How would you change BC Ferries to improve service and/or cut costs?
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11/14/2012 18:12:08Cancel BC Ferries and build two bridges - one from west van to Nanaimo, through Bowen, up to Gibsons and then across; the other from tsawwassen, through the gulf islands to Schwartz Bay. Big upfront infrastructure cost, but the only long term, manageable solution.
TimCaldecott7788687735tim.caldecott@fpinnovations.caVancouver-Victoria (Tsawwassen-Swartz Bay), Vancouver-Nanaimo (Tsawwassen-Duke Point), Bowen Island-Vancouver (Snug Cove-Horseshoe Bay)
4/26/2015 12:13:30Cut executive salaries what is much is too much anyway we all will end up in Greeks way there is no escape of it!!!!😰😰😰😰😰Eugenerottergenerotter@ iCloud.comWest Vancouver-Sunshine Coast (Horseshoe Bay-Langdale)
11/14/2012 18:58:07BC Ferries finds itself the victim of a public policy debacle 40+ years in the making. When it was formed it made sense to create an agency to deal with the growing fleet and organization, having outgrown its home in the Ministry of Transportation. Still, it carried with it the public policy pillar: that a ferry service to our coastal communities was an extension of the highway system. It served small communities with service levels they wouldn't have if there would have been a need to make a "business case". Fast forward to early 90s. Low revenues in government motivate the NDP to declare BCF needs to "run like a business"--a mantra repeated to this day.

But here's the problem. If BCF had been started as a business instead of as an extension of the highway system, it would never have established routes to the places it goes with the service levels people have come to expect. And, if management comes up with truly business minded solutions (cut routes, reduce service levels) the politically driven board (and the unions) will never allow them to do so.

The solution is to return to the notion of ferries as highways. People in fort St. John would support with their tax dollars, just as people from Victoria support new roads and bridges with theirs. Increasing fares is untenable, as it is creating cost of living barriers working people can no longer afford. And they shouldn't be asked to: these communities were populated based on one public policy pillar, and now they are being asked to sustain themselves under the weight of another.
PaulWelsh6047615349Welshpaul10@gmail.comBowen Island-Vancouver (Snug Cove-Horseshoe Bay)
11/14/2012 19:13:33Have a reduced rate for BC residents. Have better affordable public transit to and from the ferry with better city connections to and from the ferry. This would encourage foot passengers. More ferries. A Ferry from downtown Victoria to downtown Vancouver. Lower prices for unwaged and low income.
Marion Bennett7804242538marion_cb@hotmail.comVancouver-Victoria (Tsawwassen-Swartz Bay)
11/14/2012 19:19:43Leadership needs to minimize costs but keep basic services safe and secure. Unprofitable routes must be maintained but losses can be mitigated. Options for outsourcing some ferry services should be considered. Financial statements should be public and a balanced budget should be required, but excluding the cost of servicing debt (which is essentially equivalent to public sector debt anyways). Alternate fuel systems must be considered, particularly natural gas. Ticket prices should be lower if one books in advance and significantly higher if you show up at the gate with no ticket. With ticket sales Ferries can then modify service levels, targeting high load levels. Frequent passengers can earn further discounts or benefits (think travel rewards program). Promote a BC Ferries credit card – they are cash cows. Extra services should continue to cost more, such as use of lounges etc. And, finally, bring back the Seaburger.DavidChamberlaindavid.chamberlain@shaw.caVancouver-Victoria (Tsawwassen-Swartz Bay)
11/14/2012 19:19:481) Fire the board and the executive. Follow Washington State pay guidelines, which average one tenth the amount we pay.

2) Bring it back as crown corporation.

3) Stop advertising. Stop the fancy tourism frills. It's a highway, not a destination.

"The long term debt of BCF at March 31, 2012 was $1.3 billion and the average interest rate on this debt was 5.56%. The Municipal Finance Authority 10 year rate in June 2012 was estimated at 3.11% The interest rate difference would be about $32 million a year, which is $127.4 million between now and 2016, five times Mary's goal." ( Northern Insights)
KimPoirier778-425-4400kpoirier63@gmail.comVancouver-Victoria (Tsawwassen-Swartz Bay), Salt Spring/Fulford-Victoria, Denman Island-Hornby Island
11/14/2012 19:28:38Recently while picking up some friends from the Nanaimo Ferry, I noticed no taxis present, and the Greyhound bus dropping off passengers rather than driving on (as in the past). When queried, the parking attendant said BC Ferries is now charging taxi`s to queue up on their lot, and charging the buses an extra surcharge.

If this is the case, this is the perfect way to save a nickel and cost a buck. Folks arriving that have a queue of taxi`s waiting are happy clients. When they have to phone for one - find the number etc. - not so happy. When the bus drives right on the ferry, then drops you off in down town, that is so convenient. When you have to get off, then catch a bus on the other side; not so convenient.

No wonder ridership is down, this two issues make it more difficult, not less. Poor management.

If this is not the case now, I apologize. It was over a year ago that these matters where noticed.
IanZaharko250-339-9711ianz@shaw.caWest Vancouver-Nanaimo (Horseshoe Bay-Departure Bay), Buckley Bay-Denman Island, Denman Island-Hornby Island
11/14/2012 19:30:04They should examine their labour costs in a big way, including both union and non-union personnel. Their management structure is overstaffed and wildly over paid. Starting with the CEO.

Compare labour cost to other comparable non-union and competitive industries.

The service provided is excellent but they have reached the tipping point on the Swartz Bay Ferry. This is hurting industry and tourism. When the cost to take a car, two passengers and a reservation each way is at $200 for the weekend, people will look for alternatives.

Low traffic routes should be minimized and in some cases like the Mill Bay Ferry, discontinued.
DavidAllandallan@rhinoprintsolutions.comVancouver-Victoria (Tsawwassen-Swartz Bay)
11/14/2012 19:40:23The union must go and the government, always incompetent, must tender the routes to private industry. As well, the costs may be subsidized by no more than road miles for drivers.PeterMcAleerpeterrmcaleer@me.comVancouver-Victoria (Tsawwassen-Swartz Bay)
11/14/2012 19:42:12Move the whole service back to basic infrastructure and build bridges on the smaller routes that support cost savings over a period of time.GuySoulliereguy.soulliere@gmail.comWest Vancouver-Sunshine Coast (Horseshoe Bay-Langdale)
11/14/2012 19:42:44(repeat: network crashed with previous attempt so message may not have been sent.)
- more attention to non-car passengers (more people for less fuel). BCF seems to go out of its way to make life difficult for pedestrians and cyclists. (and for those in wheelchairs the situation on my run is terrible.)
- their website often has misleading or incorrect information (you have to be there to realise this: it looks fine on the screen.)

I am mildly disabled, but do most of my ferry travelling on foot: they aren't helping. (The staff are good: it's the organisation that is idiotic.)
A good source of gripes is the Bowen Island wiki Forum.
Skim the past month, or search with 'Ferry'.
AdamMorton604-779-6271adam.morton@ubc.caBowen Island-Vancouver (Snug Cove-Horseshoe Bay)
11/14/2012 20:03:10The money wasted on BC Ferries would have paid for a bridge system a long time ago.PeteJohnsontool_belt@hotmail.comVancouver-Victoria (Tsawwassen-Swartz Bay), Vancouver-Nanaimo (Tsawwassen-Duke Point), Other Southern Gulf Islands routes
11/14/2012 20:25:07Open contract bidding to all interested.
Even u.s. bids.!
All sources of profit including wider alcohol with purchase limits and or casino type
Choices such as slot machines or keyno and of course user fees more directed to those that live there with suck it up get over it you live here user fees and natural gas fuel injection for the ferries.
MarioVeitmarioveit@telus.netVancouver-Victoria (Tsawwassen-Swartz Bay), Campbell River-Quadra Island
11/14/2012 20:39:36It's easy. Bc ferries is meant to be affordable for vi residents therefore there should be an affordable price just for residents. Normal price should be for other passengers. This is done in several countries, nothing new. JaimePrietoTinks1@gmail.comVancouver-Victoria (Tsawwassen-Swartz Bay)
11/14/2012 20:40:33Let Islanders travel at a much reduced rate, even 1/2. Bring back the "midnight ferry run". Get rid of the food service on board. Put in some food vending machines.Raise rates for tourists. Make it part of the highways system and subsidise it from gas revenues.RodgerSparks2503386295jettiecalib@shaw.caVancouver-Victoria (Tsawwassen-Swartz Bay), Vancouver-Nanaimo (Tsawwassen-Duke Point), West Vancouver-Nanaimo (Horseshoe Bay-Departure Bay), Denman Island-Hornby Island, Campbell River-Quadra Island
11/14/2012 20:44:24If you research the history of BC Ferries you will find an organization that has been a political football run in a culture of the British Navy. BC Ferries was created by WAC Bennett as a reaction to the Seafarers' Union / Captain Peabody standoff in Washington State. When WS nationalized the fleet, Peabody moved operations to BC. The Seafarers followed him and Vancouver Island was being held captive by strike action. This is very similar to what happened in WS.

Bennett bought out Peabody and then created BC Ferries. He made BCF a branch of then BC's Department of Highways. Bennett rationalized the purchase by making the political statement that BCF was part of BC's highway infrastructure. The following premiers of BC have also promoted that popular political myth.

That political myth is the root problem of BC Ferries.

BC Ferry Services Inc must go though a massive paradigm shift. It cannot survive trying to be everything to everybody at the whims of politicians.
RaySuzanne(250) 419 1251Ray.Suzanne@hotmail.caVancouver-Victoria (Tsawwassen-Swartz Bay), Other Southern Gulf Islands routes
11/14/2012 20:48:42The overall service is fantastic on the routes that I take. In terms of bettering revenues and or costs, I'd mention the following:
- Less frequency on smaller routes - perhaps with more flexibility on vessel sizes and time of year.
- Abolish the ridiculous 'seniors sail for free' deal on weekdays. Seniors have all the money!
- Reservation fee should be made more punitive. Something like $50 per sailing, with half deducted against the fair. I know people who book a certain Gulf Islands sailing each and every Friday all summer long, then use 25% of them.
PhilipTulk852 2522 2625saturna_hk@mac.comVancouver-Nanaimo (Tsawwassen-Duke Point), West Vancouver-Nanaimo (Horseshoe Bay-Departure Bay), Salt Spring/Vesuvius-Crofton
11/14/2012 21:11:02Build a bridge to the island !!
11/14/2012 21:33:42Cut back on the number of managers. In 1985 they had 8 Engineering managers. They now have 40. Same number of vessels and they have cut the maintenance budget each year. There is a manager of elevators who makes $80k a year. The elevators on the ships are serviced by an outside contractor so what exactly does this guy do?
RichardDoucet250-634-1212motonanny@gmail.comVancouver-Victoria (Tsawwassen-Swartz Bay), Salt Spring/Fulford-Victoria
11/14/2012 21:46:101. Better integration with transit, including buses on ferries, which allows for a fast transition.
2. Discounting system for off peak runs, to spread the load and increase ridership.
3. Better services at ferry terminals, possibly PPP to take better advantage of huge captive markets. Eg grocery stores for commuter routes, cafes etc
melissaharrison604 947 2760lissaharrison@gmail.comBowen Island-Vancouver (Snug Cove-Horseshoe Bay)
11/14/2012 21:59:31The cost to travel on BC ferries is so high that those who live in BC rarely travel on them. If the ferries were treated as an extension of the highways, and not as a luxury experience, the ferries themselves could be very basic and the costs reduced. I for one would use them more!CatrionaAllsopp250-661-0582callsopp@shaw.caVancouver-Victoria (Tsawwassen-Swartz Bay), West Vancouver-Nanaimo (Horseshoe Bay-Departure Bay), Salt Spring/Fulford-Victoria
11/14/2012 22:40:37I would change how the Ferry service moves people. I would introduce people ferries that move people to Vancouver - reducing time and cost. Along with this would be the connection of rapid transit at Victoria, Nanaimo, Horseshoe Bay and Tswassen/ This ferry service would have people in Vancouver in a much shorter time and perhaps at reduced cost.
A rapid rail service on Vancouver Island joining the two major ports would benefit the Vancouver Island need for a rail service and improve tourism. The rapid transit would integrate with existing systems on Vancouver Island making it easier for people to fly international flights without the extra cost that is involved in the short trip between the island and Vancouver.
For auto traffic - the schedules could be reduced. They should have ferries at night (between 11 pm and 7 am) designated just for commercial truck traffic at reduced rates. In the summer this could also include RV traffic.
I would drop some of the unnecessary routes such as the Mill Bay ferry system.
BillZylstra2507484880wzylstra@shaw.caVancouver-Victoria (Tsawwassen-Swartz Bay), Vancouver-Nanaimo (Tsawwassen-Duke Point), West Vancouver-Nanaimo (Horseshoe Bay-Departure Bay)
11/14/2012 23:58:40I live on Bowen Island, have commuted to and from and resided here for over 25 years. Our route is a bit unique and poorly understood by the BCFC. Right now we are suffering the annual vessel "refit" with a funky undersized replacement, the ironically named "Bowen Queen".

For a month now we've suffered delays, and overloads that try the patience of our 3,000 residents. It is common to wait 1-1.5 hours on either shore to be assured space for drivers and vehicle for the 20 minute commute. On Saturday the 10th, delays/overloads were approaching 3 hours from HB. This week at "low-load" times (mid-morning) there were often 20-40 vehicles left behind on Bowen after each hourly sailing...

Ample complaints/discussion is available on
I'd be happy to discuss...
PeterCourtney604-202-6544sweetwater45@gmail.comBowen Island-Vancouver (Snug Cove-Horseshoe Bay)
11/15/2012 0:56:06I would have all ferry rider reserve and book their sailings ahead of time, just as we do now for airplane flights. Also, I would cut down the number of daily sailings on lesser travelled routes, where ferries are often not filled even close to capacity. It does not make sense that just because a person CHOOSES to live in a more desolate area or an island, s/he should have unlimited transportation to and from these regions. If money grew on trees, it would be argued that all BC citizens could have unlimited transportation.However, in this day, with the government forced to save money, islanders and those living in the more desolate coastal regions must understand that there are consequences to choosing to live in these regions, just as there are advantages.JaneWrinch250-478-8136jane.wrinch67@gmail.comVancouver-Victoria (Tsawwassen-Swartz Bay), Salt Spring/Fulford-Victoria
11/15/2012 0:58:46Another option would be to charge double fees for those passengers that choose not to book their ferry rides ahead of time. A certain number of spots could be kept on each ferry for this form of travel.JaneWrinch250-478-8136jane.wrinch67@gmail.comVancouver-Victoria (Tsawwassen-Swartz Bay), Salt Spring/Fulford-Victoria
11/15/2012 1:42:03It's a highway - well, it's part of the highways system. The Trans-Canada - Highway One - does not end at Vancouver. Having lived on a small island for some years, and born and raised in Vancouver, I can say with certainty that those on the islands pay just as much into highways all over the province as do the folks that actually use them, paying for snow clearing, avalanche control, rockslide clearing, salting and sanding mountain passes, patrols, safety, and more - paying to build and maintain remote highways and roads they will never see, never mind travel. I have no understanding how anyone in any of those other remote communities could possibly complain about the coastal highways - the ferries. Remember, these are first for the people here, not primarily for tourists.BethCarruthers778-230-9881bcarruthers@ecuad.caVancouver-Victoria (Tsawwassen-Swartz Bay), West Vancouver-Nanaimo (Horseshoe Bay-Departure Bay), Bowen Island-Vancouver (Snug Cove-Horseshoe Bay), Nanaimo Harbour-Gabriola Island, Salt Spring/Vesuvius-Crofton, Salt Spring/Fulford-Victoria
11/15/2012 2:19:20BC Ferries puts a lot of effort into making their ships feel like land-based lounges. When I take a boat I want to know that I'm on a boat. I want my transport to remind me that I chose to live on an Island; I came here because I wanted to, after all! And further, I am convinced that when tourists visit islands they want to experience a boat-trip, too, rather than a lounge.
Being on a boat is about feeling the wind and salt spray; the rocking and movement; hearing the gulls and smelling the ocean. Every year I look forward to our vessel's 'refit', when we are relieved of the plastic-lined behemoth and blessed with an older ship. It's a ship that feels like a ship! There are traditions, like table-hockey and open message-boards with this ship that have been around longer than I have, through the comings and goings of newer ships... and even through newer furniture installations. Those traditions, and the boat-like feeling of those ships, are a part of island-life, and are easier to sell to tourists than expanded WhiteSpot menus and ever-trendier furnishings.
The lower sides of the older ships also mean that we can see the ocean we're sailing on. This is boating. Let's not forget that.
The only thing that needs to change about the older ships is that they definitely should be wheelchair accessible. Having seniors and people unable to climb stairs sit out in the cold winter wind is not acceptable.

As for service? On the boats it's great, but the unfriendly protocol enforced by the top offices is despicable. I think the only solution to that particular disaster is to have small local companies... perhaps companies that are not threatened and prevented from doing business by... um. BC Ferries.
Emilyvan Lidth de Jeude604-947-9563emilyonbowen@gmail.comVancouver-Victoria (Tsawwassen-Swartz Bay), West Vancouver-Nanaimo (Horseshoe Bay-Departure Bay), Bowen Island-Vancouver (Snug Cove-Horseshoe Bay)
11/15/2012 10:04:51Close Duke Point, raise walk-on rates, reduce small island ferry service and add time-based pricing (charge more on Fridays / Sundays, less on weekdays, weeknights or when usage is lower.
Make the reservation system part of the price, not a top-up fee.
DaveBall604 731-9911dave_ball@rocketmail.comWest Vancouver-Nanaimo (Horseshoe Bay-Departure Bay)
11/15/2012 11:19:14The Ministry of Transportation and |nfrastructure will be having a public open house meeting on the Sunshine Coast shortly, they will also be having similar meetings in other ferry dependent coastal communities during the late fall this year, to seek input on how ferry services should be reduced to save BC Ferries over $20 million a year.

It is worth comparing the Horseshoe Bay/Langdale (route 3) which the Ministry contracts with BC ferry Services with other ferry routes in the Province. A very similar route is the Kootenay Lake Ferry Route (KL) operated by Western Pacific Marine on contract to the Ministry. KL crossing time is 35 minutes compared to 40 minutes for route 3. KL relies on two vessels to provide 15 round trips in the summer and 10 round trips in the winter with departures from 6:30am to 10:20pm. Route 3 has up to 12 round trips on certain summer days and 8 sailings during the winter from 6:20am to 9:15pm.
Route 3 passengers pay $7.00 for children 5-11; passengers over 11 pay $14.00 and for automobiles $47.10 and typical transport tructs $370.00 for round trip sailings. KL passengers, vehicles and transport trucks always ride for free. All Inland ferries (there are 14 routes) are free of charge to users. No meetings are scheduled for Inland communities to consider how services can be reduced or fares charged to make up the cost of providing Inland Ferry services. BC Inland Ferries operating costs of $21.8 million a year are paid by the Ministry.
BC ferries cusotmers welcome the periodic review of their ferry services to insure ferry services meet the needs (safe, reliable,convenient and affordable) of the ferry dependent coastal communities and the Province at large. At the same time those same BC Ferries customers that today pay dearly for ferry services when compared to those receiving ferry services in the BC Interior or when compared to small and larger communities serviced by new highways and bridges that are not tolled do expect the Ministry to cease distorting coastal ferry dependent communties opportunties for success by applying a more even handed and affordable approach to road and ferry tolls across the Province.
daviddick604-886-5943haywoodenergy@hotmail.comWest Vancouver-Sunshine Coast (Horseshoe Bay-Langdale), Sechelt Peninsula-Powell River (Earls Cove-Saltery Bay), Nanaimo Harbour-Gabriola Island
11/15/2012 11:25:58Scale back car & truck service until service is a minimum of >60% capacity, replacing many/most sailings with pedestrian (and bike) only service and redirect subsidy funding to provide better public transit and bike access with the goal of a majority (70%?) of trips via bus, bike or foot.AdrianPowell604-734-2382adrian.a.powell@gmail.comVancouver-Victoria (Tsawwassen-Swartz Bay), West Vancouver-Nanaimo (Horseshoe Bay-Departure Bay), Other Southern Gulf Islands routes
11/15/2012 11:33:48Stop giving Bowen a small ferry for its annual refit as this adds hours to a trip to town for everyone. I had an appointment in West Vancouver and had to pick my Mother up from the hospital the other day and I had to leave my house at 8:45 am to be able to make the 10:30 am ferry and I only live 3 minutes from the ferry. If I had left any later I would not have the ferry until 11:30 am which means I would be late for everything. Bridget Knipe604-947-0530bmk1313@shaw.caBowen Island-Vancouver (Snug Cove-Horseshoe Bay)
11/15/2012 12:46:08I read an article a few weeks ago that every car and driver that buys a ticket from Prince Rupert to Haida Gwaii costs B,C. Ferries over a thousand dollars above the price of the ticket. I believe that cost is on a one-way ticket so the same cost would be there for the return also. YES...... that is a lot of money and there is no way the price can be raised enough to make any meaningful change to the loss of revenue. The cost of a ticket is already so high that locals can't really afford to make the trip and do so only when they can put a half dozen chores together to make it as financially feasible as possible. I lived on the Islands for about 9 years all told and worked there as a Tree Faller on and off for 35 years. I live on the main land now about 200 miles from the coast but travel back and forth to visit family that has moved there. I know when I talk to people on the mainland about how beautiful it is there and how if they get the chance a trip there would be something they would cherish for the rest of their lives, the price of the Ferry always comes up as the main reason for not going across. The crossing can be very dangerous in the best of times so the Ferry must be a very seaworthy ship and kept in the best of condition at all times as we would never hope to see another sinking like the, Queen of the North, a few years ago. NOW the big question, how do we cut costs? One way would be to cut crossings but is that feasible or would the savings even be that much. You still have to keep the ship seaworthy and staffed. Workers will not stay on a job for very long if you only get two or three days a week. You could cut wages but, what kind of workers will you get and hold who make next to nothing so that they can hold their jobs? You could cut the frills if a place to eat sleep and sit be counted as frills. Tourists want the crossing to be an experience also as the times involved with lineups, loading, crossing times, and time of day when the crossings are scheduled can be any time night or day. I know the locals are looking at cost before experience but locals and tourists both travel on the same ship so two different rates and experiences are not really feasible or cost saving loaded. The main way that I see that this crossing can be a little more economically friendly to the Ferry Corporation is to class the route as a part of the Highway Network and have funds paid to B.C. Ferries out of fuel taxes, general revenue or where ever money comes from that supports our provincial highway system. RexShoop250 842 5488shoop.randy@gmail.comHaida Gwaii (Prince Rupert-Skidegate)
11/15/2012 12:55:43I've restricted visiting family on the island due to the exceedingly high cost to take the ferry. Lower the fares, cut the glamour, ridership will go through the roof. This will benefit the local economy, ferry users, and bc ferries alike. We already subsidize costs through our tax dollars. The ferry route is part of our highway system, not a business model to gouge users wallets. Better yet build a bridge and put a toll on it. P.E.I. did it. At this point for convenience sake It makes more sense to fly than take the ferry. See you in the air!AlexRelf604-932-7858alexander_relf@hotmail.conVancouver-Victoria (Tsawwassen-Swartz Bay), West Vancouver-Nanaimo (Horseshoe Bay-Departure Bay)
11/15/2012 13:22:45As a resident of Cortes Island, 2 ferry rides away from any special medical services as well as provincial and federal services, the ferry route is the marine highway. It should be treated exactly as the terrestrial highway system, reintegrated into the provincial Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and financed accordingly. Living in rural areas is not treated as a luxury in off island cases, it’s the same for us. Treat us like a “6-pack of beer” which costs the same in Vancouver as on Cortes Island. We should start from what is needed. i.e. getting goods to the islands, delivering products from the islands to the major transportation centres (when, how much, how time sensitive); getting people from the islands to regional centres, and people from “outside” to the islands for family, business and tourist purposes: get a clear sense of specific needs. Also, get a clear sense of the value taken from the islands (lumber, oysters, agricultural products) and how that relates to the value of having affordable and efficient ferry services. Improvements could include: i) public transportation (bus/van service) to make us less depend upon using a car, particularly when it involves multiple ferry terminals. Norway provides an excellent example of getting people by bus to and from terminals so they don’t need a car and use more passenger only ferries. It would help the regular overloading at peak demand runs, and the need to park your car in the lineup the night before. ii) Revisit scheduling from the perspective of the natural flow – islanders leaving in the morning and returning in the afternoon/evening. iii) Allow reservations so scheduling of appointments can be better adhered to. The large majority of islanders are not wealthy – look at mean family incomes. The marine highway needs to be made part of the provincial highway system, as it used to be, and maintained as the highway system to the rest of rural and remote BC. BC’s economy requires people living in rural and remote areas, including on islands. We can’t all move to the urban centres, because service delivery there is supposedly cheaper. Abandoning BC’s coastal communities would ultimately be much more expensive than adequately investing in a modern marine highway system. UschiKoebberling250-935-8573uschi.koebberling@gmail.comCampbell River-Quadra Island, Quadra Island-Cortes Island
11/15/2012 14:32:20Put in a bar serving only BC Craft Beers and Organic Wines for increased revenue and better health. Establish a drink limit and/or "with food" rule to avoid the problems of drunken passengers.BruGordonrbg1@shaw.caOther Southern Gulf Islands routes
11/15/2012 14:42:16First off we need to reign in the salaries of executives and understand first and foremost – it’s not a tourist destination, it’s safe, efficient water based transportation and should be nothing more. Executives need to be paid at civil servant wages (possibly needs to be brought back into crown corporation status).

Areas of functionality like Powell River to Comox – it makes no sense that the ferry be based in Comox as the mass of traffic comes from Powell River in the morning – not Comox and as a result the ferry’s first run to Powell River is practically empty every time – waste of money.
Other ideas to improve bottom line…
Cut all promotions and marketing either than updates on service schedules and pricing – once again it’s a highway, not a tourist spot.
Place advertising on sides of ship as a way to leverage the Boats as billboard space.
Enable gambling on board the boats as a way of increasing revenue on a captive audience
HughBurnham650-450-6091hburnham@gmail.comVancouver-Victoria (Tsawwassen-Swartz Bay), Powell River-Comox (Westview-Little River), Sechelt Peninsula-Powell River (Earls Cove-Saltery Bay)
11/15/2012 17:20:43You should build the bridges as expressed in the first comments. Tim Sweeney503 264-8343tim.sweeney@intel.comWest Vancouver-Sunshine Coast (Horseshoe Bay-Langdale)
11/15/2012 21:54:58I live on Bowen Island, have commuted to and from and resided here for over 25 years. Our route is a bit unique and poorly understood by the BCFC. Right now we are suffering the annual vessel "refit" with a funky undersized replacement, the ironically named "Bowen Queen".

For a month now we've suffered delays, and overloads that try the patience of our 3,000 residents. It is common to wait 1-1.5 hours on either shore to be assured space for drivers and vehicle for the 20 minute commute. On Saturday the 10th, delays/overloads were approaching 3 hours from HB. This week at "low-load" times (mid-morning) there were often 20-40 vehicles left behind on Bowen after each hourly sailing...

Ample complaints/discussion is available on
I'd be happy to discuss...
PeterCourtney604-202-6544sweetwater45@gmail.comBowen Island-Vancouver (Snug Cove-Horseshoe Bay)
11/16/2012 13:34:05Move HQ to the ferry terminals, there is no need for an expensive lease downtown when there is so much space at the terminals. The exec can have board meetings in the ferry state rooms that otherwise don't see much use.

Also cut exec pay to par with Wash state as stated by previous poster. I cannot comprehend why they make so much more than a Supreme Court judge.

Sell overpriced beer to go with the overpriced burgers.
JimmyRustlesakrull@gmail.comVancouver-Victoria (Tsawwassen-Swartz Bay)
11/16/2012 18:34:23Run a high-speed passenger-only catamaran from downtown Vancouver (Waterfront station) to Victoria's inner harbour, where the Seattle ferry docks. JamieShepherd5305508733jshepherd415@yahoo.comVancouver-Victoria (Tsawwassen-Swartz Bay)
11/16/2012 19:02:16My family has been using the ferries since the 50's and 60's (depending on the destination). As someone who has grown up using the ferries have seen many of the goods and the bads.
For all the money they receive in subsidies for being part of the Trans-Canad Hwy, they should build 2 toll bridges in phases.
One from Horseshoe Bay to Bowen Island, Keats Island then Gibson's. This would cut the need for those related ferries and costs. Later they could add the hop from the Sunshine Coast to Mid Van Isle.

The 2nd would be done in phases also. Link Van Isle to the Gulf Islands from Nanaimo to Gabriola to Valdez to Galiano on the North and a 2nd in the south to Saltspring to Galiano. They can continue to run Ferrys from Tsw to Galiano for the life of remaining ferries while they figure out how to build a crossing that wont mess with shipping and can handle the weather. This will get rid of the little inefficient inter-island ferries -anyone who has had to back on, or off them, knows what I am talking about.

This would increase economic productivity, increase economic activity that would pay off, the property values of home owners on Van Isle, while providing more affordable housing for people wanting to commute to Van for Work. Reduce costs for all consumer goods on Van Isle, and could eventually lead to the creation of a deepwater port on the West coast of Van Isle.
ANDREWB780-232-6489birdie_icmspt@yahoo.caWest Vancouver-Sunshine Coast (Horseshoe Bay-Langdale), Langdale-Gambier Island-Keats Island, Salt Spring/Vesuvius-Crofton, Salt Spring/Fulford-Victoria
11/16/2012 19:27:24It upsets me to see over the years costly upgrading to BC Ferries while fairs are also going up. The ferries do not need newer fancier chairs or facilities. The ships are for everyone to use and should be affordable. The recent addition of first class lounges on some routes is particularly offensive. Today it costs over 100 dollars for a a trip with a car and a few passengers. I don't like to see people targeting labour for reducing these costs, target costly upgrades and freeze executive salaries. Surely those in charge of BC Ferries view it as a profit making business, particularly with tourists in mind. Its as if they think their duty is to constantly revamp and 'improve' the boats with shiny new plastics etc. I wish they would realize that managing a crown ferry corporation is real boring work; its not about spending money on aesthetic renewal of the boats all the time like a child throwing away the toy he is bored with. I would be much more proud of BC Ferries if it simply maintained the fleet it has and stopped hiking up prices.LukasHyrman6047819403lukas_hyrman@hotmail.comVancouver-Victoria (Tsawwassen-Swartz Bay), Other Southern Gulf Islands routes
11/16/2012 19:42:15Better integration of ferries with public transit is essential. In the last 6 years I have travelled Horseshoe Bay to Nanaimo over 300 times at all hours of the day. Got a bus at Horseshoe Bay 300 times, Nanaimo once and that one time the bus was late and the driver very irritated that he had to stop.
Most people, with 30 minutes minimum wait between buses take taxis, the most inefficient mode of transport
GFinlay250 3274633gfinlay77@yahoo.comWest Vancouver-Nanaimo (Horseshoe Bay-Departure Bay)
11/16/2012 19:49:10Ferries are an extremely efficient way of moving people across significant bodies of water; I can't see a scenario where we dispense with them completely. Having said that, we could halve the sailing time on the Southern Route by sailing to Galiano, tunneling to Saltspring, and then either bridging to Duncan or tunneling to Saanich. Similarly, the Northern Route could be substantially reduced by tunnelling to Bowen, sailing to Gabriola, and then bridging to Nanaimo. The shorter we can make these routes, the better economic sense they make in the long term.

The second big win is to dispense with the current labour relationship. Whatever it costs to get rid of the Ferry Workers Union, it's a small price to pay. I suspect we could reduce prices by 25-30% simply by returning ferry service compensation to a more realistic model. Executive pay gets the headlines, but it's the union that's killing the ferry model.
SteveSchmidt250 376-1004fireflyconsulting@shaw.caVancouver-Victoria (Tsawwassen-Swartz Bay), West Vancouver-Nanaimo (Horseshoe Bay-Departure Bay), Powell River-Comox (Westview-Little River), Sechelt Peninsula-Powell River (Earls Cove-Saltery Bay), Inside Passage/Mid Coast/Bella Coola (Port Hardy-Prince Rupert), Haida Gwaii (Prince Rupert-Skidegate)
11/16/2012 19:53:11Cut fares, as fares go up ridership drops.I do not go to Vancouver that much because the price is ridiculous. If we try to find a balance in fare price and ridership I think the ferries will run closer to break even. If we see it as a private business that has to cover all its cost we will gut our coastal communities.As the cost of fairs rise people move to Vancouver.We should be trying to increase ridership and create healthier communities.At the end of the day if the economies of the communities are doing well then you will have higher ridership and reduced costs. Ferries are a part of the highway system and need to be treated as such. RitchieGibb6048863543rmgibb@dccnet.comWest Vancouver-Sunshine Coast (Horseshoe Bay-Langdale)
11/17/2012 11:57:26Engage some strategic thinking. Implement comfortable & fast passenger only ferries downtown Victoria & Nanaimo to-From Vancouver with good connections to transit and parking particularly on the Island. Implement expanded variable pricing on car/truck ferries based on time of day, day of week. Replace food services with vending as others have proposed. Pre-sell tickets and expand experience card discounts to the major routes. Longer term build bridges to docks on via Saltspring to Galiano or Mayne for auto & truck ferries, bridge Saanich Inlet.RustyJoerin250-927-2156rjoerin@shaw.caVancouver-Nanaimo (Tsawwassen-Duke Point), Buckley Bay-Denman Island, Denman Island-Hornby Island
11/17/2012 17:57:03Provide service that allows for peak demands

Provide for respectful access for those less able

Train staff towards customer service

Eliminate the silo effect which staff is in. They are not coordinating with each other

Allow for priority boarding for medical issues

Provide handicap access

Uncouple the the "minor routes" costing so each to stand on their own
GordonGanong604-947-2802gganong@telus.netBowen Island-Vancouver (Snug Cove-Horseshoe Bay)
11/17/2012 20:12:37Run the small ferries on the larger route for late night sailings. No reason not to have late night Sunshine coast or Victoria service provided by such as the Capilano Queen with a smaller crew. Business is crippled as a result or this lack of service. Impossible for students to makke it home to the Sunshine coast from a Vancouver evening course. .

These enormous new gin-palace ferries built to provide a spectacular travel experience for summer tourists are not economical through the winter mid-week and overnight. We need timely bread and butter affordable basic trasportation service.
11/19/2012 11:02:49
My taxes pay to plow the Coquihalla highway all winter and to maintain that road, their taxes should help to pay for my road. Province lost $52 M in revenue when they cancelled the toll those funds could have continued to offset costs of the ferries.

What are the annual costs for maintenance and plowing of provincial roads? (Tsawwassen-Duke Point)
11/19/2012 12:30:40The Powell River Region has developed the following position on the BC Ferries Service Adjustment consultation process:
ScottRandolph604-414-8598srandolph@prreds.comPowell River-Comox (Westview-Little River), Sechelt Peninsula-Powell River (Earls Cove-Saltery Bay), Powell River-Texada Island
11/22/2012 11:31:45BC Ferries should come under the Dept of Highways and put a toll on all highways. Everybody pays a little, the highways and ferries are well funded and maintained, and all communities are well serviced. People in White Rock travel to work in Vancouver for free, why should it cost people in Nanaimo to travel the same distance?DanHaslamdkhaslam@gmail.comVancouver-Nanaimo (Tsawwassen-Duke Point), West Vancouver-Nanaimo (Horseshoe Bay-Departure Bay), Nanaimo Harbour-Gabriola Island
11/22/2012 18:15:34
Here are some economics of BC ferries operating a ferry boat.
This is an example of the Quadra Island Ferry the "Powell River Queen"
BC ferries says it costs $60000 a day to operate this ferry.
They don't break it down but here is what I know:

-Fuel 2500 liters a day equals $3000 a day in diesel

-12 people staffed on shore and on ship during operation and 2 at night equates to $10000 a day max.(i know ferriy workers make good money and DOUBLE overtime, Whats that!?!? )

-Foreshore dock lease, insurance and property tax, Ship insurance, various licences. I can't see this being very much a day? lets say $1000 to be safe.

-Ship operating and refit costs perhaps $10000 a day? = $3.65 million every year being put away would sustain a very decent refit every couple years even being ripped off by Seaspan.

So this leaves us with $24000 per day operation. Where does the other $36000 per day go?
Am I missing something?
That is ALOT of overhead and administration costs if you ask me.
lets get like the private sector and start cutting at the top and let the workers do there job.
SheldonMaysjamay@gicable.comCampbell River-Quadra Island
10/23/2013 20:35:16As a family who was associated as BC Ferries employees Ch.Engineers,(3),senior steward(1),waitress sailing staff(!) BC Ferries ran fro a number of years satisfactorily with virtually no shut downs due to failure in service for over 3 years with a minimal BC Ferry senior administration staff.
In addition 80%of all ferry maintenance was conducted by personnel who worked out of Deas Dock(and all were BC ferry employees).
BC Ferries to date are down by the head with CEO staff and Ferry advisory board members,all who are paid exorbitant enumeration plus bonuses.
Shut down the executive offices,fire the Advisory board members,close downtown Vancouver tourist centers for ferry tourists.
Previous Ferries constructed in BC were completed on time and on budget,with tremendous cost over runs and cost plus budgets re the ferries built in Germany.
Washington State Ferries is the answer,who are running economically and safely in as many trips and many different locations
for all Washington State residents and tourists,at substantial lower fares and still part of the Highways system.
Wake up BC residents and inform your MLA's of the BC Ferries fiasco as it exists today
RaymondMachon250-567-4288ceadog@telus.netVancouver-Nanaimo (Tsawwassen-Duke Point), Sechelt Peninsula-Powell River (Earls Cove-Saltery Bay)
10/23/2013 20:45:54As a family who was associated as BC Ferries employees 30 plus years-ie Ch.Engineers,(3),senior steward(1), sailing staff(1)
BC Ferries ran for a number of years satisfactorily with virtually no shut downs due to failure in service for over 30 years with a minimal BC Ferry senior administration ,and ferry maintenance staff.
In addition 80%of all ferry maintenance was conducted by personnel who worked out of Deas Dock(all BC ferry employees).
BC Ferries to date are down by the head with CEO staff and Ferry advisory board members,all who are paid exorbitant enumeration plus bonuses.
Shut down the executive offices,fire the Advisory board members,close downtown Vancouver tourist centers for ferry tourists.
Previous Ferries constructed in BC were completed on time and on budget,with tremendous cost over runs and cost plus budgets re the ferries built in Germany.
Washington State Ferries is the answer,they are running economically and safely in as many trips and as many different locations as BC Ferries,and yet all Washington State residents and tourists,travel at substantial lower fares and still part of the Highways system.
Wake up BC residents and inform your MLA's of the BC Ferries fiasco as it exists today,that it is unsatisfactory.
RaymondMachon250-567-4288ceadog@telus.netVancouver-Nanaimo (Tsawwassen-Duke Point), Sechelt Peninsula-Powell River (Earls Cove-Saltery Bay)
11/21/2013 17:48:59BC Ferries is totally wrong in their approach to make the system more efficient and cost effective.
While some rationalization of low volume sailings is likely justified, it is their cost cutting approach that defies good business practice.
Instead of cutting sailings and raising prices, they should concentrate on marketing empty spaces on each and every sailing through a variety of ways.
Airlines, hotels and other businesses do it to sell empty spots in low volume times through promotions, advance booking, discounted pricing. The technology exists and is used extensively. WestJet, Air Canada and a host of hotels do it constantly, it is called "yield management".
BC Ferries could easily adopt a similar system, marketing special incentives to registered customers who could book online, pay for and print their ticket / boarding pass at home thereby allowing BC Ferries to fill up empty space with travelers willing to arrange their own schedules and prepay. BC Ferries would have better ability to manage loads and schedules.
In all of the releases made by the government and BC Ferries, not one mention has been made about marketing the empty spaces on vessels nor offering incentives, only cuts.
We need a whole new attitude in the management of BC Ferries and get away from the notion that the only way to improve the bottom line is to cut costs and services.
GeorgeCreek250-722-7245gcreek@shaw.caVancouver-Nanaimo (Tsawwassen-Duke Point)
11/22/2013 2:38:45Here is a quick no-brainer list (and you are not paying me $400,000 VP salary to come up with it)
- cut head office staff in half (or more)
- cut the remaining salaries for head office staff
- get out of down town headquarters (and eliminate low interest loan to rich landlord - this one is nothing short of a crime)
- keep seniors passengers discount (its for passengers only, they still pay full price for vehicles which becomes 100% profit on an empty space - maybe no senior discount on 7am/5pm busy sailings to/from the mainland)
- NO GAMBLING - Its a tax on the dumb - don't encourage it
- Eliminate capital costs from ferry budget - its like any other provincial infrastructure
- Govt pays 3% for its capital - Why is Ferries paying 6%?
- Its not a private corporation - no more independence
- open its books and contracts to the public
ChrisDubetz250 477 7296ctdubetz@shaw.caVancouver-Victoria (Tsawwassen-Swartz Bay), Vancouver-Nanaimo (Tsawwassen-Duke Point), Salt Spring/Vesuvius-Crofton
12/4/2013 12:55:27I agree with all the comments regarding operating the ferries as part of a comprehensive transportation plan for the province, not as a luxury cruise ship service for tourists or a source of bonuses for ambitious executives. There are many sensible ideas here for cost savings, but squeezing more out of ferry workers and resident ferry users are not the way to go. I especially like the idea of encouraging more foot traffic by having better transportation between terminals and city centres, including use of rail between Victoria and Nanaimo.DrenaMcCormack604-254-7635drenajean@yahoo.caPowell River-Comox (Westview-Little River), West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast (Horseshoe Bay-Langdale), Sechelt Peninsula-Powell River (Earls Cove-Saltery Bay)
12/4/2013 13:19:56Recognize BC Ferries for what it is - part of the highway system. Complete a socio-economic study to look at the long-term costs to the economy, including the loss of jobs, decimation of coastal tourism, isolation of First Nations coastal communities and increased dependence on the social-safety net. Save $1 today and lose $10 tomorrow - very short-term thinking. Quit looking at Vancouver Island residents as a drain on the economy. We represent 20% of the population of BC and are responsible for adding over 38% to the Provincial coffers each year. We are a "cash cow" of "worker bees" for the Province. Use some of the ideas implemented so successfully by the airlines - weekend getaways, booking ahead, walk-on ferries, a restructuring of traffic (commercial only ferry late at night with reduced rate). Consider successful models such as Washington State Ferries, which is operated by state government. There has been a continual decline in ridership since the first service cuts were implemented in 2008. What does "more of the same" solve? There is a 4% increase slated for April 2014 and more "potential cuts" for 2016. You can't have a sandwhich shop, offer fewer choices at a higher price, reduce your hours of operation and increase your profit. Food for thought!PattiSmedley250-949-6665psmedley@porthardy.caVancouver-Nanaimo (Tsawwassen-Duke Point), West Vancouver-Nanaimo (Horseshoe Bay-Departure Bay), Port McNeill-Alert Bay-Sointula, Inside Passage/Mid Coast/Bella Coola (Port Hardy-Prince Rupert)
12/4/2013 14:11:08For smaller Gulf Islands the ferry is their highway and it should be treated as such. The province doesn't make money from highways and they should accept the fact that the ferries are going to cost. JeffMolloy1-250-247-0265jeff@molloy.caVancouver-Nanaimo (Tsawwassen-Duke Point), Nanaimo Harbour-Gabriola Island
12/4/2013 14:59:50The ferries should be part of the highway system. Full stop. If the trans-canada highway ends in Victoria, then the ferries are part of that. Cancel some early and late night sailings, but do so with an eye to the communities they effect. Cancel all advertising. Slash the bloated salaries and managment positions. Start charging for the interior ferries!! Many people say that its our choice to live here, deal with it. But its also your choice to live anywhere in the rest of bc. Yet I still have to pay to have your roads repaired and maintained. And your roads don't shut down at night. LizNienaber250-247-9746gestalt42@Gmail.comWest Vancouver-Nanaimo (Horseshoe Bay-Departure Bay), Nanaimo Harbour-Gabriola Island
12/4/2013 18:27:14I am with those who are for returning it to be part of the highway system. Those who do not depend on them and say that "those who choose to live on islands should not expect unlimited transportation" hardly grasp the point. We who live on islands pay taxes and subsidize those who need big fancy bridges in Vancouver, expensive roads to Whistler and roads in the far north. No one is asking nor do they receive "unlimited" transportation. All we expect is a fair deal and that means fairly priced service that allows us to live in our communities...same as anyone else. Many of our ferries are commuter ferries...get us to jobs and schools, arts and entertainment and back again. Some of the proposed changes will have enormous negative effects on such communities who use very little in the way of bridges, highways, public transport etc that we contribute to.JeanWyenberg250-247-7370jeanwye@shaw.caNanaimo Harbour-Gabriola Island
12/4/2013 19:06:44The Scottish ferry system used to have a very similar model to the semi-private one established by the Coastal Ferry Act. After about 10 years it became clear it was failing the residents and the tourist users equally. Fares rose - ridership dropped, fares rose, etc. They did a three pilot project with drastically reduced fares to see if ridership recovered. It did. They have now returned the ferries to a similar model to our old highways system.

After living on Denman for 33 years I have never been so discouraged by the looming future of reduced access to do all the things we NEED to do and to the prospect of seeing the families, which have lately been moving to Denman leave because they cannot afford to live here. The Coastal Engagement survey was flawed in how the numbers were collected - walk-ons were NOT counted and the ratio of deck space to vehicle is not consistent with the reality of many small ferries.

Throw out this entire cuts regime and lets try a three year study based on what Scotland has used to revitalize their ferry system. Now in addition to an experimental cable ferry we will have onerous cuts as well.
LauraPope250-335-1203laurapopedenman@gmail.comBuckley Bay-Denman Island
12/4/2013 20:53:06
The promises made when the Coastal Ferry Act was introduced have not been fulfilled. The time has come to acknowledge that in a coastal province, affordable ferry service is as necessary as affordable public transit or affordable highway systems in the land-based part of the province. Ferries are lifelines for coastal communities and businesses – as highways are in the rest of the province.

There is no mystery. The economies of coastal British Columbia depend on the ferry service. And if the ferry does not run - business will die on the coast. I don't think anyone wants that scenario.
L-JKelly2502479720lj_kelly@telus.netVancouver-Victoria (Tsawwassen-Swartz Bay), Vancouver-Nanaimo (Tsawwassen-Duke Point), West Vancouver-Nanaimo (Horseshoe Bay-Departure Bay), Brentwood Bay-Mill Bay, Nanaimo Harbour-Gabriola Island, Other Southern Gulf Islands routes
12/4/2013 21:57:59Simple. Think like a real business. Drop the rates. Taking BC Ferries out of context from the communities they serve is an economic shell game that does not add up. Almost 20% of the province's population live in ferry-dependent communities, along with a wide variety of industries and commercial enterprises, which together provide tax contributions of roughly 36% of BC’s annual revenue, yet this area only benefits from about 6% of capital expenditure on highways, including the expenditure on ferries.. For every uptick in fares and every chop in services comes a corresponding drop in tax revenues from the communities these ferries service. Why on earth would a government impose a stifling tariff that jeopardizes the free flow of goods and services between its OWN citizens? Over the past ten years, the BC gov't has put $1B into the ferry coffers while Ferry USERS "subsidize" this essential service to a tune of $5B. The question as to how to improve BC ferries starts with a cold, hard look at where BC Ferries fits INSIDE the entire BC economy - it does NOT operate in a vacuum. The interior ferries carry more than 2.4 million passengers and more than 1.5 million vehicles annually WITHOUT charge to the user at an annual operating cost of $20.8 million. If THAT is not an issue for our provincial government, why is BC Ferries?kathyramsey250-247-7412kathy@artsgabriola.caWest Vancouver-Nanaimo (Horseshoe Bay-Departure Bay), Nanaimo Harbour-Gabriola Island, Salt Spring/Vesuvius-Crofton
12/5/2013 0:50:16Get the beers on board they is the key bubstowerbubbles@baltimore.netVancouver-Victoria (Tsawwassen-Swartz Bay), Salt Spring/Vesuvius-Crofton
12/5/2013 2:28:49Return coastal ferries to the Ministry of Transport to be managed as part of highway system, marine division.
-Subsidies equivalent to any other highway in BC; maintain a basic service only.
-Cancel all the free ferries in the interior where there are land-based alternative routes, use savings to finance the coastal ferries; fares to reflect the fair cost above basic highway subsidy.
-Cut excess management positions, reduce salaries and wages to industry norm.
-Cancel all expensive, excessive terminal upgrades, this is a bare-bones basic public transportation network. Have BC Ferries main office moved to Duke Point ferry terminal in Nanaimo, there is no need to be paying high rent in Victoria
DorisGallas250-247-2062doris@gallas.caNanaimo Harbour-Gabriola Island
12/5/2013 13:36:56I would cut the entirety of the board, and management. Sue the board and share holders for the debt accrued and fully return the ferry service to transportation to be run like ALL THE REST OF THE HIGHWAYS! West Vancouver-Nanaimo (Horseshoe Bay-Departure Bay), Nanaimo Harbour-Gabriola Island
12/5/2013 16:13:30Cut all the frills. Change the Coastal Ferry Act, and make the ferries part of the highway system. I wonder if citizens would like it if they could not get to Whistler due to "reduced hours and reduced openings" of the Sea to Sky? Fairness for all British Columbians,this system needs to be a commuter system, not a tourist attraction. The tourists can enjoy their destination...if they get there reasonably! Or, build bridges and toll them. I am sure commuters who are already paying outrages prices for a ferry, would be happy to pay a toll for the convenience of travelling when they want to, and not being held hostage by the ferries. This goes for business as well.GaryDietrich604-485-7554gary@modern.caVancouver-Victoria (Tsawwassen-Swartz Bay), Powell River-Comox (Westview-Little River), West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast (Horseshoe Bay-Langdale), Sechelt Peninsula-Powell River (Earls Cove-Saltery Bay), Powell River-Texada Island
1/18/2014 19:51:41BC Ferries is, by far, the least subsidised of the major car carrying ferry services in the world. The myth that our system is massively subsidised has been effectively used by government to defend underfunding. The fact is The Coastal Ferry Act has been a complete failure but the government can't bring itself to admit it.TomToynbee250 537 2860tytssi@yahoo.caVancouver-Victoria (Tsawwassen-Swartz Bay), Salt Spring/Vesuvius-Crofton, Salt Spring/Fulford-Victoria
1/18/2014 21:32:311] Since the increased costs of the last few years continue to show decreased traffic, specifically vehicles, I feel prices should be dropped - NOT raised. I used to travel to the island with my car every 6 weeks or more. The last 6 months I have taken my car once because I had to. It is cheaper to walk-on and rent a vehicle if I need to.
2] The obscene upper & middle management wages and bonuses. Stop them NOW and create a wage grid comparable to worldwide or North American GDP. BC pays their ferry management way out of line to similar ferry systems.
3] Smaller ferries on later sailings.
4] While I do not totally agree with this point I feel All highways and bridges should be tolled with SMALL tolls... Not tolls for some and not for others. The Sea to Sky highway upgrade for the Olympics was fully funded for an event most people could not see up close and an activity most of BC can't afford at Whistler. The South Perimeter Rd is fully funded .... Why?
Yet the Port Mann has high tolls and the Golden Ears Bridge the same - so much so that I avoid both unless forced to use. This is not fair to either users or taxpayers.
Just a few of my concerns and thoughts.

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