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8/25/2009 17:10:09AdministratorIt depends
8/25/2009 17:10:37Teacher
I love having the chance to really debate something w/colleagues around the world. Not everybody agreed on everything, but the tone was professional and engaging. Thanks for putting this together.
-Nancy Devine
8/25/2009 17:12:26Other EducatorThis was my first edchat and I will certainly be involved in the future. I was surprised by the number of quick responses and the intense debates. Today it seemed like homework was the hot topic.

Good luck with and thanks again for checking out our site:
8/25/2009 20:14:19Other EducatorI want to get rid of HW. I want meaningful work to be done in class.
8/25/2009 20:16:59Other EducatorStill not convinced about the benefits of traditional homework that I have experienced over the past 9 years as a school mum (double sided A4 paper - "write these 20 words out three times", a bunch of numeracy activities). Very few homework activities ever feature arts activities - nor any of the other multiple intellegiences that the teachers at our school say they teach/foster. Would love to see teachers sharing their "New-Age/Revolutionary Homework" strategies. I think this is a session or a blog or a post etc. Stuff that is practical, works, engages students & is or isn't necessarily incorporating technology. (Maybe this is a wiki). Thanks again @leesawatego
8/25/2009 20:17:33TeacherIt's overwhelming. There are so many discussion threads that I missed. I'll be rereading this chat for the next few days. Thanks for your efforts to coordinate evenings like this.
8/25/2009 20:17:34Teacher Homework must have a learning objective, but it can serve a very important purpose. In some instances, it is vital for academic achievement.
8/25/2009 20:17:37Option 4
Somewhat distracting to have direct messages in with the timeline. Would rather just see comments on the subject rather than everyone's rt's and direct messages.
8/25/2009 20:18:09Option 4
Somewhat distracting to have direct messages in with the timeline. Would rather just see comments on the subject rather than everyone's rt's and direct messages.
8/25/2009 20:20:15TeacherHomework can be a tricky subject, especially with math teachers.
8/25/2009 20:20:25Teacher Homework is a tool that reinforces what students learn in class. If students are not assigned some tasks to do at home, they do nothing and forget what they've practised in class. It can be creative and interesting.
8/25/2009 20:20:37Teacher I could not keep up with the stream on twitter. I suppose I should have logged in but my computer is old and can not handle too much activity. I'll have to read later - can't respond to comments as they happen. All of this is my problem and not yours.

Seemed like the same old conversations on homework with no new thoughts. At least IMHO.
8/25/2009 20:20:47TeacherEdchat is a valuable way for teachers to exchange ideas, thoughts, etc. The topic tonioght (HW) was clearly stimulating and divisive, but there was a respectful discussion. The chat sometimes moves too fast for me (or I need a larger screen!) to keep up with, but it is like a big cocktail party; I can't hear what the people over by the food are saying, but they seem to be having a good talk and I'd like to be part of it.

Thank you for taking the time and making the effort to make this chat available each week.
8/25/2009 20:21:11Other Educator This was great! Thanks so much. I am a teacher educator and will definitely put this information into my interactions with the students in my graduate and professional development courses.

(Teresa Wilkins)
8/25/2009 20:21:42TeacherAs a relatively new teacher (6 yrs) with little overlap with my parenting years, I always resented the thought that teachers felt they needed to manage my parent involvement with my child by assigning homework. I also believe my children are not readers for pleasure because reading was always work at home for them. And I have never believed anyone should have to come home and continue working.

As a teacher, I am investigating how I lessen the emphasis of homework in my classroom by suggesting rather requiring work outside of class that would be designed to further investigate or enrich what is going on in the classroom.
8/25/2009 20:22:30TeacherI've never done a Twitter/edchat before, but decided to jump in. It was difficult considering I follow only 2 of the twitters and I was reluctant to put comments since I only have student teaching experience under my belt. I would like to learn more and become more involved with these things in the future; just unsure how/where to start. I like the real time experience, and seeing/reading the thoughts of other more experienced educators.

8/25/2009 20:23:56TeacherAppreciate the hashtag, so I can follow even if I come in late :)
8/25/2009 20:24:28Teacher
Didn't feel there was any real discussion or learning-just people shouting points of view. Those with unpopular pts of view were attacked for them. Many key questions went unanswered. I'll read the chat next time, not participate. Thank you for setting it up. :-)
8/25/2009 20:24:43TeacherNice use of google forms! We as teachers must grade and check for learning. If students prove that they know, move on. Give more advanced projects. If they haven't learned, I have no problem with given them homework to understand the concepts better. To make everybody do the homework is not the best use of time.

Let's move beyond knowing the facts, but creating, sharing, analyzing, problem solving, producing. These are the tools and skills for the 21st century.

Thanks @zmanrdz Roger Zuidema
8/25/2009 20:27:28TeacherHomework is not beneficial if it is given solely for the sake of being given. It needs to have a purpose - a goal - and needs to fit into the larger scheme of learning. It needs to be something that all students can complete so not to turn people off who cannot, but it should be challenging enough that the upper-level students aren't bored with it. It should, therefore, be differentiated by students OR should/could be made non-mandatory.

If a student is able to demonstrate that he/she knows the content and is able to use the information suitably, there is no reason for that student to be required to do homework on said content.
8/25/2009 20:28:13Teacher
Although difficult to keep up with the flow of responses I thoroughly enjoyed participating in tonight's edchat. The topic was relevant and meaningful on many levels and it was enlightening to read the ideas and views of other educators.
Louise De Masi (@Wizdommy)
8/25/2009 20:35:38TeacherInteresting, however, tweets were coming in so fast I couldn't go back and check what was said before!
8/25/2009 20:35:47Other EducatorFound that search on twitter and on tweetdeck didn't match up. I had a very difficult time making sense of conversation.
8/25/2009 20:36:37Teacher I loved participatingin edchat! This was my first and I was a bit late to get on board but it was great. Awesome way to challenge our teaching practice to make our classrooms the best they can be for all students. THANKS!
8/25/2009 20:42:06Other Educator I especially enjoyed tonight's #edchat because of the differing views on hw- kept things quite lively!
8/25/2009 20:44:42Teacher
It's very difficult to follow edchat (I'm new), but it is great to interact with so many others in education. It has given me a lot to think about.
Thank you!
8/25/2009 20:45:42Teacher There are a lot of pros and cons on homework. I feel there are students that would definitely benefit from homework especially if it helps them in areas where they need improvement. I tried to make my homework assignments and lessons ones that would help them in their daily lives. I always tried to teach them survival skills that they could use in the real world. As I mentioned my daily homework assignment was to either listen to or read the news. I wanted my students to be aware of what was going on in the world. Our school system made homework mandatory every night.
8/25/2009 20:46:11Other Educator
Thank you, #edchat is a worthwhile experience and it was great to see it trending on Twitter tonight.

8/25/2009 20:48:19TeacherMy students do 2 things each night 1. pleasure read with their choice of text 2. write a reflective paragraph each evening about what they will remember most about their day. This writing is to get parents and kids talking about their days instead of the "what did you do in school today." and the kid responding "I don't know".

Great exchange of ideas tonight; got me thinking.
8/25/2009 20:53:53TeacherMy mind is racing after #edchat. I've never agreed with the philosophy of giving a lot of homework and never will. I think it takes away from the learning that happens in the classroom. You never really know the environment of your students while doing homework, which is another huge piece to this.

I simply know that I see better results in my third graders when they are given little or no homework. If I do assign homework, it's something authentic to the students (reading a book they choose or writing in their writing notebook or researching a topic of interest and sharing it with me the next day or the next week).

What I appreciated so much about #edchat is that I feel like other teachers are finally on my side!! Thanks!
8/25/2009 20:57:38TeacherAlthough I didnt participate in the chat but I enjoyed reading the opinions regarding homework. I lost my internet connection last night, so I missed all the action.

Anyway, I'm myself is not keen on giving hw. The last time I ever gave homework frequently was 2 years ago. I do agree homework do not reflect the actual learning and it may burden the students to carry on work at home. It is not fair for them as well as they might have homeworks from other subjects. Where I teach, our students performance is judged according to tests and exams hence classwork and homework are included. This means teachers will have to keep up with inserting classwork and homework marks every term which make up 60% for their overall grading while the other 40% is for the final exam. I can call myself someone who doesn't like to follow rules but I'm up for any new initiatives. I have been mostly engage my students with educational websites and prefer to have them work in class but rarely ask them or give them extra work at home. Starting early next year, I will try to have my students create their own online portfolio and this where I can judge their performance instead of on paper. I am actually working on a Drupal-based site and I will try to configure it to have functionality of a moodle site.

I really appreciate all the thoughts from the great edtech gurus ever since I found interest in twitter. it really has made me refine my passion for teaching as I think is like a sinking ship.

Izad Majid
8/25/2009 21:23:24TeacherGreat chat tonight! Lots of great info. My summary: as with most things in ed, tools/medium are not the real issue as much as quality learning and thinking. EX, real problem with homework is not always the work, but our ideas of what homework is because of past associations. Assumption is made that homework=busywork. If that is true, yes, ditch hw. If homework is engaging and relevant and given in moderation, I say keep it in. Nice counter points on student/family rights and overworking kids, though! Lots of great viewpoints shared tonight!
8/25/2009 22:00:46TeacherThere are those who are interested in looking at new ways to engage student learning outside school walls. Then there are those who look past the research, refuse to heed the cries of students, and continue to assign one-size-fits-all, drill-and-kill homework to every student in their classrooms, every night.

We've got a long way to go.
8/26/2009 2:24:29Other Educator- thought it was a very interesting discussion
- was surprised by the number of people who were anti - homework per se
- although it didn't change my views on homework (I'm ambivalent about it!) it did make me think about the topic and re-examine my beliefs, which is always a good thing
- met some interesting new people who are now part of my PLN