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InstitutionLocationSubject Area
Closing Date
Latest Update
# Applied
5/24/2017Tulane UniversityLouisianaDept Chair, Ecology and/or Evolution8/1/2017
Full Prof7/9/2017
6/2/2017Utah State UniversityUtahAnimal Population Ecology9/11/2017
Asst Prof8/15/2017I spoke to a member of the department who suggested that one can either apply to all three positions, or simply apply to the one that best fits and the relevant search committees will pass along applicants to the other pools.
6/2/2017Utah State UniversityUtahMovement Ecology9/11/2017
Asst Prof8/14/2017Review of applications begins August 1 and will continue until position is filled 2) The ad says reviews on 11 Sept 2017, where does the Aug 1 come from?
6/2/2017Utah State UniversityUtahQuantitative Ecology9/11/2017
Asst Prof
6/2/2017Université du Québec en Abitibi-TémiscamingueCanadaEcology with Expertise in Biostatistics8/7/2017
Asst Prof
6/3/2017Université du Québec en OutaouaisCanadaChemical Ecology8/25/2017
Asst Prof8/10/2017
6/3/2017Middle East Technical University, Institute of Marine SciencesTurkeyMarine & Aquatic Sciences7/5/2017
Asst Prof6/3/2017"leading international marine science institute in Turkey with a 100% English education and research" 2) Do *not* work in Turkey. Erdogan is purging public intellectuals.1
6/3/2017Purdue UniversityIndianaForest Economics & Management9/30/2017
Asst/Assoc Prof
6/4/2017University at Buffalo, SUNYNew YorkEnergy, Environment and Water
Assoc/Full Prof7/21/2017The Institute is seeking to fill three senior Empire Innovation Professor (EIP) faculty positions at the Associate or Full Professor level
6/4/2017University of Nottingham Ningbo ChinaChinaEnvironmental or Geographical Sciences7/5/2017
Assoc Prof
6/4/2017SUSTechChinaGeo-Bioinformatics / Environmental Genomics4/21/2018
Rank Open
6/4/2017SUSTechChinaEnvironmental Science and Engineering4/21/2018
Rank Open
6/5/2017Battelle-National Ecological Observatory NetworkColoradoLong-Term Ecological Observation8/31/2017
Director/Chief Scientist6/15/2017
6/5/2017Virginia Commonwealth UniversityVirginiaCoastal Plant Ecology6/16/2017
Asst Prof7/18/2017This was posted on June 2, with a closing date of June 16 - seems like a potential inside hire? 2) See old spreadsheet-many mysterious late-season searches. Could mean anything, including inside hires. 3) *Not suspicious. Late to meet budget deadlines from state of Virginia as there is a budget change so we pushed hiring lines through as we may not get any more for a while thanks to budget short-falls 4) #1 here, thanks for the input! 5) any updates here? 6) Me (no. 3 again). Three people gave research seminars, belive talks w/ one are progressing--not faculty, so not totally keyed in.2
6/6/2017McGill UniversityCanadaParasitology8/1/2017
2 Positions - 1 Assoc/Full and 1 Asst Prof
6/6/2017Macalester CollegeMinnesotaEcology9/8/2017
2 Positions - Asst prof6/14/2017Two jobs available: one in biology department, one in environmental studies. One to be hired for fall 2018, one for fall 2019. 2) In talking to some faculty, for the Ecology person they are looking for someone who does more quantitative ecology (i.e., not molecular ecology, which is what another faculty member already does in this very tiny department).1
6/6/2017University of Rio GrandeOhioBiology6/12/2017
Asst Prof6/6/2017requires "teaching Principles of Biology for non-majors and upper level courses in one or more of the following areas: Botany, Vertebrate Biology, and/or Applied Ecology/Conservation"
6/6/2017Saint Mary's UniversityCanadaFungal Ecology & Microbiology7/6/2017
Asst Prof
6/6/2017California State University, East BayCaliforniaIntegrative Biology 9/15/2017
Asst Prof6/27/2017"We specifically invite applications from individuals across the spectrum of ecology, particularly those who incorporate both the use of field-based research and modern molecular techniques to investigate mechanisms underlying the interaction of organisms with their habitat. Candidates that engage in research in the area of restoration ecology, landscape ecology, wildlife ecology, or urban ecology and that include examination of phenomena with broader conservation or environmental significance, are especially encouraged to apply." 2) There is no job posting # on the Interfolio site and there is no listing on the CSU jobs website: The posting # is required to submit the application through Interfolio. Is this a recently created posting that hasn't been finalized yet? What is going on? 3) OP here. Not sure, saw this posted on a society facebook page by one of the faculty in that department but I'm not applying myself. 4) The website/listing has now been updated.5) what are the odds that you can afford anywhere close to this campus with the Cal-State starting salaries? 6) It's definitely a tough time to be in the Bay Area, but in Hayward and nearby (San Leandro, Oakland, etc) you can find places that are slightly more reasonable than San Francisco or the south bay.1
6/14/2017University of London
United Kingdom
Organismal biology (1) and aquatic ecology (1)7/4/2017
Asst/Assoc Prof8/12/20172 positions at Queen Mary University of London, one in organismal biology, one in aquatic ecology. Hiring at rank of Lecturer or Senior Lecturer. 2) Can people live in London for £40-60k per annum? 3) QMUL is on the Eastern edge of the pricier parts of London and is near the District, Hammersmith and Central lines, so it's going to be easier than at Imperial. That's actually more pay than a lot of places in the UK offer. 4) That pay is terrible for London. Main reason I'm not applying. 5) It's about on par with other Lecturer salaries in London (I have no connection with the place, but UK academia has a flatter pay structure than elsewhere generally). 6) From what I've heard, both #4 and #5 are true: on par with other lecturer salaries, and also very tough for London. They just don't pay that well in academia. 7) Yes, salaries are lower in UK, I was getting 40k in Liverpool when I left (Asst Prof level) and that was considered a high salary compared to other universities. And cost of living is not cheaper than in the US, in some regards it's actually more expensive. 8) Shortlist being made 9) Interviews for aquatic job being scheduled 10) Rejections for the Organismal Biology job sent. 11) For those interviewing: be aware that this dept has issues. There is no tenure in the UK system & there has been some ugly stuff in this dept. Good people have left.5
6/16/2017University of InnsbruckAustriaAquatic Evolutionary Ecology9/14/2017
Full Prof
6/17/2017University College CorkIrelandZoology7/18/2017
Lecturer7/9/20171) Does anyone have experience with the Irish academic system? How different is this from the rest of the UK? 2) I have worked in both systems (currently in Ireland). Not that different. Any specific questions you want me to answer? 3) In case this helps, this is a permanent Lecturer position, so it's a junior position similar to an Assistant Professor position in the US but you get tenure from the beginning. The other position listed (Senior Lecturer) is also permanent and it is similar to an Associate Professor position in the US.3
6/17/2017University College CorkIrelandZoology7/18/2017
Senior Lecturer7/12/20171) This applies to both Ireland and the UK and it may shock some US applicants, but have in mind that salaries will be much lower than you expect and they will not be negotiable. Actually, there is almost no negotiations, in most cases you just get the job, a computer and some office space (if you are lucky, you will not need to share your office). No start-up at all (as always, there will be exceptions)1
6/18/2017Nanyang Technological University SingaporeSingaporeTerrestrial / Forest Ecology (3 Positions)9/1/2017
Asst Prof6/18/2017Three positions to be filled to complement recently developed collaboration with the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute: Forest soil microbial ecology, Forest invertebrate ecology, Forest biogeochemistry
6/19/2017University of Washington WashingtonBiology - molecules to ecosystems
Asst Prof7/6/2017Multiple positions are pending final approval (expected 1 August 2017). Does anyone know if the positions are related to the plant/biology job opened earlier this year (deadline april 30)? 2) Maybe we should wait for the positions to be actually approved and advertised? (x2) This sounds like the usual "wide net" search that UW does every year. 3) Did the 2017 freshwater ecology search fail? 4) Heard they are constructing a new Biology building and (related?) opening a bunch of new lines (up to 10?! over the next few years).
6/23/2017UC BerkeleyCaliforniaPaleontology & Evolutionary Developmental Biology7/19/2017
Assoc/Full Prof
6/23/2017Washington State UniversityWashingtonStonefruit breeding and genetics
Asst/Assoc Prof7/7/20171) Cherries are the new blueberries, the new new tomatoes, and the new new new potatoes.2) #1 you must be on this wiki for a long time.... 3) *cries* 4) A good measure that i've been here too long as well. x4
6/24/2017Carleton CollegeMinnesotaPhysiological Ecology9/11/2017
Asst Prof7/5/2017Emailed to ask if this was a plant/animal position, and chair said it was open to either
6/25/2017University of TorontoCanadaEcology and Evolution9/13/2017
Asst Prof8/7/2017Deadline is actually September 13th. 2) Thanks! If you find a real error like this, you can just edit the date :) AP 3) "Disease and/or theory" 4) Ad makes it sound more like "disease and/or theory" is especially wanted, but there are two positions and open to different research focuses. I have no inside info on how strong that preference is. 5) Sounds like their disease search failed last year (from last year's wiki) so perhaps one position will be allocated to this focus. Only speculation though... 6) If the search failed last year this is ridiculous, thay had plenty of outstanding applicants... 7) The disease ecology position from last year failed. Rumour was the couldn't decide between two, so they made no offer.
6/26/2017Sam Houston State UniversityTexasEcology & Environmental Science9/1/2017
Asst Prof
6/27/2017San Jose State UniversityCaliforniaEvolutionary Ecology9/30/2017
Asst Prof8/10/2017they appear to be very serious about wanting a "vertebrate biologist" and nothing else 2) well it does say vertebrate biologist....
6/27/2017California State University, FresnoCaliforniaMicrobiology10/9/2017
Asst Prof
6/29/2017Carleton UniversityCanadaBehavioural ecology9/15/2017
Asst Prof
6/30/2017University of British ColumbiaCanadaComparative Physiology & Biomechanics9/1/2017
Asst Prof7/11/2017
6/30/2017University of MinnesotaMinnesotaFisheries Ecology9/15/2017
Asst Prof
6/30/2017UNC CharlotteNorth CarolinaBioinformatics and Genomics
Rank Open7/20/2017Faculty position for bioinformatics or genomics at David H. Murdock Research Institute in Kannapolis, NC. The research center is roughly 40min from Charlotte, NC. Faculty position is affiliated with the dept of Bioinformatics and Genomics at UNC Charlotte. If interested email CV and any questions about the position to (search chair) and/or Larry Mays ( Applications via HR often are not sent to the department in a timely manner, so send a note to the search chair or department head if you are interested. Startups from BINF are generally very competitive and Charlotte has affordable cost of living. 2) Are we talking about the Microbial Genomics job? 3) Technically it's listed as that, but you should apply if you do any kind of genomics. 4) Really? Any type of genomics? I do non-microbial genomics, and the way the advertisement seemed like I'd be a poor fit. 5) Is this position still open? A search of the position number on the UNCC jobs site doesn't show anything 6) It's an ongoing search that failed recently. Email the dept head and the search chair if you are interested. Say you heard about the "bioinformatics and genomics job at Kannnapolis" or the "Professor position at the David H Murdock Research Institute with UNCC". Ask if the position is still open or if they plan to relist the job in the fall. Emphasize that you work in computational biology and genome analysis. If you have written bioinformatic methods, mention them. And seriously, take a shot if you do any kind of genomics. 7) Here is the job positng: 8) committee head says job will be reposted later this summer/fall
7/1/2017Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)SwedenConservation Biology9/10/2017
Full Prof
7/5/2017Colorado State UniversityColoradoSoil Microbiomes9/8/2017
Asst/Assoc Prof
7/5/2017NC State UniversityNorth CarolinaApplied Ecology9/30/2017
Asst Prof7/14/2017Urban ecology focus 2) Is this position unfilled from last year's urban ecologist search? 3) The call seems to be almost identical, so I'm guessing it failed last year. 4) Does anyone know what is meant by "Extension activities?" It seems to be a critical part of the application, but not really clear on this term... 5) Extension activities typically involve public engagement with local communities, often with agricultural practitioners or on sustainability issues.1
7/6/2017McKendree UniversityIllinoisBiology9/1/2017
Asst Prof8/3/2017"We seek applicants with a primary interest in teaching comparative vertebrate courses, biostatistics, and introductory biology to majors and non-majors" 1) Failed search from last year?
7/6/2017Athens State UniversityAlabamaBiology
Asst Prof
7/7/2017University of British ColumbiaCanadaBiodiversity Studies9/18/2017
Assoc/Full Prof8/3/20171) Is this worth applying to as an American? 2) If you're very well qualified, yes. 3) From what I've heard in informal conversations with folks at UBC, there are a number of Americans on the faculty and they compete well in faculty searches. The cost of living is rather expensive (housing in particular)... so that is the downside and something to seriously consider. Otherwise, I've heard great things about the department and school and I think most folks would consider this a dream job aside from housing costs. 4) Also, beware that funding in Canada is not as generous as in the US. If you are a very well-qualified foreign or expat candidate for this position, ask about applying for a Canada 150 Research Chair. And as #3 says, housing in Vancouver is crazy expensive. Whether deserved or not, UBC has a bit of a reputation of being a good school for faculty to go for a few years to put it on their CV, then move on to somewhere else where they can actually afford a home. 5) #1 here--thank you for the info! 6) UBC is eager to capitalize on the current political situation in the US to recruit some American hotshots for this position! 7) I did my PhD at UBC and the department is great. Funding is lower but more consistent. There are lots of Americans on the faculty. The only real downside is housing costs.
7/7/2017Cornell UniversityNew YorkEntomology / Evolution9/1/2017
Asst/Assoc Prof7/7/2017Martha N. and John C. Moser Professor of Arthropod Biosystematics and Biodiversity
7/9/2017University of RichmondVirginiaQuantitative Biology9/15/2017
Asst Prof7/9/2017"We seek a biologist who has expertise in analysis of big data, modeling, bioinformatics, genomics/transcriptomics, biostatistics, or other quantitative and/or computational methods"
7/14/2017City College of New YorkNew YorkEarth & Atmospheric Sciences5/28/2017
Asst Prof7/16/20171) Any updates?1
7/16/2017Ben-Gurion University of the NegevIsraelPhysiological / Evolutionary / Ecosystems Ecology12/1/2017
Asst Prof7/16/2017"The planned starting date for the successful candidates is April 1, 2018"
7/17/2017UT AustinTexasEcology8/31/2017
Asst Prof7/24/2017"We wish to hire an exceptional candidate whose research focuses broadly on ecological questions. Interdisciplinary applicants are especially encouraged to apply." Integrative Biology Department.
7/19/2017Bowdoin CollegeMaineBiology & Environmental Studies9/15/2017
Asst Prof7/28/2017what happened to the discusson here?1
7/19/2017Rider UniversityNew JerseyBiology12/1/2017
Asst Prof7/19/2017"The precise area of specialization is open, though special consideration will be given to candidates with professional experience in any of the following areas: plant biology, ecology, bioinformatics, computing, statistics, modeling, "big data", field research."
7/19/2017St. Olaf CollegeMinnesotaFreshwater Ecosystem Ecology9/21/2017
Asst Prof7/20/2017
7/19/2017Northern Arizona UniversityArizonaInformatics, Computing and Cyber Systems8/1/2017
Rank Open7/19/2017Cluster hire-- "Specific areas include: quantitative epidemiology, infectious disease modeling, biostatistics, microbial ecology, metagenomics, data analysis for high-throughput sequencing, molecular evolution"2
7/20/2017CSIROAustraliaMarine population dynamics9/1/2017
Research Scientist7/20/2017Research Scientist (roughly equiv to Asst Prof). Permanent position. salary AU$92K - $100K pa plus up to 15.4% superannuation. Hobart.
7/20/2017CSIROAustraliaMarine population dynamics9/1/2017
Senior Research Scientist7/20/2017Senior Research Scientist (roughly equiv to Assoc Prof). Permanent position, salary AU$106K - $124 pa plus up to 15.4% superannuation. Brisbane.
7/20/2017Griffith UniversityAustraliaTerrestrial Ecology8/9/2017
Lecturer7/31/2017Lecturer = asst. prof. 1) "The successful applicant will have an open and valid Qld drivers' licence to undertake field surveys." The wording makes it sound like you need to have an existing Queensland Drivers License. That would preclude most international applicants, unless I'm interpretting this incorrectly. 2) Very easy to convert an international driver's license to a Qld one. It wouldn't preclude international applicants. 3) I read "will have" as different than "must have." As in, you don't need one to apply.
7/21/2017University of GeorgiaGeorgiaForestry and Natural Resources9/1/2017
Asst Prof7/21/20171) Closing data not listed on ad 2) It's in a box at the top of the web page
7/23/2017Saint Mary's College of CaliforniaCaliforniaEcology9/30/2017
Asst Prof7/23/2017"Research experience in the subfields of Animal Behavior and/or Molecular Ecology are preferred"
7/23/2017NC State UniversityNorth CarolinaQuantitative Fisheries9/29/2017
Asst Prof
7/24/2017Oakland UniversityMichiganComputational Biology / Functional Genomics9/8/2017
Asst Prof
7/24/2017Harvard UniversityMassachusettsGlobal Change Ecology10/1/2017
Asst Prof8/15/2017Correct link added 1) is this an asst prof position or full prof? Specifically looking for someone working in terrestrial ecosystems.
7/25/2017Michigan TechMichiganWildlife Science & Conservation9/5/2017
Asst Prof
7/25/2017Cold Spring Harbor LaboratoryNew YorkQuantitative Biology9/1/2017
Asst Prof7/25/2017"Specific research areas of interest include, but are not limited to, modeling and analysis of transcriptional regulation, sequence assembly and variant calling for emerging technologies, evolutionary and population genomics, single-cell analysis, and cancer genomics." "This position is for candidates focused on dry-lab research (experimental space is limited)."
7/25/2017University of Maine - FarmingtonMaineEnvironmental Biology10/1/2017
Asst Prof
7/25/2017Alabama A&MAlabamaZoology
Asst Prof
7/26/2017Tulane UniversityLouisianaAnimal Physiological Ecologist10/13/2017
Asst Prof
7/26/2017Tulane UniversityLouisianaPlant Molecular Ecologist10/13/2017
Asst Prof
7/26/2017Oklahoma StateOklahomaIntegrative Biology10/10/2017
Asst Prof
7/28/2017Davidson CollegeNorth CarolinaQuantitative Integrative Biology9/24/2017
Asst Prof8/9/2017Seems like an add written for an internal candidate... 2) Why? Looks like a standard ad to me. 3) Yeah, I've been on several search committees and applied for many jobs and this looks standard. 4) Unusually specific job title and teaching requirements coupled with a teaching postdoc in the department who appears to match those specifications quite well. 5) trust me there is no internal candidate for this one 6) Yeah, I would think that Davidson is going as far away from internal as possible on this ad...but hey, please don't apply if you think it is a waste of your time. 7) Can you move this chatter somewhere else? The internal candidate routine isn't a good use of space here. Make a separate tab for this stuff, please. 8) Once you get a TT position you'll realize the absurdity of suggesting that a department would rather hire their "friend" than the best person they can find for the job. Especially given the time and expense of running a job search. 9) Search is legit.
7/28/2017Jacksonville State UniversityAlabamaEcology
Asst Prof7/28/2017Open until filled. Start date January 2018.
7/28/2017Cary Institute of Ecosystem StudiesNew YorkEcology8/21/2017
Assistant, Associate or Senior Scientist8/11/2017Is this a tenure-track position? 2) Cary doesn't have tenure in the traditional sense. 3) It's closest to a "faculty job": more permanent than a postdoc and doesn't focus on teaching. People who work there are basically analogous to university faculty. 4) In what sense do they have tenure? Or how long are contracts awarded for? 5) @4 I'm not aware of a Cary scientist ever being removed, although perhaps it has happened? They are amazing jobs are will surely get uber numbers of applicants. Some have left faculty jobs for Cary Institute (I don't work there). 6) what amount of salary do they have to come up with? Is it 85/15? 7) My understanding is that you aren't necessarily required to hit a specific target, but if you don't have much funding for a long enough period of time they will ask you to leave. Most scientists there are top notch, so I don't think it is traditionally a problem. Start up tends to be low though, if that is a consideration.8) The AAAS website says "This job is no longer available", but the closing date is in 10 days. What gives? 9) Definitely available; see Cary website. Also talked with K. Weathers at ESA this week (she's chair of search) and indicated she or Barbara Han are happy to answer questions about the position
7/31/2017San Diego State UniversityCaliforniaComputational Evolutionary Biology9/15/2017
Asst Prof1
7/31/2017Loyola Marymount UniversityCaliforniaEcology10/1/2017
Asst Prof
7/31/2017Loyola Marymount UniversityCaliforniaAnimal Physiology10/1/2017
Asst Prof
7/31/2017Leipzig University & iDivGermanyEvolution & Adaptation9/3/2017
Junior Research Group Leader
7/31/2017Luther College at the University of ReginaCanadaComputational Biology10/31/2017
Asst Prof8/3/2017Do they expect candidates to be religious or just generally interested in social justice etc.? 2) Not sure, but its affiliation (Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada) is similar to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, whose colleges include St. Olaf, Gettysburg, and Gustavus Adolphus - none of which (I believe) requires or prefers Christian applicants. 3) Is Canadian citizenship/residency required or just preferred? 4) I'm mostly familiar with European Lutherans, who tend to fall on the extremely liberal side - is that comparable in Canada? 2) I'm not sure (I'm an American).
7/31/2017Moss Landing Marine Laboratories (California State Universities)CaliforniaMarine Invertebrate Zoology8/23/2017
Asst Prof
7/31/2017Moss Landing Marine Laboratories (California State Universities)CaliforniaChemical Oceanography8/23/2017
Asst Prof
8/2/2017University of Colorado BoulderColoradoHuman Genetics (broad)10/15/2017
Asst Prof8/2/2017"Successful candidates may include, but are not limited to, individuals whose research on human genetics utilizes whole-genome data in one or more of the following sub-disciplines: statistical genetics; behavioral/psychiatric genetics; genetic epidemiology; population genetics; computational biology. Appointees will participate in the research and teaching missions of both the Institute and their academic department." Departments Include: Psychology and Neuroscience, Integrative Physiology, Computer Science, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology.
8/3/2017Vassar CollegeNew YorkPlant Physiologist9/23/2017
Asst Prof8/3/2017"We seek a broadly trained plant physiologist working in terrestrial or aquatic systems. Areas of focus may include but are not limited to abiotic and biotic interactions, climate change, reproduction and development, energetics and photosynthesis, biotechnology and food production. The successful candidate will teach at all levels of the curriculum, including introductory biology, an intermediate plant physiology course with laboratory, and an advanced seminar in the candidate's area of interest.
8/3/2017Bucknell UniversityPennsylvaniaMolecular Ecology9/19/2017
Rank Open
8/3/2017Michigan State UniversityMichiganDirector, Kellogg Biological Station9/15/2017
Full Prof8/3/2017"Candidates should have ... demonstrated potential to lead and manage a dynamic program of interdisciplinary research, education, and outreach, a record of research excellence in any area of ecology, evolution, agriculture, or conservation biology, and strong interpersonal skills."
8/3/2017Northern Kentucky UniversityKentuckyMicrobiology9/11/2017
Asst Prof8/3/2017"We are especially interested in applicants with expertise in microbial ecology, ecological genomics, metagenomics, or bioinformatics."
8/3/2017University of FloridaFloridaMicrobial Chemical Ecology8/15/2017
Asst Prof
8/3/2017Boise State UniversityIdahoHuman-Environment Systems9/1/2017
Asst/Assoc Prof8/5/2017I met several faculty as part of a different search, different department, last year. Very progressive, broad and collaborative program.1
8/3/2017Indiana UniversityIndianaInvasive Species Ecologist10/15/2017
Assoc Prof
8/3/2017University of PittsburghPennsylvaniaEvolutionary Biology9/16/2017
Asst Prof8/10/2017It's the perennial favorite - isn't this the third year in a row? 2) Yes, but it looks like they have added assistant professors each year. On faculty page many starting 2018 assume hired last search 3) Five new faculty hired in last two years, this is another new search.
8/4/2017Eastern Washington UniversityWashingtonPlant-microbe interactions9/30/2017
Asst Prof8/14/2017
8/4/2017Claremont-McKenna CollegeCaliforniaDisease Ecology/Evolution10/1/2017
Asst Prof
8/4/2017Nanyang Technological UniversitySingaporeEcology11/27/2017
Full Prof
8/6/2017Portland State UniversityOregonEnvironmental Science- Ecohydrology11/1/2017
Asst Prof
8/6/2017Mississippi State UniversityMississippiAquatic Ecology
Asst/Assoc Prof8/15/2017Open until filled 2) is this the same position as last year? 3) No I believe this is a different search, but I cant say for sure 4) Different one 5) last year's was filled by an internal hire. This is a new search. A quick glance though and it looks like 1/3 of this dept. did their PhD work there
8/6/2017Wake Forest UniversityNorth CarolinaMicrobiology10/1/2017
Asst Prof8/8/2017"Bacteria, Archaea, or microbial eukaryotes and their interactions with other species or with their environments" 2) "Those whose research is driven largely by questions drawn from an applied medical perspective are less likely to be a good match for this position"
8/9/2017University of Central FloridaFloridaEvolutionary Genomics
Asst Prof8/14/2017Open until filled 2) is this the same as last year too?
8/10/2017Clark UniversityMassachusettsEcology9/15/2017
Asst Prof8/11/2017I changed the subject area & moved the conversation here to general discussion.
8/11/2017Michigan State UniversityMichiganUrban & Community Forestry
Asst Prof
8/11/2017Michigan State UniversityMichiganMicrobial Ecology10/1/2017
Asst/Assoc Prof8/14/2017Ad hints at a preference for agricultural research using molecular methods
8/12/2017Penn State UniversityPennsylvaniaEvolutionary Genomics9/15/2017
Asst/Assoc Prof8/13/2017Last year's failed search reposted? 2) Yes
8/13/2017Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI)PanamaTropical Biology (5 Positions)11/15/2017
Staff Scientist8/13/2017"We are especially interested in hiring scientists in animal behavior, terrestrial microbial ecology, forest biology and marine science. We will consider exceptional candidates in any of our research areas."
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