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InstitutionLocationSubject AreaClosing DateURLRankLatest UpdateNotes# Applied
5/24/2017Tulane UniversityLouisianaDept Chair, Ecology and/or Evolution8/1/2017
Full Prof5/5/2018
6/2/2017Utah State UniversityUtahAnimal Population Ecology9/11/2017
Asst Prof8/16/2018Position filled13
6/2/2017Utah State UniversityUtahMovement Ecology9/11/2017
Asst Prof4/14/2018Any updates? 2) No longer being considered 10/20 3) Offer accepted 15
6/2/2017Utah State UniversityUtahQuantitative Ecology9/11/2017
Asst Prof4/23/2018position filled23
6/2/2017Université du Québec en Abitibi-TémiscamingueCanadaEcology with Expertise in Biostatistics8/7/2017
6/3/2017Université du Québec en OutaouaisCanadaChemical Ecology8/25/2017
Asst Prof5/2/2018Invited for Skype interview (9/28)
6/3/2017Middle East Technical University, Institute of Marine SciencesTurkeyMarine & Aquatic Sciences7/5/2017
Asst Prof4/27/20181
6/3/2017Purdue UniversityIndianaForest Economics & Management9/30/2017
Asst/Assoc Prof1/23/2018
6/4/2017University at Buffalo, SUNYNew YorkEnergy, Environment and Water
Assoc/Full Prof2/16/2018
6/4/2017University of Nottingham Ningbo ChinaChinaEnvironmental or Geographical Sciences7/5/2017
Assoc Prof11/15/2017
6/4/2017SUSTechChinaGeo-Bioinformatics / Environmental Genomics4/21/2018
Rank Open1/8/2018
6/4/2017SUSTechChinaEnvironmental Science and Engineering4/21/2018
Rank Open
6/5/2017Battelle-National Ecological Observatory NetworkColoradoLong-Term Ecological Observation8/31/2017
Director/Chief Scientist10/11/2017
6/5/2017Virginia Commonwealth UniversityVirginiaCoastal Plant Ecology6/16/2017
Asst Prof1/21/20181) any news? 2) Not here. x2 3) I applied for their chair position in the fall and have never heard a single word from them. 2
6/6/2017McGill UniversityCanadaParasitology8/1/2017
2 Positions - 1 Assoc/Full and 1 Asst Prof2/21/2018any updates? rejection received (17 Nov).
6/6/2017Macalester CollegeMinnesotaEcology9/8/2017
2 Positions - Asst prof12/20/20178) 10/10 actual update - was called today for an on campus interview. I guess they are skipping phone interviews? I asked in my app to be considered for both Env Stu/Bio (x2) 9) Dang, that's awesome! (x4) 10) Time for the imposter syndrome to sink in for the rest of us! (hooray) Well nice job though, congrats 11) #8 here, totally feel you. this is my 4th year of apps, and imposter syndrome hits me like a freight train a few times a day. I would say hang in there, but f this hiring system and uncertainty, it is brutal and we all deserve better. 12) #8, do you know which of the two positions they are interviewing you for? or are they lumping the interviews together? 13) I asked and they said I was still being considered for both (I asked to be considered for both when applying). Not sure how they are lumping the interviews. 14) x2 person from comment number 8 here. They told me that they were bringing out one group for interviews for both positions and I gathered from that they haven't routed anyone into one position or the other yet. Said that they were looking for a good duo of hires. any updates? 2) thread got deleted [now restored], but last I recall 2 people (on this list) had been invited for on-campus 3) Six candidates listed as giving talks 16) Offer made 17) so did they make two offers for this job? 18) yes - one in bio, one in Env Studies 19) rejection received 12/7 (x7) 19) Congratulations to those two! Offers accepted? Folks that accepted willing to let us know who you are yet? 20) one has introduced herself on twitter30
6/6/2017University of Rio GrandeOhioBiology6/12/2017
Asst Prof10/11/2017requires "teaching Principles of Biology for non-majors and upper level courses in one or more of the following areas: Botany, Vertebrate Biology, and/or Applied Ecology/Conservation" 1) Any updates?
6/6/2017Saint Mary's UniversityCanadaFungal Ecology & Microbiology7/6/2017
Asst Prof10/12/2017
6/6/2017California State University, East BayCaliforniaIntegrative Biology 9/15/2017
Asst Prof4/4/2018"We specifically invite applications from individuals across the spectrum of ecology, particularly those who incorporate both the use of field-based research and modern molecular techniques to investigate mechanisms underlying the interaction of organisms with their habitat. Candidates that engage in research in the area of restoration ecology, landscape ecology, wildlife ecology, or urban ecology and that include examination of phenomena with broader conservation or environmental significance, are especially encouraged to apply." 2) There is no job posting # on the Interfolio site and there is no listing on the CSU jobs website: The posting # is required to submit the application through Interfolio. Is this a recently created posting that hasn't been finalized yet? What is going on? 3) OP here. Not sure, saw this posted on a society facebook page by one of the faculty in that department but I'm not applying myself. 4) The website/listing has now been updated.5) what are the odds that you can afford anywhere close to this campus with the Cal-State starting salaries? 6) It's definitely a tough time to be in the Bay Area, but in Hayward and nearby (San Leandro, Oakland, etc) you can find places that are slightly more reasonable than San Francisco or the south bay. 7) Any updates? x3 8) It is over a month now, anybody any updates? 9) Haven't heard anything. x12 10) Search committee received ~150 applicants 11) Any info on when they are making decisions? Or have they already? This search seems to have been unusually slow. 12) phone interview scheduled x5 13) For the folks who got interviews, is it possible to share your fields? Thanks! 14) Post phone interview candidates - references are called this week (phone recommendations) 15) interview invitation extended x2 16) any news on this one?18
6/14/2017University of LondonUnited KingdomOrganismal biology (1) and aquatic ecology (1)7/4/2017
Asst/Assoc Prof6/12/2018 5
6/16/2017University of InnsbruckAustriaAquatic Evolutionary Ecology9/14/2017
Full Prof
6/17/2017University College CorkIrelandZoology7/18/2017
Lecturer9/15/20171) Does anyone have experience with the Irish academic system? How different is this from the rest of the UK? 2) I have worked in both systems (currently in Ireland). Not that different. Any specific questions you want me to answer? 3) In case this helps, this is a permanent Lecturer position, so it's a junior position similar to an Assistant Professor position in the US but you get tenure from the beginning. The other position listed (Senior Lecturer) is also permanent and it is similar to an Associate Professor position in the US. 4) Interviews in October4
6/17/2017University College CorkIrelandZoology7/18/2017
Senior Lecturer12/5/2017offer accepted2
6/18/2017Nanyang Technological University SingaporeSingaporeTerrestrial / Forest Ecology (3 Positions)9/1/2017
Asst Prof1/16/2018Three positions to be filled to complement recently developed collaboration with the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute: Forest soil microbial ecology, Forest invertebrate ecology, Forest biogeochemistry 1) Any updates? x 2 ??? 2) Notified of letters requested 12-8, next contact promised late Jan/early Feb4
6/23/2017UC BerkeleyCaliforniaPaleontology & Evolutionary Developmental Biology7/19/2017
Assoc/Full Prof9/26/2017Rejections sent 09/13/17
6/23/2017Washington State UniversityWashingtonStonefruit breeding and genetics
Asst/Assoc Prof4/30/20181) Cherries are the new blueberries, the new new tomatoes, and the new new new potatoes.2) #1 you must be on this wiki for a long time.... 3) *cries* 4) A good measure that i've been here too long as well. x5 5) see also #497
6/24/2017Carleton CollegeMinnesotaPhysiological Ecology9/11/2017
Asst Prof12/19/2017Emailed to ask if this was a plant/animal position, and chair said it was open to either 2) faculty member said they're looking more for animal 3) aha! that's what I figured given the job ad, but they didn't discourage me from applying, which I know find annoying. 4) when you apply, they will immediately contact your references (my advisor got it the second I hit submit) 5) faculty member (different from above) said they didn't decide what they want but know it when they see it. 6) Skype interviews offered (x2) 7) <- just today (9/26)? 8) Got mine late at night on 9/25 9) Campus interview dates are on the department website - no names 10) Skype interviews finished on 10/3 11) <- your interview or all of them? 11) Got a rejection letter today 10/5 12) #11 - Did you have a Skype? 12) #11 here--no Skype. 13) Official Rejection in e-mail today (x9) 14) this position was perfect for me- no contact. Ugh. 15) On-campus interview scheduled 16) Invited for a Skype interview but not for an on-campus interview. What did I say?! Or not say?!! So frustrating. 17) @ 16, probably nothing. A lot of places will Skype 10-15 and only invite 3-4 to campus and often already have a pretty strong feeling of which 3-4 will be invited that only changes if people either really mess up or really impress. Most of the time the ranking isn't going to change that much. It is super frustrating to go through though! 17) Position offered & accepted (12/4) 11
6/25/2017University of TorontoCanadaEcology and Evolution9/13/2017
Asst Prof2/15/2018Deadline is actually September 13th. 2) Thanks! If you find a real error like this, you can just edit the date :) AP 3) "Disease and/or theory" 4) Ad makes it sound more like "disease and/or theory" is especially wanted, but there are two positions and open to different research focuses. I have no inside info on how strong that preference is. 5) Sounds like their disease search failed last year (from last year's wiki) so perhaps one position will be allocated to this focus. Only speculation though... 6) If the search failed last year this is ridiculous, thay had plenty of outstanding applicants... 7) The disease ecology position from last year failed. Rumour was the couldn't decide between two, so they made no offer. 8) No cover letter requested or allowed? File attachment says "send only materials requested in the posting." 9) Would I be wasting my time applying to this if I don't work on disease or theory? 10) The link listed here doesn't appear to work anywmore, I think the correct link is 11) Search is likely to be broader than just disease or theory 12) asking about cover letter again, are you pals sending cover letters? 13) I included a cover letter as I would assume this is expected! 14) I also included a cover letter +4. 15) I did not, because they did not request one and said to only include requested materials. I hope this wasn't a mistake! 16) any updates? 17) Skype interviews are being scheduled 18) All skype interviews scheduled/done? x6 18) Mark here if you've scheduled or had a skype interview for this position -> x2 19) They're almost done conducting skype interviews (seems like they've interviewed around 20 people for the 2 positions). 20) invited for on-site interview - they want to interview all 6 candidates in Nov!21) hires? 22) I heard it through the grapevine that they've offered the position to a candidate.27
6/26/2017Sam Houston State UniversityTexasEcology & Environmental Science9/1/2017
Asst Prof1/4/20181) Any updates? 2) seems early for an update. 3) phone interview for cell/mol. biol. position scheduled. No idea for E & E side? 4) Phone interviews scheduled for E&Ex3 5) campus interview scheduled for Cell/Mol, said they are looking to fill the position quickly 6) a new building is coming so they want the new people to give feedback if possible. Should know within a few weeks if an on-campus is happening 7) any updates? 8) on campus interview requests sent out x3 9) any updates? 10) I was one of the on campus interviews, was told they would be deciding in the next couple of weeks 11) definitely sounded like they wanted to move fast once the on-campus interviews were completed. 12) # 8 approximately when was your interview? My on campus was last week and I saw that another search is happening at the same time for another position. 13) (I'm not #8, but) they are hiring 3 positions (cell/mol, micro, and E&E) ~10 candidates in total. Micro already accepted and the cell/molecular & E&E wrapped up last week and this week. Offers should be going out soon. 14) Any updates? 15) an offer was made (and accepted) for the cell/molecular position. It seems E&E is still up in the air. 16) Offer made. 17) was it accepted? No word yet from HR. 18) Accepted8
6/27/2017San Jose State UniversityCaliforniaEvolutionary Ecology9/30/2017
Asst Prof1/27/2018they appear to be very serious about wanting a "vertebrate biologist" and nothing else 2) well it does say vertebrate biologist.... 3) ah yes, a smart-aleck response. Job searches are notorious for hiring people that don't fit exactly what is in the job description. That's why it was asked. And yes, they are wanting a vertebrate biologist. 4) any updates? 5) Email request for phone interview x3 6) <-- when? 7) Email received 10/20, interviews 10/31 8) Thanks, congrats! 9) Same - but phone interview on the 30th... only 10 minutes!?! 9) Congrats! Are interviewees more ecology oriented or more evolution/genomics? 10) 7 here, whoops typo for date - yes, all interviews on 30th to my knowledge. I know! 10 min! although email confirmation changed to 15 mins but still - 5-6 questions in that time! Good luck y'all! I'm more evolution (no genomics) but definitely some ecology as well. 11) I'm not genomics-y\ either - eco-evo dynamics, measuring ongoing selection, eco-effects etc. 12) #9 back. Very good to know that was a fit issue. Thanks for kinfdly answering! 13) Hey #9, did you get a rejection email? Wondering if they will send to those that didn't make the short list... 14) People who got interviews, are you vertebrate people? 15) to 14: My PhD was with terrestrial verts, but I currently work on insects; 16) yep - lizards and fish 17) Invited for a campus interview (x2) 18) When are campus interviews? 19) Starting this week through end of month, I was given four dates to choose from 19) Interviews all done, committee to make offer during December 20) Offer has been made 21) Offer accepted 22) Congrats 21! Cool job. 7
6/27/2017California State University, FresnoCaliforniaMicrobiology10/9/2017
Asst Prof2/2/20181) Invited for phone interview 10/11/17 2) References contacted 10/24/17 3) 2 again, on-campus interview scheduled 4) rejection email 1-25-20181
6/29/2017Carleton UniversityCanadaBehavioural ecology9/15/2017
Asst Prof3/8/2018any updates? x4. 2) 10/05 invited for Skype interview. (x4) 3) Of those you got invited for interviews, are you Canadian? I also got invited to Skype, but I feel like I'm already doomed to fail with this application because I'm not Canadian. Or should I not give up hope yet? 4) @3, Congrats on getting an interview. I would think that if they're willing to Skype with you as a non-Canadian, when the job add indicates a preference for Canadians, then they must really like you and you've got a good shot. 4) I was told by one Canadian (at a different university) that finding a good person is often seen as more important than the stated preference for Canadians. 5) I find the two are often mutually inclusive. 6) Be sure to spell behaviour correctly during your interview 7) Skype interviews have been scheduled 8) Received an email 11/22 that I wasn't invited to an on-campus interview but will be kept on a "very short reversion list" if they want to interview anyone else at a late date. One of the nicer rejection letters I've received 9) 11/22 invited for on-campus interview 10) while respecting anonymity, was there a focus on a particular subdiscipline or was it wide open within behavioural ecology? 11) I think this will become clearer once the final seminar list is available, but as far as I could tell it was not focused on a specific sub-dicipline 12) rejection received via email (x7) 13) Any updates? 14) Offer accepted16
6/30/2017University of British ColumbiaCanadaComparative Physiology & Biomechanics9/1/2017
Asst Prof11/14/20171) Letters requested 9/28 x5 2) any news? 3) bump up 4) Contacted for on campus interview today 5) :( guess that's bad news for me x2 6) official rejection Nov 1. x48
6/30/2017University of MinnesotaMinnesotaFisheries Ecology9/15/2017
Asst Prof4/25/20181) Any updates? Have letters been requested? 2) If so, I don't know about it! 3) received email stating they've just begun evaluating applications (n=40) and will contact applicants before contacting references. A quote: " remember that no news is good news" 4) received email about making the long list (10 people), told to expect more info soon x2. 4) List cut from 10 to 6. Skype interviews happening in Dec. and will cut to 3 campus interviews from there. 5)Were letters ever requested? 6) re: 5: they have now been requested for those invited to Skype interview, but weren't before. 7) Has anyone who Skype interviewed heard back yet? 8) Rejection received (I was one of the 6 Skype candidates), so I assume campus interview requests have also gone out. 9) any update? 10) position filled and announced on twitter40
6/30/2017UNC CharlotteNorth CarolinaBioinformatics and Genomics
Rank Open12/14/2017Faculty position for bioinformatics or genomics at David H. Murdock Research Institute in Kannapolis, NC. The research center is roughly 40min from Charlotte, NC. Faculty position is affiliated with the dept of Bioinformatics and Genomics at UNC Charlotte. If interested email CV and any questions about the position to (search chair) and/or Larry Mays ( Applications via HR often are not sent to the department in a timely manner, so send a note to the search chair or department head if you are interested. Startups from BINF are generally very competitive and Charlotte has affordable cost of living. 2) Are we talking about the Microbial Genomics job? 3) Technically it's listed as that, but you should apply if you do any kind of genomics. 4) Really? Any type of genomics? I do non-microbial genomics, and the way the advertisement seemed like I'd be a poor fit. 5) Is this position still open? A search of the position number on the UNCC jobs site doesn't show anything 6) It's an ongoing search that failed recently. Email the dept head and the search chair if you are interested. Say you heard about the "bioinformatics and genomics job at Kannnapolis" or the "Professor position at the David H Murdock Research Institute with UNCC". Ask if the position is still open or if they plan to relist the job in the fall. Emphasize that you work in computational biology and genome analysis. If you have written bioinformatic methods, mention them. And seriously, take a shot if you do any kind of genomics. 7) Here is the job positng: 8) committee head says job will be reposted later this summer/fall 9) 2017 Job Ad: 10) Does anybody know what is the closing date? 11) I did not receive a reply to my inquiry 12) Did you send the inquiry to the search chair or the dept head? Or both? If you sent it to one, email the other and mention that you had an inquiry previously to Prof X. 13) search chair, not dept. head. I am planning to submit and send a follow up email to dept. head with application package as single pdf. <----DO this!! 14) Any update? X3 14) I haven't heard anything, submitted everything ~ 1 month ago. 15) Note from current faculty at Kannapolis: You must teach in Charlotte and do all the same duties as on-campus faculty, but you will only get an office in Charlotte and won't have space there. It is hard to get students to come to Kannapolis. Focus of the Research Campus is nutrition research and clinical trials on food supplements. Space availability is questionable. Not recommended at this time. 15) rejection email on Nov 18 16) #15, what do you mean "not recommended at this time"? Could you explain? 17) a) Research focus at Kannapolis is anything "health related" (i.e. submitable to NIH, but NSF is great too). You do not need to do clinical trials or nutrition to apply, though it could make a donor happy. The department is more enthusiastic about genomics and sequence analysis. There is some pressure to hire people who know how to code, so emphasize those skills. b) Faculty at Kannapolis get an office on campus in Charlotte, but group space is at DHMRI. PhD Students can get an office on the main Charlotte campus. c) Faculty at Kannapolis generally get an annual research budget that is small but helps support staff to compensate for the time spent back and forth. Service loads seem to take into account the distance from campus. d) Molecular space may be more challenging at DHMRI but computational space is available. The department is trying to create more molecular lab space in the near future. <---16) Thank you for your detailed response! 18) Has anyone gotten any news besides rejections? Interviews or requests for letters? 19a) had a phone interview, should hear sometime next week if invited for on campus. 19b)E-mail notificiaton of not being invited for on-campus interview. 17) :-( 19c) Thanks 17, it would have been perfect, but that's OK. I got a good offer elsewhere last week. 17) Glad to hear it!! 20) Campus visits being scheduled. 2
7/1/2017Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)SwedenConservation Biology9/10/2017
Full Prof10/12/2017
7/5/2017Colorado State UniversityColoradoSoil Microbiomes9/8/2017
Asst/Assoc Prof11/30/2017Sent skype interview requests on Oct 12th (scheduled for Oct 31/Nov 1). Invites for on-site intervewi for 3 were sent out 11/9-11/10 (not for me though) 
7/5/2017NC State UniversityNorth CarolinaApplied Ecology9/30/2017
Asst Prof6/17/2018Urban ecology focus 2) Is this position unfilled from last year's urban ecologist search? 3) The call seems to be almost identical, so I'm guessing it failed last year. 4) Does anyone know what is meant by "Extension activities?" It seems to be a critical part of the application, but not really clear on this term... 5) Extension activities typically involve public engagement with local communities, often with agricultural practitioners or on sustainability issues. 6) In answer to ?'s 2-3, I got word that previous candidates used offers as leverage at their institutions. Couldn't find out any other reasons for failed search 7) Heard the same as 6 8) Any news? 9) No as of 10/16 (x4) 10) who is the search chair? 11) Irwin I think 12) Any updates yet? 13) Nope as of 10/30 (x5) 14) Letters requested X3 15) Did they contact the references directly? 16) Yes, but also notified me that letters were being requested 16) My application says no longer under consideration x 5 17) @16) where does it say that? 17) Log in to where you applied, and click on "Your Applications"-- it says it under "Status" 18) Mine doesn't say that but I wasn't contacted for references either... I'm guessing it means no longer under consideration 19) My guess is the folks that have that didn't pass the initial HR hurdle 20) Anyone who had letters requested hear anything? 21) per NC state webpage- no longer consideration =" The hiring department reviewed your application materials and decided not to move forward with further consideration." 22) Mine still says "Materials Submitted" but no letters requested. 23) Any updates on this one? 24) Letters were due on the 17th, so I'm guessing interview (skype?) requests will be made after the holiday. 25) Any updates? 26) On-campus interview scheduled 12/7 (x2) 27) Rejection received 28) Any updates whether someone accepted an offer? Hoping for a failed search so I can compete next round 29) heard it went to an internal candidate :(19
7/6/2017McKendree UniversityIllinoisBiology9/1/2017
Asst Prof12/4/2017I hate to be "that" person...but any updates? 2) Offers should be made in the next week to ten days (per someone who interviewed). 3) Was called and told the search had ended3
7/6/2017Athens State UniversityAlabamaBiology
Asst Prof11/11/2017(1) Just interviewed for this position, though mentioning research, no research space available for candidates, the department does not currently teach evolution as a required topic due to conflicts with local religious groups and students. Any one know of ways of checking accreditation of institutions of this sort? 2) 3) I interviewed here as well, anyone heard any updates? (4) @1 this sounds like a real prize of a position. 5) I must say Thank God I was not selected..
7/7/2017University of British ColumbiaCanadaBiodiversity Studies9/18/2017
Assoc/Full Prof10/30/20171) Is this worth applying to as an American? 2) If you're very well qualified, yes. 3) From what I've heard in informal conversations with folks at UBC, there are a number of Americans on the faculty and they compete well in faculty searches. The cost of living is rather expensive (housing in particular)... so that is the downside and something to seriously consider. Otherwise, I've heard great things about the department and school and I think most folks would consider this a dream job aside from housing costs. 4) Also, beware that funding in Canada is not as generous as in the US. If you are a very well-qualified foreign or expat candidate for this position, ask about applying for a Canada 150 Research Chair. And as #3 says, housing in Vancouver is crazy expensive. Whether deserved or not, UBC has a bit of a reputation of being a good school for faculty to go for a few years to put it on their CV, then move on to somewhere else where they can actually afford a home. 5) #1 here--thank you for the info! 6) UBC is eager to capitalize on the current political situation in the US to recruit some American hotshots for this position! 7) I did my PhD at UBC and the department is great. Funding is lower but more consistent. There are lots of Americans on the faculty. The only real downside is housing costs. Any point in applying as a postdoc? <- I don't think you'd have a strong shot, given that they're hiring at Associate or Full. 8) As of 13 Oct. 2017 the search committee was still working on a long list. 9) Rejection letter received (10/23/17) x2. 10) 5 people are scheduled to interview 4
7/7/2017Cornell UniversityNew YorkEntomology / Evolution9/1/2017
Asst/Assoc Prof4/13/2018Martha N. and John C. Moser Professor of Arthropod Biosystematics and Biodiversity. 2)updates? 3) On-site interviews were scheduled. 4) letter of rejection - no longer considering candidates 5) down to a final group of 3 5) Candidate identified on twitter4
7/9/2017University of RichmondVirginiaQuantitative Biology9/15/2017
Asst Prof12/26/20171) Any updates? 2) Bump for updates... Anyone hear anything? 3) Nope. x2 4) some subsetted list going out to department (contacted for add't info x1) 4) What additional info were you asked for? Letters were submitted up-front, right? 4a) yes, one of my letter writers was in the field, so they checked to make sure it was actually coming 5) contacted for on campus interview, 6) Were there phone interviews? 7) contacted to see if I was still interested, no phone interview scheduled (yet?) 8) Well that's confusing. Good luck! Its a great place. 9) Can confirm campus interviews invites went out (and no phone interviews)X3 10) any updates? 11) Offer made and accepted 12) Congrats!10
7/14/2017City College of New YorkNew YorkEarth & Atmospheric Sciences5/28/2017
Asst Prof10/12/20171
7/16/2017Ben-Gurion University of the NegevIsraelPhysiological / Evolutionary / Ecosystems Ecology12/1/2017
Asst Prof7/16/2017"The planned starting date for the successful candidates is April 1, 2018"
7/17/2017UT AustinTexasEcology8/31/2017
Asst Prof3/14/2018"We wish to hire an exceptional candidate whose research focuses broadly on ecological questions. Interdisciplinary applicants are especially encouraged to apply." Integrative Biology Department. 1) any news here? 2) I posted an email I recieved from the department chair regarding the new posting of a cluster hire in the general discussion to save room 3) reference letters requested 9/22 (x6) 4) Skype interviews are being scheduled x3 :(x3 5) campus invite received :( x2 6) Any rejection emails? 7) Rejection email received after Skype interview 8) Did they give any info about why you were not retained following skype interview? 9) I asked for feedback following a rejection letter after a Skype interview, but didn't receive any. I was told in the rejection letter that they want to consider me for the open rank position in the Spring and I should submit my application to that call. Anyone else told that after a Skype interview rejection? x2 10) I had thought applications were being shared between these two calls? (There was an email to that effect posted on this wiki.) @9) Received the same email about sending my application to the open rank call. They might have done that with the 8 skype applicants they did not move forward. 11) Spoke to someone on the search committee for the open rank call, and can confirm they are sharing applications from the first call 12) @9 did they recontacted you about the open rank position for a skype interview or ref letters? 9 here, haven't heard anything after post-Skype interview rejection. Anyone else? 13) Did this cluster hire get reposted? 14) It may have been some sort of automatic post because I'm pretty sure they made an offer. 15) Rejection email on 3/9 through the Interfolio system (I did not have a Skype interview) x2 16) same rejection email but I did have a Skype interview.49
7/19/2017Bowdoin CollegeMaineBiology & Environmental Studies9/15/2017
Asst Prof1/6/20189) Contacted HR. Report is that the search committee is still working and hoping to have a short(er) list by the first week in November. 10) @9. Thanks! x41 11) Invited for video interview (for 11/6 week) x4 12) Any updates? 13) Nope. I'd assume they'd want to schedule on campus interviews for the week or two after T-giving but haven't had a follow up since the video interview. 14)@12 no update here either. I had a skype interview, but am separate from @13 14) @13 +14, also had a skype interview, no follow up (x2). 15) This is #13 again. Does anyone know how many video interviews they were doing? I guessed from the # of slots they offered it was around 6, but that would mean we're all on here if I'm counting comments right :) 15) Probably 8 slots? Not more than 10 I would guess! 16) Invited for an on-campus interview 11/17. Interviews scheduled to occur the weeks of 11/27 and 12/4 (x3). [thread restored] 17) I had an on-campus interview and no word yet (x2). 18) Has anyone received an offer yet as of 12/21? 19) I contacted the search chair and was told that an offer was made.19) Offer made and accepted (1/4) 20) Congrats @19!!45
7/19/2017Rider UniversityNew JerseyBiology12/1/2017
Asst Prof2/23/2018"The precise area of specialization is open, though special consideration will be given to candidates with professional experience in any of the following areas: plant biology, ecology, bioinformatics, computing, statistics, modeling, "big data", field research.". 2) Ha, the current job link is to this: Helpful if you're into Warhammer, but less so if you actually want to apply for the job! 3) Ha! I added the link I had for the posting. 4) Got an e-mail requesting I fix something on the online system 5) Is there news about this one? 6) arranged for a phone interview next week x2 (interview on 1/15) 7) interviewed today (1/12), any updates? Rejected (2/23) it appears they wree looking more for the health sciences6
7/19/2017St. Olaf CollegeMinnesotaFreshwater Ecosystem Ecology9/15/2017
Asst Prof12/19/201724) Offer received 25) Congrats! @24 x3 26) Thanks! Offer accepted :) 10
7/19/2017Northern Arizona UniversityArizonaInformatics, Computing and Cyber Systems9/20/2017
Rank Open4/12/2018Info here was deleted. Last I read there were multiple Skype interviews. I had a Skype interview with them on 10/5 and no news since. 2) invited to onsite interview 12/27. 3) 4 campus interviews Jan 2018 4) was anybody else here interviewed on campus? 5) No. Was this accepted and closed? 6) Not yet. 7) received news of offer from dept chair 3/19. 8) offer accepted.5
7/20/2017CSIROAustraliaMarine population dynamics9/1/2017
Research Scientist10/5/2017Research Scientist (roughly equiv to Asst Prof). Permanent position. salary AU$92K - $100K pa plus up to 15.4% superannuation. Hobart.According to website in the job link, this position has been filled.
7/20/2017CSIROAustraliaMarine population dynamics9/1/2017
Senior Research Scientist10/11/2017Senior Research Scientist (roughly equiv to Assoc Prof). Permanent position, salary AU$106K - $124 pa plus up to 15.4% superannuation. Brisbane. 1) Any updates?
7/20/2017Griffith UniversityAustraliaTerrestrial Ecology8/9/2017
Lecturer10/11/2017Lecturer = asst. prof. 1) "The successful applicant will have an open and valid Qld drivers' licence to undertake field surveys." The wording makes it sound like you need to have an existing Queensland Drivers License. That would preclude most international applicants, unless I'm interpretting this incorrectly. 2) Very easy to convert an international driver's license to a Qld one. It wouldn't preclude international applicants. 3) I read "will have" as different than "must have." As in, you don't need one to apply. 4) Any updates?1
7/21/2017University of GeorgiaGeorgiaForestry and Natural Resources9/1/2017
Asst Prof10/13/20171) Closing data not listed on ad 2) It's in a box at the top of the web page 3) emailed chair - the closing date is 9/15 not 9/1 4) heard references have been contacted, not sure if short list or the entire applicant list. 5) any applicants contacted, or just refs? 6) Contacted for on-campus interview 10/10. 7) 10/13 Rejection letters sent- 56 applicants, four coming for interviews 8) I thought the rejection letter was a nice touch - wish all committees would send those.4
7/23/2017Saint Mary's College of CaliforniaCaliforniaEcology9/30/2017
Asst Prof2/1/2018"Research experience in the subfields of Animal Behavior and/or Molecular Ecology are preferred" 1) any updates? contacted for phone interview x1 2) rejection letter 11/14 x5 3) No rejection, but also no invitation for interview. What is that about? 4) have on-campus interview next week. 5) position accepted.11
7/23/2017NC State UniversityNorth CarolinaQuantitative Fisheries9/29/2017
Asst Prof1/19/20181) any updates? 2) Nope :( 3) reference letters requested 10/12 4) Has anyone who had letters requested received an update on the search? #3 here, I haven't heard anything since letters requested on 10/12. Anyone hear back from the SC since then? 5) My application was updated today from "Under Review" to "No longer being considered" on the applicaiton website. Merry Christmas to me :(. 6) Heard second-hand that an offer has been made. 7) Not that it matters at this point but I am curious. Were there on campus interviews? I thought I at least made it to the phone interview round when I received an email saying "You're in the top tier of applicants, please send reference letters for your file". Then nothing until seeing my application was changed to "No longer being considered". 8) 6 here. Sorry, #7, I don't have any details. All I know is that a friend told me that their friend had gotten an offer. If you aren't sure what's going on, I suggest emailing the SC. Because the rumor I heard is second-hand, I don't 100% trust it. 9) 7 here, thanks 6. I'm sure I'm not being considered anymore (but deep down hope the SC made a mistake and will still contact me) so I'm not going to email the SC and bug them. I do wish the email wouldn't have included ambiguous statemets like 'top tier' which got my hopes up. I assumed 'top tier' was the short list for phone interviews not long-short list that will continue to be cut. This is only my first full year on the market (I'm not counting applcations during my PhD) so I should probably learn to take SC emails with a grain of salt until I get invited for an interview.2
7/24/2017Oakland UniversityMichiganComputational Biology / Functional Genomics9/8/2017
Asst Prof11/28/2017(1) This application is bizarre. You enter in the information for your references, and at the end the system tells you your application is incomplete because you don't have references. It doesn't give you any way to send the reference requests and/or submit the application. 2) I suspect that the application will be complete once your references send in their letters. 3) Phone interviews scheduled :( 4) Anyone hear back?3
7/24/2017Harvard UniversityMassachusettsGlobal Change Ecology10/1/2017
Asst Prof3/7/2018Correct link added 1) is this an asst prof position or full prof? Specifically looking for someone working in terrestrial ecosystems. 2) The ad reads "tenure-track" so I assume Asst 3) any updates? 4) No as of 10/31 x6 5) It's only been a month, they probably haven't even started looking at applications 6) update? 7) Has anyone heard anything about this? Or perhaps all of us wiki users have gotten skunked on this one? 8) I've heard from the chair a month or so ago that it will take them about two months before selecting their short list for on-campus interviews (12/4) 9) Invited for on campus interview (12/4 and 12/7) x3 10) offer made (3/1) 15
7/25/2017Michigan TechMichiganWildlife Science & Conservation9/5/2017
Asst Prof10/15/2017NB: It says upload everything as a single pdf in the ad, but when you get into the application system, everything needs to be uploaded as individual pdfs. 2) What is the mission and vision of SFRES? Web page blank. 3) Thanks for the heads-up about the "single pdf" thing! 4) contacted for skype interview x4 5) congrats! 6) Contacted for on campus interview (x2)11
7/25/2017Cold Spring Harbor LaboratoryNew YorkQuantitative Biology11/1/2017
Asst Prof9/15/2017"Specific research areas of interest include, but are not limited to, modeling and analysis of transcriptional regulation, sequence assembly and variant calling for emerging technologies, evolutionary and population genomics, single-cell analysis, and cancer genomics." "This position is for candidates focused on dry-lab research (experimental space is limited)." 2) Deadline extended to 11/11
7/25/2017University of Maine - FarmingtonMaineEnvironmental Biology10/1/2017
Asst Prof1/19/2018URL on left is not active: 1) Any updates? 2) Nothing 10/6 (x5) 3) phone interview requested on 10/24 (x2) 4) rejection letter 11/8 x5 5) Anyone who had a phone interview have an update (e.g., estimated time-frame or campus interview)? Thx! 6) I had a phone interview and have not heard anything since. 7) Any updates? X2 (8 Just received rejection email stating was in the top 10 but have chosen another candidate.7
7/25/2017Alabama A&MAlabamaZoology
Asst Prof
7/25/2017Illinois Mathematics and Science AcademyIllinoisHigh School Research Faculty
Research Faculty1
7/26/2017Tulane UniversityLouisianaAnimal Physiological Ecologist10/13/2017
Asst Prof3/16/20181) Any word? 2) none here x8 3) letters were requested 4) at least one of my references was contacted today (11/14) x4 5) Did they tell you they had contacted references or just your letter writers? 6) @5 they just contacted my references directly (I heard from my references, not from the SC) 7) 12/6 Dang! I guess if my references haven't heard by now, I must be out. Is it normal to be sent a rejection letter or to be ghosted on these kinds of things? First time applicant here. 8) @7, it's pretty common to be left in the dark for a while. I would say you get actual rejections for a large majority of searches, but often not until after the search has closed. Getting rejections before the search closes happens, but is IMO more rare. It's tough, but keep applying. x2 9) Invited for on campus interview 10) A) were there skype/phone interviews or straight to campus? B) are there still campus invites being worked out? 11) Accepted14
7/26/2017Tulane UniversityLouisianaPlant Molecular Ecologist10/13/2017
Asst Prof3/16/20181) any word on this? 11/16 2) invited for campus interview 12/1 x2 3) Accepted3
7/26/2017Oklahoma StateOklahomaIntegrative Biology10/10/2017
Asst Prof6/29/20181) any updates? 2) no 3) Any activity here? 4) I have not heard anything (x8) 5) Department has ranked candidates. Interviews to be scheduled soon. 5) invited for campus interview 12/13 x2 6) No Skype? 7) No skype here, straight to campus. 8) Has anyone heard back from the search committee after the invitation in December? I got invited for an campus interview, but haven't heard anything since. I would to know soonish what dates they're considering so I can work around other campus visits... 9) I haven't heard back either. Was considering writing to them soon, but wanted to give them until at least the beginning of the semester. 10) Cool, thanks. That makes me feel better. I sent them an email at the beginning of January, but haven't heard back. Hopefully they'll contact us when their semester starts next week. 11) I just got an email from them to schedule the interview (01/11) 12) Verbal offer extended (and declined) x2 13) Two declines, wow. Do people mind sharing if they declined because of other offers? 14) I did get another offer and I'm turning them both down for an awesome 3 year postdoc. I know it's (potentially really) risky, but I'm willing to take the gamble that I'll be more competitive after the postdoc. There are lots of great people in the department at OSU, but I know that I personally would be miserable in Stillwater. 15) Also other offers here, though the main reason was no opportunity for spousal appointment. I really liked the Department though and was sad to have had to decline. 16) thanks for honest feedback 17) did this position ever fill? 18) Sorry for the late info folks, dropped the ball on this one. Second round of interviews took place in late May. Offer was made shortly afterwards and has now been accepted15
7/28/2017Davidson CollegeNorth CarolinaQuantitative Integrative Biology9/24/2017
Asst Prof6/4/2018Discussion deleted? Anyone heard anything? 2) No as of 10/16 (x5) 3) The last thing I recall from the discussion was that the SC was creating a shortlist last week (I think that was around Oct. 12/13) <- last thing I heard. 4) But letters haven't been sent yet as far as anyone knows? 5) I believe they asked for letters upfront (at least my letter writers were notified immediately). X5 6) My letter writers never got requests. 7) My application says "Invited" next to ref names, but I can't recall if it said that last time I checked. 8) Two of my letter writers said they were notified, but given a month to send in the letter. (x2) 9) #8 when were your letter writers notified? Just like #5, my letter writers were notified immediately after submitting my application. 10) Like #8, my letter writers were given a month to complete the letters. Like #9, this message was sent out with the request as soon as I hit 'submit' on my application. I don't think any of this discussion is evidence of SC activity. 11) invited for phone interview 10/21 (x4). Any updates after a month? 12) invited for campus interview 11/2 13) offer made on 12/10/17 14) was the offer accepted? 15) Yes, the offer was accepted17
7/28/2017Jacksonville State UniversityAlabamaEcology10/6/2017
Asst Prof11/30/2017Open until filled. Start date January 2018. Any update? 2) phone interview scheduled x5 (Oct 17 2017) 3) was told on campus interviews would be scheduled for first week in Nov. (x4) 4) invited for on-campus interview x2 5) offered <-- Congrats! x33
7/28/2017Cary Institute of Ecosystem StudiesNew YorkEcology8/21/2017
Assistant, Associate or Senior Scientist2/6/2018Is this a tenure-track position? 2) Cary doesn't have tenure in the traditional sense. 3) It's closest to a "faculty job": more permanent than a postdoc and doesn't focus on teaching. People who work there are basically analogous to university faculty. 4) In what sense do they have tenure? Or how long are contracts awarded for? 5) @4 I'm not aware of a Cary scientist ever being removed, although perhaps it has happened? They are amazing jobs are will surely get uber numbers of applicants. Some have left faculty jobs for Cary Institute (I don't work there). 6) what amount of salary do they have to come up with? Is it 85/15? 7) My understanding is that you aren't necessarily required to hit a specific target, but if you don't have much funding for a long enough period of time they will ask you to leave. Most scientists there are top notch, so I don't think it is traditionally a problem. Start up tends to be low though, if that is a consideration.8) The AAAS website says "This job is no longer available", but the closing date is in 10 days. What gives? 9) Definitely available; see Cary website. Also talked with K. Weathers at ESA this week (she's chair of search) and indicated she or Barbara Han are happy to answer questions about the position. 9)/ 9/1 they are asking for letters from referees (x4) 9/27 They have sent out on campus interview invitations (x2) 10) they've apparently just finished campus interviews of lots of candidates 11) Any idea how many on-campus interviews they conducted? 11) in the end there were seven or eight interviews on campus...probably so many beacuse they weren't totally sure what they want (hence the really broad ad) and it's better to have multiple good choices than risk not having any 12) It was eight! They have plans to hire multiple people in the next few years so perhaps they might hire two from this round? Also salary expectation is 4 mo. and they conduct tenure/promotion style 'reviews' of scientists every 3 years early on. 13) Wow, that's a lot of interviews. I hope they can find two people they like from a pool that size... 13) Interesting. It would certainly be nice not to have to repeat the search again in a year or two, assuming there is a good second in a field they'd like to hire for. Where'd you find out there were 8 interviews? 14) I overheard someone ask! Two hires is pure speculation 15) Anyone know if they have made an offer yet? 16) I'd be very surprised if they had not made an offer, but I have no direct knowledge 17) Havent' heard anything. They said it would be Decemeber. 18) I was also told early December... so perhaps any day now... 19) Dec 18, still no word.... x3 20) I heard that an offer was made. Expect it should be resolved soon 21) *twiddles thumbs* 22) me too, fellow interviewee. me too. (x2) Early December, eh? 23) 2/6 rejection emails sent. They did hire two people!16
7/31/2017San Diego State UniversityCaliforniaComputational Evolutionary Biology9/15/2017
Asst Prof2/26/2018Offer made18
7/31/2017Loyola Marymount UniversityCaliforniaEcology10/1/2017
Asst Prof2/14/20181) any updates? x3 2) I wonder if they're waiting to see what happens with the animal phys search? 3)seems like a long time, maybe no one on here made the list? x2 4) I hope that's not true... 5) Is anyone gutsy enough to email the chair for an update on the search timeline? 3)again not me! are any of you in CA? I have this (possibly wrong) perception that it's kind of an insular science world there so that's why I thought maybe there are people in the area who were attractive candidates 4)again, I'm in CA and haven't heard a peep 3)again, oh good, glad it's not just my current lack of west coast cred but sure hope they're still making decisions (5 again) so I emailed the chair, and she replied that they already have a short-list for on-campus interviews. 4) Did she say if they had contacted those people yet? 5) I emailed the chair, they have already invited people for on-campus interviews in January. 6) I don't want to pull the "internal candidate" card here, but what are the chances that not a single person on this wiki was a good candidate for this job? 7) On campus interview scheduled; they were doing the animal phys search scheduling first. 8) Were all campus interviews scheduled? Chair of search said they weren't scheduling until January. 9) On campus interviews happened. 12
7/31/2017Loyola Marymount UniversityCaliforniaAnimal Physiology10/1/2017
Asst Prof12/14/20171) Phone interview 10/27 x2 2) On campus interview invitation 11/8 x2 3) Applications still being considered for on campus interviews 11/15 4) <-- does this mean they were not satisfied with the applicants they brought for on campus interviews? 5) I doubt it because if the message was sent out on 11/15 then it would have been just a few days after on campus interview invitations were sent out (11/8)6
7/31/2017Leipzig University & iDivGermanyEvolution & Adaptation9/3/2017
Junior Research Group Leader12/21/20171) any news? 2) their Inst. website had indication that the interviews were in October (the same target date given to me in a confirmation email I recieved after submitting). But I don't have any concrete info.5
7/31/2017Luther College at the University of ReginaCanadaComputational Biology10/31/2017
Asst Prof5/7/20181) Phone interviews scheduled for January. X 3 2) Looks like they will try to knock out all phone interviews on January 12th. Congrats if you made their long list. I wonder how many they have long-listed, as the time range for their 20 min interviews is pretty much the whole day. 3) 12th is last day of university week; classes start the 16th. Probably giving candidates some flex by using all day. 4) Still have to wonder how many they will blow thru in these 20 min slots between 9 AM and 4 PM on the 12th. I bet it's a substantial number, but those that got phone interview are still in a better position than those that did not, so, again, congrats and good luck! If I get an early time slot, I will try to post some of the questions they asked here to benefit others that may interview after me. 5) I requested an early slot so we'll see. 6) I just told them to fit me in wherever. Haven't heard back yet on a time. 7) Still haven't heard back on a time. Anyone? 8) No, I haven't heard back. (x3) 9) Heard back today (Wednesday, 01/03) with my time. I asked if they could tell me who was on the search committee, so I could research them a litle bit prior to my interview, but they said Human Resources regulations prevented them from doing so. Odd. 10) Got my time as well 1/3. 11) Interviewed today (01/12). Pretty straight forward. Said they'd know who will be invited for on-campus interviews in a week or so. (x2) 12) Anyone hear anything yet? Much of Texas was closed down for last few days due to winter weather, so we may not hear until next week. 13) Guessing no one has heard anything yet? 14) Nope (1/23). 15) Received an e-mail today (01/23) x2 from the search committee chair inviting me for an on-campus interview. 16) Congrats, didn't get said email :(. x2 17) I have an on-campus interview later in the month and one of my references told me that they are calling to talk to her today. A little backwards if you ask me. 18) The whole process leading up to my on-campus interview (which was scheduled for later in Feb) and all of my research on employee satisfaction and shitty salaries at this place has lead me to withdraw from the search tonight. The search committee chair managed to piss off one of my letter writers and would take days to answer e-mails with confused responses, they wanted to consider my travel expenses as taxable income, they denied my request for me to spend an additional night at the hotel to avoid having to drive back home for more than 6 hours after a very long day of interviewing (a whole big cost of maybe $150 bucks max), as well as so many other red flags tell me this place is just royally fucked to work for. So, good luck if you are interested in working here. Would be interested in heariing how some of the interviews went to see if my concerns are realized, and I hope one of you that did not initially get an on-campus interview gets my slot if this is the place you want to be. 19) Thank you for sharing. I am curious to see how this search ends. 20) I hate to do it, but any updates? 21) Seems like this search fizzled out. 22) Maybe a failed search then? Anyone that interviewed actually hear anything? 23) It appears that someone has been chosen by the SC, but unclear whether accepted1
7/31/2017Moss Landing Marine Laboratories (California State Universities)CaliforniaMarine Invertebrate Zoology9/8/2017
Asst Prof3/20/2018Closing date extended from 23 Aug to 8 Sept ( 2) any updates on this (x2)? 3) campus interviews scheduled (x3) 4) any updates on this search? Offer made? 5)Offered10
7/31/2017Moss Landing Marine Laboratories (California State Universities)CaliforniaChemical Oceanography8/23/2017
Asst Prof10/17/20171) Any updates?
8/2/2017University of Colorado BoulderColoradoHuman Genetics (broad)10/15/2017
Asst Prof11/13/2017"Successful candidates may include, but are not limited to, individuals whose research on human genetics utilizes whole-genome data in one or more of the following sub-disciplines: statistical genetics; behavioral/psychiatric genetics; genetic epidemiology; population genetics; computational biology. Appointees will participate in the research and teaching missions of both the Institute and their academic department." Departments Include: Psychology and Neuroscience, Integrative Physiology, Computer Science, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology. 1) Rejection received 11/10 (x2)2
8/3/2017Vassar CollegeNew YorkPlant Physiologist9/23/2017
Asst Prof2/15/20185
8/3/2017Bucknell UniversityPennsylvaniaMolecular Ecology9/19/2017
Rank Open3/5/20181) Any updates? 2) None here 3) Skype invite rec x6 4) on-campus invite (10/25) 5) 1/5/18 - This ain't over yet folks. 6) Can confirm with 5, position still open. 7) Received an email from search asking if I am still interested as position remains open x6 (any info on what is going on?) 8) Also curious, is it just because they did not like the interviewees? 9) speculation here, but when talking with a search chair at a different institution, their hiring had these weird rules that if they didn't hire somone from their on-campus interview list, they had to go back to the entire begining list and couldn't reconsider their short (skype) list. This is from an institution that had a "failed" job search last year due to this oddity. Maybe something similar? 10) On-campus invite (1/24) 11) Rejection email. Said the position has been filled (x2).15
8/3/2017Michigan State UniversityMichiganDirector, Kellogg Biological Station9/15/2017
Full Prof11/30/2017"Candidates should have ... demonstrated potential to lead and manage a dynamic program of interdisciplinary research, education, and outreach, a record of research excellence in any area of ecology, evolution, agriculture, or conservation biology, and strong interpersonal skills." 1) Any updates? 2) Interviews held
8/3/2017Northern Kentucky UniversityKentuckyMicrobiology9/11/2017
Asst Prof4/11/2018"We are especially interested in applicants with expertise in microbial ecology, ecological genomics, metagenomics, or bioinformatics." 1) Contacted for webex interview over the next two weeks (9/19/2017) (x2) 2) References called (10/6/17) 3) Any more updates? Any on campus interviews scheduled? 4) #2 here, no news here 5) campus interview scheduled (10/18/17) 6) Results of the interview? 7) Rejection received (11/30) 8) Sorry to hear that #7, what was the interview process like? 8) Did either of the NKU positions get filled?4
8/3/2017University of FloridaFloridaMicrobial Chemical Ecology8/15/2017
Asst Prof10/11/2017I wonder if this search already "failed" because a close position was annc a month later "Soil Microbial Ecologist" (posted on this page)...? 1) Any updates?
8/3/2017Boise State UniversityIdahoHuman-Environment Systems9/1/2017
Asst/Assoc Prof1/17/2018I met several faculty as part of a different search, different department, last year. Very progressive, broad and collaborative program. 2) It's unclear on the online portal how to upload the PDF materials - has anyone succeeded? 3) Yes, I had no trouble following the links. 4) Any updates? 5) they have invited applicants to campus 6) campus interviews already seems pretty quick 7) 2 months is not that quick 8) ah yeah i suppose; i guess i've just been unfortunate to be a candidate for jobs/at institutions where the search committee didn't have it together enough to move faster than a glacial pace [as in, closing date 10/1, campus visits 3/1] 9) position has been filled6
8/3/2017Indiana UniversityIndianaInvasive Species Ecologist10/15/2017
Assoc Prof1/23/20181) letters requested ~Nov4 2) I thought letters were automatically requested when applications were submitted? 3) They were automatically requested. 4) On campus interviews scheduled for Nov. and Dec. 5) Any word from those who had on-site interview? I did and haven't heard anything...2
8/3/2017University of PittsburghPennsylvaniaEvolutionary Biology9/16/2017
Asst Prof4/14/20181) letters requested ~Nov4 2) I thought letters were automatically requested when applications were submitted? 3) They were automatically requested. 4) On campus interviews scheduled for Nov. and Dec. 5) Any word from those who had on-site interview? I did and haven't heard anything... 6) any updates?20
8/4/2017Eastern Washington UniversityWashingtonPlant-microbe interactions9/30/2017
Asst Prof4/13/20181) Deleted comments? Any updates? 2) Campus interviews scheduled 3) rejections sent March 291
8/4/2017Claremont McKenna, Pitzer & Scripps CollegesCaliforniaDisease Ecology/Evolution10/1/2017
Asst Prof11/3/20171) Claremont Colleges Keck Science Department. Open until filled. Applications can still be considered if submitted later than Oct.1. 2) additional info requested (3x) 3) invited for on-campus interview1
8/4/2017Nanyang Technological UniversitySingaporeEcology11/27/2017
Full Prof
8/6/2017Portland State UniversityOregonEnvironmental Science- Ecohydrology11/1/2017
Asst Prof11/13/20171) Phone interview scheduled. 2) When was that? 3) 10/27 4) Any more updates? 5) 4 on-campus interviews scheduled.4
8/6/2017Mississippi State UniversityMississippiAquatic Ecology
Asst/Assoc Prof2/7/2018Open until filled 2) is this the same position as last year? 3) No I believe this is a different search, but I cant say for sure 4) Different one 5) last year's was filled by an internal hire. This is a new search. A quick glance though and it looks like 1/3 of this dept. did their PhD work there 6) what is the due date for application materials? I've seen 3 different ones! 7) no kidding, it does appear that 9 of 28 profs (not including lecturers or adjuncts) did their PhD in that dept! Doesn't sound promising for an outside candidate. 8) As for the due date, I was told by the contact that applications are reviewed as they come in, they are hoping for a Jan. start date. 9) slightly different answer, but I was told full review would be by Sept. 1st. 10) FYI, I submitted my materials on 9/8 and they were accepted without any problems 11) same here, I applied on 9/11 with no issues. 12) Sounds like this is a rolling deadline which means who knows when we will hear from the committee 13) Any updates? 14) I received an email on 9/15 requesting a Skype interview x3 15) good for you #14, bummer for me. I really thought I was a perfect fit for this one. Hopefully the rolling deadline will mean more requests coming soon. 16) any updates? 17) Looks like the skype interviews happened about a month ago so they have probably moved on to campus interviews. 18) had skype interview 1st week of Oct and timeline sounded uncertain for on-campus interviews 19) Agree with #18, no timeline was given after skype interview in mid-Oct. 20) on-campus interviews are scheduled per correspondence with the search chair 21) likely an internal candidate like last year's search in this dept. 22) anyone on here get an on-campus? 23) I didn't, but I'm also not sure how many were skype interviewed from here 24) I have an on-campus interview in Dec. and am not an internal candidate, not sure how many interviews are scheduled 25) Good luck to you #24, hopefully you can add some diversity to this incestual dept. 25) Contacted 11/22 for skype interview, they said they had misspelled my email address and they were in a rush to talk with me. 26) haha, sorry to hear that for you #25, but this search sounds like a cluster. They are going to skype with someone as they have on-campus interviews I interviewed last year and it didnt seem like they had it together then either. Good luck on the interview! 27) any updates on this one? I had an on-campus earlier this month, but havent heard anything 28) offered and accepted12
8/6/2017Wake Forest UniversityNorth CarolinaMicrobiology10/1/2017
Asst Prof3/24/2018"Bacteria, Archaea, or microbial eukaryotes and their interactions with other species or with their environments" 2) "Those whose research is driven largely by questions drawn from an applied medical perspective are less likely to be a good match for this position" 3) Any updates? x2 4) invited for skype interview (x3) 5) Invited for campus interview (x2) 6) offer made 7) Rejection email5
8/9/2017University of Central FloridaFloridaEvolutionary Genomics
Asst Prof2/2/2018Any update? 2) I heard they were interviewing people. 3) Got a campus invitation (11/1) 4) Offer made (12/18) 5) Search still open, new posting on EvolDir. Says previous applicants will still be considered. 6) AFAIK search failed, hence reposted7
8/9/2017University of GeorgiaGeorgiaEcology9/18/2017
2 Lecturer Positions 12/9/2017Non-TT
8/10/2017Clark UniversityMassachusettsEcology9/15/2017
Asst Prof2/16/20182) any updates? 3) nothing here yet (not that it means much from one person alone) (10/3) x8 4) Ok, wait, so 22 people applied, on the wiki alone? Let's just say I expect all of my updates about this position will come from the wiki. 5) Oh, wow, I did not expect that so many people have applied for this one. 6) why wouldn't you expect that many? It is a phd granting school in the northeast with close proximity to a major metro area 7) <- ...and a broadly defined search 8) I went to undergrad there. Worcester is not a great place to live, and there's lots of crime in the neighborhood Clark is in. I mean, I still applied, but... 9) For whatever stock one puts in "best-of" lists, Parenting Magazine did rank Worcester as one of the 10 best cities for families in 2014 10) <- at the danger of getting off topic, wouldn't put much stock in that ranking having lived in Worcester for many years. but some nice areas in central MA that one could commute to Worcester from. 11) Skype interview request received 10/5 (x4) 12) Congrats y'all! Good luck! (x3) 13) Campus invitations sent, 4 interview slots (10/27) 14) has an offer been accepted? 15) @14: Last on campus was yesterday, so probably no offers yet 16) <- Ah ok thanks! 17) Any offers made/accepted? 18) Fairly sure that the search is still open 19) How do you know? I believe all interviews are over. 20) I contacted the search chair yesterday, and they are bringing out a 4th person to interview sometime later in January. 21) Offer has been made.26
8/11/2017Michigan State UniversityMichiganUrban & Community Forestry
Asst Prof
8/11/2017Michigan State UniversityMichiganMicrobial Ecology10/1/2017
Asst/Assoc Prof2/7/20181) Ad hints at a preference for agricultural research using molecular methods 2) 11/11 received a "we've gotten so many applicants, please be patient" email 3) two pubs requested by the committee x2 4) Reference Letter Requested x2 5) Invited for Zoom interview 12/14 6) invited for on-site interview 2/23
8/12/2017Penn State UniversityPennsylvaniaEvolutionary Genomics9/15/2017
Asst/Assoc Prof5/16/2018Last year's failed search reposted? 2) Yes 3) Possibly reviewing materials (seeing web traffic) 4) Reference letter requested x4 5) updates? it feels like it's been forever since they requested letters... 6) My letters were requested way back then, I've heard nothing. They are taking their time, and they're not the only ones working at their own pace that's for sure 7) one's heard anything??? x2 8) Heard rumor they're down to shortlist. 9) I also contacted both chairs of the committee, who assured me the search is still moving ahead. 10) received email asking if still interested in their position, a few days later recommendation letter requested. Guessed I am on their short list. <- good news for you! crazy...they already asked for letters months ago...11) this position is the dark horse in evolutionary genomics this job season. they asked for my letters months ago too, wonder if they reshuffled the deck. 12) I sent one of the search chairs an updated CV this week and the response suggested (while warm and friendly) that this is putt-putting along at a snail's pace 13) Invited for campus interview 14) Offer accepted13
8/13/2017Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI)PanamaTropical Biology (5 Positions)11/15/2017
Staff Scientist5/10/2018"We are especially interested in hirig scientists in animal behavior, terrestrial microbial ecology, forest biology and marine science. We will consider exceptional candidates in any of our research areas." 2) The search for a terrestrial microbial ecologist last year failed and now they are rehiring...should one apply again even if they submitted an application in the failed search? 3) I would, maybe they will see you differently this time, especially if a different group of people is involved 4) Any feedback on working there, anyone? 5) Great place to do research, excellent infrastructure for the most part. Panama is the most developed part of central america, at least near the canal, but it's still central america and some flexiblity and openness is necessary, because the pace is very slow. I've done research there and if I were single, I'd apply. Can't see myself making a career there, but many do. 31) #29 here. I've spent time at STRI. I love it. It's not for everyone. Even though I could probably live there, my extended family wouldn't be happy about moving there. That's all I meant. STRI staff know this, especially those that lived there during the US invasion in 1989 and have had to deal with changes in government that vary in their degree of friendliness and hostility toward STRI and the US. 32) Rejection letters sent to candidates who didn't make interview and those that did interview but didn't get further x2 33) @32, did not yet receive rejection for the animal behavior poisition, though my letters were not requested. 34) No rejection letter here either, and I did have letters requested. 35) Animal Beh search have made an offer to the top candidate (not me :) ). They're waiting for the paperwork to go through before mailing the shortlist. Small chance that it doesn't go through and they return to the shortlist. (35) Has the microbial decision been made? 36) I didn't apply to this job but postdoc'ed there for a while & if anyone with an offer wants to ask about living in Panama, hit me up on GenDiscussion board (specify which location you're likely to be at) 37) on 26-Mar-18, I finally received a rejection email for the animal behavior position, no letters were requested (x2) 38) @37, which position? 39) @38 animal behavior (comment updated). 40) What ever happened with the other positions? Last update was over 1 mo ago. 41) I still haven't gotten a rejection for the Animal Behavior position