Goodberry's 2013 NFL Draft
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TierValueTeamProjectionPlayer NamePosition2nd/Specific PositionSchoolHeightWeightNotesComparisonConcernBest Trait
75.531000Titans1stChance WarmackOGLGAlabama6020317A fat, sweating, power pig. He's nasty and I bet his breath smells. He's that guy you play sports with that's overly physical and sweating buckets. You dont even want to touch him. Chance Warmack will create massive holes in the run game and make defensive lineman quit before the game is even over. He has a very strong upper body and very thick in lower half. He plays with a wide base and can anchor in pass protection. He can move for a big man when asked to. Multiple Pro Bowls in his future.Larry Allen (OG)OG Value, WeightPower Run, Mean Streak
74.81000Cardinals1stJohnathan CooperOGCNorth Carolina6020311Superior pulling and 2nd level ability on athleticism. Elite in this category as NFL rookie. May be able to play center as well. Scheme-changer for whoever drafts Cooper, because he can do things only a handful of NFL interior lineman can. Transcendent talent that can change your ground game.*Unique*Power Run GamePulling, Athleticism
74.781000Panthers1stStar LotuleleiDTNTUtah6030311Powerful NT type that will be a force against the run. Star has dealt with heavy double teams and has shown the ability to break through. Will never be an explosive pass rusher, but power moves are there. 4-5 sacks a year type with very good run defense. Best DL in the draft on day one, just maybe not the most upside.Haloti NgataPass RushRaw Power
74.561000Jaguars1stLuke JoeckelOTLTTexas A&M6060306Very good pass protector with good movement and mirroring skills. Feet glide and waste little motion. Has inside weakness and core strength questions. Both are fixable and he 'should' get better in run game with added strength. Put him at Left Tackle and never worry about pass protection.Joe ThomasCore StrengthMirroring, Hands
74.391000Chiefs1stEric FisherOTLTC. Michigan6070306Above average athletic ability in pass game with good balance and power. Inside moves can beat him, but Fisher has a nice recovery power step. For a taller OT, very little leverage issues. Better run blocker of the three top OTs. Perfect technique. High floor and ceiling.Walter JonesC.Mich competition?Technique, Length
74.121000Jets1stSheldon RichardsonDT3-4 DEMissouri6030294Explosive interior rusher. Richardson is a sideline to sideline defender that is as disruptive as it gets. Could use added power and technique (staying low throughout), but he's a 6-8 sack interior player instantly. Rare to see his quickness and acceleration inside with a great motor. I bet he'd survive as a 4-3 LDE. Henry MeltonMouth, TechniqueAthleticism, Motor
73.981000Ravens1stArthur BrownMLBWLBKansas State6010241Good athlete with change of direction and open field ability off the charts. Good lower body thinkness and he always plays low. Brown blows up run plays and defeats blocks with leverage and explosion. Built for today's NFL because he's efficient in pass coverage due to athleticism and awareness and Brown has great fluidity and change-of-direction skills in space. He's a rare LB that can cover the RB or TE that splits out wide without getting picked on. I feel that he may end up being the MOST impactful player from this draft class. Not Small, just short. Novarro BowmanShoulder injuryAthleticism, Stack & Shed
73.751000Dolphins1stDion JordanOLBSLBOregon6050240Jordan is a defensive chess piece. He can cover the slot, rush the QB and set the edge in the run game. He's a relentless and limitless player in any role. Needs to keep bulk/strength to shorten arc in pass rush. Very fluid shoulders and arms when healthy. Upper and lower flexibility is no question. His worst attribute may be pass rushing as of today, but he flashes high upside. RARE athlete. OLB all the way. Julian PetersonShoulder injury, BulkVersatility, Fluidity
73.511000Jaguars1stJonathan CyprienSSSFIU6000217Jonathan Cyprien not only stood out as the best athlete on the FIU defense, he's also the most instinctive; an intimidating and high-energy player on either side of the field. He's a strong safety that's very comfortable playing in the box and the best safety against the run.
He has a great feel for running lanes and quickly measures up ball-carriers to make crushing hits. When he doesn't leave his feet, Cyprien is one of the better form-tacklers in this draft class. His aggressive angles can hurt him at times and he can get blocked-out by linemen, but after watching a bunch of safeties in this class, he's no worse than the rest. He can also play bump-and-run in coverage against tight ends and running backs.
From a coverage perspective, Cyprien's anticipation shined. Where I was most impressed with Cyprien was his range as a center fielder. He can get sideline-to-sideline in a hurry and appears to read the quarterback's eyes very well. He can get to those deep routes along the boundary for a big hit or make a play on the ball. Cyprien's ball skills and range sold me on him as a prospect. I felt like I was watching something special the first time I watched him.
Brian DawkinsFilm vs Competition?Aggressiveness, Range
73.481000Saints1stKenny VaccaroSSSTexas6000214Vaccaro is a good athlete for the position. He lined up everywhere for Texas (Deep FS, SS, Nickel CB, in Box). He's at his best when moving forward. He anticipates the run very well with aggression but this can backfire because he gets caught taking bad angles or falling for play-action. Vaccaro's aggressiveness is great when it works, but if he misses just a little, you'll see him whiff on tackles.
Because of this, I would much rather have Vaccaro closer to the line of scrimmage playing the run; I just wouldn't want to give him big gaps. He doesn't break down well in space and in Deep Zone, I DON'T trust him. Offenses attacked him with play-fakes and vertical routes where he had to make a choice. Because of Vaccaro's versatility, defensive coordinators will drool over his potential and where they can align him. He has the size, athleticism and coverage skills to match up with these new NFL tight ends. He's like a bizarro Polamalu. Line him up everywhere, keep him close to the line, BUT the difference is his man coverage abilities. I have to think he has very high upside, even as a deep FS.
*Unique*Deep ZoneVersatility
73.45950Eagles1stLane JohnsonOTLTOklahoma6060303Tremendous athlete for the position. LT feet and intelligence. Mirrors the quickest rushers. Power/strength are concerns as is his overall look. Looks frumpy and weird posture when playing. Until he goes hard on a defender and drives them into the dirt. Oversets at times and can be beat back inside without much power to regain control. Still needs some consistency in technique.Jason PetersPower Game, ConsistencyAthleticism, Upside
73.41950Lions1stEzekial AnsahDE3-4 DEBYU6050271Ansah is a undeveloped utility player. He can play anywhere on the DL (not NT) in any scheme. He needs to sync his hands and feet to maximize power and speed, but he has rapidly progressed. Closing speed is rare. Speed/Power combo also. He'll do his most damage as a Wide-9 DE or inside in Nickel packages. Violent player that flashes huge upside (at times). Even his play recognition skill will surprise you. Ansah is just scratching the surface, but shows the qualities youre looking for.Justin SmithExperienceUpside, Closing Speed
72.97950Bengals1st Tyler EifertTEY-TENotre Dame6060250Eifert is like a bigger, slower WR. He can hold his ground as a blocker, but he isnt going to be your lead guy. The effort is there though. He has Great hands and is an instant red zone threat with his size and ball skills. His ball-tracking and hand/feet coordination are RARE for a TE. Safe pick.Todd HeapBlockingBall Skills, Hands/Feet
72.25950Jets1stDee MillinerCBCBAlabama6000201Good athlete with ball-awareness and length to defend on an island. Physical and instinctive. Will play run and tackle as needed. Shows average technique for a college CB with some flaws remaining (Backpedal hiccups). Has showed progression throughout process. Better in zone? High end #2 CB or Low End #1 CB in NFL.Leon HallUpside, Run DefenseAlabama, Length, Athleticism
72.08950Rams1stTavon AustinWRSlot WRWest Virginia5080174Laterally explosive with Elite acceleration and speed. He's Percy Harvin, Roscoe Parrish and Andrew Hawkins all wrapped into one. Put him in slot, in motion, in backfield. Want to add more spread-option? Austin is your guy to create mismatches. He doesnt take hits very often because of his elusiveness. He's the ultimate offensive chess piece.*Unique*Size/Bulk, WorkloadLateral Agility, Acceleration, Versatility
71.9890049ers1stCornelius "Tank" CarradineDERDEFlorida State6040276He would be a top five pick in this draft if it wasnt for a knee injury that wiped out this past season. He's a long, athletic rusher that easily shortens the arc to the QB with length and surprising power. Good, violent hands. Defends run well at POA. He needs some refinement (counter move) and consistency. Very good run defender. Non stop motor that finishes every play. High ceiling.Tamba HaliKnee Injury, ProductionLength, Strength, Motor
71.77900Colts1stBjoern WernerDELDEFlorida State6030266LDE that's more of a pass rusher than run stuffer. He's explosive off the snap and can win inside and outside. Hands need work. Playside motor runs hot, but plays run to opposite side don't ignite him the same way (vision, motor or saving himself?) Good blend of balance and power (can win off balance)Ryan KerriganMotor, Tweener?Upfield Burst, Upside
71.75900Texans1stDeAndre "Nuk" HopkinsWRWR2Clemson6010214Smooth route runner that sets up DBs and gains seperation easily. Even if he's covered, "Nuke" can rise above the CB and high-point the football. He's a play-maker without great speed, but his ball-tracking and play-style allow him to be a deep threat. Can play all three WR spots. Has some drops (I noticed it was over the middle/in traffic). Can be a threat after the catch. Completely took over in the Bowl game vs LSU.(Older) Roddy WhiteDeep Speed, DropsBall Tracking, Play-Making
71.56875Vikings1stSharrif FloydDT3-4 DEFlorida6030297Quick and Powerful. Floyd is explosive off the snap and is scrappy when fighting through blocks, but better with space to move. Needs to use length better, instead of quickness always. Turns shoulders too often and needs to stay square. He can play in either scheme. Floyd hasn't scratched his surface yet. Could end up being best defensive player in the draft in 3 years with development. High upside, but stalled development from playing DE may have stunted his growth. Randy StarksLength, Close QuartersSpeed/Power
71.48850Bengals2ndGiovani BernardRBZBSUNC5090208Gio Bernard is blessed with good speed, agility and acceleration to go with an ideal power/balance ratio. His best attribute is everything that makes up the Pre-LOS ability. Think of Arian Foster and his ability to see the hole being created on the backside, yet he strings along the linebacker, presses the hole then violently cuts back into the open field. He's the best in this class when it comes to that. He will not be dependent on a good offensive line. He's also a great in the passing game; probably the best blocking/receiving combo ib the draft. Will also help as a return man. He's had average success with ball security once every 85 touches.
Gio's biggest knock is his health/durability. While he's only combined for about 550 touches, Bernard missed all of 2010 with a knee injury. He then missed a handful of games in 2012 with a knee issue. After passing medical checks, I'm not sure I see a major flaw in his game. He doesnt break as many tackles as you'd like, but he avoids tackle attempts.
Brian WestbrookStrength, InjuriesPre-LOS (Vision, Balance, Burst, Feet)
71.45800Chargers1stD.J. FlukerOTOGAlabama6050339Fluker is a mountain to get around in pass protection. Dont try to go outside, he can be beat with quickness to inside. Power run blocker with slower feet. Wont be great in space or in 2nd level. Needs to bend better. Would be a better Pass Blocker at OT, better Run Blocker at OG. Plays with a mean streak. Think Length and Power when you think of Fluker.Andre SmithRT/G onlyLength/Power, MEAN streak
71.43780Vikings1stXavier RhodesCBFSFlorida State6020210Long, lean CB that's best in a press man situation. He can re-route WRs and use his length to play the ball. Stiff as most taller CBs are and Rhodes could stay lower in transition to minimize recovery time. Most likely to be kept close to LOS where he can rough up WRs then turn and run. Needs to tackle better.Brandon BrownerStiffness, TacklingBump & Run, Length
70.88760Browns1stBarkevious MingoOLBSLBLSU6040241Probably the best pure speed rusher in this draft. Mingo would be a great OLB/DE rush specialist early in his career. He's aggressive and plays angry. His size limits his effectiveness against the run, but i dont see an effort problem. Strong for his size. Limited tape where Mingo gets to fire off the ball and attack the edge.Bruce IrvinBulk, StrengthSpeed Rush
70.75740Broncos1st - 2ndSylvester WilliamsDTUTNorth Carolina6030313Very quick off the snap; maybe the best in this class. Williams shows a few very good moves already and he should be an instant force as an interior pass rusher. Disruptive as a pass rusher but lacks something vs run; poorly tracks ball-carrier (vision?) and misses tackles.Kevin WilliamsConsistency vs RunFirst Step
70.45720Seahawks1st - 2ndJesse WilliamsDTNTAlabama6040323Power NT type. Very very effective as a run defender. Moves well for his size and keeps his arms free to wrap tacklers as they come by. Not much of a pass rusher, but shows enough athleticism to become a solid rusher. Scheme diverse. May be the best run defending defensive lineman in draft. Wish his body was better (Top heavy, thin legs)Paul SoliaiTop Heavy, Pass RushRun Defense
70.41700Chargers1stKeenan AllenWRWR2California6020206Has almost everything you look for in a starting outside WR. He had a terrible QB at Cal and it helped display his amazing catch radius and adjustments to a poor ball, but it also never fully showed his true potential and production. Good after the catch. Good, but not great speed. (PCL in 2012) Doesnt look to be fully recovered after Pro Day. Mushin MuhamedDeep Speed (ACL)Hands, Toughness
70.31680Cardinals2ndAndre EllingtonRBCOPClemson5094199 First thing that jumps out has to be Ellington's long speed. If he breaks loose, he doesn't usually get caught. Along with his impressive speed, Ellington shows enough fight and toughness to make you think he's bigger/stronger than he really is. For his size, he's a very good pass blocker and he has one of the best hands in this draft class. Ellington fumbled once every 85 touches at Clemson.
Ellington compiled almost 700 touches in college and his frame would suggest that's about all he could handle. He's on the thinner side for a RB and looks like he can gain 5-10 lbs without losing speed. As far as running, Ellington looks to break that big one too often. When it's there, he rarely misses, but it won't be there as much in the NFL. He'll need to learn to take his three-yards and look towards the next play.
Jamaal CharlesBulk, UpsideSpeed, Pass Pro, Hands
70.18660Steelers1stJarvis JonesOLBSLBGeorgia6030245Undersized at DE, limited athletically at OLB. Jones is a high motor, non-stop disruptor with a tough-man mentality. He has neck/spine issues that could force him to drop. I would keep him at SLB in both schemes and keep him free of blockers in run game and ask him to rush passer. Probably a 6-8 sack guy.(Poor Man's) Clay MatthewsStrength, Speed, SpineMotor, Production
70.15650Packers2ndEddie LacyRBAlabama5110231Lacy got my highest grades in Power, Durability and Post-LOS abilities. He's built perfectly as a big back with thick thighs, strong arms and a bubble butt. That gives him supreme balance, strength and tackle-breaking ability. As for durability, besides his build, he only touched the ball 380 times at Alabama. Lacy's best attribute is his ability to make defenders pay in many ways in the open field/2nd level. Lacy will run you over, jump over or spin off defenders. It makes it hard for the opposition to size him up.
While he has surprising athleticism, Lacy isn't a burner and he doesn't offer much in the passing game. Lacy has decent hands and won't be a liability as a pass protector. He's also fumbled six times in 380 touches
Michael TurnerSpeed, Conditioning, Pre-LOSTackle Breaking, Power
70.08640Vikings1stCordarrelle PattersonWRWR1Tennessee6020216As raw as they come as a route runner. Patterson needs to mantain balance and speed in and out of his routes and explode out of his cuts. Besides that, he's a dynamic athlete. Big, strong, fast and an absolute monster after the catch. Big guys usually cant change direction like this. Body catcher who drops balls. He can also help in return game and line up in backfield. Most of his production will be on shorter throws that he takes for longer after the catch. He worries me. Ways to go as a WR. IQ questions.*Unique*Experience, Route RunningRun After Catch, Versatility
70.06620Packers1st - 2ndDatone JonesDE3-4 DEUCLA6040283An underacheiver at UCLA, Jones posses the frame, strength and agility to be a disruptive inside pass rusher in a 4-3 or 5-tech in a 3-4 defense. Production & development in college is my biggest question. Athleticism, strength, very thick lower body. Was better at Sr. Bowl practices than he was in season or in the game. Jeremy MinceyTweener, ProductionVersatility, Scheme Upside
70.04600Chargers1st - 2ndManti Te'oMLBSLBNotre Dame6010241Instinctive and aggressive downhill MLB. He's a thumper that can stack and shed in confined space. He doesnt have great athleticism and can be a liability in space, but he's intelligent and is built to play MLB. If you can get him under control and get him focused again, he's a solid starting MLB. Would be best in a 3-4 defense at SILB. Keep him in the box and playing the run or in zone. He was never a top 15 pick. Rey MaualugaAthleticism, SpotlightAnticipation, Power
70.03590Giants1st - 2ndDamontre MooreDESLBTexas A&M6050250Average athlete with average strength. I think I liked his role and production more than the player. May be a better OLB in a 3-4 that allows him to loop/stunt inside and actually be more athletic than the interior lineman. Limted athletically at LB, strong enough for base DE? High motor and doesnt waste opportinities. Highly productive.Bryan ThomasPower, AthleticismProduction
70.01580Packers2ndJohnathan FranklinRBCOPUCLA5100205 I was blown away by Franklin's ability to stop, start and get to full speed (which is very fast) in a flash. He's very good pressing the hole, bursting through and making defenders miss in the second level. I didn't know he was only 195 lbs. until looking it up after reviewing his film; he looks thicker. (Edit: Weighed-in at 205 lbs.) For his size, Franklin can flash power with an ability to break tackles. He plays low and shows low center of gravity and balance; making him a hard target to knock down. His open field elusiveness is the best in this class. An excellent receiving back, Franklin was a consistent weapon for UCLA. He looked like the total package at times.
Overall bulk could be better distributed, but Franklin looks in better shape than 2011 and it shows in his increased production. His biggest flaws are his pass protection and ball security. He doesn't see the blitzes well, isn't very big, and can get moved easily. Franklin has fumbled 19 times in college, or once in every 45 times. His 850 collegiate touches could be a concern because a guy his size could spell future durability issues.
LeSean McCoyBulk, Ball Security, Pass ProAcceleration, Catching, Elusiveness
69.97550Dolphins2ndJamar TaylorCBBoise State5110192Good overall technique and athleticism. Would be best in a press man scheme. Solid run defender with willingness and physicality to contain the edge. Just smaller and can get washed out or miss tackles. Sneaky athlete that's just as smooth working backwards.SizePress
69.78540Cardinals2ndAlex OkaforDELDETexas6050264Power pass rusher that must win with his hands to beat the OT. He had some monster games when his power/athleticism couldnt be matched. Okafor transitions from speed to power very effectively. He may be even better inside in Nickel.Antwan OdomBend, Outside speedSpeed to Power
69.71530Saints2ndTerron ArmsteadOTLTArk P.B.6050306Great athlete, but somewhat raw. Competition and limited tape has hurt his grade, but he was a standout at every All-Star game he attended. He rose to each occasion as the competition increased. Armstead shows the feet, bend and mirroring ability of a NFL left tackle. He may need a year of seasoning, but he has high upside (Poor Man's) Tyron SmithCompetitionAthleticism
69.68520Falcons2ndDesmond TrufantCBWashington6000190Above average athlete with very good/natural feet and mirroring ability. Has more than enough technique issues that really hinder his overall athleticism and burst. Stiffness, raises when flipping hips. High upside because Technique can be fixed and his true athleticism can be unlocked. Needs to defend run better. Tramon WilliamsTechniqueFeet
69.61510Bills2ndRobert WoodsWRWR2USC6010201Woods is a smooth receiver that is very polished. He shows better athleticism and speed on tape than he tests. Best route-runner in draft? Hands, feet and play-making talent make Woods a perfect #2 WR, and boarderline #1. Reggie WayneDeep SpeedDeception in routes, Hands
69.51500Rams2ndStedman BaileyWRWR2West Virginia5100193For a smaller WR, Bailey has the "my ball" mentality. He can jump and play above the DB as good as any WR in this draft. He has good speed and overall thickness/strength. Run after the catch and Red Zone threat. Slot receiver or more?(Slower) Steve SmithSizeBall Skills
69.45490Lions2ndLarry WarfordOGRGKentucky6030332Power run blocker with very powerful hands and lower base. He drops his head and lunges in pass protection against quicker rushers, but those can be corrected.Bobbie WilliamsPass Pro, Drops headRaw Power
69.21480Cardinals2ndKevin MinterMLB3-4 SILBLSU6000246Minter is the best run defender in this draft. There isnt a block he cannot defeat and make a stop. He's at best in confined space and moving forward. He isnt a good lateral athlete and doesnt have good long speed. Can be a liability as a pass defender when isolated or in space.David HarrisAthleticismRun Defense
69.01470Texans2ndD.J. SwearingerSSSSouth Carolina5110208He has the size, strength and attitude to be a very good NFL strong safety. Swearinger is more than that, he also covered the slot a bunch and played deep zones. He shows some adequate range when asked to play deep and Swearinger has better than average ball skills. Tracking the deep ball and knowing when to make a play on it or go for the hit is not something most college safeties have. Swearinger usually makes the correct choice.
I don't think he's a great athlete but I don't see many limitations. Swearinger is one of the best tacklers of this safety class and his shit-talking mentality forces him to back it up. It looks like teammates feed off of it. His big hits are something for the highlight reels. I also see Swearinger moving guys around, making adjustments and calls presnap. I like his upside as a T.J. Ward type player.
Brandon MerriweatherAthleticism, IQSwagger, Versatility
69.01460Steelers2ndMarkus WheatonWRWR2Oregon State5110189Extremely quick, elusive and explosive in his routes. Wheaton is one of the sharpest (hardest) route runners in this draft. He doesnt offer much after the catch or as a blocker. Has some drops and exaggerated movements that dont allow him to always be ready for the ball.Chad JohnsonYAC ability, DropsQuickness
68.88450Bills2ndDa'Rick RogersWRWR2Tenn Tech6030217Very productive before failing drug tests and tranfering to D-II. Rogers is a thick, strong, attitude-filled receiver that looks to punish defenders in his routes and after the catch. Just fast enough with good ball skills to get deep because he's a hands catcher and high points the football. Has some drop issues. Anquan BoldinCharacterPhysicality
68.75440Raiders2nd - 3rdDJ HaydenCBHouston5110191Nice Size/Speed combo. A complete corner. Hayden is at best in man coverage with good feet and agility. He's a playmaker with good ball skills (but bad hands) and a knack for forcing fumbles. Solid run defender; better hitter than tackler. A freak injury during the season may cost him in the draft. Top 40 talent. Medicals make it impossible to project his draft spot. Johnathan JosephFreak Injury (Vein)Agility, Feet, Ball Skills
68.44430Bears2ndKhaseem GreeneOLBWLBRutgers6010241Play-maker with solid athleticism and movement in space. Below average Zone coverage (Awareness) and physicality. Greene doesnt shed blocks or attack the run with power. He's a WLB that'll chase and tackle. Instant Nickel package LB. Special teams standout. Serious knack for forcing fumbles. Ernie SimsStrength, Run DefenseForcing Fumbles
68.23420Redskins2ndBacari RamboSFSGeorgia6005211Rambo is a free safety in every sense of the definition. He thrives is deep center field where his range and ball skills are evident. Rambo's ball-tracking is the best in this class and would be an Elite trait by NFL standards.
Where you look for much more is against the run. Rambo doesn't usually fly into the picture looking for make the big stick. Instead, you'll see him catch runners off guard or hold the ball carrier up until help arrives. The crazy part is, he has gotten much better in run defense and overall tackling over the last couple years.
Jairus ByrdRun DefenseBall-Skills
68.09410Bears2ndCornelius WashingtonDE3-4 OLBGeorgia6040265Athletic with heavy, active hands. Washington could end up playing DE or OLB. Put him in a wide-9 to create initial space and watch him work. He would be productive as a rotational DE at the least. Needs to work and pad level and staying clean from blockers. Allows them to control and neutralize him too often.Cliff AvrilProductionHands
67.88400Rams2ndAlec OgletreeOLBWLBGeorgia6030242More athlete than LB. Very good in space and in coverage, but will not attack POA and would rather avoid blockers. Probably the worst run defending LB in the top 3 Rounds of draft. Ogletree struggles to take on and shed blocker because he plays high and doesnt use his hands. He's still considerably raw. I would like him as an NFL Weakside LB in a chase-and-tackle role. He'll compile stats and help in Nickel.Zach BrownPhysicalityAthleticism
67.8639049ers2ndEric ReidSFSLSU6010213Reid is a long, well-built safety. His length helps as a tackler because he gets the extra reach when needed. You'll see him trip-up runners even when he's out of position. Besides that, Reid is generally a poor tackler; while adequate against the run, Reid is high-cut and leggy. That hurts his change of direction ability and he can get run over by shorter backs.
His long legs and stiffness don't help in man coverage. Reid is a deep FS or in the box SS -- you don't want him covering the slot very often. He's prone to getting flagged and giving up catches underneath. And he can be a statue in the middle of the field.
On the positive side, Reid flashes great anticipation against the run and in zone coverage. He sees the route progressions in front of him and he is quick to read the QB's eyes and make a play on the ball or lay a big hit. I feel comfortable with Reid as the defense's last line of defense. He's intelligent and scored well on Wonderlic. He doesn't bite much on the play-fakes and knows how to keep the play or ball-carrier in front of him. He has a knack for getting his hands on the ball and that's a trait that can be unexplainable, but coveted by NFL teams. He reminds me of Falcons' SS William Moore because I think Reid can be a better tackler with more discipline & coaching.
William MooreStiffnessLength
67.74380Dolphins2ndDallas ThomasOTRT, OGTennessee6050306Thomas plays with good technique despite being an average, stiffer (waist up) athlete. He can play OT/OG and offers good strength that derives from a good/flexible lower body and wide base. I think he's a starter somewhere on your offensive line. Michael RoosAverage everythingLine Versatility
67.66370Panthers2ndKawann ShortDTUT, NTPurdue6030299Motor Questions. Short offers pass rush from 3-tech or run stopping from the Nose. Not great at either, but versatility and scheme fits will make him attractive. Completely dominant in a few games the last two years and disappeared in others. Motor, ConsistencyVersatility
67.61360Raiders2ndSio MooreOLBSLBUConn6010245Moore is an above average athlete with average strength, acceleration and speed. He offers versatility as a SLB bevause he can rush the passer, set the edge and drop into coverage. He plays a little faster than he times. Always around the ball. Stood out at Senior Bowl. K.J. WrightDominant Trait?Jack of all trades
67.5135049ers2ndQuinton PattonWRWR2La Tech6000204Not the fastest or quickest receiver, but he is very tough, willing blocker and has Tremendous hands. Can do a bit of everything. Very reliable with good routes. Polished Good no. 2 WR potential. You'll be attracted to his game on tape. A player you know will succeed. Donald DriverAthleticismToughness
67.51340Ravens2ndMatt ElamSSSFlorida5100208Elam is the type of player that has some amazing YouTube highlight videos (see below) but when you focus on him at Florida, he leaves you wanting more. Elam isn't a great athlete. In fact, he's very average in most physical categories. Add in his shorter size and Elam will have to break the 'short and slow' label.
Here's what he does offer: He's a bully on the field with no fear when he coming in to make a tackle. Elam consistently digs into a pile, rips at the ball, pushes offensive players after the play and talks smack. He needs to wrap up more often and mind his helmet when applying bone-crushing hits.
Elam played some nickel corner at Florida, but he can be a liability when facing quicker slot receivers. He was solid with the shorter routes in front of him, but anything deeper, and Elam would lose his man. In deep zone, Elam doesn't show the range to be a Cover-1 free safety. He's a strong safety and special teams standout in the NFL. I don't think he'll ever be an elite defender but he could be a Ryan Clark type complementary safety, but a SS only.
Ryan ClarkAthleticism/CoverageIntensity, Covered Slot
67.46330Chiefs2nd Travis KelceTEY-TECincinnati6050255Very good athlete that can create matchup problems and stretch the seam. Has durability questions and reports were "major red flags" at the combine. He's probably the blocking TE in draft (but he's an average NFL blocker).Kyle RudolphInjuries & CharacterAthleticism
67.4320Cowboys2nd Travis FrederickCOGWisconsin6040312Plug and play interior lineman. Wisconsin produces NFL-ready OL and Frederick is no exception. He's crafty, powerful and can play C or OG in a power or zone scheme. Can handle NTs or get to 2nd level. Could be better in pass protection (over-reaches and stops feet). AthleticismVersatility
67.38310Eagles3rdJordan PoyerCBNCBOregon State6000191Scrappy CB that'll compete and fight. He's more disruptive than he is good in coverage. Average athlete for a CB, but gets the job done. Picks and chooses when he wants to defend the run. Technique is consistently solid. Better off inside in NFL. Cortland FinneganSizeToughness
67.21300Buccaneers2ndJohnthan BanksCBT-2Miss State6020185Zone CB with length. Average athlete. Feet can be slow, but oddly shows good recoverability. Would make a nice Cover-2 CB. Good hands and willing to tackle. More of a football player than athlete. Bobby TaylorAthleticism, SpeedLength, Zone
67.03292Titans2nd - 3rdJustin HunterWRWR2Tennessee6040196Very tall, long and thin. He's all legs and arms. Hunter has good, not great vertical speed, but he can go up and get the ball -- Making him a good deep threat. He misjudges balls at times and doesnt always fight back inside for the opportunity, but Hunter makes catches only natural receivers can. He's fluid and agile for being so long and lanky. I did notice some routes were rounded off as he couldnt squat and burst out of his breaks. Hunter has some drops/concentration issues also. Overall, he has some high, untapped upside if he can work on the consistencies in route running and catching while adding some bulk/strength. Chris HenryHands, RoutesLength, Jumping
67.01284Seahawks2nd - 3rdJordan HillDT3-TechPenn State6013303He's the closest prospect to Geno Atkins since Geno Atkins. They're very similar. Both play low, have natural leverage, great strength, quick hands and can beat you with finesse moves. Hill doesn't have the same agility and ankle fluidity and he needs more upper body strength. It's all coming from the legs right now. He should get that added strength in NFL. (Poor Man's) Geno AtkinsConsistency, AgilityPower & Hands
66.89276Redskins2nd - 3rdDavid AmersonCBSNC State6010205A long athletic CB with solid speed. He's a bit finese and a risk-taker in coverage, but he has very good ball skills and route recognition. Poor recovery and doesnt always flip hips well. Could be moved to FS. GAMBLER and opposing teams knew it. Antonio CromartieRisk-TakerBall Skills
66.88270Raiders2ndMenelik WatsonOTLTFlorida St6050310A high upside athlete with a NFL left tackle future. Must improve almost every aspect of technique/fundementals to reach his potential. Flashes enough to make me believe he reaches it in time, but he's inconsisnt mentally (assignments) and doesnt control his body all of the time. He can look uncoordinated and sloppy at times. Risk/Reward pick that'll go higher on draft day due to value of LT. Duane BrownDevelopmentAthleticism
66.75265Bills2ndKiko AlonsoOLBWLBOregon6040238A good athlete. Looks comfortable in space and in pass coverage. Alonso is a solid blitzer and attacks the run. He gets a little out of control at times and takes poor angles, misses tackles, or gets penalized. He's a WLB in the NFL that should help in Nickel right away. UncontrolledAgility
66.55260Broncos4th - 6thQuanterus SmithDEOLBWest Kentucky6050250An average athlete that may be considered small. Smith is has the best hands of any pass rusher in this draft and offers a variety of moves. I saw good balance, bend and the ability to shift his weight to play stronger than he is. Good motor and finishes plays. Lower competition and Smith hurt his knee (ACL) last year are the biggest knocks. Elvis DumervilleKnee (ACL)Hands, Natural Leverage
66.5125549ers2ndCorey LemonierDE3-4 OLBAuburn6040255Good straight line speed, but I think he's stiff and doesnt have a go-to move to win as a DE. He may be better at OLB in a 3-4 defense. Disappeared too often and can get washed out in the run game. I dont think he's a dynamic edge bending rusher, but he does provide a good blend of speed and power. Matthias KiwanukaStiffness
66.43250Jets1stGeno SmithQBGood StartWest Virginia6030218Matt RyanAnticipationAthleticism, Accuracy, Point Guard
66.37250Falcons3rdRobert AlfordCBSE Lousiana5100188A little smaller, but very athletic on tape. Feet and quick and precise. He can plant and drive in a flash to make a tackle or a play on the ball. Needs work in press and with hands, awareness when back is to the ball. May be best inside as a Nickel CB. Has return skills. Brandon FlowersSmall SchoolPlant & Drive
66.31245Cardinals3rdTyrann MathieuCBPR, NCB, FSLSU5090186Average athlete with bulk, strength, character concerns. He has a knack for creating turnovers. Best used as a Nickel CB or possibly FS. Can blitz and will play the run. Mathieu gets pushed around by bigger receivers at the line and faster receivers should be a problem. Keep him in the slot or at safety. Never was a 1st round pick. Punt Returner.(Older) Ronde BarberCharacterPlay-Maker
66.29240Bengals2nd - 3rdMargus HuntDE3-4 DESMU6080277More freak athlete than football player. Hunt blew up the combine from a height/weight/speed standpoint. On tape, he's stiff, has poor balance and doesnt seem natural as a pass rusher. His base is too narrow and that leads to poor game strength. Best position is probably 3-4 DE. He's also a kick blocking expert.*Unique*Stiffness/BendSize/Athleticism
66.28235Ravens2nd - 3rdBrandon WilliamsDTNTMSSU6010335Love his build. Low cut with very thick lower half. Raw power that could be even better with more technique. He's a true NT with some agility. Overextends and lunges at times and gets unbalanced. Antonio GarayConsistencyBuild
66.23230Giants2nd - 3rdJohnathan HankinsDT3-4 DEOhio State6030320Light on his feet for a big man. He flashes some pass rush upside, but plays too high and stops his feet too often. Hankins has motor/effort questions. He has scheme diversity and versatility. He can play 3-tech, Nose, or 5-tech. I think it would be best to see Hankins as a rotational player early on.Devon StillEffort/MotorBody/Frame
66.18225Saints3rdKevin ReddickMLBNorth Carolina6020243Run defending, in-the-box MLB. Reddick is an average athlete with limited range and agility/acceleration. More of a short-area quickness guy. What he does is fight through traffic, keep clean and make stops in the run game. Can rush the passer. He was productive and a leader of the UNC defense. Kelvin SheppardAverage AthleteRun Defense
65.99220Chiefs3rdSanders CommingsCBFSGeorgia6000216Good size and carries it well. Could be a safety. Balanced and smooth opening hips for a big CB. Better in man where he can be physical at the line and trail the WR. Lateral quickness is there. Misses tackles when he gets a little reckless. *Unique*SpeedSize
65.87215Broncos3rd - 4thMontee BallRB3DBWisconsin5110214Ball is very decorated after two great years at Wisconsin. He's had the luxury of playing behind a NFL caliber offensive line, but he's more than a product of the system. Ball isn't a great athlete. In fact, he's probably as average as they come as an NFL back. Where Ball surprised me was in his creativity in the open field in 2012. He also has started creating extra yards for himself with his work before he hits the line of scrimmage (LOS) this year. He's very good at manipulating the second level before he hits the hole. Because of that, I don't believe he'll need a great offensive line to be successful in the NFL. One big knock that Ball has is his almost 1,000 college carries. He's dealt with nagging injuries as a bell-cow back would and you have to be concerned about his long term durability.
He's a powerful pass protector and OK in the receiving game. Ball fumbles once every 185 carries at Wisconsin, but four of his five in 2012.
Ahmad BradshawTread leftPlays within System
65.69210Browns3rdLeon MacFaddenCBSDSU5100193McFadden is a complete athlete, but not a great one. He has a good mix of speed, agility, quick feet and leaping ability. His ball skills and ball-tracking are his strengths. McFadden is a willing tackler even if he's generally a poor tackler. He isnt very physical and doesnt wrap up. I would like to see him do better in press coverage.PhysicalityBall Skills
65.54205Seahawks3rd - 5thChristine MichaelRBTexas A&M5110223Michael has a nice blend of speed, quickness and power. He's one of the most creative runners in this draft once he reaches the second level. He loves the spin move, but he'll drop a shoulder or give a hard juke as well. He seems to fall forward often.
Michael seemed to be in the coach's doghouse in 2012 and his fumbling problems probably didn't help. On the field, he's very inconsistent with his vision, patience and speed to the hole. I watched him get tackled from behind as his indecision slowed him down.
Rashard MendenhallCharacterSize/Speed Ratio
66.53200Giants2ndRyan NassibQBQuality StartSyracuse6020227Philip RiversPocket Manuevering, Careless in Pocket, TrajectoryIntermediate Accuracy, Toughness
66.51200Raiders2ndTyler WilsonQBQuality StartArkansas6020215Jake LockerRisk-TakerToughness, Arm Strength
66.51195Titans2nd - 3rdBlidi Wreh-WilsonCBUConn6010195Bigger CB with good feet for his size. Good overall awareness in zone and against the run. Tightness in hips when turning and running. Loses ball in flight often. Development Corner in NFL. Has only played 5 years of organized football. High upsideTightnessAwareness
66.5190Rams4th Zac StacyRBZBSVanderbilt5083216Stacy is a shorter running back with good thickness. He displays good speed, but he's quicker than he is fast. Stacy's best attribute is his vision and acceleration. He's a perfect runner in zone schemes. He can plant and cut upfield in a hurry. He's also very deceptive pre-LOS. At his height, it must be hard for linebackers to see him because I felt like opposing defenses overran the play and allowed Stacy to cut back more than most. How hard he presses the hole only helps that. I really like his upside.Frank GoreLong SpeedPre-LOS
66.49185Patriots2nd - 3rdJamie CollinsOLBSLBS.Miss6030250Collins is a good athlete with nice length. He's a nice mix of pass rusher, run stopper and cover LB. He isnt a power guy, but hd cleans up backside runs well and has some short area burst. Collins holds his own in coverage. As a pass rusher, he's slow off the snap, doesnt use his hands well and needs more upper body strength. I question Collins' motor on plays where he's initially beaten. Motor, BulkWell Rounded
66.39180Texans3rdTrevardo WilliamsOLBSLBUConn6010241Williams played DE at UConn but will need to stand up in the NFL. First thing you notice is his burst off the line at the snap. Williams explodes and rushes hard and low upfield. He has heavy hands for a smaller rusher and uses them very well. Williams plays with a high motor and always finishes plays with an excellent closing burst. He wasnt a big threat to stop the run, but may be better at OLB. He was only decent when asked to turn and run in LB drills at the combine. Some stiffness there. Williams needs to add some more pass rushing moves and not soley rely on athletic ability.Rush MovesFirst step & Closing speed
66.38175Bears2nd - 3rdKyle LongOTOGOregon6060313Kyle Long is the son of Howie Long and the brother of Chris Long. He has only started for two years and played baseball early on. He's still considerable raw and is prone to mental lapses and breakdowns in techniques (Hand usage is off). Kyle Long is a good athlete, has quick feet, shows flexibility and can block on the 2nd level and while pulling. Good upside at OT or OG.ExperienceAthleticism
66.35170Lions2nd - 3rdDarius SlayCBMiss State6000192Ran very well at combine, but doesnt always play near that speed. His reactions are delayed, doesnt plant and drive efficiently and can play with poor footwork. His parts are better than his whole as he flashes abilities, but is still a developmental player. Good upside, but some issues will haunt him like Ball Skills. Ball SkillsRaw Ability
66.18165Cowboys4thDeVonte HollomanOLBWLBSouth Carolina6020243Converted from safety as his body filled out. Hollowman kept the majority of his athleticism and ability to cover the pass from the LB position. He misses some tackles and is still raw shedding blocks and taking on run fits/angles, but he has rapidly progressed. He's an NFL weakside LB and instant Nickel LB. Wesley WoodyardPhysicalityCoverage
66.09160Titans3rdBrian SchwenkeCZBSCalifornia6030314Athletic lineman that played in a zone scheme at Cal. Works well in space/2nd level and can really sit and anchor in the passing game. Had a very good Senior Bowl week against some tough DTs.Chris MyersPower RunAthleticism
65.98155Saints3rdChase ThomasOLBSLBStanford6030244Average athlete with good heigth, bulk an overall size. Thomas isn't strong against the pass in coverage or the pass rusher to the outside. What he does have is a high motor, strong hands, and a variety of of moves to defeat blocks. Thomas is your typical base down strong side linebacker that will play the run and probably come off on pass downsAthleticismShedding Blocks
65.77150Bengals3rdSean PorterOLBSLBTexas A&M6010229Very athletic, but technically/fundementally raw. Too reliant on athleticism at times. Did it all for A&M (Pass Rush, Drop into Coverage)Akeem AyersRawAthleticism
65.75150Buccaneers2ndMike GlennonQBDevelopmentNC State6070225Derek AndersonSlow feet & Long Delivery, TouchDistance Thrower, Sit in Pocket
65.71145Rams3rdBarrett JonesCOGAlabama6050306Wins with technique and intelligence. Jones has bend-but-dont-break style as a pass protector. Will give up pressures, but not sacks. Core and upper body strength may be an issue. Jones has played almost every position on the OL, but is probably a LG/C only. Average athlete with good toughness.Core Strength, Foot InjuryVersatility
65.61140Steelers3rd - 4thShamarko ThomasSSSSyracuse5090213Short, but not small. Thomas is an unguided missile that packs a punch. He's fast, strong and lays the wood. Super aggresive, but can take terrible angles and misses tackles. Throw on the USC tape and you'll see him in man and deep zone against some grear receivers and he wins. (Poor Man's) Bob SandersPersuit AnglesAggressiveness
65.29136Cowboys2nd - 3rdGavin EscobarTEH-BackSDSU6060254Tall, long and well-built. Escobar is a good receiver with plus hands and route running. He's not very fast and struggles to get separation at times. Offers little after the catch. More of a disruption to defenders than an actual blocker. BlockingHands
65.21132Saints3rd John JenkinsDTNTGeorgia6040346They dont make them much bigger and stronger than Jenkins. He looks like your typical NT that'll tie up double teams and eat up backs in the running game. He has surprising agiliry for a big man, but he play too passive at times. Doesnt use his length well and it takes away from his strength. Narrow base and stops feet too often. Im left wanting more Alameda Ta'amuEffortSize
65.17128Ravens4thJohn SimonOLBSLBOhio State6014256Simon will likely need to play OLB after playing DE at Ohio State. At first glance, you see an average athlete that is shorter than you'd like. Then you see Simon's motor, toughness and technique. He plays low and balanced which augments his strong and well-defined upper body. He gets under blockers, jolts them back and fights through them violently. He can get washed out by bigger linemen, but Simon hustles in the run game to make up for it. Reports were he looked much improved dropping into coverage at workouts. That's where he'll need to work in order to make a smoother transaction to OLB.Open field Leverage/strength
65.09125Bills2ndE.J. ManuelQBDevelopmentFlorida State6050237David GarardPocket Presence/PressureAthleticism/Strong Build, Improv
65.01125Broncos3rd - 4thZac DysertQBDevelopmentMiami OH6030231Tony RomoRelies on plays breaking down, Throws into CoverageDeep Accuracy, Improvision
64.89124Titans4th - 5thLavar EdwardsDEDLLSU6040277Good looking athlete; Tall, long and good bulk. Edwards was technically a backup at LSU, but played a ton at LDE, RDE and inside in sub packages. He's a sound player that never looks out of position and he has a great motor. He doesnt have great hands or counter moves and doesnt disengage well. Low Production/Starts.Production/Starts, MovesBuild, Versatility, Motor
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