City/Country??Cluj-Napoca, RomaniaLisboa / Lisbon, PortugalSevilla / SpainMilan / ItalyMontpellier / France
Szeged / HungaryDublin / IrelandBarcelona / SpainBrussels / BelgiumMunich / Germany
Responsible person's name/email filling in on behalf of this location + key leads involvedFloris van Geel@legovaer, @040lab, @rteijeiro, betz, @dpopdan2018 for comparison2017 for comparison2016 for comparison2015 for comparison2014 for comparison2013 for comparison2012 for comparison2011 for comparison2010 for comparison
Deadline for proposals: 9 Sep 2018 24:00 UTC
Did you read the report from DDD 2014? See
How many days?755 (Monday - Friday)55 (Tuesday - Saturday)6 days, Tuesday to Sunday777732
Any concrete ideas on dates?

Notes for 2018:
- DrupalCamp London, 2-4 March
- DrupalCon Nashville 9-13 April
- Frontend United (Utrecht), 31-May to 3 Jun
- Drupal Europe planning for September
- IronCamp planning for September or so
yes, September 2019 as part of OpenSourceEurope.orgmay, june 2019 (minimal conflicting other events or religious holidays, no school holidays)10-14 June, 2019 (still need to confirm that with the venue proposals)

Update: Venue is waiting to be confirmed
2-6 July 2017

The dates were conditioned by the venue being available only during school holidays.
The options were either late March, early July or early September. The dates for Drupalcon Nashville and Drupal Europe limited the choice to the week of 2-6 or 9-13 of July.

We decided to use the first week since Lisbon is more popular during late July, and we felt it would be simpler for attendees to book acommodation during that week.
4-8 of April 2017

The dates are picked taking into account distance to events like Drupalcon US (April 24) or local festivities like April Fair in Seville or Holy Week which makes lodging more expensive and difficult to find. DrupalCon US is quite close, but the attendees overlap is not that big. We already contacted some of them trying to make sure they can attend.

Seville is known for being quite a warm city, so these dates look good for planning social events outside without fearing sun burns. We left Monday and Sunday so that early and late attendees can enjoy the city, so we will prepare some sightseeing/social/cultural events but not include them as official days.
21-26 June 201613-19 April 201524-30 March 2014June 24-30 2013June 11-17 2012Feb 4-6, 2011
Which days would be sprinter only, which ones would have sessions?all days sprint, 4 to 5 days sessionsall day sprints, one or two session tents- all day contribution
- BoF rooms availble each day (for brainstorming on ideas)
- Session on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
We're planning to replicate the Seville model, where there will be 2-3 parallel sessions during some of the sprint days, together with the sprints. That concept in Sevilla allowed a lot of content, with minimum disruption to the sprints.5 days of sprints (Tuesday to Saturday)
3 days of sessions (Thursday, Friday, Saturday)
We left Monday and Sunday so that early and late attendees can enjoy the city, so we will prepare some sightseeing/social/cultural events but not include them as official days.
6 days of sprints (Tuesday to Sunday)
3 days of sessions (Thursday, Friday, Saturday)
Sprints : Mon Tue Wed Sun
Sessions : Thu Fri Sat
Sprints : Mon-Sun
Sessions : Thu Fri Sat
Mon-Sun: sprints; Fri - Sun: sessions / workshops
What's your overall budget target?€600,000.0050k40k45K€

About 25K€ from ticket sales and 20K€ from sponsors. We expected to get slightly more from sponsors, but we only had one top tier sponsor.
Our estimations were 50k. We expected to get 60% of that through sponsorships and the other 40% from ticket sales and merchandising sales.
Real: 45k
€45,00050,000€38,000€Estimated: €37,000 Actual: €24,00023000€ income / 18000€ expenses9.2k12k
What's your planned ticket price?250 euro10050 € Early bird
75 € Regular ticket
100 € Late ticket

125 € Individual sponsor

Free tickets for speakers and featured mentors.
Free tickets included in sponsor packages too.
30 € for the first 30 tickets to register
60 € for the 31-70 tickets to register
90 € for the 71-300 tickets
150 € the >= 301 tickets

Note that university students, staff, volunteers and sponsors got free tickets to the event (about 30 tickets)

Also, speakers (60) got a voucher to use the 60€ ticket.
Early bird: 60€ + VAT
Regular: 75€ + VAT
Individual Sponsor: 120€ + VAT
Individual Sponsor w/o ticket: 30 € + VAT
50 € + VAT Early bird
70 € + VAT Full rate
90 € + VAT Late birds
75 € Early bird 105 € Full rate 150 € Late birds Special rate for students unemployed 35 € 100 first tickets for early bird30 (early bird), 50 (from 3 weeks before), 100 from last week25 (all the time)25 (all the time)0 (yes)20€
What's the goal for the number of attendees?2500 (not just drupal) max venue capacity404350-400Expected: 300-500. Real: 404Expected: 400. Real: 289350300300200311?300
How much do you plan to get from sponsors?€200,000.0020k20kExpected: 37.5K€. Real: 19.5K€Exoected: 35k (Real: 25k)25k (corp) + 0.5k (individual)25k (corp) + 0.5k (individual)19k (corp) + 3.4k (individual)15k (corp), 1.5k (individual)12k (corp), 2.5k (individual)20k (corp) + 1.8k (individual)12k
How much do you plan to spend on scholarships / funding for key attendees who could not attend?€50,000.00€1,500.005kDepending on the budget, hopefully 5K€. This is one of the possible stretch goals.

In reality we spent slightly more than 1K€ in a scholarship for a valuable community member from India to attend DDD. This was also because we only got the financial breathing space to do so quite late (less than 3 weeks before the event). We were never able to open a public scholarship process.
Planned: 5k, we want to fund must-to-be people like Drupal sprint leads, core committers or some picked speakers (Real: 0)6500400020001,500€00
Which sources of income could you consider on top of sponsorship and tickets sales?total maximum 8000 park tickets for people who do not attend the conference but have fun, contribute or otherwisr be ther, starting at ~50 euro per tickets that give access to sprints and summits, excluding sleep and foodProfessional trainings + WorkshopsLast DrupalCamp Transylvania event buget ~ 2k, essential for the initial expenses.Previous seed (~270€), existing association funds from previous events.

The existing association funds were very important for the initial expenses with the event.
Merchandising sales, DDD Milan seed (~2500€)Tickets: 16k
Previous seed: 2.5k
T-shirt: 0.5k
Tickets: 17k
DA grants: 6k
Goodies: 500 €
DA grant (1.7k), previous seed (6.3k)previous seed (1540), tshirt sales (700)2360€ in tshirt sales0
Which organization will act as a legal frame? (i.e. local Drupal Association, Company, etc)Drupal Europe StichtingDrupal Europe StichtingDrupal Association Romania
- we can change the legal frame as long as they are responsive for payments and other stuff.
ADP - Associação Drupal Portugal
The Spanish Drupal Association (AED)
Associazione Drupal Italia (Italian Drupal Association, registered non-profit, approved by Dries' lawyers)French associationAssociation for the Hungarian WebDrupal Ireland Association
How do you plan on accepting money? e.g. PayPal, etc and whose account?mollie so all credit/paypal ideal costs ~3%best/cheapest psp. accepting creditcards, paypal, iDeal, bancontact, etc.Drupal Association Romania account
Tickets can be purchased with any type of credit card
Preparing merchadising to be available on the website (creditcard payment too)
Sponsorship payed by bank transfer
Ticket sales: use and Stripe
Sponsorship: Bank transfer
Merchadising: Cash (We expect ATM machines will be near the location)

The account would be the one of the Portuguese Drupal Association (Associação Drupal Portugal).
Tickets sales : Paypal & Bank transfer
Sponsorship: bank transfer
Tees: Cash

Into the account of the Spanish Drupal Association ("Asociación Española de Drupal").
Tickets sales : Paypal & Bank transfer
Sponsorship: bank transfer

Into the account of the Drupal Association Italy ("Associazione Drupal Italia") managed by Riccardo Bessone.
Tickets sales : Paypal
Sponsorship : bank transfer
Tickets sales : Paypal
Sponsorship : bank transfer
Ticket Sales - Pay Pal / Sponsorship Bank Transfer
How do you plan to promote the event?at Drupal Europe and beyond, marketing budget ~40kSocial Media, other drupal events, other Communities- twitter
- facebook
- Drupal camps, meetups, events
- newsletters
A lot of promotion in social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) in the offcial DDD groups/pages and also cross posting in all groups related to Drupal (Facebook and LinkedIn). Inviting some ambassadors in other Drupal communities to spread the word around Europe and the world.

We announced the event to the computer science departments of the universities in Portugal and all the companies that we know are working with Drupal. This ended up not working as well as expected regarding the university, as we had less than 10 free attendees to the event using the academic ticket, and several of those were unused.

We promoted the event in other web developer events in Lisbon prior to the event. This resulted in a cross-polination session where we had a Drupal session in the Portuguese Wordcamp, and a WordPress session (Gutenberg project) during DDD.
We think that: the promotion is the key for getting assistants. In this way, we are going to take some actions like:

Target 1: Drupal users and site builders -

We want to get these personas to be motivated to attend the event to know how it really works in the Drupal community and bring them closer, and helping them find how they can contribute.
We will use the leaders of different communities to help us to amplify the message.

Target 2: Local/Regional developers Drupal/PHP (Sevilla, Andalusia, Spain) -

We consider these personas as fundamental, being part of the potential pool of Drupal contributors. We want to reach them through advertising on networks of all technological communities operating in our region: twitter, facebook, Google+, Betabeers (a local event) and many others.

Target 3: Core & Modules teams members -

We need the assistance of key developers of the core of Drupal and its modules. To do this we will promote advertising at Drupalcon Dublin (September), where several members of the core of this proposal will be attending. Also we will promote in several camps in Europe that we use to attend or know people attending. We have been already promoting our proposal in Drupalaton ;-)


1-Social Media campaigns
2-Collaborations with DA and AED (Spanish Drupal Association)
3-Enlist the support of Dries
4-Our contacts in different communities to help us to propagate
We see promotion is one of the pillars of a successful event. This is what we are doing about it:

- 5 core members actively promoting at DrupalCon Barcelona as well as others assisting (flyers, stage time in front of the audience, etc).
- Collaborating with our contacts in other Drupal communities to promote the event "from the ground up".
- Core team members are well connected within the world Drupal and PHP communities and we will be leveraging this heavily for our promotions.
- Social media campaigns
- Ensure that any promotional tools available through the DA get used to the fullest
How did you establish the programm (= content) of your event?Extend upon the findings of Drupal Europe and go broader with more open source parties.peer community review (same process as in Drupal Europe) 1. Call for papers
2. Create a program team who can chose the sessions/workshops - we will only chose quality sessions, the goal is to have great sessions instead of having many
1. Call for proposals.
2. Direct invitation of external talks from outside the community (Wordpress, and the open-source advocate from Portugal)
1- Call for Papers through the website promoted via social networks

2- Direct invitations to Drupal speakers

There will be a committee in charge of picking them and creating the program, taking into account previous knowledge required for following the sessions, diversity in topics and diversity on speakers.
- Call for Papers
- Direct invitation
- Discussion + Selection
Are you coordinating with other (similar or not) events?yes, Drupal Europe, Iron Camp, Drupal Con Europe. and other big open source eventsyes (drupal JAM, DrupalCamp Belgium)Yes:

- the organizers of DrupalCamp Transylvania are commited to organize this event

Other conferences that can help us promote the event:

- HackCamp Bucharest - contacted already the organizers
- IronCamp - contacted Ruben and Zsofi
- DrupalEurope - in contact with the organizers

1. At global level we avoided any dates near greater Drupal events. We engaged a few members from the European scene during the call for sessions, and we promoted the events in a few Drupal events prior to the event. We also collaborated with the Drupal Europe organization to promote that event.

2. At regional level, we promoted the event in the Drupal Camp Spain, and enabled the first ever Drupal Surf Camp in the weekend prior to the event.

3. At local level, we contacted all local companies asking for sponsorship, volunteers and submitted sessions. This resulted in many local community members attending a major Drupal event for the first time.
Yes, we are working on three levels:

1-Global: We are in contact with the community. Core members will be promoting the event in Dublin Drupalcon, and have experience being part of the content team. We have contacted and required help from previous organizers and from members of the Drupal Core Mentoring program. We have contacted Drupal Core committers.

2-Regional: We are in contact with the Drupal Spanish Association (AED) for advertising and communication, and helping get sponsorships.

3-Local: The core members are currently involved in several local technology communities: facilitators and organizers of Drupal-Sevilla, PHP-Sevilla, and responsible for organizing Betabeers-Sevilla (a transversal meeting for all local communities).
We have many good contacts and know how to use them :-)
Yes, we are in contact with the DA. For example, we are looking to promote the event at DrupalCon Barcelona.
Public Relations
Do you or your organising team have contacts with well known Drupalers who could be lead names for the event?yeslegovaer, betz, nveenhof, borisson_We already have contacted possible featured speakers for DrupalCamp Transylvania that will be replaced by DrupalDevDays and we got positive answers from core maintainers or great Drupal community members (Robert Douglass, Preston So, Andrei Mateescu, Wim Leers, etc)We already have some supporters and we will be posting soon a list when we have more confirmations.

Some of the names we contacted were conditional on their company sponsoring the event, and since some of these were only effective quite late, we weren't able to get them.
We've contacted several Drupal members already with dates and they are quite enthusiastic about it. People from Mentoring, Rules initiative, Security Team members already confirmed they would come, and we have started conversations with Core committers being aware of the closeness with DrupalCon US for the proposed dates.We have the following "rockstars" on-board with the proposal:

- Morten
- Emma Jane
- Robert Douglas
- Josef Dabernig
- Christian López Espínola

PHP & Other:
- Marco Pivetta
- Beau Simensen
- Matthias Noback
- Vincenzo Agui (Bitcoin Foundation)
Do you know someone who knows Dries Buytaert (to be invited)?yesyes, we know him personallyyes, we know him (probably he doesn't know us :D ), but we have contact personsWe have already contacted Dries, who said: "I've never been in Lisbon" :)

Unfortunately, even though he was contacted directly at Acquia by a few persons, it ended up not being possible.
He asked us to please invite him. Well, not really. But we know people who know people and will try very hard :-)
Yes, we are looking into getting Dries's participation at the event.
Have you contacted and are you cooperating with the DA?yes, for Drupal Europeyes, for Drupal Europeyes, we cooperated for Drupal Europe and we spoke with them in the past about DrupalCamp TransylvaniaWe have direct contact with the DA leadership. Megan encouraged us to apply for a Community Grant, which we did, but the persons handling those funds viewed our request unfavourably. Luckily for this, a top tier sponsorship was confirmed a few days later, so we ended up dropping the grant request.

We were able to have the newly appointed DA community liaison to keynote in the event.
We have direct contact with Amanda Gonser, DrupalCon coordinator, and have collaborated with her in the past. We count with her help for promoting Dev Days at DrupalCon Dublin.
Yes, we are currently in email communication with the DA team regarding the possibility to promote our DrupalDevDays event at the upcoming DrupalCon as well as exploring what ther future co-operation options there are.
Can you get keynote speakers, can you afford them?yesyesyesYes. We got a conditional acceptance for a 'state of Drupal' keynote, which ended up being presented by Gabor. We got an exceptional keynote from Rachel Lawson, and on Drupal e-commerce by Bojanz. We also got the Portuguese open-source association to speak on the larger challenges facing Free Software in Europe.Yes, we can :-D
We'll try to reach local people for reducing the budget needed
Yes, using our personal contacts we looking to get in touch with some very interesting keynote speakers - both from within the Drupal community and the wider network of contacts.
Can you use the media connections of these Keynote speakers or the well known Drupalers for communication about the event?yesyesyesWe interviewed the first confirmed keynote speaker, and used that video to start a DrupalDevDays Youtube channel that will be passed to the next event.Yes, they will help us reach new audiences.Absolutely! The rockstars we're got involved are well connected and very active and vocal in their communities.
What is the size of the local community? How many Drupal shops are around, do you have local active user groups?~150 people in croatiaCombining Belgian, Dutch and some nomads ~20p core will do fine. (This is a real Camp so all are volounteers.) we get some fancy cabins for people who want this.150+ in the national community

~30 active members participatin in monthly meetups in Cluj-Napoca community
We don't have exact figures for the size of the whole community as we haven't cross-linked data from all our sources in some time. We will post that when available.
There are about 10 native shops that are very well known to us in Portugal. We don't consider consulting companies for this metric.
We have active local user groups in Lisbon and Portugal, with a tendency for up to 20 attendees in meetups, and up to 50 for small events.

Our digital reach, by numbers follows.

In Collaboration plataforms:
- g.d.o./portugal: 405
- 207
- 86 (Lisbon) + 97 (Porto)
- Google Docs: 40
- GitHub: 7

In Chat platforms:
- Telegram: 52
- Slack: 14
- Gitter: 7
- IRC: 4
- Matrix: 3

In Social Networks:
- Facebook: 475
- Twitter: 147
- Google+: 136
- YouTube: 20
Do you have a prospective venue/venues that would fit into your budget?yesyesYes, we are discussing with 3 different venues that fit our goals.

Update: found a venue that fits our needs, the price is good and it is in the center of the city, near the central park (ideal to take a short break). Many restaurants around.
Yes, we got the venue at ISCTE - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa for free, in exchange for a co-organizer role. This university runs a Master course in open-source software, and they are very interested in the event also as research on how open-source communities work. We will sign the contract for the event within a couple of weeks after a positive decision on DDD Lisbon 2018.

Location in google maps:

They are a university that is located within the university area of Lisbon, and easily accessible by public transport, see the metro stops for 'Entrecampos' and 'Cidade Universitária' in the above map.
Yes, we are working on various venues that can fit well, but our first and preferred option is "Isla Mágica" in the Isla de la Cartuja (yes, Seville has an island in the city)
Isla Mágica is a thematic park with big open spaces, and big halls for hosting conferences. We have met with them and are in the process of negotiating conditions already.
We are really enthusiastic for this location, having sunlight in sprints rooms is a big plus. Food and other services are in the same space at very reasonable prices in case we cannot secure budget for everything.
Close to the island there are lots of options for hotels, airbnbs and nightlife for those who want to have some well deserved fun after the event.
Yes. Having attended previous DDD, we feel that the universities give the best vibe for a DDD.

We are currently in talks with a few interested universities campuses in Milan (for that cool, relaxed vibe). We are using our contacts to negotiate pro-bono or cheaper deals.

As a back-up plan, there has also been contact with a beautiful, new university in Turin and we have also investigated accommodation and transportation options in Turin. It is a very viable alternative so as to form a real back-up plan.
Is this venue available until midnight each day for sprinters or you plan to rent two separate spaces?24/7yes, a covered outdoor space (tents) acconditionated properly with power sockets and wifiThe venue is available all day long.It was available until 21:30 on most days where we had social events, and until 23:00 on Wednesday. Very few persons stayed after 21:00.We think so, but we have to confirm it.
We actually know that we have the space until 20h (and with the new release cycle of 8, people are less expecting and needing to work until midnight)
Yes, we will host the late sprints in the same venue. We see one venue as being much better logistics-wise: it should help keeping attendees happy(no travelling needed) and costs low.
Is the venue offering a cafe / bar or is there one next door?yesno. but we will host our own cafeWe are preparing daily 2 coffee breaks with fruits and snacks.
Additional coffee can be purchased at the bar.
Yes. We used the university catering service partner with a cost of about 80€ per person included in the ticket price.Yes, we have available a cafe bar in the same building
- The venues contacted appear to offer service until the evening
- There are many cafés and bars nearby
Is a solid WIFI connection available and if so is that within the budget? (Note that for example 2014 attendees transmitted 12GB *only for twitter*)yes glass fibre connectionyes, glass back bone belgian hacker mesh networkyes, Digi the local network provider will be present at the conference, they provided for DruaplCamp Transylvania too, we didn't had any issue with the internet.Yes. Unfortunately we were never able to get a backup solution to cover any problems, so we relied exclusively in the venue infrastructure, which of course suffered a bit under the strain, but it mostly worked.Yes, we have wireless connection available in the venue within the budget, but we also need to strengthen the connections, so we are already in talks with the management of telecommunications of the Andalusia regional government.
Besides that, we are trying to get a sponsorship from the company “Telefónica” which would provide us with high-performance connection.
- Universities offer reasonable WIFI but we will also be looking into a partnership for dedicated, fast WIFI to support more than the expected number of participants.We had a dedicated WiFi budget, with public IPs for all devices of all participants, independant of the University
How many rooms of each type (theatre style, breakout rooms, sprint rooms) does your venue offer?TBD it holds 2000 people same park hotels another 50002 (200 each) some training tents 4 (25-30p)1 session room ~ 100 persons
2 contribution rooms totaling 400 persons
1 bof room: 20-30 persons

We can rent other rooms too at the venue if needed.

Coffee break and sponsors space.

Still to be defined
Many types of rooms. Including a large auditorium for ~300 persons, plus two smaller auditoriums, and four other classrooms that were as sprint rooms or workshop/BoF rooms and a foyer that also worked as a sprint room.It's a flexible open space, we plan to have:
1 Big Room - Theatre Style (opening/closing/track/Sprint) +
2 Medium Rooms (tracks/Sprint) +
1 Big Sprint Room +
1 Catering Space
1 Sponsors area (close and visible from sprints and catering space)
1x Theatre Style - 400 seats
3x Room - 150 seats
1x Catering Area
1x Coworking Area for sprints
1x Lab for Workshop
1x Lab for Sprints
How many people can your venue accommodate (eg. if attendance numbers blow up)?10k500~ 600We ended up surpassing the 300 attendees initially budgetted, and extended the ceiling to 400.We plan to have spaces available to accommodate up to 450 people.
Technically the space can host easily 1000 people before.
We are looking to set the max attendees at 400.
What is your budget dedicated to the venue?we need to negociate, probably the loging+food cost~4000, or leave the fiber for discount15k with coffee breaks and technical asistance included.Free, in exchange for naming the university as co-organizer of the event and 20 invitations for professors, alumni and former alumni (only 7 were used).Still negotiating, initial offer of 29250€ for 5 days. We have cheaper options as plan B, but they wouldn't be our dreamt Drupal Dev Days3k
Do you have active members/organizer living in the venue city?yesyesYes, 6 organizers from DrupalCamp Transylvania and other 20 volunteers4 of us organizers are living in central Lisbon and an additional 2 live in the outskirts of Lisbon.
In Porto and Aveiro we have an additional 2 organizers. 5 former organizers are currently in other European countries and may assist from time to time.All organizers are member of our national association except two that are nationals from other countries and are not members of our association.
What is your catering plan (eg. lunch, coffee breaks, etc)yescook with volounteers and unlimited coffee which we brew ourselves == ecological2 coffee breaks/day.
Lunch is a nice to have, but suggestions will be made for oportunities around, many restaurants around
We contracted the university food catering service partner and used one of theirs existing food line facilities plus a terrace for more than 120 person seated (80 in tables).We plan to have coffee, lunch and drinks for purchase in the same venue at very affordable prices. We want to cover them, but will depend on how sponsorships workWe will be organising sponsors around the catering in order to provide good food during the event.

- All week long
- Looking at viable vegetarian and lactose-intolerant options
- Trying to provide higher-quality food during the 3 days of sessions and affordable-yet-good during the others
We had an association of amateur chefs who cook in associative events all over France (maybe EU ?). This enabled us to serve daily cooked meals from fresh produce, with various diet accomodations.
Will be food provided during the sprints?yes sponsored fruit and drinksyesfruits, drinks and snacks will, lunch not so sureThere was no food during the 1st ramping-up sprint day (July 2)Probably. In every case there will be cheap food at walking distanceYes. Sprinters need sustenance..
Do you have affordable accommodation options nearby? Ie. what is the average price range of accommodation options?yes, from camping to budget and fancy pansy hotel, we'll provide bus fairs from major airport to the venueWe have buildings with beds that can host up to 100 people. Additionaly we allow tents, caravan, camper, bungalowYes, Cluj-Napoca is not really expensive, you can get a nice 2 bedroom AirBnb for 5 days around 200 Euros.
We will ask for special price from the local hotels.
Lisbon has immense accomodation options: Airbnbs, hostels, hotels.

Depending on the size and type of accomodation, it's possible to book rooms with price ranges from €30 - €70 per night in comfort. 5 star hotels are also possible at somewhat higher ranges.

We made partnerships with more than 20 hotels, from 3 to 5 starts, in order to guarantee less expensive prices for attendees during the high season.
Yes, Seville is a city heavily focused on tourism and has many hotels, hostels and Airbnb with different prices and qualities. Very close to the venue we have hotels like Barceló, with three buildings and hundreds of rooms:
(~50€/night/person in double room)
Hotels price (near bicocca):
- 35-50€ / night per person (double room in 3 stars hotel)
- 160-220€ / night (single room in 4 stars hotel)
We will be organising more competative conventions prices.

- Looking into cheap accommodation in surrounding student areas.
- Private room in Airbnb: €40 / night
Is there an airport nearby?by bus a few hours, included in the ticketYes, Deurne (Antwerp) and Zaventem (Brussels)Yes, 7 km from the city centre. Multiple connections, you can see a nice map on: International Aiport, also known as Humberto Delgado Airport and Portela Airport (IATA: LIS, ICAO: LPPT) is 20 minutes away by direct metro connection (Metro Lisboa), 12 minutes away by bus (Aerobus) and 9 minutes away by car, uber or taxi to the city center, the region around the Alameda neighbourhood.Seville airport (IATA:SVQ), ten minutes from the city center.
There are other options like flying to Málaga (IATA: AGP) international airport, and getting a train to Sevilla (~2hours)
Or flying to Madrid-Barajas (IATA: MAD) and getting the fast train (AVE) to Seville Santa Justa Station (~3h).
3 international airports close to the centre

- Milano Linate is 40 mins on public transport from the venue
- Malpensa airport is 80 mins on public transport from the venue
- Orio al Serio is 90 mins on public transport from the venue
Are cities across Europe well connected to the airport?yesokay, Brussel, Antwerp, Eindhoven, AmsterdamSee the map Lisbon International Aiport (IATA: LIS, ICAO: LPPT),
From Paris: 2h30m
From London: 2h40m
From Amsterdam: 2h55m
From Frankfurt: 3h

From Porto: 55m
From Madrid: 1h10m
From Barcelona: 1h50m
From Brussels: 2h45m
From Dublin: 2h45m
From Rome: 2h55m
From Vienna: 3h35m
From Copenhagen: 3h45m
From Stockholm: 4h10m
From Kraków: 4h55m+
From Moscow: 5h35m
From Tel Aviv: 6h
From Montreal: 6h25m
From Reykjavík: 6h50m+
From Mexico City: 9h10m
From New York: 9h45m
From Rio de Janeiro: 12h20m
From Mumbay: 12h35m+
From Portland: 13h40m+
From Cape Town: 13h45m+
From Hong Kong: 16h+
From Sydney: 24h+
Sevilla Airport (SVQ)
Madrid-Barajas International Airport (MAD) + high speed train (AVE, 2h40m)
Cost/person : from 70€ to 150€ (both of them are return ticket).
Direct connexion between the terminal 4 and the Atocha train station by train. The ticket is free if you have your AVE ticket. More info:
Málaga International Airport (AGP) + Train
It takes: 1h 55min
Cost/person : from 60€ to 84€ (both of them are return ticket)
Medium distance:
It takes: 2h 30min
Cost/person : from 38€ to 47€ (both of them are return ticket)
Málaga International Airport (AGP) + Shuttles
Filter criteria:
Pick up from Malaga Airport: 21/03/2015
Drop off to Malaga Airport: 28/03/2015
Name : malagashuttlebus
Web :
Cost: 74 € (Return ticket)
Number of seats: 13
Name : Shuttledirect
Web :
Cost: 85 € (Return ticket)
Number of seats: 15
Name : Transfers Airport Málaga
Web :
Cost / person: 87.5 € (Return ticket)
Number of seats: 8
Airports taxi transfers
Name : Airports taxi transfers
Web :
Cost / person: 71€ (Return ticket)
Number of seats: 13
Very well connected!

Malpensa Airport is a major European hub, handling almost 19 million passengers in 2014. Top 10 European destination are: Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, London, Copenhagen, Lisbon, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Vienne, Munich. See:

Linate Airport is an important European hub and handled over 9 million passengers is 2014. Top 10 European passengers are from:
London, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Brussels, Madrid, London, Dublin, Vienne, Stockholm. See:

Orio al Serio Airport is an important European hub and handled approx 9 million passengers is 2014. Top 3 Italian airport and 1st low cost airport, well connected wit a large number of euroean country by low cost vector, see: and
If no nearby airport, how do you plan to help people get to the event?yesnanaN/AAs said, it's easy to get to Seville by Airport or Airport + Train from almost anywhere. However, we can help arrange shuttles if necessary time permitting.
Milano Centrale Railway station is in the top 10 Europe's busiest. So catching international trains is also a very viable option for those not wanting to fly in.

Situation in the north of Italy means that driving could also be an option for those wanting to drive from Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia or Southern France.
What is the VISA policy of your country? Can people from EU easily come? US citizens? Canadians?same as EU, use local burocracy.EUEU policyPortugal is a country of the European Union, in Schengen area, so that EU citizens require no extra travel documents/visas.

US citizens don't require any visas for stays up to 90 days, but must have a valid passport.

Citizens of most countries are probably able to travel to Portugal with minimal paperwork.

We issued VISA invitation letters to all participants that required it.
Spain is a country of the European Union, in Schengen area, so that European citizens have free access to the country. Citizens of the United States or Canada should simply must use a passport.
More information at

Any plans to record the event, sessions, etc?yesyes, 2 streamsyes, we have local great talents that can provide this for usWe recorded the sessions in 2 rooms using the existing university infrastructure for capturing the presentation. In the big auditorium we partnered with a local provider that enabled us to record the session, and to stream live to the Youtube channel.Yes, we have at least two organizations prepared for streaming and recording sessions. Video editing companies that need content to enrich their online channels that will establish strategic partnerships.
For one-day events, it took them online one or two days to have the content published online.

La Corbata amarilla:

Real: we couldn't record them.
We are looking for a sponsor for the recording of sessions.
What is the bigget event size you organized with similar complexity?Drupal Europe between 1k and 2k people..? we'll see1000 people at drupal europeDrupalCamp Transylvania 120+
DrupalCamp Romania 2015 ~200
Helped a little in the organization of Drupal Europe
We've organized two DrupalCamp, in Lisbon and Porto with ~150 attendees each.

At least one of the core team members, Lopo, has experience in organizing events, from small (50 attendees) to large (350+ attendees, like Scrumday Portugal 2017 - now eXperience Agile), and also community based organized events (200 attendees) since 2004. Other of the core team members are responsible for keeping the meetups in Porto and Lisbon regions. Also two of the team members are responsible for organizing Drupal Days for the last two years during Aveiro Tech Days, a major tech event organized by the University of Aveiro.
Penyaskito and Davidjguru already formed part of the organizing team DrupalCamp Spain 2011, with about 300 attendees.

Penyaskito helped in several other DrupalCamps in Spain, being part of the “mentor” team or acting as “product owner”. All of them with around 300 attendees.

Penyaskito has been part of the content team in several events, including 2 EU Drupalcons.

The three of us have been involved in organizing the local Drupal user group.

Apart from this, davidjguru organizes technology events as SevillaDevelopers medium sized Conference (#svqdev, #svqdc) 150 attendees, and Betabeers technological meetings in Sevilla (tech & beers, #bbsvq), 100-150 attendees.

We had also organized several others ~100 attendees events, like Openspace Sevilla, Agile meetups.

Davidjguru was the lead of Campabase, a weekend event for Sharing Economy Entrepeneurs, with around ~150 attendees.
The core team members have participated in organising diverse events in Europe and Italy. Some of the events are:

- DutchPhpConference 2015 ~ 700 attendees (organization, marketing, hospitality, etc.)
- Drupal Day Italia 2008 - 2014 (average of 300 attendees)
- European Drupal Days 2015 (~200 attendees)
- DrupalCamp Verona 2011 - Torino 2010 - Crema 2009 (~320 attendees for each camp)
- Some people contributed to DrupalCon London 2011 (Marketing Team) and Munich 2012 (Trainings)
How many people do you expect for your "core team"?251010 and I am sure I can rely on them, they already demonstrated itWe had between 6-12 core team members in each weekly meeting.Core team: 3 persons, along with several volunteers.
Room Managers: 4
Responsible for schedules and programming: 2
Website: 3 persons
Volunteers: 10
Communication/ Social networks (ENG): 1
We expect to have around 10 people in the core team fulfilling varous roles such as:
- Marketing and Promotion
- Fundraising and Sponsors
- Social Event Organisation & Wellness
- Food & Catering
- Venue and Assistant Coordination
- Speaker & Keynote Coordination
- Connectivity (Wifi, networking, mics, etc.)

At present, the core team (draft) is made up of a mixture of talent from the Italian Drupal scene:

- Gabriele Sabadini
- Luca Lusso
- Claudio Beatrice
- Andrew Holgate
- Andrea Pescetti
- Stefano Mainardi
- Marco Moscaritolo
- Ronald Ashri
- Paolo Libanore
How many hours per day can members of the core team devote (per person)?41,8~ 10h per week, increasing near the eventWe're planning about 3h per week of work for the core team, ramping up as time demands nearing the event.
3 hours a day working from August to December 2016
5 hours on January-April 2017
26 hours a day from 3 to 9 April 2017

The core team has established the minimum requires in order to be part of the team which guarantees a minimum of 16 hours / month of time dedicated to organising the event as well as participation before and during the event itself. Core team member activity will vary depending on the role and time until the event.

We've scheduled heavy involvement in the first 3-months in order to lay a solid base for the key elements such as: venue confirmation, hotel agreements, sponsorship procurement, and keynote and rockstar speakers.
What is the starting date of availability of the team?nowthis saturday 15 septthe team already started We started working immediately in securing the event venue even during DrupalCon Vienna as part of the work for preparing this proposal. At the time, conditional on the proposal being accepted.The core team has already begun work on all aspects. From the day July 25, 2016 to April 9, 2017. Several hours per day.
We have already started, already got buy-in from several rockstars and potential keynote speakers. We have made excellent in-roads with a few universities.
Are you aware of volunteers, ready to help you the few days before/during the event?yesyesYes, big local community, they helped us in the pastYes, we asked in the social networks, but we have a local team of Drupalistas willing to volunteer. We had several volunteers from other countries. All volunteers (around 23) had a free ticket to the event.Yes, we will establish a network of volunteers to support tasks in the halls, registration table, welcome and organization of food.
People has offered themselves to help with website and all kind of tasks.
Yes. We are already in contact with local Drupal communities within Italy and already have some people interested in assisting.

Each core team member is also responsible to reach out to their contacts in order to organise assistants for the event.
Fun activities
What kind of social events could be interesting in the area?loungebar, disco, bananaboat, board games, camping, water slide park, sailing, water skiingbonfire, boardgames, building huts, obstacle courses, scouting stuff, trivia night, skateboaringboardgames for sure - big success in the past
city tour

After the event we are thinking about a trip around Transylvania
Lisbon has a very active nightlife, and there are many interesting sights and monuments to visit.

Nevertheless, we prepared three nightlife events for Monday, Tuesday and Thursday (tha last one had a contest to name three beers in a bar in Lisbon). Some of the volunteers guided most of the nightlife activity post our scheduled night events.
Yes, especially in this city there are many types of activities (something good has to come with being a city fully oriented to services and tourism)

Sevilla de Noche (Night tourist routes to explore the city)
Tapas Tour (Guided tours to discover the local gastronomy)
Isla Mágica (The amusement park in which we are negotiating the venue)
Visita al Alcazar (The ancient moorish palaces of the ancient Muslim city kings):
We also have a friend company that can design any touristic activity ad-hoc: Sevillandò (, website powered by Drupal, BTW)
There’s also a Swing Festival, the week before the proposed dates, for those interested in coming earlier.
The week after is the Semana Santa de Sevilla, a religious festivity which made Seville quite popular.
Within the core team is a role dedicated to social event organising. We view this as a very important part of the community aspect we want to create for the event.

- Nightly dinners organised outside of the venue.
- Craft beer tasting night.
- Just 20 minutes from Milan's huge night district where there are bars, nightlife and more.
- Free visit to the Leonardo da Vinci's museum
Why Sevilla?
- Nice weather
- Monumental & Historic city
- Nice and cheap food
- Tourist-friendly city
- Affordable
- Welcoming and growing Drupal Spanish community
- Existing structures for handling administrative (Spanish Association, founded 2011)
- Prior experience of 300+ Drupal Events in Seville (Drupalcamp Spain 2011 )
- Prior experience in 35K € Drupal events (DDD Barcelona, DCSpain 2016)
- Involved local (Sevilla) + remote (Spain) team, with experience organizing events and attending every edition of Drupal Dev Days since Brussels.
- Drupal Dev Days Barcelona 2012 was profitable, which made easier next edition.