NCASE M1 Compatibility
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It is located to the right of this tab. The information was organised, improved flow design. It will have a will it fit calcuulator once I get thhe actual max H W & L for GPU.
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DeviceName Does it Fit?Note 1Note 2Note 3CommentsComments
Device120mm rad + fan in forward floorNo, it would not.Would it leave enough space for a 6" gpu (e.g. Fury Nano) in 2nd/3rd slot?
CoolerAXP-200 (Bigger version, the one that comes with the brown fan)Yes, with the heatpipes pointed down. However, this orientation is not recommended.Will it fit the Gigabyte H77N-Wifi
CoolerBe Quiet! Dark Rock TFFits in most configurations, can block the first ram slot and or push on the gpu backplate or pcb with its caps depending on the motherboard cpu socket placement. There can be problems with the backplate and the smd components on the back of the motherboard interfearing with installation. Almost completely inaudible. Allows for the hdd cage to be installed in any orientation and a 17-25 mm fan to be installed as an exhaust depending on orientation. Best possible cooler if your specific part combo allows for it. It is THE cooler for the Ncase M1. Having tried aio watercooling and air cooling in the M1 i feel like the TF simply is the best cooler for the M1. Z170N-Gaming 5, G.Skill Ripjaw V, R9 Nano. Fits with both fans, but no side case fans, only one orientation seemed to work-ish. USB3 header does fit. Backplate on R9 Nano bumps up against end of one heatpipe. decided to go with the dark rock tf and the Asus z170i. The heatsink will fit if you a) use only dimm slot b for the ram or b) use a riser card to move the gpu to the bottom brackets. I went with option a because I wanted to complete my build but might buy a riser card so I can use the dual channel kit I bought. The build is going to be a tight fit but the top fan will fit on the dark rock even with the fan bracket insalled. This combo however will not allow you to use the second spot for the intake fan or hdd bracket.asus maximus Vll impact dentXyes... just barely... both fit with about .5mm clearance... may have to bend pipes ever so slightly to clear vertical VRM...had to peel off padding on i/o shield to accomidate tight fit.Order # M1326550l
CoolerCoolermaster 212+WAY too tall.
CoolerCoolermaster MasterLiquid Maker 92I know it wont fit in vertical orientation (atleast with sidepanel attached), what about the other way?
CoolerCorsair H105Yes But tight With good cable management and the rad and water block tubes mounted toward the back of the case the fit is very niceYES Fits perfectly - Mount Corsair block upside down. If fans mounted on outside of rad, place radiator hose to the left, if fans mounted on inside place radiator hoes to the right. If fans is mounted on inside they should be used in pull config for best result - Pulling cold air through the rad into the case.PICTURES : or can mount 2 x 2.5 inch drives on the inside front panel with room to spare.Are there any problems? Other things to note/worry abt?

Can you mount 2 x 2.5" drives on the inner front panel with thie h105? It looks like it could just fit based on the radiator dimensions.
CoolerCorsair H75Fits perfectlyFits, but can't slide radiator to far left on side bracket (towards back of the case), due to the fact that the top of the radiotor then touches the power cable connector.Will it work in both single and dual fan modes?
CoolerCorsair H80i GTFits perfectlyI've seen people use it but I wouldn't suggest it at all. Got the H75 instead.
CoolerCorsair Hydro Series H5 SFno, too wide and will not mount on motherboard
CoolerCryorig C1Maybe - socket must be in the PERFECT spotWorks great, but I had to remove the fancy white plastic & bend one small fin to fit it past the mini-PSU bracket. Also no cables fit between it and the PSU bracket.It is above recommend size but is within possible. Does it fit?
CoolerDo any of the Cryorig Coolers fit?Yeah, check this build with the CRYORIG C1:
CoolerEKWB Predator 240mm AIO coolerFits perfectlyDimensions for the Predator are 295 x 133 x 68 mm. Anyone managed to cram this beast of an AIO in?YES!, don't know if it's worth it.Predator fits but theres no way your getting it in there without damaging the unit or the case. Screw holes wont line up either, it'll literally be held in by the fact that its touching both sides of the case. Not worth it imo
CoolerNoctua NH-C14STested with ASUS Z170i pro gaming, does not fit in any of the 4 directions, because the board's CPU socket is off center and the NH-C14S' CPU contact block is too far to the edge of the cooler. It may fit on a mainboard with a center-mounted CPU socket though.According to this guy: ... it doesn't fit. The NH-C14S is 10mm taller than the NH-C14.

It fits, but only if you put 140mm fan under the heatsink. Not recommended. fits, but only if you put the fan underneath the heatsink and use a ATX to SFX bracket to mount your SFX PSU on the ATX bracket. If you don't use that bracket the fan blocks the SFX PSU mount.Does it fit without its standard 140mm fan but rather 120mm fans mounted in the side bracket ?
CoolerNoctua NH-D9LYES
CoolerNoctua NH-L9x65Does NOT fit(Much better performance than NH-L9i/a and the fan can be upgraded to a 25mm thick fan for higher CFM. With a 25mm fan it is almost as good as NH-L12 but is practically guaranteed to fit inside the c:ase without conflict)
CoolerNoctua NH-U9S (edited from "Hi")Corrected deletion of name with revision notesIs there a conscensus as to whether mounting it vertically (exhausting out top) or horizontally (exhausting out rear) IS BETTER FOR COOLING CPU????Corrected deletion of name again from revision history.Great Performer. i7-6700k around 35-45 degrees with idle and moderate duty.
CoolerNZXT KrakenKraken X31 only. Single 120mm or 240mm radiators only.<< The X61 is a 2x140, so holes dpnt line up i thought?Yes it fits: <
Coolerphantex c type
CoolerFits, but will prevent a GPU from plugging in without a riser card
CoolerRaijintek TritonNo (would probably fit with slim rad + slim fans + angled fittings on block/pump/res)
CoolerSilverstone TD02-E 240mmYes Fits (Angle of tubing isn't perfect because of the ITX PSU)Bend pipes (like heatpipes on cooler)? Doesn't it damage cooler? Pics? More info?nope... fits like a peach with both fans.Does it fit?
CoolerThermaltake Water 2.0 ProThinking of running with one fan. Will it fit?
CoolerZalman LQ320
ProblemHas anyone tried using this cooler? will it fit??
eVGA DVDASRock Z77E-itxsupplied eVGA SATA to mini-SATA cable is 1" too short to reach SATA ports
GPU Information has been moved to:
Post all new GPU and GPU cooler info at the "Does GPU / GPU Cooler Fit?" tab.
LinkDo you folks like the new format?
It is located to the right of this tab. The information was organised, improved flow design. It will have a will it fit calcuulator once I get thhe actual max H W & L for GPU.
Did you like now it was before.
Made a duplicate of this sheet at this tab "4/8/17 Copy Does This Fit?" located at the far righht of this sheet collection, prior to remove the GPU info from this sheet.
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GPU cooler
People should have an easier time finding and inputing the information for GPU in the new format.
GPU coolerAlphacool Eiswolf 120 GPX Pro Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070/GTX 1080Will the rad fit with a single fan?
GPU coolerAlphacool Nexosss GPX GTX 1060Should fit with a low base 90° angle connector or single SLI terminal from Alphacool
GPU coolerEK ThermosphereDon't fit with GTX 1060, because the GPU chip is to much centered on the PCB.Highly depends on the position of the chip on the PCB, should be OK for some GTX 1070&1080, take care. Recommend a full cover block.
HDD3.5inch mounted on bottomSATA power cable (passthrough-type) from ST45SF-G applies stress to connector and case bottom (wires in the way)Need a straight SATA power plug (I don't know what to call this). a right angled connector?
MotherboardMaximus VIII ImpactREALLY difficult with included IO plate. Easy without, or easier (ish) if you take out the padding. Could be better if you remove the entire power supply bracket?I/O plate does fit without that fitting or not? contradictory information :/Fit for me after removing useless padding taped on to I/O plate and a bit of manhandling. It's tight but it works and I didn't have to cut the sound card or anything drastic like that.Works for me as is and without issue. Here's what I did: (1) install the back I/O panel onto the case so that it holds without any support (2) install the motherboard pushing it against the back panel and then screwing it in (3) install the PSU (in my case a Corsair SF600It fits, but I also removed the padding because I had an issue with a Maximus VII bending the ports due to the padding.Push against the padding and it will fit like a glove.Had to cut the Audio Card Cover to help fit the IO Plate. See my build here:
Optical Drive
Toshiba TS-TB23 Bluray/DVD driveCannot eject discs when running vertically
PCI bracket accessoryTurning knobs are too thick to go into a PCI bracket, and that applies for any other case I own. It's a mystery what kind of PCI bracket they're made for.-> temporally remove buttons, install, reapply buttons :) -> 0_o didn't know I can do that. Anyway I broke the wires with rough handling and threw it away so I can't test that.
Power Supplies
PSUCorsair AX1200iDoes it fit? Click for Amazon Link Kind of.Let over from another build, can someone let me know if it fits? 7.9 x 5.9 x 3.4 inches - BLOOBERRY.
PSUCorsair AX1200iOf course, its a regular SFX<Not really. I just jammed the cables in there and it works fine.I had no issues mounting 2 x 2.5 inch drives on the inside front of the case. Cable stiffness was a non-issueYou won't be able to mount an SSD in the front of the case, the cables are too stiff.
PSUCorsair SF450 / SF600Yes it fits.Very Popular better than Silver Stone SFX, same size
PSUEVGA SuperNOVA 650 P2 220-P2-0650-X1Yes it fits, with ATX bracketAlso leaves just enough room for SSD in the front inside
PSUEVGA Supernova G2 750WH 85mm x W 150mm x L 180mm. just wondering if this will fit... if it helps I'm using a zotac GTX 970 which is a fairly short card (203mm)
PSUSilverstone 700W SFX-L (DOES THIS FIT with a GTX 1080??? or an R9 Fury Tri-X???)Very tight fit with a long GPU. PSU cables need to be bent quite sharply at the connector and still there is most likely some pressure to the GPU.Nope. Have Ncase v5 this PSU, and 970 g1. You dont need anyghing but smart cable management. I have 0,5 cm between backplate and PSU. It fits fine.
PSUSilverstone 80+ Gold Strider 500 Watt Modular SFX L Power Supply - it's finally available for preorder...but does anyone know if it will fit a v2 case with a small (not full length) GPU, please?Fits in my V3, but it's a very tight fit with the PCB of my full-sized DCUII 7870. Not sure how a card with a full backplate might fit without stressing the pci-e socketSandwiched this in above a full back plate HD6950 in my V4. It doesn't seem to have pushed the card too off-kilter, but the psu connectors are pretty crushed.Anyone else noticed the stock fan on this unit rattling/burbling/chirping at low speeds? Awful bearings perhaps? -> same for me, they tested a few others from the same badge and they all have it :'(Pleased to confirm it fits V2 easily - but if the fan is facing outward of the case, the power extension cable is a tight fit due to the odd angle of the power socket. Very quiet so far too!
PSUSilverstone SX500-LG (SFX-L)Fits, works, but only satisfying if you like a buzzing noise as at least two of us on the forums have noted. The buzz is louder than my CPU fan, so is the loudest item in the build.I had three units of this PSU, all with buzzing. Have fun.No buzzing here, but damn tight with the modular cables on the back of the GPUIf you have patience, try it, then return it, buy another, try it, return it, buy another ...
PSUST45SF-G iBORA Yes it fits. It's flush against the bottom fan edge of a Cooler Master GeminII v2 s524 coolerWorks beautifully. Not modification at all, whatsoever.Wait for SFX-L 700W?
PSUWHAT PSU IS THIS???????Fits well with even the V1 case PSU plate and an R9 Nano, however buzzing at low to moderate loads slowly driving me crazy.<< buzzing or coil whine? cause mine does coil whine sometimes. I'm thinking in repositioning the psu with fan facing the inside so it exhausts inner hot air and also atenuate the electric noise. Any tested this setup?R9 Nano is unfortunately known to have coil whine. Ie I have attempted three separate cards in the same system without change, and even tested it in a different system without change.Careful with GPUs that have a backplate.
PSUCorsair RM750x
PSU/GPU CombinationSeaSonic 750W Power Supply X750Nope. Will this case accomodate a SeaSonic X750 with an EVGA Vanilla Titan?
Pump/Res ComboEK-XRES 100 Revo D5 PWM (incl.pump)Does it fit? Where?On a related note, the XRES comes with silly long molex power and pwm wires/connectors and they're not sleeved.
With an Asus Pro Gaming Z170l board, the CPU pwm header is in the top-right and by coincidence you can route the pwn cable up the pump, round the psu and along to the header in such a way as to use all of the cable. Adding some sleeving and headshrink should be easy (if you have pin removers!) to make it look nice enough.
The power cable is way to long though so either cut and crimp on a new molex or if you're not in need of one of the PSU sockets, crimp directly into a 6-pin header.
Only realistic option is to position the XRes next to the PSU at the front, drilling additional holes for mounting.
I've been dry fitting it in my build (with the CoolStreamSE240 above) and although you can secure 3 of the 4 mounting points through the front panel, the 4th is hanging in mid-air. Probable solution will be to craft a mounting plate from aluminium to add better support.

Note that the top of the reservoir is essentially level with the underside of the top cover in order to get maximum clearance so you'll want to leave a slight gap to avoid vibrations.
Loop filling comes in the top anyway so this is unbostructed.
Pipe routing (12mm OD PETG) is relativly straightforward if both rad outlets go left then you work round the side with some creative bending. Could possibly allow for the right most res outlet to be looped under the PSU but it'll be tight with the cables.

Of course, the HDD cage is unusable!
Pump/Res ComboEK-XRES 140 Revo D5 PWM (incl.pump)Got it fitted Fitted on it's side and just above the center of the case almost hard against the lefthand side window that I fitted. Also have a Black Ice Nemesis M92GTX 92mm Radiator on the back of the case and the Res/pump combo is only 1mm away from the 25mm fan. Modded the front wall of the case so the pump penetrates into the space behind the front panel.. The Reservoir also has a right angled (90 degrees) hard tubing fitting on the end which incressed the overall length of the combo. But this also allowed the hard tubes to cross over and into the CPC block. A 240 slim radiator fits onthe floor of the case with 2 slim (12mm) 120 fans between that and the video card.
Radiators + Fans
Radiator & FansAlphacool NexXxoS ST30 Full Copper 240mmDimensions are 278mm x 125mm x 30mm. Will this fit on the bottom, under a Titan X with EKWB? Unsure if the radiator fouls on the stop plugs of the waterblock.
Radiator & FansBlack Ice Nemesis 240GTs 29.6mm + 12mm Fans
(bottom panel mount)
Fits with a liquid cooled GPU. Need to remove front panel USB/AUDIO plugs.Does the 240GTS fit on the radiator bracket with a 90* fitting (~28mm tall) exiting the top of a GPU block?Remove USB/AUDIO permanently or just for installation?
Radiator & FansEKWB CoolStream SE 240Opinions on floor mounting with 2x Silverstone 15mm fans on top. I see from various images that the clearance between the fans and a GPU full-cover block (EKWB) is 'slight'. Does this make much difference? (Fans exhausting through the rad and out of the base).EX CoolStream can be fitted into case by trimming front I/O down to help locate the radiator forward. Small case screws for the mounting brackets for the front I/O will also need to be filed down to allow radiator to fit flush with floor. If used with waterblock, radiator needs to be mounted as far towards front as possible to allow clearance for fittingsFits fine on the floor but won't line up with the 120mm fan holes as it's not shaped right.
My solution has been to push it into the 'far corner' under the GPU. I've drilled two additional holes to allow for 4 screws in total to secure it to the floor; the other 2 holes I've chosen line up with existing holes in the floor. I did also take a file to the case foot retaining screw in the rear right (under the motherboard) since it does sit 0.5mm proud of the floor which does catch on this radiator.
Fixing it like this, instead of more centrally, allows you to gain some space towards the left of the case. This has advantages with certain full-cover EK GPU blocks as it means the lower G1/4 holes can also be used, allowing for more flexibility in pipe routing.
15mm x 120mm fans give about 12mm of space or so between then GPU waterblock and the fan, so I'm reasonably happy with the airflow not being too restricted.
SSDSamsung 840 EVO + SSD Bracket for mounting behind frontplateDue to very tight fit, the mounting of a Samsung 840 EVO with SSD bracket and rubber-mounting feet behind the frontplate of Ncase M1 #800, means that tension will make the front plate loose contact with the top left mounting corner, from the slightest touch of the frontplate. 2nd SSD not mounted yet, the bracket itself is responsible for the tight fit and tension. Both types of rubber mounting feet tried with same result.If second SSD is not EVO, what if that gets mounted first? Would the bracket still hit against the front cover? Then add EVO and see if that fits?Can you provide pics of the problem?I have a Samsung 840 Pro (should be exactly the same size) mounted behind the front panel without any problems whatsoever. I don't use any bracket though. Does OP mean TWO ssd's?OverRated has had success with DIY mounting doubler plates that place the SSDs closer to one another.The 2.5" stacking brackets have been modified to allow for a better fit behind the front panel on M1 V2 and later models.Issue still exists in Mk4 with old Corsair Force F60 + Samsung 840 EVO, mostly because the F60 is a 1st gen SSD and unusually thick. Problem avoided by mounting one outside and one inside front of chassis.Stacking drives thicker than 7mm behind the front panel is not supported.Use SSD -> 3,5" adapters and mount SSDs on HDD Bracket. Or use SSD mount options on the bottom of the case.
SSDSamsung 850 EVO with slot load DVDDoes it fit?Fit for me: one slot load DVD behind the front panel and on Samsung 850 EVO behind it. Have the V5.
SSDSamsung 850 EVO/ and every other 2.5" ssdWith the included steel brackets it's easy to install two in front and behind the frontplate. (also on other places possible)
VR9 FuryX (MSI Brand Tested)Works fine, but blocks for any other fans/secondary?It shouldn't block other fans, but definitely blocks a secondary loop
Name ProblemComments
CoolerMaster/Alphacool Eisberg 240mm AIO coolerWill the CPU block fit with the side bracket containing standard or with 90 degree fitting with a slim radiator (EK SE) and standard 25mm fans??
Does This Fit?
Bluray / DVDPanasonic UJ-265(D. Harris) This fits just fine - I bought it because many others have noted they bought it for this case - however mine does not seem to like the vertical orientation. Maybe this one is bad (was a refurbished unit) Anyone else have this issue?
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