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9/15/2014 8:58:33happyinessbeing happy yes.bc it helps uits helping uworking hardstress freethink happy thougtsethan buccelli2
9/15/2014 8:58:33Your interpretation of the worldIf you want to learn you it will come easier to your rather than someone else who doesn't want to be there.Yes, because if people are happy and positive they will see more in life.If you put your mind to it you can do anything.If you try and work at it you can be happy and do anything.If you are successful you will be happy.Be optimistic, and want to learn.MikaylaSellers2
9/15/2014 9:01:50The way you view the world, and how you think and feel about your surroundings.If you stop comparing yourself to everyone and trying to keep improving your goals, you're never going to be happy.It is because if you're smart, that doesn't mean that you can do a job. If you're happy and look at life happily, you'll keep going and working.Don't put happiness with success.Being happy gives you something to be looking forward to and to live for. This helps you because you want to get to your future.Exercise
random acts of kindness
9/15/2014 9:02:35The Lens is the way you interpret the things that you see. Your view on something. (Thoughts, opinions, attitude.) If you go in wanting to learn you will get more out of the education. Yes it is believable because optimism helps you think clearer. You can get through stress, you can't break through a threat. Viewing stress as a challenge it can drive you to be able to something, You will gradually get better at it is you want to get better at it. It is broken because once you reach the goal you are going to change your goal, You will never be able to reach the happiness level that you have been striving to get. The happiness advantage is the fact the fact that you can think better because you are happy. 1. Writing down 3 things you are grateful for.
2. Journal about some positive act.
3. exercise
4. random acts of kindness
9/15/2014 9:02:36The lens that Shawn is talking about your eyes and how it works towards your brain.It might change edcutatiol or business outcomes by thinking and seeing things.This is believable and it does make sense because you can try to chage someones mood.Stress is a challenge instead of a threat because you go through a lot. Once you reach your goal, you will have another goal. The Happiness Advantage is having a postive moment in your life. - to excerise
-to think and study
-being kind and nice
-To help others
YasminZamora 2
9/15/2014 9:02:41The Lens he's talking about is what your seeing or what your focusing on in the moment.It can change the outcomes by if your happy or wanting to learn your gonna be happy in the end that you finished or found outthis is believable because you can have a different approach to something stress is seen as a challenge because it can get you nervous and wants you not to do something your not comfortable with because its a two way street you can be happy from doing something or getting happy for going to do itan advantage is having a positive moment that will give you a better moodways to rewire your brain is eating healthy, being nice, exercise, and also meditation can help calm you alexissaad2
9/15/2014 9:03:01It's YOUR interpretation on life/ how YOU view certain situations.You're most likely to succeed if you involve yourself in a more positive way. Yes because when you think positively and that you can succeed, you most likely will. It makes you think more about the situation. You have to believe you can do it/ practice. You're always going to be pushing yourself because once you reach that goal, you're going to just keep striving for more and more. If you start out happy, you're going to be successful. If you're happy, you have an advantage in succeeding. write down what I'm grateful for
do more of what I enjoy
9/15/2014 9:03:21It's the way you feel toward situations, The way you want to take in everything. If you go in wanting to learn you'll get a better outcome than being negative. It is believable because you can be be super smart, but if you have a negative view on everything, it's going to make you think negatively about everything. Even if your IQ is low, but you have positivity, you can still enjoy the things you do. Seeing it as a challenge will allow you to strive to get past this challenge. Seeing it as a threat will make you fear it, but seeing it as a challenge will make you strive for it and to reach it. If you set a goal, and then meet it, then you'll set another one which will continue to put happiness above the goal. The happiness advantages is gaining positive things and thoughts out of situations. You can journal about a positive moment, write down 3 things you're grateful for, exercise, random acts of kindness, and meditation to train your brain to become more positive. NicoleNoble2
9/15/2014 9:03:21Your thoughts and opinions on everything or your personal view on everythingThe effort your willing to put inIt is believable because I can relate with the facts and it makes sense because I can relateYou might go out of your comfort zone and stand up to the challengeBeing happy first will improve your abilityYou get feel good and be happyWrite down things your happy for
Random acts of kindness
9/15/2014 9:03:18Its your perception towards what you are seeing/doingIf you go in wanting to learn then you would get more out of itYes and it makes sense because if you go to work with a horrible attitude all the time you will find it harder to finish the jobIf you see it as a threat you would have a fear of failure but if you see it as a challenge then you will growIf you set a goal and reach it then you move the goal and if happiness is on the other side then you will never reach it. You need to put happiness firstHappiness lets you focus on the positive and if you are positive towards school you would learn betterJournal
Random acts of kindness
9/15/2014 9:03:23Its how you see the situation. Your attitude. If you go excited to learn you are going to feel proud and satisfactions with yourself. Its believable, you decide if you want to see the world positive. If you made your best effort and you want to learn its easier. You gradually became better. Do not be afraid, you are going to grow.BE HAPPY first to improve your performance. You improve your performance, you have positive feelings. Positive memories.
Positive feelings.
Smile somebody.
9/15/2014 9:03:27The lens he is talking about is how your feelings make a difference of the situation. If you go wanting to learn, the lens and the feelings will change and they will be positive.The way you make things, you have to believe in yourself and you have to make every situation positive.You have to look at every situation and you learn more as you move along, and you have to be determined to do it.It is broken up because the statement wants you to be happy, and create positivity. You have to be determined to do it and put positivity first in all situations.You journal about your situations, so you can remember the positivity and when yo go back to them you have the positivity all over again. Exercise so it tells your brain that you care about your body.LindsayMazurek2
9/15/2014 9:03:41it depends on our attitude which changes your opinions and the way you see stuff it can make you want to know more which will push you to achieve your goals in lifeit makes sense cause you can be optimistic about many things which makes you change your mind sometimes you depend on how you act towards something such as sports which takes commitment and practice to become the best while having a fixed mindsetcause once you reach your goals you keep making harder and harder goals for yourself which will make you unhappy being grateful for what you have and write down positive things you do throughout the day and go back and read them and meditate on them and you will do random acts of kindnessmake positive out of the negative things throughout the day brendonkurzer2
9/15/2014 9:41:56Its about views. Think positive Yes, Positive thinking will help you At a soccer game. Work less, be less successful. Less successful, less happier. Positivity, performance, happiness, and intelligence. 3 gratitudes, mediation, exercise, and random acts of kindness. TrevorBlaschke2
9/15/2014 11:26:50Your thoughts and opinions on everything or your personal view on everythingThe effort your willing to put inIt is believable because I can relate with the facts and it makes sense because I can relateYou might go out of your comfort zone and stand up to the challengeBeing happy first will improve your abilityYou get feel good and be happyWrite down things your happy for
Random acts of kindness
9/15/2014 14:26:27The way your brain perceives what happens.If you think you're going to do well, then you will.Yes, because if you're optimistic, you have a better outlook on life.Because it's a challenge that you have to overcome.You should be happy first.You'll have a better life.Journal about things that make you happy.ReaganFriedrich7
9/15/2014 14:27:46Our eyesIt can cause buisnesses to get more income and people to be happier.It doesn't make a lot of sense. I see them both in the same way. It helps people to look at bad outcomes in a much more positive manner.You need to be happy.It helps people to be more positive, which allows their cells to grow faster.Good messages
Thank people for things
Say good things
Journal good things
9/15/2014 14:28:03He is talking about the way we view things.When you think your going to do something it might happen.yesIt is a deasesPeople need sucsess to be happyIt makes people more positive Bringing happines to people and reliving itcaseyjohnson7
9/15/2014 14:28:05how you view things if you're positive and think you can do something then you probably canyesits makes you think you can do something instead of trying to improve at somethingHappiness should come firstit makes you more positive positive messages
9/15/2014 14:28:13The Lens Shawn is talking about is how we view things or our attitude.It could make you more positive about things. If you think you'll do good, you probably will. It makes sense because someone who sees stress and a challenge, you are going to want to overcome that challenge.It is part of growth mindset because you want to overcome it and achieve goals.You need to put happiness first.It makes you more positive about things.Journal happy or positive moments so you can read them and be happy again. Exercise and have happy random thoughts. AysiahAguilar7
9/15/2014 14:28:18How you view things If you think you cant or you think you willYes it can be because if you tell yourself you cant do it and you wanna try to do it say 3 things out loud you need to be a happy person first you have to train your brain like writing and showing love to people writing, exercise, staying peaceful LexSostre7
9/15/2014 14:28:26The Lens that Shawn is talking about is the way you view things. The way your mind perceives things. If people changed how they looked through the lens in a positive way it would affect their lifestyle in big ways and better ways.Yes because someone who is more optimistic will put in more effort and keep trying at an activity. It is a growth mindset because you actually challenge yourself and your brain instead of a fixed mindset that would give up Because you should be happy to be more successful and if your happier the more successful youll be. YEsMeditation
Random acts of kindness
3 acts of gratitude
Amber saldivar7
9/15/2014 14:29:22if you change how you think of things to be more positive then your outcomes will make your outcomes more happy if you think you are going to do well your more likely to do well. if your positive about something your going to be more likely to do goodthe person that sees stress as a challenge is more likely to over come stress than someone that sees it as a threat you think of things as a challenge and may become better at them if you try to work for a success the line for success keeps moving if your happy you will be happier to do things write 3 good things you see a day
random acts of kindness
Jennifer Young7
9/15/2014 14:29:47The way your brain sees reality It could make your life and anything that happens to you better and you would look at yourself differently You will keep trying until you get itThe more you try the better you will become and you want to be interested in it The more you work the better you will be Your life will be better everything will work out you should also be happy that you're doing it Diary or journaling ZackCulbertson7
9/15/2014 14:29:54How you view thingsIf you think more positivly on something you are trying to do, Yes, I understand will most likely do goodIt is a Growth Mindset because your not good at things at first. But you can get betterYou need to feel happines firstYou'll be more accomplished if your happyJournaling
Say 3 good things outloud
Random acts of kindness
9/15/2014 14:30:07how you view things in the worldIf people looked at the world differently then people in a business or in education might look at that subject in a more positive way.It is believable because some one who see's stress as a threat worries about it and lets it get to them. Someone who see's it as a cause they just brush it off and keep going. If you see stress as a cause then you know its something that will go away. Its a mind set because its how someone looks at it. If someone looks at it like a threat then they will have the mindset that its going to ruin everything.If you work for happiness then you are more likely to be happy and be able to look back and say that you went through the stress just to be where you are today. The happiness advantage is when you can think about things that makes you happy. Its when you can look at things and think about the positivity in that thing. You can train your brain to become more positive by writing three things you are greatfull for each day. Or think about things that made you happy at one point in time. You can also set goes for yourself too. LoreleiAnderson7
9/15/2014 14:31:06They way your brain sees everything.If you think you will achieve a goal then you willthe person that sees stress as a challenge will do better than the person how sees stress as a threat because you might not be able to do something now but you might laterif you put success first you will never achieve happinessif you are happy you will achive morerandom acts of kindness, meditation, exercise, journal NicoleGaldini7
9/15/2014 14:31:18The lens is the way you see reality. It can change, it's just the way you look at it.It can make you look forward to school and learning. Not make you negative, stressed, and sad. Therefore, you will do better at it.This is believable because if you can face a challenge and at least try to overcome it and look at it positively, you can't really loose.Seeing stress as a challenge instead go a threat is a growth mindset because if you face something head on and stay positive, it is only going to bring the better person out of you and train your brain to see life differently. Success shouldn't buy you happiness, being ok with who you are and what you have should make you happy.The happiness advantage is the advantage someone who is happy has over the person who isn't happy. You can be successful and unhappy.You can train your brain to be more positive by looking at the good in the day and not the bad.Max Brown7
9/15/2014 14:32:34The way you view things and how you look at reality. If you think positive, that's what you will focus on. It is believable because if you are smart and you don't apply yourself, the person that isn't as smart as you and does apply themselves, is going to achieve more. They focus on getting better instead of not trying. You need to be happy first.You will get more accomplished if you are happy. Positive messages or gratitude towards other people, exercise, meditation. Kayla Kerkman7
9/15/2014 14:33:02how to train yourself to be happyit might help by setting goals and believing you can do it even though your happiness is inside you to get happiness outsideyes because your happyidkbc you can do things backwards and they will be the same the other wayyou get more confidentsmileBriannaAylward7
9/15/2014 14:33:41The lens is your sense of perceiving the world.If you start out thinking you can understand then you WILL understand. Yes because a challenge makes a person want to overcome it and threat makes a person back to.Because you eventually will get to the point of reaching your goal.Because the person reaches a point of success, but this point no longer is a goal, and a new goal is set, and they never reach long term happiness.If you are happy first, your performance will be better. - Messages of gratitude
- Meditation
- Acts of kindness
- 3 Positive things out loud
9/15/2014 14:34:36Positive reinforcementMore positivitey will cause students and employees to wrok harder/betterNoYou see that you can be challengedIt doesn't make senseHappier, the better-be happy
-dont stress too much
-dont try what u cant do
-limit yourself
6/23/2015 8:13:41Your point of viewIt will give you a different look on thingsCause working a job is based on the worker. Not there I.Q.There will always be stress in your life, and we have to learn to deal with it as a challenge, and not a threat.n/aN/aWrite down three things that your grateful forMikestigall1
9/9/2015 21:25:17He wants people to understand that instead of looking at the negatives you should look at the positives because it will make you feel better. Eventually if you do it enough you will typically always be happy because you are used to always looking at the positives instead of the negatives I think the education will become a lot better just like the businesses because no one wants someone of authority to hate their job because then they will be negative and then you will end up being negative tooYes, because you can be extremely smart and not want to do anything because you have a bad mindset.Because you aren't thinking one way instead of thinking of it as a bad thing you are allowing your mind to wander and think about what could go right instead of wrong, so you are growingI think it is broken and backwards because it could go either way and still make sense If you are happier then you get more stuff done therefore it is an advantage 1. Instead of looking at what could go wrong look at what could go right instead
2. Think of bad things as something you could change into a good thing
3. When feeling down do something positive to make yourself feel better
4. Try changing your attitude in anyway possible and get rid of bad habits
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