Birthday (Month, Date)
Favorite Color(s)Favorite Take Out RestaurantsFavorite Sit Down RestaurantsFavorite Flowers/PlantsFavorite FruitsFavorite StoresFavorite SnacksFavorite Coffee/TeaFavorite BookstoreFavorite Sports TeamsFavorite Hobbies
If you were given a gift card for $5, what stores would you prefer?
If you were given a gift card for $10, what stores would you prefer?
If you were given a gift card for $25, what stores would you prefer?
Any Special Wish List items for your classroom?
Any item you prefer not to receive or that you simply have too much of?
Are you allergic to anything?
9/21/2018 12:21:51Arena, CaraSeptember 5greenChipotle, ModMarket, FlowerChildVerde, Under the SunSunflowers, succulentsmangoREI, Anthropologie, TargetpopcornRooibos TeaBoulder BookstoreNot a sports girlyoga, hiking, readingCoffee shopsCoffee shopsCoffee shops :)books books books! NopeNope
Bradford, Brittany10/04Maroon, teal, goldenAnything Thai, Vietnamese, or tacos ( : Avery in Gunbarrel Peonies, lavender, thistlesMango REI, Madewell, Rebecca's ApothecaryAlmonds, trail mix, hummus and veggies Dirty chaiBoulder bookstore!Tennessee Predators or Titans Trail running or painting Whole Foods or Target Whole Foods or Target Whole Foods, Amazon, Target, Boulder Bookstore, World MarketMore flexible seating options for the back bar area, indoor plants, extra student headphones, noise cancelling headphonesNope!Nope!
9/21/2018 11:19:47Chatburn, EmilyDecember 7White, blue and greenModern Market, Fresh ThymesLeaf, The Kitchen, TangerineCactus AllMadewell, Jones and Co, Anthropologie, REI Potato chipsAmericano Boulder Bookstore N/AYoga, snowboarding, painting Pete’s Coffee or Brewing MarketWhole Foods / World Market Madewell and AnthropologieDisplay Bookshelf MugsDairy and gluten
9/21/2018 9:16:49Cole, Courtney7/25Green/AllAny Mexican/AsianMurphys/ Southern Sun/ PJs DinerGerber DaisiesapplesTarget/ Trader Joe's/ Whole Foodspopcorn/fruit/nuts/dark chocolateAnyBarnes and NobleMichigan State SpartansReading, yoga, hikingStarbucksTrader Joe's/TargetAny of the aboveblack/felt tip pensNo
Doddo, Sarah10/15green/pinkChipolte, SnarfsThe Sink, Pizzaria Localedaisiespineapple/ cantelope/grapesTarget/Blisswasabi peas/popcornChai TeaBoulder BookstorePhiladelphia EaglesHiking, live music, camping, yogaStarbucksTargetTarget
10/10/2018 15:21:28Dolph, Lynne9/21GreenNoodlesAnything in Boulder or Louisvilleany and allgrapes & applesREI/ Amazonnuts and dried fruitStarbucksBarnes and NobleBroncos, DU Pioneers Hockey, CO Hockey, Rockies camping, biking, hiking, StarbucksREIREIno
9/24/2018 13:45:05Fetter, ChristiJuly 31TealMod Market24 Carrot in Erie, The Post TulipsAll of them! Peaches, fruit salad, berriesAmazon, TargetChocolate, peanut butterStarbucks Refreshers or Bhakti chaiAmazon (for my Kindle)noneskiing, hiking, camping, baking cookiesTargetTargetTarget, REII love getting new chapter books from the book fairs! noneNope! Thank you!
9/24/2018 12:20:53Fink, ZachDecember 2ndGreen and blueTiffinsAnyplace in downtown ErieAloeDried ApricotsRocky Mountain Anglers, REI, AmazonGummy stuff - NOT chocolateStarbucksAmazon Michigan State, Detroit Tigers, Detroit Lions, CU, NuggetsFly fishingStarbucksRocky Mountain AnglersRocky Mountain AnglersDebtcats
Forrestal, JessicaOctober 1purpleBlue Pan, Shisho SushiFnGthistlesApplesTargetPretzelsChai Latte (oat or almond milk)Tattered CoverGardening, cooking, artTarget, Natural GrocersTarget, Natural GrocersTarget, Natural Grocersart booksno
Gainsbrugh, Christmas02/24/1976
Chagall Blue and Orange!
Smash Burger, Noodles, Thai,240 Union in Lakewood, La La's DenverWild Flowers, Lupine, Stock,All:)GF/DF Peets Coffee, iced americano with a splash of soy:)Tattered CoverWarriors, Nuggets Basketball!Yoga, french lop rabbits!Whole Foods/King Soopers/AmazonWhole Foods/King Soopers/AmazonWhole Foods/King Soopers/AmazonGluten and Dairy
9/25/2018 0:27:06Glander, DiannSeptember 9Orange/yellowPanera, Motomaki, NoodlesEfrains, 95a,Sushi ZanmaiPeonies/ Sunflowers Pineapple/ berries/watermelon Macy, TJ Maxx, Costco,Target Popcorn, chips, berries Black or green teaBarnes and Noble, Amazon BRONCOS!!! CU Buffaloes Photography, movies, cooking/bakingTarget Target Amazon Air Conditioning !N/ACalories
10/29/2018 11:10:54Graham, BrookeMarch 17thBlue and purplePF. Changs, Santiago's PF ChangsRoses Granny Smith Green AppleTarget, AthletaSkinny Pop, Snickers bitesCaramel macchiato with soy from StarbucksAmazonRockies, Broncos, CSUPaddle Boarding, baking, playing tennis, walking the dogsTargetTarget , AmazonTarget, Target and TargetNone at this timeChocolateNo
Hagan, DoryAug 7BlueChipotle, Tiffins, SanitagosEfrains, OakCactusAppleMckuginsChipsCoffee/Tea BoxcarBoulder BookstoreRockiesSkiing, Walking, TravelingOzo'sMckuginsMckugkinsno
9/24/2018 11:27:48Harmon, Lauren9/21BlueJaipur, Pho Kitchen, Aloy ThaiJax, sushi, Under the Sun,
Basil (actually any herb), daffodils, tulips
peaches, apples, melon, berries
Anthropologie, Sur la Table, Book Stores, Whole Foods
Almonds, chocolate covered pretzelscoffee with a splash of milk, any herbal or green teaBoulder Book Store
I love soccer and watching Liverpool and Manchester United. Love going to Rapids games.
Gardening, reading, cooking, yogacoffee shopsbook stores and coffee shopsAmazon, Target, MichaelsNot at this time?no
10/1/2018 12:28:22James, Beth12/9Orange any Indian, any sushi :)any indian, any SushiGerbera Daisyapples, bananas, avocadoREI, whole foodsKind Bars, RxBarchai non fatBarnes and NobleBroncosHiking, biking, yogaREIREIREIindividual White boards!nono
Kindernan, PatriceMay 18BluePanera, Motomaki, NoodlesThe Kitchen, Community, Bar TacoAll flowers and plantsmangos, peaches, really all fruit except bananasTJ Maxx/Home Goodsanything savorylatteAmazonbiking, hiking, pickleball, snowshoeingTargetTJ MaxxTJ Maxx
9/21/2018 12:31:35Laufmann, DenetteNovember 28Purple, blueAll of them!All of them!Blue Iris, TulipsAll of them!Costco, Home Depot, Chicos, Soft SurroundingsPopcorn, Chocolate, nutsStarbucks - Flat White, Mocha, PSL, Nitro Cold Brew w/sweet creamAmazonBroncosGardening, ReadingStarbucksStarbucks, Costco, Home DepotCostco, Home DepotNope
9/21/2018 8:38:30Maasdorf, AlisonMarch 31yellowSmashBurgerDugabiLilyblueberriesdon't have onechocolatestarbucks coffeeBarnes and NobleBroncos, Rockies, Redskins, Nationalscycling, traveling, being with my kidsWhole FoodsWhole FoodsWhole Foodsquick easy gamespetscats
9/21/2018 9:17:50McCleskey, AdrienneApril 27allany Asian or IndiaMurphy'sdaisiesberriesTarget, REI, Trader Joes
anything salty, fruit, popcorn, Rowdy Mermaid kombucha, dark chocolate, gummy bears
chai latte (skim milk)Barnes and NobleRapidsrunning, sailing, skiing, readingPeet's or StarbucksPeet's, Starbucks, Target and Trader JoesTarget, Trader Joe's, REI, Michael'sdecorative lights, floor pillows, floor lampplants- they don't do well with me, coffee- I don't drink itNo
9/21/2018 14:35:02McKenzie, Nancy07/27Blue
Cosmos, Chez Thuy Restaurant, 5 Guys, Chick fil a
Pasta Jays, Jax, Salt, Carelli's, Basta,I love all flowers & plants :)
Peaches, plumbs, bananas, grapes, pears, strawberries
Target, Lululemon, Athleta, Anthropologie, Macys Trail mix, Nuts, dark chocolateStarbucks, cappuccinoBarnes & NobleChicago Cubs, Chicago Bears, Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago, Bulls
Taking the YogaPod Fit class, Watching sports with my 18 year old son Grant, walking my dog with my husband, gardening..
StarbucksTarget, StarbucksTargetNope..No, not a thing!
Milne, Bernadette2/26Yellow, blueKALITA GRILLThe Melting Pot Mellons, mangosCostcoFruitLattesB & NBroncosBakingAny coffee houseAny coffee houseCostco, targetBee stings
9/24/2018 10:54:15Murdock, Kita8/23green and blueAudrey Jane's, Chipotle, CurryNKebobSushi ZanmaiDaisiesstrawberries, raspberriesREI, Anthropologie, Prana, Madewellpopcorn, Junior Mints, Chocolove barsBengal Spice tea, decaf black teaBoulder BookstoreBoulder High & Cal Poly :)Hiking, running, skiing, writing, readingWhole Foods, Starbucks, TargetWhole Foods, Starbucks, TargetTarget, Whole Foods, REI, Madewell, Boulder Bookstorexx
9/25/2018 11:07:14Kennedy, Elena10/07
Earth tones - green, brown, grey, mauve
Crosscut Pizza in Nederland, Fresh Thymes, Flowerchild
Verde, Black Belly, Kitchen Next Door, West End Tavern
SunflowersBerries, dried mango, applesREI, Athleta, MadewellNuts, hummus and veggies, fresh fruitGreen or black teaBoulder BookstoreGryffindor Quidditch :)Mountain biking, yoga, SUP, hiking, reading, cookingWhole FoodsWhole FoodsREIWe could benefit from book sets - 6 to 8 books for reading groupsNo :)
Rippy, SuzyAugust 19Dandelion YellowAloy Thai Cuisine Olive GardenDandelions & Roses/any hardy plantBlueberriesWalmart/Target or the Disney Storeapples and cheeseChai teaBarnes & NobleBroncoswalking my dogs, horseback riding, reading, watching movies with my familyanywhere:)anywhere:)anywhere:)not at this timenono allergies
Stenzel, BeccaDecember 14GreenChipotle, Big Daddy BagelsCasa Alegre, The PostanythinganythingAmazon, Target, Home DepotAnything Salty/Crunchy Chai LatteBarnes and Noble, AmazonGreen Bay PackersHiking, skiing, camping, home remodelingStarbucksStarbucksAmazon, TargetNot at this time Tree Nuts, all seafood
9/21/2018 11:05:11Timblin, ClareAug 29thBlue, purpleChipolte, Lark BurgerOak, The KitchenTulips, Gerber DaisyAll of them!Boulder Book Store, Book Worm ChocolateDecaf Oatmilk LatteAll of ThemBroncosHiking, Biking, SnowboardingCoffeeBook Worm Target, AmazonPencilsGluten
9/21/2018 10:28:10Tynecki, Jeannie3/24Pink and purpleModern Market, Panera, Chick-fil-aPasta Jays, The Hungry Toad, Parma (Louisville)All flowers and plantsblackberries, strawberries, applesAnn Taylor, Target, Old Navy, REIpopcorn, nuts, peanut m&msHazelnut coffeeAmazonRockies!Reading, hiking, walking, really anything outdoorsStarbucksTargetAnn Taylor or NordstromsTreat a teacher, office staff gal, or para with a special coffee or breakfast item, they deserve it!coffee cups :) no
Vaughan, EricaDec 2Blue, greenFlower ChildFlower Childlook: Peonies & Ranunculus, succulants, air plants; smell: Gardenias, hyacinth, narcissusBerries, mangoBoulder Book Store, Markets like FireflyNuts, Fruits, charcuterie, minty thingsChai with oat milk, black tea
Boulder Book store, used book stores
Teams my kids play on. :) Stanford Football! (Fear the Tree!)Hiking, backpacking, cycling, cross country skiing, crafting that ivolves constructing, reading, writingPeet'sBoulder Book StoreMcGuckins!! Not sure yet
12/6/2018 6:20:56Vidak, Nancy06/07Purple SpectrumChef KingParmaRoses, BegoniasColorado Peaches, Watermelon, PineappleTJ Maxx/Home GoodsSweet/SaltySkinny SF Vanilla LatteBarnes & NobleBroncos, AvsDancing, Walking, Reading, Cooking/BakingStarbucksBarnes & NobleUlta, DSW, Amazon
9/21/2018 11:33:09Weatherley, SaraSeptember 12orange, purple, greenMotomaki, Mod Market, Illegal Pete'sSushi Zanmai, the MedAnything that bloomsAny! berries are yummyTarget, Amazonchocolate, salty crunchylatteBoulder BookstoreGirls teams!Reading, biking, hiking, skiing, campingStarbucksAmazon, StarbucksTargetTissues!Things like soap or candles that have smells to themThings with smells - see above!
Jackie MarrinanJuly 6pink, coral, salmonLarkburgerUnder the Sun Gerbera DaisyOranges, berriesJacque Michelle Gift BoutiqueChocolate, salty vegan snacksBeleza-Oatmilk LatteBoulder BookstoreNot a sports fanWeight training, Painting, readingBarnes & NobleBarnes & Noble
12/10/2020Prough, Michael October 24GreenRosattisHanna Sushi (Louisville)CactusREIPopcornAmericano (1 packet sugar and a splash of 1/2 and 1/2)B & NBroncosskiing, kayaking, mountain bikinf, hikinb, camping, SCUBA, and travelingStarbucksPete'sREI
12/08/2020Claussen, NatalieFebruary 2Purple, pink, blueCulvers Twisted PineSun FlowersBananas and Dried mangosTargetpopcornVanilla oatmilk latte or oatmilk dirty chia latteBoulder BookstoreGreen Bay Packers/Chicago BlackhawksBouldering, and Down Hill Mountain BikingOzo coffeeozo coffeeozo coffee