decide to pursue this internship, don’t hesitate to take initiative and ask your supervisor about projects that you’re interested in. The office environment is pretty flexible, and they try to accommodate your needs. They value rudimentary Chinese speaking ability for fact-checking and follow-up. Be prepared for long hours behind the computer screen.
I personally did not feel that the scope of my work was meaningful, especially when I worked on expanding their database of nonprofits and charitable organizations in the area. My desire to contribute to charitable efforts instead of dissatisfaction with the internship led me to move on mid-semester.
On another note, it doesn’t help that there isn’t any financial compensation for travel and meals (I preferred to packed my lunch; the Chaoyang area is more expensive, although I miss out on eating as often with my coworkers). I heard that City Weekend has a stipend of 1000RMB/month—maybe that’s worth looking into.
YesHyangmi Kwak
2014Lau, JeffreyPeking University International Economic Law InstituteIELI is a think tank, so research is my main responsibility. I surveyed and wrote up reports on areas such as the Chinese social media landscape, the Third Plenum, the Healthcare Reform, and Special Economic Zones. WalkingThink TankIf you are interested in research. At some points you might feel like the research you do is more like school work than “actual work,” but it is really up to you how much you want to take away from the internship. YesTiffany Tseng
2014Yuan, JonathanAir ProductsI worked for the China Government Relations office for Air Products and helped to develop a Chinese/English bilingual database of Chinese government officials, their official duties, and their contacts information to further help the GR team to efficiently communicate with the various Chinese government bureaus and departments. SubwayBusiness (other)I didn’t learn too many “hands-on” or “technical” skills that could carry over into other professional positions, although it was still incredibly valuable to have had this experience working amongst professional Chinese and learning how to interact/communicate with coworkers in this new professional environment.YesMs. Feng Yan
2012Kim, Seo Kyong PSL Research, Shanghai Office, Summer AnalystAssisted Senior Researcher and Managing Director to produce market research reports in the healthcare field. Conducted secondary research of academic papers and interview transcripts for industry background. Analyzed data sets in Excel for insights and foresights on industry trendsSubway, Walking, 5 min walk and 30-40 min metro. (But I was in Shanghai)Healthcare/BiotechIt was a GREAT experience. The job is challenging yet not impossible, even for someone who has no healthcare background because the tasks requires constant learning (about different diseases, cures, medicine, medical equipment, legal processes involving introducing new medical devices into the market, etc). The learning experience would be greatly enhanced if you can speak/read/write native level Mandarin because everyone in the office is Chinese (some from HK), and the market research interviews are done in Chinese although the final reports are written in English.YesRobert W. Pollard (Managing Director):

Roy Cheung (Research Director):
2012Taylor, IanChabad-Lubavitch of BeijingHelped organize and lead outreach activities for students and young professionals. Primarily involved in updating Rabbi Nosson Rodin's social media. worked from home mostly, took taxi to get to the officeOther (Synagogue outreach and support)I wanted a very simple, laid-back internship, and for that purpose it was great. Obviously, this is not an internship I would recommend for anyone who isn't Jewish. I enjoyed working with Rabbi Rodin and the Chabad-Beijing staff, but this is not a job I would recommend for someone looking to acquire a significant amount of career experience. NoRabbi Nosson Rodin:
2012Jiang, MingmingCarter Center, China Program, InternTranslate interesting Chinese news for the website and write commentaries on current events.TaxiNon-profitNot much taken from the internship. The supervisor is in the U.S. and does not provide much guidance or support. The local staff do their own thing and not really helpful in any way.No
2012Louney, ChrisRingier China, City Weekend Magazine, Contributing WriterTravel to restaurants and bars and write reviews. Do interviews on location and write interview pieces. Create questions and write feature articles for sports section. Monitor and upload events for nightlife. Upload articles to blog and code articles for the blog. Assist with other issues, magazines, articles, reviews, and blogs as needed.Subway, 50 minutes (note that they plan on moving their office)MediaThis internship was awesome! The people were friendly, the work was fun, and you basically eat, drink, listen to music, and then write about it. I could not have had a better experience. It was well worth the longish commute.YesSienna Parulis-Cook (Senior Editor):
2012Dengel, ChelseaChina Greentech Initiative, 2F No. 2 NongZhanGuan Beili Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100125, China , Media InternDuties include writing press releases, updating the company website in both aesthetics and functionality, researching coal polygeneration and clean energy alternatives. Organize functions and facilitate discussion for representatives of multinational energy firms on topics including electric cars and sustainable agriculture.SubwayBusiness (other)Need to communicate in Chinese and English, good practice. Get a lot of different duties if you ask.YesGeneric (Introduce yourself, say what dates available):
2012Keranen, AudreyResearch Assistant - Zhang Qingmin - BeiDa School of International StudiesI worked as a research assistant for Zhang Qingmin, Professor of Diplomacy at the Center for International and Strategic Studies at BeiDa and the instructor for our course on Chinese perspectives on foreign policy. I worked from home and met with him once each week to discuss research progress. I mostly assisted with proofreading Prof. Zhang's written work for English-language publications, fact-checking details in these works, and doing background reading and gathering cases from English language publications of internal-external linkages in China foreign policy. Prof. Zhang and I have a shared interest in examining the effects China's domestic politics have on China's foreign policies. In a way, working for Prof. Zhang was a process of completing my own personal research.WalkingEducationIt was very laid-back and did not help me advance my career prospects, but it was also exactly what I was looking for, since I had already secured my career plans for after graduation. As mentioned, volunteering for Prof. Zhang was also very helpful for my own personal research. A final deliverable of this experience was an informal, hour-long lecture I presented at Telluride House on 1/30/2012 on the topic of internal-external linkages in China's policies (specifically, how public opinion and the domestic climate have influenced China's recent bilateral relations with Japan). The experience also allowed me to become acquainted with the process of completing research in China, forced me to engage with Chinese language texts within my discipline, and exposed me to Prof. Zhang's personal views on China foreign policy, which by and large are quite different from those of Cornell faculty. YesAs Prof. Zhang probably won't be teaching CAPS students next year, I doubt that he would be open to having an RA. That being said, Duan Hong could probably help arrange for CAPS students to work as RAs for other SIS faculty, particularly those faculty who want help with English editing.
2012Liu, JoeyU.S. Foreign Commercial ServiceDuring my semester in Beijing, I held an internship with the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Foreign Commercial Service (FCS) at the US Embassy. The goal of the US Commercial Service in China is to offer assistance to American businesses that are currently, or plan to, export goods and services to China. I worked on the consumer goods & retail division with clients such as the NFL, Trek Bikes, Fender Guitar, Mrs. Fields Cookies, Buffalo Wild Wings and more. My primary assignment was with a Hawaiian export company, whom I helped identify prospective distributors and secure one-on-one meetings. Other tasks at FCS included compiling and updating statistics on China’s economy, trade, and investment values, drafting briefing memorandums, and administrative duties. In addition, there was a semester-long internship project that culminated in a final presentation before senior officers. My project centered on China’s urban middle class, retail industry, and E-commerce market.SubwayGovernment10/10 超級棒!
Highlights of the internship, including, but not limited to: meeting Ambassador Locke on a regular basis, attending a high-level meeting at the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, attending meetings with C-Suite executives of major companies, running into Ai WeiWei at a nearby plaza, and getting free stuff from clients (Mrs. Fields Cookies? You Bet).
YesHaixia Su - Internship Coordinator (
2012Moreno, ElliottLarkin Trade International, InternTranslations/editing
Compiled data on trade regulations
Created reports for management and clients about new laws regarding regulations and compliance
Researched potential clients for possible military contacts
SubwayConsultingGood experience overall. Gave me a good opportunity to experience what it is like to work in an office in China. Coworkers were also all very nice and there were plenty of opportunities to practice my Chinese (about 3/4 were Chinese and 1/4 were Americans). There were many times that I had no work to do. Office was also very far (over an hour) and was extremely unpleasant to go to during rush hour.YesUnfortunately my main contact person left about a week or two after my internship ended.
2012Lee, KevinU.S. Foreign Commercial ServiceResearch on various projects.
Project on China's 12th Five-Year Plan.
2012Han, JadeSinotech, InternDetermined customer satisfaction by selecting, analyzing, and categorizing 100+ comments by internet users daily to support the company’s suggestions on how to improve a client’s goods and servicesSubwayTechnologyThe other interns were great, but my duty was pretty boring. No
2012Wan, Liushuo (Randy)Bain & Company, Beijing, Part Time AssistantFind relevant data for consultant, and cold calling for market research.Subway (1 hour & 15 min.)ConsultingThe work is tedious at times but I did have a chance to meet many students from Beida and Tsinghua. I did not enjoy the work that much since it was just research.No
2011Mouche, AlexandraU.S. Foreign Commercial ServiceMonday 9-5; Tuesday 9-4; Wednesday 9-2; about 20 hours/week, 10% administrative, 60% research, 20% writing for publication, 10% attending meetings/conferencesSubway (1 hour)GovernmentOne of the better internships I had as far as amount learned and being in the embassy vs. interning as well. Take miniature in finding the cooler projectsYesSu Haixia,
2011Gilbert, CharlesLotus Educational FoundationDaily responsibilities included clerical work, tutoring, guidance for high schoolers learning Chinese, advertising Lotus as SEO – search engine optimization – etc., summer every day from 9:30am to 5:00pmBus (30 minutes)EducationTheir internship program at that time had a lot of problems, but I heard from a co-worker who is still working there that things are new contracts and work lead is better than before.NoTina Cao,;
2011Squire, GeoffreyPowell Tate/Weber ShandwickOver the summer I worked full time for 6 weeks. During the school year I worked a full day Monday and two half days Tuesday and Wednesday (from 9:00am to 1:00pm). My daily duties included doing news round-ups and small summaries of daily events. I would be given other smaller and larger projects as needed based upon client needs.Subway (1 hour)Business (other)This is a great internship where you'll usually always be busy and learn a lot both about the public relations industry as well as the specific sector/group you might be tasked with. I would recommend that students looking into this internship spend at least a few weeks in the position during the summer before the semester because then you are given more substantial projects and long-term assignments.YesRobert Magyar,
2011Lee, MichellePeking University Lincoln Center for Urban Development & Land PoliyTranslating press releases; helping research staff (background research on environmental policy; editing publications; writing press releasesBike (5 minutes)Non-profitI learned a lot from being in a Chinese office and conversing with any colleagues, lots of educational opportunities for interested in learning about China’s economic land/environmental issues (if interested in research)YesNick Horshower,
2011Jasiak, MirjamKamsky AssociatesHelp foreign firms enter or invest in China, but it’s not a very financial firm; their strength is in their contact networkSubway (1 hour)ConsultingI quit after a month because I felt like I was doing administrative work and that they should have been paying me for all the help I gave themNoAnnie Jonas,; Tracy Colgan,
2011Chatigny, PeterCNN Beijing BureauRead through a number of English language newspapers and compiled a list of ‘news highlights,’ which I e-mailed to the staff. Other than that, not a whole lot. Occasionally, they would have me sort through tapes or transcribe interviews, but I always had at least a few hours of nothing to do. Worked from 9:30-6 on Mondays, and 9:30-1 on Tuesdays and WednesdaysSubway (45 minutes)MediaStudent would need to have good fluency in both English and Chinese and could therefore help out with more stuff. Even then, there will still be a lot of down time…and the office has a sort of a dull, unfriendly atmosphere to it. NoHaolan Hong,
2011Grow, ScottYuanfen New Media Art GalleryDaily responsibilities ranged from assisting with business documents, arranging meetings and basic grunt work in preparation for an exhibit at the gallery in 798Subway + CabMediaFor anyone who is interested in business and/or technology and their application to new media art, this is a good internship. Also, if anyone is interested in entrepreneurial pursuits, these are the people to work with.YesWang Tao, 13520099946,
2010Ho, MinervaTraxysMy job was to do research in hopes of finding answer to a slew of research questions regarding the rare earths industry. It’s a long term project that started when I worked at the New York office over the summer; in Beijing, I was sort of let loose and left on my own to figure out exactly how I can find answers to said questions. There was a fair amount of making cold calls and writing e-mails, but it was all solely for my research –not for telemarketing or anything like that. I did a lot of reading also, in Chinese and in English, to stay updated on the companies in the industry, keep track of governmental policy developments regarding the industry, and do background research on the scientific aspects of rare earths so I’m familiar with the technical aspects of the field before I interview certain people.Subway, 45 minBusiness (other)I did like the internship because it was entirely research based and didn’t require me to do any grunt work that was not directly related to researching (eg. cold calling is awkward and not a whole lot of fun, but it needs to be done to find people to interview, and I’ve gotten very lucky at times). I enjoy the independence, but I do wonder what kind of experience I would have gotten if I worked at a larger firm with other interns my age, and what it would have been like if I had smaller projects rather than one large project. There were periods when I was really frustrated with work, but I think that’s the nature of researching in general, and researching in China. I learned A LOT about rare earths in the past couple of months, so I do recommend it in terms of intellectual fulfillment, because it’s a great topic that’s a bit of a craze right now, and you learn as you go along. YesCEO:
2010Qu, KatherineDLA PiperResearch corporate social responsibilities in China for corporate philanthropy magazine; attend meetings; provide English help to legal assistants and secretaries; wrote articles for the magazine; made a lot of interesting contacts in Beijing.Subway, 90 minLawI feel I got lucky with a particularly interesting project. Students don’t have much chance to do legal work, but will get a chance to know lawyers who work in Beijing. Yes
2010Huang, JackControl RisksConducting research, updating client logs; gained a better understanding of commercial environment in ChinaSubway, 35 minConsultingReally no different than any other internship anywhere, working for Western companies, like working anywhere in the States, stuff you do at any other internship, liked learning about the business but day to day work was boring; typical 'internship work'; don't like the schedule, wants to have just two full days, wasn't at work a lot of the time this semester. Must be proactive in seeking out meaningful responsibilities.YesJustin Orr (CAPS alumn)
2010Kang, AndrewPowell TateLearned about a broad range of industries in China, honed writing skills writing reports for the ‘General Monthly Overview of China.’Subway, 60 minBusiness (other)Interns have a chance to do meaningful work, draft documents for clients, learn about a broad range of industries in China.Yes
2010Silverstein, EliBeijing Childrens' Legal Aid + Reseach CenterTranslation, English editing, Western oriented research, had the chance to review Chinese casework, discuss cases with lawyers (this was the most rewarding)Bus, 60 minNon-profitIt's for you if you want to learn a bit about the Chinese legal system, but the organization does not operate like a normal NGO.Yes
2010Delikat, JonathanBrookings Tsinghua Center for Public PolicyTranslation from Chinese to English, English proofreading, event summary write-ups, helped host three major events, assisted with the Center’s first ever research proposal; developed relationship with Xiao Geng, the center’s scholar and a Brookings fellow.Bike, 20 minThink TankEnjoyment depends on your interests; if interested in research should make sure you will be involved in these types of projects.Yes
2010Tao, EricSynoyate HealthcareI worked on English and Chinese research reports, researched various medical products and industries, built strong relationships with upper management.Subway, 60 minHealthcare/biotechI was able to engage with upper management, sometimes a bit slow but the work was substantial.Yes
2010Heyman, ReneeAmerican Chamber of CommereResearch, drafting, and editing 2010 White Paper, event write-ups, editing weekly publication, data entry.Subway, 90 minNon-profitTo those students interested in business, it is a great opportunity for hands-on work in this field and good insight into U.S. commercial interests in China.Yes
2010Tuntasood, PwinU.S. Foreign Commercial ServiceEdit memos, conduct research, update website, attending meetings/conferences.Subway, 45 minGovernmentIts not such a high-pressure and motivating environment.No
2010Roberston, AdiUSITOResearched global best practice for technology law, individual issues like Green Dam and Google Books settlement, telecom, some minor editing and translation, attended meetings; prepared a report on international telecom cryptographic certification for members of the American Trusted Computing Group, as well as a mobile content report sent to the major telecom firms (RIM, Motorola, Nokia, etc.)Subway, 60 minGovernmentIt was great: substantive workload but not too much, great environment, opportunity to learn about business and government relations.Yes
2010Tobinson, TatianaCleantech GroupI was translating news articles, researching recent developments within the cleantech sector in China, etc.Subway, 60 minBusiness (other)It was a bit boring but could be better if I were more interested in the field.Yes
2010McCulloch, CaitlinOoocoI did social network marketing (on facebook and twitter), editted and translated, made summaries for the web, etc.Subway, 30 minBusiness (other)It was a great working environment but I am not sure how it contributed to my future plans.No
2010Elser, NickBDA ConnectI would receive. research project on Mondays and finish it by Wednesday afternoon, compile data in Excel/Word and then create graphs/analysis in PPT presentations to the staff, discuss findings with Meiqin (my boss) to discuss final conclusions; completed several major research reports on topics such as the 3G market, didn’t meet many people in the course of my research, sometimes frustrating work, but staff seemed pleased with my final products.Subway, 60+ minConsultingAn interest in technology and consulting makes it better; can be dull at times just compiling market data, but enjoyed coming up with predictions and ‘why’ factors.Yes
2010Kim, ChristineCarter CenterIt was mostly translation, research, summarizing Chinese articles in English, writing commentary on migrant workers issues (thought research could have been done at home without going in to the office); wrote a commentary that was published online, used Chinese skills for translation work.Bus, 60 minThink TankI didn't learn much from the working environment itself, but it was a good Chinese language learning opportunityYes
2009Ray, JonathanBrookings Tsinghua Center for Public PolicyEdited transcripts and presentations and helped host eventsWalking (20 minutes)Think TankMy time at Brookings fell during a transition year, meaning management changes, fewer events and less work. The internship should be better once adjustments are made.YesXiao Geng,
2009Lai, ChristineU.S. Foreign Commercial ServiceProofread & edit research, rite press release and write talking points for conference Subway (1 hour)GovernmentI found a great mentor and my boss was great so I had a great experience. The quality of your experience heavily depends on your boss, the jobs they give you and your willingness and competency. YesElizabeth Shieh, Elizabeth; Haixia Su,
2009Mullins, TroyGrand Hyatt BeijingHelped with correcting ads, creating flyers, correcting english grammar. Photoshoots and help co-workers whenever necessarySubway (1 hour+)Business (other)I had work but on many days I would have little to do. I was not allowed to do my own work there so on these days, I did nothing.NoJane, 13511017380
2009Lee, SaeromSamsung Opentide Consulting ChinaTranslate Chinese newspapers into Korean and participate in meetingsBus (2 hours)Business (other)There was too much workNo
2009Jimbo, McAllisterRingier China, City Weekend Magazine, Contributing WriterWrote dining reviews, feature stories, interviews. Copy edited draft of magazine, assisted in planning, writing and updated listingsSubway (1 hour)MediaI absolutely loved my internship. My bosses were all so nice and gave me a lot of interesting and fun assignments to work on. I got to know Beijing much better and saw parts of the city I wouldn't have seen otherwirse. The internship did require a lot of outside work though and at times it was hard to balance with classwork. But in the end, the hard work was worth it and I would recommend this internship to any CAPS students interested in writing/journalism.YesBlake Stone-Banks,
2009Li, TangerBrookings Tsinghua Center for Public PolicyI translated, wrote policy abstracts, researched, organized events and advertised, intervied panelists for potential applicants.Walking, 20 minThink TankIf you enjoy policy, this will work for you as well. As expected you are not formulating policy yourself, but you get to see the academic side of the process.YesDr. Xiao Geng;
2009Ko, SylutaLenovoI assisted in forming new business models, contacted other firms for cooperative business projects. I also updated inventory scorecards and did market research based on third party data.Subway, 20 minTechnologyI did not achieve my objectives. It was hard for me to get work because of the schedule and structure.No
2009Jeong, Yun SeokLenovoIn the beginning I went to their meetings and gave my input and helped them fix their powerpoints.Subway, 30 minTechnologyI hoped to learn a lot more and did not. I did near nothing at work because there was nothing available to do. This is the second year the program has been like thisNo
2009Fang, ScotLenovoParticipated in weekly operations calls, attended occasional strategic meetings, reviewed sales and supple data.Subway, 20 minTechnologyI did not learn what I wanted to and found that there was nothing to do 90% of the time.No