More Carrot - Camp Layout Elements 2015
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Camp Layout - Elements - More Carrot 2015
ItemShapeSize - FeetSize - MetersNotesInterior or public facing 2015 notes
Domecircle30 ft diametercamp hangout space; usually placed in the interior of the campinterior - camp use
Scaffolding TowerRectangulardimensions (plus guy wires)
Container / Produce Coolinglong rectangle20 x 8 ft  x (8.5 ft high)can be placed as an exterior wall to the public; not movable once placed by BMorg; interior space is not as large as exterior space :-)exterior wall; internal use
Truck long rectangle24 ft, plus cab, plus 10 ft plank The plank needs to be kept down at all times and have enough space to roll the water barrells off; the area by the plank is used for camp storage; gear. 2014 the truck didn'th have a logo. The tarp we used in previous years was returned to the original owner. In the future there might be a need to have something to hide the corporate logo - maybe a black light art piece with floating veggies.internal; could be an interior alley wallwe may be renting someone's truck for ferrying our gear and if we do this the truck won't be available to us on playa
Bike racks (2) with space for bikes, squat rectangle14 x 8 ft (2) = 28 x 8Two bike racks; plus area to maneuver bikes in; place toward A Street or the primary point of ingress; leave plenty of room for navigating aroundinterior; move bikes to the interior of camp layout vs street access
Kitchen / carport structure rectangle10 x 20 ft has walls, "doors" and a roof; taninterior use; can use as exterior wall
Carport / Farmers Market back kitchenrectangle10 x 20 ft Missing an end wall - this side abutted the french quarter building. The sides work but are not the correct type for that model.
12-foot domecircle12 ft diameterUsed as a personal care area and place for extra kitchen item storage; place near kitchenNever put together. Might be missing parts.
Personal tent shade coming off the truckrectangle75 x 20 ftMounts to the truck with attached rope; many tents are placed underneathinterior
modular tent structuresrectangle36 x 20 ftGoes on the opposite end of the truck to mount the 75’x20’ existing shadeinterior
Trash tent & food waste drying arearectangleflexible3-sided tent with tarp underneath; store trash, recycling, generator and extra gas (?); space for drying racks for kitchen waste dessicationinterior but at the edge of our camp perimeterMake shift area created on the fly. Need to plan to create something easier to build.
Grey water structuretbdtbdtbdinterior but at the edge of our camp perimeterTBD; need to create for 2014
Generatorsquare?Determine the demand load. Try and coordinate the camp layout based on electrical cord coverage. Try to minimize the length needed to distribute power. Ideally it would be best to locate close to the Air conditioner.interiorKeep in recycling/ trash tent area; plus gas cans. Needs to be kept away from any fire hazards.
Supplies storage area tbdtbdWe need an area to put boxes of rope, now-empty coolers, tools and supplies. Some of that can be placed alongside the truck plank. The generator *or* the fuel will be placed in this area also.
Fuel storage areasquare8 x 8must be kept 20 feet or more from the generator
Farmer Market Stall (1)rectangle6 x 4 ft /might be 8 x 4 ftThese are NOT located inside of our camp spaceexteriorReady to eat stall was recycled and has gone to a better place. The existing stall needs work. If it goes outside it will need an awning to provide shade.
BikesOne bike in storage still has the bike blender bottom part attached to it.
Air ConditionerRectangleThe AC goes on a stand located at the front of the container. It was packed in pieces without any markings. Packed last minute since it was found amoungst the wood destined for the burn pile.Markings on wood should help assist in putting back together.
Large personal structures
Truck (noted above)long rectangle24 ft, plus cab, plus 10 ft plank, plus plenty of space to get items on and offThe plank needs to be kept down at all times and have enough space to roll the water barrells off; the area by the plank is used for camp storage; gearinternal; could be an interior alley wall
6-9 carsrectanglestbdSpace depending; vehicles are parked as part of our camp's base layout (usually to help create a perimeter; or they are parked in a "parking lot" nearbyinside of camp or outside of village; parked in open campingTBD
Blaz Camper Vanrectangle8 x 22need to accomodate doors opening