Where Did You Wind Up? (Responses)
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Which platform(s) have you decided on (pick all that apply)What was the most compelling reason for your choice(s)?Any advice for the Sandpile Community?
Wordpress, Duda, Joomla, Odoo, OpenCartDuda was the only new one. Great site builderUse multiple platforms
Platform OS, Webflow, SimvolyCost and functionalityNever trust Adobe :-)
Platform OS, Wordpress, MagentoFlexibilityFew solutions provide EU hosting and GDPR compliance
Wordpress, Shopify
Treepl CMS, Weebly CloudTreepl most resembles BC and has improved it; WC was available and ready to go for some smaller clientsChoose a platform that fits you and your skill set then support that community by being actively involved.
DudaEase of use, fully featured and robust. Been around long enough and running enough sites to make me feel like they're in it for the long term. Support seems pretty efficient too.Try as many of the above as you can, and stick with the one you get on with the most. We all work in different ways, so what works for me may not work for you. I tried Weebly Cloud which was alright but ultimately it didn't feel right!
Platform OSFlexibility. I like that I can do anything, big or small on pOS.If you have ever built something on BC that was limited by the platform, and felt your creativity or vision stifled by that limitation, I encourage you to come to pOS. The limitless platform.
Platform OS, Treepl CMS, Possibly consider blueberrycms.com1) Anticipation of future direction and integration of the web, IOT, SEO... 2) ease of implementation & minimal learning 3) support 4) BC backgroundSandpile community and particularly Sandpile moderators - thanks for the time spent offering positive and much needed support. I'll truly miss your insight and shared direction.
None - haven't found one that will solve my needsReally interested in everyones direction moving forward as hopefully it will shed some light on a better direction for me.
Webflow, DudaEase of use and transitionEveryone of us has to do what works best for our business and our clients. I do think that one thing I will miss is the BC community and the Partners who supported each other throughout. I've been a Premier Partner since the old Australian ownership days and the community was always one of my favorite aspects of the platform. I wish everyone in the community the best of luck in their endeavors moving forward and I hope that our paths cross again somewhere down the road.
Webflow, Duda, Weebly Cloud, Shopify, wix
Treepl CMS, Webflow, DudaHavnt made the move yet - but top runners are Treepl CMS and Duda and webflow, might end up being a mix of all 3 depending on budgets and web functionality requirmentsno still hoping that a nice easy and cost effective solution will come out as the answer to all - basically on my wish list is a platform that does everthing that BC used to do but much easier to manage for me and especially for my clients (they want drag and drop and a live view editing) plus fantasitc support for me if needed are all on my wish list.
Treepl CMS, WordpressI switched to WordPress for immediate new work because I'd used it before and at the time I wasn't prepared to dive into another closed platform, but I'm not enjoying working on WordPress. I ticked Treepl but I haven't decided on it yet. It looks like it could provide an option, the pros are familiarity with BC and the same cool features (web apps), the main cons are, $1999 partner fee when there are no commissions or hosting discounts, and it's new and as yet untried, so could have some gotchas in there. If the Treepl guys offered to waive the partner fee and offered discounted hosting rates for partners for ex BC partners that had, say, 15 or more sites to migrate, I'd may be convinced to take the plunge.Keep an eye on Treepl, it looks interesting what they are doing there, although I'm not feeling the incentive to move to that platform right now, but maybe I would in the future if they were to offer benefits for becoming a partner. I'm not inclined to invest $1999 for free templates only, there has to be a way to get a return on the investment. Just my 2 cents.
DrupalI'm already familiar with the platform.
Webflow, DudaDuda - fast and easy to use with web personalization option. Great support and access to custom widgets. Webflow may be used for other sites. The EOL announcement was a shock but I see it as an opportunity for improvement. A lot of us are faced with current customers who don't want to pay for a rebuild as part of migration to a new server. If these customers have no future value, let them go and find new clients,
Platform OSPlatform-OS’s flexibility and power is amazingUse Abobe’s EOL to “up your game”. Learn as much as you can about modern best practices.
WordpressCost and available integrations
Webflow, Weebly CloudHave not made a decision on platform yet. Still deciding but both seem easy to use.
Treepl CMSClean implementation. It's not Wordpress.
Platform OS, WIXpower and simplicity
Platform OS, Treepl CMS, ShopifyContinuity (Liquid & Web Apps in Treepl and PlatformOS/Siteglide), Following some kind of industry standard in eCommerce with Shopify
Platform OS, Duda
Simvoly, BlueberryCMS ?Lower price options, growth potential, ease of useIdentify who you are, your current customer base, your target customer base and plan accordingly.
DudaFlexibility, whitelabling, combination of services offered.Good luck, everyone!
Platform OS, WebflowFunctionality & User Experience / Having a white-label, self-hosted low-end & high-end offering
Platform OS, Treepl CMSEase of use and flexibility.
Treepl CMSHopefully similar to BC
Nowhere yetStill have time to research Don’t jump to quick you may realize to late you made the wrong choice
Duda, SimvolyResponsive customer service
WebflowSupport offered by Jason TinninNo advice, just a thank you for all the input and advice you've shared!
Treepl CMSweb app/liquid integration
DudaTheir support for BC partners, great prices, forward thinking(GooglePage speed, etc), flexibility of the platform and ease of use for developing mobile enhanced sites quickly.Still looking for an advanced platform, considering Treepl and SiteGlide as possibilities.
Platform OSTech and flexibilityTry to master 1 CMS
Webflow, DudaDuda was quick and easy for the projects that we had in the pipeline. It was quick to learn and easy to continue our business. We also are BigCommerce partners and have been for many years so continue with our ecommerce business with this platform. Not at this stage - but I love hearing what all you guys think. Sometimes it can be lonely down here in New Zealand.
Platform OSPossibilities having few limitationsHave fun where ever you go
Craft CMS, Synergy 8CustomisationStay positive
Umbraco, Duda, Simvoly, Odoo, BlueberryCMSFunctionality | Migration | Evolving Platform | ERPWe are changing our model to attract large companies.
Duda, Synergy 8, KademiDuda, super quick and locked down system. Synergy 8 has most features like BC, and more, and not as developer focused as Platform OS, Umbraco, Magento, Craft etc.
still considering optionsNo clear replacement
Platform OSFlexibility to build an all in one solution for customers Get involved now and learn as it develops and be a part of the direction.
Webflow, DudaVisual web builder, dynamic components (CMS, widgets, etc) are adequateSimplify and pick a platform that won’t slow you down. Simple is not necessarily bad: both platforms I chose still have plenty of room for customization, even if I have to create an external service and integrate it with the site to get the job done!
Platform OSAPI first infrastructure including benefits of GraphQL, Elasticsearch, Liquid markup
Umbraco, Asp.net mvc coreFlexibility, full controlCloud services are good for adding additional services only. Don't put all your eggs in one basket.
Weebly CloudCost, ease of use for customers rather than myself, less time customising templatesMake sure to have a convo with customers if you haven't yet, or they will start googling a new web provider before you have time to offer them something new!
Umbraco, Sitefinity - for high-endFull developer support is the main reason. I'm a programmer not a designer, and I have years of ASP.NET backend dev experience. Umbraco and Sitefinity allow me to provide similar B2B solutions at the low and high end, by offering an extensive and extensible CMS-API at the backend, full access to ASP.NET/MVC development at the back-end, the option of using front-end access when needed but not constraining me to only using template solutions and front-end tools. I didn't see emulating BC as being important or even desirable, but nevertheless I can easily emulate any of its features that we choose to retain for our clients, and integrate 3rd-party services and tools where they are required.Don't fall into the trap of believing that BC needs to be replaced with a BC doppelganger. I've worked with other CMS platforms and BC really wasn't that good. In fact, BC and Adobe were a constant source of aggravation to me. It may well be that other solutions are better suited to your business needs, despite needing to learn something new or change the way you work.
Platform OSOnly thing I found that could replace BC fully and then someCommit to a long term solution - don't just look at immediate options
Platform OS, Convertri + BlueberryCMSPlatformOS for the bigger jobs, Convertri for Landing Pages, BlueberryCMS as a BC replacement.Everything will be alright in the end. If it’s not alright, it’s not the end.
Treepl CMS, UmbracoBusiness Catalyst Platform was ideal for our client needs. For that reason, Treepl seems like the best choice for us. Although, the Partner signup has been closed since August 1st. For brochure sites, however, we chose Umbraco CMS and we can place it on any hosting platform. We tested it on A2 hosting and Everleap Hosting and Umbraco ran fine. A2 Hosting also offers free SSL certificates. We like Umbraco CMS because it has built in Web App functionality, very easy to use backend (i.e. Back Office), and it is a Headless CMS. What's more, it allows us to create our own Custom Foundation 6 websites using Master Templates, and partial views (similar to content holders). Umbraco also provides a training Website smilar to BCGurus for only $20.00 per month. (www.Umbraco.tv)
Platform OS, Simvoly, Synergy 8Features, pricing, supportStay in touch! Support each other
Platform OSAPI and flexabilityGet on board POS and get our FREE Open Source Admin
Platform OSLiquid, webapp & SZ functionality, APIs, Australian hosting, security.Choose latest technology that will see you and your client into the future.
Treepl CMS, ShopifyWe need it to be as close as possible to BC with its intergrated process so we are looking at treepl and signed up a taken the leap of faith, We are building a Shopify as we cant wait till Dec / jan and we are not limited to think another product like Duda could be an answer but at Min of $USD 500 per month is out of the question for us. It looks like we see a segmented approach so we dont get caught out again. So, yes quite the the challenge each developer, cases and their clients are so individual - I suggest a needs analysis
WordpressMaturity, availability Don’t stress
Platform OS, Treepl CMS, WebflowWebApp like features, BC similarities, pricing, white-labelling
WordpressAlready comfortable with it, keep all websites on same system for simplicity.
Treepl CMS, Wordpress, Duda, SquareSpace, Weebly Cloud, Pixel Together, Shopify
SquareSpaceStrong eCommerce offeringNo
Platform OS, UmbracoAdam Cook & PrettyNone
Platform OSAdam view, love BC, want to use one toolLet's make PlatformOS the best
Platform OSFuture proofing for my clients. We want to easily extend functionality and build mobile apps and not get locked into a framework that's forced on us.Do your home work and start thinking beyond DIY WYSIWYG editors. It's changed my outlook and my bottom line (for the better).
Platform OS, Webflow, ShopifyStability, reputation and flexibility
Platform OSPlatform OS has all the flexibility I loved in BC but takes it to another level.If you cheered when BC finally unveiled module_data then you'll love platform os. You can query whatever you like from the database without limitations like BC had. Very flexible. The only problem is if you need a user interface for doing things then you'll have to wait a few months for that to be built. But worth the wait.
Platform OSIt's flexibility, modern approach and incredible supportIt's best to see Platform OS as the infrastructure not the product/CMS. All the other choices are SaaS or Open Source software. Platform OS is the level above that with CMS/SaaS options available: Insites, Siteglide, your own! etc.
Platform OSTotal flexibility, scalability, no limits.
Platform OS, Treepl CMS, Duda, ShopifyEase of use, ease of starting new platform, liquid markup, future based web development (progressive)
Webflow, Duda, SquareSpace, Synergy 8, WixDuda for smaller sites. Webflow for custom design. Synergy8 for integrated social media, newsletters, etc. Wix/SquareSpace for referring clients who have no budget.
WordpressFlexibility A community doesn’t end; people find a new one. How shall we spin off from here? #Ursh, #Scott, #Penny
Wordpress, Weebly Cloud, ShopifyStability, price, value and ease of use.Stay nimble. Thanks Dave!
Dudait's attention to marketing sites and ease, support...maybe keep it going for the most popular platforms BC people switched to?/?
Wordpress, BigCommerceHave been using BigCommerce for years, now its partnering with Wordpress. The large pool of wordpress developers and the platform's widespread useKey question for me was: what role do I want to have moving forward? Is it design, development, sales or other. Then it made it clearer what platform was a good fit.
WebflowBest overall solution for website only clients.
Platform OSFlexibility and scalability
Wordpress, Duda
Platform OS, Treepl CMS, Umbraco, WebflowNot be locked down to one platform, also ability to build sites quickly that don’t require advanced features.Just to have different platforms, and future proof this business. Don’t be a trick pony
Platform OS, Treepl CMS, Webflow1) Webflow: Needed something that was ready now with a short learning curve. 2) Treepl: Needed migration support and an admin interface that my current customers could use, this is initially for current less complex sites. 3) pOS I know I'll need this for my more current complex sites once ready and at the end of the day see it as my main go to platform.Look at what happened as a good thing and a learning experience that you never again relay totally on one platform for everything. Also don't look at this as a loss, you can turn this around and make money, your clients will understand if you explain it properly and they will work with you. You'll be better off for it.
I have not decided yet and am waiting until clearer options and migration paths are determined.My clients are generally happy for the moment and see no rush to move to another platform. I would love this shared of advice and ideas to continue for another 12 months so that we can continue to learn from others in the community. Thanks.
Weebly CloudRapid deployment, easy visual editor, white labeled, client management, restore capabilities, staff very eager to support BC developers, active app marketplace with additional revenue opportunities for developersDon't put all your eggs in one basket ;-)
WordpressI am yet to fully decide, hoping this might help me further. I am geting into wordpress at the moment and I don't mind it, it's beena afew years since developing on it and it has come a long way it seems but there is no community or benefits really, so still deciding
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