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1Local group campaigning to protect the 23 acres of land under Westway; the elevated motorway which was built between 1964 and 1970; and ensure its continued public use.JS RoSWestway 23Place+Groupunder threataction grouphousing / planningproject3Ax yBC2016/06_Conwayhttp://www.westway23.org/imgWestway 23-0.2113580751.51778968aaalocalunder threat
2aaaWestburry against regenerationPlace+Groupunder threataction grouphousing / planningcampaign3Ax yBC2016/04-JustSpace_conferencehttps://www.facebook.com/Save-Westbury-Estate-SW8-486344558188042/info/?entry_point=page_nav_about_item&tab=page_infoimg
Westburry against_Reg.
-0.1408606451.47036852aaamicro localunder threat
3We have been campaigning since 2009 to save our 760 homes from being demolished to make way for thousands of luxury flats. The Council made a deal with developer Capco to destroy our estates;aaaWest Kensington and Gibbs GreenPlace+Groupunder threataction grouphousing / planningcampaign3and the Lillie Bidge Depot; which is the main engineering facility for the London Underground; and the Earl’s Court Exhibition Centres.Ax yBC2016/10_JM-directhttps://westkengibbsgreen.wordpress.com/imgWest Ken& Gibbs-0.2021634651.48776336aaamicro localunder threat
4A community action plan has been launched on February 25th 2016. Grassroots organisation working to stop the demolition of the homes; businesses and indoor market above Seven Sisters tube station and fighting the attempts of Grainger PLC to force out theRoSWards CornerPlace+Groupunder threataction groupeconomyproject3[https://wardscorner.wikispaces.com/ ; https://n15developmenttrust.wordpress.com/Ax yBC2016/02_startingWebsite: http://www.wardscornercommunity.org.uk/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wardscornercommunity
imgWards Corner-0.0725805851.58334994aaamicro localunder threat
5National Queer heritage. See Queer Spaces NetworkaaaVauxhall TavernPlace+Grouppreservedaction groupeconomycampaign3Ax yBC2016/06_ConwayimgVauxhall Tavern-0.1218337151.48634157aaamicro local0
6Transition Heathrow is a grassroots action group working to build resilient Heathrow communities; capable of collectively coping with the injustices and threats of the economic; ecological and democratic crises. http://www.transitionheathrow.com/    RHNTransition HeathrowPlace+Groupunder threataction groupecologycampaign3Ax yBC2016/03_radicalhousingnetwork.orgimgTransition Heathrow-0.4571744851.49048732aaalocalunder threat
7LGBTQ place in Camden. "When doors closed it is still not the end"aaaThe Black CapPlace+Groupunder threataction groupculturecampaign3Ax yBC2016/06_ConwayimgThe Black Cap-0.1427283151.53836348aaamicro localunder threat
8Two-thirds of the St Ann’s Hospital site is due to be sold for private housing development; with only 14% of the homes classed as “affordable”. The current proposal takes no account of the needs of local people at a time of severe housing need.OTSt Ann's Redevelopment TrustPlace+Groupunder threataction grouphousing / planningproject3StART is a group of Haringey residents and workers who want to see the St. Ann’s Hospital site used for the good of the community. We want to plan and organise a community-led development with the full participation of local people.Ax yBC2016/11_LandForWhathttp://www.startharingey.co.uk/imgStART-0.0894731351.58055654aaalocalunder threat
9Market traders fighting against a development that will threaten their livelihoodsaaaSheperds Bush MarketPlace+Groupunder threataction groupeconomycampaign3Ax yBC2016/06_Conwayimg
Sheperds Bush-Market
-0.2312069351.5062203aaamicro localunder threat
10This green space has been preserved thanks to activists (Bob Bagley) who use historical surveys to attest of the importance of this space (linked to Peter the Great). They have now more projectsaaaSayes Court Garden
Place+Grouppreservedaction groupecologyproject3Thanks to that Convoy Wharf development has not been able to make it disappear under concrete. Thanks to a S106 funding an horticulture training centre has been created.Ax yBC2016/06-Deptford_Old_Tidemill_G
http://www.exploreeverything.org/imgSayes CourtGarden-0.0314352951.48676085aaamicro local0
11The latest planning application to be submitted regarding The Duke of Wellington - seeks to change the upper parts into an 11 room hotel. The aim would be that the ground floor pub becomes the reception; cafe and bar for the hotel.aaaSaveTheDuke / Pub Duke of WellingtonPlace+Groupunder threataction groupeconomycampaign3Ax yBC2016/11_LandForWhathttp://www.savetheduke.info/imgSaveTheDuke-0.0745761451.51796326aaamicro localunder threat
12Save Crown Close Open Space & Children's Play Areas. “Stop the Blocks!” is requesting that Camden Council commission a fully independent lighting study based on the proposals for 156 West End Lane.aaaSave West HampsteadPlace+Groupunder threataction grouphousing / planningcampaign3Ax yBC2016/10_JM-directhttps://savewesthampstead.wordpress.com/img
Save West_Hampstead
-0.1899701451.54872025aaamicro localunder threat
13legendary Smithson designed social housing in Poplar; East London. Now awaiting demolition to build luxury flats for bankers.aaaSave Robin Hood GardensPlace+Groupunder threataction grouphousing / planningcampaign3Ax yBC2016/04-JustSpace_conference
https://twitter.com/saverhgimgSave RobinHood_G-0.0083451551.50947174aaamicro localunder threat
14Campaign group fighting to save our estate from Guinness Housing's redevelopment plans. We oppose demolition + social cleansing; support well designed infill.aaaSave NorthwoldPlace+Groupunder threataction grouphousing / planningcampaign3Ax yBC2016/11_LandForWhathttps://twitter.com/savenorthwolde5imgSave Northwold-0.0614869651.56569326aaamicro localunder threat
15A group of individuals who are campaigning to ensure that all the Lower Lea Valley marshes – Tottenham Marsh; Walthamstow Marsh; Leyton Marsh and Hackney Marshes – remain open and green.aaaSave Lea MarshesPlace+Groupunder threataction groupecologycampaign3Ax yBC2016/10_JM-directhttp://www.saveleamarshes.org.uk/imgSave Lea_Marshes-0.0451469451.56714713aaalocalunder threat
16A group of residents campaigning to stop Hackney Council plans to build on parkland in Haggerston.aaaSave Haggerston ParkPlace+Groupunder threataction groupecologycampaign3Ax yBC2016/10_JM-directhttps://www.facebook.com/Save-Haggerston-Park-694767943995496/about/img
Save Haggerston_Park
-0.0674736551.53309575aaamicro localunder threat
17aaaSave Dalston TheatrePlace+Groupunder threataction groupculturecampaign3Ax yBC2016/06_Conwayhttps://earthfirst.org.uk/actionreports/node/1088imgSave Dalston-Theatre-0.0747953651.5462873aaamicro localunder threat
18activists resisting regenerationaaaSave CressinghamPlace+Groupunder threataction grouphousing / planningcampaign3Ax yBC2016/04-JustSpace_conference
https://twitter.com/SaveCressinghamimgSave Cressingham-0.1112698451.4457954aaamicro localunder threat
19Another Lambeth Community is finding itself under threat of demolition under Lambeth Council’s regeneration plans.aaaSave Central HillPlace+Groupunder threataction grouphousing / planningproject3Ax yBC2016/04-JustSpace_conferencehttp://savecentralhill.org.uk/imgSave
-0.0889252351.42120613aaamicro localunder threat
20Fighting to save Camberwell cemeteries from grave 're-use' deforestationaaaSave Camberwell CemsPlace+Groupunder threataction groupecologycampaign3Ax yBC2016/10_JM-directhttps://twitter.com/southwarkwoods?lang=enimg
Save Camberwell Cems
-0.0619697651.45015584aaamicro localunder threat
21Around 30 local businesses are under threat of being evicted by Network Rail as part of a wide redevelopment of Brixton. Many of these independent traders have been based in Brixton's Arches for over 40 years and are part of the very fabric of what makesaaaSave Brixton ArchesPlace+Groupunder threataction groupeconomycampaign3Save Brixton Arches aims to support the local community and independent traders fight to protect Brixton Arches.Ax yBC2016/10_JM-directhttp://www.savebrixtonarches.com/imgSave Brixton Arches-0.1130980351.46328892aaamicro localunder threat
22We the undersigned ask McMullen’s brewery and the developer to do everything in their power to spare this pub; which is a valuable part of the community.aaaSave the Admiral MannPlace+Grouplostaction groupeconomycampaign3Ax yBC2016/04-JustSpace_conference
https://www.change.org/p/mcmullen-sons-ltd-and-a-property-developer-save-the-admiral-mann?share_id=ghINBXesfo&utm_campaign=share_button_action_box&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=share_petitionimgSave Admiral_M-0.1307164851.54937347aaamicro local0
23LGBTQ Pub and Cabaret venue; Royal Vauxhall Tavern still under threat by Immovate although it was recently officially listed as an historic building.aaaRVT FuturePlace+Groupunder threataction groupculturecampaign3Ax yBC2016/06_Conwayhttp://www.rvt.community/imgRVT Future-0.1197252651.48653911aaamicro localunder threat
24Bangor Wharf is in serious danger of being transformed from a dormant wharf into an intensively developed housing site. This could ruin the charm and character of a popular quiet; green section of the canal and could scupper any attempts by future generaJSRegents NetworkPlace+Groupunder threataction grouphousing / planningcampaign3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpacehttp://www.friendsofregentscanal.org/imgRegents Network-0.1476765451.539872aaamicro localunder threat
25Holloway; the largest women's prison in Western Europe; has now closed.
Its residents have been rushed to overcrowded; unfit facilities outside of London.
aaaReclaim HollowayPlace+Groupunder threataction groupcitizenshipcampaign3The 8 acres of land Holloway sits on are being prepared for sale; likely to be developed into luxury flats.Ax yBC2016/11_LandForWhathttp://reclaimholloway.strikingly.com/imgReclaim Holloway-0.1245993451.55313004aaalocalunder threat
26An LGBTQ pub under threat of closure in Chelsea due to astronomical rent hikes.aaaSave the Queens Head ChelseaPlace+Groupunder threataction groupeconomycampaign3Ax yBC2016/10_JM-directhttps://www.facebook.com/savethequeensheadchelsea/imgQueens Head-0.1631212251.4907896aaamicro localunder threat
27Queen's Crescent Community Association is a registered charity which provides services and activities for the local community from birth to old age. QCCA is based in a disadvantaged area and serves the needs of local people.aaaQUEEN'S CRESCENT COMMUNITY ASSOCIATIONPlace+Groupunder threataction groupeconomycampaign3Local residents demand a community fit for people; with community/youth facilities; a revived street market and workspaces to boost the area’s economy.Ax yBC2016/04-JustSpace_conferencehttp://www.qcca.org.uk/img
-0.1514720751.55010206aaalocalunder threat
28Please lend your support to halt the demolition of this fine Arch. Rye Lane's gateway to Peckham Sq. & Burgess Park beyond. At the heart of Peckham since 1994.aaaSave Peckham ArchPlace+Groupunder threataction groupcommunitycampaign3Ax yBC2016/10_JM-directhttps://twitter.com/savepeckhamarchimgPeckham Arch-0.0696730651.47372014aaamicro localunder threat
29People's Empowerment Alliance for Custom House : CUSTOM HOUSE one of England's most deprived Wards in one of the country's most deprived Boroughs. That is how most people see Custom House. The statistics corroborate these assumptions and the facts tell uJSPEACHNeighbd+Groupunder threataction grouphousing / planningproject3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpacehttp://peache16.wix.com/peachimgPEACH0.02550234251.510679aaamicro localunder threat
30Building under threat; sold in November 2015. Passing Clouds is a unique live music venue and community arts centre; born from the vibrant hackney music scene.RoSPassing CloudsPlace+Groupunder threataction groupculturecampaign3Ax yBC2016/06_Conwayhttp://www.passingclouds.org/imgPassing Clouds-0.0759857851.54162098aaamicro localunder threat
31Our West Hendon is a community of people who live in the West Hendon Estate and work within the surrounding borough of Barnet. We all want the regeneration of the estate to work for our community and are particularly concerned with where our non-secure nRHNOur West Hendon
Place+Groupunder threataction grouphousing / planningcampaign3Ax yBC2016/03_radicalhousingnetwork.orgimgOurWest Hendon
-0.172605251.628663aaamicro localunder threat
32Stop the plan to build 4 concrete & asphalt factories next to Olympic ParkaaaOlympic Park Coalition for Responsible DevelopmentPlace+Groupunder threataction groupecologycampaign3This development would have a dramatic impact on the local area and residents; creating 3 concrete batching plants and an Asphalt production plant adjacent to a heavily used green space.Ax yBC2016/11_LandForWhathttp://www.opcrd.org/imgOPCRD-0.0161147151.53513127aaamicro localunder threat
33Intense local campaigning around this garden of an abandoned school: kids activities; gardening; seminars; festival; trade market.DNAOld Tidemill garden
Place+Groupunder threataction groupecologycampaign3AssemblySE8 is very involved but also Public Works (collaboration on Tradeptford) or ASH (Open Estate Gardens) http://gardenlab.org.uk/ http://www.tradeptford.co.uk/
Ax yBC2016/06-Deptford_Old_Tidemill_G
imgOldTidemill garden
-0.0238768251.47650101aaamicro localunder threat
34Info: http://www.haringey.org.uk/content/65-news/290-stop-estate-demolitions-lobby-the-full-council-meeting (includes 900 homes at Northumberland Park; as well as demolitions of other estates around the borough)OTNo to Northumberland Park DemolitionsPlace+Groupunder threataction grouphousing / planningcampaign3Ax yBC2016/02_startingTwitter: https://twitter.com/No2demolitionimgNotoNP Demolitions-0.0539660551.60211931aaalocalunder threat
35Kensington and Chelsea MP starts bid to get Carnival moved out of Notting HillaaaNotting Hill CarnivalPlace+Groupunder threataction groupculture03Ax yBC2016/10_JM-directhttp://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/mp-starts-bid-to-get-carnival-moved-out-of-notting-hill-a3366281.htmlimgNH
-0.2039766351.51825034aaalocalunder threat
36JSGreater Carpenter Neighbourhood ForumPlace+Grouppreservedaction grouphousing / planningproject33Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpaceimgNF_Greater Carpenter-0.0054227151.539095aaamicro local0
37Save North Kensington Library building for public useaaaNorth Kensington LibraryPlace+Groupunder threataction groupculturecampaign3Ax yBC2016/06_Conwayhttps://www.change.org/p/royal-borough-of-kensington-and-chelsea-council-save-north-kensington-library-for-public-useimgN_Kensington Library-0.2093801851.51582104aaamicro localunder threat
38Developers (New Bermondsey development ) are threatening the football field. There is a Compulsory purchase order on he field voted by Lewisham councilaaaMilwall football fieldPlace+Groupunder threataction groupsport / leisurecampaign3Ax yBC2016/09-Deptford_Old_Tidemill_G2http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-37306839imgMilwall football-0.0509405151.48597291aaalocalunder threat
39https://www.facebook.com/groups/1527639460848841/?fref=nf]OTSave Marcus Garvey LibraryPlace+Groupunder threataction groupculturecampaign3Ax yBC2016/10_JM-directhttps://www.change.org/p/tell-haringey-council-to-save-tottenham-s-marcus- garvey-libraryimg
Marcus Garvey Library
-0.0737017451.58796302aaamicro localunder threat
40The undercroft of the Southbank Centre is a famous historic place for skateboarding under threat by the Festival Wing proposal.RoSLong Live SouthbankPlace+Groupunder threataction groupculturecampaign3Ax yBC2016/06_Conwayhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Long_Live_SouthbankimgLong-Live Southbank-0.116518723251.50679762aaamicro localunder threat
41PROMOTING THE INCLUSION OF LATIN AMERICANS IN URBAN REGENERATIONJSLatin ElephantPlace+Groupunder threataction groupeconomyalternative3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpacehttp://latinelephant.org/imgLatin Elephant-0.1000135951.494579aaalocalunder threat
42Campaigning against the eviction of 40-year-old housing co-operatives in Lambeth. Stop Lambeth Council destroying established; self-reliant communities! More info see: https://www.facebook.com/LambethUnitedRHNLambeth United
Place+Groupunder threataction grouphousing / planningcampaign3Ax yBC2016/03_radicalhousingnetwork.orgimgLambeth
-0.117759751.49314097aaaBoroughunder threat
43Campaign to save & evolve The Joiners to become London's first co-operatively; democratically run LGBTQI community centre; with the legendary pub at heart!aaaFriends of the Joiners ArmsPlace+Grouplostaction groupculturecampaign3Ax yBC2016/10_JM-directhttps://www.facebook.com/Friends-of-the-Joiners-Arms-859212550775984/imgJoiners Arms-0.0744178951.52949998aaamicro local0
44Harringey council want to transform this art centre / community hub into a luxury hotel.
The neighbourhood forum in progress is campaigning for an alternative (see link)
aaaHornsey Town HallPlace+Groupunder threataction groupculturecampaign3Ax yBC2016/10_JM-directhttp://www.crouchendforum.org.uk/cenf-response-for-the-proposals-for-hornsey-town-hall/imgHornsey Town Hall-0.1227995851.5788164aaamicro localunder threat
45Haringey council is about to sell for 2 billions £ a huge quantity of its public lands and housing estates to an infamous developper.
A lot of groups are campaigning against this project. Momentum Haringey is federating quite a lot.
aaaAnti Harringey Development VehiclePlace+Groupunder threataction grouphousing / planningcampaign3Ax yBC2016/10_JM-directimgAnti HDV-0.0678062451.60266575aaalocalunder threat
46call for the local authority owned youth club building on Marvels Lane SE12 to be saved from demolition. They are campaigning to save the building and its use primarily for a Youth Service provision and other community based opportunities.aaaGrove Park Youth ClubPlace+Groupunder threataction groupcommunitycampaign3https://www.change.org/p/clive-efford-save-grove-park-youth-club-from-demolitionAx yBC2016/10_JM-directhttps://www.facebook.com/pg/savegroveparkyouthclub/about/?ref=page_internalimg
Grove Park Youth Club
0.0319263351.43138561aaamicro localunder threat
48was formed in 2010 to oppose the Kensington Academy and Leisure Centre development which we considered; and still consider; to be a gross overdevelopment of an inappropriate siteRHNGrenfell Action GroupPlace+Groupunder threataction grouphousing / planningcampaign3Ax yBC2016/06_Conwayhttps://grenfellactiongroup.wordpress.com/imgGrenfell Ac_Group-0.2184712951.51440469aaamicro localunder threat
49is a community led initiative to develop a food hub that would enable the South Kilburn community to access healthy; affordable and sustainable food through a variety of food related activities. RoSGranville Community KitchenPlace+Groupunder threataction groupecologycampaign3The building is under threat of demolition because of a broad regeneration project. The building is listed as a community asset.
The project has been awarded a grant from theUrban Food Routes  Mayor of London.
Ax yBC2016/06_Conwayhttps://granvillecommunitykitchen.wordpress.com/imgGranville Kitchen-0.1978698751.53276953aaamicro localunder threat
50Queen's Market in East London is unique. It seems unimaginable that for 10 years this vital resource could have been threatened by Newham Council and rapacious companies. In response to this attack on our local resource; shoppers; residents and traders fJSFriends of Queen MarketPlace+Groupunder threataction groupeconomycampaign3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpacehttp://www.friendsofqueensmarket.org.uk/imgFriends Queen_Mkt0.0339982351.534461aaamicro localunder threat
51connected with OKR peopleaaaFriary Estate TRAPlace+Groupunder threataction grouphousing / planningcampaign3Ax yBC2016/04-JustSpace_conference
imgFriaryEstate TRA-0.065774153651.48135203aaalocalunder threat
52set up in November 2014 to complain about the announced demolition of 230 family homes by Catalyst Housing; a Registered Social Landlord; in order to build a 29 story block of 680 flats for private sale.JSFriary Park Preservation GroupPlace+Groupunder threataction grouphousing / planningcampaign3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpaceimgFriary_Park Preserv-0.2646851.51659aaamicro localunder threat
53Due to rent increase; we are moving from our historic place on Westminster Bridge Rd to a space at OKRS (Old Kent Road Studios); a new venue on the Ledbury Estate; SE15;aaaThe Feminist LibraryPlace+Grouppreservedaction groupculturecampaign3We hope our space will be ready for us to move into by next Spring; but of course there is a lot of work (and fundraising!)Ax yBC2016/11_LandForWhathttp://feministlibrary.co.uk/imgFeminist Library-0.0517773651.47731363aaamicro local0
54Building under threat; we have reached an agreement with the council that will allow us to stay in our current building until 30 October 2016.aaaFeminist libraryPlace+Groupunder threataction groupculturecampaign3Ax yBC2016/06_Conwayhttp://feministlibrary.co.uk/imgFeminist library-0.1052676951.49852248aaamicro localunder threat
55Industrial estate with mostly creative businesses (book binder; craft work; movie sets ...). Planned to be demolished.aaaFaircharm estatePlace+Groupunder threataction groupeconomy03Ax yBC2016/09-Deptford_Old_Tidemill_G2http://www.newsshopper.co.uk/news/10399722.Deptford_s_Faircharm_Estate_development_go_ahead_is_a__nightmare__for_artistic_community/imgFaircharm-0.0199770951.47744059aaamicro localunder threat
56Defend the ten is a campaign by Lambeth Library Friends’ groups; is open to all library users and supporters; and works with Lambeth Library staff campaigns.aaaDefend the 10Place+Groupunder threataction groupculturecampaign3Ax yBC2016/06_Conwayhttp://defendthe10-lambeth.org.uk/imgDefend the.10-0.116001851.46477256aaalocalunder threat
57independent cinema in London and has recently been declared a 'surface of interest' by Transport for London; meaning that the much loved cinema could be destroyed to make way for Crossrail 2 developments.aaaCurzon cinemaPlace+Groupunder threataction groupculturecampaign3https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/save-the-curzon-sohoAx yBC2016/10_JM-directhttp://www.curzonblog.com/about-curzon/imgCurzon cinema-0.1305565251.51272212aaamicro localunder threat
58The Hackney Council's development plans for the Mare Street area propose to erase this community garden.aaaCordwainers GardenPlace+Groupunder threataction groupecology03Plans came out at the beginning of November/2016. So still figuring out before campaigning.Ax yBC2016/11_LandForWhathttps://cordwainersgarden.wordpress.com/imgCordwainers Garden-0.0547653451.54056335aaamicro localunder threat
59Fighting the gentrification and social cleansing of Chrisp Street Market.aaaSave Chrisp St MarketPlace+Groupunder threataction groupeconomycampaign3Ax yBC2016/06_Conwayhttp://www.chrispstreet.org.uk/imgChrisp St-Market-0.0154103951.51097288aaamicro localunder threat
60Lease off in 2012. High court. Help of Ubele. On 2 February 2015 the Bridge Renewal Trust agreed to take on the interim management of Chestnuts Community Centre.OTChestnuts Community CentrePlace+Groupunder threataction groupcommunitycampaign3This arrangement is for a year whilst the local authority reviews the long term commissioning arrangementsAx yBC2016/06_Conwayhttp://chestnutscommunitycentre.org.uk/imgChestnuts Centre-0.0884681951.58202435aaamicro localunder threat
61A group of Hackney residents who are campaigning to stop Hackney Council demolishing Britannia Leisure Centre.aaaSave Britannia Leisure CentrePlace+Groupunder threataction groupsport / leisurecampaign3Ax yBC2016/10_JM-directhttps://www.facebook.com/savebritannialeisurecentre/about/img
Britannia Leisure Centre
-0.0836312851.53526475aaamicro localunder threat
62Berwick Street Market has been independent for 300 years yet Westminster City
Council has decided to privatise it with barely any consultation.
aaaBerwick Street MarketPlace+Groupunder threataction groupeconomycampaign3Private operators are already in the tender process and traders’ licences have been terminated without warning. This campaign is opposing the privatisation of Berwick street market.Ax yBC2016/10_JM-directhttps://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/keep-berwick-street-market-independentimgBerwick St_Market-0.1344269551.5128156aaamicro localunder threat
63Located in an abandonned school. The school is planned to be demolished. The council is paying a security firm to preserve illegal occupations. It gives the right to the firm to rent spaces with precarious leases to different people.DNAAssemblySE8
Place+Groupunder threataction grouphousing / planningproject3Ax yBC2016/06-Deptford_Old_Tidemill_G
-0.0236135951.47707052aaamicro localunder threat
64The council have a history of closing down community centres in Brixton without proper justification.aaaSave 365 Community CentrePlace+Groupunder threataction groupcommunitycampaign3Ax yBC2016/10_JM-directhttps://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/save-365-community-centre-2img
365 Community Centre
-0.1132965151.46563836aaamicro localunder threat
66Campaign to save artist studios and local economy from gentrificationaaaSave Hackney WickPlace+Group0action groupeconomy
3to be completed and checked2017/01-Civic_UniversitySave Hackney Wick-0.021882524951.54549969aaalocal0
67WRP is the Cross-Domain organisation representing Westminster residents at a statutory strategic level in matters of good housing and community spiritJSWestminster Residents DomainPlace+Group0group2housing / planningalternative3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpacehttps://www.facebook.com/Westminster-Residents-Domain-WRD-829751893713047/info/?tab=overviewimgWestminster
68Community blog with a lot of interesting articles written by Sue Lawes. "We have thoughts and ideas about the new development at Convoys Wharf Deptford; SE8. "
aaaVoice4DeptfordPlace+Group0group2culturealternative3Ax yBC2016/06-Deptford_Old_Tidemill_G
69Vine is a fully mutual housing co-operative - owned and run by its tenants. All tenants are members of the Co-op; and all members are tenants or prospective tenants.
The Co-op owns 23 houses in Vauxhall Grove and Bonnington Square in the London Borough o
JSVine Housing Co-opPlace+Group0group2housing / planningalternative3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpacehttp://www.vinecoop.org.uk/imgVineHousing Co-op-0.1195539251.484642aaamicro local0
70is an experiment in building a commons – by which we mean a resource that is organised and structured by our collective activity as a community and not by money or property rights.aaaThe Common HousePlace+Group0group2economyalternative3Ax yBC2016/04-JustSpace_conference
http://www.commonhouse.org.uk/imgTheCommon House-0.057959079151.52839578aaamicro local0
71Our Vision is of a strong local community where people love to live; and know and care for their neighbours.aaaThe MillPlace+Group0group2communityalternative3Our Mission is to provide a welcoming; positive; accessible and inclusive space at the heart of Walthamstow; and work with the community locally to make things happen.Ax yBC2016/04-JustSpace_conferencehttp://themill-coppermill.org/imgThe Mill-0.0344917151.58136668aaalocal0
72The Hive is an independent social space facilitated by not-for-profit company; ReSpace Projects; that enables the temporary use of empty buildings for social good.aaaThe HivePlace+Group0group2economyalternative3The building itself is a four-storey ex-office block that was broken and empty for nearly eight yearsAx yBC2016/06_Conwayhttps://hivedalston.wordpress.com/about/imgThe Hive-0.076164757551.53783618aaacross London0
73To be a base for groups who work to address oppression & injustice; or to create alternative political/economic systems & environmental justice.aaaThe FieldPlace+Group0group2communityalternative3Ax yBC2016/06-Deptford_Old_Tidemill_G
http://thefieldnx.com/imgThe Field-0.047330030751.4741841aaamicro local0
74aaaSt Quintin and Woodlands Neighbourhood ForumPlace+Group0group2housing / planningproject3Ax yBC2016/10_JM-directhttp://stqw.org/img
St-Quintin&Woodlands NF
75Community gardening of disused spaces without Council permission. Help of the "Mischief Makers". Project led by Robin GreyaaaSomerford Grove EstatePlace+Group0group2ecologyalternative3Ax yBC2016/06_Conwayimg
Somerford Grove-Estate
-0.072330951.5539748aaamicro local0
76Unitarian Centre for Social Action; We run community programming from our Bethnal Green; East London premises. Our programmes - including our After School Club; New Neighbours/Old Neighbours Lunch; and ESOL classes - are all run by a team of dedicated voJSSimple Gifts (Bethnal Green)Place+Group0group2citizenshipalternative3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpacehttp://www.simplegiftsucsa.org.uk/imgSimple Gifts_BG-0.06202481451.528524aaalocal0
77A housing co-op in Coin Street area. Part of a network of coops around London- CCHaaaRedwood housing Co-opPlace+Group0group2housing / planningalternative3Ax yBC2016/06_Conwayhttp://www.cch.coop/about-the-cch/imgRedwood
78(in Hive Dalston) We’re asking councils to implement a new planning classification of ‘ReSpace’; which enables landlords and community groups to easily collaborate on the re-use of empty buildings.aaaRe-Space projectPlace+Group0group2housing / planningalternative3Ax yBC2016/06_ConwayimgRe-Space project-0.076211446751.5380201aaacross London0
79Local media “…getting the community talking”. Created in 2008aaaQuayPointPlace+Group0group2culturealternative3no specific location but QuayPoint indicated this place as a very good one to relaxAx yBC2016/09-Deptford_Old_Tidemill_G2http://thequaypoint.co.uk/imgQuayPoint-0.0306361951.49040882aaalocal0
80Joan Morris from the Pelican Estate has teamed up with neighbouring businesses to put on a series of activities and initiatives for residents.aaaPelican CrossingPlace+Group0group2economyalternative3Ax yBC2016/04-JustSpace_conference
http://peckhampeculiar.tumblr.com/post/118766668085/pelican-crossingimgPelican Crossing-0.0761208451.47323245aaamicro local0
81We are a limited company with charitable aims. Our main goal is to achieve an asset transfer of a local derelict heritage building. We cover NW2 or the Brent Cross Regen site. We hope the Farm buildings can become a community hub; offering much needed poJSOur Yard - Clitterhouse Farm ProjectPlace+Group0group2ecologyproject3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpaceimgOurYard Cli_Farm-0.2172451.5658aaamicro local0
82Organiclea is a community food project based in the Lea Valley in north-east London. We produce and distribute food and plants locally; and inspire and support others to do the same.RoSOrganic LeaPlace+Group0group2ecologyalternative3With a workers’ cooperative at our core; we bring people together to take action towards a more just and sustainable society.Ax yBC2016/06_Conwayhttps://www.organiclea.org.uk/imgOrganicLea-0.003068447151.64089986aaamicro local0
83you don’t need to be a traffic expert to see the Silvertown Tunnel will actually make congestion worse; not better; as building new roads attracts new traffic. With extra congestion comes extra pollution. Air quality around the A102 and its approach roJSNo to Silvertown TunnelPlace+Group0group2transportcampaign3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpacehttp://www.silvertowntunnel.co.uk/imgNoto Silvertown_T0.0185952751.504395aaamicro local0
84Park food growing / cooking. Myatt’s is a food hub. We grow food and have run 350 cooking sessions over the past three years.aaaMyatts Field Park ProjectPlace+Group0group2ecologyalternative3Ax yBC2016/06_Conwayhttp://www.myattsfieldspark.info/food-project.htmlimgMyatts Field-Park-0.0974506351.47136518aaamicro local0
85Permanent Housing CoopaaaMayday HousingPlace+Group0group2housing / planningalternative3Ax yBC2016/06_ConwayimgMayday Housing-0.093924159251.50135145aaamicro local0
86May Project Garden was founded in 2006 by converting my 240 square foot garden into a food growing and educational site for the local community; schools and youth groups. We use creative outlets; such as gardening; music and cooking; to teach social cohJSMay Project Garden+KMTPlace+Group0group2ecologyalternative3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpacehttp://www.3kmt.co.uk/
imgMay_Project Garden-0.1849851.38886aaamicro local0
87A non-profit hackerspace in London: a community-run workshop where people come to share tools and knowledge.aaaLondon HackspacePlace+Group0group2economyalternative3Ax yBC2016/11_LandForWhathttps://london.hackspace.org.uk/imgLondon Hackspace-0.0608915151.53212133aaamicro local0
88Over the course of 6 weeks; Latymer Projects welcomes participants to collaboratively create a map; concerned with the historical and contemporary experiences of life in the local area.(Constantine Gras)aaaLatymer Mapping ProjectPlace+Group0group2culturealternative3Ax yBC2016/06_Conwayhttp://www.grasart.com/latymer-mapping-project.htmlimgLatymer Mapping-0.225058538651.52449129aaamicro local0
89Building community links; sharing information; connecting people and structuringaaaI live in SE16Place+Group0group2culturealternative3Ax yBC2016/06_ConwayimgI.live in.SE16-0.047429123151.49702695aaalocal0
90challenging the polluting inevitably of the WestwayaaaGreen WestwayPlace+Group0group2ecologyalternative3Ax yBC2016/06_Conwayhttps://greenwestway.wordpress.com/about/imgGreen Westway-0.220896851851.51585978aaamicro local0
91Last week of April ; in different places of Deptford and New Cross. Outdoor and in community buildings
aaaFree film festival
Place+Group0group2culturealternative3Ax yBC2016/06-Deptford_Old_Tidemill_G
imgFreeFilm festival-0.042061964851.48212579aaalocal0
92Vegetables; meat; wine; eggs; organic; volunteering; learningaaaForty Hall FarmPlace+Group0group2ecologyalternative3Ax yBC2016/11_LandForWhathttp://www.fortyhallfarm.org.uk/imgForty Hall Farm-0.0690507951.669887aaamicro local0
93is a cooperatively-run social centre located in South London; just off Old Kent Road. Building with different spaces available for local communities or activists. Concerts; bar; kitchen; record shop; print press (for campaigning actions)
aaaDIY Space for LondonPlace+Group0group2economyalternative3Ax yBC2016/06-Deptford_Old_Tidemill_G
http://diyspaceforlondon.org/imgDIY_Space forLdn
-0.055438705851.48244964aaamicro local0
94has been created on the old Eastern Curve railway line which was an abandoned space. The architectural collective Exyzt built temporary Dalston Mill on the site in 2009 and constructed in 2010 a spacious wooden garden pavilion for events and workshopsaaaDalston Curve GardenPlace+Group0group2ecologyalternative3Ax yBC2016/06_Conwayhttp://dalstongarden.org/imgDalston Curve_Gard-0.074956415151.5462654aaamicro local0
95Enthusiasts in Deptford; south-east London; propose to build a replica of the Restoration warship Lenox in the dockyard where she was originally built. To use site and ship to bring back to life the cultural and economic heart of Deptford; completely ataaaBuild the LenoxPlace+Groupreclaimedgroup2cultureproject3For the benefit of research and visitors; traditional shipbuilding skills would also be used; which together with a museum and outlet store would provide a complementary experience to that which is offered in Greenwich.
Ax yBC2016/09-Deptford_Old_Tidemill_G2http://www.buildthelenox.org/imgBuild the_Lenox-0.0253415151.48656751aaamicro local0
96The Bromley by Bow Centre is an innovative community organisation in east London; working in one of the most deprived boroughs in the UK. Each week we support families; young people and adults to learn new skills; improve their health and wellbeing; findJSBromley by Bow Community CentrePlace+Group0group2housing / planningalternative3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpacehttp://www.bbbc.org.uk/about-usimgBromley byBow_CyCr-0.01246419651.526418aaaBorough0
97The residents; and the Residents’ Association; have worked with the Council to dramatically improve the estate over the last 30 yrs. It now has great facilities; play areas; health centre; schools and so on. In the last 6 years a range of refurbishmentaaaBroadwater FarmPlace+Group0group2housing / planning03Ax yBC2016/02_startinghttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Broadwater_FarmimgBroadwater Farm-0.0815391551.59490842aaamicro local0
98Last windmill in LondonaaaBrixton Windmill CommunityPlace+Group0group2citizenship03Ax yBC2016/04-JustSpace_conferencewww.brixtonwindmill.orgimgBrixton Windmill-0.123739232351.45320204aaamicro local0
99Audacious Veg empowers and employs local people in the local food economy.
Member of Community Food Growers Network.
CFGNAudacious VegPlace+Group0group2ecologyalternative3Ax yBC2016/03-survey_JustSpaceimgAudacious Veg0.0913451.60203aaamicro local0
100Community centreaaaArmadaPlace+Group0group2community03Ax yBC2016/09-Deptford_Old_Tidemill_G2imgArmada-0.0251913151.4814447aaamicro local0
101Borough Annual Merit Festival (in September)aaaLongfield HallPlace+Group0group2culturealternative3to be completed and checked2017/01-Civic_UniversityLongfield Hall-0.104855701951.47173519aaalocal0