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This spreadsheet is intended to be used with the DMR code plug generator web page. It augments configuration data stored in a similar "base" spreadsheet. Make a copy of this file into your own Google Drive space (File->Make a copy...) and make edits in your own personal copy.

On the "General Settings" and "Menu Items" sheets, blank values indicate that the base spreadsheet value should be used for that field.

On other sheets, the values will be combined with/added to the base values. For example, contacts you add on the Contacts sheet will be added to the end of the list of contacts defined by the base spreadsheet. Note that capacity limits apply to the combination of base and personal values. For example, if the base spreadsheet specifies 20 text messages and your personal sheet specifies 40, that is an error since there can only be 50 text messages total.

Also note that on tabs where dropdown lists are provided for choosing from some list of configured items (e.g. on the Zones sheet, there are dropdown boxes from which to choose channels), only items specified in this sheet will appear in the dropdown list. You may still manually type in an appropriate value from the base spreadsheet, but you will see a validation error. You may safely ignore the warning if you are sure you entered a valid value.

You can review the Hamilton County ARES base spreadsheet at the link below.